The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 10
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frAGE TEN BLYTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS State Proposes To Economize McMath Committee ! Suggests Savings | Of $2,300,000 X.ITTI.E ROCK. Dec. -19 -w,— Unit.s of the slate government h^pe in iiave more than $2,300,000 j otft of a current appropriation of " 5-14.000.000 for saaries and niaiti- /Dii.s was discosed today in a report of a committee appointed by Governor Mr Math to review budgets for the current fisca ye^r with a view* to effecting savings where possibe. Chares C. Wine, chairman of the Pubic Service Commission vrns chair man of the specift commUTce. Revenue Commissioner Dean Mor- e.y!and Comptroller Vcc Roy Bt-a file j -Aere oilier member, {The report veilecled tbDt the original combined budget for Ml agencies and <Jepf<] t meats toialctl $1^4,621,106. Proposed savings were set ,<! S2.- 333,63:2, leaving a ne\v net budget 1 of" approximately $16^,2*17.000. Fl-cin this Jaiter lieure was deduced federal participiitiou funds | of; £47,200.000. Jeaviiii: n f-1 .--Uitc | fluids required at 5Hf(UH7.-n;i Beasley explained th:u the only place savings were possible was in -salaries a'^d ninintoiKini'e Thr^e two items totaled more thun S54,- 000,000. Of the propose] savings by fur the larger parl will cos tie from units classified as welfare-, lieiildi and charilies. These detinrtmuiUs propa,-ed to cut tlieir budgets a toal of approximaily Sl.lB9.OOt), And of this si, 189.000. the Welfare Department proposed, a reduction Of 51.820.000. Several classes of agencies proposed no savings. ' included the con.siitmional departments, among them tlie governoi-'s office. Also included in the units for which no savings were proposed was the Highway Dr-partinent. with an annual budget of more than $32,000.000. Beasley said he believed there would b e additional reduction. 1 ; which could not be for.seen at thus time and which were not reflected In the present report. Ml IK I.tlTI.i: .MAN"—Waller Podni okmvp), 50, -sit.s quietly in n pot « ( ii- .-iftcr Ins capture at Siiocjunlmic, Wnsh. Stale iwhce said Potion .shot four pi-raons, one fatally, iti a Mirce-hour yun orfcy. Neighbors said lie had been a "mci'k little man." (Al» Wirephoio). Mindszenty Reportedly Moves to Soviet Jail ROME, Dee. 29. CAP)— The Roman Information Agency fAJlll said yesterday Jcxscf Cardinal Mindszenty lias been removed from a prison amf probably taken to ART, an unofficial agency which specializes in Catholic news, sakl the cardinal, who was sentenced to life imprisonment last Feb. 8, \\ns removed under heavy guard, it said the information \va.s received fioin personnel at the prison haspital to 'whic*h the cardinal was taken lor periodic health checks, The agency said it was not likely that the cardinal was taken to another Hungarian, prison ai^d that he, therefore, wju probably taken to RusMa. Air Police Unit Dented Soviet Zone in Germany BERLIN, Dec. 29. (AP) — The Kremlin tm.s forbidden an Air Force for the German peopte'.s police of the Soviet Zone, a high allied -source said today. ThU information came through various channels tapped by the, VVp.stcrn powers in an effort to find .out the plans for the CO.OOO-man police force. Scientists' Research Reveals Fungus Growths in Cancers New Chevrolet Models To Go on Display Soon DETKOIT, Dec. •!£)—oIN-Clifvro- lot will hit reduce Its new HtM) model yulomobUe.s publicly oti -Jan. 7 wifh :iu(omntirj trsuisthi-ssions as optional equipment, Aniiotnichif! this W. K. Fi-^b, Kf"'al manager. ye,stcrd»y -^ftid pro- rnolion of the now models will be the most widespread in Chevrolet history. Details of the newly deigned car will be disclosed on Jan. 6. Fish told newsmen given a prenew of the car that Chevrolet, has an nn- fiHcd order list in excess of a quarter of a million units, He .said, however, "we do not know hfiw ions the accumulation of orders will continue. We do know that we- are entering a mote normal automobile market and Dial a lot of .sales effort will bo required." THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, Soap Prices Decline NK\V YOHK. Doc. 29. '.-P>—Lcvrr Uroth n i'.s Co, yesterday reduced inn price of -is major soap prod m-is by four to 7 1 '- por rrr.L and cut its Spry price I 1 , cents a pound. The onmiKtny said it M'ns the eighth COD- .se<:utive slash in soap prices and Spry \v.i? now nearly 50 per cent rheaprr than ii was in 19-17. Whfti the Pacific Horned Lizard is ft iyhtcjird, II s<]Uh Is blcod out of ils dyes. AIDS WOUNDKD TOT— Nurse DDfoihy Friend (right) attempts to comfort .seven-year-old Penny Gust iti Evangelical hospital. Chicago. Girl \v:is shut- in arm after Himmin held tip .she and her falhc. in a ]ic|iior .store ;md she cried. When she wouldn't stop, gunman .shot hfi. and Muy broke her arm in two places. Poike held Bruce Monks. 13. for questioning. (AP Photo) Reforestation No Problem For Arkansas LITTLE ROOK. Dec. 29. l,l>j — Arkansas is one of ihr fc\v tlmbor producing states which lias no reforestation problem. Commenting on a recent U.K. Supreme Com t (ieeision that states can compel Individuals to replant cut-over land. State Forester Fred I.sni" sruti that Arkansas pine 'ijn- ber reserves are remaining (nirly constsnl. He ;Utnni:led that In rapid natural reforestation and .selective cut- titiR by lumber eomprinic?. l.ang is more c-cait eri;c'd about hardwoods. "You never hciu of anyone n'|)]antinir harcKvoods nor LS selective cttttinv; applied to these stands." he said, "but the concensus among lumber men i.s that \ve. are ncn lostnj; ground on cmr h:uch\-ooti reserves," The (oiester lepiuted tliat atjouC 10000,000 trees aie ijlantet! aitiiually on about 1?.UOI) af.-re.s of Arkansas land. That, lie =aid, is only n snul! percentuue of the replanting neies- sairy in other states. Arkansas, lie rxplainol, t eca*isc of Us type of climate and soil, ar.ti fasi-srediitM type ol pine, natin-a'.iy lp;f!'t?l.s much of its cut-over !nnd. l;i." added that if fire loss.'s cat> lie held to present levels, aboi t one UN Little Assembly To Convene Jan. 16 LAKF; success. Dec. aa (API — The United Nations anouiiccd ycs- lordiiy the Sovict-bovcotlcd Little A.s.scmbly will hold ils first 1350 meeting Jan. IG. It I.s expected to »tart work nlniost Immediately on the nue.slion, one of' the most impoitant Issues facing the United Nations. per cent of the limber serfage, "'.ve'll never have to compel reforestation," Missouri Pacific to Buy 63 Diesel Locomotives ST. LOUIS, Dec. SD. Ill', _ Th- Missouri Pacific and subsidiary rail roads yesterday svcre authorized' to buy C3 Diesel locomotives at a of 5Il.a9S.300. The purchase of 34 freight oiKht passenger and 21 switchers was nu thorizcd oy U.S. District Jud-,,~. Gcorsc J. Moore on petition of Guv A. Thompson, trustee for (he nil ruad. A spokesman said the ord-r would he placed immediately The now Diesels will replace 113 steam locomotives. WHEN FEEL WELL! KIRBY DRUG STORES By Hou.n.l W. lU;ik,>l<-c ,\ssi)( iali'iJ J*J c-.s Sitcuri' Ililitnr NKW YORK, Dun. ?<J c\['i Discovery of funtfi. liny invisible plrmus, grow in ^ in riincci.s '.vii.s n LI nou tired tr> Ihr- American A>.soci:ition for the Advancemml of Science ye^icinuy. The diHcovofi' f.s one of the- mo,sl starilint; of thi.s century. TJu* cuncet' iun«i '\n- tlu- ^ utic that j-ro^- nl! around us, in .soil,, planU ami ticc-s. They have teiet! found in every cancer it'Mcd. Tin- tes~u cmbrac-ed 20 human cancers, jncliKlini: four different kinds, and 100 mice cancel x. The fungi never have been round in any hfilHhy tLvs m >. with on exception. They .show in breads of .species of female mice which are susceptible to cancer. The discovery wius reported I)J' Dr. Irene Corey Diller of the- Institute for Cancer Research. Philadelphia. She i.s one ol (he major research contributors to the American Cancer Society. Dr. Diller showed enlarged pictures of the fuiiKi. Otic i.s a binck hiugics, common in soil niul milk products, named nUenaria. Anotlier is gi'cy. common in Hie tropics, known a.s synccphala-siruiii rjicemo- sim. Dr. Diller -said that how This tropical form got into Philadelphia cancer.* is n myslcry. There arc also .sonic common fungi not yet identified. L)r. Diller cautioned accepting resrits .so far ;i.s proof tlint futisi c;ni<*' c^ticer. "A Ri't*ui tlftil titoiL' uvirk nnw. bf dtme." slic .said. "A .single re-search tlixnip could .spend yjftt'.s exhausting the implications of tho.-je linrl- iri".s. To millions of Americans, cancer je.sraich i.s a matter of tragic nn-fncy." Dr. Uilli'i- reported that just be- foie this rc-nuiry bcynn itiuny i"- ve.sUysitnrs rcjjortcd tlicy had discovered fnnsi in ciincer.s. But rpjjorLs wrrc- not veritietl. She .siiid ihe funyi have escaped notice .since, then br't-.-ui.^e of difficulties i/i dturction. They have been misiiikr-n. slip said, for broken- down blofiri vessels. ol new At ail i.s revealed the fun^i. Former Olympic Runner Dies in Subway Mishap NEW VOHK. Dec. 2<1. <AD -Dr. John E. (Jack* I/»velock, 39, the Now Zealand-twin Olympic runner who once .set a world record in the mile run, wsi.s killed yesterday by a subway train in Urooklyii. Police j$;nd LovrJot-k ,'ipjKirentIy suffered an attack of di/zinr.=.s and fell from the station pUuform in front of the Coney Lsland-boiintl (rain at the Chinch Avenue station. The Oxi'oni-eciitciuc-ti phy.sicinn ran hU worJd record mile at Princeton. ,NV J.. in July. 1D3;), beat ing Bill Bonthron in -1:07.6. KEROSENE and 7- FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! 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