The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVTIXE (ARK.) COURTRR ESAO, BOYS.'ARE EACH OF YoOTAKlNS IrWErJTORY OF FOIBLES A^D FRAILTIES WITH A view TO MEET- TH6 CHALLENGE OF H5O A BETTER MAM?—TEMP- iHoee CI.ACKINSG roolGUES AND REDUCING TUe 5IZES OF YOLJR HATBArJDS MIGHT BE IKJ ORDER/ / THeT FOSSE'LL \ / GO AHEAP, SUCI ( 511ORE KETCH US \ I BLJT NOT M6/ THEY HAIN'T V OW THESE BLAME 1 \ OOT WOTHIN'ON ME BUT / *rr*<».v » t TMN&S.' THEM'S ) v / A KIl-UM'AN' RAN1C \ FAST LOOKW S I KOgBlW, AM I'LL BE TO 6IT IIUMG FER. m sows to 5A\)e THOS6 ON£- &3CK PORTI?AirS OF AMD NOT LerJD 'E^ TO PEOPLE WHO DOSl'TSNE •£M BACK TILL I'M GOING TO ' WAIT PATIENTLY FOR So Me ' CLOUD -BRAINS to TtUL ME H<« g^SLSs^Jl^ c iSii issM^j^m^^^ K 4 fe^y^&;.<K' Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE ELEVEN -> For Ren* Warehouse aO'.i-iO" on iai!ro.i<] Bid- Ins Midwest Dairy Prnducis Pti i-14? lllie ok LI cameras Tor all Nb STUU1U , KJR RENT: Frn/PD fond lockers blaylncE's Highway 61 Phnne 3112 8'23 cfc U 12.2S pk l|4 One 3-room home 3 miles south at Blyinevme for mil or sale. J. O. Sonui illytlievlUe IU. 4. 12. '2?, pk 1^ Jl K«w Ll-roojn fiinilsliecl house. All «Jecmc kischen. Adults only, 510 Park Si- f'tione 2072, 1227 pic 1|3 4 room house, rurnlsheil or unfurnished. 710 Jamison. 12 23 pk 31 Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE service, call or contact H B Shpppard. piionc 2157 early morning, noon or Busyness Opportunities • for Sate by owner, pool room »nd domino parlor Swell location dot tig good business. Only 2 pool rooms an town of 4.000 population Iluslncss increases with had R'pathr Owner hus other Interests. Contact P. T Elder 215 West Ky AT«. Blythevilf. ArkBiisas 12,17 pk 1|1 Wonted to fiuv aiKQMt ptlCB p»ltt for CHIOKENH— KUUS AID Street Oroe«ry i Market All w AID AH ch o Old ijpe ramll? organ, pond condition. 625 Lilly SI. 1224 pk til Representative Wanted 70 year old concern cnn use nd- mtLonal men with following remiirements: I. rermftnenc, full time position d«•Ired. 7. Mu« liave automobile. 3. 25 to 45 years old 4. Willing 10 work. 5. Musi be neai anil bondable. our expansion program starting In January, dup , to public di-irmnu for the lamous While Cross Hospital plan . has made openings In Mississippi anrl iL eereral select counties In NortlicasL .-•I Arkansas. See Mr. Wallls. Colt Hotel • Wednesday and Tlnirsday. or write H. A. Kraiuei. 112-1,2 Seventh street Little ROCK. 1228 pk 1230 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 22G2 two phones 3322 U-25ck tf I Love My Doctor By Evelyn Barkins Copirrl91 " * Evel)rn Bmkir " ; «- Di?IribiJre<) by NEA SERVICE. INC Money to Loan Ofj jou need d ;oan in repoai 01 re model*/ No anwn payment on mortgage, no rr.a t«p« TO A APHROVEU KATES »% ASK FOR UF.TAIL8 Max Logan, Realtor Pnona W3« Lyncb BulJdloi aiyihtTiu» Ark FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. \V. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry InRram-Ilcrman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4<>27 12-9 ck 1-0 Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DKAD ANIMAt DISPOSAL CO. 11(21 pk 1'2I 50 Concrete Culvert Tile Si*es up („ as („ Corrugated Metal Culverts SiJM up In Rl | n Aiil.Mn.ilir I'lnoil (Jnlr, Concrcle Seplic Tanks Mela! Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best I'rtccs \V C Deliver A.H.WEBB Ulehwsi fil ji Slatr l.!n« rhoiie 7U John *vi[] be * riill-Mfd^rd donor nnU bnvr a Inrfir practice ami I'll finish my Inn »ohool rdni>niJon ,-*l-lan. ItIphi now *»r «re niicfid- !MMe"'h rul e;"':.T d"r" I ,™l," "'i'Sl I] J3 UT being marrwd. even thus privately married. £elt funny: the intimacy, the close relationship, the understanding. "Now who would ever guess," I told John one day as I walched liirn shave, "that a black-haired man like you could grow a yellow mustache!" John swung his razor blade at me in mock alarm. "Ijoii'l you ever tell a soul," he threatened, but 1 could sec a seriousness be- 'neath his comic stance. ; "Not a soul," I promised and .never did until now. He found out many things about me: thai I never sew slip straps when they break but use safety pins; that 1 have to sleep with curlers in my hair unless 1 have a fresh permanent; and that I al: ways go to bed with an apple. , In common with all other ncw- Jyweds. 1 suppose, we reviewed [our personal history from first [meeting onward. It seemed to us, as is the case with Ihonuands ol other couples (and it still does), one of God's major miracles thai we met at all, and that out of all Ihe teeming millions of people in the world we found each other. "TJo you remember," John asked, ' how the first time we met. we danced, and I told you that I wasn't much of a dancer?" "And you still aren't," I answered. The record of our wondrous achievement never failed ta as- lound us, only. Alter seven momentous meetings, we could no longer resist the tide. "Remember my proposal?" John asked. One evening, our seventh date John had told me thnt he had had a dream that he and I were married. Not wanting lo appear overanxious. I had answered- "I'll bet you were glad when you woke up and found it wasn't real." "Nope." John had said drawing me close. "It was a horrible disappointment." from there on In, the path was straight ahead, and our eight months' period of engagement had been a sop to family argument professional convenience, and general convention. in all. we lived our honeymoon days In a iu ni ) o , com . Plete. communal solitude, despite the many people we encountered and conversed with Sometimes. I honestly feel thai most ncwlyweds deserve absolute surcease of all relatives and friends for one whole private year Much tncipicnl mother-in-law trouble, too. if you ask me. is directly traceable lo those early months when Mama is trying to make herself heard above daughter's thorough absorption tn her new world, and seeming IndifTerencc to the old- although tt should be obvious lo anyone that there Is usually such a visible haze about the chosen couple, thai trying to make real live contact wilh them IF harder than trying to get the Statue of Liberty to sing John and I were no different. Not that we punctuated every sentence with a kiss, or went around looking like Election Day's chief dnink on a super bender „ It was juat that we were basically unaware of everything anil everyone but ourselves, although having been well trained we both went through the proper social motions Winston Churchill could have been Ditching tot the Dodgers thai season, and we wouldn't have heard or rared Everything was new and excit- He found out many things abo.,1 me ... Dial I have to sJecp wiUi curlers in my hair unless I nave a fresh penmncnL ing and different and wonderful. After a lifetime of broadcloth pajamas and flannels, I was suddenly immersed in trousseau satin and lace. The trailing robes, the flimsy nightgowns all went lo rhy head. 1 felt like the star of an amateur theatrical in hired clothes. Indeed, Ihe very next day after we were married, I sat John down and tried on one item after another for our mutual admiration until his exaggerated responses assured me that he too was convinced. Whenever we lolled nnd talked and laughed into the lale early morning hours, I expected at any momenl to hear my mother's voice calling from her bedroom like a town crier in a medieval village: "Il's 1 o'clock, dear. You belter tell John to go uomc." How solemnly we spoke, and how seriously we resolved. We would never become like so mans other husbands and wives. Heaven forbid! Bored with each other, eating in silence, living in anger, arguing like mortal enemies' How shocked we woufil have been and outraged, to be told that that too had been said before. * • • J-JOW we laughed at everything that happened. There was the time when John was looking for me in the lobby, and the elevator man said: "Want your wife, sir?" and John, taken by surprise forgot and gulped: "My—what?" And yet. in another way. we felt as if we had always been married It was thrilling to belong like this together, to do things together, nnd to always go everywhere together "I feel as if it's been this way forever." 1 to ld John one night "M Is and so do !." he answered with a rrtoiithful of toothpaste and water. "And talk of being lied down I scolfed "Why, people arc cra/.y! I m freer than a hobo on a train." To this day, I am always puzzled :>y Ihe proverbial ball and chain talk For me. marriage has always seemed the ultimate tn liberty, ike a convict In his firs! walk out of Alcatraz. Not that home i'e had t*t?n imprisonment by any means, but. on the other hand neither had it been like this No more "Hang your clnthcr up at night" talk No More: "lie home at 12 dea'r. or whal will the neighbors think?" HE first insidious change lhal marked our marital progress. however, begnn almost immediately with our search for a place tu iive. History, of course, (lowed calmly onward, completely undisturbed by us or any other single couple's catastrophic events. Wilh unbelievable contempt, it records inaugural processions. Presidential successions, and war and peace, while tolally Ignoring the day Henry proposed to Anna, or the time Uncle Hiram accidentally burned down the barn. But in true love-conquers-all fashion John and I kept our own egotistical reckoning in which we. in turn abandoned the Roosevelt administration for one of our own. High al the top of world shaking occa- sio/is we wrote: "Wedding Day " and underneath, in only very slightly smaller print we inscribed: The time we found our home." Unfortunately, even in those prehistoric years when apartments were not o.uite so hard lo lind as polar hears in Times Square house hunting was still a lough problem. K 'Must we?" I asked John half- scriously, half jokingly, when first the coll to duty resounded through Room 518 like reveille in an army camp, and we launched our original discussion: "I'm having a wonderful time right here." "So am I." said John, "but two weeks are up already In a few more. I'll be finished at the hospital, and we have lo be all ready to start our practice anil bemn making some money And before yuu know it, you'll be back at law school." "I guess you're right." I adrnitlcd reluctantly "E v c r y I h I n g lias seemed so fnr away, thai I've almost forgotten. Well." i finished sighing dramatically for the world that Is too much wilh all of us 'what do we do?" "Find a place to live," he an- iwcrccl immediately. PS if he were filling in a prescription blank Then he laughed "Not thai ii won't be hord! We need four room? at least to accommodale both home and otlicc. bul we can only afford two. We want a decent, middleolass neighborhood Jr, rC , Ulc PCOIlle c - 1n manage medical care, but we can only pay for a poor one And it wc ,i o Ind a nice apartment, then wc have to make sure Uiat the pncc ind location check too. Otherwise." he ended cheerfully, "ii's a , easy as solving a simultaneous quadratic equation with four unknowns.' 1 (To He Continued.) Modern trukeys mature in seven months although a couple of generations ago nine months vide required. RENT A CAR Drlre Anywhcrr VOD firms* Simpson Oil Co. 11....™!.!. 3 '... SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mill..,, oi | mi || 3 { ' ustr)m Shearing up lo 1/4 .inch Ihirknesj Fronk Simmons Tin Shoo mSoiHh Broadway ph ,,£ m , FUECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS BV MERRILL BLOBSEB .Fseocs OVEI? AT STUfCLE&EAMS MOV SIX DOZEM. GUCKERS.' I WX>E U€ SUCCEEDED/ WITH TilE &EAMIE Business,/ TWEY'RE SELLING 'It's perfume my Uncle Waldo picked out for me person ally—isn't that enough reason for bringing it back?" CKKCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER NO ABOUT THAI AIR GUN EDDIE NEAL CHRISTMAS DON'T LET THAT'5 SWEET, PRI5C1LLA! AND I HOPE VOUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED OH, THEY'LL GET ANSWERED, ALL RtGHT! AIR RIFLE INTO OUR FURNACE* MORE SPARROWS WITH IT MICIIAHL O'MALLEY ami RALPH LANE I'M C1AD YOU'RE UP, VIC. 1 rOUNO SO/,1H!IIMG , . ,IMG MONTE tIAS DONE NOTHING /BETTER TO DO MY DEAR' JT, EGGHEAD^ NEXT BOUND,THEN/ UE*TCAR THAI GOES BY IS BLACK WELL. JUST fOR MU6HS, 1'ILTAKE 1H4T AWSF1F ' WOUtD. BECAUSE THAT SAME CAg HAS BEEN DRIVING PAST THE HOUSE: V FOR AM HOUR CAPTAIN EASY HY LESLIE TURNER GETS A JOB POIU' SOME IU TU' BIVUK, SEE? TRACES WftlftRM JUICE TOAPOLt- IU 1H 1 ALLEY — HELL SIGt^L VOU WHEW I'M POe THE GETAWM. AL THAT'S MOUQH VMHT...UM TAKE MOS-TOF THE MIGHT! 0 OWE PAVS AMV AntlJTlOf, AS H1CK.IH HIS LIME WAu's OUTFIT, CLIMES AT DUSK. TO SHOW CIRCUIT THE BANK'S BURSIftR ALARM SteTCM. BUGS BUNNY A CAN OF Yj SOKRY, ELMER.' '6 / \ WE AIN'T (SOT BAUVY SUNNY, TMESE ARE ALL Goo&ce's BEANS' GOOSLE'5 BEANS, P1EA5E, 1 OL' FWIENP/ V ^ BUT... LISTEN, POC, I SPENT TH«EE HOURS BUILPIN' ...AN' I AIN'T / ~\ 5POILIN' IT PER ) NOBOPY/ ./ HY V. T. HAMLIN 7 CTA.V iMWf.e- -~, s~\\v IT: vusr ' CH, FOE HEAVEN'S SAKE 'TS^STTHAT 3 MOOTS ANT) UKU KY BORAH MARTIN . rT-rtttnv. i'.V.'2K'fflf: . (.core. >n> Br VE« smiltriKC- 1

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