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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 10
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 10

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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('UK VANCOUVER XVN Vancouver' Home, Newspaper THURSDAY, OCTODF.R lflM TAGK 10 Seats Still Available 600-Seat Theatre for Point Grey 'Pedestrians to Blame For Symphony Concci Vancouver Symphony orcln ra'g first concert for the gi Most Auto Deaths' For At the Theatres Capitol A thrilling story, a magnificent cast and superb direction combine to make "The Rains Came" son-will take place on Sunday 3 p.m. In the New Orphen theatre. Sir Krnest MacMllli will conduct the concert, will feature some of the flni llems In the repertoire of sy one of the most thrilling motion 'They Must Be Educated' F. W. Smelts Tells Gets Army Post 1 Mf'-: Scandinavian Night at the Folk Festival Vivid Dances Presented by National Groups Nationals of the Scancllnaviun rounirli's had their night at the Folk Festival, Wednesday, at the Commodore Croups from Sweden, Norway and Finland combined to acquaint Vancouver with the culture of the Northern European countries phony.

There are still a jew sen pictures of the present season. It opens today at the Capitol Theatre with Myrna Loy, Ty left which may be obtained application to the box ortlce 659 Granville Street, J. W. Kel! telephone TRIn. Hi3S.

rone Power and Safety Council In the opinion of F. W. Smelts, chairman for the past three years of the Greater Vancouver Traffic Safely Council, pedestrians are largely responsible for most of tlio deaths from traffic accidents In Vancouver. "I have come to the conclusion, No tickets will soiq Birr Showier New President of City Safety Council TJIrt Showier, represenling the Trades and Labor Council on the Greater Vancouver Traffic Safely Council, watt elected chairman for 10 at the annual dinner meeting of that body ut the Terminal City Club, Wednesday. He succeeds F.

W. Smelts, chairman for the past three years, who refused re no- George Brent in the leading i oles. 4 Sunday. Loula 5333 nd national figures bear me "Vnfouvr'l out," Mr. Smells told the annual meeting of Ihe Traffic Safely fthnw alue!" Miow Yilue!" Council, Wednesday nlnht," that "PYGMALION" the big task of traffic accident prevention today Is in the education of the adidt pedestrian public." TODAY I Mill.

SATt RIIAT tfllr Wnrtv llllltr 3. Uillmm Mnd In "RENEGADE TRAIL" Htm. cilnrvd 11 am It rloon Speaking of the Deathless Days Campaign in Vancouver Bromfleld's sen- ler of Ihe same name the story of handful of people cut off from contact with the outer world In the mythical Indian city of Ranchlpur. Earthquake, fire and lluod climax the emotional unfolding of human passions and aspirations strained to breaking point. The film Is stark In Its realism II Is an emotional bath.

Besides the stars of "The Italns Came" arc such splendid featured players as Brenda Joyce a real discovery Nigel Bruce, Maria Ouspensakya, Joseph Schlldkraul, Marjorie Rambcau and II. B. Warner. Added Is an exceptionally pood selection of shorts Including radio's famous "Information Featuring the finest In equipment and 'decorations, Vancouver's newest movie house, the Varsity, has opened at 4375 West 10th Avenue. Independently owned and managed, the Varsity is an attractive addition to entertainment tacilltles in the Point Grey district.

Mils summer, Mr. Smells said motorists co-operated very nicely but as far as pedestrians were Bitm. w. w. FOSTER lias applied for, and received Indefinite leave of absence by the Police Commission to permit him to take charge of auxiliary services for Canada's armed forces.

In a program presided over by Vr. h. H. Klinek, president of University of British Columbia. Dr.

KUnrk," introduced by Mrs. John MeCay, president of the Folk Festival Society, professed a special fondness for the culture of the Scandinavian coun-tries and then, In turn, Introduced the fine entertainment which followed. COI.ORI IX ATTIRE First came a Rrotip of dances by the Swedish Folk Dance Club, the members clad In the traditional garb, which Includes colorful yellows and blues for the men, while their partners dance bonnctted, wearing Ray aprons. It was explained that each cos-tumo Is peculiar to a certain province or village In Sweden. Especially delightful In this group were the Ilcrrskapsvals, party dance of the 1830's, the Vingakersdans, In which two girls dance with the same boy, and the Oxdanscn, a vigorous dance for men.

HANDICRAFT LECTURE concerned "there was no evidence ot any cooperation i a VANCOUVER OWNED THEATRES Fine New Film Theatre Opens 0 a rUDKSTKIAN CARKLKSSNF.SS JFli 3 "An analysis of the accidents forlable. Fans and filters amply condition the air for warmth and since July 1, the start of the cam Heads Police paign, will show that every traf initiation but who allowed his name to go tip for election to the board. II. J. Seed.

Junior Hoard of Trade, Is the new vice-chairman. Other members of the board are Frank Bird, Vancouver Automobile Club; W. M. Brown, Commercial Motor Vehicle Association; B. C.

Chapman, Lions Club; Mrs. J. A. Lawler, Parent-Teachers' Association; Ivor Neil, B. C.

Motor Transportation L. M. Nicholson, Klwanis Club; J. II. Lov-Ick, chairman of publicity committee; VV.

A. Rundle, transportation and customs bureau, Board of Trade; Lester M. White, notary Club; H. O. M.

Wilson, B. C. Insurance Underwriters' Association, and F. W. Smelts, past chairman.

In the votes of thanks to the several organizations Ich have assisted the council, credit was given the press for Its help in the Deathless Days Campaign and special mention to The Vancouver Sun for its "Schoolboy Patrol" column. coolness, as required. a ilittfv Innnlfl On ichnlrotnr "The MKIfl Prince" "HLONIHK MltT TIIK BOSS" tktra! 6 0 m. (onr only) 4nt. 1)0 thf Sr It-rlltng AfUon hartal, "Burn 'ttn Special provision has been fic death with the exception of one or two can be laid at the A new moving picture theatre, the Varsity, has opened at 4375 West 10th Avenue, with a frontage of 48 feet and a depth of 115 feet, Seating capacity is close to 600.

The Varsity is an independent rieasc. made for patrons who arc hard of hearing In a row of seats door of pedestrian carelessness." Mr. Smelts explained that the equipped with hearing aids. En Orpheum Romance and comedy are the Deathless Days campaign was a quietly dropped when war broke out. He said this does not mean keynotes of Paramount's gay.

new film "Honeymoon in Bali," starring Fred McMurray, tall 1 Jului IxilirlU Urad i-uii Kills They Made Me a Criminal Pranrhnt Ton Jant (iaynor 'Three Loves Has Nancy' Kill HvnifhonT. "I'll liirHtn'' that public safety education will be abandoned. aim nanosomc, The Norwegian Dance Club of He Recommended that the in and beauteous coming executive pay more at MtiflnlnlnA r. New Westminster presented an engaging musical group which met with much favor, and the tention to pedestrian education and the regulation of bicycle trance lobby Is irom il open adequate retiring rooms. ATTRACT! VK BUILDING The attractive modern front Is finished in stucco and vitrolite in three colors, black, red and yellow.

Structurally, floor and walls of the building are of concrete, while the roof is of solid lumber covered with asphalt and gravel. The comprehensive heating system Is fired by means of an Iron- Fireman automatic oil burner supplied and installed by Canadian Sumner Iron Works. Hnb Hum ti ld Ororit house, owned and operated by A. L. Wasel.

Great care has been taken, says Mr. Wasel, with the acoustical arrangements. Side walls, rear wall and celling are completely covered with half inch acoustical material. AIR CONDITIONED At the same time attractive decoration has been provided by the use of color and light. The auditorium has a sweeping, curving slope, and chairs are com- roll, which starts a week's run at the Finnish Society sang the lovely I'M I IJOM MISSOtBI" r.enraf Raft lluih llrhfrt TIIK l.ADV IHOM KKN Ttt'KT' traffic.

FACTFINDING melodies of their homeland. Orpheum Thea A lecture on the handicrafts of Scandinavia was given by H. Cooler Weather James Lightbody declared edu mm cation of the public is not. Tyrone I'nw A lire I Ekengrcn, who traced the inter tre on Friday. Allan Jones Is co starred, and Helen Broder- That autumn nip in the air Is going to nip a lot harder before "What is required is a scien psting story of the clever work done in Nordic homes.

A girl In Finland, Mr. Ekengrcn said, At Juhon hi litf Cirjnd fehow ROSK OF WASHINGTON SQUARE" Ronhy nreen Tarlllo Armals "1 IKHKRMA.VS UHAKF It is finished according to the Meteorological Service's bulletin lck, Osa Massen tific approach to the problem- Fred McMurray and Carolyn investigation, research and fact weaves her own trousseau. for today. "Freeh to strong winds. finding.Bcfore remedial measures Lee, 4-year-old film find, are in All this was played against a background as cosmopolitan as can ever have been assembled In can be adopted, we must una shifting to northwest, gradually clearing and becoming cooler, light frost In the Fraser Valley," Clsudeltfl Colhrt Hon Ameche "MIIINKiHI" 2.

The Janes amity In llollrwonj out the facts about the extent of the traffic, the dangerous this city. In booths around the ACTING CHIEF DONALD MACKAY Will carry on in Chief Constable W. W. Foster's place until the war is ended. places, lighting and such other ballroom are exhibitions repre says the forecast.

Wednesday's temperatures ranged from 49 to 59 degrees, with nearly an inch of "A La ftLv' Lj LI THEATRE, 10th and Sasamat. AL. 0345 information. Renting countries in various parts supporting roles. McMurray Is cast as an adventurous young man just home from Bali, who believes a woman's place is in a man's arms, not in an official position In a modern Fifth Avenue department store.

There's plenty of romance and Rlrhsrrl ireene Basil Bathbone. 'Hound of the BasUcrvillcs' Traffic Inspector Wilfrid Lem rain recorded in 24 hours. of the globe. on said that the police have gath Plm 'PWINO SISTFR ered much of the facts mentioned by Mr. Lightbody.

These are of little use unless the City Council Richard lllx t.ail I'atnck "MAN OF A Hlatlns Familv omrrtv "SHOI I.O IH SMANDS WORK'" provides the money for establish ing an engineering bureau with asui sufficient personnel and facilities to carry out remedial measures. comedy in this new show. William Henry and Judith Barrett, talented members of Paramount's "Golden Circle," select group of young new stars, are featured together in the second feature at Orpheum "Television Spy." Beacon Other speakers agreed that Charles Hnyerlrene "LOVE AFFAIR" fteora Sanders Wendy Barrle "1HS RAINT KTKIKES RACK" police have not sufficient means with which to enforce traffic Today! Doors Open at 6:45 Sharp safety measures. TRAFFIC OBSERVERS fJ, I I I II llTllaT'l I T- 1 I Vl i if II II' I I Another Grand Double Program Fred Astaire (tinner Boftra In A beautiful girl will be sawn Report of Edwin T. Orr, execu "THE STORY OF IRENE in half, heads will fall under the French guillotine, rabbits AND VERNON CASTLE" Sally Filers Left Bowman "TARNIHIED ANGF.I," will appear out of nowhere when 'Thurston's Miracles of Magic" tive secretary, dealt with work of the council in the past year relative to such matters as schoolboy patrols, parking meters, street lighting, numbering highways, school zones, vehicles for hire bylaw, Deathless Days Campaign, members campaign, traffic observers, view obstructions and With These Distinctive Innovations for the Pleasure and Comfort of Its Patrons: A complete fire-proofed bullditiR from foundation to roof designed for comfort and perfection in sight and ound.

The lntest sound reproduction with the new Truephonlc system. The most modern and complete air-conditioning pltint. Insuring constant fresh air and healthful ventilation at all times. The Indirect lichting as deslsned throughout the Varsltv Theatre creates a restful atmosphere of complete relaxation. fcu sai mu iTmaau afc fc imr a- Alan Marshall rlorence While "FOUR GIRLS IN Henry Fonda M.

o'Sulllvan I "ttT I' 8 LIVE" wr mm vm 'sm i motor vehicle inspection. snow is presented on the Beacon Theatre stage during the week starting Friday, Thurston Is succeeded by his right-hand man, Will Rock, who promises many new modern Both Mr. Orr and Mr. Smelts Mm were complimentary of the good services ot unofficial traffic ob servers. In Aueust 530 violations of traffic regulations were reported by 135 observers.

Roehelle Hudson Opening Feature Pictures Gary Cooper Merle Oberon 'COWBOY AND THE LADY' Gaynor Dotig. Fairbanks -Fr. "THE YOUNG AT HEART" Strand Hollywood keeps pace with to miracles. Two carloads of materials for spectacular effects, a big company of trained aides, pretty girls and live animals will con-tribute to the entertainment Another thrilling adventure of lordly Blane, the girl rp. porter, will he the feature screen attraction at the Beacon.

day's newspaper headlines in the exciting motion picture "U-Boat 29" which started a week's run at the Strand Theatre on Starring the incomparable I NEW I NEW Second full-length screen play Conrad Viedt as a German bcat commander who suddenly be ut- puise-stirnng drama comes an espionage agent, "U-Boat 29" is as full of thrills as a wartime film can be. NEWS TODAY! ot moo history and big-time racketeering, starring Barry McKay, Roehelle Hudson and Valerie Hobson and Sebastian De cushioned seals designed especially for this theatre upholstered for comfort and enjoyment. Our Theatre will he the home theatre for our patrons In the whole neighborhood. Plenty of parking epace around the Varsity Theatre. A perfertlv trained staff of attendants, all lncal recruits, anxious to please their fellow citizens.

These, with the artistry of riecorallvc scheme and the luxurv of the furnishings and carpels, all made to bur designs, enable us to say WK HAVK SPARED NK1T1IKR TH011GIIT NOB EXPENSE TO MAKE THIS THEATRE TRULY THE SHOW TLACE OF George Barbier in 'Smuggled Shaw give able support. Pianos 1 startling denouement $6200 Estate Letters probate are sought in has the German spy's own command "U-29" shelling the British vessel he and eight German prisoners of war have captured Adults 20c Child. 10c The audience can see for itself '9 Supreme Court In the $6200 net estate of the late Mrs. Caroline Mutrie, Chilliwaek. Her husband, Andrew, has a life interest, and residuary legatees are two chil what happens when a destroyer looses aeptn bombs within range oi a sun.

feccond feature at the Strand Mystic INDIA Opens WhU Her Fabulous Treasure of THRILLS! Ixmis Bromficld's If Has Been a Pleasure dren, William Barrio Mutrie, Chilliwaek. and Mrs. Mary Eleanor Louise Forester, 1304 West Fourteenth Avenue. Housing Approved VICTORIA. The provincial government has approved special bylaws authorizing the City and District of North Vancouver to go ahead with schemes under the National Housing Act.

is a riot of laughs Joe Ponner In "The Day the Bookies story of fun at the race track. Betty Grable is co-starred with Penner, playing the role of a taxi driver who suddenly becomes a racehorse trainer. The news reel and a Donald Duck comedy complete a line bill. 1 liL THERE'S new personality and charm in the new modern piano smaller than ever before yet retaining all the richness of tone usually associated with the Concert Grand. An instrument designed for modern living, that adds grace and beauty to your home.

Priced Jrom $218.00 lo co-operate with the owner, Mr. A. Wasel, and Messrs. Kaplan Sprach-man, architects, in the erection of this up-to-date modern theatre. DOMItilOii CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED Engineers and Contractors VANCOUVER, B.

C. nil? SB tl' -M ill tit a It WrV'' "iV WITH MYRNA LOY TYRONE POWER GEORGE BRENT ADDED INFORMATION PLEASE (Itadlo ((nil l'msriim) "HOOK, LINE AND SINKER" (Color Cnrtnon) "FASHION TMiEA 1 i 1 rw 3 STEIN WAY HEINTZMAN WURLITZER'WEBER GULBRANSEN-LE SAGE-WIN TER-NORDH El MER t. Motor of unequIled strtnitih ind reserve power, 2. Unexcelled oil pressureuoit controlled od flow. Finest obnimble lir pressure generator.

4. Superb atomizer unit i mirvei of accuracy. 5. Reliable ignition system ample power margin, 6. Marvelous Electrical Brain control system.

i i i Were Supplied by Hudson's Bay Company FORECAST" mPuu ww In Color Varsity Theatre Patrons yp Ensured of Ample Comfort With 2 IRON FIREMAN Automatic Heating Installed by CANADIAN SUMNER IRON WORKS Ltd. 560 Vernon Drive High. 2420 loo; INCORPORATED 8 MAY 1670.

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