The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on March 19, 1945 · 16
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 16

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1945
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THE BKRCKN EVENING RECORD, MONDAY, MARCH 1, 194S HACKENSACK, BERGENFIELD, ST; CECILIA WIN STATE TITLES: FAGS SIXTEEN At Random In Sportdom Bergenfield Goes Wild Comet $ And Saint $ Calm In Big Wins By Ah DEL GRECO Happy Comets After Winning Crown At Elizabeth AFTER WHAT the three Bergen rookie did In the tournament at the Elizabeth Armory Saturday night, Lennle Burn of West New York auggeated calling It the Bergen County New Jersey State Bas ketball tourney. , , . They all came through, pulling away in the stretch like Count Fleet. . . , Tradition took an awful walloping around, Walter I. Short, the N. J. 8. 1. A. A. secretary, giving t aa other Jounce as he bought dinner for all the scribes, Including Pas sale's Joe Lovas, who has been hammering hell out of the Association because Passaic County clubs must travel In Important games and don't get the chance to play at home. St. Cecilia of Englewood and Hackensack took their victory as if it was old stuff. . . , The Bergenfield Mites all blew their tops, the 00 rooters hysterically mobbing the team and the players carrying Coach Mike De Armott off the floor and to the dressing room on their shoulders. ... Its cheerleaders were the snappiest looking too and were led by the personable Arlene Lang, with a million dollar smile. . . . Style note: Bergenfield was the only tourney team which wore stockings. ... John Claxon, director of athletics at Bergenfield High, tipped me that Bob Kennedy wasn't feeling right ... "But it may not mean a thing," he said, "After the game starts, he may have a good day." . ... He did. . Father Edward Moore of St. Cecilia was really Jubilant after the 'victory. ... Coach Vlnce Lombard! appeared glum. ... "He doesn't know the game Is over," commented John Stelnhllber. . . "Just wait until he realizes that he has a state champ". ... Lorn' bardi la another one of the tribe who dies a million deaths before a contest. .' , . Incidentally, Father Moore played shortstop, guard and quarterback on the St. Cecilia team when Gebhard was coaching 'em. . . . Red Oarrity took time out to explain that Frank Milner was a terrific Influence for the good when he was coaching Cliffslde. . "And that comes," he said wryly, "from a coach who had to face his teams." '- Trenton's Red Smith did the announcing and Hackensack's Red Oebhard. was one of the official scorers. . , . Mrs. Gebhard and Jimmy Oebhard were on. hand. ... They have another son. Lou, who'll play football again under his dad in his senior year in the fall M, Three generations of the Bollerman were at the drill shed. . . . It wasn't Bolly's first title, he won a state championship with Bound Brook in 1937. , 2 . Rldgefield Park, loaded with Howie Fackiener and Co., stopped him in the semi-finals another year. . . . Howie was reported killed in action recently. . -. , "You always get good officiating at the tourney," commented Oscar Thompson, "There are two officials on the floor and 150 In the stands, telling them what to do". .'. Pay-Off On A Superstition JUD of the Hudsoa Dispatch talked about superstitions of coaches - "i know Bollerman well," he said. . . . "Just before the Cliff side game, X wanted to take some pictures of his Comets. . , . 'Please Lud. said Bolly, "Don't do it. We've won 'em all and it may be: bad luck"'. ... Lud asked Bodner for Cliffslde pictures and Bodner told him to go right ahead and shoot his head off. , . . So Hackee sack went out on the court and lost its only game of the season! ' 'It was St. Cecela on the scoreboard. . . . The press was moved up to, the balcony and X thought it took a bit out of color out of the tourney. ,.'.-" But it gave the paying customers better seats, which was tiw idea after all. , . , Qua Falzer eyed the schoolboys, sad over the fact that the bail clubs weren't training in Florida. . . , Prof Blood was up in the stands. , . . There, was plenty of Union Hill dough' around and a few bets were laid as they gave away Camden and four points but Carter and Company didn't need the spot for they went out and won by eight points. Hagan Andersen, Teaneck coach, was. receiving congratulations on the birth of a IVt pound baby boy on Friday. , , ,: He has a girl, too. . . , Missed guys like Roger ManteU, Al Brown, the late Abe Cohen; Jack McDermott, Frank Milner, Charlie Knapp and Tom Morgan. . , Lieutenant Commander "Everett Hebel .was oh' hand and got a great belt out of It all, recalling big games he handled and tourneys he won when he was with the Bogota Bucs. ... Ho, hum, It's six titles in two years for the Bergen boys and none of 'em were repeaters. Art Argauer of Garfield High bewailed the fact tRat he's playing a Group 4 schedule with-Group 2 attendance and mulled over whether he should play in Group 2. , . , He won't, pf coUrse. " ' " John Stelnhllber worked the big game of the night, the final be tween Camden and Union .Hill.. -. . Fred U. Hillers, president of the Uckensack Board of Education and Captain Charlie Hartman sai'ta the press box. . . . Dick Duff eyed the ineffectual North Plainfield team and reckoned that they couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. . . . There was plenty of green on hand as the boys recognized 8t. Patrick, an Italian Saint. ' i ( IP - a 4,' j:'. ;, iV' Pl Si I . J " ' . I i hi -T 'ir r i-'n Y:,,-. . i , a North Plainf ield A Cinch For Comet Hackensack Goes On Two 9-Point Splurges To Cop Group 3 Championship, Giving Bergen County A 7-Year Hold; Sens Leads Attack With 10 COMET SUCCEEDS, PARK AS IT WINS 44-22 It's The First Title For Hackensack, Second For Coach Bollerman, WTio Won With Bound JJrooK in 1937; Hillers Lauds Players, Fans And Coach k " ' , By AL PEL GRECO Five chamrjlonshlDS were on the line at the Elizabeth Armory Saturday afternoon and night In the New Jersey State Interscholastic BasKetDau Tournamem ana Bergen va County repeated its stunt of last year by winning three of 1 'em. The chamrjions were Hackensack in Group 3, Bergen field in Group 1, and St. Cecilia of Englewood In the Paro chial Division. Other kings crowned were uamaen in uroup 4 and Roselle Park in Group 2. . t Berffen ffvenln Raeord Photo. I Hackensack High School's Group Three State Champions pictured after downing North Plainfield In the finals at the Elizabeth Armory Saturday night. Players shown In the picture are (1. to r.) : James Mills, Gerry Breen, Jim Walsh, Coach Howie Bollerman, S Marvin Gelber, Sid Haslet, and Franklyn Sens. Bergenfield Defeats Hightstown 53 To 40 To Capture State Group One Championship WEEHAWKEN '5' TOPS CLIFFSIDE A. C. Suffers Second Loss Of Year 50-48 MacPhail-GriffFeudADud, War Department Intervenes Larry Didn't 'Kidnap War Hero Who Worked With Senators; Crosetti A Holdout, lanKees ueveai vNewTTork, Mar. 19 "feud" between Larry Mac- PhaU, president of the New York Yankees, and Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington Senators, apparently broke out on Sunday, but the quick, intervention of the War De partment ended any misunderstandings tnai migni nave disturbed the serenity of the American League. The "trouble" started when MacPhail appeared at the Atlantic City jsarnp of the Yankees accompanied by Lieutenant Bert Shepard, 25-year-old war hero, who had drilled last week with the Senators at College Park, Md. As Shepard. a ngnter puoi wnoy had lost part of one leg in combat, worked out with the Yankees at the snore, word got around that MacPhail had "kidnapped' him and that Griffith was fuming. At this point the War Department stepped in and explained everything. Shepard. it appeared, had been in the office of Undersecretary of War Robert Patterson with a group of convalescents and had expressed a desire to work out with the Yanks. . SHEPARD FREE AGENT Knowing that Shepard's ability to play ball with one leg would NOTICE TO OCR READERS flwint mtrtetiMa f print muhiiUm kr tmini aw-HHn hi (Meet frMxc rOE TBS DUBAT10N tkt irUt f ncU adly y amMvw If nUtlu trr aa iu tt 4ltlaa an t ta autia- tjtatl TOVK wib Daur m nhiUhi ta aaallty aa4 naaUtr f awa aMara amm aMIarial ataMat la raa un au ana actanaana. rlef ta aaaiam vita rcala HNarlll altanaUTtlr aar to ra- Ktriei ltd iTtru, dmaitira ta aa-arazlaiatdr Sl.aM caatei aallr, awniBtr (ar taa 4aiattoa. Camatir, taarctara. aalr caaart aalaa ta AH DAILY A0T4NCI OKOKU at IU aavattaim an aciat iriatai. aaiille aaTtat tat Bctaea gmlac Bar aeHrf4 aallr ta taalr haaMa BT iEOCTEMEN at aanre raraatr Mfrarlai. Beaten fodu ADVANCE OBDEXS far aailr atekaa at tacar Urartta ataaat ar ataraa .a.a tin aa tnakla nttlai tadr aaaan raralartr. OCCASIONAL miles wha bar iMt aaaar at ataaaa ar ,1,1m ta araaaat aa aaakla ta aa aa rr tka 4araUaa. UNLESS . THEY PLACS aOVAMCB OBDEBS WITB mVCM MaXEBB. JOHH BOBO serve as an inspiration to otner soldiers, convalescing at Atlantic City, the War Department arranged for him to fly there. The Army plane picked up MacPhail at Bal timore and took him along. Shep ard, a free agent who played some minor league ball before the war. and MacPhail were flown back to Washington after the workout Before departing,-MacPhail disclosed that the veteran shortstop Frankie Crosettl is a holdout and that the club Is not counting on him for the season. Other training camp items: Pittsburgh Pirates Acting Man ager Spud Davis hit a homer and a double in two times at bat in four- inntng practice game. Philadelphia A's Third Backer Joe Burns whacked out four hits in Intracamp tussle, driving in two runs ana scoring xour nunseu. Philadelphia Phils Second Baseman Fred Daniels, highly touted Utica Farm Club graduate, Joined iClub along with Pitchers Wilbur Reeser, Hilliard Flitcraft and 6:09 James Spencer, 4-P from Rhode Island. ! Whit Sox Thorton Lee, Veteran Southpaw, checked in after fourday trip from Phoenix, Ariz, home. He said his arm, injured last season, was again in shape. Chicago Cuba Stan Hack, veter an uura baseman, reported on i Sunday and promptly socked two- burger In Intra -Club game. I Boston Red Sox Bob Johnson 1.324 slugger last year, and Nick ; Polly, up from Lauisville farm, re- i ported at Pieasantvllle, N. J. camp. Judich, McCarron Top Scorers As Mites Win First State Diadem By GERRY DE LA REE Bergenfield High School, which six short years ago was non-existant, today can claim the 1945 New Jersey State Group One basketball championship.' Coach Mike DeArmott's Mighty Mites culminated the most successful season In the school's brief history Satur-t day afternoon by annexing the ' coveted Group. One crown with a. 53-40 victory over Hightstown High School; before a Joyous throng of Bergenfield rooters at the Elita-beth Armory. ' Ken Jullch, sharp-shooting forward, and Jack McCarron, veteran center, paced the Ber genfield attack throughout the game. , It was the twenty-second win of the season in twenty-four starts for the Mites, who were upset only by Teaneck and Bogota. - MITES ARE SUPERIOR Prom the outset, Bergenfield was obviously the superior team of the two, but a pair of Hightstown brothers Bill and Bob Gauntt el ,most upset the Bergenfield hopes. The Gaunt boys, who both tower two inches over the six foot mark, tallied 25 of Hightstown's 40 points and gave the rangy Bergen lads plenty of trouble under the boards. Bergenfield, however, ' had six stars to Hightstown's two, and that was what turned the trick for the Mites. Aside from some spotty passwork, which can well be chalked up to nervousness, Bergenfield ran true to its usual form. : Big McCarron and forward Vin DiLorenzo were both climaxing three years of varsity play, and gave their all for the victorious quintet McCarron started slowly, but began clicking with his shots in the second half. DiLorenzo, while not scoring in his usual prolific style, was a great aid with his passing, and general knowledge of the game. Jullch, who has played the best ball of his high school career in this tournament, again topped the team in scoring with seventeen points. The two red-headed guards, Harry Glaeser and Bob Kennedy, turned in creditable performances. But it was stumpy Ray Kelly, substitute guard who so closely resembles St. John's Hy Gotkin. who won the plaudits of the crowd. Living up to the best Irish tradition Kelly celebrated St. Patrick's ' Day by cutting the nets for ten points during the two quarters he played. , LAST FRAME DECISIVE The game was not actually de cided until the last quarter, when Bergenfield poured on the pressure to turn the contest into a minor rout. - Following the opening jump. Bob Gaunt dribbled in for a layout shot, and Hightstown led 2-0. Mc Carron dumped in a foul for the Mites, and Julich followed with MS TEAM WON , F f V- -1 SsWm Coach Mike DeArmott explaining secret of Mites' success. Gaunt Brothers Tough But DeArmott's Team Had Bigger Punch .; ..a. McCarron, DiLorenzo, Glaeser,' and Kelly were also on that champion' ship team, The Bergenfield cheerleaders seemed to have more pep than the Hightstown bunch. The girls, adomed in white , blouses and red jumpers were certainly more color ful than the blue and white HightS' town cheerleaders. ... -- a .a . . j- ' t- When ' the final ' gun sounded cheerleaders and fans alike mobbed the Bergenfield team and pande moniunv-, followed for ' several minutes. ' - a ' '" Bergenfield will make what will probably be its last start of the season Wednesday night in a Red Cross Benefit with RidgeHeld Park, The game will be played at the Par court, and a Jayvee game will prf cede the varsity tilt at 7:30 P. M 1 be box score: '-, irrenflsM (6.1) Hiihtitnwn Mill Q. P. T. G. P. P. Dl orenzo. f 2 1 S Orecim. f ; 1.1 3 Jullch. f 8 1 17 Danser. I 0 0 0 McCarron. e 7 1 is Ivins. I 3 o again tied. Julich dipped one in from the side as the gun sounded for a 15-13 Bergenfield lead. In the second frame Bob Gauntt stored with a foul and put in a one-hander to . give ' Hightstown a 16-15 margin. DiLorenzo and McCarron put Bergenfield ahead with field goals, but Bill Gaunt caged a foul to cut the lead to 19-17. Kelly, who had just replaced Glaeser, put in a shot from -the side as the half ended. ' " The third quarter was a nip-and' tuck struggle all the. way, as Ber genfield outscored the Central Bergen champs 15-14. Hightstown came within one point of tying the score midway in the frame, but shots by McCarron, Jullch, and Di Lorenzo put the Bergenltes into a comfortable lead. Two baskets by Kelly near the end of the period gave the Mites a 36-31 lead. Julich went wild in the last period to score nine points as Bergenfield piled up 15 tallies to Hightstown's nine. The Bergenfield fast break finally "-began--to click, and the Hightstown defense suddenly fell apart. A layup toss by McCarron with one minute to play, put Ber genfield over the 50-mark. . Kelly added another two-pointer good measure. . BRIEFS Julich topped the scorers with seventeen points, but McCarron was close on his heels with fifteen. Bill Gaunt was high for Hightstown with thirteen tallies, while brother Bob chalked up twelve. Hightstown had the better per centage from the foul line, sinking eight of 12 shots, while Bergenfield made five of 12. McQueen of the losers left the game on personals in the third period. . While this marked the first time a Bergenneld . team had snared a State Title in basketball, it was not the initial title for the school The 1944 Bereenfield soccer team was awarded the Group OnelState Title. Kennedy, i uiaeser, g KeUr, g Totals 24 5 S3 Score far Deriods: Bergenfield ......... Hishtstown Keieree Burns. Umpire Coffee. basket for a 3-2 Bergenfield lead. Bill Gaunt gave Hightstown a 4-3 advantage with a tap-in.'. Bob Gaunt added another two-pointer, but McCarron came right baok for Bergenfield. - ' A field goal .by Bob Gaunt made the score 10-7 In Hightstown's favor. Kennedy retaliated for Bergenfield with a set shot Bill Gaunt tallied b foul, but b basket by Kennedy knotted the score at 11-alL Burt McQueen, captain of the Hightstown team, dropped in a set shot to snap the Gaunt boys' monopoly on the scoring. Glaeser came right back for Bergenfield with a set from far out and the count was SPORTS MIRROR 2 10 Craie. f .10 R. Gauntt. till! . c 0 0 W Gauntt. g 4 9 13 McQueen, g 2 o Be&lieu, I 0 0 Totals 16 (40 1(1 13 1783 940 The Cliffslde A. C. went down to Its second defeat of the seaspn last night when the weehawken A. C. posted a 50-48 victory in a game played at the Cliffslde court. The Cliffslde team now boasts a record of 14 wins and two losses. It was the first loss on its home court for Cllffside, which had pre viously been stopped by the Hack ensack Y. M.C. A. Two foul shots by Bob Rossel, former Weehawken High School ace, and Bud Bliss provided the winning margin for the Hudson court quintet. Cliffslde was tar front 24-23 at thf half and managed; to hold the lead rignt up until tne closing minute of play. Bliss was high scorer for Wee hawken with seventeen-tallies, fol lowed by Rossel with thirteen. . John Tennings, Cliffslde center, was tops for the losers with fourteen markers. : . . Playing on the Weehawken squad with Richie Wilmott, ace guard Of this year's Weehawken High School squad. Wilmott failed to to score. The box score: Hackensack retained an old tra ditlon in winning the Group 3 title. This title has remained in Bergen since 1938-1939 when Lodi started the win skein by taking South Rlv-j er over the hurdles. N. PLAINFIELD EAST MARK The Golden Comet had to whip North Plainfield for the crown on Saturday night and beat them they did by a 44-22 score. The experts had predicted the game would be a mere formality and they proved to be right because North Plain-field was obviously a weak sister in the tourney. There must have been a dozen North Jersey clubs which could have knocked it for a loop. But that didn't tarnish Hacken sack's glory. It fought the good fight all season in winning the North Jersey League crown and then scrambling through the tourney field in a doggy-dog fight. And it licked a tough semi-final nut in Edison High School of Elizabeth. It was the first state championship for Hackensack High School. For Coach Howard Bollerman, it was his second for vhe had. led Bound Brook to a title in -1937, There was no wild enthusiasm marking Hackensack's win. The Comet players acted like old hands at the championship business as they played with authority. It was a seasoned, 'experienced looking club and it got warmed up. North Plainfield was just another sorry opponent. Even the rooters accepted the victory as if was their due. The Faculty, led by Superintendent of Schools George Merrill -and "High School Principal Robert I. Lowe made a good showing. Fred TJ. Hillers, president of the Board of Education, said: "This Is the first title. We hope to win many more. Bollerman deserves to be congrat ulated. I think it's a great thing for the school's spirit. Hackensack's easy win once : it reached the finals is in keeping with what happened last year "When Ridgefield Park captured the dia dem. The Scarlets thumped South River resoundingly by more than 40 points last season and the Comet State Tourney Court Champs GROUP IV Camden 46, Union Hill 38. CiROUP HI Hackensack 44, North Plainfield 22. GROUP n Roselle Park 43, Carteret 38. GROUP I Bergenfield 53,' Hightstown 40. PAROCHIAL St. Cecilia (E) 55, Trenton Catholic 51. pie. Breen made good a one-handed shot, Frank Bottinl of the enemy put one in from the side, Gelber pivoted for a field goal; then there was a period when the teams went scoreless for four minutes, Breen breaking the ice with a foul shot to make the score 17-11 as the period ended., While the Comet could only score five points, North Plainfield's alleged offense turned out to be just a myth because it couldn't get near the Comet basket. On the other hand, Hackensack had little trou ble piecing N. P.s defense id Just couldnt do a thing in there. Coach Bollerman spent some uncomfortable minutes. The roof fell in on North Plain- field in the second half. Jim Walsh whipped in a shot on a fast break and Herb Tarbous evened it up. Then the Comets staged their second 9-point spree and swept to a 28-13 lead. That rush carried the Comets to the crown, Franklin Sens being a big factor as he tossed in five points in a row. From there on in, it was a matter of playing out the string. Coach Bollerman, after the mid way mark in the final canto was reached, substituted frequently. There .were no Hackensack standouts in the game. " Sens was' the high scorer With 10 markers but Gelber did his Job at the pivot, Breen and Walsh played good floor simply doubled the output of theLuarter lurg ssed weU to the Mnrth PlalnfioTrtftra ar1. , . .. . ... CUffilda A. C. 4S) Q. P. P. Calabrese. I cigormi, I. Tennings, e J. Sebest, t P. Sebest. g Diemar. g Caruso, g Nielands. g Roberts, g Galliger. g 1 Lokolsky. g Weehawken (SO) O. P. P. 1 12 R. Kelly, f 3 0 6 0 0 Ebenettt. f , 0 0 0 0 14 Halopeter, f 0 0 0 1 1 Olvenson. 13 15 4 Rossel. o 6 1 13 0 0 Bliss, g S 17 2 Dalfhg 3 3 9 0 O Wilmott. (000 0 0 1 7 0 0- Totals 10 10 48 Total 20 10 50 Score by periods: Cllffside A. C 54 54 48 Weehawken 33 3760 Referee M. Tabacchi, North Plalnfielders. The Canucks drew first blood as Herb Tarbous tossed in a field goal and Hal Giddes's made a free throw. Sid Hasler, probably the least known player on the club sparked Hackensack's first spurt and was the big factor as Hacken sack forged ahead 9-3. The Canucks fought back and the Comet clung to a 12-9 lead at the end of the first quarter but the handwriting was on 1 the wail because Gerard Breen was having plenty of hard luck on shots. SLOWSECOND QUARTER Hackensack was still in the doldrums In the second period as the Comets mossed chippie after chip- ( big guns to put the ball in posi tion. The team played effortlessly and there was no nervous tension throughout the ball game. " They looked like champs as they won. The box-score: Baekensaek (it) . r. r. St. Cecilia Eyes Eastern Catholic Tourney After Bagging Hightstown In State Finals (By Associated Press Teday s Vear As Dudley DeGroot signed 5-year contract to coach Washington Redskina of National Pro Foot-baU League. . i - - Three If ar Age Western Kentucky upset C. C. N Y 49-48. and Toledo whipped Ah ode Island, 42-71. in National Invitation Basketball Tourney at New York. Fly Tears Age Henry -Red" 8andrj. backfleld coach at L. 6. C. was named head coach at VanderbUt. Teat Tears Age Daily double at Rialeah paid record J..305. to lucky holder of c-oly 12 ticket sold on winning combination. Vince Lombardi's Englewood Takes Initial State Basketball Crown As Bollinger, DeGaspens Star; Play In Newport Tourney Thursday With the Catholic Division State Title under its belt, St. Cecilia High School will be shooting for even higher stakes this Thursday night when it faces off against De La Salle Academy of Newport in the Eastern State Catholic Tournament at Newport, Rhode Island. The Englewood Saints won their first State Basketball title Saturday afternoon by edging out Trenton Catholic 55-51. in an exciting ball game at the Elizabeth Armory. In 1944 Don Bosco Prep of Ram- sey copped the Catholic Group championship. The Bosco boys were eliminated this season by St. Ce-cial, which then topped St. Mary's of Rutherford to advance into the finals. TRENTON WAS FAVORED Trenton Catholic went into Saturday's game rated as a slight favorite to down the St. Cecilia gang. Coach Vince Lombardi's Englewood team, which had previously won 20 games and lost three, upset the applecart. The game was very rough, St. Cecilia winning on foul shots. Each team totaled 21 field goals, but the Saints scored 13 fouls to Trenton's 9. Thirty-seven personal fouls were called, and two players from each team went out via the foul route. The deciding factor to the game. however, was the height advantage enjoyed by St, Cecilia. Six foot, five inch Charlie Bollinger, ana lorty Charlie Rels took care of a good many rebounds and accounted for 29 points between them. Big Bollinger, touted as an 'AO-State possibility, played poorly : in the first half, but bounced back to win the game for the Saints with a scoring spree in the second half. For the day's work, Bolly scored twenty points. Swift little Johnny DeGasperis was also an important cog in the St. Cecilia victory. DeGasperis was all over the court and popped in seventeen tallies. Dick Giedlin, Mike Halasz, and Bob Littiere were the trio who kept Totals ' 21 13 55 Score by periods: St. Cecilia Trenton Catn. ..... Releree Gnliin. Umpire Colfee. . scoreless in the' first half, racked up eight points in the third frame to spark a Trenton rally. Halasz and Giedlin were high scorers for the losers with thirteen points each, At the start of the game both teams played sloppy ball, but a foul shot and a layup by Tom Campbell of Trenton put it out in front 3-0. Re is and DeGasperis countered for St. Cecilia to tie the score. Halasz put the South Jersey crew In the lead with a foul toss, and followed with a set shot to make the score 6-3. i . . SAINTS TAKE LEAD DeGasperis and Reis teamed up again with a foul and field goal to knot the score at 6-6. A free toss by Bollinger put the Saints In front for the first time, 7-6. In the second period Virok put Trenton back into the lead with a one hander. but Bollinger returned with a layup and a foul for a 10-8 Cecilia lead. Giedlin then' scored from the side to tie it up, but was fouled on the shot. He also stuck in the free toss and Trenton led 11-10. ; Giedlin was again fouled and proceeded to sink a pair of shots this time. Billy White hit from the side and DeGasperis from the front to put the Englewood five ahead 14-13. From that point on St. Cecilia was never headed. Bollinger, Reis, and DeGasperis led the Saints to a 27-15 margin by halftime. In the third frame Trenton out-scored St . Cecilia 18-14, mainly due THE BOX-SCORE Walsh, t Mills, t Sena. I Gorman, 1 Lacey. f Gelber. o Cigon. c Breen. Meeks. g Hasier. VanZandt. O Ramer, g . : O ivay. g o a 4 0 0 1? 0 N. Plalnlleld T!) O. P. P. woifmeyer.l Rathosis. I Tarbous. f Doherty. 1 Bottinl, e Jack, e Giddes, g R. Smith, g X. Smith, g Christsen.g Totals IT 8 42 Score br neriods: Hackensack No. Plainfield Keieree Silverman. Umpire Bannlgan. Totals a tin i h a 1 4-23 St. Ceellla 5SV- a. DeOasoerls.f 8 Hallahan. f 0 Reis. I 4 Bollinger, e 8 White, g 2 RiedeL g 1 Ooheny. c '0 P.P. 5 17 0 0 1 4 30 1 6 o a 3 2 Trenton Cath. O Campbell, I Solinsky. I Lettlere. t McCarty. e Virok. g Giedlin. g Halssz. g Pilllth, g nsi p. p. Totals 31 SK, 1 30 14 1455 S t 18 18 il Trenton in the game. Littiere, held i to some brilliant shooting by "Hamerhead" Lattierer. Bollinger, Reis, and DeGasperis managed to keep St. Cecilia in front. The last quarter proved to be a duplicate of the third frame, with Trenton again outscoring the Saints 18-14. As the frame started Bollinger caged a layup and DeGas peris followed with a foul for a 44-32 lead. Tom McCarty of the Trenton Catholic quintet dropped in a foul toss to cut the margin to ten points Big Reis then touched the net on a shot by Giedlin,- and the officials ruled the basket good Three field goals and a foul shot by Bollinger were what really won the ball game for St. Cecilia. Each time the Trenton boys caged a basket, Bolly would counter - with one of his own. With a minute to go Lettlere and Giedlin scored two-pointers to make tht score 55-51. but time ran out before the Trenton team could make it any closer. BRIEFS The four foul .victims were De Gasperis and Reis for the Saints, and McCarty and Giedlin of the Trenton team. St Cecilia made 13 of its 21 shots, while- Trenton sank 9 of 16. St Cecilia will be facing some of the toughest competition in the east when it goes to Newport. Coach Lombard! doesnt expect his boys to get past the first round, but no one would be surprised if they did. The St Cecilia girls had a cinch copping the cheerleading laurels from Trenton Catholic, which had a group of boys to do its cheering, TOURNEY WEEK IN BASKETBALL Mahlenberg Goes After St. John's Tonight New York, Mar. 19 m This Is basketball tournament week as the collegiate cage world nears the end Of Its season with doubleheaders carded every day except Tuesday. A twin bill at Madison Squara Garden tonight bringing together DePaul West Virginia 'and SU John's-Muhlenberg starts the parade. The schedule for the rest of the week: . Wednesday at New York (semifinals of National Invitation-Tour ney ttnoae island state vs. win- f ner of DePaul-West Virginia and ; Bowling Green vs. winner of St. . John's-Muhlenberg. Thursday at New York (Eastern N. C. A. A.)-Ohio State vs. Kentucky and Tufts vs. New York? University. . Friday at Kansas City (Western N. C. A. A.) Arkansas vs. Oregon and Utah vs. Oklahoma Aggies. Saturday Doubleheaders at both New York and Kansas City to decide Eastern and Western N. C. A, A. champions. TENNESSEE IS UPSET Underdog Rhode Island, playing -without a substitution, upset Tennessee, 51 to 44, before 18,142 at Madison Square Garden Saturday night in the first games of the in- , vitation tourney. In the other half of the twin bill Bowling Green of unio whipped previously undefeated ; Rensselaer Poly. 60-45. Top-seeded DePaul. beaten only twice in 20 games, was favored over West Virginia in the first game of tonight's doubleheader. St John's, , victor over DePaul in last year's final, was expected to have a dif ficult time with Muhlenberg In the second game. . Oregon nipped Washington State, 39 to 37, in their third and last play-off game to decide the north- em half of the Pacific- Coast Con- ,. ference and the right to compete ; lln the Western N. C. A. A. r

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