The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1D49 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Minimum cuarg* , MR I urn* per H D « IK 3J Uraea pei un« per day Jlf 3 time* pet lint pti d»y ...... « fl time* pei tine p« any Jc 13 lime* per Unt p*j <i»y Sc Montd ow net we Count UT« *t«rage wordi to the lint Ad ordered (or inte« 01 BU eim« ana stoppea Delor* eipuaiinu wth D« cnars *d tor tne oumbei ni (imeF the fcO appeared ana adjustment oj bill mane Alt cJwifiea Advertising cnpy «UD- mitcea by p*rRonj> reRldlnR nuwidt 01 th« city aiuKt DC accompanied oy CB«JI abo" may *" Hl b * °° m P uted (rniD thf AQTertlslnE omei foj UTepulai in««r- cions tajte* tne ont tluie table No reapnnslbUlly will oe tat en foi more tfian nne incorrect insertion "i any clafjijilea *a ^ AIJ aas arc restrutea to iLeli pnrpei ' ciassiiicatton myje an<3 type I n t C'aurter «ewn referve^ ib* riRht tr win or reject any a fl Notice CAftD OF THANKS We wish 10 express our deep appreciation to ltie niiuiy friends nnd tiolgJibor.ii for thrlr syni|>:ithy and kindness in \tig recent loss oj our liushund and lather. The Uornl off critics were beau tif ill and wt especially wish to tijank the 1'^v. ^ir. Kelly Jor his comtoilinK warns. -Mrs HatiiiRti Gray *V sons Apartment tor Rent Mew 3-room apt., partly furnished. Private cmnuu-e. Ph. 6218. 12 29 pk 1 5. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services OHAPMAN UKHVIOP STATION uoo't enaijige: joui mmlly with • ullj tlret—BUS LEU TIRKS. um-ct-ti Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection UUENCOiT UOTBl 11UHJJ1MU 4H-CI-U (AHK.T COtmTTO Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Kopai, Smith Comnn and Remlngioi. DON EDWARDS rne Itpwrltej Man HU K tjecnnd Bt Phnor J38i Services AU'ltj ANL- FLJltMlUItfc UJANfc frompt, eerximai Ben-let General dm truer Piitcnux* i;orp 106 Smith 6th Phnnr alto HtUroom A- KttctU'iictlr <:to<>o In ad- Joining hath Hoi Watct. J'ti 2UC2. 12 29 [ik 1 1 3-rooj» (urnlstioil npartnnTil. KPP uier from G to 3 p.m. 50fi N. Mh : 12 21) i>k 1 1 a room furnishr-ci H[i:irlmem. Private entratit'e, privncc bitth, electric rniif>e a n (1 relri^entior, ol] Heat. Settled rmipte preferred. No children. Ph 2WXI. 1228 pk 1.5 2-room 11]nilshcil apt. Private hath, "tniple only Pli. 2405, 12.28 [>k 3-1 Ono 4-room apt Qne 3-ramii apt Upsiairs. 1'rlvnte ball is Mrs W T BaXer, Phone 25fi6 12,21 jjfc 12 29 Modern cnhlns Ji apartmcnis Cute service I'h H5I 12|I pk 3:ir50 2-room unfurnished npt Settled couple only Too E Rose call after 4.3D 12.22 pk 1 5,50 3-rocmi apt. ior rent, Furniture for Bale. 407 Lilly, Inquire 517 S. Lake _ 12 2S pk 1,1 SinnJl runilAlicd apt. Also jOrcplm- room. I'h. GJ(JG. 1228 12.S1 Wonted to Rent ] chair lor artuii- Pli. 60-19 1229 |ik PLAS'i EKING BOB MALONE Call 4159 or 33^3 Blythcvillc or 407 Oaccoln 10-l> ck 1 -i; INCOME TAX licUiriis made promptly and accurately for a nominal fee. I Sec mo aljout your bookkeeping for the entire year. Day phone 3142 After fi p.m. 2D-10 El>b II. Carson at Joe Atkins Machine Shop, Highway 61 South. 12-28 ck tf A milts made brio keep I UK systcitia aevisfn, S[ntc and Federal Reports riled. Income tax returns prepared. and oooks kept on part time basis Cnl! 4y;«» or write Oliver W Krrner. Accountant South Division SI Oly- FREE INSPECTION SERVICE NE MUFFLER A New Muffler > Provides Power and Economy II your c«i muffler ii clot* (ted, tht excetiivc bark, pietivire crcalet] LUa »ut>- icentjaUy reduce t>ow«r nnil correcli Ihij, tave» vim! gal .Bad i* lafer and quletec. . . down tt,« efficiency ol yout >^\ ntr , pud can wane prccloui RBI. L«i Ul inipe<.i the cihauit lyilert) on your cat. If you need a new muffler we'll a G«nuin* Ford muf! fi " vroinpily at •mal] cott. A new mufflrr will make your fa: caucb much «I« la driv«. WaKftlDg uincliltiF^ repaired A i nmxc* BlyineTUlf Macnlnp yntip pn Ask the Man W/io Bought One HERMAN FRANKS Kt. 3, Ulylheville, Ark. HERE'S WHAT HERMAN SAYS: "1 IniiiKlit a used !!)17 Huick sedan from .January. Since that time — it's been nearly a year — I haven't had a minute's (rouble with tlie car. And. lie- sides Hint, they gave me a jjood deal to bc- " , Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1949 BUICK 2-door Super Si'danellc, only 11,000 miles and we know it's had (he best of care .radio. healer, seal covers, spotlight and white sidewall I ires $ 1895 1017 Kord 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. . .Jt015. 1917 Chevrolet Business Coupe ..JIOIS. 1016 Plymouth 1-door Sedan. . .$S95. Mils Huick Super Sedancllc, has radio nnd healer, while sidewall tires -.$I5D5. 1016 liuick l-door Sedan, radio & heater. ...?1 U).>. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service lps Motor bompaiini - «Bgat^HSEBmg^^ • «* 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 '$$$$$'$ SAVE MONEY At Phillips Motor Co. in in Ford Custom Tudor, gi- cy , equipped wilh radio \- healer. . .has had excellent tare.. .$1395. 1916 Mercury Town Sedan, dark green, in t(4p condi- liou, lias radio & healer. . .$101)5. 10 Hi Ford 2-door, dark blue, radio & heater. . .$895. HM1 Chevnilel Coach, unusually clcnn, has radio, heater and seat covers. ..$1195. 19II Ford Tudor'll get luls ami lots of good service out of Ibis car. . .$;!95. 11I12 Chevrolet I'ickup , .5.195. 10-10 Koi-d 3/I -Ton Truck. . .$S95. empanu Mj « ii a-rooin noinc on corner Jot 50x150 u All icnrfO Chicken Jioust-, K^I^K^ Next t<» nt'vv school filtc I'rU-cil to I hell /'2^ Jiiriil.silli 12;10 [»k t2[24 [ (jonict IO L .sit room house M by fj{| tl store Dulldmu Ktnck As llxiurps UtiUO Terms wiIJ M-U sepauitely Call •»WJy. 12,17 pk ]!i;:jl expert inn cicKiiKi^ oi celling WHIIF lioors, carpnts win clou.'*: nno upnni^i en- t'II.1 'a UnitA t'l-F.AN nil 3fi'J6 IU VJ rlt LI Fo/ So/e, Misc. D1SHKS. DISHES. DJHHKS A whole ciirln;ul — Flrsin niifl Ocfi- oriitetl cliltm. Set tor 4. 51.75. Fiesta all CO tots. Cups. 5 cents, white, Siiiicirrs. 5 cents, white. Plonty odds nnd etuis. 514 East Main St. '23 pfc 31 1 Moore's circulating coal hcaiur Iri «ooii condition. Must sell. IcnvfriK town. Joe tlolrt. 1116 Hollv. or phone 551. " 1229 nit l|l (.sindlron liuner Kxrcllont condLttnn yitniuotis stutlLo dlvuti Bon 113 Poll I'hntio 2701 23 pk 27 r^c oil clrcutiitor Heater. lart;e cual rRtjge. AppJy 419 \V. Asli 1225 pfc I|2 One 8-ino old U, C. Case tractor, v-row cultivator. 2-iow pfuntor. 3- ro\-.- middle bustrr. ttlpc toot, g^.OUO. wilt sell for J2;:.000. A H l)i\on 21,2 miles E o/ Dell. 1228 pk ]|4 Kasy wnshlnK nmcrlilnr. In Rood con- oinon. Cut] Mrs, ItCMch a l 505 -\2W J|1 K»15. 1228'ck IT ricglsterrd Hlotidc Cocker Brood MR L [Oil I'll. 2-UJS. 12.2R pk 1,4 C;m 5cJI you pluitibliit; [ixiurcs antl Lf LSI :il I t lie in No dovvti pay in en t Low imimtily pay menu Pli Mnrty Myers **'•**'•* l't.'2l pi! 12;31 Used Tractors .Avery Tractor And E<iii]pntctii 2 AlllB Chalmers Mode) WC, with Equipment. Mtisspy-Harris ModeJ 20 &. Equipment Msi&sey- Harris Moaci 22 &i tqiupnicnt. Bli^ritly used M:»55L-y-HiirrlR Model 44K f.: CLutlvntnr MusM-y-Harrls Model 10] Jr. with cultivator, mower [ 61 implement Co. No. Iliway 61 i'hune ]»2b ck For Sale. Real Estate Want to Oiiy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 ucrcs up to BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on I'ccnn Avenno, completely iiusnlatecl, hardwood floors, tile kitchen and bath, large lot. I'i'ice ^7,550. Will l-'HA or CI ll)0',i. Large corner lot on Ilwy. fll North. 10U fool frontage, 200 feet deep. Ideal location for nice suburban home in Country Club Drive Addition. Price ?;!,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE 11 11 12-20 ck If MIBHOUHI Cotton, mm and l>c;ui lanit 40- icrcs n-rociin lirxisi- scn-rnrrt in Iron I uirl o;u-x ]>on-hos nnd concrrlc flnoor.s \»H TOtirn-tt! v.ivlks Itoiil. nut! Imck -lire Mii'jke utilise 2 b-irns ulcclrl-u Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS (i inter«Htea UQ ' or •elJlni Noble Gil! Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls Glcncoe Blrlg. F. B. Joyner p],. (J868 Private Rooms CUdilorlahlp bedroom. clofiK Ln Two ricn or couple I'h 1221 ur 3161). 12,21 |i)l 1JJ Ucrlroorns_ JMyllicvUlc. Holrl j>)i 12,27 pic li'JJ CnnKortnhte beiironm CR[] 2675 12JH pk I|H Mrc hcdroom. Men cmly. Frls cturftiicc. on Wilnm. Ph. 240C, 12 2S pk Ihidronm, conrenlDnt to bath RUftm nffll Ph -JJZ5 -fill w Mnlii at iziw pk i[y lictlmo/n rnr rent I'b 281 a. (Jo nil or table heclruom convenient to f inwu Mcti only 310 W Wnlniil I?2 pk i,v Hporonm adjoining biuh P^i 233S 1221 • pjt l|21 Uediooin adjoining bath Ph 23.1fl 12,2] Pk 1|J1 Taken Up Wa!]pn[>fr; hair price sale on ;ti;ii!ii at rluildcrs Supply lin-o[|ic,i :^,-rl rj] Hlv -»y 1228 cV: tl large plantation in Northeast 1^^^""^^,^ ^"i™ I Ark. and Southeast Mo. See,^, « a ^.^ ." tn J£^ 1 ^ C. - I_ I. '., ^.- 1 Hcd Ili-Jly Kor<l win, riiuliiniriil SI2U5.UU. 1 H John Dcrrc »-lt!i rnuln- nifnt 5MJUU 2 new M u Kurmalln IM ivjtn Dlf.iclj .52751)00 1 new II l-'nrmull ! 11 JO .oil I Crawler Irni-tnr «' . lonUFiim disc }21IXjon A 1! Uixon' ±',2 unlc.s K.-tsL n/ Del] _ _ 121-I1II ,,k 1150 llcsislernl blonu cockers l'n~2il]li ____ 12,10 ilk lill. Fiml tta,-iur Used von cultlvawr. <llslt, tnifter .-ilk cutlers Louie Shuln. n m '- lc so "»' "' ! us for ;i farm loan CATKS WUK'nilNGTON CO RKAl.TOHS lln So. 3rd St. RlytheviJJe Ark. -.Jeory-p \V v\ Hz? n/ W C O^teF lUi^b ck ti I Cirnwry and lixturrs. About Ji.dUO | WIN ln:y fli], or c.\n linaiue flxlurrs '• : ,")-roorn living nuiirifrs. Oooil bii5,j- J tir.s.s lorntlon KEIED MADISON Mon- j cttr. Art:., jjlionc 103, MiniiHlr.' 1229 pic jicr ;u rr curtti btecle. Mo. ctilllvnilnn House pliirc for rt home t niton i:M3 Ijeiter yi ;ir owm-r lives In ell A ite:.l nt $75 IKI estaiti Co 12 '22 [i>: 12 ^0 iVilr with tmluilritf or without Apply <1<I \V A.sli St 1^ 25 pk 1|2 CASH FOR YOUR CAR Lost iHtlif-, ftititntrl Hjnfr-r plcdsr .-rue I 1 O I!...-: 4;jJ JC* ilji-vLllr, Ark Chi.sscs in clear plastic frames. ID (iuard case, RI->- WAUO.Call .Mrs. Mast.n, <M(>1 01 ^:J^5. 12-^0 ,lh ir cn up one gray innrrt tnttle I Horse imilc- C. n. IXJMK Kt 'J " ' For Sa/c, Cars and Trucks For RHJc (jy owntr pd Chevrolet 2 llntno. lip,iL»:r ,\^ KCJOI! rnhhrr Cnrnt- ivtitl sec K T Eldiir 215 W Krntncky Ave 12,17 lp NOW Alt tour H) vrherla pult on the Wiuy.i KtiiUnn <vV»Kon, IMcXiip niu] ru^cn Jct'|> "Tho worlds most useful vefurl'-s" lilythuvlllc Willy Snlen Co Ph 3M 12 2Z cw \i'n Hnvft A '4M M SLuUelmkcr I',', ton trnr>:, LOIIB wlicrl bnsc will ,ie][ chr:rt[> Hcc Nor man t t Horn CoriAl Co BJy- thoville. Ark. 12.2S pic (.4 Driving in J.os An«olrs. Iravnig npc ^rt. Can laKe n iifjsupnycr. Ph 2;U7 I2.2J ph 25 J'tiirty nun u u pnntn/uallc RCTTIC' (Confinued on Next Page) ; High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hoi bargain 10 IS Chrysler Town* Country Sedan, low mileage, new tires, r dio Sr healer. USttY MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main p honc 2 i22 Select Used Cars SAVE MONEY ON THESE USED CARS TODAY Tremendous savings on (his IOIII Nash Demonslralor! 1!)1!) Nash Anihassador .|-door Cuslom Sedan, lighl Krey color, equipped wilh radio, healer, foam cushions, white .sidcwiiM (ires, plastic seal covers. . .and hearing a new car guarantee! ISHiS Nash ,'f>00" Club Cnupe in truly perfect condition, 2-lonc green & grey, has radio, healer, and while sidewall iire.s. 1917 Crosley 2-do»r. ..has new painl job. WILL SAG- 1(1 KICK! 1917 Chcvrolel ricclmaslcr -1-dooi Sedan, glossy hlacti, radio & healer, low mileage. . .a very nice car. I!)1S Nasti "<i()0" Club Coupe, light K rcy, radio & heater. overdrive, this car will gel 25 miles In (he SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nJ Phonc 4438 PAGE NINE After-Christmas SPECIALS! !917 Chevrolet Town Sedan equipped wilh 1 0 U of extras, clean ns a pin. . .a real bargain. 19<11 Ponliac -1-door Sedan. . .$595. 1942 Chevrolet J-cloor Sedan. . .$195. 1912 Plymouth Town Sedan. . .$195. 1939 Chcvrolel Town Sedan.. .$195. f937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. . .$329. 1B37 Ford Truck. ..$195. 1946 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pane] Truck.. .$605. 1918 Jeep, runs like new. ..$095. 1916 Chevroltrl Cah-ovci-KiiRine 2-spccil. . .?;fi95. 1932 Ford 1-Ton Stake, motor and tires perfect .. 51-15. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut PtloM 578 DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! 1!)'I1 Chevrolet 5-l'assciigcr Coupe. . .$495. lil'l!) l''oni y 2 -'V m I'kkup, just like new...$1095. J9-IO CJiMC ^-Ton 1'icknii, lot of extras.v.§1095. •'• .. HI 17 Oldsmobile -I-door "(iff Series", a really nice car... $035. 1«'I7 Mercury Convertible, has everything on il. This car is a luincy I. . .51 ()<),!. IDI.S Olds mobile 2-door, maroon color, has while sidewall tires, radio & healer.. .!$I2!)5. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 30(> Knst Main [>l,one 6151 QUALITY USED CARS NEW LOW PRICES See The Big Selection Ar Still & Young Motor Co. Mercury 5-l'as.snigor Coupe, rtidio A liealer. I'lvmoulh 2-(looi Sedan, radio & liealer. Tord 2-dnor Sedan, radio & healer. .Mfrciiry'.l-ilonr Sedan, radio & healer. Mercury S-Passcn^cr Coupe, radio & healer. r.incoln ^l-door Sedan, c<|iii|ipcd wilh overdrive, &• heater. Chcvrolel 2-donr Sedan. Chrysler '1-door Sedan. Chcvrolel 2-door Sedan. Chevrolcl 2-donr Sedan. Kord 5-1'asHcnger Coupe, radio & healer. 11110 10IB in 18 !!1I7 radio mil 19.17 1'Jjn 19.'}<) 1!)IG STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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