The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, 6CT. 1, IMt BLYTHEVILLB <ARK.) COURIER NEW« PAGE THREB YoshujJa Winning in Japan By WILLIAM JOJRDEN TOKYO (ff, - Prince Minister Bhlgeru Yoshlda got child backing as 29 of his supporters, including three cabinet ministers, won diet (parliament) seats lodiy In Japan's first completely free election §inc« World War II. Yoshida's Liberal party captured 55 of 80 seals decided In early returns. Of the Liberal party victors, 16 support Ichiro Hatoyama, /or- British Uqion Boss Launches Drive to Block Aneurin Sevan MOnECOMBB, England (/P)—The )»ss of Britain's biggest trade union today launched a drive to block Left-WJnger Aneurin Sevan's bid for control of the socialistic Labor Party. Arthur Deakln, head of the million strong Transport and General Workers Union, hurled a challenge to Bevan's booing, shouting, singing jupporters in a tumultous session of the annual party conference. "An organization has been set up • —well, an .organization will be set tip to counteract it," Deakin declared in a warning to the antl American anti-rearmnment Bevan- Itcs. Deakin's defiance of rising Bev- anile power among the party's rank and file climaxed a morning of behind-the-scenes caucusing by bigwigs on the Bcvanite bandwagon and the moderate faction led b> Obituaries John W. Pace Of Osceola Dies; Rites Tomorrow OSCEOLA—Services for John W Pace. 14-year-old night watchmai who died yesterday, will be con ducted at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Sv/if Funeral Home Chapel here. The Rev. Garland Taylor, pasto of Osceola Methodist Church, wi conduct the services, assisted b the Rev. O. B. Moore, pastor of th First Christian Church. Mr. Pace was born in Covingtoi Tcnn,, and came to Osceoln 20 year ago. A Methodist, he had bee watchman at the Dixie Gin for th past several years. Burial will be in Coving ton Mumford Cemetery at 2:30 p.m. to morrow Survivors include two brother C. N. Pace of Osceola and Georg Pace of Batesville, Ark.; and t» sifters, Mrs. Jim Fredickson Mrs. W. R. Boyd, both of Coving ton. Rjtes Tomorrow For H. M. Price Services for Harm Mitchell Prl 73. Lone Oak farmer, will be con- d'lcted at Cobb Funeral Home chapel by the Rev. P. H. Jernigan tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. rmer Prime Minister Attlee. There were strong Indications here Deakin spoke that antl-Bevan rces-»especlally In the big trade nions'vho supply the bulk of party nances—were planning an all-out rive to stamp out Bevanism. Bevan won a major victory yes- rday over the old guard by gain- ig two more seats on the party's ey 27-member national executive. mer leader ol the parly who Is wag- ng a hot battle to regain control. The Communists have failed to k'in a seat. Left wing Socialists have aken six. Others were scattered. In his own district. Yoshlda seemed certain of keeping his seat Yoshida's dominant Liberal par- y was expected to win the greatest number' of the 466 Parliament •.eats sought by 1,243 candidates. Yoshida's main fight was within >is own party. His leadership has )een challenged by -tlchiro Hato yama, founder of the Liberals and lead of the party until he was purged from political life by the Allied occupation, Hatoyama turned over the party reigns to Yoshida in 1916 and the latter guided Japan's government through the occupation. Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton BHS Students Aim At Prizes for Magazine Sales BlytlievlMe High School students yesterday began a campaign lhat will win prizes for the best student salesman and funds to finance school equipment, professional and assembly programs, It Is the annual magazine sales drive conducted by the students. At an assembly program yesterday, S. O. Durham of Curtis Publishing Co.. explained the drive to the students. Calvin Czeschin. chairman of the student drive, said first prize will 30 the winner's choice of a record layer or portable radio. Second irize will be a wrisi watch. A num- jer of prizes will be given during lie sales contest and each home oom selling its quota will receive an award. House Probers Strike At McG roth's Action BIBLE Oet . Dec , Ich May Open High Low 1:1 3864 3878 3852 3873 3873 38!M 3863 3888 . 3876 3898 3812 3891 3865 3883 3860 3876 Orleans Cotton Wch Viay Open High Low 1:15 3866 3818 3854 3878 3872 3834 3867 3885 3876 3896 3810 3891 3863 3882 3858 3881 Soybeans Open High Low 1:15 Jan . Men May 299% 302 . 302 . 301 300 ','• 303 S 303 !i 302',i 298? 301'2 302 300 299 302-^1 30251 N«w York Stocks A T and T 152 5-8 Amer Tobacco 55 3-4 Anaconda Copper 40 1-2 Beth Steel 49 Chrysler 831-4 Coca-Cola 105 1-2 Gen Electric 63 Gen Motors Montgomery Ward Y Central Int Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio .. Socony Vacuum' Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Scars 593-8 58 1-1 183-8 31 3-4 67 39 1-4 271-8 33 1-2 365-8 75 3-8 51 7-8 58 U 8 Steel ................. 38 5-8 Sou Pac .................. 41 3-! Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. W) ..... (USDA)--Hogs 1,600; fairly active; strong to 15 higher than Tuesday's average; choice 200-240 | Ibs unsortcd for grade 20.75-90. (Continued from Page 1) Walton, elder and Sunday School teacher of the First Presbyterian Church; Mrs. Walter Bishop, Sunday School teacher of the First Baptist Church; and B. D. Ferguson, member of the board of stewards of First Methodist Church and superintendent of that church's mermcdiate Department. A copy of the new Bible also was presented the Rev. Mr. Bolin by ;he Blytlieville Ministerial Alliance A feature of the service was the reading of passages from 10 different translations of the Bilbe, including those in Hebrew, Greek Latin and German. The Rev. William J. Fitzhugh, priest in charge of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and chairman o: the Bible observance event, conducted the service. The prayer thanksgiving was given by the Rev Roy I. Bagley, pastor of Firs' Methodist Church, and the benediction by the Rev. Robert McMasters pastor of Lake Street Methodis Church. Mrs. Wilson Henry directed the High School Glee club, which \va accompanied by Mrs. Murray Stnar at the organ. The Rev. Mr. Fitzhtigh reported today that 10 congregations were represented in the work of planning . the service and 1G congregations were represented in attendance last night. The attendance of 650, he said, was the largest ever recorded at an nter-denominational service here. By B. L. LIVINGSTONE WASHINGTON (/Pj — House investigators said today that former Atty. Qen. J. Howard McGrath showed "no enthusiasm" for a Justice Department clean up—rather, he "appeared to wish to delay and frustrate investigation." Prom their findings. Investigators said ,ft appears clear that the Justice Department under McGrath wanted to prevent an examination of its files for reasons which "cannot but arouse suspicion." McGrath, fired last April 3 by President Truman after the administration clean up drive bogged down, was raked over for a second time in Part II of a report by House judiciary -.ubconunittee. Chapter 1 of the report, issued last Monday, criticized McGrath's appointment of Newbold Morris, New York lawyer, to head the clean up campaign and questioned Me- Orath's good faith in making the appointment. 45 Red Prisoners Killed by Guards CHEJU ISIjAND, Korea Wi — American guards with blazing guns killed 45 Chinese prisoners of war and Injured 12fl others In a riot today. The POWs were celebrating Uw third anniversary of Chlna'i Communist regime when some (anatlc* turned the jubilee into an attack on their guards. Burial will be in Elmwootl Ceme-1 largely 20.85-90; about 400 head ttry and pallbearers will be Cecil] 21 - 00 ; heavier weights scarce; few The offering amounted to S103.01, he said. Twenty-five per cent of this will be sent to the national Bible Observance Committee and the remainder will be used to defray local expenses. Negro Deaths James Spinks EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) Cabinet. A lifelong Democrat, Byrnes called for the people to put their country above a party label and o elect Eisenhower as the man who could clean up "the mess in Washington" and prevent a third world war. Eisenhower gave a hint, before leaving Columbia, that ho is ready to launch an attack on Com- munis'ts-in-government at almost <iny time. Eisenhower had been pressed for comment on a statement by Gen. Bedell Smith, chief of the super- secret Centra! Intelligence Agency, that he believed Communists had infiltrated-even into his organization. Later, Smith said he knew of no Communists in the organization—but had to assume enemy agents had infiltrated into It. Eisenhower talked to Smith yesterday about his statement—given in a legal deposition. Eisenhower's press secretary, James Hagerty, said Eisenhower told Smith—his war-time chief of staff—that he did not intend to attack either Smith of the CIA. But Hagerty said Eisenhower did not mean he would not speak out against subversives in government positions. Open Support Sought In Columbia, he openly bid for the people's support against Stevenson. Byrnes, Introducing the general, said the people of South Carolina "know if the Democratic candidate is elected, he is under such obligation to President Truman he would have to continue the Truman policies and in any of the Truman appointees. He has embraced the policies and the appointees have embraced him. "The people of South Carolina know that the job of/cleaning up the 'mess' cannot be,£htrusted to the men who made tlie 'mess.' " Lew is Wins Pay Hike for Coal Miners 2nd Year; 'No Strike' By NORMAN WALKER ' WASHINGTON Iff*— For the hec- ond straight year John L. Lewis has come up with a wage boost STEVENSON (Continued from Page 1) football." The Democratic nominee noted, furthermore, that Smith was Eisenhower's chief of staff during the war and "a man in whom Gen. Eisenhower has expressed Implicit confidence." He said, too, that Smith's deputy is Allen Dulles, a prominent Republican and brother of John Poster Dulles, Eisenhower foreign affairs adviser. The whole episode shows, Stevenson said, that fighting Communist penetration in government is Job, and a never ending one, for our security agencies. He said hisca mpalg nwas eta ct shchr sh President Truman had picked the best possible men for the task, regardless of party. And he questioned whether Eisenhower could find better men than Smith, Dulles and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. "Gen. Smith's statement," the Illinois governor said, "makes ludicrous the claim of the Republicans that this is a simple job which can be done easily if it is turned over to them." So far as Stevenson himself was concerned, the CIA episode indicated the seriousness witli \vhich he and his lieutenants regard the Communist issue. for miners without a strike—but at a price lhat industry leaders say may force many mines out of business. Southern coal producers came to terms with the United Mine Workers chief late yesterday, thereby avoiding a threatened walkout today of their 100.000 miners. . The Dixie group agreed to the same terms Lewis had previously negotiated with the rest of the industry — a $1.00 daily pay increase, plus a 10-cent-a-ton hike in the operator-paid royalty for the union's welfare fund. The daily wage now becomes $18.25 and the royalty 40 cents a ton. BrJUnin, James Carl Price, Grady Sims, Zelbert Kincaid. Jewell Overton and Robert Smith. J' Mr. Price, who was born in Mountain Home, Ark., died today at his home. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Mary Price; three sons, Walter Price, Blytheville, Fred Price, Brooken. Okla., and Eulas Price, Richmond, Calif.: two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Brittain and Mrs. Letha Bohannon, both of Blytheville; two brothers, John and Zed, Price, both of Mountain View, Ark.; one sister, Mrs. Dell McGee, Oil Trough, Ark.; 24 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. TRUMAN (Continued from Page 1) at Boise this country has a government applying the philosophy ol the left and adding: "The government will build the dams, the government will teH you how to distribute your power, the government will do this and that the government does everything but come in and wash dishes for the housewife." Truman went on to say: "We Democrats wilt plead guilty to building the dams. And as fai as washing dishes is concerned we have made a lot of progress on that too. "We've made it possible fo: housewives to get cheap cleclrtcUj so that I hey can a f f ord to ha electric washers to do the dishes end we have brought electricity to millions of homes (hat neve: had it before. And this has beei done over the opposition of tlv Rcpublicans and the utility com panics." Don't Run the Risk Tonight of Missing a Cow Night's Sleep Why lake a chance 01 spending anoihcr nigli tossing and [urninp — when 1 or 2 Turn s, eaten at bedtime, will quit the churning acid tha keeps you awake? Tr Turns tonight! Sec if yo don't sleep like a log feel more refreshed i the morning. AI way keep Turns handy t counteract gas, hear burn, tour slomach, «ci indigestion. Get a colt iodaj\ ads 250-270 Ibs 20.00-60; 180-190. mostly 20.50-75; 150 - 170 Ibs .50-20,25; mostly 18.75 up; 1200 Ibs I5.50-17.7S; sows 400 Ibs wn 18.50-19.25;, mostly 18.75 up; ;avier sows 16.50 - 18.25; boars .00-15.50. Cattle 3,800, calves 1,800; opener slow on steers and heifers ith some choice to prime offer- gs steady nt 31.50-33.50; cows 'aggy; big packers bidding un- r en)y lower with very little done; ulls and vealers steady; utility nd commercial bulls 17.00-20.00; Services for James Spinks, 12, who died at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock yesterday, will be conducted tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Home Funeral Home chapel by Rev. J. W. Knowles. Burial will be in Sandy Ridge Cemetery. Survivors include h;s mother, Eva Jean Spinks. and four sisters, Aretha, Ivy Jean, Linda Lou and Brenda Lou Spinks, all of Blytheville. cutter bulls 14.00-16.00; good'and choice vealers 26.00-32.00; utility and commercial 17.00-25.00; individual head of prime vealers to 34.00. "I'M SO GLAD WE GOT THE ACROSOXIC WHEN MARY WAS A CHILD!" On Nov. 28. 1942, 491 persons were killed in a fire in Boston's Cocoanut Grove night club. Set It. Forget H, Maying do«i all 1--7JES 299.95 l!3ay" k '^ U Adams Appliance Co. Inc. From the day it arrived, the Acrosonic brought pleasure to an eager child— hnppiness for the whole family circle. With ita famous "Full-Blow" action and singing tone this exquisite spinet piano built by Baldwin makes the path to learning easy and enjoyable. Let us show you why the Acrosoaio excels in the small piano field. EXQUISITE THE rf EX -/jcmsomc ~*J~- —f- K T , s A I, D rv /• v Also Good Reconditioned Pianos Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, M 3 r. 206-208 W. Main Phone 2071 N.w Z*nil>i "1i/d»r" Table TV -Model K18I2R. 17-inch (MS jq. in.) cylindrical picture tube icreen. Freshly m<xlcrn nyling. Rugged sood looking Pyroxylin covered cabinet in r":^ >*- p -~^• nr CoEor. 199.95 Here is almost unbelievable performance— achieved by Zenith Quality, Zenith Features. 25% greater distance with a 20% brighter picture! Finest achievement of Zenith Quality in TV- tested and proved in areas of worst reception nation-wide! Only Zenith Quality Can Guarantee You Outstanding Features Like These! •New Million Dollar "K-53" Chants — Pioved in areai of wort I reception. • SuperAvtemaHcSteltonSelector —Stollon.lo-itatlon tuning vilhout further adjuilmenT. • Electronic Diitan«* Ad|u»tor C ho ng e i from itarian-to-ilatton without further adjuit/ntnt. • Tuning All But Eliminated. • FlawTeisCflbTnttry, • ZcnltS fr!nfl«-Lock — Stl it anc« <erg>l itl • lulll.In Provlilon for UHf-Picvi- tior> for Tuner Strips to receive new UHF itotrant yilhovt lh« ui« of a con- v«iter or adapltr. • 5J«* GrtoMr D!it«mc«. • 20% trljM.r ri<«ur». • R«H*<t1«n-Pr«of Pictur> Tube. COME IN NOW FOR A DEMONSTRATION Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-203 W. Main Phone 2071 Courier Prcws Classified Ads !A~—^^^ NOW OPEN You can enjoy lasly Chop Suey in Blytheville NOW! You're invited to come out to the Arkansas Chop Suey Cottage on N. Highway Ul . . . you're sure to enjoy it! Arkansas N. Highway 61 in Blylheville Dreifus ) LEADS THE WAY 1953 WATCH PARADE *%& ^ Hit F. I F. IKF Meet DIWBS . , , Wear Diamonds mix ST. STORK W MHIMH*, KYTHCmt AN OYERSIURfl * >37*o

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