The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, DECRMKRR SO, 1<M9 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams REFERENCES SIR—CHEF CONSULTING ENGINEER WITH El F FEU OF PARIS. TOWERS OP LOWPOM.ANP BOCKS OF BERLIN; fU. SCREAM AW FAINT IF HE EVEN GIVES THAT GUV A SMILE.' FOR TGM YEARS I BEEM WAITIM' FORTME NEXT STEP UP-AIJ' THEM GUYS COME OVER. AN' EXPECT fT RIGHT tOOWj mey THINK WERE SHORT ON BRAJWS HERE AMD THAT'S R& VOU TOSSIN& YOUR USUAU LAVI6U NEVM VEAR'S PARfy BAXTER ? DIDW'T, VOU TELL ME you SAT UP LAST YEAR VMELL AFTER NIM6 O'CLOCK SWB MRS. BAXTER, GUAFFWG ROOT SEER AMD CRACKING CHESTWUTS ? AMY\NAV.rM (JOT FLAT DM BACK FOR -we FIRST DAYS OF. THE Y6AR, "To BUAke OFF TUE RECOIL OF THAT TIGER SWEA.'T YOU GAGGie AT Trte OvJLs rfTtmif _-•>•;%• CLUB.' ' RIGHT NOW HE'S TRYIM' TO TALK TK BULL OUT OF HIS JOB. MOT OUCS- >•*<- #*£ WONDERING WHERE AUtHAT DOUGH Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Wanted to Buy HlghF.H price pfUd lor trnir'KENS tucitj ASH Street tirncerr A ivlnrkel *!'' W AMI ftiv ck 11 Olrt iy ye family organ, tiood con- CUllon. 8^5 Lilly St. 12,24 pk Ijl Position Wanted l gin iri^er experience — ..... ,. tcuon, repair, find opemtlon of Mur">y. Continental, and Hurdwlcke Euer 81ns. Also extensive rtlniUrUloii experience iti handling all mitjor delta crops and Including anhydrous nm- nionia application Hurt cotton pickers. Ursire connection wlll» Larse. planter or company where living and school conditions are good. Excelled references covering both character and ab- "ity. Wrlle Box 678 c;o Courier News Company. 12,30 pit 1[6 For Rent Warehouse 3U'x40' 1UK Midwest Dairy Pr on railroad sld- ducts, rh 4447 11|16 ck 11 Flasft cameras for U'STKEN'B STUU1O occasions 4>5-clr-lI u .' 01t RENT : frozen Food lockers BlaylncK, UIBbwa; 61 plmne jna 8123 ck u 3-room unfur. house. 819 ClaTfc 12i2S pk One 5-room home 3 miles south or Blyihcvlllc for rent or sale J o berau niythtvllle Rt. 4. 12;2S pk 12;3|' niln'?"?,,' 1 ' 111 "' rurnls "«' or llnrilr- "isned. 7io j om i son . , 2 ; 23 pk 31 Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE eemce. call 01 contact II. B. Shcnnarrt Phono 2157. c»r, y nomlnn. nooT or' ___ Bus/ness Opportunities ''or Sale by owner, pool room and aomlno narlor. Swell locution dolim Bood buslncsa. Only 2 pool rooms «u c°?«e fi "' 4 ,'"2 0 p <"»">»'°". B,,s,n e J in creases wlln bad wcathr Owner hni Jli Wf « l K e " S - CD "" Ct P T K.dcr J15 West hy. ATe . Blythovlle. Arkansas . 1=117 pit 1(1 Loans *l WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Riaics 2262 two phones 3322 • " ' 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan "o you need & lonn to icpoar ot model'; Kn down oayinem on mo Eage. no red tape fHA AI-PROVEU HAI'Ea *&, ASK FOR DETAOa Max Logan, Realtor Pnnni, 2034 Lyncto B,,,,, Hlrtnerlll. Ark Love My Doctor, By Evelyn Barkins r^,^.^.......... Copyright by E.elyr, Bnrkiiu; Oiitributed by NEA SERVICE. INC. . r W1 kor.d, I,,, nn,. ru ...... _ .... „,, ,,„,. ff>r III almost two weeks of intensive house hunting, 1 was ion familiar terms with most of the 'building superintendents witliin a five-mile radius, knew their favor- jite brands of beer and troubles, but little else. i "Lady," said one of them that (very day when 1 had wandered in- jto his territory again while making my usual rounds, "if you could only pay a higher price, I know where you can get n beauty of a place. On Linwood Street South." "And that's exactly H," I said to John, after repeating my accounting that night, "if we could pay a higher price, we'd have no trouble at all." That much was certainly true. It is all very well for us Americans as a nation to theoretically traditionalize contempt for material things. Poor but honest sounds magnificent, and perhaps money is the root of all evil and surely isn't everything, but there comes a time in most young couples' lives when it seems like it is. Maybe Hollywood is right. John and I agreed. (Maybe the poor little rich girl does [nothing but weep; and maybe the millionaire is never happy until he meets the penniless stenographer who leaches him to do the jitterbug and sing, but did Samuel Goldwyn ever try to find a four- room apartment that costs like two and looks like five? "Don't worry, darling." John consoled me as, womanlike, I complained the loudest, "maybe you! find something tomorrow; and If not, we've still got a whole week ui which lo look. Besides, tomorrow's Saturday, and the fellows are throwing us a combination wedding and farewell party remember?" "1 almost forgot that," I exclaimed, jumping up olt the bed to get my curlers, my one outstanding sop lo all social alfairs. Then I got a better Idea. "Let's make a I will never mnlersL-md why people who make their own beds aren't at least allowed to forecl and enjoy them. FAKJIS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. \V. U TAJIKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY I-nrry Ingram-Hcrman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4627 12-9 ck 1-9 Notice LIVE STOCK MFN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, (alien and crippled animals picked up free oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6U2, Blythe- villc, Ark. ARKANSAS DRAI) ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. 11|21 pft Ij2l:50 Although asbestos ts known to nave been used many centuries ago. there were no asbestos mines j )n0opcrali<m «'"•« about 100 years Concrete Culvert Tile Shcs up to 3fi In CorrugcTted Metal Culverts Sizes up (o 84 (, lp Automatic Kloml Rales Concrclc Scplic Tanks Mela I Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices tvc Deliver A. H. WEBB Hic'in-a? SI ai sialr t.lne Thonc 711 date of it," I said eagerly, "I'll meet you at the Chinese restaurant 'before the party; we'll eat and .then go. And I bet I'll have good .news to tell you about the nous- ling situation!" 1 finished fero- 'ciously. • So the next morning, 1 started :OiH especially early, determined jOn an apartment "or else." It .was "or else." By 4 o'clock in the [afternoon, 1 was hungry, heart,sick, physically harassed and istill homeless. Since 1 was near my mother's house, I decided to drop in there and recuperate before meeting John at 5. "Hello," my mother said pleasantly as I entered. "What's wrong with you?" - Nothing makes a girl feel as ;bad as to be told s hc looks bad; [and since 1 was feeling bad in the jlirst place, 1 began lo feel worse. Everything's wrong," I groaned'. "No apartment yet?" my mother asked. "Not a one." i n an c n ort to Demerge from my gloom. 1 opened "(> the refrigerator, and stood there appraising Uie contents for a good take. "1 just can't find a uimg within our means," 1 said reaching for a likely looking .chicken wing, "if on i y we nad more to spefldj" • • • jyjY mother gave me that blessed- are-the-poor look as 1 swallowed my first bite. "You made your own bed," she said virtuously; and 1 will nev< , r under . stand why people who makc ^dr own beds aren't at least allowed lo forget and enjoy them. "But, anyway," she continued as I sl- ently munched my chlckcri . ••] think I've head oi something worth while. Interested?" Interested!" i jumped at her, food arid all, reviving suddenly like a drunk-under a cold shower. After a while, when she considered me reasonably calmed down, she casually completed her account, as if il hadn't taken her days lo track it down. Like many other fortunate people, my mother always had a friend of a friend of a friend, who had a further friend, with the right information tagged at the end. To someone like me who never In my li/e won at binrjo such ability was downright remarkable. In this particular case it was a plain miracle. "Mrs. Bodenheim lold me thai her cousin has a sister-in-law whose uncle Lives in a house where the doc-tor just moved out,' said my mother. "Where Is It?" I Interrupted anxiously, as 1 gave up trying to follow the genealogy. "42 Longview Road," she answered. "And it's got four rooms " I threw my chicken bone In the sink and went looking for my purse. "Where arc you going now?" asked my mother. 'To see it, of course," I replied automatically, as if she had asked me who was buried in Grant's lomb. Look, dear," said my mother patiently, "it's loo late now. Co tomorrow with John, and besides 1 thought you had a date with him] It's almost 5 already." "Is it?" I had lo look to be con- vmced. iicluclantly. I decided to wan until Sunday morning before inspecting the apartment, and settled instead on a 10-rninuie cleanup and personal rcdecoralion drive before going to meet John. « • • 1 washed and powdered, my lothcr insisted on giving me detailed instructions on how to act •Uld what to say when I would eo to Longview Road the nexl day. Dont^ show thai you're too nous, she said, "and don't accept the first p r i cc qi, olrxl Mrs Bodenheim said the rental was noble, hut you say It's too They're alwav. 3 few dol- ors out of the w.ry \ vhow And wipe off some of thai upstick." she '""'^u ' ban<I '"S me a tissue Oh Mom," I spoke impatiently, you talk as if 1 were a child." To which she sniffed "Have a jood tirne. baby," she said and kissed me goodby. I new to Turn r'oo's In a spirit of oy. Yesterday, lime' had been marching by to the lime of n s funeral dirge, but today t was Alexander's Ragtime Band n Blue Heaven, and the difference was immeasurable. "You've found it," John ex- '• claimed as I reached our meeting place. It was the bcsl kiss in nearly two whole weeks. "Not exactly," I said, after 1 caught my breath again. "Hut this time we've got a real lead." I told the story, and in three • minutes he was equally enthusiastic. ; After we had eaten, and while John got up lo get rny white- jacket. 1 examined Hie check. Thr thought occurred lo me as I did so, that such conduct would have been unpardonable before marriage when a girl was supposed to be totally blind lo the pecuniary transactions taking place under her very nose. While, after marriage, a financial statement in any form expects and receives the avid' interest of a love leller "Let's take a cat)," John said when we stood on the street again "We're a little late, and we're celebrating." "Too expensive." 1 protested, "and we really don't have anything definite to celebrate yet." I finished, crossing my fingers behind me. "A celebration," said John hailing a cab. -should have rhyme, but : no reason, to be the nicest kind '' and I quickly conceded the point. My best times have always been, unpremeditated, unprovoked, and: unquestioned. r J 1 !IE ride was short, but pleasant.! and John and f did right by the! Uixi's backseat in the best of such I tradition. All too soon we arrived. Th e lospital, where the party was be- : ng held, was an old red brlcK : . niilding with the interns' quarlcrs n a wing on the main floor. Mv mother always used !o say. when we attended social affairs there luring our engagement: "It's terrible! You .young people carrying on downstairs, laughing and danc- ng. while upstairs those poor people are sick and may be even dying!" But somehow It never seemed hat way to any of us. To all the >oys living and working there, the' lospilal was like home. "Here wt go." John said, and is we entered the Interns' quarters t seemed that everyone else waj already there. I was also glad as stood looking about, that 1 kiicw Imost all ol Ihc crowd, because or my money. Ihere Is no worse irdeal (or a young bride than to ndure the scrutiny and appraisal f her husband's friends for the (To lie Cnnlinued.) Genera! Douglas MacArduir has received more than 400.000 tetters from Japanese during the Occupation. RENT A CAR Uriv« Anywhere TOD Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Cusliim work lor gins, alfalfa mills; oi) mill*. f usloni Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop MTSnulhUrnarlwHy Phnr, 2fi51 E (ARK.) COURIRH I'UKCKLES AflD HIS FRIENDS BY A1EKKILL BLOSSEB -••"" ' ' v v HOW MOW. YOUM&GEMU.E- I WE'Rff ^N? WUy SO LUGUBRIOUS? AS«NIM6f ^-^.~, „—. f WMV S^J^lMOKD OCOMS/ S^MS^. feAID^ THOUGHF WAS A 1 B ,®#? ••; <^^ V .^yiHWt)- »v-, \ I f-S s£ '-VVC "How can I help worrying when they'ro home from col- > e S e —always wondering where thoy arel" 1'UISCILI.A'S POP IiY AU VRRMEER IT WASN'T "SUCH A NAME TWO THINGS OUR FRIENDS HAVE GOT THAT WE HAVEN'T GOT! <3O OV.' A/AME rut?.'/ BAD YEAR, HAZEL' I DID JUST A3 WELL BY MICHAEL O'MAU.KY anil HALPH LANE UST ONCE /WORE AROUNO BLOCK, PEEWES '( OKAY. EGGHEAD GET READY TO BLAST. YEAH,iYWN.'THEN I SQUFAL TO A STOP RIGHT OUTSIDE THIS WINDOW AHOW6 LET 'Ifrl CAITAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER HUEEV WITH JHATCOPS UUIFOEM, BY 7:O3 WE SHOULD GET fHEIR SIQWAL TO CHOP O/EU THE PftlJELBD WML OF THE BANK1 JOE, OPEW THOSE CABINET DOOKSTUAr HIDE THE HOLE WE 'd - /$s.CUTIN THE (.WSOtJW -.-„.. .„„, . LEW! ITS S:44... TIME VOU flUD AS THE HOUR. \ Dlpp Y GET SET TO TAKE CACE , HE&eS FOE THE l.*^ ™*T WIGHT WATCHMAIJ ! J HUGS liUNNY 'O YOUR COME OUT FIGHTING/ 0\LV COULD SEE / THATS/WUA.T ANYWAY, IT WSULD GET HIM OUT CF ff£^^ ™=1£S THE AMAZON QUEEN IM O9CKS1DE 18V KIMiAR MARTIN

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