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Vermont Statesman from Castleton, Vermont • 3

Vermont Statesmani
Castleton, Vermont
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Wt -t (it. i tf m-tm NHMl.Mt tit tvMtHnr t.MUU( fid Wf Ju.iK wnlt. ww, 444 WvMHhM ,4 4 MVT; ,4 41. 4M.4 jj 4WU-4h. -4.

iMtuu mil at AO a444. t4 4JU 44 IM 4V.41,., ..441 tJU f4f 44 4f 4V4t44 fmU0 a414 Mr( r7. IM 44irf.t 4 -'I 4-4-, fc-C .44 I iiMrl. f.JUr444 1.44. 'T.

r. U4 m. 4-4, 4. W4i .4 tU ir--- TZ; tlNIhe U. f.

0- haw Mr. I i4-. I-h 04 Mr.4..a4ia..i.c.l- al.lU ui4. mr twraaRia. la lit.

i mnrmUrni II- Jay. II ny Uf 1 t'J li I 1 tmrntrnt 1 Aulf e.fiW4air4 isnnorcird Iel Ht4irp be don ih miruo roan. -mA am kiww la whtb b.Hr I'oindrs wr brJ, ami averre.1 he knew a.rtb.n2 ealruUirJ to w.cie AHU-i-; n.T. and irgrs four --ra. I would ei- ni awear, ami onauy that be Foy, would a eluince eel ukaniiih woik abrmt ll treasury NjlJing-.

beVH.n elected, as was exprcieU, MU.rt l.e .11. mnm i. (Will. eipre. avrrln 7a thc pnawdian- io 'AhLm-Senate baa excited on the part fi ants of Ibis cily the atroi.Kest Sc the eom.n'.itee feel tbnt it ia due -wry puU consideration that the plotteia and neiiirious chnrire ajrainst an imitarent man i' held up to public and acorn.

efcnaie lice fcr to ll.e bevPate All 1,. IIVI4Olui the fnllowitiff resolution Bea.ild.That not a shade 0riapHW thccharacior of ihe Hon. lieorfje 1'omdex'er. in to the subject nmtt.r inquiry subn.ilie.l to the Select Commiilee. The report of 'he committee was unanimously adopted by yens and nays as follows i Yeas, 4 1 nays none.

Vu. YnrU Observer. If 1 Ultinuii Is have been recently issued lr ptioiisi in" by subscription a mcmoirofthe hev. ucl Uajncs, late of ranville, N.V, with and original anecdotes. I some I have long been acquainted with Mr.

Uaynes, seen in him.lhc ardent t--" and ris- tian, and the exemplary devoted minister of Jesus. Mis mind was originally bold And enterprising enriched by. extensive reading A.nrvnlion he ndbsesaed an unuaal fund of satire and wit, which he employed with Annosine the enemies niucii DULtcco --r-- truth and all these endowments, natural and acquired were apparently sanctified by an of the Spirit of grace, I can therefore cheerfully recommend his writings to the patronage of the religious pinmc the profits arising from their publication a th benefit of his indigent widoi As and his worthy nnd aflflicted family, I hope that this consideration will be an additional fr.r iho frirnds of relitrion to uive Ihem liberal support. Alex'r. PaouDriT.

Salem, JVor. 26, 1 I concur most cheerfully in the above. John Whito.v. Pastor 1st Presby'n Ch. Salem, K.

Y. JVot. 27, 1834. i MMMjaiaiiiaaaaaaaaaBa In this town, on the 10th day of March, instant, Jemima LwcoLn, relict of Mr. Charles Lincoln, nft his town deceased, aed 70 years.

Mrs. Lincoln was apparently in good health up fa tl moment her decease. She was conversing" chwrfolly with some of her children, when, in tlH? act of moving a cradle, she lell forward into it, an. immediately witnoiu strgffle. on long been "an exemplary memtwr of the Baptist church Hubbardton, and although three score years and ten.

her loss will be deeply lamented by all who kuew her. Walton's Vermont Register for 1S35, TiaUST rataia ad, and for aala by the datan ar aingla, a ika Ca4tleion Book-Elora. Jaa, It, IS'- a I 4- I wHiiliii i Mi ti l.ftul M4- i IM 4f 4M 4iM.H. 4 44 i4 fMIt; 4AtWl4 4. irt I ttMV4te4 44 iH 6..

(J I 4 4i 4 iW4 44 444 ttMkMilis, 4 fc4-4l CVa4)44Hfif i ttUt, lU 44M44f II 144 r-W. l- 114 14444 aV44.4l( tmi ..4 4) I44 4 ilM4i a4 tJiMt aa iU-m aa4 44a4a 4 J4I4M4 4M t444a taAae rati, i 4 i--4i, 4W44, r44al44 44M4444l, 4 a4 44a4a4 ai4.U c4 a-B4 aa4 4,1 aaowka (aa ia (4 4. t4 I liff Uil, an-aw Ua f-r- ka44 fit ai.4,il. a a anil allaad I lU U.444a r44 -I. IV.

4- aoa)a af Itall) IVirihaiw, aa a-l TaaWI. 4- ita I a TW-S'4 i AmJ aaJ May a4l. ai I fi at'oWli 44k tf aa.J data U.r.S. fV4444.4. JUKI.

INCIIUTKR, IIKMOYAI. awlll auWi.Un aaa irro-4 bii l-tt4ia I f.n aba-P tiUar ii aWa f.rf.r'y oae4 by Hail It JCaatMa, wkifia ha baa 14 add.ii mnlatad iba fn4 ral woikmea Iba Faitcy Cha.r Maaufa'lry. tal.ria ha w.ll aaitsBt all tikdoo i fc. ia at.p falls aniri'y lo i b.a l.r... all kif da prmju.

ueaived ia p.jiucai abd. 0M CamMon March 1 1, mi. 9 IVnthunitI Dudlov' Katntc.; of i nn.Moxr, i fair hart. Ihtrfl r.mrn.beir.1 1 1..

I al a ir hM f. m.l.l ll.airic. on il" 4.1. M.rrh A. I.

IH.T3. 1 rm-iil ill Hon, Ali.imt V.r.Mr. Ji.di... The Adminialratoron ll.a EaUla'nf Natlianial liita iifCaa'lelon. in aai.l ali.lncl ilerea4 ed having macla applicHtiun for to a-ll all the Kal Katale ol Ihe auid nrcM4fii, mr payment of hiajuil debts ami Ibe roMi nfclhng said F.stale, it is ordered by comt.

lint il administrator give notice In all peronroucern-cd by publication of ihia order tl.ieo week sue cesivly in Ihe Vermont Sintesnnin, tn nppcir before court at a session the root In be lit-Id at tba olTice of the Reg.ftcr in Ciistleton on the third Wednesday in Apiil next, nnd ennteit the cninting of swd licence il ll.ev see S. II. Kit HILL, A true copy nf record. teet At S.

II. una i i.r, Heg'i llenjamin llurt's 1 ''state. STAi'K OF YKHMON District of Fiiirhiivon, m. IT UEMEMBERKn, llllit Ilia i rorait ui holden tit CiiBtleion, disiriel, ihe 4th day of March, A.D Hon. Almo.i IVabneh, Hh Administrator of the estate of Hurt, of Castleton, in said district deceased, having mad appl ration for license to nell nil the real csioJ of said deceased lot the uiiyii.enl ol In- jut debts and Ihe costs ofsell.r.g vIM; it ordered by this Court, that shUI ad.nmmiraioi Civfl nolica to all persona e.oi.ceriifd by the publication of this order three- snccesr sivoly in the Vermont Statesman, lo appear before I Probate Court to l.n ll mo Office in Custleton, on th third Wednesday in April next; to show enuxe if any they have why the said license should not be grant cd as aforesaid.

8 S. 11. Register. A true copv of record. Attest II.

MERRILL. Rtiler. Elizur Goodrich's Estate. STATU OF VKRMONT District of it ReMKMBEHK.i,"lhal at ii Probate Court holden atCastlelon, in -aid distuct on the a -v a nrt I II nil 4th day of March, A. v.

iuoa a Ai.M0if arneb. Judge adminiatralnr of the Estate of Ll.anr unuui York.decenaed, having made apphalion for Wh.lllH il. lll no'v- li ceose to sell all the estnleof the aaid de nse IU PfTM nil i a.ed, for the payment of hi. Jt debt, and of sell.n, said asbrfat is ordereil hy th cea' tsaid adimmstrator fe i concerned, by pobhcalinj, of this order ek. succassively in the Verroorl States wspaper printed in said Castleton.

efore said Court at seroo tbe ifytirf to all threu man a news Xfod. on the Wed nesda, in April next, and contest tba grannn, Keytar. A true copy nf record, Atte-tS. 11 MEssii ti ReC'r- 4 I 3 1 wv 44 MhI J6.4t 4 7 atfciwa MuSl 4M-4 '4 a a Hm'fi mi lu. 1U tlM44-f tv- l.aM1t4 fift ii i4 iw- M.4 Urrix 4.ui C4tef8 bin titeiPfl MMie M-e I 444tl.

4 9 IN A kj we 3to eimrrtUo nb any on 1 ll-l I moi 1 ha tJiJ lol (offftOf 1(447 HI? Will I a lbl IMI tt Umi liwt.fcj. of It 10 Hi- Co. r.lrtUf li r4. 44U to at th jmiMre'. ir 44 1 lOl)M-.

Il will bo wrn from ll l4limonjr pi 1 i.t.n lu-fiM. ilic rommillrr. lliat roindrilcr' ho.iwj but ow. nl Km nn-t aui la IU4 auil i ana 111 Itiii bo tlirctl! eonfraJict4 firl HiJil, in wl.ii he if rt that ho bim go in er-erl lioic. From She Icilimony of nnjumin V.

Smiui. (No. 3.i imppcara Hint on iho I4tli day of ll prcicnt innitih lo met with aid Koy, and after tome conversation, HinUh inquired what be knew about Ihia mailer. Foy 4td at firt rcfuird to pvc l.ii aflidavid but had written to the. rrc4idcnt and itntcd what he knew.

The oucition wa Ihen kcd of bim, what he did know 5 to which ho iiuwcred.thnt he had 1 nniiilini! ti.e door of uo. IVindcKter'! hou.c." Sinitli replied that he mi.tnken for that door painted. Foy atill on Whereupon bmilli una roy ii.n iinniix ncctinicd by 11. I' nrA irrivinir fllfrP. ana wr.

Jonn Foy pointed out Mr. Frost's homo as the one in which Governor Poindcxtcr lived. Smith informed Foy that he was mistaken, for the other wns the loue occupied by Gov. I oin-dexter to which "Is it? then I am mistaken." It is here worthy of notice, that all the in-formation Foy pretended to have relative to the matter in question, when in conversation with Smith, was that he had seen Lawrence painting the door of Governor Pomdexter house yet even in this ho evidently was, and then confessed himself to bp, mistaken. ittee would further advert to ik hlwppn the testimony of Foy and that of r.

Frost, (No. 10.) inasmuch as Foy testified that he had seen Governor Poind'exter go into both houses whereas Mr, Frost states that Gov. Poindexter has never been into his house since he came into this city. i- Various other inaccuracies, and discrepancies and contradictions might be pointed out, but they are not deemed essential and the (hfim will be accounted for satisfac torily, as the committee believe, after having examined the testimony of Wm. J.

Carroll, (No. 11,) John Sheahan, (JNo. ana oeiu iivaff fNn. 1 from the circumstances in witnesses unite, to wit, that Vnv has become of late vears idle and I Ills ocaiu and when under the influence ol liquor, which was almost continual, he is talkative and in their opinion, unable to discriminate objects with accuracy: The committee next proceeded to examine David Stewart. (See Doc.

No. 2.) He testified that between half past nine and half past ten clock on the morning of Tuesday, being the last Tuesday of January, 1835, he was passing up the street on the opposite side of the way to Gov. Poindexter'l house that his carriage was stand-; the iloor that while passing on the opposite side oT the street, he saw Lawrence in Pnirulpxter 4 house, id Ine euiry vu company with Gov. Poindexter, and that the Gov rnor anoeared to be in the act of going out. Stewart further testified before the Committee, (hat General Jackson denreu mm 10 -i ing more than the truth, and el he exphc.tly de- -irj rnnnl Rrent.

Mr. John A. Smitb, and 3 Mi.lillf.too. on the 23d instant, that, 1 i.j his affidavit all, and some say only part of what the General desired hiin to put in, it would bsve djiou The eommittea advert to this representation aad acite it merely to show the contradiction. au.

ktf 4.4-1 Ss'k ov. I had not occn his Itntemcnt. i 4. S. W4 Wf 4H4J.a.

44 4 4 4k.kjiiic Bum Aim it -s. 4o 4rta IIIWM 441 4M ft 11 Lt 1(4 4.4 4 44 it U4C444jUJlUf l-4 144 04-. 44 ilk (V- l4. lb. I4U4V4 44 fM4r W.K ah a mUr 41M 1 iUlO.I'IM fmAtW 44 M4f4 1tt4K 44 lb Iff 0lwi.

Ik l-r 44" Wri.J( 44 IM (XilBlIC ttH'l. I lb c4 I 0 fMWB.IW. I'" lam Mkr. llaarw 44) LuaKlaa 4VlaJkl4l IaW. 4 a.4 imoowaUr, ll4l r.ini4itcV4 UrU.icJ l.

4r.i.. A Clin 1 IM 4" T. I iiwlrutrov, ii in i 1 .1 IiIIMnI lhe du. iM-iUir 1.. -n.

rfc-iitoiM a nenam, whiho Th4 twliiwmjf tl mmuci I.K.. r.l ll. IlLSl IWFn. Mki Irro lite lrot IH Huvermir I Uk lime tuird by Sirwurl. hrtiry in.Vcr'1 limp dj-in.

llwi l.f. o( Avcniie 1 tlt nboui a mile ami UII H.l viriMn divi.t-a Iheir almiia i an opt" ln.rd parlilwn, lliroiittii winch lie could dutenver uw in bi4 ahop Ibai and bad a distinct recollection 01 Lawrence's coining to and froiiijf Iron, bis fbop Wplllll mlnv. Tl.tirsduv, and n- 411 II I 41 111 Fri.lnv morning. al.ul nine ocl.Kik, La wrci.ce came into his shop, not down upon a chest look, nml wan In.ig!.- wiiness beard the lid ol' the cl. I'll be claim, i imni.i Inic Lawrence lell Ins .1.....

iu.nt tllf Cul.llOI. i I .1. llf SflMllIP a s.nlih. Senator McKran, and hum- nUtllDWlli a --j nel Driirv, equally applicable to llie teHlmiony of Fovea to that of Stewart; and ahmva that neii her of these witnesses could Have leeir wwrtntc a hn.r of Gov. Po ndexter at tne tune them.

r. The committee inquired into me cnarai.c. vid Slewart for truth and veracity, and found it to be very bad, and that he would not be believed on his oath as will appear by the testimony ol the hichly respociable inhabitants of Washington Hei.j. i.Wm. Itrent.

fNo. 4,) Andrew Covle. No. 5.) Ali.heus Hyatt. (No.

6.) Samuel Slel Said 1'avid Stewart having been informed1 by the committee that witnesses bad been examined as to his character for ttulh and and be-inir also informed that any witnesses be iniRht name would be summoned to attend on his, irave the names of the followina highly respectable gentlemen, who were examined by the committee, to wit: Hon. J.M. Robinson, (No. 30.) C.K. Gardner, fSo 31.) George Thomas, (No.

33,) Colonel O. K. Uroom, (No. 33,) Hon. Edmund Deberry.

(No. 34 Hon. Martin Benty, (No. 37,) Gen. John F.

Van Ness, (No. 38.) All of these wiinesaea testified that they were not u(Tiuiently acquainted will, the creneral character of David Stewart (or truth and veracity to enable them to say any thing in relation thereto, except Gen. Van Ness, who testified that he Ihoubl Stewart would not tell a deliberate lalsehood and Mr. Deherrv, who, although he staled that he knew but little of his general character, yel what he had litard, induced him to believe it was bad. At this stage or the examination, Governor loin-dexter informed the committee that he considered it unnecessary to proceed further with the examination of witness to impeach the character ot David Stewart, but thai, if hereafter in the progress ol examination of this case, it should be deemed necessary by the committee further to take testimony concerning the character of David Stewart lor truth and veracify, he ld a number more the respectable inhabitants of Washington ready to testify on that The committee, having thus presented the testimony somewhat in detail, take leave to present the the affidavits of Stewart and Foy.

The first of diese men gave it itaearl.est impetus; he doubtless was ready and willing enough to seize on the first pl.usibl. pretext for any plan for the injury ofGoveroor iWexter. Ik bad been MMBHll- 44 MS. 4 Ijiwivnre uiunllv arrived al bi hIioo b.ul nine 'utSt tl rft U.ut eleven. i- nM8 thai be Tuesday preceding Hie 1 1,..

auU on I'reai. in iiic mill iiiiiui linius, (No. 7.) John I injrie, Cnrr, (No. 13.) Sell, llyatl, (No. Walter Clarke, CNo.

17,) end Jacob- Gideon; (No. Edward Kf.nmi.u i 1 MX" W( 4 4 4t. tyx. I.UWlvt Mt 44) Kkl A pa t-tllu iiut ti.

If. 4j 4.rt M4t lHWtW4, i. 4 "4 4rt44 4v 444 Ari 1 v4 44l4l lifntvW, t4 tMl 4l44 M.4 MMlt 14-44 44 4.. 4 H.4 Wt, 4-J l.444 aJ a4 MM 44 V4 4ar4a 4jaia i 4 4a, l444 4a aa amanalia4 4ja) 4 4-4jf44V. 4NI MKl'l aV rrr Hyoir m.

I4IIRI.II IW, IW 4X44.4WI 444 taH f4 14 44 4M4 r4f a-aa44. wi I4 (4 444 4a mt l.aww'f aar. a 7 Ml la 4. a-aaiy ha ba 4a4. ika tt Wtirkiwrw rL ayki lV4a.U44u44 Wa ttwif at lia m.

aaa. a-A ah aE4Saaaa Bka4-ta aa b4-alf la 8 a-a-a 44, IM U. rMf. aaaa4tt lb C4a.44iy. llaMkadM a-U4 laJaaiaa ia 4- a ka baa i4a.t4 aa AUa-a Wa.4,W bKb ba 44 .1 baa I-- it, al b4 Mo'kiaCli C.if, h.

I. -7 kra, laa rroof Hjatrwr. bictiiaa ry aarfal app.4.. uca In hi upoat ma an oi a a. ll ahapaa, aa baa Ma ill fiva a paifal ola 4 aaary "B-4 ha.a and ia.

N. It Tba Fr Syateiw raw na aaa. aof aa lata, il dfairrd. E7.H I M-ddla CraavilU, Match 10. CV I'nrm for alrt 1 1 aoLaeribea ottbr for a F.tttSf, aii-X Maud in Ca.tlalon, en the ata mad! leading to MidHh'bory, cK.l'B-ing aUoui IHO err uita-bly divided into moaing, paa4iii ad lillaga grounds, and well auppl-ed Ih wwod, water, and durabla fencaa Oo said Farm is a good; Dwelling lloiiaa, two good llan.a.

Sbeda, aad oilier awlabla out-buildinga all. of wkiah ara in fond reaair. for ftrnhar particulars io 8AXTON KELUOGC. Caalleton, March 10, 1846. To Noll or lo lel.

A good HOUSE k. DARN, andalher Ituib inga suitable, the whole premises containing 81 roda of excellent LAND, joining Nathaniel llart'a corner on the running north and aouth through, this village, and at present occupied by Sam uel r.iai.gei. For further particulars, infUir thea.ibHcriber.. JAMES McKhA Castleton, Feb. CI, 18S5.

Clt AMNGDON baa a good asaortmaota of a notes and nccounla of different agea to be sold to the aiguora free of cot if called fot soon. Custleton Mar-li2, 1 835, 7tf For Sal e. in the village A LOT in the village i in a Dwelling ahed, Uarn and Granary, also briek. or office, also ten acres of Woodland within. 31.

a mile frOm said lot. All of which. Will: hen sold on credit and a reasonable, lima. 0il Rayr- E.iquiriea may l.e made of" A1. WFELARtf, of Fairbweir, DENISOI WLLLARD, of: lluhhardton.

Fuirhivenr Feb 24, 1834. 7tf 500 SjHEjEP FOR JALK, of Ihe lollowimr description, About ISO hisrh grade" Saxony Kwe. About ba; Merino Itrade 'inerino Kwea. About 3iHT-Lam'lw "l'ol 10 fiil'V CarSl' e8) 81 T. Uo.l;S of llutland a to the Jmliw Sheep- Tliey will be sold BS a whole or iu lots, IOUUH vi.ttv Benaoa, February 14s IS35.

5lf 7. iv. IIH Probate youn lor Fai. haveu, will noia I. -aC s.f I laa.

a A I I a0 If the current year, at in -r astli ton, ihe fir Wednesday la.eacb ln.h. excpt the n.oo.b of which a srss.on of said bt held at the Sm place on the second Wedi.ea.- dsy of the monih II. MERRILL, Keijister. 14. 1835 Catletoa Agents Wanted.

wit! A anmbre of intelligent, active (f.r. original ...4 PoH-'-'! fj, with iroofl eiicoornei naariia nuilngten, lebroiry, 1835. lie l.i-p.

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