Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1895
Page 1
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.- -n '" ••' 'H LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 30. 1895 NO- 76. It's Peculiar THIS WRAPPER FUR 59C. That if a Lady once comes to our Store she keeps a-coming. It's not our way but oar Great Variety, Excellent Quality and Choice Assortment ot Goods that mast be the Drawing Card. Every Department is Ready for ., .EASTER! and w your inspection. II' You Once You'll Keep a Coming. T invi omorrow We open Special and Reserve Assortment of Choice Dress' Goods, Klcfjaiit Fancy SUlcsi'rom 50c tip, Capes, Skirts, "Wrappers Iroin 5ttc up. l>ress Trimmings i» Immense Variety, Shirt Waists That Fit. Special Inducements Today. Thb Hanrtsomc Cape $*. This Shirt Waist for 5Oe. The Fashion Leaders, Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud in the euccess of our untiring oflorts which enable us to *how you this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive * Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller; Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. For the opening of the New Broadway Clothing Store. Entire New Spring Line. Wednesday, April 3, > 426 BROADWAY, JOS. G GRACE. .REBELS GET AEMS. Despite Precautions . They Are Shipped from United States, Situation in Cuba Acknowledged by Premier Canovas a* Being Very Critical. WASHINGTON, March 20.—The ' 'state department has been recently advised that three shipments of arms have been made within the past few weeks from the United States to the insurgents in Cuba. In one ense the arms were scut from Philadelphia to Savannah. They_ were transferred at that point tea small fishing smack of ten or fifteen tons bunion and carried to the east coast o£ Cuba, to the province of Santiago tie Cuba, which is tlie hot bed of the revolution. The administration, it is said, is doing ull in its newer to prevent the shipment of those contrabands of war, but it is claimed they are being 1 made con Bluntly. more Troops Sont. MAHJU'D, March-20.—PremierCanovas del Castillo said in nn interview Thursday: "It is undeniable that the situation in Cuba is very serious. The government roust use all means _ to maintain the-integrity of the kingdom and crush the rebellion speedily and thoroughly. Seven 1 thousand troops will start for Cuba to-day and 2,000 will be ready to follow them. In six months 20,000 more will be ready. Indued we are prepared to send 100,000 if need be, for we must end this strug-g-le once for all." The government lias received the resignation of Capt. Gen. Callejas. The Spanish consul in Jamaica telegraphs that the expedition organized by the insurgent leader Maceo, is expected to arrive oft' the coast at-any time. Private dispatches from Havana say that twenty-seven rebel chiefs, who took part in thfl last Cuban war, are acting-In concert with Maceo to establish a provisional government, levy taxes and take other steps to organize fully against the Spanish forces to be landed. Sutlnficid with Our Attitndu. LONPO.N-, March 20.—Premier Canovas del Castillo said iu an interview with the Standard's Madrid correspondent that the government was satisfied with the attitude of the United States toward Cuban affairs and that orders had been^given to Spanish cruisers and colonial officials to observe international usages regarding 1 maritime jurisdiction and the right of search, with a view to avoiding a conflict with the United States or other powers. Kxt-itemcnt In Havana. TAMPA, Fin., March 29.—Passengers on Thursday evening's steamer from Havana report that city at last in a state cf excitement over the revolutionary movements. Efforts of Cuban patriots to rise on February 28 proved futile in the city.of Havana and country immediately surrounding ou accoun-t of the absence of Gen. Sanguilly, who was to have led the movement, but now their forces are well organized under able leaders and may be expected to rise in arms at any moment. Port au Prince is declared in a state of re- rebellion by the Spanish government, which makes four out of thefive'prov- inces of the island in a state of revolution. The report that Maximo Gomez is in Cuba is confirmed, and he is now at the head of the uprising- at Au Principe. These passengers declare that so soon as it is officially known Gomez is at the head of the insurgent army the whole island will- rise en masse- Death of Aen«« Blunroo Rnuell. NEW YORK, March 2U.—Agnes Munroe Russell, wife of Col. P. H. J. Russell, who has been ill for several months, is dead. Mrs. Russell was •well known as a writer under the'name of Agnes Munroe. She was for raany^ months the editor of the Club, and en- Joyed the distinction of being the only woman editor of a magazine devoted exclusively to the interests of men. • Will Now B« Hanged. Si. JOSEPH, Mo., March 29.—Thomas Punshon, an Atchison, Topeka <fc Santa Fe engineer, was found guilty of murdering his wife by shooting her in a carriage one night a year ago. The defense claimed Mrs. Punshon killed herself. Punshon was once convicted and sentenced to prison for twenty-one years. He obtained a new trial and •will now be hanged. ; Tried t» FoUon * Family. CBDAB RAPIDS, la., March 20.— Peeling runs' high near Garrison, and William Buster, an aged German farmer, is in danger of being lynched. He mixed alcohol and strychnine and tried to get his nephew's family, with whom he liTed, to drink of it One boy did and is now in a critical condition. Buster is under arrest No N«wi from Honolulu. WASHLSGTOX, March 2fl.—Mr. Hastings, charge d'affalrea of the Hawaiian legation, has not received any advices by the steamer Australia, nor are any expected -until the mail reaches here. Minister Th-urmtoa's departure has •brought about DO changes in the legation WEST' POINT. Partial Hit ot Succo»»fal CanUldnten for Cndetthip*. WASHINGTON, March 29.— The following is a partial list of tho candidates who have passed successfully the examination for cadetships at West Point military academy. They will enter tho academy in June next: Illtcois—F. Van S- Chamberlain, Chicago; G. V. H. Mosolcy, Evaoscon; C. C, Farmer, Jr. Mount Carroll; William B. Bunt, Hlnsflale; J. W. Johnson, Sterling. Indiana—C. D. Herron, Crawtorclsvlho. lowa-G. S.'SimonJs, Cresco; W. W. Stlclclo' Anamosa. . MIcMsan—L B. Kamer, Gmud KaplUs; J. C. Clipper. SprlnRflelfl; J- L. Rowley, Port Huron; T. H. Juckson, Muskeeon; !/• W. Oliver, Escanab:u Minnesota—Ray Cornwell.Winona; C. C, umo Jloorel'.ond. Nebraska—E. IL Humphrey. Orntihn. Onio-L. Hulsto.id. Cincinnati; R. L. Arin- siroiiR. Ciillna: R E. McXally, SprlneilvlJ; H. S. Commuter, Toledo. Wiseotisin-C. A. Trotc. Milwaukee: !•'• \V. Oldeaburj;. Antlgo. LOST HIS POSITION, ^ Lieut. YlKimi. Commander or Alltii'inrn Assailant. "i«« I'm" JJrmoveO, Ni-:\v Youi;, March •J'.i.—The Herald's ^ I corriisputi'lent at Santiago do Cuba tol- ejjrupli.s as follow: Lieut. Ybarra has been relieved from commitnd of the Spanish cruiser Conde do Votiailito, which lired upon the American steamer Allianca. Capt. Mateiis has been appointed to succeed Tjicut. Yhurra. Senor Capriles, civil "•overnor nf the province of Santiago, has resigned. HOLD-UP A' GAMBLING HOUSt ThroSClHu.slcea Jlcn S««-ure *3OO at Clou- wood Sprluffn, Col. GLENWOOD SI'KIXGS, Col,. March 2'J.— At 1S-BO o'clock Friday morning- three masked- men armed with Winchesters and revolvers entered Campbell <i O'Connor's saloon in this city arid commanded all present to hold up their hands. The robbers then proceeded to help themselves to the money in the drawers of the gambling- tables, amontinfr to over §300. After securing the booty they fired several shots into the floor and ceiling- and retreated. E.Ttruor(liniirj- Cirund Jury to Continue. NEW YoitK, March 2!).— It was generally expected that the extraordinary grand jury which has been in session since tli e 7th of January lastinvestig-at- inc- «he police department, the dock and the park departments and other cases, would be dismissed Friday, bnt it was learned that Chief Justice Van Brunt, ot the supreme court, has signed au order extending the time of the extraordinary "uide.fini.tej.y." «»«*. Coke \Vork«™-l>lM)iti*fled. CoNK];t.r,sviLM3, Pa.. March 20.— Mike Barrett, president of the coke workers' organization, has- issued a call for a convention of the mine workers of the Connellsyille 'region to be held at Scottdale .next Wednesday. There is dissatisfaction over, minor points in the "new'scate which g;oes into effect next •Monday. _ __ Brazilian States Will Not Participate. NK>V YOEK, March 2'.).— The Herald's Buenos Ayres cable says: Ad- .viccs from Eio Janeiro are that the minister of the interior has issued a decree stating- that the Brazilian states cannot participate in the Atlanta (Ga.) exposition, because of a lack of funds. Jockey Boylo Killed. WASHiifGTOS-, March 29.— Jockey Edward Boyle, riding at the Old Dominion race track for McManus, was killed Friday afternoon on the Long bridg-e by being struck by a Southern railway passenger train. He was IS years of ag-e and lived in Netv York city. New Jrney forett J-lre. PLEASAXTVFLLE, N. J., March 29.— The district between here and Bri^an- tine Junction was burned over by ;i forest fire, many buildings and a large quantity of timber being 1 consumed, the loss affgrefi-ating- thousands of dollars. _____ _ Decarnd Xot Guilty. CHICAGO, March 29.— The jury in the case of James Johnson charged with the murder, last November, of Andrew Sanders, a freight conductor, returned a verdict of not guilty in Judge Windes' court Friday. _ _ Convicted Murderer Reprieved. CHARLESTON, W; Va., March 29.— Daniel Shaw, who was to have been hanged Friday at Romney, Hampshire county, W. Va., for murder, has been reprieved by the governor until April 19. Prominent Colorado Politician Dead. DEXTER, Col., March 29.— State Senator Turner, of Clear Creek, a prominent politician of Colorado, died IYi- day morning, aged 55. A DOJ »imra«rer. Coi.Tt-fBlJ8, O., March 29.— William Taylor was convicted in this city of murder in the first decree for the killing 1 of Isaac Yoakum. Taylor is colored and only 14 years old. Yoakum w«m killed for, money- iMt Ih»ir CHICAGO, March 39.— John W. Gary. general counsel of the Chicago, Mil wankee & St Paul Railway company. died at the Victoria hot*L Mr. Cary had been the chief leipJ adr-tex of tha company »inoa I»o9. Mloeri Oru»n»l vo JJKAIO. CENTRAI, Crrr, CoL, March 29. -Alfred Martin and Henry James, miners, of this city, were crushed tp death in .the Sleepy' Hollow mine Frfd»7 by a mass of dirt and rook whiok Ml upon AT HIS OWN DOOR. Prominent Resident of Lexington, Ky., Cruelly Shot Down. In Desperate Struggle with Unknown Assailant He Is Killed by His Own Pistol. LEXIXGTOX, Ky., March 20.—Andrew J. Campbell, secretary of the chamber of commerce, president of the Humane soeietv and a leading fire-insurance man, lies dead at his home iu this city from a pistol shot, fired under mysterious circumstances at daybreak Friday. Wh:ic IIIn Little Son ll<>iir<1. Campbell occupied a room with his 13-year-old son on the lirst iloor, opening off the porch. About "> 1.1'clock tho little fellow was awakened by the crash ing of glass in tlu: dour and the fall of a brickbat on. idle floor. A moment Later he heard a pistol shot, then a quiel; scuffing 1 and anotlu'r pistol shot. This was followed by a heavy fall ou the floor of tho porch and hurrying footsteps in tho yard. Shut, In I In' ClK-cU. Rushing out he found Ins father with a gaping wound i" hisclieek and blood •e;imi:ip ".'lit. The members of the familv were quickly aroused and iirlibors who heard tho shooting rushed in. Physicians wore summoned, but. life was extinct. A Oi:»piriit<< StriiKlflo. The porch bora evidences of a severe struggle: the floor -was scratched by .hoe nails and tracked witli ashes. Campbell's own pistol was near him with two chambers empty and his face is badly powder burned, proving that the shot must have been fired at short range. The theory of tho family and neighbors is that, Campbell heard some one • at the refrigerator on the back porch and went out to investigate. The prowler threw the brick that crashed through _ the glass door- Campbell pulled his pistol and fired; the men grappled and in the struggle over the pistol Campbell was shot iu the face with his own pistol. Lucky Insurance l>c»l. Campbell intended going to Versailles Friday morning and purchased, Thursday, a two days' accident policy for §5,000 in the Standard Accident company of Detroit. He had been in. bad" health, for several years, having suffered partial paralysis as a result of wounds in-the civil war, and it is said he never went on even a short journey without taking out au accident- policy. His wife died eight years ago and he leaves four children. .Bloodhound* Fal( to Track. Bloodhounds were taken to the yard of Campbell's residence Friday morning. They struck a trail on the brick wall and followed it through an open rear gate, but lost it in the confusion of tracks of the throng gathered m the alley. _ SAX FRAXCISCO, March 29. — H. L. Foss, freight clerk on oceanic steam ship'dock; James H. Sullivan,ex-deputy county clerk; Max Katzaur, of Oregon; F. D. Ciprico, a well-known smuggler, and L. Greenwald, of Emerald smuggling ring, have been arrested in this'city for conspiracy in attempting to land Chinese in the United States by means of forged certificates. The gang- were caught red-handed, a number of forged certificates being found upon them. Officials state that this is the biggest gang of counterfeiters in California since the Eoyd-Ciprico gang. \Vhen discovered the gang made a desperate resistance, but were eventually secured. SWEPT BY FIRE i City, St. Anguntlnc, the IlUtorio Klorld VUlted by a Coiifl»e™tl°n. ST \UGOSTISK, Fla., March 29. — Fire broke out in the black-smith shop occupied bv John Masters in the old build- P'^ 1 '* 1 "J Mirfiii." iug owned by R. J- Mickler, on Charlotte -street, twodoors north of Buntings' furniture establishment Thursday afternoon, and before it was controlled destroyed a large amount of property. Forty-six residences and stores ana many other buildings were destroyed, rendering in the space of four hours about 100 families homeless and leaving many boarders to seek shelter elsewhere, many of them with only the clothing which, they had on. The losses aggregate 8200,000. OVER THE STATE. News Briefly Told from Variovw Towns in Indiana. Chime.- for E«'«ir.rbo<lr to M^P- AXDKRSOJ:. I "d., March 29.— -Truma» Stewart, the Indiana man who is to reform the world through his providence colony, has issued a proclamation calling upon the American people to donate four cents each to the Providence Colony company to build homos for the surplus -population of tin- ,r-),v,led cities, lie asks that the money be g-:veu to the. pastors of the variojw churehes. who are to forward it toll. A. Williams, of this city, treasurer ^f the company. A request >s added that the donations be made Sunday. Aprjl H. Mr. Stewart has an option on 303,000 aeres <if lan.t in Tennessee and e*- pects ;o begin his colony by loeatitlp J.ouu married mtm and their families o» the land. ' __ Victim of :\ I'.lij.v.'iril. I.A Tor.TK, 1ml., March -JO.— The borty of Kobert l.iliy was found Thursday f;-i.:.r:i in the ground in a field ij miles cast ,if fioslu-ii. .Lilly had been missirfr for several months and foul play ha* been suspected, but the fiiidingof mou^f on his: person disproves the theory, . The body had remained in the condition in which it was found for week*, the cold weather having served to prfc- vent rapid decomposition. The only plausible theory is that Lilly lifcd beCru caught iu a bli/.?.ard and was frozen to'- death, the discovery solving the rnyv torv of his disappearance. King Will Sur far UanmcoH. JXI>:ASAI-O).IS. Ind., -March 2'J.— Myron IX King, the governor's private seereiary. who was injured in the melee that occurred during the closiriy hours of the legislature. March 11, »'p peared at his office for the lirst timo since that night. He has almost recovered. lie expects to go before the Brain! jury next Moiiil«y and seek to h:'.ve indictments found atraiiist til* members who forcibly detained him. Skid to H«TB Be»lcne<l. WASHIXGTOX, March [30.— Private information received here from Philadelphia states that Superintendent Townsend, of the mint in that city, has forwarded his resignation to the president. No information in confirmation or denial of the report can be obtained at the white house, although there is a -well-defined opinion that something will very shortly be heard to drop in this direction. f»«rn<l .Man on Hit! Jury. AXI>KKSOX. l"d-. March 2!'.—• For the •first time in its history n colored man is serving on a jury in this county, ix . wliieh the late Fred Douglass was mobbed several years ago for trying t» make a speech. Joe AVjitkins, one ot : the best-known colored men in the county, was placed ou the jury that!» ,• to try Zcno Massard, the Elwood bartender, for the killing of Mort Layn% ' in that city several weeks ago. Coronar In Investigating. WASBIXGTOS, Ind., March 23.—The mysterious death of James McBride, a laborer at Plainville,'near here, led t> an investigation by the coroner, and tlra evidence brought out points towari arsenical poisoning. McBride and hJB wife and son had been on bad tends for some time. The contents of tft* . man's stomach are being analyzed at Louisville. Family StnWx-i at a Dance. TER«B HAUTE, Ind., March 20.— Fr;.nk McGrauahan was brought to jail here from Fontanet, where he fatally- stabbed "Chub' 1 Ryan. Both arm voting men and were at a dance TutiV day night, when Ryan remonstrate* with MeGransibaii for making.too mu<jk noise. The latter then stabbed Ryttm twice in the back and once in tt» breast. Pl:in> Made to Commit SnlcMf. ANDKRSOX, Ind., March 29.—The arrest of George Ycagley saved his life, as he intended to kill himself. In a pocket he had a letter addressed «• those that should find him and claint- jng that his life was unhappy becattn bis wife had left him. "When arrestei he told the officers that he intended t» kill himself. __ No Longer the Angler*' P»r»dli». LA PORTE, Ind., March 29.--Orr^t lake, near this, city, widely known aa the anglers'paradise, is likely to lofi its popularity as a fishing resort, MJt I is believed all the black bass and »JT* ' fish died during the winter from th> air being excluded by the thick and long continued ice. Planln*- Mill Burn«L GREEXCASTLE, Ind., March 20.—W. A. McFadden's saw and placing mill at Bainbridjre was destroyed by fim. Loss, Sll.OOO, with no insnrani. Forty men are thrown out of wort Three box COTS on a sidetrack load** •with finished lumber were also a»~ stroyed. Electric Bo» J to Be Bollt. LA POHTK, Ind., March 29.—H. *. Tuthill and A. G. Tillotson, of Michigan City, were (granted a franchise try the county commissioners for the right of way for an electric railroad t«twee» La Porte and Michigan City. A S*le»m»n MU«l»«. .. March 29.—Rot B. Sears, traveling-'salesman for f - ; W. B. Bnrford Printing company | • this city, has been missing March 22. He was last seen in Point _______ .Victim o [ Heart Diseue. Seb., March 29.— James G. Winstanly, a prominent real estate agent, went home Wednesday night quite late. When arriving home he went into the parlor and sat down in a chair. His wife, thinking he would soon follow her, went to bed and fell asleep. When she awoke Thursday morning 1 «h« found him in the chair dead. He had died from heart disease, Bmd the Smallpox. Ind-, March James Miller, a negro tramp, was covered lying- in a shanty a few n from this city suffering 1 from small; SAX FRANCISCO, March 2*.—The fij era! officials have unearthed a forgers organized to flood the with bog-as Chinese registration pera.

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