The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1950
Page 5
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' THURSDAY, 'AUGUST 5, 1950 •LM'HBVrLLl, (ASK.) COURIER WEWS PAGE rrvi War Taxes May Drop Corporations' High Earnings Below Record Size NEW YORK. Anp. 3. f/1'y-Amcr-* "can corporations are making money faster than ever before, but new ^ar taxes may cut back the- 1950 total to well below record size. J| compilation of the Associated Pflss of earnings of 450 corporations In virtually every field of business shows profits were 43 per cent higher in the second quarter of 1050 than In the .same period last yenr. The year 1JM3 stands as the record-breaker for corporate earnings, and 1949 was only slightly below. Thus tiie -second quarter this year Is running well ahead of the 191B record. Higher corporate taxes for dc- needs plus an excess profits lax would cut back 1950 earnings considerably below the 1£)4R record. Earnings also would he held down by rationing and price fixing. •13 Per Cent .lump Tiie 43 per cent jump in the second quarter profit* to Sl.fi25.010,- 2ol brought earnings of the 4nQ corporations for the first .six months 10 52,8(55,3OG.253. That is a pain of ?* per cent over the first six months Of 1949. There are three poinfs (o keep in mind when looking at thn pro picture: 1. All Ihi.s money was earned l)C- fore the Korean war started. 2. It shows a remarkable recover} from the let-down earlier in the year during a period of striken and price reductions. 3. T h € profits look bijii:cr. by comparison with (he first half of 1943 when H recession was taking hSri of the economy. fP High Tidft Spun There are some who believe l.hc second quarter may .stand as high tide in the profit movement, they had the highest, earnings of any group — {540.201,61,1 — in the first. half. Groups making the best increases in the second quarter from a year ago include air transport and. aircraft up fi4 per cenU building up fit) per cent, chemicals up B2 per cent, pulp and paper up 8,3 er cent, radio, television and electrical products up f>7 per cent, and, steel and iron up 58. The metal fabricating group made a profit of more than $5,000,OCO a-s compared with a deficit a year ago. and the nonferrous metal group jumped 271 per cent this year when compared with a poor second quarter In 191J1. Every one of the 2f> groups--with ANIMAL FARE—Judy, a M-moiUh-old elephant from Siam, steps ciiEiiiilly into the cab of Lester Krcitzman tor a ride )o the zoo after arriving by boat in San Francisco. It vv;is,lhe Hrst lime Kreilzman ever earned an elephant in his rab, nnri he was pleased lo see that Judy took care of her own trunk. Brother Cuts Throat; Lad's Life Is Saved PUSN-mvOOD, Mont., An?. 8. <AP)— Roald liulne&s ts thankful | hi.s brolhr-r cut his throat, | Here's why: ' Roald EOI hit in the Adams' apple with a haxcball. Thr blow partially paralyzed a part of hi* breathing apparatus, Roald's brother, Bernard. Irxik a paring knife, nnd cut a slit In Ihe injured windpipe, A rubber tube was inserted in the slit, allowing a new intake lor the life-giving oxygen. Then Rnatd wa-s driven 25 miles from liis farm to the loral hospital j where a doctor praised the amateur tw%ery. Bernard explained that must ol \ i IIP technical knowledge for the ! -surgery came from hLs wife. Ho s;0d ' shp once trained throe month. 11 ; (o be a mirsp and thai it was she 'vim insorleri the Lube after the incision was made. Aussics Deny Sighting Subs CANBERRA, Australia. Ant-. :i. !.'!';—Navy Minister Jos inn Francis today '•emphatically denied" reports thnl foreign submarines had been sighted off Ihc Australian coaM. The Sydney Sun published sm:h a report, nttribulcd lo "official" sources, and said it vvns possible the submarine, 1 ; were Russian. A sia lenient front l^rancis said New Guinea civilians early in May repotted (wire they sighted what they thrmsht were submarines, "bill after inveslications the claim was not confirmed," Poll Tax Out For Tennessee Politico* Square Off For Primary Bouts; Reecc Seeks Comeback Game end Fish Group to Let Contract \ MOSCOW $<** For Proposed Tri-County Lake Dam ! Persecution LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 3. UTi -Tim | T. Arthur McAmifi. executive sen- Game nnd Pish Co mm Is- i retary of (he commission, sniri the "sion will meet here Aim. 21 to award a contract for construction (if n d n in for t he proposed tri- county lake near Ford yen. Communist America After Court Ruling one exception—marie a better showing in the second quarter than in {ha first half as compared with the previous year. The 22,l<3orl products companies had profit-* 23 pfir cent, ahead in the first, hail <ind 21 pnr cent .ahead in the second quarter as compared with l!M!K dam will form a 2.000-acre lake which will extend over parts of Cal- ! houn, Cleveland nnd Dallas counties. Contract for construction of the Horsehead Lake dam near Clarksville was awarded yesterday to the Sam Ell wood Company of RusseU- ville. The company's bid was $ft3.9ll. No bids were received tnr repair work on the Lake Chlcnl dam near Lake Village. The commission will readverUse for bids. OPEN 7:15—SHOW STARTS 7:45 THURSDAY & FRIDAY DOUBLE FEATURE SOON YOU WILL KNOW WHY * THEY ML C/O Mariners Balk At Security Cheek SEATTLE. Aira. 1. f/Pi—Members of Ihc Marble Cooks and Stewards Union ICIO) balked yesterday at riavinj! tHcir sea ppjoers checked bv maritime .security officials. Some 65 members refused tn sien Aboard Ihe sieamer Alaska unless assured their sea papers would nnl. l)c turned over to a "third party." Other departments signed articles without delay. MOSCOW. Aus. 3. f.'T»—Tuss said today that if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the conviction of tl American Communist leaders, the attorney general will hep in "persecution" oE 12.000 Communist Party members and .sympathizers, in' America. The Soviet news agency sfllrt Tuesday's decision by the federal court of appeals upholding the conviction of i,he II Communists was expected in view of "the atmosphere of 'j'ar hysteria and growing Fascist, tendencies In UIP U.S." The 11 Cornnnmlsl.'; were • found eullty In Orlober. 1940. of conspiring to advocate Eorrlble overthrow nf the American government,. NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. Allc. 3. </n— 'Hi* Rnmiinrand all in Crmprfs*- tnen fare opponents today In Tennessee primary elections which arc free for the firs* timr In fi2 years from the poll tax restriction on vtilinp. Probably (he most hitter Ctplit. Is In the strongly Republican First Congressional Dislricl of east Tennessee where Carroll ftrece. former national GOP chairman, is trying for a "omcbnrk to the Congressional post }ie held for 24 years. \ Polling plnee.s will remain open ' from a a.m. local timr until 7 p.m in the populous centers, but wil' rinse at 1 p.m. elsewhere. The one bic statewide race Is (c»r ef»vernor in Hie Democrnllc primarv The neinocrntle nominee tor a Mnlcividr- office neurly always I?. elected in Tennessee. Oov. Cordon Bi'ownine. fin, a vcl- eran of many nolitU'flt ups an' 1 downs nnd a victor over K, H Cmrnn's Shelbv Cnunl.v 'Memnliis- nnspri hv .State Ron. CHiford Atlmi 38. a Campari live imHricnl novirr Crump \f. tokiiiR nn part in thr In i lie ft]si dislricl n^ouhllciin nrnnaiy ihe fiO-year-olt] Rrerr U tryinp to imseni Rep. Daytmi Phillips, a fellow Republ'fun who sur- coederi him" hi 10-1R. R^rcp lirrain^ national party dinirman that for n two-year .stretch. Other pro-Recce forces in the second district, Rcpuhllcnn j have put, oi\ a.s sironp a nampnlcn ; tn d i t eh Ren. Job u j en n i ngs. .11 Hnwnrd II. Oaker, a former prose- cutinc attoi'ney. Is ninnlnR aeahi,';) Jeiminps. The oilier «ieht ennmTssinfin. all Democrats, face opponents In Lholr primat ic.s. The Tennessre ln«islnturr in 1D4!l repealed the requirement r.f a prill, tax as far as primary elections arr concerned. Tbis. together with several spirited contests, wa.s expedcri lo assurft a heavy vote today. Scouts Describe Jamboree Trip Buddy Van Honsi>r »nd Jimmy Tnmpklns, the two Blythevllle Boy Scouts that attended 'the National JumborM In Valley Forge, Pa., »'pre guests at (he Hireling o( the Kiwanis Club yesterday. Tlie twn Kcnuls. mrnibrr.s at Bly- Ilieville Troop 22. reported on activities at Ihc jiimljoi-re anrt on their I rips to and from valley Forjsf. They were introduced by James Gardner. Jimmy .Sanders, i.hiilnimn of Ihr committee in chiirue o( soliciCiliojis in the club's camimien lor funds lor the oiil-pMient (inlin center, reported on procifss nf Ilia ciim- paisn to (lair. A» rffi*rd*p'» mwttni, Tom A. .HU« Jr., jirrstrtfnl o( tht Blyllie- vill« club, mnnittiuMl that live members the club ronld «o to Elaln« FYWay night lo have charn« <* Ihe program >t the Ihe KIwaniK nlub Iherr. otticr guests at ye*terrlay'i Inif u'nre Koy Damson »nd Knr Delivery Service Open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. yenr PROPOSKI) BUD(;KT OF RXPRNDITURKS TOGKTHKR WITH TAX I.KVY FOR FISCAL VFAR RKGINNIKn .1111.V I, i.isi. TO AND INCLUDING' .IllNE 30. IS52 ' Tlie Board of Directors of Brink- Icy School District No. 52 ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, in compliance with Ihc requirements of Amendment No. 4fl tn the Corisli- tution of the Slate of Arkansas, adopted November '2. 1IMB. have prepared, approved .and hereby inskc public the pro|jo;ed budpcl ol expenditures together with the tax rate, as follows: General Control. M50.0Q: instruction $12,372.00; Operation of School nuftdlngs. SI.COO.OO: Maintenance of School Plant and Eqtiipnicnl, II.000.00: Auxiliary Asencie.s (illctud- "IR transporUl.ion). JS..iOO.OO: Fixed Charse.s, S300.00; Capital Outlay, S30.000.W. To'jiroviric (or the foregoing proposed biidsrl of expenditure.': >.hc Board of Directors propcvicd a l^s levy of 3fl mill*. Thi.s lax levy in- clude.s the pre-scrif continuuiB levy for the retirement of present in- dcbtcdnew. Eleven mills of ihe above pro])ospd Uix levy of 10 mills is for a proposed bond issue of 530,000.00. estimated to run 20 years :'or the purpose of erecting and equipping new school buildine. Given thi.s 2ii nay nf July, 11511. Board of D:recior.s. lirinkley school District No. 52 of Mi-si.sstppi County, Atkaiusns By T. A. Ronrlanri. President anrt Mannering Towles. See. 727-3.1-10 np made t-i dnievinhip (lie typr- and condition of the ships. The offer wns. reported to hnvr been made wilh thr financial bark- ine of several non-governmental ^ncifis In Japan. The boa constrictor reaches lencl.h of 10 to 15 feet. Mail Line Donates 'War' Ships NEW YORK. Alls. .1. f/TI — rive occan-goinf: freighters have liecn offered free of charge by the .Japanese Mail LtllR (Nippon Yilsetl Kalsha) to the. United Nations for use in the Korean war. Offer of the ships, now in .Japanese poi Us, was announced here yesterday. Shinsuke Asao. president of the shipping line in Tokyo, cahlerl Ihr offer to U.N. Secretary General Trygve Lie. U.N, officials said inquiries were RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I.asl Times Tixlny "Humphrey Takes a Chance" with I,rnn Krrnl &• .Inr Kirkwrnxl, Jr. Goodbye Heartburn -Hello TUMS! TUMS FO« THE TVMMT EVERY SUMMER SHOE IN STOCK... TO GO! 7.95-8.95-9.95 10.95 Values $ Sizes But Not In Every Style FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY Shop Kiirly for Hcsl Seledion FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 West Main Phone 2342 New Fall Styles Arriving Daily News f. Slmrl -PLU5- ftACING OUT of Ihe BLUE GRASS COUNTRY 'He Heorl pounding Thrfll Slory »«k;nd *c Grcalcil D«rby Ever Runl ALSO COLOR CARTOON FREE PLAYGROUND FOR THE KIDDIES ALL CHILDREN 11 OR UNDER ADMITTED FREE BLYTHEV1LLES ONLY ALL WHITt THEATRE Open Week Days 7:00 Show Slarls 7:15 Thursday & Friday DOUBLE KKATliRK 'Smart Women' wUh Constance licnncll PLUS "COWBOY AND THE INDIANS" •llh Gene Anlr.v & Champ Also Carloon Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Viiut t'limniimily Center" MANILA, ARK. Mnlinuc.s Sal. X Sun. I'h. 58 l.asl Times 1'oday "Buccaneer Girl" with Yvonne DcCorlo Friday 'Man from • Colorado" Glenn Ford Dollars! Enter the Rustic Inn 'Name Our Dining Room' Contest Submit Your Entry" Before Wednesday Midnight, August 9, at Ihe Rustic Inn. free to Everyone! Rules ond Information for the 'Name Our Dining Room' Contest PURPOSE OF THE CONTEST Our pleasanl air loiulilitincd dining room ninsl havr a 'name'. M's fdr your dinin); pnjoymctil antl we Ihink il only proper llial you shnuld have nn opportunity lo 'name' here's your ch;in<-e lo win a SO dollar pri/.e \>y snlimillinn Ihe winninj; name and enjoy" partk-ipalinj; in ilic Tonfesl. loo. Come out today, look it over and submit vour 'name'! How You Participafe in the Contest Siihmil ns many names as you like, with your name iind address nn eai'h entry. All entries must !)'• placed in (he Itnx at Ihe Rustic mail entries accepted. Ilirce prominent IShlhcville citizens will serve as judges anil tlicir decision -svill he final. closes \\ cdiicsday MUlni«hl. August n, so hurry, sulnnil your entry today! Kveryonc, e.xc-epl nicmhers of the Fiuslic Inn staff and their immediate families, is In cn(er. THE RUSTIC INN WALNUT & DIVISION DIAL 2202

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