The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
Page 2
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. PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COOTIER KEW1 HAL BOYLE COLUMN— Needed--A Magic Potion To Create Good Dreams NEW YORK tfl — Why doesn't some kind-hearted scientist Invent g pill or magic potion to create pleasant dreams? This Is one of (he world's great needs. Life Is such n living nightmare to millions today that they deserve and need pence Iti their sleep. Hut too often the goblins that infest their \vnklng hours hnunt their night minds, too, in even more magnified nnd fearful form. It simply Isn't fnir. The quest for an elixir of yuuth may be doomed to failure, but science ought (o be able to stew up a brew that will nt least keep us young, hnppy nnd free of warts for our eight hours of slumber. If we all could stroll at jn a garden of Eden white asleep, it would be easier (o fnce the troubles of the day. As it is now we often merely close our eye.?, on 'one set of terrors, nnd do/;e f>If only to face nnother set even worse. Consciousness Is ft two-sided coin •—waiting and sleeping — nnd is marked by fantasy in both pedols. A man IKIS some control of his dreams while he is awake. If the boss bawls him out. his rnlnd Immediately creates nil interior drama in which ho himself becomes head of the corporation nnrt the'boss becomes ft Janitor. • Every bum Is a hero In his waking fantasies and wMks his brain 'a king. But once he drowses off his conscience remorselessly tnkes over and makes him a bigger bum. It "Is only a legend that bums hiwe hnppy dreams; they are even shabbier in their nightmares. That is the trouble with dreams asleep: you have no control over them. Only a man with insomnia Can be sure of remaining a hero in his fantasies after midnight. Even dogs and innocent children ire harried by bad dreams. The other night a friend of mine was startled by the crying of his six - year-old daughUA'. When he went to comfort her, she said: "Daddy, I dreamed I was In a boat with two men. 7'ehy were rowing around in the water picking up pieces of paper, and every piece of paper was where a little boy had died." Why should t child have such An Inexplicable nightmare? Presentiments of death and disaster come to all of us nt times and gloom our slumber for no reason that we know. Slcep-\vhlch Shakespeare called the balm of hurt minds and sore nature's bath -then ,is neither bath nor balm, but a cold shower of terror, from which we rouse sweating. Mankind's three most common dreams are these: 1., A shy person finds himself naked in a Jeering crowd. ' 2, You suddenly find yourself ftble. to float, or fly with the great- est of ease. 3. You go along picking up a long row of dimes, quarters and half dollars on a sidewalk, , My trouble Is that I have all these dreams at once. 1 am soar- Ing along witoiit my trousers on vainly reaching down trying to grab coins from the fifdowalk Until all at once I crash-nnd wake up on Ihe floor, poor as ever nnd nursing a bruised elbow. What I want is for .science to come up with a capsule to create a shining world of dream In which no man ia b ti ,sel wa hwr ea ens no man ts bald, he wears n new $150 su wt llliiph sicuoi iiskff oil $150 suit with liis pockets full of gold pieces, all women are fair, poWicinns nre -speechless, "and income Inx collectors intrude only to blow a bugle that announces a blj? refund. Why .should a capsule tike that be harder to than an atom bomb? i \Cruiser Crew Comes to Aid Of Injured Boy r.ONG BEACH. Cnlif. 1.11 _ The crew of the heavy oru'r.ei 1 Bremerton have given a check lor S0.450 to n [>-yenr-okt boy from Bremerton. Wnsli., who was burned seriously lust Mny while refueling his toy locomotive. The folpr ship pulled Inlo Ihe harbor hero after nearly six months of Korean notion. The fund was raised on ship In appreciation of the city's efforts In the purchase of war bonds during Work) War II for the ship's construction. The crew asked the Bremerton Sim to select (he city's most worthy recipient. Jimmy Wccrs, son of n news vendor, was chosen. The money will help defray the cost of skin grafting. PRAYER CALL — A Mohammedan muezzin, dressed in strictly non-trrsditional combat clothes, calls the faithful to prayer from atop an improvised minaret at the Turkish Infantry Brigade headquarters In Korea The minaret, constructed froir, ammunition boxes, is painted traditional Mohammedan green. -— -—..-.~.v.M..*_t. 4 ..i.>, • .__i_.-: M-:t:.-.__ _ RED'S FINAL RESTING PLACE-A UN towicr points out e i^rave of the only known Russian soldier to have died in the Korean war. The Uussiftn. Lt. Mishln Gennndy, was shot dov/n by U. S. Navy plants early in September when he bore into a UN air formation and opened Ore. The pilot is located In the "non belligerent" area of the UN military cemetery in Pusan. Prisoner 'Joins' Kiwanians in Leaving Prison HUTCHINSON. Kan. M? — An Inmate of the State Reformatory "Joined" the Khvn" 1 - r""h Mcnday Just long enough to escape. Supl. Hoy M. Frost tm.d this Is how It happened: About 225 delegates to the state Kiwanls Convention were taken on a tour through the reformatory. Mack M. Stipp, 23, serving R term for forgery, swiped some civilian clothes from the laundry, donned them and walked out-, the gata with trio Kiwanians. Aneurin Sevan's Left Wingers Gain New Voting Power MORECAMBE, England lA'i — Annurij) Buran's lull wingers iron •"•w nmvcr In British socialism yes- terrlny. They gained two more scats on tbc Labor party's key National Executive Committee and ousted the party's No. 2 old guard leader, former Foreign Secretary Herbert Morrison, from the group. Results announced yesterday from secret balloting gave the Bev.m forces six of the seven seats allotted on the 21-mcmbcr Executive to local Labor party units. One- lime Chancellor of Ihe Exchequer Hugh Dnlton was the other At tine man unseated in the test of strength between t!in Bevanltcs nnd the party's moderates. Negro Does as Judge Says in Letter of Act But Not in trie Spirit BALTIMORE (/P)_Ernesl Ford Is a man of his word. Magistrate-James C. Tale dismissed vagrancy charges against the 41-ycar-oltl Negro Monday, provided he would go out nnd pick vegetables for a living. Later In the day he was back before the magistrate. A palrol- msm testified Ford was arrested picking up a bag of cabbages from R produce stand when no one was watching. He v.'^s sentenced to six months In jail, Read Courier News Classified Ads. Noble Gill, Jr., Dell FFA Head Nnblc Gill, Jr., has been elected president of the Dell School Future Farmers of America chapter. Other officers elected last u'erk Include Robert Payne, vice president; Raymond Naney, secretary; Ted Johnston, reporter; Billy stn- mey, treasurer, and Harold Nixon, sentinel. ' ' Read Courier News Classified Ads, Rent Controls Off tf$h on in ASIentown, Pa. AiENTOWN. Pa, Wj—Off went ren controls In this Eastern penn- jylnnld city Monday. Bick they came again just two hoirs Inter. Fir months the City Council gatiered data on the question of keeling rent controln. After many hea'lngs and debates, the Council votd unanimously Monday to lift Iheni Thi.« was done under a 105 federal law which leaves the quetfon to local governments. Awul two hours later, Rep. Karl C. King (R-Pa) was notified that fccfral authorities had classified tlieclty BS a critical defense area —aid rent controls were to be re.sored. UN Fighter Pilots Close Out Best Month of War SEOUL, Korea W)— Allied fighter pilots yesterday closed their books on the most successful month of the Korean War, U. S. Fifth Air Force records showed 61 Communist MfO-]5s destroyed, seven probably! destroyed and 50 dnmaued. j The previous high bag for one I month was 44 destroyed in April. '; That mark was passed in mld-Sep. (ember as U. N. Jets swept deep Into North Korea to cover fighter-bomb-i ers on attack missions. Air Force officers have confirmed that, a new gimmick has been added to the swift F-80s, possibly an I m . proved unnsight. Another reason foj the record bag is that the Flcds art throwing more and more MIGs Into the air In attempts to break up th; - 'Criminals' Slow Red Oil Output Moscow i/n — A top Communist ollclal In Soviet Azerbaijan has reiorlcd the oil Industry In his ana failed to meet its production qmta during the past eight months laisely because criminal elements Inlltraled Into the big Southern Biku oil fields. '.n a report lo the Azerbaijan Pirty Congress, First Secretary M D. Bagirov said the criminal eliments had been cleaned out now ard the oil fields would be able to catch up in time to meet the (ill year's quota. WEDNESDAY, »CT. 1, 1952 THREE HURT, RADIO ESCAPES—Apparently fleeing the scene of Ihe crash, this large radio seem, to be climbing out of window at risht as a car comes crashing in the front door of thi. Columbia. Mo., horne Throe passengers of the automobile were hurt. Seven persons In the housi nt the tim« escaped Injury in spile of the terrific impact which forced the radio out the window Damage was estimated at S800. Reds Getting Atom Matter in Korea? Fifth Air Force yesterday Indicated the Reds may be getting materials for alom bombs from North Korean j Rea<1 ore mines, The dally fllr force summary said Allied F-84 Thundnrjcts attacked a "monnzite mine, which produces a tow grade ore possibly containing fissionable materials." cmir , er Ncws OT!Uismed »llh mlllicm who nulf It ttiflr first cfcelte fighter-bomber attacks. ' .Ml be tigninq over your frying when you use NO MONTHLY CRAMPS... NOT EVEN ON FIRST DAY You may bo suffering needlessly from the function all y-cniised cramps, pain and weak, "no good" feelings due to menstnmtlonl For — In lictim] testa by doctors — Lydla Plnkhaiu's Compound stopped or gave nmnzing relief of such distress in 3 out of 4 of the CEVSCS . . . even on the very first nnd worst dtiy of the monthly period! LydinPlnkhftm'«lSTniJderr.i7i(f<oc(JoTi; 3o set Lydln E. PlnVhnin'n Vegetable Compound — or new, irnproi-rd Tublota with dddcd Iron. See If — taken throitRh- ont the month — It doesn't relieve those crumps, bncktichc.3 jitters— help j/o« Jccl better oc/ore and attrlny your period! Or—If you suffer from functional "hot flushes' of "change of life," fluri out how wonderful rinkham'* it /or that, toot Weary of Waxing? If you want to rent anything from a floor waxer to a farm, you'll likely find just the firm you want in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory. They're packed with information about who Iniys, sells, rents, repairs. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. In. Cash Prizes! NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST OCTOBER 3, 1952 BlyHieyiiie, Mississippi County, Ark. Worfd's Largest Cotton Producing County Contest Open to Anybody From Anywhere. PRIZES! Open Division! First - - $1000.00 Second - - 250.00 Third - - - 100.00 S Prizes of $50.00 Each 12 Prizes of $25.00 Each * £nter Now! PRIZES! Women's Division: First --.- $250.00 Second - - - 100.00 Third - - - 50.00 4 Prizes of > $25.00 Each (Women art also eligible for Open Division Prixes.} Don 7 * Wait! Clip This Entry Blwik and Mail In! I HEREBY apply for permission to enter the 13th ANNUAL WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP COTTON PICKING CONTEST to be I conducted at Blytheville, Arkansas, on Oc- I tober 3, 1952. I agree to abide by the rules j covering the eewte*t. St. or R.F.D. I City . „ (Entry Fee ef $10.00 Must Accompany This • Application.} National Cotton Pkking Contest Blytheville, Arkanjas Sponsored V «"• Bljthcrllle Junior Clumber erf Comnwrw ONE DAY ONLY! SEE THIS AMAZING COOKING DEMONSTRATION PRIZES! SURPRISES! FREE RECIPES1 l»«tn how you «an »av» up lo $7.50 meot costi on on» m»al alone! SM how you can cook all cutt of meat tender, juicy, delicious without potwotcking drudftery/ IOIS SAVE ACTUAL DEMONSTRATION! on a CHAMBERS GAS RANGE! OCT. 8 — 7:30 P.M. Jaycee Clubhouse 309 No. 2nd See for yourself how Chambers superb cooking tenderize* •U meat cuts into juicy, tasty treats . . . trbite you're away from the kitchen! See Chambers Super-Oi-cii cook one hour with only 10 minutes gas ... Chambers TijerittoQreti cook three /bods on one tiny burner with (he turned off. ; i Chambers ln-A-Top* Broiler that rises range-top high; Bring your friendsl »It*. U.S. Pel. Off; • I/ I/ GAS RANGE ! "^^S^ V^xiuutuwta- i_ COOU WITH THE GAS TURNED *£/ ^ NOW! A CHAMBERS FOR EVERYBODY AT A NEW LOW PRICE: *299 50 Weis Butane Gas Co. South Highway 61 Phone 3301 Blytheville, Ark.

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