The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 10
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TEN BT/miEVn,LE (ARK.) COURTKR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION r»u pw One iw pei cbarg* ............ We . . * ;«mw p« une p«r day ........ nc »ltl03M per tint pet da; ...... Uc A tlm«* per Uuo par day ........ 'Ic AS 1 time* pu im* p*i day ...... 5c kontO p«t tin* ............ , We QotiDt HTB aierage word? Ui the Hot •topped Deior« eiplrattrm win oe cnarH- ed|;ior tbe ouiubei ol time* tbr aa Appeared ana Adjustment nl OLD cuade All CJ&&M1U4 Advertising copy «ut>- netted, oy pennof raiding outsiar 01 Ihp city must DC accompanied by case R^tM mnjr e*fi!ly be computed from Lbt above Ublp Adrertl&lng ordet loi Urcgulai Ln*«i- ilone takes me due tune table NO responsibility will tH iak«n loi , nior* t£an one incflrreai insert loo ol any dossil] e a »d All *<u &r« restrtr.ted to ifit-u propel ciisjiric&tiOD etyje *nd type 1 L Q t Coiiriei New* reserve* ifct right Co edit or; reject Any &d ! Apartment tor Rent Kew 3 -room apt-, partly furnished. Pi } ra ( e czi I ra nee, Ph . 62 13 • 12 29 pk 1,5 Bedrnom ,t Kttclunt-tte close Jn Rd- joining Dath Hoi Water. Ph. 2U*»2. 1223 pk I'l 3-room f urn! sited apartment. See owner from fi to 8 p.m. 50C N*. 5tii St.- 12 'jy pk 11 I 2-room. I J-raom fumi&lLtxJ apt. Utilises luniLstied. i'h. 2UIB 1230 ',il: 1 3 2-room fur-fipl, Frl&lOalre, t-k-eUlc cook Aiore, 108 \V. Ky. Ph. 3100. 2-room apartment. Couple only. 72 Jamlerson. 12 SO pk I 3 room furnished apartment. Private entrance, private bath, electric range *nd refrigerator, oil hriu. Settled couple preferred. No children. Ph. ZOUO. 12,28 pfc 1,5 •J-room furnished apt. Private buth. Couple only. Ph. 2406. 1228 pk l]4 2-room apt. -501 E. Ash. 12.20 Jj3 Modern cabins & apartments Gate tenrlce. Ph. 951 12jl pk 3]1|50 2-room unfurnlsliutl apt. Settled couple only. 100 E Rose cull after 4:31). 12-22 pk 115,50 3-room apt. for rent. Furniture for aale. 407 Lilly. Inquire 517 S. I-nke. 12 ; 28 pit 1[1 Smalt furnished apt. Also sleeping room. Ph. 6306, 12 2H 12 : SI Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services uur.ei.iAK e Ualn 4 T Division STATION fhone a t>CD'l eDdadgel yuui [Atclly wllb laullj llrci-BUT IX* Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection IK w Air. a> OUINCOE HOTEl BUILJJ1NU (18-ck-t! Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koj>t. sumo Conma and KetmofrttiD DON EDWARDS Trie I'jpwntci Uan H Second Hi I'hoae Services A.U'1U AND KUftNi'l'UHt LOAN** Prompt Perwjuii tierfice uene/ai <;natract k'urcna^t Corp IOC Souib &tb ehooc tiUU in ac nine* repaired J rieville J.^ciiliLt Sii<>p 11.tS ck t! Hah by-silting, <lny or niyht. Res- itHisjDIe. I'd. -IfifJJ, 312 JS. First. PLAS'lERING BOB MALONE Call 4ISO or 3328 BIyllievillc or 407 Osccohi 10-C ck 1 -6 INCOME TAX Kotiirns niiule promptly and iiceuratfily for a nominal fee. See me about your bookkeeping for ttic entire year. Day phone 3142 After 6 p.m. 2940 Ebb H. Carson at Joe Atkins Machine Shop, Highway Gl South. 12-28 ck tf Audits mail e bonkcftjiliiR *yxtctnn ticvlseU, Stnte find Fedetii! KcpoiU 11 ted. Income u»£ returns prcpiiml. and DonkB kept, on pnrt lime basin Cft II W.',< ) nr write Oliver W K e u n c r. Accountant-, South Division St. Bly- therllle. 12|I6 p* 111 Kxpcrt mil cleaning ol celllnns wni ritKirfi, cnrpcLt' windows antJ uprnilu ery FlLl'3 OllItA-OI.KAN ph W«b 10 1'J ck Ask the Man Bought One liKlidtmj complete engine t»ne-*p Here's what you get . • • • All piston rings replaced with new Genuine Ford Rings. • Carbon cleaned from cylinder heads. New cylinder bead gasket installed. • A complete engine tune-up. WE USE ONLY GENUINE PORD PARTS Dependable Ford Service 5th at Walnut I-ale l!M7 Ford tnictor Usf [1 very mie WUb cultivator, dlsK, hu.suir, mi-row A; stulk cutters. Ixiule SlniHxi niti- a/> mile south ot Vlcioriit. •: 31 For Sa/e, Misc. ' FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1949 $$$$$$ SAVE MONEY At Phillips Motor Co. HI-IS) Ford Ciislom Tudor, RI-CV, equipped «'Hh radio X: heater., .has had excellent'cure. r $ 1395. ID-IB Mercury Town Sudan, chirk green, in top condition, lias radio & liealer. . .§IOa». 19-16 Kurd 2-door, dark blue, radio & licnler. . .S895. ID 11 Chevnilcl Coach, unusually clean, has radio, healer and seal covers. . .§B(J5. 19-11 Ford Tudor. . .you'll get lots and !o(s of good service out of Ihis car. . .$:j!)5. 1912 Chevrolet Pickup. . .$195. 1910 Ford 3/1-Ton Truck. . .$:)!).=>. i ompani] t3^ J *• 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 HERMAN FRANKS Rt. 3, Hlylhovillc, Ark. HERE'S WHAT HERMAN SAYS: "I hnught a used I1II7 linicli sedan from I.<inj;slun-tMcWii1crs last January. Since thai lime — it's been nearly a year — I haven't had a miniile's (rouble with (he o;ir. And. besides fhal, they gave me a good deal lo begin Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1949 BUICK 2-door Super Sedanetle, only 11,000 miles and we know it's bad the best of care. . .radio, healer, seal covers, spotlight and while sidewall tires 895 • 1017 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio X heater.. .SUMS. • 1017 Chevrolet Itnsiness Coupe ..§10-15. • 1S-IG Plymouth <l-door Sedan. . .?S05. • 10 IS liuick Super Sedanelte. has radio and healer, while sidewall tires .$1505. • 101G Iliiick 1-iioor Sedan, radio & heater. ..§1103. LANGSTON-IMATERS BUICK COMPANY \V;ilnu( nl Kroaduay Dial f>.~(5 for Service (.iror cry ami lixuirr.s. About will buy RlJ, or can f man re fixtures. 3-room liviiiK <l"*rtf'rs. CJooiJ busl- ess tocatlun. KKK1) MADISON Moult u. ArX , jihone 103, MuniMte. \22'J pk 31 Ciroeery ^: ]iie*t niarktit. In M Sec Ualyctin Bros Manila. Ark. 5-rootn home on corner lot 50x150 it. AIL fenced Chicken house. Rat age Ne.xi lo new school eltti Priced to Eel I 722 Jiiiuison 12,10 pfc 12 24 CITY PROPERTY Store ruuk 6 litui.srjs_ All rented present. I'h. 43^fi. 12 30 pk. 1JISMKS. I)IHIIKH P DISHES A wlioJe ctirlnnc] — Ftp.ita and Drc- orrui><! cfiitin. Knl lor 4, il 75. Flcstu nil cotors, Cups. 5 rt-nt.s. white. SfUiccrs, 5 cents. wliH(- Plenty odds and ends. 514 Kjist Main St. 29 pk 31 '2 portdblt! r;u!1n.s, one with rrrord plnyer. Iti t-.m:rllfnt condition. J'li l '^ b - 12 3f) pk i;-* t'nlc sl/K Brlililtc :t-hunirr nil stovi-. rrf/Inrntttir. < I rink hos p t-(r.. :u-l K. Main St. 12 yi j,h 12 111 1 Moore's circulating --onl lu-ntcr In KOOd ruiiclltjon, Must sell. lcuvhi« town. Joe Ooid. my Holly, or phonn i;il - la 29 pk 111 (.llRdliou liuniT Kxrcllrnt ronttUlnn imiuons sluitjn dlvnti Hoi 1-13 DC]I * oil clrcMliilor neater. I si rye coal an^e- Apply -113 \V A:;h 1225 pk 1,2 One H-mo old U. t;. case tr:tclor 7-row riiUlv.-Hnr 2-ri>w p];um>r • a tow inhKt 1^. -buster, tripe fi'i-t tir^ >;n,<iiK) •A-uf.i'-TicM j [ir 52:1000 A ii uixim 2ij nines E. or iv». 12 2fl pk l;.j a-a.-;Ji!n^ itinrhinr. iti yonit cc Cii] I Mrs. Ko.ich al Sn.l 3^-1 > I?2R ^k if lltniidn Cockc room house l-t hy dLnK stock A: flxtxires 1'erjns will Bel) separately C\l\ 12J17 pk 12i3] Usec/ Tractors Avcry Tractor Am] Kfguipniniic AUxtcl WC. will) E:([ul|,mcnt Minimi ifl A- K<inli>immt MnUi^J 2'2 .V Kfjinpinrnl, sllcrUJy usca .\las.scy-Hnrrls MiiLlel 1IK ,t cultivator MoilcL 1CH Jr. milt cultivator, mown 61 Implement Co. No Iliway Gl For Sale. Real Estate Want to uiiy ;i htrmV \' have it. Farm <10 acres up lo — large plaiilittiuti in Nurtlioast ..« W SiX;\s,V|, r1 ,iy r1 "n™'' l< ;nr?,u,rl"l Al 'l<. nntl Sc'iithcasl Mo. Sec "" l "'' -_.!!_!!"._" 'us fill a farm loan si-L'w'.' ."H 1 *',,,, 1 ,';'" 1 ,,. vvl "' . p r il " mri " CA'n-:s WOKTIIINCTON co BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hardwood floors, tile kitchen i and bath, large lot. Price $7,- J550. \Vill K1IA or Gl 100%. l.iii'fre corner lot on Ihvy. Gl North. 100 fool fi-oiilago, 200 I'cct deep. Ideal location for nice suburban home in C'oiiiilry Club Drive Addition, l-'ricc S;),000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 'lilt Res. Ph. 2o<!(> 12-29 ck 1C U 5HH1DU 2 no '.vitri nip.^o]) rtdiJl ?J7ftOfKJ M D I-'ii r, trni'tn <lniili dlsi- S'JIOIlm A H t: miles Ea*t ot nm KcglKtcrccI blonii tnc-kcrs Ph 2400 ' mo |in 1(10 Lost Cla.sso.s in clear plastic f]-,ijno.s. In Giifird cnse. K!£- \VAIM). Call Mrs. JIason, ^I4(>1 or 2:i25. 12-20 clh ti Private Rooms licclrooni. close In. Two Pfi 422>l or :UfiO. 1227 pit IjJ HLyiltcvllLe. Hole]. Ph 12.27 pk I 27 Conifnrtable henrnnm Cnh 2675 12iH pk 1 Nirr rorntorlahlc bedroom adjtiliiliijj nntti. 'JU1 w. As]). Phone 22E3. 30 pX H After-Christmas SPECIALS! 1917 Chevrolet Town Sedan equipped with, lots of extras, clean as a pin. . .a real bargain. 1911 1'onliau -1-door Sedan. , .$595. 1912 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan. ..? 195. 19-12 Plymouth Town Sedan. . .5195. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan. ..? 195. 1937 riymoiith 2-door Sedan. . .$329. 1937 Ford Truck...$195. 1916 Chevrolet i/j-Ton Panel Truck. . .$695. 1918 Jeep, runs like new. ..$695. 19IG Chevrolet Calj-over-Engine 2-speed. .. SC.95. 1932 Foid 1-Ton Slake, motor and lires uertect... 51-15. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Nice bedroom. Men only. Private entrance. 613 Walnut. Ph. 2-tae. 1228 |ik 1(1 Htclrrtom. convenient Lo hath Steam neat i'h 3325 fill w Main St 12 ; 3 pk liU for rent Ph 2818. Co tn Tor table beilroom convenient to town Men only 310 W Wi\lnut 12 : 2 pk Ii2 Hcdroom adjoining hath Ph 233ft Taken Up Uaknn up one may itMrk fiorst; untie "c marc mule. 1 ) lonn Rt 2 1227 pk 1;2 for So/e, Cars and Trucks URAI.TORS 1 to So. 3rd St. Klytheville. Ark. UcntRe W WIRR5 or W O Ui>te* l>h 2151 J0'26 ck tl M^MHn I l"riin Caff: \i-Uh liulldlni; nr wltlmut 122,i j)k 1.2 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS far sale by owner usrtl Chevrolet '2 *ioor setlnii yoocl mrchantcal condition Hiidio. lie MCI- it Koocl rubber Cninr niul sec P T Elder 215 W Kentucky Ave 12 [7 i"ji NOW All lour (4) wtit'fls pull nn thr WUJTS Stalloii VVayan, -Pickup nntl riiL;sccn Jeep '"rue worlds most uacfui veinclp.s". iJtythcvlLIc Willy Sfiles Co E"n 5M 1222 c« \,2Z pr 1' i Hcfl NonniUL AL Horn Const Co. LJiy- inevilie. Ark 33 2S pk 11/I Urlvlng to l_os Am;clrs. leaving Deer can take a passenger Fh 24| 12 ZJ pk Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Tcc-il Knrls K R Joynor Oluncoe Bldg. Ph CASH FOR YOUR CAR (Continued on Next Page) High Trade in Allowance on a Hew Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain 10 IS Chrysler Town S Country Sedan, low mileage, new (ires, r dio & healer. T.I.SEAY MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Mom Phone 2122 USED TRUCK VALUES l!M(i Dodge 'i-'I'on rickiiH, has healer. .. very rca- 1!MS (i.MC '/i-'l'on Panel, low mileage. . . a real ha i sain IHI2 Tord "(>" H-.-Tiin l.nng Wbcelbasc Slake.. .this Iruck can be bought mighty cheap. HMI Chevrolet Vj-Ton Pickup. . .this truck is as clean as a much later model. See our large selection of fine lale model cars. . .as well as many older, bargain- priced cars. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phono 4438 301 WesI Walnut Phone 578 DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! Iflll Chevrolet 5-Passcnger Coupe. . .5=195. 1!M!) Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, just like new. . .$1095. 19-19 CMC '/.-Ton Pickup, lot of extras. . .§1095. 1917 Olclsmolnle -I-door "HO Series", a reallv nice c-!ir...S995. 19-17 iMcrciiry Convcrliljle, has everything on it. This car is a honey!. . .$109f>. ISMS Oldsmohilc 2-door, maroon color, has while side- Wiill tires, radio & healer. . .51295. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance 9 On A New GMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobit* — GMC Trucks 30G Hasl Alain Phone G151 QUALITY USED CARS NEW LOW PRICES See The Big Selection At Still & Young Motor Co. ini? i\iercnry 5-I'assensjcr Coupe, --lio & healer. MM I I'lymoiilh 2-dnor Sedan, radii) & liealer. I!) ID Kurd 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. I!).|(i Mercury 4-<]<>or Sedan, radio & boater. 19 IS Mercury S-l'assenger Coupe, radio & healer. 1017 radio Lincoln l-door Sedan, equipped with overdrive, & healer. Chevrolet 2-tlnor Sedan. Chrysler i-door Sedan. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Kord 5-t'asscngcr Coupe, radio X- he.ilrr. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO First ot Walnut 4333

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