The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1950
Page 9
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_WEDNRSPAY, AUGUST 8, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boordina House with Mai. Hoopla •LYTHKVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER N15WS PAGE NINE I'D THINK A FISH IWO TRIP \MOUl-P BE ENOUGH FUM WITHOUT LOOK1MG FOR THRILLEES: BiytheviHe Glass & PoJnfCo. 13G E. Main Phone <>71fi Here's One Way l,To Save Money Expert Service v .flLT€RS QUflUTY SHOC SHO! Not a Bad Idea I PICKED OR COCOMUTS AMO MACkGOT I WOMK —"-YOUR IMA. & COBA.LT fe AS POKER PieSTA MR. <~~ COBNUT/ )^ Sjf VOO IOWWES? A GHOOP ENTREATED ME TO CHAPTER OF THE OWLS CtUB HEE£ — T'LL BC Boy ORDINARY \ Fussy, SEATS? HAH/ I EH? YOU oow'r KMOW / IM THAT SHEILA' I THOUGHT YOU ^ 1 V/ERe TAKING- DIOMT SHEILA fo A WOVIC EMOUPil DOUGH roc 10GE SCATS I AT A CAEO TASL6 AS A TROUT IH THE HCNRY.' GN'HG- \ DIGGERS " HIM MOMtY "B WAG It OH "IHAT 6OLO DI&GE-R.' A MILD CASE WHEN YOLrt?e YOUNG AND GET If OVER WITH/ =3==- FOR TH6- SPR6AO 8-1 Op CULTURED CAMPAIGN By Edwin Rutt Edwin Rurt 1950 by NEA Service. IR against disturbing turned lo the float. tie i and re- Hill In after hrr follow* hlM and oat of kls ha n da ilcbr* !h* bnc B VI ILL JARV1S stnred at Caroline RJ Riirs absence Bev and Dick I'rcvan nad conlerrcc ''This lad." Be\ indicaicd Dick "has, a ncai idea A boainde to Bluejay Island tonight, and a picnic supper " "Sound!: s w e I I," Bill said 'Where's Bluciay Island?" "Halfway down Uie lake It's fun. ou it ding a fire ana cooking 1 merely bumped Into the girl talked to ner " Uev crammed fingers into net , car* "Darling slot- thdii t accuse you of anyinmg,* "Uell. mere wasn't anything." "No? Looks »Jtc TOU'TC quick gelling to golf courses, out retarded afiet you set there." "Oh, (or cat's sake." groaned Dill She touched ht5 arm lightly. "Now LliH I -was only Kidding. Scnousi> ihougn I'm not mclud- i Ing Hsldn Sands out. The rrowd doesn't like ner " "Yes." he said "She told me something about U And It's pretty rugged for ner Same age as all of us. here to nave a good time but sort ot—of ostracized." I'm sorry (or tier If you want hamburgers and things Dirk's to ask nei aJong tonight, go ahead. For fmproued KIDNEY FUNCTION ^sln a majority of coses investi- ^^ated in several hospital! and clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved. Bladder pain and dUcomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very bentficial. Try it for a few weeks. K ii delicious, pure-tasttng, and may be consumed freely, Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Marr who nao snatched the j driving over co Haltonby this aft- Only I don't think she'll have handbag out ot his hand. "1 wasn't : ernoon for the stuff." « much fun." "Shall do." Dick arose "Well. • • » take bark your gal. Bill. I'm diving some more." ^ "Who's going on this junket?" Bill asked presently "Oh the usual gang." Bev rat- gomgno eai it." he said, 'That one's mine, idiot," Caroline snid. panting. "^You would gel it all messed up And. out tor me. you'd do the same to Bev's This is ners. 1 * She bem and fished up a contrivance apparently identical with Ihe one she already held "Was there a sale on em?" asked Bill. "How do you tell 'em apart?" "The zippers are different colors." Caroline fumbled to a bag bringing forth sunglasses. "Here! Take them to Bev." "My goshE Did you chase me just over these dumb bags?" The flush had died in Caroline's cheeks. Now her blue eyes sparkled. "I chased you, chum, because you wanted to race. Ajid you only won by cheating." "Okay, Neptune's daughter." Bill srinned. "Coming back?" "Later. I told you that 1 tiad to get something, it's sun oil in my bathhouse. Besides, I've got a trick knee and i want to rub it with liniment. That's there, too/' Caroline tossed the bags back to the dock and went ofT toward a row of bathhouses discreetly half hidden by trees Bill turned. Intending to pass the time of day with Mrs. Fasker But that forthright female appeared sleep-minded. Her head had fallen against the back ol th« chair He decided OY lunchtime, However, he had virtually abandoned the id««. After all. this wasn't his party and whore did tie get off Issuing invitations? As Bev's fiance, it tied ofT nnmcs ( would fiardly do tor him to carry As a newcomer, a torch (or Hildj. But in mid-afternoon, when Bev was taking a nap. he wavered again. Hildy was in a garden rhair on ihe terrace. Bill came up slowly. "1—1 was sort of looking for you." Her eyes, flashing to his. were indeed gray and clear by daylight "You shouldn't be. you know." There was too much meaning in the remark: Bill Hung out • hand, almost exasperatedly "Oh, forget that!" Involuntarily/, he plunged, "Listen! t've been appointed j committee of one to He hesitated. wasn't up to him lo make suggestions But Bev, possibly, had just been thoughtless. "Listen." he said cautiously, "that redhead 1 saw playing tennis seems Included out ot everything." Bev turned tier head, so that a small pointed chin dented the firm flesh of one shoulder Something ike amusemenl lurked in her lack eyes "Oh. yes I've Qeen meaning to speak about that for big Newfound I and-dog type, Dill, you get around surprisingly fast." "It's a darn sight hotter around here than it was at the office—I made a big mistake retiring!" PKISCIULA'8 POI WhaL! No Splinls? ISY AL VERMEER 1C -'WE'VE GOT THE x SUNBURN LOTION... THE MOSQUITO OINTMENT WHAT'S THE MATTER, DEAR? DON'T YOU FEEL HAPPY ABOUT GO IN' VACATION VIC I'TJNT Too l.ate IJY MICIIAKI, O'MAI.LKY nnd RALPH LANH He blinked. '"Now who on earth told you?" "Just." she was palpably enjoying herself, "someone who happened to pass your—could 1 say, rendezvous?—nnd saw you. Heads together, as 1 got it. Oh. Bill, you're killing me. No sheep ever looked more sheepish." "Now see here!" he exploded "You know darn well it wasn't a rendezvous or heads together either.- And somebody had little to do, running to you with it. I didn't say anything because—1—I enroll you for a boatride and bar- aecue thing tonight- How's about I?" He finished aware that his finesse compared unfavorably with that of a bulldozer Hildy smiled- 'You're very swecl and—" her tone sobered, 1 —mayb« your Bev is too But 1 can't. I've something important 1 must do tonight." Bill didn't like her expression —a taut overlay on smooth, healthily pink cheeks. (To Of Continued) AvHy,THAT SNIVEL1M& YvVELL, DON'T ACT AMP SOU HEAKPMWSA/ANO/TOA PRIVATE )L IE \VOIJLD SFILL EVEKY- / PPTprTIVP WAA\PH GATEHOUSE? V HE. , LliMPV/ I MAPE I PROUD OF THAT; STOP LWPV/ A P/S6OM. 6AIP VOU THIN6 TO THB HITHER? \1C PLINT, WHO—( EVER 1-16 IS. CAPTAIN KASY Story of the Safe BY LESLIE'TURNER; THOSS SAVMCS MHEV BEATON IT WITH TOMAHAWKS WERE EXPECTS M\ MO PK1ED AT THE OOOe. TOR. PILLAGING, BUT DAVs! 1HEV BUILT FIRES LtiDEE TMEV'D HW5 MO / IT AND POUNDED WITH COCKS EXPBKISHCE ») /VWHIIE ir W(\S STILL HOT. . CRACKING IKON SAFE "..THEM TRIED SOMMa IT FOR fOUJJ WWS TO SOFTEN IT UP! FINM.W AFfEE WEEKS THEV GftV6 UP \>1 DISGUST, fteANOONWS iriMh CREEK BEO-EMTEBEP BUT DlfftCT!" TSf^l" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Kest I'ricn Kirby Druq Stores HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To he sure It's working right, drive In lo oar shop anil we'll check it over. Expert rearms on ill makes and models, cars and trucks. One iay service. 7. I. SEAY MOTOR GO. 1,11 Kiist JIain Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK— OF ALL KIND! iisliim nnrk tin gins, aifalfa nulls, nil mills. Custom SliCciring lip lo 14 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulli !!ro;irtw*>- Phone 2651 FOOD! Knjoy breakfast, lunch or /§4 dinner in airconditionetlt comfort al Ihe hrand new Hlythevillc 'Motor Grill Really GOOD Pood . . . pre pared the way you like it. Open Day & Night Except Sunday Blytheville Motor Grill Mrs. Marie Meaharg, Mgr. Jnsl North of Klylheville Motor Co. on Broadway WHY WAIT? REMODEL NOW Now yon can fix up your home— -or even huild a garage—on a low interest KHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. Why wait? Call Builders Supply today. BUILDIKS SUPPLY CO. INC A FEW MONTHS LATER THEHWW05MK6SUB- PUEDBVKITCAKSONAND MOVED TO FT, SUMN6K. AND THE SAFE WAS FOe- SOITCM^EXCEPT 8V THE, BOV TH« KM) CAPTUeeO.. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 HOMEMADE PIES We Take Vnui Order Mrs. N. J. Humphrcj Call 23f>9 : FOR SALE (.'•ncrcte cnlvrrU 12 Inrb to iK inch plain nt rcen forced A [«• C^ocrel* Hvi^dlnn «lock> cheaper than ivmhci Ini barn* chicken Houses pump ho«sri truant lun^rs tool sherts Wf dcll^ei ('all •* for (re* tstimate OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO RADIO AND TELEYION REPAIR Factory .'framed Mechanio Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Pricei Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred ColHhan I in So Firs! Rl . Klylhevill* LOOK These Cars & Trucks Over Before You Buy 1019 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan — only 8,000 miles, has radio, heater and seat covers. If) 1 2 DeSoto 5-I'assenger Coupe — in excellent condition, has radio and heater. 1912 Chevrolet 5-I'assenr? Coupe — another very clean car. 1950 Dodge '/2-Ton Pickup — very low mileage as good as new. 1»'19 CMC i/i-Ton Pickup it's in good shape, has 1951 license. IS 18 Dodge 1/2 -Ton Pickup — has brand new tires, a very clean (ruck. Chambiin Sales Co. •Tnr Frtrndlj FHalrr R.R. & Ash Photi* KS88 "TPHEV EVEM UIGSEC U ITU? A MESA ADD BUGS liUNNY Sylvester (iocs Ilil/j O-DJP NOLJ HEAR ABOUT 5-SVLVESTE PUSSYCAT SVINMNG ALL THAT ON TS4' Q-quiz SHOW? 15Y V. T. IIAMLW DXNG TK15 FOG? BUT THEN IT CCULD BE VCTZSE...I CCU-O BE BUCKIN' >. EOUGH EHf SVHEPJE'O TH/\T COME 6UESS ITS JUST TH' LONELINESS 6ETTIN ON MY NEEVE& NOBODY WITHIN MILES TO TALK TO ROOTS AND HKR KUDDIKS HY KDGAK MARTIN Hard lo Figure ooXS.ovi <X>U vif^Cf^l^O^5•• HIRE

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