The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1950
Page 12
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PACK TWELVE Bl.TTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEW1 THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1988 Melon Platter Good For Evening Snacks Bj- CKC11A" HKOWN'STO.Vfi H AMOcliltd Press Food tditor Serve i melon platlcr with Mint Mayonnaise (recipe follows) for an tventng snack when Irjcncis drop in. Add R colorful fruit surii as strawberries or cherries. Or preface the platter with a hearty soup and i«rve it as tile pi«e do resistance »t lunch, adding lemon wedges; or the Fretich dressing as n first course. California style, at a company dinner. The best cantaloupe on the nickel are picked when they separate .'rom the vines of their own accord. The slightly shrunken, smooth, well-calloused scar at the end of these melons is guarantee Hut they're vine-ripened and at peak flavor. One cardinal rule. In melon service — whether it's cantaloupe or hor.eydew: chill well in the refris- crator. But wrap the melons carefully before you stoic them io their flavor won't penetrate other footis. One of the pleasant point.? about cantaloupe is that it's high in nutritive value. A half cantaloupe goes a good way to supply you the vitamin C you need for one iiay. For an extra-nutritious and delicious dcjscrt servo, cantaloupe with scoops of vanilla ice. cream and *jp with fresh grated coconut. Melon Plallcr With Mini Maj'oiuiaise Ingredients: 1 houeydrw melon. 1 cantaloupes. 1 pint strawberries or 1 pound cherries. 6 ounce package cream chrese, cream, chicory. <J cup mint Jelly. '.4 cup real mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon lemon Juice. Method: Cut honeydew In eights and remove seeds. Shapr. cantaloupe into baits with vegetable- bull cutter or one-half teaspoon size measuring spoon. Wash and pick over strawberries or cherries. Mash cream cheese with a fork and stir In only enough cream to make itood consistency to handle; form into balls the size of the cantaloupe balls. Arrange fruit and chee.e h.ills on large platter. Garnish with cht- cory and fresh mint. Break up mint jelly with fork and mix well with mayonnaise and lemon juice. Serve with melon platter. Mates 6 serv- Incs. Is Mayonnaise Hard to Make? Try This Recipe Just why do so many modern homemakers steer clear of making their own mayonnaise? Is it because they think it's too expensive. . . . ton much trouble, or maybe they think it's ton time consuming? It's one of lhes« reasons, here's news that will surprise you. Here's a recipe for a quick, tart mayonnaise that you can make in le.'s than thirty minutes, and yield approximately 3'i cups of the mast delicious mayonnlse you've ever lasted and all for less than twenty-five cental Mow, that certainly is news '^ood ennugh and .strong enough to make anyone want lo try it. The proof is in the lasting, (hough, and after you've lasted it youll probably find yourself making it over and over again. savliiK precious pennies n.s you do, and gaining in compliments and your knowledge of culinary art. Quick Mayonnaise Uressinj I.Makcs 3'/i cups) 2 tablespoons evaporated milk 2 laWt.spoons water •1 CSBS. beaten 1/3 cup Hour cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons dry mustard 1 cup cider vinegar 1/3 cups cold wal^r Dilute evaporated milk with water and combine with eggs Mix Hour, sugar, salt, and mustard tho- ToushAy. "rtd gradually to eggs and milk. Bring vinegar and water to a boil; stir Into egg mixture gradually. Cook in double boiler, stirring constantly, until thickened and smooth. Chill. "Pretzel" On Wheels CHICAGO. (IF>— Four times a day Glenn Sunbury squeezes his six-foot, iwo Inch frame into an automobile that is only 26 inches high and 43 inches long. He does his "human pretzel" slufl at Ihe Chicago Fair. The tiny vehicle has a sign painted on it. H reads "Smiat Car." Summer Meo/ Mode Coo/ing With Dessert For the Sunday feast, serve this wonderlul coolinc dessert. It's the Invention ot Ruth Wakeficld. owner of the famous Toll House, Whitman. Massachusetts. Cranberry Blossom Thin any poorl lemon filling lo pourinff consistency with whipped cream. Spoon over sponee cup rakes or Mary Ann cakes and top with Cranberry Sherbet. Cranberrv Shtrbcl (Serves B) One can jellied cranberry sauce. 3 teaspoons crated lemon rind. 3 tablespoons su^ar, 6 tablespoons or- snee juice, 2 stiffly beaten ens whiico. or 1 cup heavy cream, whipped. Break up cranberry sauce with fork: add lemon rind and supar dissolved in orange juice. Freeze In refrigerator tray unlil partially set: fold in cpe whites or cream. Freeze until firm. Ice cream, the prima donna of the dairy foods, is always a toil favorite for Sunday dinner, It. like all dairy foods, is rich in essential nutrients. When bouzht In bulk from your favorite super-market or dealer and served with the ever- popular hot chocolate sauce, it's a perfect answer to a summer dessert without hard work. You can buy prepared chocolate ^aucc in hollies. If you prefer to make It. here's a recipe: Chocolate Sllntlac Sauct (Ylrlrl —Hi cups) Heat 6 squares semisweet candv- making chocolate over boiling: water until it is almost complete!} melted. Then remove tl from the heat and stir rapidly unlil it is entirely smooth. Arid fi tablrsnnons soft butter anri continue stimn? until the butler is melted. Place Ihr saiire over hot water until rcady to .serve hot on ice cream. Many PLUS SAVINGS on , famous IGA BRAND products. IGA BltAMJ DC Luxe Coffee 79c SUNNY MORN Coffee 7k UPTONS 18 COUNT Tea Bags S5c DEI, MONTK Prune Juice 33c IGA PAD-L-JAR Mustard 12c 1G.V BRAND Evap. Milk 12c IGA EXTRA WHIPPED Salad Dressing 49c IGA HOMOGENIZED Peanut Butter 63c CHICKEN without giblets - J59 Ano'Her OuI i'Aiding IGA ProJucl' 6c 4c lie 43c 59c IGA BKAM>.-3Z On. Pickles IIOSKA BRAND Olives 32c 3c 29c 38c 35c m ( 7 50, Plenty Free Parking Space Ynur Dividend Vmr Ft,- I No. 1 Tall Cans 2 Kor 310 Campbell TOMATO SOUP Cnmplicll's Beef or Chicken SOUP While Star GRATED TUNA 270 Van Camp's, Oval, In Tnmalo Sauce SARDINES N , 1CM . 1S0 Ocean Spray No. 300 2 Kor CRANBERRY SAUCE 330 Muchmoie. Cut No. 2 Tin 2 For GREEN BEANS 250 "S»'ecl Cream" Preferred 2 For CORN N 0 . 2 c.n S 230 No. 300 2 For Royalty Wants 'Raise' RANGOON fAP> —Burma * a^e- inir princes mid priucLv^ij. n.u'd hit by hi?b living co is in thn Republic ol Burn:a, ft'LtiU iucre.i^rcl Ro', nl pension.^ to help tnem set by. The-'ie descendants Q'. the once mighty King \Un(Uin <.vUo ruled Burma te;orp the Bnti>ti. oanrtcd themselves into the EJurnicse R,ny.\J Family Association and riecideo approacli the KU\eminent for "sympnlhet-i - coiir-icic-i -11 ton" bo CA\J.SO they are uLiable to earn a livelihood. Van Camp's PORK'N BEAKS 250 Sunset 2 For PEAS Val Vita — Sliced in Syrup PEACHES $mi£ 10 2(! 40 20 40 20 30 20 20 50 160 2 Kor 290 230 170 2 Kor 290 2 For 230 2 For 200 1 Kor 230 2 For 250 About 280.COCI ncrrs o! Nrn York 5:ate are devoted lo orchards ,T.n1 vineyards. HURRY! IT'S "QUARTER DAYS" AT KROGER! PORK & BEANS 3 KROGER—Tender, Mealy beans, rich pork HOMINY 3 Country Club KIDNEY BEANS 16-01. Cans No. 2>A Cons Joan of Arc APPLE BUTTER Every Meal SARDINES Marie Elizabeth SOUP 28 01. Jar 22< WHITE CORN Standard Cream Sryl* SPAGHETTI Franco-American FORK & BEANS Royal Gem TUNA FISH 3 3 2 No. 300 Cons No, 303 Cans 15 3 A-ot : Cons 25? 25* 25? 5 No. 1/2 Con Grated No, 1/4 Can VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 £." 25< Crown 2 22-ox. Cons Royal Gem—Vegetable or Tomato No. '/ 4 Cans POTTED MEAT 3 Libby's or Star JELLY 2 Mott's Apple DONUTS Plain or Sugared , JO-oi. Glasses 25* SARDINES '**' Tall 25< POTTED MEAT Peerless 25? TOILET TISSUE Northern 15c DOG FOOD 2 5 N co« 25tf J Rolls 5 16-ox. Cans Top Kick FRESH ARKANSAS FREESTONE PEACHES 2^25 PERSIAN LIMES Juicy Fresh—Large Sixe LETTUCE Excellent Quality Iceberg Large 46 Size 2 Headi PORK LOIN ROAST,sib49 ICC'CS UACON Ib. Wilson's Certified VEAL CHOI'S , . II). Rcclftxil FRANKS Ever? Bite Means Taste Dolight ft'f MAYS' Super Market Inch Loin Cut Ib. 59c Center Cut Chops Ib, 79c STREAK 0 LEAN Fine For Boiling BACON SQUARES Sugar Cured Lb. Ib. 29c PORK SAUSAGE Brookfield—Mil 35c WHITING Ib. 49< Brookfield—Mild Flayor "Not Hot" Ib, Pressed Cashr,:re Bouquet Toilet Soap OCTAGON Laundry Soap 3 ^ 220 Ivory Soap Medium Bart Lifebouy Soap Pond G Laundry Soap 3 DUZ 7 otf VEL Instant Suds in Anv Water fc IVORY FLAKES 260 TIDE 2,6^ WAX PAPER 125 Fool 250 FROSTEE MIX »*

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