The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 25, 1933 · 3
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 3

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1933
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THE VANCOUVER SUN Vnncnut er's Oh Ketrihutrr TUESDAY, JULY ?5, 1933 PAGE 2000 BRITISH DOCTORS READY FOR MEDICAL REVOLT 10 YEARS OF QUIET PLANNING Faces Arrest INSURGENT PHYSICIANS DETERMINED TO BUILD NEW ENGLAND REGARDLESS OF EFFECT ON OWN POCKETS LONDON. July 25 After ten year of quiet but ceaseless organization lnie than two thousand doctors are rc-jv for the biggest molt in the h.z cry of British medicine, according tolho Sunday Dispatch, i itr revolt is directed aeainst the SritJsh Medical Association, "tho ;rrr.Tcst trade union in the world," an.c' acainst orthodoxy. The insurgents, says the Dispatch, are determined to build a new and heailhy Luitiand. even though it operates ajramst their own pockets. And their campaign, which will open shortly, will not be deterred bv the tradition, etiquette or stringent regulations of the association. The 2000 doctors are members of the National Health League, which has for ten years been in process of formation. Its president is Sir Augustus FitzGeorge. K.C.V.O.. son of the late Duke of Cambridge, and Bt one time A.D.C. to King Edward When he was Prince of Wales. Many eminent men are on the com- r mittee. and the rank and file include the 2000 qualified doctors, all enrolled and numbered like an army, the Dispatch continues. The basis of the attack is that for the past generation medicine has been sidetracked by the theory that germs are the cause of disease. Thar contention is that germs are incidental to the later stages of dtsease. and that such scourges as cancer and consumption can be detected and checked before the danger stage is reached. The league has acquired its own printing plant, and is arranging to publish a weekly paper named "Dawn." in which the experiments and findings of members will be published, irrespective of whether they are likely to be approved by established medicine. Lav co-operation on a scale never before permitted in medical circles will be sought. 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Restaurant prices too are greatly reduced but there ha been no compromise with AMBASSADOR service and quality. Jr- Wm't ynu uritf fnr new ronm and restaurant tariff! and our famnm Chefs Booklet of California Recipes and Information? 'WM$M) ReciP" nd Information? . j4i &fCrt i m a in Km VLuyr t.rz MRS f HAELOTTE SHELBY, Mother of Mary Miles Minter. LOS ANGELES. July 25. A de-fN"n by Mary Miles Minter. former film actress, on whether she will proseeute her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Shelby, on charges of defrauding her of large sums of money was sought today by the District Attorney after a Superior Court judge recommended an investigation. The recommendation was made during the sentencing to San Quen-tin prison of Leslie B. Henry, bond salesman. Henry was sentenced to serve from t to 24 years on rharges of embezzling SiO.000 from Mrs. Shelby-Judge Burnell linked Mrs. Shelby with the loss of Miss Minter's money action on the whol? operation of medical service in the country, and when the time comes the 2000 doctors will disclose themselves. Questions are to be asked In Parlia ment on the actual results obtained from the hundreds of millions spent on health services and research on orthodox lines. A VITAL KEY A ereat movement is being planned to reoreanize agriculture and to re store prosperity to the small holder (who is regarded as a vital Key in me plan for a new England) by balancing the minerals in tne a, wnic it w claimed, will intensify crops and stamp out bovine tuberculosis. The leader of the researcn nepan-ment is Professor O. A. Newell, a Lon don scientist, who some years ago inherited a fortune. He laid out the money In a well-equipped and fully staffed laboratory, and has achieved some extraordinary results, notably in blood tests. "I have enough money to last me for the rest of my life, which will not be very long," he told a Sunday Dispatch reporter. 'My health has been badly undermined by operations and inoculations conducted for experimental purposes. I do not believe that good results can be obtained from experiments on animals, because their mental reactions are so utterly different. , DEBATE IN HOUSE "I have been greatly weakened by the toxic effect of inoculations with the blood of a cancer patient. "It Is a strict rule of the league that nobody connected with it shall profit financially. "It is a sad thing to say, but medicine Is run for profit. It ought not to be. "We want England restored to her rightful place as the vigorous leader of the world. "A group of parliamentary members is at work collecting evidence, prior to raising a debate in the House on the health services. "The germ theory, which English medicine adopted from the Continent, postulates that every disease is caused by a definite micro-organism which is specific for that disease and introduced to the body from outside sources. "Even when no casual organism can be isolated or seen, it is assumed that the cause is a germ thav Is ultra-microscopic, or a filter passer, thus begging the whole question. "I maintain that in no single instance ha it been conclusively proved that any micro-organism is the specific cause of a disease. "In diphtheria the argument is used, w-hen the bacillus fails to appear in the early stages, that, it will appear later on. And if it does not appear, the reply is tnat it has been crowded out by other organisms! Heads I win, tails you lose. "Professor Woodhead told the Royal Commission in 1912 that the Kiebs-Loeffler bacillus was found in the throats of healthy persons Yet it has been associated with 17 diseases. '"There are cases of distinguished men who deliberately swaJInwed millions of 'deadly' germs with no ill-effect. "The alternative theory is the Biochemical Theory, which we advance. It is based on the principles that faulty living, unhygienic surroundings, wrong menial and emotional states, impair the vital Junctions of the body, causing a disturbance or the chemical actions and reactions, that is, metabolism. "This disturbance lep.ds to germs, which are freuently the natural bene-ficient constituents of the body, becoming virulent. "But the ultimate effee of theie germs is towards the restoration of the The Gardener Sa US.' Giant dahlias which have become the pride of the B. C. lower mainland at local autumn flower fhows can be easily raised bv amateurs. The tubers make heavy demands on soli, moisture and plant food. To do their best they must, be given plenty of room In well prepared" soil. There should be four leet between plants. The finest blooms come late, so planting should be late July 1 to July 15 is not too late in Vancouver district, Aflr the sprout hsve appeared watch them carefully and select the most vigorous stem, then remove all others. Pinch off the growing end after the selected stalk has produced four pairs of leaves. This will divert the growth to produce side branches. To get giant flowers leave the end fcud on each side branch, but pinch off all the others so that the strength will all go to the buds that remain. Give the root a tonic six weeks after planting by feeding them with weak linuid manure or a complete plant food worked Into the surface soil. Care should be taken to avoid hne-tng or raking the sill tnn depv or the tender roots of the tubers mav be damaged, TOO MANY TEACHERS j i POST GRADUATE OR LONGER COURSES CONSIDERED Rt ran4nn Frets VICTORIA. July 25. Stiffer requirements for provincial Normal Schools, with thr poibilitv of either longer courses in these schools or else a post-grariuate course after some practical teaching experience and before permanent teaching certificates are granted, are definitely under consideration by the B. C. Government, it was intimated today by Hon. Joshua Hinchllffe. Altered Normal requirements are under review not only with the object of correcting the situation where the output of new teachers is greater than positions available for them, but also to raise the standard of teaching, after elimination of those who do not seriously intend to remain in the profession. Instancing other aims towards which he is working, the Minister of Education said that use of motion pictures of an educational nature in balance of the vital function. They act as scavengers for the elimination of waste products resulting from the disturbed chemical balanci "ARCHAIC" RILES "The doctors of England, free from the archaic rules of the B.M.A.. the veterinary surgeons, and the farmers, can bulid the healthiest race this country has ever known if. on the other side of the battle the people are relieved from terrible overcrowding." At a recent meeting iJ heaJth experts, Sir Augustus FitzGeorge. said that "5 per cent of the recruits offering themselves annually for the Army were rejeced for chiefly preventable diseases, Britain could become an A 1 nation in a single generation, The cure of diseases was a matter of great importance, but the preservation of health was of greater importance still. lural schools, tried as an experiment hal been successful, and it was now propped to develop a p?n whereby such facilities could be crought to groups of schools, cither through the medium of travelling lecturers under the Department of Education or by some other means. School inspectors in all arras have been asked fnr their recommendations on the subject. BOY TORTURED, SLAIN SAN DIEGO, Cal.. July 25. Findings of autopsy surgeons today spurred police in their hunt for the slayer of Dabert Aposhian. 7. whose mutilated body was found in the bay today. The hoy. missing a week, had been attacked, tortured and. beaten to d.'alh, County Autopsy Surgeon Frank E. Tommey stated. Dr. Tommey said the boy had be?n dead four days. His ears were cut off. tonp.ue cut out. lips cu'. eyes gouged and his body further mutilated. Tfo!d,BlasFsFacc, Hopes Too, I.ILLOOET, July 25 C. ONeil was painfully injured by explosion of a Large detonator, which he struck with another rock, while he was walking along the road near Pavilion. O Neil was on his way to the Big Slide Mine in search of work. As he walked along he noticed something, which he thought might be gold, sticking out of a rock. He struck it with a stone and it exploded. Pieces of copper entered his hands and face, but his eyes escaped injury. VETERANS' CONGRESS CONVENTION DATE CHANGED FROM AUG. 4 TO AUG. 26 Robert Miles, Royal City Pioneer, Dead NEW WESTMINSTER, July 25. Robert. Miles. 64. resident of the Royal City 33 years, died in his home. 819 Edinburgh Street, Monday, He came to Canada 41 years ago. He was born in Milton, Oxfordshire, Eng. Mr. Miles was connected with the plumbing firm of H. W. Gifford. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. D. M. Bartlett. here, and a brother, Richard, in Kamloops. S. Bowell & Son have charge of funeral arrangements. WINNIPEG, July 25 The date of j the All-Canada Congress of Veterans' Organizations, to be held in Ottawa. has been postponed from August 4 to ' August 26, the anniversary of the i Battle of Arras, according to an- j nouncement by executiv? officials. Postponement was due to the great interest aroused among veterans organizations of Canada in the forthcoming congress, greater representation being expected as a result of the later date. Material conditions under which many ex-servicemen m Canada are living will be discussed by the veterans, and certain concrete proposals for the betterment of th.-se conditions will be placed before the government as a tesult. All ex-servicemen's organizations have been circularized with a manifesto explaining the alms of the congress. Numerous veterans' organizations are said to be co-operating in preparations as a result, and representation from many units of the Canadian Legion is anticipated. ( The Workers Ex-Service Men's League, the Canadian Disabilities Woods Dry Now; ; Watch Your Fires! j A plea for . care in the woods b lf.Mied 'o campprs and picnickers by officiate of the Forestry Brancn cf the Provincial Government. j The continued hot spell of the ; past few days has added greatly to the hti.-h fire hazard, they state the woods being very dry and !n ripe rendition for a real blaze should fire ; oore get started. Campers and picnickers are ured to take every precaution and see that ; '.heir ramp fires are thoroughly caused belnre leaving. Care is also urara with cigarette butts and turning matches. Immigration Dept. Takes Seattle Men VICTORIA. July 25. The provincial police on Monday handed over Jne Moren and John Mattyko. two men held for illegal entry into Canada, to Canadian immigration officials at Art Bay. The men were picked up from the waters of Sevmour Inlet, having jumped from the deck of the S S. Yukon while en route to Seattle. Tijeir final disposition is not yet known. Pensioners' Association, the Veterans' Re-establishment Association, Canadian Expeditionary Forces Association and the Independent Ex-Servicemen's League are arnon the societies which are co-operating to make the congress a success. FILM STRIKE SPREADS tiBRdnil "Craw HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 2b. Motion picture producers won the first skirmish with striking sound technicians today, only two of 11 studios being forced to close, but organized labor called a strike of every union studio worker in Hollywood. Five thousand workers, including photographers, film technicians, projectionists and property men were under order to cease work because the producers had violated a union agreement in employing non-union men to replace sound technicians who went on strike last Saturday. The general strike, labor officials aid. will force a complete shutdown of the studios, It will affect between 27.nno and 30.000 persons. The studio unions seek a minimum wage scale, maximum of 12 hours day. and a six-day w?ek. Mrs. Jamieson To Speak Liberalism and The International World Outlook will be the Subject of a Lecture, by Mrs. Stuart Jamieson, former Judge of Juvenile Court. In the Jewish Community Centre, Eleventh Avenue and Oak Street, at 8 pm today, under auspices of the Men's Club of Beth Israel Congregation. The public is invited to attend. ASSETS 47,98,33 SURPLUS 6,035,318 E. W. KEENLEYSIDE, C.L.I'. C, J. KELLER, C.L.t Branch Manager Assistant Manager 317 Rogers Bldg. I tntrriNEtrr f lj E-JI.i L S-rrrr not wuoholoeM . ' 72 iau urn inueslitwtl jorlexlue mills iJleSfi . 'Hr "fi""' iH!r. mV' if Tf , yfy is ,J V 1 i . i u t wVfr, "v a kwit tmoi"' " Mosigxr aa-agA,. , I II I C siiiti. aoeiri, shrir fc vulr oe. tuii. rvl m.i -fl ld Pi 4rln fUnt, V glltl T P" littifist! . trt itlt it MMruTT t9 prt iVf m dnt --rHli. ar ilmtl Melal is tetislerti froif--a mnti 6v t.'uittoai Atr ad w efit:fd to ott alloy con'a'.tnt utiwra-maldy t'j o-f'ii'rfi Xickrl and te.tktr4 CcttT. i Hrc ilti the prndvrt of Canadian wtur-. the pea'er tt. t of Mi i metal means a ptaitr mtasurtof fro: ptrtt) jar Canada. finidun Nicktl Ptoducn Limited. 25 Kint Sue West, Toronto. Plti tfntl me your booklet, Monel Metil". ' Fctt bout Name., Address.. get complete satisfaction from Monel Metal dyeing machines PENMANS, like most other textile and hosiery mills, have long since demonstrated the superiority of Monel Metal for dye house equipment. This remarkable alloy of Nickel and Copper is today the accepted material for dye tank linings and many other types of service in textile mills because of its unique combination of desirable properties which may be summarized as follows: Resistance to action of practically all chemicals used in dyeing cotton, silk and rayon. Freedom from danger of rust and other metal staini. Smooth, glass-like surface safeguards the most delicate fabrics against injury. Monel Metal has no harmful effect on dye shades commonly used. Permits different operations to be carried out in the same machine: Light colours can follow dark colours: Certain types of bleaching, degumming, washing and stripping can ill be done in the same Monel Metal equipment-Long life of Monel Metal linings proved by hundreds of installations in all types ot dye house service. Because of its many desirable properties Monel Metal is widely used in practically all branches of industry. We will gladly send you particulars regarding any type of service in which you may be interested. A PRODUCT OF CANADIAN MINES CANADIAN NICKEL PRODUCTS LIMITED 25 KING STREET WEST, TORONTO A iuLmmrj , THE INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED 1 1 2 3 4 5 Inco News Interesting new uses of Nickel ana Monel Metal in industry and homes Monel Metal Welding Rods G. D. Peters Company of Montreal is now supplying Monel Metal welding wire, produced especially for their own accounts. Monel Metal Wire The B. Greening Wire Company, Hamilton, Ontario, is drawing many sizes of Monel Metal wire in large quantities. t Monel Metal for Refrigeration Equipment The Ruddy Manufacturing Company of Brantford continues to place considerable specifications for Monel Metal to be used in their refrigerator business. The Eureka Refrigerator Company of Owen Sound, and the Erominion Refrigerator Company of Toronto, are also users of Monel Metal in this field. Monel Metal Machine Screw Parts The Steel Company of Canada are now manufacturing Monel Metal Screws on a regular production basis. Monel Metal Shafts for Yachts and Motor Boats The use of Monel Metal shafts on yachts and motor boats has been steadily growing. Commander Stephen is specifying Monel shafts for the new "Commissioner Class" Government patrol boats. The design of these boats is extremely radical and is attracting world-wide attention. Hospitals Use More Monel Metal Oneof the leadinghospitals in Quebec City recently added a number of Monel Metal utensils to their equipment, while a Montreal hospital ordered a considerable quantity of Monel Metal for table tops. Ni-Resist for Blow-Pipes in Paper Mills Ni-Resist has been successfully applied by Canada Iron Foundries Limited for Blow Pipes in several paper mills. In one mill the installation was so successful that a second line has been replaced with Ni-Reiist. Monel Metal Cotton Filter Tanks for Laundries Several cotton filter tanks have been manufactured by C. A. Liffiton Co. for the Premier Laundry Equipment Company, who have installed these tanks in prominent laundries in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Mn QuAiirieo a -farnicirorJp Only tTp"Mtnid fahnatin of Monel Mttaldi'pUy this tign. Is i: )our tutiie to quality in uorimtmbtp and material.

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