Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 23, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1896
Page 8
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* Ji :.* WONDERFUL ' I Remnant Clearing Sale Now in Full Blast. D6 Not Fail to Attend '"'M, THE GOLDEN RU5E To The Ladies IS A DEMOCRAT This is the season of the year "when 'the unpleasant but necessary work of .' iouse-cleaniug claims the attention Vf the housekeeper and not a little de- 'pciuls on the appearance of your lace •curtains as poorly done-upcur.taJuispoil "vlic effect of a well-furnisbcd home -quicker tliau anything else. We have experienced belp In this class of work •'who clo nothing else and we Know we •can give you perfect satisfaction. We arc also making, a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being tho only firm In the city using machinery • exclusively for the purpose. We will : appreciate your patronage. :•* Campbell Bros. .429 Market St. , A Stolen Bicycle "Means a great deal to the one that is a loser. Why run anj 1 risk when you can have your wheel Insured against theft xit a very nominal figure and get its val- <ue when stolen? Insure at once-'and bs •on the safe side. Pnnctnred Tires Repaired 'IFrom this date on for 25 <cents at the Burgman Cycle Co Are You Out ol Employment. •Have you a horse, buggy or other 'personal'property, or vacant jota you would like to exchange' for^a business that will glT« big rcturflji? : '*'' Oall at 703 nichigan KROECER & STRAW, • Undertakers : &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. ..V' .' i • Greatest Discovery or tne'19th Century. Dr, Sludlcatod Air For the Cure of Catarrh, Aftthmn and all ' ' '.. Pulmonary Dlaeasei, It lias no euuul tor Slcli and Nervous Hc*U- acbe, 1,000.000 people ate unnuallr from we above namtcl dlseasen. Way sillier ami die, when Medicated Air Is guaranteed to.cJre you. Alrnml Hru(t Co., Blclimond, IniL, U. a. A. ll the best remedy on earth for La >pe. It will give immediate relief will effect a cure where all other fall. \ by B. F. Keesllng. ",;,,. ;Sul«c:ribc for Tho Journal. Muslin undorwKir Friday awl Satur- ••clny.—'J'nide Palace. J'-'' TJic average lest than baukrupt^tock •is a^pniteL'tl, Otto's price <«• tan slices. 'For sale.—A buy iwirc, Tory desirable "for iMiyery wagcni. weight 1030.. Will .^>e sold for «wh. 017 Broadway.' -"' -Merit in medicine means the power to vsure. T!ie great cures by Hood'a Sar-. eaparilla-.prove Its uncqualed merit. Your Uncle Benny is Also Very Tired. CANT TALK POLITICS And Don't Want to Think About Bryan. '•i'our Unele Ken" Ixuif-lta-i'ii w:w iu- k'.i'vieuvil by a Mtti.ng.or uT flu inquiring turn of miiiiul oue day not loag since .-is in wliy he Is a Democrat. Here are a .few of rite questions and "Unc.Ii.' lien's" a newel's: Q.— \\'\\y do ycm support I'.ryan and SewaJIV A.—Bi-c-.ni.se they were nominated by the Democratic national con- Q _-\viiait luiS'f-ha-t to do wish it? A.— I am a Democrat. Q.—W'lKit is a Democrat? A.—A eiubw of t:hc Diimocrablc party. Q.—WJuit fc -the Democititrc partj-V A.—It is the party that favors tlie principled o.t' Democracy. • Q._\Vhat axe tlie pi-inciplos or Democracy? A.—Tibey ?re the principles favored by the Dcm'ocratlc party, .^Cau- you define »me of them? A. —TJioy were liandcd down to us tij- Jeffoiwoai and .Tjickson. Q,—Wiluit did .Teflforson and Jackson believe iu.? A.—Tlioy believed in tlw Democrablc party. Q._I S WiiiiUMin Jonrtings Erj-an a rep- rcsonfci.fcive oiC the doctrines of Jefferson and .Tacbson? A.—No. Q._Thon wiiy do you call him n Dem- ocrait? Be«uiso lie as the regular nominee of the Dcimocjnitic nnttontil convention. Q— TVas tliait <couvcntion controlled by DenwxjKits? A.—No. Q.—By wiioan was it controlled? A.,— By Populists and ainvrcluists. Q.__Do you subscribe-to tJie-frec silvw 1 declaration- of the phitfoiin ? A.—No. Q.-Do you subscribe to-any of the principles there ' proonmlgatcd? A.— I-Iardly any. Q.—Does the platform represent the views of Mr. Bi-j-aoi? A.—Yes. Q.—But ucrt Che views of tlie Democratic party? A.—No. Q.—And ye* you support tiie Candida to and plat'orm. A.—Yes. Q.-Am I right-in J-afen-ing that you are working -for principles ami poll- oie.s which you bC'Mcvo to bo wrong? A. —You are perfectly rijTiir. Q,—\Vh.y do you do it? A.—Because I a,m a Democrat. • . Q.—How ciioi you recoucilc your Dean- oerac-y with *he support of un-Donio- cmtic docta-Juos? A.—I don't try. Q—Would the election of Bryan and the trtuitnph of his principles bo a ffood iMiig Cor the couiutiT? A.-O.n the contrary, a very bad thing. Q.-l-n what way? A.—In every way. Q,—From wlia-t standpoint do you justify your advocacy of men .and mcas- u res that a re ba d -for tl i o country ? A .— From the s-laudpoiu-t o-f my Democracy. Q.—Wlia-i is die mission of Democ- ,.. U ' V 7 A.—To sfciiiul by tlie Democratic' party. 0-—Is there no higher duty to be con- rfilercHl? A.—Nouc. Q.—Arc all Democrats of Hint opinion? A,—No; maay of Mem place principle above party. • ' .' Q—lTo-w? A—By temporarily leaving tilt- i>!W-.ty when'it forsakes Demo- crrctfc principles. Q.—But that 'is not your way? A — No: I am a Democrat, Q,—Wlrat is the best way for a Democrat to show liis Democracy?- 'A.—By voting the Dcn-iocratlc ttetet. • . Q—Even when it is .Democratic- in noMiIng but naanc? -A.—Tliait l>as,no,th- Lu^: to do with' the' casc^ ' Q.—Does the Democratic parly stand Cor.anytliiiiiK pood? A'.—Not tMs,year. • Q.—Is 'Its caadidaite - a wise • sta tea- man? A.—No; he ten boy'orator and art- IrrcsponaiWe crank, • Q,_ 'j' U( in \\-|,y ,lo you not ropiulifilL him? A.— I'.iK-.-i.u^e 1 aim a De-mocrai 1 . Q.— "\Vluii Is file chief i ml of :i Demo (.•rat? A,— To sta-tul by Hin Democralie Q.— No iii.-ilitcr wli:if' limait'lfsi temporarily Injeck-.l i::i,to rho (luctriiifl sitid prograli!? A.— Tl. is of mi (i._'j'li 0 u. you are :i DCMiiocrat simply IIMM.II.SO you nre a D«nipcrar.? A.— Tli.il i>~ 'I he only reason. Q.— AVlthoiil any reference to tin meanim;.' <.it rim tenn? A.— Not th.; sli.!-'hl<-sr. Q.— r'anTon int. bin do you cxpofit. rae .•us a rea.suiiaWr.' and intc-Ui^en-t man, to re^inl ymir iiJiswcra ro mj- nnosfion.s ns is.'Ltisr;u.-t.tiry and fonviu-cin-fr? A.— Cer- ciiiily .mil: -I'lK'y if re not .sartii«ra-cl.orj' Io m-,(Sf!'f. T'lmw pj no\v. I am riml. 0 VA REVOLTING STORV. by Witnesses in the Saxon Habeas.Corpus Case- corprw pivicecdiups WOTB. be- .;uu yesterday 'before' JtnTgo Lalry in tlie caw of the State vs. AIouxo Sasoir. wifli nssu-nli wish' inferrt to commit a rape pa tlie person ot JfUss iforeton. and' wTrh . • roblX-r.v. Tho doi-Vnsc c;iilaS bub one witnsss: •Miss ;MOIXTOIJ, hfrstlil,. and! this led the attorneys for the State to intimate- iu; iunuIsrttik!«Wc.,.l.ci'mB, that sl» «olc P«c- posu of tlic.dftrense in-'in^tiintlng thise s was to Corcelth* State tu- sliow its liand. The coutenliO'U grew somewhat spitited-, and ; charge au.4 coiiLiter charge UOAV -tklck-jand fast- Miss IMoretoa, the. prosecuting witness, since the briilses on' her face hav* had tlanc to heal, v:hile not ha-U'l- some or abea'u-ty, i*'a passably good- looking wauicin. Shu-gives her age as- twcti'ty-scve.n, anil that is about all of the Informal-Ion, which was obtained from her regarding herself. She told Ihe story of ;tue'''assault in a straight forward manner which- carried: weight- as to its'trutlufutoess, even had:-she not bccu corroborated by three wltnessus, called by the State:' WMc It is certain that "M-Iss Moreion" is not JJies Mpi-o- tou at all, but that the name Is assumed, and tliat she "is -not telling the truth when she gives 'her home ae St; Paul, and lier occupation as a solicitor for a Christian society,' her story of the assault gives evidence of tho brutality of Saxon, 'which i« positively revolting.In its details. .' ' : ', The defense endeavored, to show that Mtes More ton 1* a.n na\ f enrnrns3 and had soUel'ted ; -futri'd« of business men in this city under the representation-that she was reproseiiitins a•• .mythical Mrs, Herman, of Ro.vaJ Confer, la aid of the Epwortli League society of that village. It Is not-known that .the woman did so solicit funds from n number of trasinoso men Jir thijC.'clty under this- pretense, among tlieni'.Mnrtln-Bligli, Gcorg-e Soy- bold, nnd'"SoJ Colin, who the dejeuse' wished to call as wi.tne.5?es, but Judge Lairy .ruled "tliat this evidence would not be proper at Ui-te time. The proceeding was beguu by the defense iu the hope that a less bond could be secured, r and one which It would be possible fj>r the'defendant to give'. They, argued that the band, $2,000 is excessive and nekea.iliflt it be scaled to $1,000 or less. .Tiidge'Lah-y' took the matter under, advisement .'until- fills -moruilUK, when lie.,will render hfe 1 decision, .fudge.Nel- son Is assisting State's Attorney Hale and Deputy Oivmble in the prosecution, A BADGE FOB BOLTEKS. ,R. B, Miller a;, business man and j»uiul in-oney 1 Democrat/of Marshall, MMhig:in"Js riesponslble' for Wie appear- awce''0--f'.,tlM; latet.aucl neatest thing hi ca-mpalgh^biUtons.. It-la.-a small bolt, ANOTHER VICTIM Daniel Pratt, Head Brakeman, > Caught by Deadwoods. HIS NECK WAS BROKEN Honest, Industrious Citizen Sac-i rifieed—Left a Family. An.oither \icttTii"Wiiei placed on I lie Ion roll of d'cail n'nirb'iid men, kill'. 1 '! o duty, .yesterday afternoon about 4:3 (/duck at Anoica. Daniel Pratt, IK-IK brftkuuKiu was caught between th dead woods on two cars, and Hie lit' .was crushed out of liis body. His uecl was broken, and !;lic head was 'mangle terribly. Tlie c-liesf was also terribly bruised ami torn. The body was viewed by Coroue Downey a-t WoU's undertaking asr;i! lifthme.m-, and was thence taken tu dear! man's Jioaiit- at the corner of Tel ami Toledo streoid, where a wll'i two small cliiSldreu awaited hip= rclwi l'ro.m work. The 'train on w'liirh the deceased war ill' work w:i,s iKiuled liy engine Nr>. 320 The Ira to) t-row was composed ol Juine-s Ci-oslmv, conductor; Dudley Me- Carthy, rcai' hrakoman; William Glassford, ciurluew. and' Howard Johnson, fireman, beside.* tin.- vie.Uuii. wlio was head brakeir.an. Mr. Pra-ft had talked will; Co-Tidii-fitor Cro-ha.w not; more l:liaii,','i i:i.!.um<t.e before ilie 1'a-tal ncciJoul pponixl. aiinl what rcai:y enured hi 'th will never be known. The train had broken in iwo parts, and after Mm i'tv bans were raised It is siippof-.ml lie stepped between the ca.rs to release lire air brake and when tncy came together lie \vais drawn. between tlio c-rnw. Daifik-J Pratt-, havl l>een hi flic employ >f the Panhand'h. 1 company for ibe last i^htefn nwn|lis a.nd was considered cue of (he most worthy employes. Tie was sober, ijHliwtrions and a hard workiinj: rna.ii. He was a (member of the Vol-iiii'liny- Kclief department on the Pennsylvania lines West of rittsTim 1 ?. MI whichiOWini Kit-ion lie was insured in .flic suim. of .?~.0. He was also a member .of the T. 0. O. F. His relatives Jh-d'in J£iUlon county ajid wore f.cle;rraplied as sooo as the accident oc- ctirrecT. Tlio time of the funeral has lot-yet been announced. Mr. Pratt was •ampletefy overcome by the untimely death of lier -Tmsbiind but rocci.ved the- rcfnd attentions of sympathetic neiglr- WILL BE A MORSE RACE. Pat Graney and C. W. Welch Have notched Their Pacers. Ttie' lover.* <jf liorse raci'iig tavo not taxi mn-nyi o-pportunWes of indulging blwiir passion: r.l'u* season iu Logansport. I'licre 'has ba-u no nictag oC any sorr 'iiid aside from tlie t-imo excitetnent of vaiUriiinp the hdi-ses in train-ing at tlie pa-rfc at work, i;t lurs been exced.ingiy tull.' tncr^i'bonts-. Tliere is a fflffltcli- nice )ii tacnoriwv a.n:emoou which will give lie ratWiuiiclers something to grow ex- :ited wer, however, rat Graney, the s-oH-fcnwvn Prrn'hanidlc engineer, owns i pacing lioise whieli attracts eonsidor- i.ble'«l'tont-.roi-r from admireis of good iorscf%sli; C. W. Welch has a isidc- •hoclar'wlii'cli Fie is willing to back vgatast Tint's horse for a. brush of mile icats, 'two' best In three, so it has been irrnngocT tlia.t tho horses shall be pitted igalost each other'Jn- a niii-t-cTi race for purse of .$1'00. The race will be caUed it 3 o.'cIocR itnd books will be opened .jj hon-r csidy ia the betting *etls. The OTvners oX 'Uw hoisos are to be their Irivers, and a hot flnteh juay be ex- THE BONES SHATTERED. Result of the Power of a Light s ning Shock. The I'oii.jrh-hiaad writer of tlie mo TiAbuine Is a fanciful fellow. He ms more im-lfl "Uihiks" Hiau some poor dogs"tovc 'floas. ; Here is his latest tli'iink." • '" • "It is a queer etarj- tliat comes from AViudlfall "comcer.nlag *lic 'death by ng of .Tames Metealf autl -his liorsc, iiffldcd lust Wcdacsday in the cM -while takiiug refuge from tJVe ' ujnder n, saiiall crab apple tree. It fe 'stated .tliat a medl-cal exanitaa- tiou, i-«,vealed that every bone in Mr. Mctralfa body was broten by the etec- ric". shaft, all boins shivered aud shait- 'to small pieoes. horse, hiitdicd to a hay rake and 'the same cleotilc sliaf t, was illlU JL/l^l^Ul v 1.1,11.11 un: tu-i L"i- i."-v— — ••- — •--- — i ™-i— -~ . -v . _ • . ami McCouneil '& Jeuklncs aud'Kistlcr. . affected'.^ ah opposite -way. It Is stat& 'Kistfer are'for the defeuBe. , - - . ed .that th'e -horse remained standing on od-iibat th'e horse remalinied standing on te 'feet aifber denitih/tlie bones, muscles eing apparently petrifled by lie shock. Tlie .curious .circumstance s causing- nio end of won'iment in the jelgliborhocd, and 1 those siipei-stltiousliy it the' result .of a special ; of PKirldeoice." OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we Will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our 96 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots---- 2.25 Our $3 and 3.SO Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1,25 Cotton Worstedsl 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Children* Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. .HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; GONE FROM US Rev. Q. E. Scott and Miss Daisy Dorian Return to Iowa.. THEY DID NOT WANT TO But Rathsr Than be Separated They Came to Terras. wrr.vT, NEVER permit your clothes to bo- seedy nral sour, yon are not coni- I,of.';in.<pnrt hus probably seen the -last of ilie Uev. George B- Scott and Miss Daisy D. Dorian. The co.uple left for Waterloo, Iowa, yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, in com pa-ay with Sheriff W. II- Law. They w*re escorted to the stotiou by a very considerable- uuui- !ier of symjmiriKiUff (";) friends,'who wished! to ca-t-ch 1'he last fdlnipse of the -uau of forty-live a-nd hte sweetheart of C'Jteeu. Yestcrdny nwi-Dius when tlie couple were brought befwe .Tud^c- Laiiy for purpose of i<3entifjcr.itrou,. lha.t Sheriff Jd'aons might lega.Uj- turii tJiein over to the Iowa, olficer, it looke«.l as enough there was going -to be a stiff t-j-.d tiglit and tliat the preaiclie-rdi-d 1 not intend to go bach ro his'old home and face his deserted wife and tlie angry parents of the girl lie has wronged, un- ss he was compelled to do so. Judge hase, who was rt-tnined as counsel for Scott, discovered :i fla.w la the- requisition papers and advised his dienrl. that he conlil secure his release; that the Iowa sheriff could unit lake -him on the pa- peis he hJi.O. Here was a poser ior the h-herfff, :md as Rev. Scott seemed eager o take advantage of the t:cc:inicnlity, :i fttle strategy \\iVs resorted to to bring linn to terms. He was told that if he resisted he woukt still be held li«-e, while the girl would return to Iowa with Sheriff Law. a.ud HR- requisition papers .would be straightened out and 10 wonM eventually be compelled to •eturn. The threat, of'separating h.im 'roin the gi-rl proved to lie too strong 'or litin. As soon as that war; inen- ionfd he literaHy threw up bo«i hands m<l gare up tho fight, pi-omising to nnkc no more objex-tibn to going back vil:Ii the Iowa sheriff. The man is certainly a pnw.le. Depu- ios Shewjnou and Trnnx, who uave ;uarded the couple sijico tlieir arrest, have talked with both of them a.nd .hey. say.that they believe that 1C they ire separated,.both will go crazy.' If the Ilov. Scott's wife is t:o be believed, Is not far from that point already, aud. in fact, it is n question, if lie is not aJly menhill-y iuil);iJanco,l. In talking o one of his guards Tuesday night, Rev. icott said that iie would 'as soon die as e separated' -fwm the girl; that life voiild have no .more charms for him if were deprived .of her company. The .Touriiiil reporter, who was iu- trumontal i.u.' apprehending tlie couple, las endeavored at numerous times to secure a statement fw>m Uev. Scott, but tliat gentleman .had-a. decided dfclikc o,r 1J>e reporter, and refused to tnJk 1o ''regarding his escapade at all, hough he would smoke his cigars and Jiat'on different topics. B<i ewiis-lders hat he has been badly treated by tho tewspape.!*;, .and especially by The ouraial, and if .he is mad there is ce^ tainly mcthc/d in liis madness, for ho is •cnm-tably astute when'it owes to let- ing slip anything thatmight be twisted' ato a-stateinent.,;,: ;•.'.' -.•:., . ; . The sheriff an'd^his prlsouers will nr- NEVER wear high lioels; they are unnatural and produce many nervous disorders. XE'\"ER buy shoas from any one other than. Pilling; lie has the best. NEVER try to peep at the engiae. when it i^ in motion; it tray be yotrr last pec;). NEVER miss PiTIins's special sales; iic will save you money. NEVER two too much! perfumery;, rou may lie- mistaken for a cologne factory. NEVER pay five and 1 six dollars for tojs (Shoes w&en Pilling has them for NEVER sa-c-ilGce health, propriety, aB»3 cosnfont Cor any silly fasnton. XEVER fail to remember the foregoing facts and do not tw so foolish as to Delieve that you are the exception; that you can boy shoes Just as cheap sonwwhere else, for Pilling has tbe best and cheapest. 412 Broad way, Log.onsport, Indra-ua. rive at Waterloo some time this morning, and it Is safe 1o say that if. their coming i<5 horalcJed'in advance they will be ni*t by a crowd. REPUBLICANS CONFIDENT. The- Stale committees o:f both the Republican amd Democratic parties met Tucsisy.. together wifb the ca-adi- ies.' If the •attendance is a.uy indication, the RepaWicans tore considerable the best erf it, for they had a very hu-ge gathering^ whiUe the ? Democratic attemdau^c'wa^ reiT small 1 . Yet if the spirit ils to bo cousWeroi trie fndica- tlonis point to one of the roost determined political fights over made ia In- diiamT. Men do not regard the battle this year as politics, and play; they look upon it as a matter of business, of a livelihood, almost as a matter of Ufe an«J dcadi. The confidence of the He- pubKcaus is based upon positive information they havo gafliei-ed with con- sen-ativc cure; that o,t the Democrats seernis to be all in the air.' They dou't know jinst wliew; they are going to make any inroads upon the Republican party, but declare thilt they are go'ng to make more than cno-ugh to offset thoir losses. UNION SERVICES. Rev. Dr. D. .T. SattcrCeld, o£ Scotia Seminary, Concord. North Carolina, will give an address at the first Pre.5by ter'iyni church on tomorrow, Thunsday evening. The prayer meetings of tb? Broadway aud First Presbyterian eJrorcli.es will be adjourned for this union service of the two churches. Dr. Satterfield io a'northern man. who has been connected with the work for the Freedmen in tie south for some ten or twelve years and -I» now visiting friends iu the city. The public generally will be interested in this address. Ice house for sale. See JI. 51. Gordon.. All members of Charity Div. 4, G. I.! A. to the B. of L. E. arc^rcquosted tot attend the regular meeting to be heldr today at 2:30 p. m. Business of Jm-|; portanco to be transacted. By order off-. President. / \ MASONS ABROAD. A number of Masoiw will go to Young America today to'assist in the initiation! of several candidates, nnd to join in the enjoyment of a banquet this evening. . IH^^M^^I^kvi^^^^^&£

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