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Beckley, West Virginia
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Thor Heyerdahl sailed his papyrus boat Ra II from Africa to Barbados in the West Indies in an attempt to prove that Mediterranean peoples might have migrated to South America long before Columbus discovered the "New World." The cable leading from the stern of the boat was attached to a buoy designed to help any crew members who fell overboard. Tfie Ra Expeditions' Fantastic Adventure By ROBERT COCHNAR NEW YORK (NEA) Let 'it never be said that Thor lacks a sense of drama. He did, after all, build his -first papyrus boat in the shadow of the pyramids and have it dragged by 500 Egyptian athletes to the water for -transport to Morocco, which was, strictly speaking, hardly inecessary. He did choose a crew from seven different nations (only and Sweden were "represented on Kon-Tiki). He did decide to test the seaworthiness of a papyrus boat by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in it (something a "true" academic wouldn't dream of doing).

Theories, after all, are put to the test in laboratories. Despite the accusations of "show business science" (some say he timed his 1969 on Barbados to coincide with the day Neil Armstrong Stepped onto the moon), Heyerdahl determinedly goes about his business and to hell with the academics. The first Ra voyage ended abruptly several hundred miles cast of Barbados, but the Norwegian explorer has a way of making a near disaster sound -like a scientific triumph. His point, that a papyrus boat could have floated from Africa to America, given proper conditions and a skilled crew, was made, or so Heyerdahl said at the time. Besides, it was a great adventure.

Okay, point made. Then, one must ask: Why he decide to repeat the trip the following year? It wasn't he had several extra tons of papyrus which would otherwise have gone to waste, 'or because he had his crew 'on a two-year contract. It's my guess that Heyerdahl did it again because he knew that he didn't make it the first time. And Thor Heyerdahl is stubborn and single-minded to a fault. In 1969, and the following year, I followed his adventure every league of the way since a division of Newspaper Enterprise Association distributed his writings in North America.

So when the rest of the world was watching Neil Armstrong on the moon, I was greeting Heyerdahl in Barbados. In fact, I may have been the cause of a temporary loss of Heyerdahl's legendary cool. As I was leaving Bridgetown a few days earlier than he was, he asked me to bring to New York several thousand feet of exposed expedition film. And the film, inexplicably, was lost for a week at JFK airport. The explorer was crushed.

Not only did he not succeed in his mission but the film which would have made a motion picture (and pay for the voyage) was seemingly lost. Only when the film was found could he relax and perhaps even enjoy the "In the Hall of the Mountain King" his wife and I hummed at a picnic. Well, HeyerdahTs account of the voyages, "The Ra Expeditions" (Doubleday), has been published and is a smashing adventure story, as everybody expected it would be. It is bound to pay for the two Ra voyages and even a few more, if that is Heyerdahl's intention. Heyerdahl combines a unlikely romanticism i practical ability to accomplish whatever he wants to accomplish.

No Walter Mitty dreamer could arrange for several thousand tons of papyrus to be shipped from central Africa to Egypt, put Black Cowboys? They Were All Whife' NEW YORK (UPI)--Youngsters in Harlem were wide-eyed at a parade of mounted cowboys and cowgirls Saturday. It was the first time most of them had ever seen a black cowboy. "I thought they were all white," said one boy. "On TV they're all white, never black." The American Black Cowboy Association sponsored a parade through Harlem and an evening rodeo Saturday to show ghetto- bred youngsters that there are black cowboys performing in rodeos around the country. Bud Bramwell, 34, a cowboy from Stamford, Conn, who founded the Black Cowboy Association, said the purpose of the parade and rodeo was to show black children that not all cowboys are white.

"It wasn't until I came back East that I realized how much American history books have cheated our black youngsters," he said. "What American child, black or white, knows that hundreds of black cowboys, settlers and explorers helped to write the legends of the American West?" THOR HEYERDAHL together a seven-man crew, import boat builders from Chad (the first time) and Peru (the second time) and allow very little to chance, although even he could not tame the Atlantic. Yet his book is not a nuts-and- bolts account of the proceedings. It is a lyrical hymn to understanding, brotherhood and the beauty and mystery of the sea. This is what a hard-headed Norwegian scientist can write: "The shining celestial sphere seemed to be enticing our own swan-necked Ra westward Such eternal westward must have offered immense enticement to genuine sunworshhippers.

Resplendent lancets which no royal crown could match radiated like a diadem from the sea's edge into the sky. A tropical sea's attempt to emulate the northern lights: first in dazzling gold, then red as blood, orange, green and violet, turning gradually to black, while twinkling stars emerged equally slowly from their invisibility as the disappeared." Heyerdahl's theories transatlantic migration are interesting enough, but his real feat is one of human engineering: This man was able to find seven men from as many nations with no language in common, and no real talents in seamanship (with one exception), mix them together and make it all work. Twice. Berlin Wall Guards Tftworf Escape Affempfs During folks BERLIN (UPI) -Communist East German border police fired six shots at a man who tried to escape across the Berlin Wall into West'Berlin early today, police reported. Police said the would-be refugee appeared to escape injury, but the border guards captured him.

The incident took place around 2:00 a.m. The shooting was the second at the Berlin Wall within 25 hours and marred the atmosphere of hope created by Friday's signing of the first phase of the four-power agreement on Berlin. At 1:20 p.m. Sunday, East German police shot a man aged about 20 in the right leg as he tried to flee across the wall. The Ulrich Mueller to discuss arrangements for West Berliners to visit East Berlin under the same conditions as those applying to West Germans They also planned to discuss improved telephone links between the two parts of the divided city and improved arrangements for West Berlin enclaves cut off from the main sectors of the city In Bonn Michael Kohl, state secretary in the East German Foreign 'Ministry, flew in at the head of a five-man delegation and met with a team led by West German State Secretary Egon Bahr.

Both sets of talks have been under way for some time. But this was the first occasion they met under the specific mandate offered by the Berlin accord. DEATH NOTICES AND -Funeral Arrangements TRENT TRENT, Mamie age 70, of 114 Hodge Street. Beckley. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m.

Tuesday in the Mabscott United Methodist Burial will follow in the Sunset Memorial Park. Arrangements by Melton Mortuary Florists For Your Shining Hour Let Us Help You Plan The PERFECT WEDDING Flowers, Church Decorations, Silverware, Punch Bowls, Plates, Candelabra, Champagne Glasses, Cake--Every Detail! DIAL 253-7371 Florists Snow Thornton Member of F. T. D. 319 Prince St.

Beckley Cemeteries FOUR choice cemetery plots for sale Hilicrest Memorial Gardens, Matheny, W. $125 each, 425-4009 evenings. Lost, Found, Strayed FOUND Bluetick hound, owner may claim by identifying and paying West Berlin and the city government. In West Berlin and in Bonn, representatives of the East and West German governments and the West Berlin City Council met in separate talks to hammer out details of the Berlin agreement. In West Berlin, East German State Secretary Guenther Kohrt met West Berlin Senate Leader 8 Shooting Matches RESPONSIBILITY NEW YORK (UPI) -Making student responsibility and self- discipline a part of the; educational process can increase the operating capacities of school facilities while raising the morale and productivity of teachers and students, Educational Facilities tories (EFL).

SHOOTING MATCH SEPTEMBER 4 6. 1 P.M. NEAR AFFINITY UNION HALL SHOOTING MATCH SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH Behind Rigrht Way Market East Pincville, W. Va. Wallpapering and Painting 9 Wallpapering and Painting Kaicigh KegistcivBcckley, W.

Monday Afternoon, Sept. 6, 1971--11 WALL-TEX and wall papering, paneling, small remodeling, drop ceilings of all types, professional work, free estimates. Phone 4694426. EQUIPPED for commercial and residential painting. Good work Is our success.

Insured. E. Lowell Foley, 23244HM Sam G. Foley. 18 Educational Instructions SEMI DRIVER TRAINING WE are currently offering tractor trailer training through the facilities of the following truck lines.

Truck Line Distribution Systems, Inc. Express Parcel Deliveries, Inc. Skyline Deliveries, Inc. For application and interview, call 304-344-8843. or write School Safety Division, United Systems, c-o Terminal 5517 Midland Drive, Charleston.

West Virginia, 25306. REGISTRATION NOW GOING ON AT BECKLEY EXPERIENCED surveymen, instrument men and rod men. Apply in person, Gates Engineering 201 North Kanawha St. Equal opportunity employer. Day Night School PHONE 253-7351 TRAIN TO BE A HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Learn to operate Bulldozers, Draglines, Cranes, Scrapers, Loaders, Trenchers, at our modern facility, Miami, Fla.

A high-paid career career isopen to ambitious men. Universal Heavy Construction Schools Home Office Miami, Fla. For Information Write To: U.H.C.S. Dept. No.

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37 "Personal" Wanted For Reference BECKLEY Newspapers Corp. Library lacks 10 volumes to complete a full set of the West Virginia Blue Book. Before 1935 the Blue Book was known as "West Virginia Legislative Handbook and Manuel and Official Register." If you have any of these for the years 1916 (two volumes were published the first year;) for 1918, 1820, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1P25. or 1927. please call the librarian.

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