The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TENT BLYTHEVTTJ,K (ARK.V COUKIEK NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 19W Reds to Oppose Wall Street War -* _"'U.S. Leaders Say Forty Will Not Aid 'Imperialist' Moves MJJSW YORK, March 3. </!'/—U.S. Communist leaders pledged their party today (o oppose any war provoked by "Wall Street" interc.sts tie- spit* "the efforts of the peace forces of America and the world." A-slatement Issued by Coimmmist National Chairman William Z. Foster 'and General Secretary Engei\c Dennis declared American Communists would take no part In "sn unjust, aggresive anil imperialist war." On the contrary, (lie statement laid, the Comimmisu would "coop«rat« with all democratic forces to defeat the predatory war amis of American imperiali-sm unit brins «uch a ivnr to a .speedy com-lusion oh the bn.sLs of a dt'inoctiUic peace." The reference to democracy was In line with the tusual Communist, policy of calling Communist-led states, including Ru.-i.siu, "people's democracies." Poster auti Dennis -both under federal charges of conspiracy to j advocate forcible overthrow of the , U.S. government — .'•aid in tlicir statement thai "we do not regard a new world holocaii-st as inevitable. We hold the peaceful coexistence of t»-o different social systems wholly possible. We believe that ellorts of the peoples to achieve peace can check the warmakers and create new opportunities to achieve pence." ' The statement followed request.'; to the Communist leaders for comment on recent remarks by two Red leaders in Europe—Maurice Thorez of France and Palmiro To- gliaUi of Italy. Togliatti said he believed l\\". Italian people bad a duly to aid tlie Obituaries B.T.U. Director Mrs. Brogdon, Sr., Dies in Hospital; Funeral Friday Funeral .services for Mis. Alice Broeclon, widow of n, F. Brogdon, Si 1 ., will be fontluctoia al 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Holt Chapel by the Rev. Allen 13. Stew;ul, pastor of the First Methodist Church. Mrs. flrojidon, who would have been 73 on March JC, died at the Walls Hospital IR.SI jiifiht. She hail been a pitt ion [ lhere ior the week. She wa.s being tieated /or ft heart condition. Mis. Brogdon, who had made her home In Blylheville for Die 45 years, was born at Clarkttalc in 187P. Hor husband died in 19:*B, and Imd served a s city Judue here Tor two tennis before hLs dealh. HP was a contractor. Mrs. Brogdon was an active member of the First, Mot ho. ~ di.s! Church. Her .survivors include two .son.s, Charlc.s Li. and B, F. HroKcion, Jr., both of lilythcvtllo; a daughter, MJ.S.S rCunice BrORdon; two step- chuighlois, Mrs. Edgar Crihlkild ol Joiner, ana Mrs. J. W. Chfathmn o? Clevclinid. Ohio; a .sister. Miw* K\~ len Brown, of BUM I senile; two brolhtn.s, Sum Broun of Memphis and J, \V. Brown of Forrest City, and six urniidchildron. Aaivn I'ullhcau'i 1 .*; will l>n J. W. Rayder, Krilh Bilbrcy, Aubrey Boyd, Hiink Harris, Harvey Morris ami Tom A. Little, Jr. Bm'ial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery. * • • Dr. David P. Crouch Succumbs in Qsceofa p I.ILSL riles for Dr. David Proudfit Crouch of Osceola will be conduct- rd at the Swift Funeral Chapel at 10:30 tomorow, tiy the Hev. H J. Com-hmfin, pastor ol tlie Fu'.st LUCKY LADY Ralph V,'. Davis, slate director of Baptist Triilnlnp Union, will speak at a couniy-widf meeting at thr; First Baptist rhuiTh tonight. Mr. Davis h^is served tho Arkansas Bap- Convention in tin's capacity for the fin 1 years atui luix an out- KlniidlMH record of uccomplishmont. He will the Mi.s.sL-ssippfc County Trainhift Unions on br>hatf or the coming .siair convention. Russian army if it .should pur.sue an [ Mtthoaist "Church, by 'aggressor" onto Italian ."•oil. " ' "* " ''" ThoicK a-skcd whether French Communists could be expected to "behave riilferently" from the peoples of Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia If the French people were led into T\ar with Russia and the Red army "had to the enemy OJito our soil." Foster and Dennis .said they be- \ at Texas Slate Normal Ueve the French and Italian lead- | and urn chimed from a ers' comments "emphatically serve the cause ol universal peace." the Rev, L. G. Lawrence, pastor of tin; First Pifv-byU'itan Chinch. Or. Crouch, 10, died at the linmo ol his daughter, Mrs. L. W- Walters, mj;lu, alter being ill for about a week, suttermg from acute Icu- ketnia. Dr. Crouch was born at McLcans- boro. III., in 1B79, completed .school at Austin, physic urns LEGISLATURE Nominee for U.S. Post Friendly to Reds, Cain Says WASHINGTON. Mai-c-h 3-W Senator Cain iR-Wnshm til.sclo.ser3 today he h«s vi'.ritlen Presirloul Truman coiUcndiiif: that Moil Walloon has nsfiociated with Communists. WfllJgJrn , former governor of Wa.shiiiRtou stato, i.s it irietul o( Mr. Tnunati. The President ha.s nominntcc 1 . him to IIP chnlrmnn of the Nnliona] Hcsoin'cc.s Hoard, Cain SK righting iiKiOnsL Ki-nntc confir- ivmtfon of the a[)i>nintinnnt. Cnl]) niatlc public letters to the President »nd to John n, StecJnian, a lirnsirieiitinl aide, in his letter to Stcelman. Cain expressed "hope that, the Presitlrnt will come lo un- der.sliij](i that his appointee i.s ))oL the man to protect Amni'ic.i ngninsL PROJECT .Continued from Page 1 nm] .slli'goons college in Chicago in 1911. \vheu lie also married Grace Devina. They inovetl to O-s- ola in 19^7, where he liad been en^ngcci in vefcrlnixcy practice until he retired in 1345. His wife nnd daughter, of O.sceo- ln. a sister, Mr.s. J. W. Kinnei\r of Beiuiniont, '!\'X.. and two ynuul- chilrireu s'.nvive him. 'I'he pallbparer.s will include: Wiule Quinu, J.u'li Wilson, Melvin Sjietk, Louis Johnson, all of O.s- ce«!la, Joe Cullom r Jr.. of Wilson anil W. B Hint of Blythcvlllc. Bunnl will lie in the Violet Cemetery. the greatest project ever undertaken -for further development of the lands In this county. To :Co-Ordinate Earlier I'ryjrcts "Drainage districts have clone much toward (he draining and development of the lands in this coun- -ty. Their work was limited to tlie confines of the district boundries. _ .They, could not control work done j Rites Friday Afternoon AOOVB or below them. This plan of the Army Engineers Is our only salvation for adequate drainage, tt will help to properly coordinate the ! efforts and the work done to date j by these many separate drainage ! districts. j "The work proposed by the gov- [ eminent is work badly needed in j this county. It is work that these drainage districts could never do for themselves. The total government expenditure in the Basin will be about $81.000,000. This embraces an area of slightly over 1,500,000 acres, (t embraces all ot two counties and parts of five other counties. The cov- ernment will pay for land taken for ditches and levees. The cast to local interests will be only thru of payinp for lands overflowed or war, or the man to win it comes." it Holiday Delays Trials Of Protestant Pastors SOFIA. Hnlltaria. March 3. l/Ti— A court rcce.s.s {or Bulgaria's Independence Day interrllSJtcd the trial of 15 Prote.'tant pastors on treason charges today. Prosecution and defense summation* begin tomorrow after the conclusion yc.sterday of delense testimony. Negro Obtains Parole Arthur Johnson. Blythevllle Negro, was amonK (lie 32 prisoners paroled yesterday by-the Slate Piirole Board, Joisnsnn was .sentenced to Continued from Page 1 Air Force considers strictly "oprr- ational." There v,"is plenty of food—sandwiches and candy and other items that would keep. Water was carried in fivc-KHllon Jugs, standard Ii-50 equipment. Bedding was the. Ixjrnbcrs floor, a few mattresses from regulation Ol col.s and O.D. iilankci.s. The double crew enabled them in .s)cc|> in shifts on regular schedules. Refueling ixiint.s were over the Azores. Dhiihran, in Saudi Arabia, Die I'liiliiipme.s and Hawaii. Trie lliiB "tankers" were converted B-29 bomlx-i'.s, Jrorn Lhe 43rd bomb group. GjiUitifJicr and Co-Pilot First Li. James A. Neal of Vi.salia, Calif., kept the plane's log. In restrained words they told the epic fll«llt, [rom takeoff to landing: Simple Ix)([ Tells of Flight "Takeolf normal except for an extended lakeoff run. . . . Minor cold front encountered at 20,000 feet. . . . Over Zaorcs, picked up tankers and continued on course.. . . . Refueling underway about 15 minutes after contact. . . . Tanker trews report champagne at L<i- ucns i.s excellent and inexpensive. . . . Pltijht to Dhiihran. . . . Flew fot Jujin-s over Sahara witliout -seeing a .Sinn of civilization. . . . Nice clear nislit. . . . Have radio con- tad with tankers. . . . First tanker hwiked up. . . . We are receiving lucl. . . nan into .severe turbulence. Made contact with second tanked and filled up. . . On way to ClarR (Reldj, !>. 1. ... met our lallk- er.s. , . Receiving gas as we go. . . On course ol Manila. . . . Ran through a pretty severe squall line weather from about 100 miles east ol Diiflhran, . . "Tnis is the leg where we pa.So tlie half-way mark. , . We are all quite happy that we have encountered no major difficulties and hoj>3 our luck will, remain as good for the second half. . . Rendezvous with first three tankers made over Clark radio. . . Circled Clark twice wailing for other Uvo tankers to climb tip through undercasl. First hookup. . . Relueled. . . We're, all sweating it out now. One more hookup will see us back lo Carswell. . . Most of tlie crew members are showing- signs of fatigue, making errors in their log. . . "Over Hawaii. . . First tanker gave — gallons. . . Second laitor save us — gallons. He had a pretty rougn lime trying to get the fuel flow started. . . Headed home. We are all popped but \ve feel pretty wor.deiltil. Weather here around Hawaii and our route east worst have ever seen. . ." Flight preparations were super- secret. Families of crew member.' expressed surprise when told of tl trip. Most knew only that their men "were on a secret mission." Continued Prom Page I. / vlous day, the Senate adopted an emergency clause for the already- passed bill to remove all credits In state Income tax payments for similar taxes paid the federal government, Klectlon Act Changci! Initiated Act No. 3 of 1D48 would be amended under one bill which wa s passed. The bill provides that one of the three members ol each county election commission shall be elected at biennial general elections instead of being named by the state board ul accordance with act three. Two members of each board are approved, as was an appropriation the chairmen of the Democratic 1 "f 52,000,0011 of federal funds for and Republican county committees. State Hospital construction. Also beaten was n proposal which would have ammendcd the "Freedom to work" enabling act to exempt from the closed shop prohibition all Industries and business in Interstate commerce. Hep. Dave Thompson of Pulaskl sought to recliissify strike violence as a misdemeanor rather than a felony, contending In Its present form the act Is "class legislation." An administration-sponsored bill to apply the sales tax to alchollc beverages was withdrawn for pas- sible amendment. The House passed bills to Increase fees for copies of birth certificates from 50c to 51. Approbation measures for the Workmen's compensation Commission and the Public Service Commission were Other bills approved defined election frauds and restricted to blood relatives the persons who may pay poll tax for another, The Senate passed 18 budget bills ! appropriating more than $5,000,000. Included were $1.000,000 additional this fiscal year for the State ICdii- j cation Department; $1.000.000 to; pay claims against the state and \ $150,000 for construction at Arkansas A. M. and N. College for Negroes at Pine Bluff. Defeated was a bill lo permit admission of indigent persons over 65 to the Confederate Home. 1 The Senate approved a three-way [ division of breakage at tlie Hot; Springs race track. The slate, tlie track and the City of Hot Springs j each would fjcl one-third. Breakage I consists of odd pennies left over when winnings are computed and | paid. i Labor Bills rail [ i Two attempts to soften Arkansas abor laws have been defeated by | he Stato House of Representatives. | Late yesterday the House rejected [ bill which would have reduced j tie penalty for violence In .strikes. The House received tlie $28,000,000 animal Arkansas Education Department appropriation bill and governor McMatli's nnti-lyncning proposal, • Pickard'sGro and Market 1044 Chickasawba WIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 3ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BL06. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone, 364&awt2515 , serve iwo years in Circu' Couri cc?ny. hri-R In November, 1947, on his pic of guilty to charge of grnnd lar- We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty ol I'itrkinfj Space RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kxrcpt Cancer! DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 Main. Hlylln'rille. fUk Phone KKXTVCK Y'S KEY TO Perfect partner In gnu-ions lio?pilalily is tlie gcnt-rons flavor of Kcnliicky's favorite, sour iniisH bourbon. Naturally distilled on one family recipe siiu-o loTO, OLD I'TVmCH.M.n is proudly Old l-'usli- ionctl, yrt all llie more in slylc. OLD OLD FITZGERALD Pints STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 100 PROOF • BOTTLED IN BONO Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Also Alfalfa, I.espedexa, Swccf Sudan, Sudan, Pasture Mixtures, ],»wn Mixtures and olhcr field seeds. Call Us for Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blythcville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 For Mrs. Elhert Taylor Joy Mr.s. Deal rice Taylor, \vilc of Elbcrt Taylor, -IS, will bo conducted at 2:30 tomorrow at the Cobb Funeral Home by the Res', l^ee Anderson, pastor o! the Go.snell Methodist Church. Mrs. Tayloi •, husband i,s fire chief at Hie ah 1 b;».sc, died yesterday »L their home after n long illness, Joe Carney, Howard DcSplinter, Arch Lind.scy, Ernest Hnlsclt, Hi>l- Ifttui Aikcn and Ed SniiLh will be Mead Infant Buried THE NEW DODGEIHA1 DARES TO DE DIFFERENT! of Graveside services Ior James Russell Mead. J]-.. were conducted this morning at the Klmwoori Cemetery in floodways and the cost - by Lhe Rev. p. H. Jcrniynn. pastor maintaining the ditches." he | of the Calvary Baptist Church. The infant died abmit five hours after birth yesietday in tlie Skallcr Clinic'. The parents. Mr, and Mrs. J. R. Me;ld. and two si.slers, M:ir- tha Rose ant! Mary Margaret survive. Tlie Cobb chapel was in House Subcommittee Approves BUI to Make Hawaii the 49th State WASHINGTON. March 3. <3't— \ The House Territories Subcovmnit- 'he full public I-ands Committee to toe today approved statehood for npprove the bill for House action. Hawaii. A hill ;o admit Alaska lo the The subcommittee acted favor- uniim as a state will be considered ably 'on a bill by Delegate Joseph tomorrow- by the same subeommit- Tt. Farrington (R-Hn\vaiii after a tee. briet hearing and review of pie- No opposition witnesses appeared vions Congressional investigations, at the Hawaii statehood hcahitR The subcommittee voted to urge , today. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY 1 Ac ' BUNDLE lU ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished 12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Extra Call 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway til North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs STEEL BUILDINGS Come and see the car built for today's bigger, taller, more active Americans J I '^ a il,u m;.: n.-vi . . . nru in il* o\\ n ili-1 inrl i\ r aty|p . . . nrw in tin- minimi luMiily iliul ciinics finm Irulv liasic ilrsi;;ii! ll'.- (In- n.-u c.n i],lies Ki In- iliricrcul. 11'« nurrnim' mil-iilc. l'i,r ill.' cvlrii cllimt iiniin anil .-li.inlilrr cntii- For grain, hay, livestock and machinery • Truss-clear.-Straight sidewalls. No wasted space. • Quickly erected. • Variable lengths. .1 Bull.. Mil C. nr\i niM-r i- f,,n^,-i in-i.I,' for -Irrhh-nnt ini>]iunr = i. It's fint'fr oiii-idr . , . M-I i»-J:--> in^iil<\ m ;:i\ i* MM! ihr lifMil niuhi lluil ?|»rll5 .^f *• )t«n. I >,,,]'^ >/i\ ,-. ,i(| (hu-r (htnj;N c,u mv nc\ s IT,illv \t ant («M(:IV . . . slr-'k -uliu- \xiifi p{rn1\ nf rnc.iil . . . ll^-liiiil! prrfovmanrC ^i'^i '"' (>| t ^ - - . ll)' 1 ]irmr.l ^nnif^luirs- Hoil-^f Ml-i'luid Mrivr in.ikrs j.i,--i|,|, . { ,„,,,. in ... v,-| ilir ^h.-lr Dn.t^c >lnty . . . tlt>n! KNEE-IEVU SEATS—pivc full flip- DOORS OPEN WIDE — anil |i"rt. V'ronl <c;il lr;ivcls fur .11 ^nclc t>[ nlinoM 90 in. lie* . . . MM" 01;.- itirli ill mov- t' i-\ tn [i,-l in :iml olll. Ni» iinn ing foru;mt fnr hrttrr \lVion. rr-1- li> i liinli o\ cr. . at /a the tost of operating your can •One Way Memphis. Tcnn Si.55 .St. I,nuis, Mo 4.35 Ulllt Rock. Ark 4.1S •due \\:\f CtiaU.VHDnsa. Trim fi.Rn Hirmhi( Ala 5.~,n lackson. Miss Jackson, Tenn t 3.05 , Los Angeles, ('al."I".'."*'.3"||jo •u s lot tn>a 10% IOVMO ftn ravnj trip licl BLYTHEVILLE 109 No. Slh Phone HII CCFOnET Now GYRO-MATIC . . . Frees You from Shifting . . . 'voJobl, „, 1,1, a Coir All-WEATHER COMFORT — nrw NEW "GfT-AWAV" ENOINE—fives lir.-uinp .Tticl vriilil.itins »y<h'i>i ll.i-liinc pirk-np. f.i^lcr -irrrlcra- liring> fic^li air lo all |i.mrn- tiun. Iliflirr i-oiii|iri-ffiml ciigin" ft-,-. Hulk; |>,irts imil.-r linnil. MM-« (jsolinr. C. A. TANT CONS'T. CO. Aiilhori/.cd Dealer for HUTI.KU STHIOI, UlIII.DINGS (icnciiil Conlracting 1'lionc S9R Hlyllievilte Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway and Chickasawba Phone 4422 Arney & Bogan Refrigeration Service Paragon Defrost-lt Aulomalically Ucfi-osls Your Refrigerator $9.95 . ..'installed Refrigeration Service ot All Kinds 127 S. First Phone 4397

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