The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 2, 1918 · 7
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 7

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1918
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THK VANCOUVER DAILY Sl'X. VANCOUVER, C. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY a,' 1918 LABOR AND G.W.V.A. DISCUSS RELATIONS MUNICIPALITIES Business - Markets - Finance - Marine - Mining COMPANY IS NEVER E T APPOINTED ASSISTANT TO FOOD CONTROLLER IK BIG CLAIM Important Matter Brought Before Attention of B. C. Federation Convention When Report of Meeting Is Given. CONCEPTION OF SOCIETY CHANGING, KELLY SAYS Will Ask Provincial Government to Allow Picketing and Prevent Use of the Injunction in Disputes. THE convention of the II., C. Federation of Iabor was scheduled to Moso with yesterday afternoon's session but could nut get through with all tho mutters before it, and the sessions will continue this morning:. Immediately tho convention iH ended the delegates will hold a brief conference to decide on tno action to be taken In turmlng a political organization. The most Important matter brought before the convention yesterday was that of the relations of labor and returned soldiers. Steps had already W'en taken toward drawing these bodies closer together, according to Gordon J. Kelly, chairman of tho committee of the convention, which mot a committee of the Great Wur Veterans' association on Wednesday. Labor representatives, consisting of U. J. Kelly, K. 1'. J'ettiplece, W, Livingstone, W. 11. Trotter and J. Welch, were selected to net on a joint advisory bourd,;with an equal number of representatives of the veterans. Secretary Draper of the Dominion trades congress sent a draft of legislation proposed In the settlement of labor disputes. It Is felt by labor men that the present legislation is not lair, and the proposed draft would amend it to allow picketing and remove the possibility of the use of the injunction in trade disputes. J. H. McVety moved that the draft Dill be taken to the provincial government and a request be made that it be made a provincial law, and falling this that It be given to a private member to introduce as a private bill. The motion carried unanimously. Jvelly Reports on Sleeting. Gordon J. Kelly, chairman of tho committee which met tho war veterans' representatives, reported on the mee-ting and said that It was not judicious to state all that transpired and he would content himself with, saying that soldiers since war began were beginning to have a better conception of their position In society. Delegate Which: "Then, tho war was worth fighting." Mr. Kelly, continuing, stated that the soldiers wero realizing that they might be exploited, and It was on that basis that returned soldiers and Industrial organizations could get together. He said there had been great harmony throughout the conference. The soldier representatives made It plain that they thought It unwise to bring about a hard and fast alliance at first, believing that better results could be obtained through getting together and arriving at better general understandings. That the executive of the federation be instructed to consider ways and means to protect returned men, crippled and otherwise, from having advantage taken of them because they received pensions or were crippled; and that the executive urge upon the federal government the immediate selection of a large tract of grain land In the northwest where wheat could be grown, the tract op-crated by returned men who would bo paid standard wages and ba supervised by competent management, were two recommendations brought In. The first was passed, but the second altered, on motion of V. R. Trotter, to readVhat it be referred to the joint advisory committee. This :arried. In answer to a question of a dele-sate. Mr. Kelly stated that the labor committee was dealing with the Great War Veterans' association, as it waa apparently the most representative soldier organization. Alberta Body's Letter. A letter from the Alberta Federation of Labor asking Bupport of that body's stand regarding vocational training of soldiers was referred to the Joint advisory board. This letter contained a resolution passed at the Alberta convention criticizing the methods adopted by the hospitals commission. It said that the vocational training being given returned men was largely for shop and factory work, and a course took 12 monthB to complete. This did not turn out a thoroughly skilled mechanic, the time being too short. When war was over and soldiers getting back, the men who were put on the labor market from the vocational courses would be handicapped by not being finished craftsmen. The Alberta convention recommended that the government be asked to appoint a competent commission to handle the absorption and retraining of returned soldiers. This letter and recommendation were referred to the Joint advisory board. A groat quantity of detail matter waa dealt with at the morning session. An Interesting attempt was made to have the convention record disapproval of the prohibition act but It failed, though by a smaller vote than the first. This resolution was to havo the act so amended that 2 1-2 per cent, alcohol would be legal In brew and the sale of light wines legal. The resolution waa lost, 40 to 82. A resolution asking for a statute making It necessary to pay wage.) by cash instead of by check was passed. A minimum wage legislation for women was approved. At the opening of the afternoon session the convention passed a resolution favoring the opening of all fishing grounds to all, regardless of rannery licenses. The convention approved the effort to have state control of medical and dental practice. SPEAKERSHIP CANDIDATES M. A. Marilonald and M. B. Jackson Are Pressing Tlietr Claims. VICTORIA, Feb. 1. M. A. Mac-lonald, M.P.P., of Vancouver and M. II. Jackson, M.P.P. of the Islands, are the two names mentioned for the speakership of the . provincial legislature which convenes on February 7. The former was In Victoria today preferring his claims to the government and he also approached W. J. Bowser, leader of the opposition, with a view-to sounding him on the Conservatives' attitude towards his selection. Mr. Howser's viewpoint Is not known. Mr. Jackson also ha been carrying on n active campaign for the position. The government will reach a decision In the matter on Monday. ASSISTANT IXSPECTOR. OTTAWA, Feb. 1.- Jamee Eadl of Fegina haa been appointed assistant Inspector of weight and measures in the Reglna division. Suit Involves 1,778,844 Acres of Saskatchewan Land as Well as the Sum of $111,-117.75 in Surtax. HEUINA, Feb. 1. Involving 1,778,-844 acres of land within the boundaries of the rural municipalities of Saskatchewan In the "fertile belt" (south of the Haskuti'hewnn river) as well as the sum of $111,177.76 In the way of surtax, wlmt Is believed to be. ono of the largest claims submitted to a court In this province tof consideration was opened today In tho supreme court hero before Justice I.u-mont. Mould Ilwiwr. Tho ensn Is technically styled "The Rural Municipality of Hratt's Lake ct a I. versus Tho Governor and Com-puny of Adventurers of F.ngland Trading Into tho Hudson's Bay." The action, In brief, Is to secure recovery on behalf of a number of rural municipalities of the province of surtax claimed from the Hudson's Bay Company under the provisions of the surtax amendments to tho Kural Municipal Act of Saskatchewan. The case Is of outstanding Interest by reason of tho fact that it calls Into question tho validity of tho amendments regarding the surtax in view of the famous charter granted to tho Hudson's Hay Company by Charles "II und its deed of surrender. The real question to be decided is whether or not tho surtax can be classed as an "exceptional tax" from which under the "deed of surrender" the company claims to bo exempt. In Its defence the company submits tho act authorizing tho surtat to bo ultra vires In whole or, In tho alternative, in so far us It affects tho company. Is Test Case. Six rural municipalities have been chosen from those of the province to act as plaintiffs in what Is In reality a test case. ' Fivo leading lawyers are engaged on the case, Hon. W. F. A. Turgeon, K.C., attorney-general of Saskatchewan, together with I'. M. Anderson of this city, appear for tho municipalities, while J. A. Allan, K.C., of Kegina, with 1. II. Laird. K.C., and S. J. Kothwcll, K.C., of Winnipeg, appear for the company. Considerable oral evidence was given today, Including an Interesting dissertation on the history of taxation from 1692 to the present time by Prof. A. R. Clarke, professor of political economy In tho Manitoba university. A large amount of documentary evidence was also put in and, commencing tomorrow, legal argument will be submitted. It was stated today that the case would go right through to the privy council for final decision. WHARFAGE AT VICTORIA Australian Lino Is Seeking Space at tiovernnieiit lkx'ks. The Canadian-Australian steamship line, through J. C. Irons, British Columbia representative, has taken up tho question of the steamers of this line using the Government docks in Victoria, on account of tho not altogether satisfactory wharfage accommodation at tho Inner harbor docks at times. At tho present time this line is operating the Niagara, a 14,-000-ton ship, and the Makura, The new government piers are known ns Nos. 2 and 3i For some months, at least, Pier No. 2 will not be available for ocean shipping, us the shed now under construction there will be utilized by the Imperial Munitions board in equipping with machinery the fleet of wooden steamers building on the const. There is nothing, however, to hinder the immediate utilization of Pier No. 3 for the docking of ocean liners making Victoria a port of call, should the Dominion government authorize the immediate construction of the proposed shed on the pier. G.T.P. TO ERECT DEPOT Kailway Company Contemplates Improvements In Prince Rupert. PRINCE RUPERT, Feb. 1 W. P. Illnton, who Is here on his way to Vancouver, says that the Grand Trunk Pacific will spend $250,000 in Prince Rupert this year, on a brick railway station to meet all requirements for ten years; machine shops and roundhouse near Cameron Cove; and a thousand-foot wharf. The G. T. P. has closed a contract for hauling four thousand cars of spruce this summer. It is understood that there are prospects that the drydock here will be operated on a big scale. BAH DRAFTEES. LONDON, Ont., Feb. 1. At a meeting of the council committee dealing with soldiers' insurance, it was decided not to Insure draftees. Those who enlisted voluntarily will be covered by civic insurance policies. IN THE LAW COURTS Supremo Court Chamber. Before Chief Justice Hunter. Bubb vs. Bubb Application to dismiss action; application struck out. Great West Permanent Loan Co. vs. Lawrence Application by E. A. Burnett to appoint receiver; order made. In re Business Accessories Sales Co. Application by J. K. Jeremy to extend time for filing statutory report; order made. Rand vs. Town Estate Application by H. A. Bourne for directions; order made. Colquhoun vs. Ardell Application by W. a. Anderson for foreclosure nisi; order made. Credit Foneler Co. vs. Atkltjs Application by F. R. Anderson for foreclosure nisi; order made. Jones vs. Uranby Consolidated Mining Co. Application by A. L. McLeod for Jury; order made. Northern Crown Hank vs. Peoples' Trust Co. Application by F. R. Anderson to confirm reglstrar'u report; order made. Gauzes vs. Crehan Application by W. M. Griffin for foreclosure nisi; order made. Canadian National Fire Insurance Co. vs. Colonial Financial Corporation Application by J. A. Maclnnes for leave to proceed; order made. Buscombe vs. McKarney Application to proceed with accounts; order made. In re L. H. Goodall Application by J. SS. Jamleson for probate; order made. Dominion Trust Co. vs. Pearson-Application for foreclosure nisi; order made. Todd vs. Western Canada City PropertiesApplication by D. 8. Wall-bridge to renew writ; order made. Writs Iteiicd. Hazel Taylor vs. Howard Keays and the Dominion Tail Co. for damages for personal Injuries received while in collision with another tail. Stephen Jones vs. Albert W. Cruise et al.. for an accounting. Reversal of Last Hour Accelerated by Renewal of Short Selling Based in Part, on Rise in Call Money. NEW YciliK. Feb. i. Another demonstration of activity and strengrti attended today's dealings In stocks, but trading gradually flattened out. Kurly advances of one to two points In rails and Industrials, and two to five points In shippings and specialties wero materially Impaired Inter. The reversal of the hist hour was accelerated by a renewal of short selling based la part on an unexpected rise In call money to tl per cent. War shares figure 1 prominently In the advance nf the forenoon, although peaco talk was again a' fun-most factor. Kii.llH derived some of their early support from further Improvement, in Eastern tranimrluli"ti conditions. Revival of public. Interest was suggested by the bullish enthusiasm or the first hour, the turnover of that period aggregating 4U per cent of tho total. Specialties of various grades denoted the Influence of professional operators, but yesterday's sensational movements were lacking. United States Steel monopolized speculative attention throughout, but forfeited Its fractional .ul.'inuv, (losing at a net decline or one three-eighth points. Other lndutdrlnls, also rails and coppers, pursued much the same course, but shippings retained part of their substantial gains. Sales amounted to 960,000 shares. French municipals were the heavy features of the bond list. Liberty Issues Improved, three and one-halfs' selling at OS. 30 to 98, ami first folirs' at 96.08 to SB. 60. Total sales, $4,-660,000. SKW YOIIK STUCK l;.YlHCiK (Reported by Waghorn. Gwynn & Co., Limited I Open. High. Low. Close. Am. Beet Sugar VStJ I'M "'I T7J Am. r,m vm nr i Am. Car Fdy. . 7r,S 73 7U 715 Am. Loco Mi r.J OKI 5 Am. Kmeltln . 8 ft 85 4 8?.J 83 Am. Zinc I, 'J 15J 1.1 1,1 Anaconda . ... 61 j 64-J (S3J Atchison S5 St. 84J K4J Baldwin 644 65 6.1 4 4 li. & 0 5D1 tn 'r'H f'U Hutte & Sup. .. 20J "J -H C. P. U 149!: 1493 147 147 c. & o 64$ 54 j r.nj r.t Cen. Leather .. 6j 6 K J OS 68 ('. M. & .St. P. . 43J 44 1 -US 4-4 C. 11. I. & P 21 214 2H 204 Chlno 444 4.1J 44 H C. F. I Sit s: 384 3K-1 Crucible f,8 C94 B74. 67i Cuban Cane . . "2 324 31 " 1 i Distillers . ... 404 40i 39 391 Krte 1fi 1f, '1.H 113 Erie 1st 24 4 2 :: B. S. II 791 8f4 7K 7J t'iranby -- 7 77 77 ("it. Nor. Ore .. 2i 28J 27 27i (. N. Pr 914 92 91 91. Inspiration . . 4 : 5 473 46 46 Int. Nickel .... 29 29 4 2R4 281 K. C. Huu 18 IS 171 173 Ken. Copper .. 33J 33J 334 33 j Lehigh Valley . - - 693 69 r,9 Maxwell 3n ant 2St 29 Marine Hi 26J 213 213 Marine Pr 93j 96 924 H-U Mex. Petrol . . 92J 941 924 921 N. Y. C 724 72 714 72 New Haven ... 30 . 34 29J 29? Norfolk 1943 1061 10411 Kill Nor. I'ac. 86J 83 86J 86 Penna 46jj 468 46 4Hj Prs. Steel Car . 644 64 i 63 634 Rv. Steel Sp. .. 63J 53 62j 62 j Reading 76 77 754 7.1J Rep. Steel .... 793 7!IJ 774 774 So. Pac T4J 76 732 74 Sou. Rv 24 244 23J 23J Btudebaker . .. 64 J 54 3 53 63 T. Prod. XD 14 55g 64 5H I'n. Par 116J 117 115J 1164 IT. P. Ind. Alco. 121S 125? 1194 1214 IT. S. Steel 98 98J ! 9GJ IT S. Ptoel Pr. . 11 U 1124 1114 111J Utah Cop 841 85 83 83 Walmah "A" .. 42 42 414 41 J Westlngliouse . 42 425 41 4 4 1 h Willi's Ov 194 194 184 184 O. Motors 137 137 1324 134 Total Sales 1,044,000. VASiCOl'VKB STOCK RXCH ASMS (Friday, February 1st. 1918) Rid. Asked. Ftnwena Copper .18 Canada Copper $1.90 Cork Province 02J .03 Coast Copper $5.00 Drum Lummon .27 Oranby $73.00 Harris Mines .05 Highland Valley .35 Howe Sound $3.25 International Cea! 091 McOIUIvray Coal 16 Lnnn Lake Copper .... .3.1 Nabob 06 Nugget -- .09 Rambler-Cariboo 064 .09 i Roeher de Boule .40 Sheep Creek on 4 Sloean Star 014 Snowstorm .26 Standard Silver Lead .. .47 Surf Inlet Gold 3 4 .39 Utica '17 .in Athabasca Oil 48 .55 Alberta Pet. Con. "11 .11 1 s Reaver Oil .no 'f Canada 011 & Yen im .oii'j lit. Stephen nil fo; Pitt Meadows It ,fj Record Oil el Southern Alberta $2.91 Trolan on 0IJ .0.11 P.. C. Refining .18 R. C. Permanent Loan .$30.00 $60.00 Great West Perm $60.00 Can. Fish & Cold Storage $2.00 Pacific Coast Fire $76.00 Anglo-French $90.23 $91.50 Dom. War Ixian, No. 1 .$9 4.00 Pom. War Loan, No. 2 .$92.00 Dom. War Loan, Nn. 3 .$92.00 Snlra. 10:30 a.m. 500 fan. Oil & Van. at .001. 6000 Can. OH & Ven. at .00, 1000 Cork Province at .02. 600 Pitt Meadows at J8J. 3:30 p.m. 5000 Can. Oil ft Ven. at .00J, 6000 Can. Oil Ik Veri. et .TiOJ. 10,000 Can. OH & Von. at .Oiijl. 2ii00 Trolan lit .045, 1000 Troian at .1144. moo Trolan at .041, 5000 Trojan at .05 iP.'lO), 1000 Trolan at .045, 1000 Troj;ui at .04. I11OO Trolan at .04 1, 1000 Trojan at .041. S0 Trojan at .014 (1130), 1500 Trojan at .04. Wl.VMPUM r; 11 1 v pitu ps WINNIPKi"!. Feb. 1. fn the cash nam market there was a good demand for the lower grades, with tho offerings more liberal. Oats Old Contract Open. Close. May .86 New Contract Mov Mil 86 July 814 .811 Barley Mnv 1.18J 1 r,SJ Flax-May 3.3ft 3.29J M!W TOIIK I'OTTO.V (Supplied by Waghnrn, CJwynn 4- Co, Limited) High, Uuv. Close. March 3o 42 29 0.1 ". 'is May : 3 2 ;t:, July 23 30 L't H7 L'K H0 October . ..27 90 27 41 7 56 December ... 27 63 27 3.1 37 37 I IIOH.II .U4IN1 (Supplied by Waghnrn, Gwynn & Co, Limited) Open. High. Low, Close. Corn Mar 1261 126& n4 12,; May . ,. 1 254 1 254 1244 R'lJ Oats Feb. , .. 821 824 81J sij Mar. . .. 84 82J vtj si May ... fe04 804 78J PARW, Feb. L Trading was quiet n the bourse today. Three per cent, rentes. 57f 75c for rash. Kxohniig,; on London, if 5 l-2c Five cunt, loans, S7f iOo. I if- via : :t ' f V t A, h ! li. 51. UM.LAVn M , of Montreal, formerly of .Stratford. Out., who has been appointed assistant to Food Controller II. li. Thomson. He has long been identified with the cheese business, und has been acting In an advisory capacity to the Canadian food controller for somo time. TRANSACTIONS ON LARGE SCALE ON TORONTO MART TORONTO, Feb. 1. Peace is not in such near prospect, according to tho Wall street view of today, and the moderate recession in tho New York market naturally had Its effect upon tho local exchange Transactions wero on the largest scale In months, 3152 shares changing hand. Hrazlllim in which trading amounted to 1040 shares, opened firm at 39 1-1, and touched 39 3-1 before the reaction started which carried it down to 37 with tho closing bid only one-eighth higher. A more, hopeful view is being taken of the outlook for an Initial dividend on steamships, common, tho shares selling us high as 42 3-4 and closing 0110-half point lower for a net gain of five-eighths, while tho preferred advanced to 76. a gain of three-quarters, 'folding in both .Issues was heavy. Tho :tecl stocks wero comparatively neglected, a feature, however, being tho strength shown by Steel of Canadc, which at tho closing quotation, 513-1, showed a gain of three-quarters, Tho war loan displayed moderate activity, the first issue being firmer at 96, and the second and thirl unchanged. Total dealings in war loans amounted to $7200. LONDON" STOCK KXCJlAXfJK. LONDON, Feb. 1. The unusual trading prevailed on the stock market yesterday with some irregularity in homo funds varied by an Improvement In Irish stocks, based on political hopes. Scandinavian and Russian bonds were firmer on light purchasers. Speculative mine and oil shares had a good tone, but rubbers wero weak with the lower price of the commodity. The shares were strong. ' aioNTUEAL ruonrcK. M O XT REAL, Feb. 1. Strong feeling in the butter market. No new development in egg trading. Cheese featureless. Cheese Finest westerns, 21 3-4; finest easterns, 21 1-4. Hutter Choicest crenmery, 47 to 47 1-2; seconds, 46 to 46 1-2. Eggs Fresh, 6S; selected, 52; No. 1 stock, 4S; No. 2 stock, 45. pork Heavy Canada short mess, barrels 35 to 45 pieces, 62 to 63; Canada short cut back, barrels 45 to Do pieces, 50 to 61. M17TAL MAUKFT. NEW YORK, Fob. 1. Metal exchange quotes lead quiet; spot, R.S7 1-2 to 7.12 1-2; spelter quiet; East St. Louis spot, 7.75 to 7.95. At London: Copper, spot and futures, 110; electrolytic, 125; tin, spot, 206 6s; futures, 294 5s; lead, spot, 29 15s; futures, 28 10s; spelter, spot, 54; futures, 50. CI I ICAOO LIVESTOCK. 1 Tl li 'Ad 1. Feb, 1. Cnttlr receipts. 1 4.000; 'market weak. Beeves, S.65 to 1415; ftockers rind feeders, 7.45 to 10.60; cows und heifers, 6.40 to 11.90; calves, 9.50 to 1 6.00. Mogs Receipts, "4,000: market unsettled. Light, 15.6,1 to 16.36; mixed, 1 3 90 to 16.45; heavy, 15. 85 to 16.50; rough, 15.80 to 16.00; pigs, 13.25 to 1 6 25; bulk of sales, 16.10 to 16.45. f;heep Receipts, 12.000; market weak. Lambs, native, 14.75 to 17.75. CORN MAItKKT. CHtCACO, Feb. 1. Pence gossip, together w-lth moderating weather that promised enlarged receipts, gavfl the corn market today a downward slant. Prices cl-spd easy at the same as vesterday's finish to 5-8 cents low-pr.'nt 1 26 3-4 for March and 1 24 5-8 for May. ttats underwent a setback of 1 3-S to 1 3-1 cent net. Provisions gained 2 1-2 cents to 20 cents. November llth, 1917. Notice is hereby given that the P'OCRTH ANNCAL OF.NKRAL MKI.TIN'G of tho Shareholders of THK Ill'DSON HAY MORT-O.U1E CORPORATION will be held at the Registered Office of tho Corporation, Room 711 Credit Fonder Building, 850 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, British Columbia, on Tuesday Afternoon, I-'ehruary TWELFTH, 1918, at 2:30 o'ciuck. THK HCDSON BAY MORT- G.( IE CORPORATION, Per ri. B. Smith, Bec.-Treaa. W.H.NANS0M0. Members Vancouver Stock Exchange. Victory Bonds BOUGHT AW D SOLO. All listed and nnllstil Stocks and Bonds bandied on strict commission hauls. 315 ROGERS BLSO. BET. HIT. v .11 :i It V!v; IJ i ' u ' ' ' ' " 1 5 Broadening. Tendency in Montreal Continued on Friday; Car, Dominion Iron and Canada Steamships Are Active. MONTREAL, Feb, I. The broad-enlng tendency for which the local stock market has been noted for several days past continued today. A spectacular feature v;ih the jump of Canada Car from 21 3-1, Thursday's close, to 26. ul'ter opening at 25. The Jump of Canada Car was made on trading of Just over 100 shares. Dominion Iron and Canada Steamships were active. Iron started off well and went to 50 3-4, a new I Igh on the movement compared with last month's high at 09 1-2, but later it yielded all the gain by reacting to 69. Brazilian, after Its perpendicular rise to 40 the. day before, resumed trading at thai level, but slackened off to 38. Cement was quiet, and steady at 58 1-2; Steel of Canada opened at 66 and lost a fraction; Scotia held its rally at 18. High. 130a m 254 76 26 123 a BSI) 05a 934b 934b 9SJ S93 Low. BR 4b 674 25J 76 25 70a Bell Telephons Brazilian Trac Can. Cement com Can. S. S. com Can. H. 8. pfd Cons. M. S Bum. Hrlilge Pennuins Limited horn, War Uian, 1925 .. Horn. War Lan, 1931 .. Dom. War Loan. 1937 .. Dom. Victory Loan ... Anglo-Frenel 894 1IOM1 OlOTATIOSiS (Supplied by Waghom. Gwynn &. Co., Limited) Open. Close. Anglo-French, 5'.;-, Oct. lb, 1920 I'n. King, of (it. H. and I. 6'4 Secured Notes, Sept. 1, 1918 Un. King, of Gt. H. und 1.64 Secured Notes, Nov. 1, 1919 Un. King, of Gt. It. and I. 5 6 '" S See. Cunv. Notes, Feb. 1, 1919 Un. King, of Gt. 1!. and 1. 54 flecured Notes, Nov. 1, 1921 American Foreign Sec. Co. 67. Sec. Notes, Aug. 1, 191'J ... 89J 984 97 89i 08! 874 99 994 94J 96 944 974 140 French Govt. 6 internal Victory Ivoan, Jan. 1..1931 130 Cltv of Paris u'o Bonds, Oct. 16, 1921 Cities of Marseilles, llord- eausc and Lvons 6','o Bonds, Nov. 1, 1919 Russian Oovt. 61 External Bonds. Doc. 1, 1921 Russian Oovt. 54 Kublo Bonds (Int. Loan), Feb. 14, 1926 Dominion of Cnnnrta 6 Bonds. Auk. 1. 1919 884 894 89 90 40 46 90 85 951 95 92 Dominion of Bonds. Apr. Dominion of Bonds. Apr. Dominion of Canada D". 1. 1921 Canada 1, 1931 . Canada 93 ' obi Bonds, Apr. 1, 1926 92 83 Argentine Oovt. 6',',. Treasury Bonds, May 15. 1920 94 93 Dominion of Canada 6 Bonds (New Loan), Mar, 1, 1937 92 93 French Republic 6J', Sec. Conv. Notes, Apr. 1, 1919 . 96J 974 NEW TOIIK KXCHAlMtSK NEW YORK, Feb. 1. Mercantile paper 64 "to AS. Sterling Sixty-day bills 4.72; commercial, sixty-day bills on banks 4.714; commercial, sixty-day bills 4.714; demand 4.704: cables 4.76 7-16. Francs Demand 5.711; cables 6.694. Guilders Demand 434; oahles 44. Llres Demand 8.64; cables 8.52. Rubles Demand 13; cables 134. Silver and Bonds Bar sliver 8(lg ; Mexican dollars 69; government bonds strong, railroad bonds firm. Money Mnrkrt, NKW YORK, Feb. 1. Time and Call money Time loans firm; sixty days, ninety days and six months 64; and 6 per cent. Call money strong; high 6; low 4; ruling rate 4; closing bid 44; offered at 5; last loan 5. Ilnr Hllver. LONDON, Feb. 1. Bar silver 434d per ounce. Money 84 per cent. Discount raites: Short bills 4 1-82; three months' bills 4 1-16 per cent. FRIDAY'S BANK CLEARINGS. Vancouver Seattle. .. Portland . . Spokane . . Tacoma . . $1, 681, 187 4,083,31 3 8,325,315 992,718 667,018 OTTAWA, CANADA PRINGLE GUTHRIE Barristers and Solicitors Cllve Cringle N. O. Guthrie Parliamentary Solicitors Departmental Agents Board of Railway Commissioners Mr Cltve Prlngle Is a Member of the Bur of British Columbia, Cltlzan Building1, Ottawa. Oils Mines Local Stocks Sally Transaction, Send for Weekly Markt Lttsr, fre on request. Tells you how to trade In stocks 0U Victory Bonds Imught and sold. DONALD M. MAOOBKaOB Member Vancouver ind Seattle Stock ExobattfM 610 FaolXlo Blag. MJ. 8461, NORTH HEAD OFFICE nsasssR QFFERS the following outstanding figures of the business for 1917 which stamp it the most successful year in the history of the Company; Policies Issued and Revived $12,535,832.00 Profits Total A net gain of over Five and a Half Millions in business in force ia indicative of the increases made. !W. KERR GEORGE, D. M.CRA. U..C1, Vu-Fntaiu. L 1 W. Kornlcjslijft, Provincial Jlamtgcr. Supplies Light and Prices About Stationary at Royal City Friday; Potatoes Con-inue to Move Slowly. NKW WKSTMIXSTKIt.-Owing to the Inclement wcathor of yosturd.iy the weekly Friday market wis only sparsely Httendod. The supplies on tho whole were also rathnr light. Prices wero mainly stationary, In ' particular poultry was scarce. Tho j L. . it. specdal markot train, which was delayed by the snow, caused the poultry section to look very dilapidated until after Its urrhal. The prevailing figure for poultry was l'o rent a poumU live w ;t flit, w ill the usunl variations according to the breed and condition. Tho potato market, In spito of tho rumored reports that the tuber. were beginning to inoe, continued In the fame condition as for tho pafct month, there being practically no Itv this commodity. The same might he said of sacked vegetables. Somo Northern Spy and Baldwin apples wero noticed; they sold at $1 and $1.25 per box. Wholesale eggs ranged from BO to 52 cents a doncn, In somo enses as high as 6:1, but tho prevailing figure was 50 cents. The number of vendors on the retail row was rather small, but the few that wero there sold eggs for 55 and 60 cents. Butter varied from 50 to 55. A peculiarity In the supply of tho latter was that the regular customers wero willing to pay 55 cents for butter, but the transients would not pay more than 50. In the meat section some very choleo pork sold for ;'4 1-2 cents u pound, but the prevailing figure was 23 cents, although some was bought for 21 cents. U'hcro was a decided Increase In the wholesale prlco of beef, which during tho week, went up to 18 1-3 cents for No. 1 steers. The following prices wero ipioted: I'ouKry. Hens, light 2Se to 29a Hens, heavy , 29c to 32c Springs SOc to 33c Chickens, dressed 30c to Sac I'niK. Apples, box $1.00 to $1.25 Vegetables. Potatoes, ton $22.50 to $25 Potatoes, per sack ....$1.25 to $1.50 Carrots, sack $1.00 Turnips, sack $1.00 Parsnips, sack $1.00 Onions, hik k $2.50 Cabbages, 100 lb. sack $2.00 licets, sack $1.25 llggM and Kutfer. 1 Kggs, retail 5Gc and 6O0 Kggs, wholesale 50c to 52c Butter, primo ranch, retail.. 50c, 55c W holesale Meat. Ileef 13c to 16c Pork, heavv, sows 16c. to 18c Pork, 100 to 200 21c to 24c, Pork, light, under 100.... 18c to 21c Veal, choice 21c. to 23c. Veal, medium quality ,...18e to 20c Veal, poor and heavy ...,15o to 17c Retail Meat. Leg of Mutton 40c Pot Hoast 22c to 25c Hoast Pork SOc to 36o Boiling Heef 20c to 25c T.-Bono Hoast 35c to 40c Hoast Veal ROo to 35c Veal Chops 35c to 40o Brisket point ..18c STANDARD BA OF CANADA HEAD OrriCS TORONTO ht'd mi interest at current rate. 239 VANCOUVER BRANCH, H G. C. PERKINS. Manaer. Q Anglo-French Bonds Maintain a pre-eminent position for safety s-nd high Interest yield, affording the best investment for funds. tnrnted by tlie Ooraramaiita of 9n Britain and Itua, Bonds in denomination of $100 upwards, half-yearly oouona for Interest SOW TXE&D ABOUT ZVTBBBBT. Writ tot' Bond Circular. WAGHORN, GWYNN & CO., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. STOCK ABO BOUTS BBOXEBS AMERICAN LIFE ASSURANCE CO. Total Assurance in Force Cash Income Assets Net Surplus Paid Policyholders Payments to Policyholders 1,574,291.23 T'HE sum of $1 1.448,465.06 has been actually paid to Policyholders or their beneficiaries during the past ten years. AtV for a copy of the Annual Report "Solid as the Continent" "Solid as the Continent" Justly Describes Position of the North American Life as Told at 37th Annual Meeting. Never Wiis so fine n report submitted to the policyholders of tha North Arnerliiin Life as that for the year 1017 at the 27lh annual meeting. Never wan Its watchword, "Solid as the Continent," more Justified. After pointing out the great strides In busl-tiesH written, tho president, L. Goldman, referred with Just pride to tho company's assets, now amounting to $17,28,47 1.40. A considerable Increase during the year In bonds and debentures 1 eld was due to tho com-pan' liberal pnrohnne of government bonds, Aftor liabilities have been fully provided for there Is a substantial tut surplus of $2,774,-854. 38. cMnhllHhlng beyond u. doubt tho unexcelled financial position of the company. Policlcij im.ii.,) and revived during the year amounted to $12,5,15,832, a sum considerably lu excess of any previous year's business. The total assurunce now In force amounts to $65.21 ::. B23, u net increase during the, past year of $5,528,511. The management of the company-Is bending every effort, towards advancing the Interests or tho policy, holders. During 1917 over one and a hair millions, or In exact figures, $1.-574.201.23, was paid to policyholders, of this amount $248,857.65 represented dividends, and ut the same time the company announces that the much larger sum of $.110,067.65 hns been apportioned for dividends In 1018. It is to be noted that during the past ten years this company has paid tho sum of $l,8S2,4l!7.04 as dividends or surplus to their policyholders. A survey of the 37th report must renew tho setiHe of pride and security which every North American Life policyholder enjoys. WINMPMi CATTIJ1 riUCFA vYINNlPKG, Feb. 1. Livestock offerings at the 1'nlon stockyards today totalled 200 catte and 007 hogs. Cattle and hog market steady, at steady to firm prices. Butcher steers, 7.50 to 12.50; heifers, 6.00 to 10.50; cows, 6.50 to 10.00; bulls, 6.00 to 0.00; oxen, 6.25 to 9.00; stnekers, 8.00 to 8.75; calves, 7.00 to 12.00. Hogs .Selects, 18.00; heavies, 13.50 to 14.50; sows, 12.00 to 13.50; lights, 13.50 to 14.75. PAKW AIR DKFEXim PARIS, Feb. 1. An Incrense In the number of airplanes defending Purls and measures for rendering bsrraga fire more effective, was decided on today at a conference between Premier Clemenceau find Jacques Dumesnll, under-secretary of aviutlon. An Intense continuance of. curtain firo Is considered here to be the only real protection against air raids. Pigs' Heads ,, Codfish, lb. . Crabs, 2 for Halibut, lb. Steelhead, lb. Herring, lb. . Soles, lb, . . . Sturgeon, lb. ...17u I'InIi. 20c 25c ..... 25c 25c 10c , . 15o 20c oollchans, lb 15c White Spring Salmon 25o THE Nil TRUST FUNDS Our Savings Department gives you a guarantee of absolute security and TORONTO, CANADA 65,213,623.00 3,138,817.40 17,268,471.46 2,774,854.38 248,857.65 U GOLDMAN. 18 fUigws Uhx'k, Yonoouvcr. 1 1 f

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