The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on April 6, 1938 · 4
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 4

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1938
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PAGE 4 THE VANCOUVER SUN Vancouver's Own Newspaper WEDNESD AY, APRIL 6, 1938 Drastic Alberta Move to Wipe Out Private Debts 'Act to Leave Creditor At Mercy of His Debtor7 'After July 1, 1940, No Action Can Be Taken to Collect 4-Year-Old Debts' By STANLEY ROSS EDMONTON, April 6. Stated to be the last attempt at debt settlement before debt slashing legislation is resorted to, the Alberta government's new debt adjustment amendment constitutes the most drastic debt plan introduced to date. The amendment provides that after July 1, 1940, no action can be taken to force payment of any debt incurred prior to July 1,. 1936, unless, in the meantime, a new agree ment for payment has been entered into, or I the Debt Ad- iustmpnr Rnarrt has permitted the creditor to sue. At present no debtor residing ! in Alberta can be sued for a debt incurred prior to July, 1936, without the Board's consent. Thus, this amendment means that unless the creditor can induce such a debtor to make a new bargain or unless he can obtain permission to sue, his It's ll Duce F 4v- fx i v&ul P T .5 i r i Stanley Koss debt will be automatically wiped out by 1940. ONLY SAFEGUARD It is obvious that under such a setup the creditor will be at the mercy of his debtor. His only safeguard will be that should the debtor become too unreasonable the Board can permit the creditor to sue. But, there is good reason for stating that the Board will not exercise its powers unless the provocation is extreme. The amendment should therefore bring about a reducing and wip ing out of debts upon a whole sale scale. The government's debt protect ing policies are thus rounded out with this plan for cleaning up outstanding private debts by 1940. The scheme is not open to the same criticism as might be levelled at a uniform cut in all cases, because the Board can con- 5 t-JSfc, f ' VjP ""5$ i V I If Tt K At 21 TiKJm Much less formidable than usual, and certainly with a less belligerent tilt to his jaw, Benito Mussolini is pictured in one of his rare photos in civilian clothes. The Italian dictator nearly always wears uniforms, and never permits photographs except from angles of which he approves. sider the merits of each case and deal accordingly. Opponents of the bill point out, however, that since the Board is employed by the government and must act upon its orders, political expediency may enter into the picture, and since the gov ernment wishes to appeal to the debtor classes, their wishes may receive favorable consideration. EVADES PITFALLS Though the plan is drastic, it evades many pitfalls previously encountered, because it does not specifically provide for reductions of either principle or inter est. It merely places the creditor in the position of choosing between a voluntary settlement and a perpetual prohibition from collecting his debt Thus, unless the whole Debt Adjustment Act can be set aside as bankruptcy legislation, - the only risk this new amendment appears to run is that of being vetoed. If the present bill is set aside, the legislature will be immediately reconvened to pass either a flat cut or such other reduction as might appear to be the most practical, said on. Lucien May-nard, minister of municipal af fairs. Designed for Comfort New Modern Theatre on East Broadway to Open Thursday The Rio theatre, at 1660 East Broadway, to be opened Thurs- day, adds another to the growing list of modern neighborhood theatres which provide top rank entertainment, using the best of equipment in comfortably furnished auditoriums. The building is fireproof from foundation to roof, and is designed for comfort and with special' attention to perfection of enjoyment of pictures through sight and sound. The latest type of equipment, with full range sound reproduc- tipn, has been installed. Constant fresh air and healthful ventila tion is taken care of by a complete air-conditioning plant. Special designing of indirect lighting, combined with the mod ern decoration scheme of the interior, creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation. Enjoyment is enhanced by the arrangement of the de-luxe chairs, in a man ner to provide maximum visibil ity from any position in the house. ' Seat angles have been so placed as to permit everybody to watch the screen with the head at natural, comfortable angle. And ample leg room is assured with chair rows 34 inches apart. Plenty of paved parking space is available adjacent to the theatre. Luxurious carpeting and artis try of decoration provide an ap propriate setting for the full en joyment of pictures thrown on the screen through the use of perfect equipment. Building construction was super vised by the owner, H. Archie Calladine, and union labor was used throughout. New Theatre Chairs Give Utmost in Luxurious Ease Telephone to 2E1ALLOS Long-distance telephone service is now being given to the new mining area on the West Coast of Vancouver Island by means of radiotelephony. Talk from any telephone just as you would on an ordinary long-distance call. BRITISH COLUMBIA TELEPHONE COMPANY Old favorite - Locol Ex-Servicemen May Attend Reunion Ex-servicemen in the employ of the City of Vancouver will be given facilities to attend the re union of ex-servicemen in Tor onto on July 30 and 31 and August 1, by the Canadian Corps Association, if they desire to attend. This was decided by civic fi nance committee on Tuesday on receipt of a letter from Mayor Ralph C. Day of Toronto. Comptroller Frank Jones was instructed to make it possible for men wishing to go to Toronto to take their annual holidays then, and, if possible, to allow a few extra days off to those who need them S. A. LECHTZ1ER Managing director of LaSalle Recreations Ltd., well-known theatre equipment contractors throughout Canada, who installed the chairs in the new Rio Theatre. Divorces Granted Chief Justice Morrison has granted the petition of Grace Evelyn Hall, 144 West Broadway, for dissolution of her marriage here in 1933, to Kenneth Vicory Hall, laborer, 1550 Comox Street. Paul Murphy appeared for Mrs. Hall. A decree absolute also went to Ruth Graham Fairburn, 1109 Pendrell Street, disolving her marriage here in 1927, to John Goodburn Fairburn, salesman, Prince George. The petitioner was represented by W. Ponslord. "The LaSalle Recreations Commodore DeLuxe modern chairs," says the management of the new Rio Theatre," are designed and installed with a view to giving the public the finest chairs obtainable. Imported from England, and manufactured by a company exclusively for Canada and United States, they constitute a most luxurious opera chair. Each is tested according to the highest standards of workmanship, seating comfort and satisfaction. No expense has been spared in attaining these objectives. The models are duplicates of chairs used by King George and Queen Elizabeth. In the Rio the chair-spacing I has been so arranged as to allow I additional space between back i and back, enabling patrons to come and go without those seat-1 ed having to rise and allow i others to pass. Some 250,000 of these chairs have been sold in recent months, the agents report. They have form-fitting backs, upholstered in rich, red embossed moquette, a covering produced only ir. Great Britain. , They have a full, deep 16 spring-to-edge seat cushion, constructed by skilled craftsmen, fitted to the chair with patent tilt-up brackets with rubber silence bumpers, allowing a wider seat than is usually manufactured. The seat is covered with a richly icolored velour. The old type wooden arm rest has been eliminated, and arms are fitted with a rubber sponge rest, covered with velour. Another chair feature at the Rio is the fitting of chair backs flush against each other. The rear section of the seat cushion 200 Yds. HEAVY CREPE SATIN Exciting Pre-Easter Sale! ENTIRE STOCK AT YAMATO'S UNDER PRICED At Fuil-Fashioned Pure Silk Hosiery ; 78c Semi-Service Chiffon Hosiery TOMORROW ONLY 200 yards of this tine quality, extra weight crepe hark satin will he offered in rolors of white, hlack, gold and and at this extreme low price. It washes beautifully and gives satisfactory wear. 38 inches wide, values to $1 W. No mall or C.O.D. orders please. The yard 69 1 A huge purchase direct from one of Canada's leading makers brings to you this ringless crepe, full fashioned pure silk hose at the lowest price ever offered by Yamato. All lengths and sizes in the popular topper tones. Every pair perfect 2 PAIRS $1.50 A maker of fine hosiery contributes this exceptional value for your Easter. Fine quality ringless, pure silk to welt, 6- mreaa, vi gauge, iuny guaranteed. Ail sizes. All new copper tones included. Regular 75c value 59c From the SILK DEPARTMENT British Linen Printed Florean Crepe In a large assortment of gorgeous new patterns In gay or monotone prints with dark or pastel grounds. Each guaranteed to wash perfectly. 38 inches wide, val- r f Q uei to $1.95. Yard J A JL 7 Silk Offering two different weaves of this well-known linen which looks like silk. Washes lovely and irons easily. A marvelous value in all spring shades and white. 36 Inches wide. Q Reg. 75c. The yard .. JC PRICE 2 SALE Genuine llrltlsh. Two Guaranteed Season SATIN LINING It is doubtful if we will again be able to offer this popular satin at such a low price, and we suggest that you come early as the quantity Is limited. Colors grey and sand. 54 inches wide. Regular $1.19. Tomorrow, 5Qr per yard TAFFETA SLIPS Made from the finest quality non-split taffe- a, bias cut, form fit- ?af 7Q adjust- v 1 I w I tine and with able straps. Brieht col ors in all sizes BELLSHEER GEORGETTE CREPE Is a new fabric for this season. Slightly heavier than the ordinary georgette and with a very ciear weave. A very durable material, intended for evening dresses, blouses, etc. 38 inches wide, QC all season's colors. The yard v3C Important Woolens KNGI.ISH KASHA AND FAILLE SflTIXGS Exceptional quality for your Spring suit or coat are these beautiful, all pure wool English cloths. They are here in dark or light colors and 54 T CQ inches wide. Pre-Easter Sale price 9Xm3tJ IMPORTED BRITISH WOOLLENS In varying weights' for suit, dress or coat. All high-grade weaves, in the season's best shades. 54 inches. Values to $2.95. ff QC Pre-Easter Sale price .. . . ... ,D Jt TOP GRADE BRITISH WOOLLENS For suits or coats. Included in this large lot are many very beautiful and exclusive weaves in the important Spring colors. 54 inches wide. Reg. to CO QC $4.50. Pre-Easter Sale price . . .... . 1500 Pairs Imported ' Genuine Kid Gloves Fique sewn with fancy cuffs, slip-ons or dome fasteners, all Spring shades. The reduced price attraction on these very smart gloves is & c A rn challenge to bar- )T y gains at xamaios tomorrow. Reg. S2.50 I 1000 Pairs Capeskin Gloves Lovely soft capeskin gloves with fancy cuffs appliqued, considered one of the best glove values offered. Black, brown, navy, grey, a f white and egg- BJ O shell. All sizes. TBrtR Reg. $1.25 W Wv "A Reliable Place to Shop" SILKS Rogers Bldg 460 Granville Walks To Be Made . Easier for 'Prams' Mothers who complain that they have difficulty getting their baby buggies over the ribbed sidewalks which are common an streets having steep grades, will get a break when such sidewalks are constructed in the future, it was decided Tuesday by the Civic Board of Works. City Engineer Charles Braken- ridge will see in future that only half the sidewalks are ribbed, the other half being left smooth, We were privileged to supply latest and up-to-date Theatre . to Mr. H. Archie Calladine best of luck. ... Lumber tor this , . and are wishing success and the 5788 East Boulevard riione Kerrisdale 1500 Building; Materials, Lumber, Etc. is built in very full style, allowing no opening at the back where people behind sometimes put their feet. These luxurious miniature chesterfield-type chairs are exclusively sold and installed under the supervision of S. A. Lechtzier, managing director of LaSalle Recreations Ltd. Lowest of four submitted, the tender of Gordon Campbell Ltd., Vancouver tailors, for making uniforms for police, fire and other uniformed civic departments, was accepted by City Council on Tuesday afternoon. The tender was for $23,294.25. Wishing Success To RIO THEATRE Most Modern Lighting Supplied by Farr, Robinson & Bird Ltd. Lighting of All Kinds. 546 Howe Street Phone Seymour 3312 . . I 3 I 1 W m il Pendry McKenzie Luniber Co. Limited 1 GRAND OPENING. . . ; wnj ' First produced in British Columbia by Rainier Brewing Co. of Canada Ltd. in 1923. ftotcpraduced by U nl mintlrr Bmrrry Limited, South Sea Island Film At Rotary Luncheon A small and beautiful island in the Malay Archipelago, peopled with happy, carefree natives, was shown to members of the Rotary Club at luncheon in Hotel Van couver in sound films of Bali, presented by J. V. Ruardi ! Wieners, former resident of Java, j Planting and harvesting of the 1 chief crop, rice, native dances, j celebrations, and funerals werej described by a commentator to the accompaniment of native music. I Bali, a Dutch East Indies pos-j session, is about one-tenth the size of Vancouver. This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board nor by the Province of British Columbia. Annual Dinner No. 12 Field Ambulance, Vancouver Garrison unit of the Royal Canadian Army Mcdica Corps, will hold its anual dinner in Hotel Georgia, April 2C Recent appointments to the Ambulance include those of Lieut. F. A. TurnbuII and Lieut. M. McB. Baud. Movies for U.B.C. Choice of a motion picture projector as valedictory gift to the University of British Columbia for 193S w?s announced by members of this year's graduating class. Everything from Screen to Foyer La SALLE scores ... and again again ? Canada's Foremost Theatre Equipment Contractors This time it Is our pleasure to congratulate the RIO THEATRE' on the installation of their new and most modern COMMODORE DELUXE THEATRE CIL4IRS. We have been fortunate in having the opportunity of furnishing and installing these beautiful imported British-made "tipup" feature luxury theatre chairs, which are among the very finest obtainable, and we hereby fender to H. ARCHIE CALLADLNE our hearty congratulations and best wishes. LA SALLE RECREATIONS LTD. (THEATRE CHAIR DIVISION) S. A. LH HT.1KR, Managing Dfrrrtnr Lnit, Eng, Calgary, Wiaaiprg, Trnt, Mnalmil, Vaaiaavrr IIJ TARE NOTE: CU BS, LOIW.ES. CHTRTHFS. CO HM O IT T HAI.M AND Al DITORII MS W bnrm alwars In Mora a tarr imrtmnt af -rr rina rrroatlitloitra' tbmitra raaira for al at g-rwtly mtarta arWa. THEATRE THE SHOW PLACE OF VANCOUVER TOMORROW NIGHT Broadway and Commercial Drive With These Distinctive Innovations For the Pleasure and Comfort of Its Patrons; OPEH1HG FEATURE- in ... A complete lire-proofed building from foundation to roof designed for comfort and perfection in sight and sound. . . . The latest sound reproduction with the new Truephonic system. . . . The most modern and complete air-conditioning plant insuring constant fresh air and healthful ventilation at all times. . . . The indirect lighting as designed throughout the Rio Theatre creates a restful atmosphere of complete relaxation. . . . De luxe cushioned seats designed especially for this theatre upholstered for comfort and enjoyment. . . . Our Theatre will be the home theatre for our patrons in the whole neighborhood. in II she's no nurt" poors Open 6.30 . . . Plenty of parking space around the Rio Theatre. ... A perfectly trained staff of attendants, all local recruits, anxious to please their fellow citizens. . . . These, with the artistry of decorative scheme and the luxury of the furnishings and carpe's, all made to our designs, enable us to say WE HAVE SPARED NEITHER THOIGHT XOE EXPENSE TO MAKE THIS THEATRE TBVLT THE SHOW PLACE OF VAX-CO I VER. Your Home Theatre-Clean Wholesome Pictures! EVENINGS: ADIXTS. 2.V CIHLDEEN, 10c i

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