The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1950 BLYTHEVtLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS US. May Offer Arms to Chiang For Defense of Formosa Island PAGE THRM By JOHN M. HIOIITOWKR * WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. (/!'(—The Truman administration is consider- Ini? reversing its policy of no- arms aid to the Chinese Nationalists o n Formosa I n order to strengthen the defenses of that anti-Communist stronghold. A final decision by the State and Defense Departments nmi the White House Is understood to await Jjtommendations from C5en. Doug^ MacArthur, who conferred Monday with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek at Taipei, Formosan capital. The government has already lak-' en one step designed to ease the (low of American arms to the Chinese Nationalists .An order Issued last week permits them to buy weapons through the Defense Department instead of having to go to the manufacturers directly ns they had done for many months. Responsible' officials said today Hint Chiang has an adequate basic s "pply of weapons for Ihe defense of (he Island but that he undoubtedly needs spare parts for repairs and also additional ammunition Chinese Needs Examined MacArthur and his staff are believed to have examined the Chinese needs. His recommendations are expected to cover the types of equimpent which should be sent, it U.S. aid Is resumed. Following his meetings with the Chinese lender. MacArthur said plans had been made to coordinate American and Chinese forces "the better to meet any attack which a hostile force might be foolish cn- oiitih to attempt." Pie Ihus presented the United States and Nationalist China as being, in effect, allies against n common foe. Chiang himself subsequently announced that MacArlhur and he itjfr! agreed on Ihe foundalion of •.WIe defense of Ihe island. Chiang •'bad offered 33.000 troops lo fight with tlie United Nations forces in Korea, but MacArthur turned that down as possibly jeopardizing the defense of Formosa. Appropriation AsKeri Presidenl Truman asked Congress yesterday for a special appropriation of $4,000,000.000 for arms aid to Europe and other Allied or friendly nations in addition to the billion dollar assistance program underway. Of the new sum, $303,- OCO.OflO would be spent in speeding up arms shipments to the Philippines and "other nations in southern and easlern Asia." Last January Mr. Truman declared a hands off policy toward Formosa, announcing that no military aid of any kind would be furnished. The announcement followed a decision by the administration, that from a strategic point of view Formosa was not- worth American military involvement to save it from conquest by the Chinese Communists. Immediately after the surprise J?ed attack, on Southern Korea However, the President drastically modified this policy. He ordererl the U. S. Seventh Fleet to guard Formosa against a Communist attack, on the ground that the outright aggression in Korea made it necessary to safeguard other non Communist areas of Ihe far east. Mainland Air Attacks He further asked Chiang to cease I air attacks on the mainland in order t o avoid incidents which might cause the Chinese Communists to launch an assault on Formosa current with the Korean fighling. Chiang complied, but Ihe Communists have continued to assert their intention to take over this island and also have been reported continuing to mriss craft necessary for the 100 mile sea cross- Ing. • Administration officials In recent weeks have assuerd Chiang that the president's -policies, which were primarily designed to prevent the spread of heavy fight-ing in the Far East, did not in any xvay modify his rights of defensive action. «w MacArtrmr's meeting with the leralissimo apparently has developed the p.olicy of American interest in the proleclion of Formosa n slep farther to the point where the government is actively considering measures to increase Ihe island's defensive power. Needle Has its Points CHARLESTON. W. Va. <fl'i- Reach lor a needle Instead of a goll club. That's the relaxation motto of Dr. P. A. <Petc> Haley, Charleston physician. "There's nothing more relaxing than lo pick up my needle-point and get In a few stitches. 1 like golf too. but needle-point Is fascinating." he commented. "It helps wllh my surgery, loo," he added. "For one thing, 11, Keeps my fingers nimble." One of Dr. Haley's completed needle-point pieces, a scene entitled "KvenljiR", was exhibited at a meeting In San Francisco of the American Physician's Ail Association. The design shows a girl crossing a bridge against a vividly colored background, school district, In compliance wllh the requirements of Amendment No. 40 to the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, adopted November 2. 1948, has prepared, approved, and hereby nihke.s public the proposed budget Ojt .school expenditures for the fLscalyenr beginning July 1. 1S51. to and Including June 30, 1952, toegther with the tux rate as First KOKKAN BATTLE LINE-UP—Here are the insignia of U. S. Army divisions under General MacArthur. All except the 7th Division are al- eady in action in South Korea. En route from the United States lo join the Korean fight is the famed First Marine Division. 4 Guard Divisions Identified follows: Control Instruction Opei Qli SEC to Hear Mid south Gas Firm Proposal WASHINGTON. Aug. 2. (fl>—The Securities and Exchange Commission will hold a hearing Aug. 9 on financial phases of the proposal of a new company to lake over natural gas distribution In virtually all of East Arkansas. Midsoulh Gas Company proposes lo buy natural gas distribution facilities of the Arkansas Power and Light Company for $1,825.000 and construct and operate fnntlifies to furnish gas to communities not now served. To finance the transaction, Eoul- table Securities Corp., Nashville, Tenn.. and T. .1. Raney and Sons and Womeldorff and Lindsey. Little Rock, propose to raise S7.900.000. The Equitable group would buy SBOO.ODO of Midsoulh common stock, sell SS.900.000 of 3-H per cent first , mortgage bonds lo institutional in! veslors. and sell to public sufficient shares of Midsouth stock to raise S2.000.000. The group would buy the stock and issue £1.500,000 of bonds to provide initial -working capital, sell an additional S5.400.000 of bonds in 1!>50 and insi iMid sell $•> noo.ono of common stock to the public In 1350. New York State resident, who comprise 9.9 per cent of the national . population, own about 16 per cent of the life insurance in force throughout the country. Soviet Press Denounces Austin Action in UN MOSCOW, Aug. 2. «V-The Soviet press today described U. S. delegate Warren Austin's actions at yesterday's United Nations security council meeting as "unworthy and Impermissible." Newspapers printed a dispatch from New York which repeated Soviet Delegate Jakob Malik's charge that the presence on the council Sour Stomach? Almo* in«tantlr TUMS rft rid nt ev ifid —relieve p**, he«rtb«rn, ftlotni ache due ro mctJ tndigesiinn. Y« TUM.S eont.iin DO bicarbonate to o»cr«' or cause nciil rebownd. Mint?. l»h uiting. Still only lOc. CW,IOc f a representative of the National- it Chinese Government was illega' WASHINGTON. Aug. 2. (API- Pour National Guard divisions and two regimental combat team.; called up for active duty were dentified by the army yesterday. They are the 281h, 40th. 43rd and 45th infantry divisions and the 196th and 218th combat teams. The 28th, from Pennsylvania, will train at Camp Atterbury, near Edlnburg, Ind.; Ihe 40lh, from California, at Camp Cook, Calif.: Hie 43rd. from Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island, at Camp Pickett, Va., and the 45th, from Oklahoma, at Camp Polk, La. The 196th combat team, from South Dakota, goes to camp Carson, near Colorado Springs, Colo.; the 278th, from Tennessee/ to Fort Devers, near Ayer, Mass. NOTICE Proposed Budget of Expenditures Together with Tax Levy for Fiscal Year beginning July I, 1951. to and including June 30, 1052, for Shawnee School District No. 10, of Mississippi County, Arkansas. The Board of Directors of said district. In compliance with the requirement;; of Amendment No. 401 to the Constitution of the state ol i Arkansas, adopted November 2. ! 1948, lias prepared, approved, and hereby makes public tlie proposed budget of school expenditures lor the fiscal year bglnnluK .July 1, 1951, to and Including June 30, 1852, | together with, the tax rate, as lullows: General Coi'.trol t 2.350 Instruction • ,i8,6QO Operation of School Building 6,600 Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment 3,000 Auxiliary Agencies (including transportation) 10JOO F:.X«I charges :> r>00 Capital Outlay 4.100 Debt Service 13.500 To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures, the B-jald of Directors pro|K)=cs a lax levy of 30 mills, divided as follows: 10'.; mills through 1%8 nud thereafter 9 mills as a continuing tax voted for bonds now outstanding, 17'i mills Is for the operation of Ihe schools, and' 2 mills will be a lux for a proposed bond is^ue of S40.000. which will run for approximately 25 years to be issued for the purpose of building audllorium- gym combination. The proposed bond issue will be secured by a pledge of the surplus revenue from the present. 10'.4 mill through 1908 and thereafter 9 ! mill building fund tax. This 2 mill j lax will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal and interest of the proposed bonds are paid in full, with the provision Hint ! the surplus revenues . from the building fund millage mny be used or other school purposes. GIVEN this 25th day of July, 1950. SHAWNEE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 10 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS By E. B. Bell, President By R. C. Branch, Secretary • 7-26-50 8-2-511 8-9-50 lion of School ding Mail enance of School Pla it and Equipment Auxi ary Agencies Hi hiding tin is[X)rtation) Fixed Capital Outlay Debt Service .1 1.550.00 . 80.650.00 8,416.00 1,800.00 12.GOO.OO posed budget of expenditures, the Board of Directors proposes a tax levy o( 30 mills. This lax levy includes the present continuing levy for the retirement ol the present indebtedness; and the District proposes to issue ttO,750 in bonds to be dated September 1, 1950. and to run approximately 20' years, and will pledge for their payment the surplus from the 12 mill building (mid lux voled for the District's bond issue tinted Odober 1, 1949, ar- 1 will agree that this 12 mills InnldiiiR fund lax will conlimie nnlll the proposed September 1, 1950 bond Issue has been paid In full. The ne* bonds will be issued for the purpose o( improving aim completing school buildings. The surplus revenue each 310000l yo:ir rrom " le 12 ml11 building fund a'ooOOO I lnx ' n "'' r Providing for thnt yenr'a nWoo f »<lii!"'">ent« for both the Oclober 13.000.00 To provide for Hie foregoing pro- 1, 1949 and the September 1, 1950 issues, may be used for other school purposes. GIVEN this 26lh day o! July. 1850 Leachvllle School District No. 40 of Mississippi County, Arkansas By J. Lee Bearden. President and Gerald H. Ray, Secretary 7-20-50 8-2-50 8-9-50 i'KOPOSKl) BUDGKT OF' KXI'KN'IUTUKKS TOGKTHKK WITH TAX LEW FOR FISCAL VKAR BWil.NNING JULV 1, MSI, TO AND INCl.UIHNfJ .IIJNK SO. 1!I52 The Board of Directors of Uly- tlieille School District No. 5 ol Mississippi County. Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements of Amendment No. 40 to the Const ilu- tlon of the Stale of Arkansas, adopted November 2. 1(118, hnve prepared, approved ,and hereby make public DIB proposed budget of ex- penditures together with th« U( rate a.s follows: General Control $13,000; Instruction J219.SW5; Operation of School Buildings $38,127; Maintenance ol School Plant and Equipment, $20,127; Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation) $10,180; Fixed Charges $5511; Capital Outlay ,4,104; Debt Serlce $41,054. To proidc for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Hoard of Directors proposes a tai levy of 30 mills. This tax levy Includes (tie present continuing levy for the retirement of present indebtedness. Given this 24th <iay of July, 19.50, Hoard of Directors, Blytheville School District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas !iy Mnx B. Reid, President and C. M. Smnrt, Secretary 7i26-8'2-89 Mrs. Henry Ford Gives Million Dollars to Diocese DETROIT. Aug. 2. H>) Mrs. Henry Ford, widow of the automotive pioneer, today announced the gift of a fund of approximately a million dollars to the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan for a church In Detroit. The church wilt Jie built on an eight and a halt acre site sur- cemetery where Henry Ford is buried. The site will be deeded to the diocese. rounding the private N O TI r: K Proposed Budget of Expenditures together with the Tax Levy lor Fiscal Year beginning July 1. 1051, to and Including June 30, 1952, for Leachville School District No. 40 ot Mississippi County, Arkaii. ; as. 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