The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 12
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.. PAGE TWELVE BLYTHKV1LLE (AKK.) COUKJtiK NKWS Electricians Out In Wage Dispute Workers in 2 Cities In Arkansas Want $2.25 an Hour Pay By the Associated 1're.w Another union-management dispute has bobbed up In Arkansas' labor picture. Several members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (AFL) left their jobs in two South Arkansas cities when negotiations for a new working contract apparently broke down. The strike affected four electrical contractors and left Kl Dorado and Camden virtually without working electricians. The number of workers involved In the dispute WHS not known immediately. J. C. Offutt, chairman of a JuinL union-management negotiation committee at El Dorado, said all union electricians employed by four companies failed to report to work Dec. 5. A union official, A. O. Hobbs of (he El Dorado IBEW local said a strike vote WAS not taketi among union members. v When a.skcci if the electricians were on strike, Hobbs told the Associated press the union "has not acknowledged a strike" but he added "I think they're sick," Contractors involved are the ra- gan Electric Co., El Dorado Electric Co., and the Eiectric Service Co., all of El Dorado, and Hit Wood Electric Co. of Camden. Hobbs said the electricians hart asked for a 25 cents an hour boost. In wages. At IJttle Rock, Ellis Pagan, president of the Fagan firm, said contractors had asked the men to continue to work at the old wage-scale of $2 an hour until some arrangements could be made on a raise. Obituaries Blytheville Woman Dies In Hot Springs Hospital - Funeral sennces for Mrs. EVK E. Hager of Blytheville were conducl- r ed at 2 p.m. today at llle Methodist Church at Dyersbnrg. Term., by [he Rev. Stfciiniin Bagfoy. Mrs. Hagcr, 55, died at tlio Lev! Hospital in Hot Springs Wednesday. Survivors inclllric two sons, Edgar Garvey of Detroit, Mich., and Har- 'old Gurvey of Blytevlllc; a brother. Albert Williamson of Dyersburg; a sister, Mrs. Loin Prowler, also of Dyejrsb'urg; and three half-sisters, .Mrs. Rebecca Alexander, Mis. T. H. •Brannoti and Mrs. P. L. Kent, nil of Memphis. Burinl was in the Fairview Cemetery at Dyersblirg, under the direction or (he National Funeral Home of Memphis. California Woman Dies Here in Sister's Home Mrs. Maxine Morclotk, 28, of Stockton, Calif., died nt 8:30 last night at the home of her- .sister, Mrs. Geraldine Ward, on Smith Highway 01. She and her husband. Alvin Morelock, had made their home In Stockton for the past seven years. She was here visiting relatives. • Survivors include her husbnnd, one child, Beverly Virginia Morelock; two sisters. Mrs. Beatrice Dennis. Los Angeles, Cnlif., anrt Mrs. Ward: and her father. Aim- Crook, of Blytheville. Funeral services will bo conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the rhajirl of Cobb Funeral Home which is In charge of arrangemcnis. Services will he conducted by the Rev. P. H. Jeruigan, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Burial will be In Dogwood Ridge Cemetery. Safes Foil Burglars At Two Firms in Hope HOPE. Art.. Dec. 30. IIP,— Burglars entered a bank and dnirt store at Blpvins. 12 miles noith of here early today, but failed to open safes in either place. i The s>fe ol the bank of Blrvins I was bm.iererl but unopened. Driiw- 1 ITS were opened nuri papers scat- ' tered. but only a small amount of ' change in one o( the drawers was reported missing. i At the Blevin* Dmtr Store npxl door, the safe also resisted tiie intruders, but a quantity of Jewelry nn other small items and some change was taken. ! DID YOU HELP HIM TO LIVE?-The horribly starved European youngster at left above is a living demonstration of what outsid* aid means lo war's innocent victims. Th« chubby, bright-faced child at right is (he same boy five months after he was given special care by an agency of the Uniled Nations International Children's tmergency Fund. At flrsl, body-building fluids were injected di- rerlly mlo his bloodstream; later he was pul on a carefully-controlled prolein and calcium rfiel. Almost 6,000.000 such children have lie,.,, helped by .Hie UNICEF. bul there are still millions wrio need aid. Contributions are accepted by Ihe UN Children's fund Committee, New York 16, N. f. Ten-Dollar Bills Not Money? Lawyer For Wallace Beery's Estate Says So LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30. IIP) —+Arc those $10 bills in your pocket or the late Wallrtt-e Berry'. 1 ; cash box honest-io-goixlness money? Attorney Adrian Kragcn for the Bccry estate says they ure not. How dot's the man get that way? Listen to Krag'jn: "If you look in the corner of what you call EI $10 hill, but which is a Federal Reserve Bank note, you will see that it says 'this note i.s legal tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in lawful money tit. the United Stales Treasury, or nt jmy Federal Reserve Bank.' Notice hnw It calls your ten-spot a 'note' anil that It's 'redeemable in lawful money.' "That's our whole poinU—it Isn't money, it's a note. And notes, if they nre ta:t?il nt all. should be taxed urider ihc county's solvent credit classification, like accounts receivable or bank accounts, at only SI a tham-nnd instead of more than $5 a hundred." The estate is demanding a refund of some £13,000 which Los Angeles County Uixed the $870.000 in currency which Berry left In safety deposit boxes. The county took (he orthodox view It was money and levied p. personal prop- i erty tax of about. S5.50 n S100. j Krngen snys he'll carry the Issue to the US. Supreme Court if necessary. New York City Officials Hit Laxity in Water Use NEW YOHK, Dec. 30. (AP)—New Yorkers, their water worries apparently lessened by recent tains, have turned on the faucets a little more freely, anil city officials don't, like it a bit. The shortage still is critical, say.s Water Commissioner Stephen j. Carney, even if the wet weather and conservation measures have caused a small rise in the level of city reservoirs. He noted that public consumption yesterday increased by 50,000,000 gallons above the previous day's consumption of Just under 900,000,000 gallons. He said tile public was apparently becoming lax in water conservation measure- 1 ; because of recent optimistic repoitson the situation. Head of AFEA Quits to Take College Post LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 30. (AP) — A new executive director of the Arkansas Free Enterprise Association probably will be named next week. This was announced yesterday following (he rc.signalmn of Glenn A. Green, who quit that post lo Join the staff of Harding Collegn at Searcy, Ark. He will lake over his new Job Jan. 1. A former new.spapcrman. Gieen, 43, .said lie would continue to .serve on the AFKA board of directors without pay. A native of Black Springs, Ark,, Green attended school at Hot Springs, Ark,, Port Arthur, Tex., StaunUm. Vii,, and.Little Rock. He was a newsman on the .staffs of the Arkansas Gazette nncl the Arkan:i Democrat. In J941. he was apjwintcd Arkansas publicity director by former Gov. Homer Atlkins. He re-signed that, in 1048 lo direct the advertising division of the Lee Wilson and Co., and later that year because executive director of the AFKA. Green will be a member of Harding College's National Education Department. 365 Brand New Days Coming Up On Writer's 7950 Calendar Pad India Recognizes Red Government of China H.v Oifi A^tictalril Tn-ss The fcoVET rime nt. of India today ipcogiiixcd the Communist regime of Mao TV-e-Ums -ami cut off relnlions with the Nationalist government of Oliinng Kni-.shck. India Ls the first government of the British commonwealth of nations to take such action. Britain »ml other dominions are expected to follow the Indian lead shortly. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1949 Two Drivers Penalized For Traffic Violations One person was fined and another forfeited a cash bond in Municipal Court this morning on charges of driving while under the influence of liquor. . Jnmi-s Young was fined £50 and costs on his pica of guilty to the charge ami J. C. Shclton forfeited a $45?5 cash bond. By A. A. I'rfcMckson Courier News SUff Writer As I near the last of the 365 pages n my current calendar book, I have Lhe fjniw feeling I'm reading a continued story. As the latest edition of calendar pads \vos dumijed on our desks last week, I shuddered. "Gad." I thought, 'no sooner chew my way through one pile of dnys-on-paper than another 3G5 turn up." Not that I'd lifcc time lo stand ill In its muddy little tracks. It just occurred to me that here we go again—same sung, 1,9501)1 verse: new editions of the same old routines the same meetings, same parties, same hangovers, gripes, people, remodeled Jokes, debates In Congress, taxes, UN squabbles, political :>oeeches, tin flic: tickets, publicity seekers, noisy kids, bills. Idiotic drivers, Insults, ulcers andlcouldgo- oiilikpthlKforfllouKlongtimc. Seeking Somrlhin^ New There's bound to be something new about this New Year's stuff, I figured, and sure enough, there Is —1 think. How about a list of genuine, guaranteed, lavnish-proof, non-corroding and unbreakable New Year's resolutions? Here they arc—eqch and evcrj one with built-in loophole. I, (fill in your name, age and Social Security number), hereby declare that in the forthcoming year I .shall not: Spenil more than twice as much as I make v.ithout going into debt. Miss payments on the family c?.r v'thout first in vesting in a pnir of comfortable walking shoes. Knou'fngly punch a cop in the nose while solwr. Sil up with any more sick friends unless their cold remedy is be>-lcr than the stuff I serve. Fight with anyone unless he ts smaller than T. Earn StiOQ or more next year without telling Uncle Harry's Internal Revenue E3epailment. Drive on Blytheville streets itn- Icss > don't give a damn about my fenders or the condition of my ulcer. Argue with my boss unless 1 am eligible for unemployment compensation. Arguo with my wife unless I am elt&iule for health and accident compensation. Itoom for Others You probnhly can think of somi others to add in padding out youi own list of noble aims. But don' (orget to ipnvc enough slack h each for a roomy loophole or you'll wind up holding thai old-fashioned ackful of splintered resolutions and wondering "Hasn't all this happened to me belorc?" The samples offered herein arc warranted against fracture with the jossible exception of the last two; i then, how foolish can you get? (My wife says she's keeping an eye on me to find out.) But whether or not you bolhcr with amuta! pledges to pay your JiII.=:, stop beating the wife, stay away from happy-water and forego :he nicotine stick, the^approach of fresh year tickles the JmagiimUos. What's ahead? Who knows? Considering the pressures exerted by what has gone before and what Is to come, a "who cares?" attitude offers considerable appeal. E J lan tiers nre pompous, worriers tue worrisome, prophets are boors and the government will get most of it, anyway, so let her go, Joe, let's leap on the bandwagon, transfer to the gravy train and where we slop nobody knows. Anyway It's .1 NV«- Year But unless one has a longing to become a beachcomber or is possessed ot a safety deposit box full of gilt-edged coupons and a sharp ii of srissors. this delightful philosophy will have to remain a beautiful daydream. Meantime, the rest or us candidates for the litfe of "Mr. Av<:rr.gc Individual of Now sind Forevermore" will j'.'sl go slogging on — scratching our heads over the family budge'.-, worrying about the monthly kick-In to the finance rompnny, apoloRiririK to Mr. Sclunaltx for (he window Junior broke, waiting for the opportune' moment to hit the boss for a raise, and wringing our gay times from an occasional movie or highball or neighborhood set-together or poor man's supper-club danre. So here's to New Year's Eve. At i loast it's an oasis in a desert of! days, even if the brief pause there rcsulu only in a new set of numbers on the calendar. Tn some way it's meaningful to each ol us, whether we arise Jan, 1 with clear head add steady hand or wake up with the screaming, fan tods from pouring the old year otrt in Hie company of fellow tosspots. Happy hangover 1 . Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. Dec. 30. <AP) — (U8DA>—Hogs 0,- Negroes Plan Program For Emancipation Day Dr. C D. Alexander, dean of theology at the Jackson Theological Seminary. Little Rock, will deliver (he principal address at the Emancipation Day program at the Bethel A.ME. Church Sunday at 2:30 P-m. The prgoram in charge of L. M. McCoy will include Negro spirituals and talks showing the progress of the Negro In many phases of life. 000; market-generally steady exccrit weights under 170 llw, which unevenly and very sharply | OWer . ex ~ trernes 1.00 to 2.0 lower on ' under 140 Ibs; 180-220 Ibs top 16.50; 230-250 Ibs 15(i9v 2CO-3IO Ibs 14.0-15.50; some 327 |bs at 13.75; 160-110 Ibs 14.75-1600- fmu sales 110 Ibs 10.25; 100-130 Ibi ia™ 14.00; extremes down to 1000 or be" low on lighter pigs; S0 ws 400 Ibs down 13.0-50; heavier sows noo 12.50; stags 0.00-11.00. Cattle 750; calves 350; generally steady in cleanup trade; not enough steers lo make market; odd head light weight yearling heifers md steers good enough t o ma)!e 2500 , 27.00; most common and medium offered at 17.00-23.00; good cows 17.00-50; common ana medium 1500-16.50; caiiners and cutlers 120015.00, -WANTED- Reliable hoys for paper routes. Do not apply by telephone. See Mr. Smith. COURIER NEWS CO. A Christmas is still celebrated on January 6. the ages-old Twelfth Night, by icsidents of Rodanthe. small village on Hatteras Island off North Carolina. State Income Tax Division to Mail ! Out Forms for '49 The Income Tax Division of the Slate Revenue Department will begin mulling 19-10 state income tax forms Jan. 15. These forms will go to all cor- i porations, individuals, partnerships: and fiduciaries who were on record in the division's officp for last yenr. ' For those who do not receive forms by mail, n supply of all necessary frorns will be available in the State Revenue office, cily Ha.l. Families having an aggregate income of $3.500 or n single person will) an income of S2.500 must iile stute income tax returns. All corporations, partnerships and fiduciaries must file returns or income, regardless of the amount of income. Movie Sets Bad Example For a Hashish Smuggler CAIRO—MV-A British film company ii making a movie hfre about drug .cinnggling. A desert bedouin u-as hired fo play a bit part as n hashish smiii;- Kler. Next morninp he (ailed to appear for work. Police had arrr.strd him. The charge: hashish .smuggling. SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR HflLTCRS QUflUTY SMOG, SROf tai W. MflIN ST. PIANOS Ten year factory guarantee;: TUNING i(h the world fiinions j[Slrnl)iironn — 11 lakes the' guesswork ou( of luniiifr. RADIO REPAIR ! Kvery ;of> absolutely guar- 'nnlced i>y a bonding coni^l I'pany. ij Music Instruments And supiilies of all kinds- .from 1,'niinr picks lo'1 'violins. Recordings M'c make records of your, voice and music on pcrmaj ncnt records. Everything in Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Main HAPPY (Electric) NEW YEAR Christmas has past But the Gifts that will last The ones that will keep on giving Are Electric, as sure as you're ' And I'll he looking forward to making 'cm "perk" all through the coming year —at the same low wages, too. (Only a few pennies a day for the many jobs I do.) P.S.— If Santa passed you by, see your electric appliance dealer today. In 1950 as always your wide awake dealer in modern electric appliances will have a lull line of electric labor-saying appliances ready for immediate delivery. Ark-Mo Power Co. The Trumpeter ace \\~hcn a man consislcntly brings winning ways imu his social life, you can be pretty sure his clothes bear the Trumpeter ialscl of Hart SchafTacr & Manx. 'I his famous name is a guarantee that your clothes take all honors for fit, style and standout quality. Next, time your cants call for a new suit, you call for Han Scliafiner & .Marx. ;Hart ... Schaffner 'is &;Mafx iOTH F.S MEAD'S / MAIN

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