The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SEX (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, M.19 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURUiti NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES. Publisher JAMES IL VERHOEFF Editor PAUL. Q. BOUAN, Advertising Manager Sol* NitlonaJ Advertising Representative!: Wa!lac« Wilmei Co, New York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis _ _ Entered as second ciass maltet »t the po«V- office »t BIytheville. Arkansas uudei act ot Congress, October 8, 1811. _ _ Member ol The Associated Preti SUBSCRIPTION fly carrier in the cltj ol BIytheville 01 aoj tuburban town where carrier service It maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per moult By mall, within n radius ol 50 miles H.OO pet year, J2.00 lor slj months, $1.00 toi three months; by mall outside 60 mile zone $10.00 p«r year payable In advance. Meditations """""Wisdom is loo high far a fool: he oiicncth not his nioulh in Die Bid'.—I'rovi-rbs 24 :r. * • » The wise carry their Knowledge as they do their watches, not for display, but lor their own use.—Sir T. Browne. Barbs Health column item: "For days I've noticed a snapping of the bones in the joints. What shall I do?" Give police l!ie addresses. « • * Robbers broke into a drug slorc in a western town but several bottles of Ihiamcnl was all they got for their pains. * » * A lecturer refers to the term "ecology" In reference to 3 study ol park wild life. Or does he mean "neckology"? * * * Georgia men charged «itl, i-rspshooting were freed because a lot slept through the dice clicking. The baby should get lliat new pair of shuts. * » » Youngsters tore down 12 signs In bong Island that read, "Drive Slowly, Children at Play." Oil, they play the same outdoors as indoors, huliv excises, along \vith steep corporate and personal income taxes, have stayed on the books. SUH, the excise program deserves careful review next year, even it' election year politics inevitably will become entwined in the issue. Taxes definitely designed for a limited pci'iod should not be allowed to take on permanent character. Especially when llierc is danger they may do veal harm in fields like rail transportation, which is now suffering considerably from a postwar travel decline. Excises should be on the 1950 congressional agenda. Check the Obituaries The sharp-eyed observer lias to know where to look if he's following the cold war closely. For example, something may turn up on the real estate page, of all places. The other day an item appeared there which stated that Russia's Am- loj'g Trading Corp. bad deciiied to abandon its nine-story New York headquarters and move to a smaller building. This was immediately seized upon Ijy the experts as a sign the Soviet Union has no hope of an early end to the East-West conflict and is going tinder wraps. Well, anyway, we're still keeping the Russians off the sports page. Excise Tax Levies Need Some Attention During World War II Congress imposed a broad range of excise luxes on the nation's economy. Some of these were designed to bring in more revenue, but others aimed primarily at cutting consumption of civilian goods. Luxuries like jewelry, learner goods and cosmetics were a big target. But necessities were not exempted. For example, excises on railroad freight brought in $337,000,000 in one year, on passenger traffic 5251,000,000, on telephone and telegraph business $535,000,000. All these and man}' more were labeled wartime taxes but they are still with us four years after the end of the war. Republicans in Congress have been clamoring for their removal for a long time. Gradually numerous Democrats joined the chorus, and how Sen. Scott W. Lucas, the Senate Democratic leader, has spoken as it" he were sympathetic toward this objective. Lucas noted a "tremendous sentiment in Congress and in the country" for knocking out the wartime levies. He thought, such action might be a good stimulant for business, but that the lawmakers would have to turn up some other revenue sources to make up the loss. Lucas made plain, however, that be ' has not consulted with President Truman. The President seldom overlooks a chance to call for higher taxes to close the widening gap between income and outgo; so it is highly improbable that he will endorse removal of the excise taxes now. That does not mean nothing will be done. With elections coming up next full, the 1950 session of Congress is certain to be tax-conscious. If it could make a showing by removing irksome levies and hiking others less noticeable to the public, Congress would probably be happy to do so. The question will be where to place the heavier burdens to offset the lifting of excises. No bright suggestions have yet been heard. With the 19-10-50 deficit expected to be around $5,000,000,000 to 57,000,000,000, no one imagines we can risk making the situation worse by a further flat reduction in government income. It may be argued that many of the excises arc unwise and perhaps even unfair. For all anyone knows, the 1'rcsi- clcnt might agree, lint in the face of constantly mounting financial demands, he sees no course but to hang onto the revenues now pouring in. When the war ended, informed guesses wtre putting the country's postwar budget at around ?2(l,000,000,ono a year. It never even came close to that relatively low level. And now jl' s hitting up at about the ? 16,000,000,000 mark. Naturally lux policies dreamed up at war's end had to undergo revision to meet this unforeseen burden. So the Views of Others 'Clearing the Tracks For Competence' Would your family like 10 save $250 over the next five years on tiic cost of certain services it now buys? If you happen to live In the United States, it can bt: done simply by requiring your agents to adapt eight clearly defined measures lor obtaining those services at a lower price. This U the bargain Herbert Hoover oflci«l the American people in his address to the National Reorganization Conference. You arc not asked to give up anything—unless you happen Lo he a spuul of red tape or a guardian of waste in the labyrmlli of federal administration. 'Die Hoover Commission did not bet out to reduce governmental icrvifivs, but only to cut'waste. Mr. Hoover believes that even belter service can be rendered the people while $2,000,000,000 a year is saved by carrying lhrom;li the eight most urgent reforms proposed by his commission. As we figue it, this would -save the average American family roughly $50 a year. Mr. Hoover spoke of cour chief benefits Irnm putting through this program. Saving money is only one of them. But nt a time when tcderai finance appears to have gotten out of control such saving has more than ordinary value. It will not alone stop the drift, into deticit spending in a period ol prosperity, but it- would exert a strong pull in the right direction, With increasing pressures to find money without I'aiamg. taxes perhaps the Hoover $2,OOO.IWQ.OQO will oiler new attractions to Congress. As illustrations jpt..the kind of savings pns-sible let's look at a cotipJc' of Air. Hoover's examples, One is Die overlapping in trie government's handling of grazing and forest lands. About ion.OOU.UCO acres me under the Interior Department but 65,000,000 acres are under the Agriculture Drparl- ment. The savings from supposed duplication may be overestimated, but there Is competition and the lines of administration are tangled. Another case is that of federal hospitals. When the Hoover report was issued last year there were beds for 225.000 patients—70,000 unoccupied. Yec Congress added 50,000 more beds. When President Truman Hied to cancel S300.(K)0,Ul)U ol this cost Congress overrode him. Mr. Hoover tin-lares his proposals lor reform Jierc would not. injure rncdiual service hut improve it. The public's demand lor ''clearing the iracfcs for competence in government" will have othn advantages Mr. Hoover heUeves; He lists sum gains as echu.'iithig the people in good government, making democracy work more elliiMcnUy renewing faith in it. and helping to wm the culn war. Some ol may be even nioie important than thi^ money saved, but all arc dependent on active public support from the program. ,-MirI it may help the average family to keep its eye on Die ball it it rcmember.s that 5250 bargain —better government service at reduced io>t. -C11HISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Netherlands Queen Points Way To New Deal for Her Colonies The DOCTOR SAYS 1 (• few years ago Hie Intc Dr. C. Amlerson Aldrlch and Mrs. Aldricli wrctc a. book called "IJables Arc Hum«n nclngs," which I hope is .still in print. The main theme is thnl btibics should not be treated ilikc brcuiisc their imlivtdnul pcr- onalltlcs would have little chance o develop. There Is practically nothing m onnd up with tradition and projii- lice us the care ol babies. Anyone and everyone offers free advice on low the baby should be fed, clothed. itul flow it should be trained. ThLs advice is given with the best of iu- tciiUmrs hi' I visually comes from mi.xture of what Rtnncl- »y IH-Wid MacKrnzio AI' 1'orciBn Affairs Analyst Two years ago Queen Wilh'clmEna of Holland, in proclaiming a new purtner.sJii]! between the Kingdom of (he Netherlands ami the Dutch Eust and West Indies, declared that ''colonialism is dead." It took courage to face the writing on the.wall and truly interpret its significance. Colonialism or 1m- crialiMii, or whatever namo you 1Kb to call it, is indeed on tLs \vav oat. Tuesday the United States of Indonesia, comprising thp rich Isl.incls of UIP Dutch East liwUci., faiiic Into full bring as a sovereign ration Thus was (he accuracy of her majesty's pronouncement rtemon.strnicd in the maim- rind by far the richi- portuni of her empire. y'f. aunt said. I'rrfcrtlv Proper Washington News Notebook Rent Controls Continue as Live Issue Wit/i 12,000,000 Units Regulated WAJ-rHINClTON (NKA) — Federal | time rent ceiling.* lU-AiMii'4 Mxnediter Tin lie E. Woods control. ha, ( ; thus far found it nya-s^iry to rent controls In only three out. ol nearly 200 previously uivon- south of Johnstown. Pit., and Har- Ga.; a part of Somerset County, south of o,Jlin.sU>wti, Pa., anil Hur- rod.sbun;, Ky. In each ua.sf, rents had risen precipitously after the controls had been removixt. But it was '.lie local rent control boards that recom- One question whEch the Aldriches discuss is about fondling or loving babies. Conscientious mothers often whether fo»tHin« is proper. For ,<-r>mc reason they sometimes feel that if nmy be wrong for babies to be rocked, huggeri or ninthtTcd, and that t lie infant in order to bi; healthy must be raised ay practically ""tUouchcd by human hands." Everyone thrives on some affcc- Umi nnrl probably Infants m >:>t ff all. Of course, it is good to fondle babies—good for tbe baby and Rood foi the patents. This does not mean iifiins dangerous roughness or Riving the child an mCoction. like a cold. I : ' is not good, of course, for a bnby £o have indiscriminate fon- d!,'ii2 by friends and relatives. Like everything else, this matter can be overdone. The more people who come in close contact with tlie baby the Rrenter the chance of giving Ihe infant some infection. Common sense—which is perhaps rafher uncommon—should be the attitude to take towards infants. Dr. and Mrs. Aidrtch rendered a great service when they wrote this book based on their professional and personal experience. Note: Dr Jordan Is unable to answer individual questions from readers, However, each day lie will answer one of the most, frequently Hiked questions in his column. There still femains that part of , the empire comnrisine the Dutch I Indies UUe Antilles) ami D- tch GiJinnn 'Surinam^ on the Atlantic const ot South America are still under Actually, Tew Units Are Thu.s the picture today is that although one-third of the areas have Ijc'i-n decontrolled, only one-seventh of the actual rental units have been decontrolled, Nobody know.s what would happen il all these areas \vcvc precipitously decontrolled. Even with limited decontrol, tiic Bureau of La- hor Statistics cofit ol living rent in memlert munition or ceilings to j flex has >hown u of two points— (he federal yovmiMifiiit, ami not the ^nm 119.5 in 121.5—fcetveen Deeeni- otlier way around. Two other peti- bcr, 1948, and October, 1D49, the latent figure available. Kxpediter Woods has been decontrol as fast n.s he has felt 1 hr rr.'.ihl. II is sviiprising, Uul none- j ihiUe.>.s true, that Woods has done I more decontrolling than have the ' tit it?S illKi ,Si.ala=. j Local communities are holding i ty.ick. No large city hus decontrolled. lions for rcimpo^itiou of rent controls have bc'i'ii denied hy the federal expediter, her a use rent:; had not ri.- : en unduly, alier ceiiinys came off. kicked is round by the real r.stnti; lobby in Washin^Hm u.s evidence thai rent controls are M;> longer nec- e.s,srvry. National Association of Real Ksiiue Hoards has made a report un a national .survey, tending to show that wherever controls havn iK'f'n rt'iiimtd. then: h:ive brcn no skyrocketing rein.s ant I no muss ricU'ius.—only isolated adjustineui.s i iron out inequities. TJ'.f arf;us .stii'Vincd included T.un- ! i, Ciui'Uuuio^a. Knoxville. LXUhi;; j ind Sisikanr in the over 100.000 pop- | OuVioii d.^- 1 . El r-.vio, Mai-ion, lud., \ n the 25.000-100 (]fif), and a ' cnmmiiiiitu^ :n the 10.DCO- ; J5.COO antl iimitr lO.OlK) cls^.s. j A:-* opjK'.-i'cl ra t'r.i.i ur\v. in is: TOintrd nut rjui! tbirrc HIT .it ill .sonic •10 aiViLi iviuahnm; '.nvi.-r n m control. On riic b;i.ii.i ot ui'li ;s. 12.CO.Qtit) on! ol Lhr hi iU.-it\-> and ap.u Some .six weeks ago, Woods started a movement to decontrol all communities which had 1040 populations {nun 25,000, provided they But (n r en in the case of this vestige of the empire the mother country is planning a conference for the coming April io consider thn granting of plotter autonomy. M:.y v'orm Another Nation .So this bloc in Ihe Wosi»rn Hemisphere may IJG formed into Hunger federal nation, fiinilnr Io the Indonesian group, with sovereign rights, Holland will hope that, as it) the case of Indonesia, the new group will remain within'the Dutch commonwealth, And what dees such termination of '.'colonialism." do to the mother country economically? Well, remains to he seen, In the case of tl\e United States of Indonesia, all private investments are guaranteed for all typos of property, and for all time. Thi'l is to say, Dtuch Investors can continue as heretofore, actually no Dutchman has been permuted to own property outright in Indonesia. Foreigners of all nations theoretic- plly have cr[iial rights for purposes of investment. So far as concerns the West Indies, the main wealth lies in Dutch riiiana. The chief products are ha- auas, cacao, sugar, coffee, rice. Tiie horn-ing expediter's office has ben forced to rush decontrol Cor a. .simple tack of money for enforcement. The last session of Congress cut rent, control appropriations by a third—roughly $9,000.000. Tin's was done with the distinct understanding that, the expediter could conic back in January and Tor a deficiency appropriation. Wnnils WH Ask for the Mrmcy QIT-STION: What causes evpry- Ihin^ to turn blnck when I stoop or bond over? AVSUT.K; One possibility 1? a fairly rare condition known as carotid Rinur syncope. This condition. ns v;ci\ ns other possibiliti*^, can only l)R detfnnined by carefi-l examination. 75 Years Ago In Blvtheviile — Jnc Burns, Jr., of st- Louis has This is exuctly what Mr. Woods 1 returned home after spending a proposes to do when Com; re-"j few days here visiting relatives. cotton, bauxite, gold \R lirpalfi turns in January, to the tune ol 1 53^00,000 to S4,OCD,fKK>. ThLs is the extra amount now estimated as necessary to conlmue controls through June 30, 1950, the present expiration date. Whether the new Consjre^s will extend rent control nuthcritv for aiiDiliL-r year beyond Vni.s date U tne bis que.stion. There is, of course, an denying that new housing construction is Mrs. A. J. Fie id, of Henderson. Tenn., Is the of her son, Max B. Reid ami family. Another son, Furlou* Reid, brought her over Tuesday and is now in St, Louis. He will return here Friday to accompany her home. Mr. ami Mrs W. N, Williams have as their guests Mr. and Mrs, Hemingway of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. R, J. Kirby and family, of Hazcl- rnivst, Miss. gradually catching up with demand. | ens the king of clubs, declarer The 1,000,000 new units started this l sliou' year establishes an all-lime record, had r.o large military installation or ( greater than the 937.GtH} units be- SO THEY SAY It may he difficult to keep l.ibor awake io tht noces&ity of voting in IHolX—C;<pt. Vicinr if. Harding of Democratic Congvef.sioi;aJ C'on-.nut- tcc. + + * It is apparent thiU oiic of the nu:;--v important questions to be deeidcri by the people, uiruuijh their Congress, is what itev 1 ^ gcvrrnini'iii riin and should take to preserve an open cfnor tor the investment of firtvmgs in little anci \\vsx,—&c\\. Joseph C. O'AiaUoney tl>» WyrminiK. on tlie shortage of inve.siinent. i_npit;il. * * * w He s;iv5 at ail limr.s if you lion't munv \\\v,\i Io do just be natural- Thai's what he cioes. Aiul T think he's done just fine.—Mrs. Alljcn Hiii'k- ley, df.scribnisi les.sons hftr hu si wild i;ave her on diplomatic protocol. 9 * * Notlniic more vitally aflccts the writ rue ;ii;rt destiny nf this nation thnit I lie iiitrkjniy ol in money ,1110 credit—Chairman Thcnias IJ. \kC;»ric. Federal f?r-.-r-iAe Hoard. » * * The Anu'i'iran Medical A.ssocmtion is th;n'mc America's health plan with an incredible onuu:on- a]i?rn. so i,iij;ii \'m afraid thcv'ie RO;IIR t<> lute thcmsclvc.-,.- u s. Federal Setinity Ailmini. \\- A - tor CX»car Kv,iuy. . college. 1 ) with more students than) gun iiv 1925. About 35,000 of tliis thoy could properly house. To thei expediter's, not one of these .smaller communities wanted decontrol. So the controls Ca l'r.-.h EiOl.S nying on. the stute level, have removed Arizona and 11 rent etm- \yy action of Jocal boards. Nc- t>i:"^t;A and Texas state le^wlatures removed all rrni controls. Wi.scon- year's starts rental units. are publicly financed ilrt not play the ace on the first trick. He .should play a small club. If South continues with the queen of clubs declarer will be smart to let South hold that trick also. When iho third chib is led rieelixrcr should Housing Expediter Woods says the | win it with the ace and discard tiic .safe lime to remove ^11 rent con- ! the three of spades from his own troLs will be when the new icderal | hand. rental housing construction program re-ally pels rolliiv-v He estimates this will take "aljoui a year." This would put a cut-off date at approximately Jan, 1. I951 Extend- has state lor federal j ing it to June 30, 1^31. would pro- l. Al:ib;unii hns pn?sed u lawjviai: v\ margin ot saiViy. will remove contrins next Real estate inteir.sU :tre prcp-ar- . So 43 of the -IB staif.s. plus | ed to fight any .-such extension with rental , ihr''ui&lrici of Columbia, .still think i everything they have, inducing (he controls arc necesa ry for ^ under \vav- ! longer. a [ killina of all appropriations Sor reut- control enfovccmcnt. Declarer should now lead a small spade to hi=> ace, then return a spade to rtummy'.s king. Now trump a . ; mali spade and take three rounds of trump, winning the last trump in dummy with the queen. On the fourth spudc declarer should discard his deuce of diamonds, thus losing only two clubj and a diamond Double dummy, if at trick two South should lead a stnall club, de- maize, rum, and balata. However, the country underdeveloped anri its potemi.W- tie? are unknown. As poinrod out in yesterday's column, in the Inhospitable hinterland there arc Sold, (linmomls and precious vrnods, but tl<e area never has been fully prospected because death or per- mnner.t disability lurk evarywh^re for the white man. Called Veritable "Hell-Hole" The jungle hinterlnndy of Dutch. French and British On i ana nre vcvitaljlc hell-hole.s. Horror lurks at every ftcp iti t.lie lorm of poisonous KiiaUes, ocorpion?;, centipedes, and all sorts of insects. Then there nre vampire bats which ntlnck while you an; asleep, and huge tmwcon- rlns vvhicli ciin crush a man or animal In its coils and swallow Its victim wlinle. Spcakiiit; of anaconrins. v.hilc T was in Paramaribo, c;ij>:la< of Dutch Guiana, a Dutchman, who Kent native expeditions into Ihe jungle after precious woods told me n;i^ of his men had reported finding a rer-oi ••-* ±\Y.C nnacoutia. Tlvj 'T;:inve e-: Mm>ri the SI^R ol tV;i.= nvrnstcr at -!5 feet—a world record If true. 1 ne n;itcI'.man said he \vvis gp^L 1 ^ to prt,f i ize sn expedition and Pjf' Io rni ti re this reptile- fi."r il*3 ta *, n:° zt.o. I never heard. U.e -r-ut- conn?. But Io return to our muttons. Surinam may prove Io he a source of vast wealth on development. Whether the mother rountry will profit, by that depends on the structure of the projected united nations of the West Indies and Surirmm. The Dutch settlers in Surinam want their independence and it i.-n't Mir« at thk juncture whether nicy will be willing to combine with other colonial units. In any event, whoever participates in opening up tlif; Surinam juneta country may share tn great wealtli. tj*,HUll MIOUIU UMU il hCIUI.ll LillD, UK- [JUlJtU IO\V, Jl'l I L- clarcr would have to win with the i to win the trick. ace. He would liave to play n small spade from dummy and. if North played low. let it, ride, forcing South IN HOLLYWOOD x j\%^'^',° h j... HOLLYWOOD - -' NttA •- Rxclti- • ju<vl .judged ;i lirauty cunfcsl by i'it'U* Vnurs: ni\iiiii:i Dnrlnn ?: ti:-> h-lc-vjsirin! Joe ilvn;-. "Wc'l! M-e" In [hi- (iiii'Mintr "Au 1 VMH '^oui 1 .'. '••> jii'mUu-v li'.-uiuia 1 :: .•uincij.u-:-: iHovi.-T' '! hi'ii l:i' jsiinp.-v tn !3i'a:ir =1 i -, ji'- {t'Li-'f. ; ;i\ mi;: "H\-, nut n , ouir- j«n I:. Sin-'.-, lit. vi-r bivn ;d\:iy." He -,.i\s :-hr w;i- thr \u\\*n ol b.t-i .iciU'V w!-.t'n .-He lr:vil in ;.!r. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE »y \VilNani i;. .MrKrnnry Anier'n-ii's <.';ird Afilhorily , i; pi.,i;;,,I of bodies beautiful, but Wriltcn for XI.'A Scrmn .-.iir mi ML.S. .r.s peace ol mind. '(rtUlUfJ AlUtll} 1 TICKS I :-;u in the livnu; room ut home Cy-|..«// Y T /-i\ i f'/iti/i*rift ...iu-.v uu v.Uc cuiiLrt keep her c ycj^ a ^ e « 7 V'' S ^O/HJaCC .u rre 'i'lic «iils. -seeking die title | Most card playc-r.s an- suofts fans .; -Miss television of 1950," pn -j nnci I know tbat-.HI of l br old-tim- Insect Answer to Previous Puzzle :icn>ss tiic TV M;L'een on '! lfV vViit'eloi 1 and Ucmrkf .st '• l t pluHu-<( in my vote, aloiiR with ^•v Ai ;iiui' Hornblow, Jr- Eigiitcen- 11 .v-ffld Sliirlcy Mo\". rev. a model, •i' • •.- tiic winner. Twelve more wcek- '•'.'- ' ^ill be held before the L -1 crri reiucmber baei; v,iit:ii Ed GvtlH-I van was a , L ;port,s writer. Curd plny- 1 er.s admire Eel today of nisi rtiKh'ne: j s to ti^e hi.s column or his j television progiams for any worthy] • - * | K. kinomy note: Hip Crosby is L.'.ri v Pai>;r- TV ill p^.-tpnne >'.irt ' n-tw FL quai let. Hc'U take four 01 l;ts jiiiirpcniii'iu nu^ u\ ••iiinkf- • c,:i Irj^nt parts, hni'mnnizim; with .-!jn:> him \\i\i\ an lirir iti M,n < h . L;-, -\ H ,i. Nr\i,-.i(-." Mto loiiin iniii li<:tty {'or tiic filin Iir.:L:i\>t ni'.i'Aii.i- sc to (\-->" :.tint M-Ct-M '.%•.-.i.ts mtvlvA uwoU ';.r her ^ei ^ u c.. 'Tin nui M«C 1 c,n .»::UH^. in> - \\no." Just recently I hoard him on his television projr;im. "The: Toast of the Town," make nn appeal lor the late Bill Robin,* f" Thr r.^hi ^uv,- on bt-t\vieu liKO 1 ^ 'and Fox 10 i.nid (ilorln <U- lUvniV | : ' , : n.uiH' on ,\ contract wiicn hrr !l i M-ti-M (icil cspnvs. Looks hir i l; " • i;f!l in .-i do -"r-Ao Tickets to I '-• li ' )t '"- Bio:ich'.,iy" at KKO on LI tne-l:iii(C ', llrcMirr Ami Orcaler 5 \' Sehulbrrc. Hie prociuccr I ( tMMin't y.e' n job in Holly- H, ^ ui New York, trying to n "i'V . . . Now th;il John '"»M i- nut as dlrctrtor of "Quo HI-. " \V:iitrr Huston i- 1 -"- also out Uic tole of St- Frier . . . . I1 li*y C'u.ipUu Is writiuc; a movie M't for hiin-seif — story of the 1 n u j^<> tt iix-t to mnkc a come.; IJUT J ; nls. Ch;\plin in^iats it A K976 VQ73 4 1086 A A64 Bi'>:ui.-.,iy" at HKO on n UTC-liincc \ <>rc;ilrr Aim tVrontrr , '*^ ^ ^ p<iss 3 ^ 1 !),i.-i.- . . . A floi k of i?:*rly M u v j H- 'ih"Aor<i must be clipping Into Pa^s 4V ^ B5S Pass \[,utiu nui-iviUs will N*>U bi? i-c- 1 u noiuf childtwod. The first rc;v- _ A «-,, 0 JL V. 23 i-,ui-,i 10 ,-a-h in un hrr clu'k jnir-^ tilns c-ver uiiul.- wa.s called Opening ^^ ;;r>rs"-—• - IX ,^ | ^'^ i™ 1 ' ,rs s nS^^ A A 3 3 V A K 10 8 •12 » K2 *95 RubVjcv— Neither v\i\. Soulh West North East 1 4. Pass 1 » IV , ... i i nl ll«!.-c licrolc iilvmcn in B»IU- in lavor o[ I^rhc : iM,!,,.,y alui .. Tlu , (irrat JMd I,,,,,,.,, Y o« Siiir.a Cluns. wr im . nil ;< lliu " i !J"i>!i.'i-y. ' . . . Bium Doulcvy is , prou(1 ,, ( your helper. Ell Snihv:ui. . Cni,,» Dmuilull |ni:iv, ; r or .\Mlibu BcaL-h again his Ucn , ,_; a lllin() m vvlvlc!l _ vou c-i l in'.''0-' " : "" :Mllii -'", lc '™' . minht IHiiik !hc Ucduvcr was phiy-i .'C Piu,:.,' If , m , ,,„„„ » c ,,|rt. srn,l'>"S 3 B .,.« Cl.ius. S ivi,v: » ,ow . .1 .vi..i, 5 i« \»n s«ui''crn. Slw's irioks a«ay But hr lw.- in ,!o u to , Another lirst ror Jolnison — 1 lighting II, c batik of the bulge. I make his contract. When Souln op-1 T'tH' Shrilly Winii'l 1 -;- Karll'y I'oinalii'i' 1.- ill llo lliVilt HORIXONTAl. 1,8 Depicted insect 13 Interstices 14 Egret 15 Male child l(i Argot 18 Reverential fcnr 10 Color 20 Frozen rain 21 Horn 22 Plural ending 25 Dr >' 23 Reel (ah.) 2fi Charge 2-1 Beloved 27 Bulk 29 Sun god 30 Any 31 That thing 32 Concerning 33 \Vas borne 35 It has a like body 38 Indian uiulherry 39 District attorney (nb.) i 40 Ocean 42 Concord 47 Indian weight 48 Eeccnuic wheel ! 40 Permit ; 50 Brown 51 Particles i 53 Church I dignitary 5fi Dormouse 56 Sprinkler VERTICAL 1 Cleaned 2 Waken 3 U;insj)iratcd 4 Knockout (ah.) . 5 Misfortunes fi listen 7 Heredity unit 8 [.cad pellet 9 Tellurium (symbol) 10 Persia H Cringes 1'2 Genuflects 3-1 Chemical salt 17 Earth goddess 36 Think 37 Collect - -.-,. 41 E^ove god 27 Trading place 42 Ago 28 Afresh 43 Hebrew deity 33 Scamp 4 I High mountains 45 Corporation (ab.) 46 Pitcher 47 Remain 52 Month (ab.1 . 54 N : ote of scala 55 20

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