The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK BLYTIIKVIT.LK (ARK.) COimiKK NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER SO, 1049 Jane Shcllon, Society Kditor Phone 4461 Holiday Dance Given Last Night Attended By 200 Approximately 200 guests, IIICHI- hcr.s of the collcRC anil liigli sriiool £ct, many from the MiTouiiiliiii; stales, intended the tnrnml dance Kivcn lost niglit at me Blue Room In Hotel Noljle. HCMICWSCS for (lie affair, which wns one of tiic luraesl ot the season, were MI'S Ann White B«rt Miss Jane Adams of Osrcola nmt Miss Nancy and Mary Ann Grain oi Wilson. Receiving their giie.sls us they entered the holiday bedecked room \vero the hoste.wes and their eseorls. Miss White received wi'h P. D. Faster, Jr., of Blytheviile, Miss Adams with Bill Hracey of Blytheviile, Miss Nancy Crsin with Frank William.'!, Jr., of Osceola and Miss Mary Ann Crnin wiih Uoyd G<xlley also of Waxy magnolia leaves were arranged along Hie window sills of the room with n profusion of poln- Ecttas placed at intervals around the room. Assorted lined balloons were amassed on the ceiling and walls. * Vei'lrria gladioli tnterspcrsrtl with sprays of silver beads and, swirling rosettes of silver fringette, '»»• UmverMty of M arranged In tieres, and set hi ft round silver bowl; rested on tlie refreshment table. The entire nr- ran»omcnt was set on a silver bnse lendiiiK the umycrsJty of K:i edged In silver beads identical to) sMirc-mixliCKl student. He v.-; those mln/ilcd In the ftorers. Dnr- ' '' '" " L. Stevens hen [lit Kli/;ibL-t)i Jean, to Phillip of Oskuioosa, Kansas. f n < 1 1 ni d • itjl an at their cutmtry home PoUaueviHc Ciiusltinis Mrs. Allen Weds Mr. Futch In Church Ceremony Mrs. MjKieline Edrington Allen, daughter at Mr, rind Mrs, John W. ECdriiiKtmi of O.sreola, became tlie Ijrltlc of Lovcrctt Karl PutcVi, jr., of Ocala, pi a., .son of Mr. and Mrs. Uivi-jctt Earl Futch, fir,, of Ocfita, in a ceremony performed Wednesday at the First Prc'sby- terifin Chmdi in Osccola. The Rev. L. T. Lawrence performed the -single ring ceremony at 11 a.m. M;i,<vr.s of fern fornirrl the drop for the huge white wicker baskets from which arose white anil pink fc!;itiiti1i. Arranged along the .slops to the platform where the couple fxrh plementing vows WRVC com- baskets filled with riK the evening sandwiches, cookies nnd iced drinks were .served. Ynncey's orchestra from Memphis provided the music for dancing from 10 to 2 p.m. A number of the guests were from out of town with a large group of classmates of the Misses Grain and Miss White, who are students nt Ward-Belmont, Nashville, included in the 1UI. Miss Adams is a student at Holton Arms, Washington, D, C., formerly a student fit Ward-Belmont. Chaperons lor the evening were Mr. and Mrs. George I,. Synder Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Crnin . and Mr. and Mrs. G. L. While. Fisher a!trued roitiiyeville Schnul ami v-.u ^riuluatcd Irom Lindeir.vdod ColK-^i.' Lit St. Ch:irk:S, Mo. She is nov; nllenclin^ :-uuri. ;it Columbia. Mr. Slnvmi.s, son of IJr. and Mrs. D. M. Sun-ens of O.-,i::iloo?!i, is attending the UniveisJly of Kansas a.s complete his undergraduate work in June.. Plans for an An'rml ^edtilnj; will :e annrjiincrd later. Mrs. Clouse Hostess To Avalon Club, Guest . Mrs. Jolm Clouse was hostess to the Avulon Bunco Club and one '. guest. Mrs. Ellis HodBes, yesterday at her home. A silvered lollypop tree was placed In the room ui which tlie game was played. High score was won by Mrs. Buss Kettinner, low by Mrs. Bill Gilbow and bunco by Mrs. Clouse. At the conclusion of the gftino a * dessert course was served. • t • Mrs. Brown Is Guest With Thursday Rook Club Mrs. Eugene Brown wns guest willi members of the Thursday Hook Club when Mrs. George Siilibn J was hostess at her home. Poinscttias decorated the rooms in which the members and guest were seated for the gume. MVS. IlavoM llmscm won Mrs. Leon Stilieiei second, high :m<i Mrs. SnHbii vooko. Rerfrcsiinicnls were served by She hostess at the conclusion of the Eti me. Blytheviile, Rook Meets With Mrs. A. R. Copland 'Hie Blytheviile Rook Club was entertained yesterday nl the R. A. Copelunti home when Mrs, Conc-UuuI was hostess for tl;c weekly meeting. The K'-^e^ts we re K e^i t c d in rooms in. which were arrniiRC'd greenery and lumcHnn berries and potted plants. In the games Mrs. Rus.sell Hinlcs won hiyh, Mrs. J. O. JEIuey second hi|:h and Mrs. Roy Head, rnnko. During Uio jifierncion ^!^.s. Copc- l»nri sewed pir and coiSuc. Three Guests Meet Wilh Tin usday Club A tince.-romse hincliron the af(rrnru>i) Baltic of the ur.schty CInb yesterday when Mt.s. C. W. Afflick wfi.s ho.'Uoss at her home. Copiously arranged red ro.sos centered the cUuinj' table at wlueh the and thiei.- tfuest:;, Mrs. Frank Kinrol, of clntesbm-R, ill., housegnest of Mr. and .Mrs. J. A. Leech, Mrs. W. B. Tanner of Chapel Hill. N.O.. ami Mrs. Margaret Hell, \ve.rc seated. In the Dairies immediately follow- .InE, Ml.s. P.. P. Kirslmei- won hiph, iiml Mrs. Russell Phillips set-urnl Gifts \vere presented the out-ol- tuv.-n guests. SHOULDER CLOSING New Pastor Due Sunday in Pulpif- Of Osceola Church The Her. Percy F. Herring, former p us tor at- the First. Tiaptist Church nt Ilprnnndo, Miss., will ns- 511 rup his itiilic.s as pnKtoi- of the First Baptist Church in Oscixitii, Sunday. The Hev. Mr. Horrinsj i?; succci'd- ing the Rev. Hussi'Il J. Cliibb. \vlio rci't-ndy ju-ceplcrt tlie pi'istoriitc of t-ho Fust Baptist Church \\t West Memphis. The n*'U' mir.ister had served as pnsUn at tiie Hcrtiantio church fur H!" mciiilhs. having y«me thrro after frrntlui'.tiDii from New Orleans Hap- tisl Tln*[)ln^itrHi Seminary. I Et 1 is 'jt 1 lie MLssissi]>pi v.hitr ruul pink plndlolf. Masslvo bronze <';uuihibin hoUIEn^ lip;! \vii He i n j icj i .s rest ed on t lit floor levpi IfitciiiiK to thft platform. Arrnn^'d Die fill! lon^lh of the rtl-lc \vcre si!if;Ie ai.slo caniik-s which wore Ift;ti(.r-fl preceding the ceremony by Joe W. Kd ring ton and EliUTj 1 Lcvemtem. A HUislcal program WHS prrj^nlctl by TJ T. Moore, .Jr., organist. His selections included "My Heart At Thy Swept Voice" SainUSucn.s, '.Sc:rcn;ujD" Widor, and "Ave Maria Gnuno- For tlie professional "Rrldal Cluuii.s from r,ohcngrln" Wagner mid the recessional, "'s Werldinjr Afiircli." Mrs. Willinm Bard Edrington nt- U'lidcri t!ie bride as matron of honor and only attendant. She chose n gmvn of bron/c ]acc over mateh- i]ij; suttn wilh uhich sho wore complement ing brown ncce^sorie.s. She carried ti fan shaped lace on which WELS arranged brown and yellow orchids. llrnlc Wnirs \Hw The bride, who wns Kiven in mnr- rhiKO >).v her brother, William'Bard j Edrin»ton, setccted a spring blue j I ballernia. length frock \vith matching hat and shtjcs. She carried a Ijn.stol shaded shower bouquet of red ro:sebucJ.s topped with a bird of* Simmon^ Fulch of Occila served UK hti-st man. Ushers were Frank A. Edriiigton of Osceola nnd Jnrne.s W. CnmplH'll of Enst Ht, Louis, III. Mr.s. Kclrinyton, mother or the bride, selected a green and yellow printed crepe frock over which she wore a black re^ngote lined in matching print, 'Mrs. Futclv mother of the (-room, chose n dress of royal blue wool wiih matching accessories. Each mother pinned a purple orchid at her shoulder. Immediately following the ceremony a wedding luncheon was giv- by Mrs. W. B. Flannigan lor members of the family. A lou- bmvi filled with red roses centered the table from which the buffet styled luncheon was .served. Tlie guegts were seated at individual"'tables arranged throughout tlie 7''U^rtaining rooms. Southern Wedding Trip Mr. and Mrs. Patch lett on a trip to New Orleans im- | Bits of News Glamorize Gray Hair , With. Glitter Dust r Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Alexander announce the birth of a daughter HI--C. 20 ut Walls Hospital, Tlie baby, who is their second child, has been named Harriet Semmes. They have another duiiyhter, Mary Mr. and Mrs. Ili'itry Dodrt and HOI i, Mike, returned WcdneMl o ht from Vnnk'-rs, N. Y., where •v wore the linliitoy Kiu-sts of Mr. U;j['j<l.s ])arerns, Mr. and Mrs. U. F Dotid mid family. Mrs. John \V;iUU-n h'ft Thursd i\ -.xiUivnoon for TwlluV.ih, La. At Mi.'jnpiii') ''h' 1 W;HS joitii'd by Mi^ Diilf ciiiiihi-r. Tlu-y attended the IitniMTil of S H V.Mi.^ni "this altor noLHi in T.iJIuIiih, Mr. and Mrs. \Va(son HIK iV-uiur nlyihevillc itM clc-nls. Itobrrl Stimuli, formerly of IJlyUu'villr, a -;[;iLiiuue of the University of Arkansas, is now a Rtu- dfjjl 'in the Collcfie of Dentisti-y, Univci'diiy oi Tcuucs-seo, Memphis. Mr. mid Mrs. IXivrd B. Anderson have returned from St. Umls where \i:"y \\-ci'.' ilu 1 lioliiUiy if roliiiisT.s. Wiiilc in -Si. Louis, they also iiiioKiii-d n htmiiy reunioiK Murtliii H-v," and Mury Mandrel Mti'iid. dausihUM-s of Mr. and Mrs. .hitries H. Mc.ici. LIIV «!l at iheir lumie OE] N. Il['iia<iv,;iv, Martha RQKV is j cunilned with :ui rar infection and \ M;\i'_v ^!•^u• ^ -!.u<'[ v.'iiu a svvcre eoUl. TL-{ ir (.'DnciinoiLS »re satisfactory. A cleverly styled yoked fnx-k j Mr. nml Mis. Don llalpy and Mrs. that's young and sni;m--iind such ! Odk- Yjirbn) ami -sons .spent Th.ur.s-! easy sewing. Four buttons close] d.iv in Jcinfr.-'buro. \ each shoulder, jrf|imre net Kline und | M> . ; ,, ul M: , N . W Kyl{ . re turji«t ' yoke arc especially ailiuc- ] Til ursckiy ironi Iluiihton. Tex., after i tlve ' b?inif the holiday guests of i-cln- Pattcrn Nt>. 8158 cxnne.s in slws : lives. 12, 11, 16, 18 and 20- Sue M, 4 | Mrs. Kjllie NYiclham has returned yards of 39-inch. fnjin Ok'alioina City, OkUi., where For this pattern, .send 2j ^^ was \\\v yvw>i ol l«r tlavv^htev. in COIN'S, your name-. nddrr>.s. si/.e j Mi'*- W. T. Bott-5, Mr. Bou.s and desired aiul the PATTKKN NUM- I ti:uurht t T, C'.^il. She also visited in BER to Sue Burnett Courier New* j Wkhii:i. K:i/.. us guest of her son, 530 South Wells Street, Clnc.igo 7,iW- C. nu-iwrdson and funiUy. HI. i i)ijn:i!(i Kis^^ne Peterson, son of Thn r^il! fiiul wiTifnr w *q,i rO M i Mi 1 - «»d Mrs. Muloiic Peterson, who ,;£<^£r g/^;r | - ^««.-. -..-^ nibi'ic llf',is. fi-cc I'^ttmi printed j-XS?^5is^g^3^Sa inside tne hook. Seiid i!o cent Uxhiy. 8158 12-20 A sprinkling oT silver dusl turns sray hair inly 2 shining nimbus. Oust, made of tinsclly siiav- ings, shaken over the hair (left) after a light spraying with ltvr(|iicr, is combcii Iliruui;.! completccl coiffure lo im|i:\rt (right] an effect of silvery luster It is easily cunibcil out. By Sue <l,iys, is nnu'h improved Uid«y. Mr. and Mis, Roy Brant U-y, Jr.. hi\v<» reuiuicd fixjni Mnam, CJ;t.. . ".vlu-re lliuy xvere culled sudtLeuly i Chi is tin ^s K'.'e flue lo the .seriou.s j illness nt Hoy Brant ley. Sr., \vhoj v.iffeiTit a hearl nuack. Mr. BJIUH- J It-y. v.-iiu i> in ciiliCiil c-ondi'iion at • Ihe Middle Cleor^iii Huspnul, i:> • .sliyhily iitiproved. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ni-lson and j Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Miller loll yes- I lerclay lot New Orleans vlu-rf they ! v.iP iittcnd ;!:e Si'iiar Bnv.l Game, j Li. r\'^d Mrs. C hades ,K, I Jmbiiri ; iiiHi fiaii^Mer. J»net. left yi i s;erc:ay lifter ssji'julinf; the ptisl i<'. with his sister. Mrs. Fl'iyri Hnrul- :-nn anil Mr. Haratson. LirutJ'iiitnt. I.-jmbird is stationed / at \Vright- 1 Pnaer.son Field, Dayton. O. | Mr. and Mrs. R. n. HnghCR aiv.l 'sdti. Rnss, left ye.sterday lor Dallas, Tex., where (hey will attend the dut-on Howl. While there they will be* the of their daughter and sister. Mu-s N.uicy Hughes of Dallas. y A 1999 Eutopia Seen By Washington Architect j WASHINGTON — ^Vi— An arcit- cct that by 1999 Washington "will be a choice place to live, wuli everything to recotnmcnd it ext'Cpt its suturner temperatures." It will be a city of 5.000.COO, Ht'urick Vcrtuui Murphy believes, wuli virtually no .slums, few private residences, an opera house and a ihi-^e gitllcry of modern art. Murphy formerly was head of the department of architecture at Catholic University here. Beauty Contest V/inncr Honored by Air Guard WARREN. Ark.. Dee. 30. r,p, -The 154th Scjundroti of the Arkaii^as Air National Guard vill have a now first forRnarU during 1950—beautiful Beverly Mai Jonp.t. Miss Jone.i. nunienip in the 1EK9 Miss Arkansas contest, will receive the honorary title at the National Guard'. 1 ) annual danca Sri turd ay night nt Little Rock's Adams Field. A student nt the University of Arkansas. Mibs Jones, smiling charm and vivacious nppenl won the acclaim of Washington ai^- nHaries during a recent vl«l( there, win be flown to Little Rock in ykJ. Gen. Earl Rick's personal plane.W A I The Hosnitals EUytlicvllle llosjiit Dismisstd: Hr.ys Smith. Steele. Judith Bonds, City. H. L. Collins, City. June Wilder. Luxor a. Comiqg Events Social Calendar 1 fr also a graduate Co llt'i: i 1 in Clint fin. Mi'^ irt'cnlly studirii pr*stor;tl psyfh(*I<ijiy and ,-oHfil prublftins nt Ihu \iiicl.' Mr, ;mil Mrs. IIciTiny hiivr; uvn : Club 28 has New Year's Eve j Dance at Hotel Noble at 9 p.m. Officers will be hosts and hosysscs. A cow pumps 400 pounds of i Ijlood through her udder for each ! pound of milk- produced. mediately following luncheon. For traveling the bride wore a tan gabardine suit with brown aeces- .sorie.s. After Jan. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Flitch will be at home in Ocala. Out of town guests were Mr. and and has : Mrs. L. !•:. Futch. Sr.. Mr. and Mrs. Minims Futch of Ocala, Mr. and Mrs Jame.s W. Campbell of East -St. I.nnis and Mr. and sirs. Ed s. and Robert, rj, > Morgan of Nashville. Shuw Starts 7:00 Uo* Office Opens C:I5 Qargaici Night Kvery Night Except Saturday \o passes honored nn Sunday al 'the IU1XY I.asl Time 'J'oilay A Woman's Secret with >I;turcrn O'iJ;ir;i and iMeJvyn l)out;t;ib Selected Short Subject J; sgaEi (fS isssSjs^asKSSijssB Continuous Shows H«\ Orficf Opens I:,]5 Show Starts 2:00 1U:(10 a.m. 1ZMS p.m 4:30 p.m LISTEN TO KLCN Last 'lime Today Oh, You Beautiful Doll uri<li ,Tn«c llrtvrr and Murk Stovrns V,u-;\nimnit NA-W*. ,V SfU'i-tcd Slmrts (.'iMitiiiuuiis S finding £vcryrf.iy and ^s ; Sv^%A^rs>«'" 1 ^; ^ ;:^^-^S£p^' ; ^ /? "%z\1 p '^ f W^ff^^W. g>^,,4f <f4fN<#& fp ^l*tf* <f*>S ; -^,;//o &a % ,p*; : "^> Kcrlal "Wild Bill llickuk" No. M ami Stvntl Conl, SllnwInR Kat. I2:M-H:30 e i< i |, s y;i «#fp "Jiinirs nrotlwrs" N'<,. « and Selected Slirjil C'nnl. Showing Snl. 13:SO t., II:::'! KafVitaiS?&feaa'sSKs4^^|| Paramount News and Selected Shorts Continuous Shoving Sun. 1:15-11:00 Sunday S Mnnday -DO1JII1.I-: FKATUKI'l— , IOV*A5t)C. 3532. DRESSES EVERY GARMENT OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE &§§!>? my Other Hems rt im - fail*Kail' w/aj'j-h/s i K: Metro News ('mil. SlmuiiiK Sun. I :JO II :'ill F*S«i < i*«

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