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Vermont Statesman from Castleton, Vermont • 2

Vermont Statesmani
Castleton, Vermont
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

lb I I 4 Kj, 1 1 1 1 41 11 (it 4-llt 114 l.V- I rt 4114.. I 4l.ll. i.44 in "-i 4444414 till A 4 4- .44 ll' 1 414 ki.i, tfti I. litk'A lM. w.l-, fet.f J.

'4 (.,., J-liil 4-11. iV Ji.h li liH I II. -6 I- i 44II ft 4 utility II Mlltlf.l I 4. 414 4 in 4" ll' .1 1 1 .11 i. i 1 1 14 4II1' i tint i no lt

4 4.1-. 'll- II Ltl I -Il I'll" 1 ii.h lvii.lili I-iiiMd' tut 4 I. iiit, it.i (. Hl 4I' -J. ul(4f.

4 ililMKt ti.Mi: M- I 4MI4I1I1 t' 4 ttl.iatifa4.4.t, 41441. 4.4.4:4 4A4 44M4M4 i 4 IIHtt, 44t.t4 "4 t-44 .4.4,1 fc- 4l j4, 4.W4IW.H, 1 4IIMMI44K It it ft 1 14 ft' i Wi rt i Ml t4, ft 4 Ht Kl I iu S-w (.1. iLtt ti.U '4-H .11, 4 li. .1. -t h.

I. .14 Wllitiilin4l1 k- ImiI.JI, ill-, St ll'd'U mr tmill4-( il( 4.ll 4411' "h.I.i i'h it ,4.1. ll.i-4l,hitl', fmM. i ft 4. ft

M44.4I4V 4.444.114 11. ib 1l.7 AH.ll4 1 t.fc "i ,,.1,, ,1 ,9 II tl 4h4 tlfc ft. I I ti H.t. 'lit il 1 iiii'ni 6 HJ. hi 4.1.4 .1 44 4.4 Hi' li i 4..

Ii 444 449t 4.1 iw I -iiH lilf 4Vll t-. i'l- jM'J 411.44 'H. -I I M.441 nsf 4 tlWi.4A 1. r4 t-ii' 4 444IH4 1. Vi.44 i ni.i..i a m.i i 4.

x.i -Li itt it. ir it t4wilit 4Vt4 1, 4)11 lAJl i lr tt ,1 4444-4 44 41,, 4lt.tit f'HI 4tt )4 4li iJ'lH 4 'iiWil ti f.l jw -Mi 1 4 44.. II. 11 4. 44 I 4i-m" itf" ilfi 4f ft.44ii lit 4 4l "H.l 1 i -1 LI.

If 11... I Ml Jt II 4 4.B k. I. .4 t. 4.4141 4 V444 it 4.4.

ttt mA 44 I 414 i i -mii 3 4.4.31 ui h. VI. l4.4,i,.w .4 4f 4.1 I i-lH i.iJul 4 Htri 14.4441 4ikh: fe tv f4l. MS ,4 14- W.H-. -if- K4H4 41.4.4T ft444 h4rt.44ilt'444u'li 411 4W 1 i I 1V.C 41 -4 1 i .4 4 Mil Hill 4 4 -1 ,4, 1 IK 4.1 ii? tr iitM I fr i.4J..

i mi t4.Jtl.3i4 II 1 iiimhii tM4W. $14 I tlili $. Ill4. I I 1 444 4 WWv J.4 A 441 fejki fai.44K ft'1 "fltv. 'T -r I 4i A tt lit ft 4h WI nfa it i.

li fc.f-4H.44i". r'K I l' i .1 i II 7 I- i W4.Ul.O4l. Iirt! J.l4 tJf 44l KkM 1441 I 4rfi 4W 4tl 4M4.t I4l4. 1.44 tf 4l I 4 4 4 .1, lk J4 l'mU W4.44 Ut 4: 1' 5M Tt tM4 t.444 fiHtkt Al' i. I ittjj 44444i lis UwO.

4itih4Al, 1 i.1 .1 t-jt I llliit 1.4V 444li44l4 ll4i4.44l'4), I 4 4 lBt gt 414.4I44 I4 tlta'tlli1 4V4.4UK Jf t.t 4tf Jm c4rt.f l4lMt asf 4. jr mt Mimi Hitm 5, i.i44jt Hriy iu iiM.i.iv I It, 4i Hn-, 14 Si. I ci'i 4v. i vt i ir4 fJt ,14, If H4 I sin ti 4 4f II km. f4 4t l.t4si 111 fl 41 444 tl't i4 4j, til It II lj 4 4 4 I fcul 4wk 5" r'' If yx tl lilt Ii fMn In I yi rs i a Iwi 5K It ll it lTt S4f 4) 1 31 II 111 Itrt 3H VII U'l tl tl 3taa wf M.

I 4 rai -il ti r.i ej tt Sri it 3St, ri l.4 aad ll Il 3T hi it Tif it lit fMIMlllj CW. Sw tt iWIt if ILU (I. rtt(U J. ttThl if Mat llt'ltft M. lirwti a 4 At4ir, Tor A'w tUtohfaKijr Il 4--44) (44, CtflWWittj Si, CetHflJ tt, Ca'bMia Mi4i'4i4 tl4 34U' Si, iu 4W-4.

Iiorril VJmf, lltrfia 'rfjf4i, JV-trr )te (f tirttumi rv4itti it. tci -Ctij tVil3itHi Ii Jt Crtiilf II, 4V "114444- t4M.u: Itwr. ivi elrtrlii-n. It'mdtar AmMiy U'Jlti. I).

Tft i Uh'lUnJ. IV. lUdlff I. Tmk SI fmijg 4kJ A i I hum, jr it trulttwtr, 1M IUiommmJ jr- t4-wu. it r-r" TN mi4 lntttr.dtlWd atui rl.l4ilriMiC of lH tailor I Itfcl.

A. Trarvi CtMilttL'e i 11-4 it tvoi mt vrertmlk tmtuivi Sum IStiUVA. TI rot bravely a. A gsailrmia fio ItvliMi mm tia4 to gltt iho fulldin infamtttioM iia mrd to the liwliao t4Kltao. th eotiiiliN but UrtM atkd l4ir)attt i barl from i at id vol bow 0t vt ItM Ur.

li 'yallaH, rhI-0 Ittlkil, J. it OOjiiUff (J lUmoid, S. S. Ilctt-nny Plvmtmlk, ttlm4l, 1 ttwuf, 111 tit Pi I ski I Ml Jv it tt 1 i. Ho 1M fl fl la iwwiw, ifj Hi rt St.

tl fl 5-i iiv44M, ii ti its lMHw. Iw 114 34l44tr, 14 40 IS 41 10 iiwl. 41 1 it HMMit III luo'n, iwt 11 KinjtlM, IS ft VS et 10a 3 U4jt.iif4f.t04., CI 31 IVoMlwr, IT7 StJO 3, 119 151 317 lUKtnniipA, III Ml UViU. 83 33 63 Aliw. B9 203 ll.krfietJ, ai raii fai, I JO 123 73 US 83 liuhford, 4 Bl IB M.llon, 180 3 B7 WiniUr, 170 00 84 Woml.lori, tltS 310 4 I 7Iihftfit(d, iZi Uoynlton, HI 143 7 Sharon, 02 bO 04 tiiHhrn, 81 2 IWM, 23 3 1 63 Strafford, 62 I II 84 Norwich, 38 132 114 Weston, 13 81 26 Rockingham, 39 138 1D0 Hartford, 165 120 45 Chcler, 70 77 40 Bruttleborough, 180 2 5 36 rsl-2' S.

C. ShrJd A. llA4rfltfL, IU Drill t. l4wl Attl Mllt4l tht iH'Jf ml. NobU'i wajotily 9.U3.

Tba r(ri T1e IV- nujoritf io Ilia Kcnt-iclf UlurD i 34U( year IC-IVhiij tftn 3C, Mr. LctchrrV msjoritr for at $pritfiltfi It lluck CWrmiwA, til l-om I te Iwa roaiit 10 bfil Iran will ro rr llm retoii, our infarmMl Ihiaii. om ban ton UAultr. Aldcn cprtific-J lr I ha Slicnrts, i 270. Jha iher.

.4 4 4 .1..1 ri ff 4k.1I AkAAAIw PirtnJjtXif Muroa, io clioicr: rlon. 11. tui navo given mm lira crniucaic. la nil Car, Nabla'i ha dectitW bim iTiWAaMi CnV. Jittuiui, IVi)imi Carolina VJtion, The IVathins- clf oppoftd

Van liureo'i ttet atioa lo lb RfotliH, Cri44 llowarH Vfurjf, Coipb4i HratiULor' biting irTr46oro' no choir Dammtrtlan, Knight: ibr MoaU likt Jo Ihrmwlf, bl It ttrr tetimn lhl IUtUml cn Mvtrtutii'obtrdua inOiieiw in lb ool ptiUliciil Annowwory hott U-Mt ef power Jo wj hprct il Ittitrt I'd 1I' bo, the PofiictJ.44pJ""?i,,i. Ion N. C.J Whig of the 224 iil. after giving long list of election returns, takes occasion to reply to an article which hat duly gone the rouml of the Tory paper, stating (hat IlcJ- I'rtiHieocy. Ciacwiwa Md.

Ami Maiont io and M44chuteu hive ji'inoJ lha Wlnj. toil go I rrrw, tia GxiUorJ, Conmit.t Jlotkimgham, iuru. uruwn. inc. till rtrnaior.

would Da firlhn rcacua of the co'iairy. r.w r. I il tt4 AttmeHiim, Drown 44Uklk4i.Uav4l44tulW4.tI. So laid lite collar bov. a few dara n'nce.

tVctWufffnn, Norton; Mark dmai- On the 29lh ult. Mr. John Baker, of Fair. ho but re4v.i Kird lo mMOnry or oiimmoo'jf I ont oi I'iimm tvtr opencil li iwoulh en Ht o'jtT What now do they think of the prospect of field township. Columbiana co.

Ohio.commit- I co. Jail;" aomfWfi; Plome Marlboro', Adams Jcloit, no choice IVUmingion, Farmi- nir. urown return lo the benatei The .4 1-1 Jn.piK41 rif nn. lee.T elections, io furni heard from, will givo the tnti-adminiitralion party larco majority in If ho Hie mem rcnninto County. Dortrl, Graf Jliiii.

if Vht iba uto of icodiiig no- ch tiler, Corlini IViutlhaU, Miller. our next Lecitlaturc. ami the lion. Bedford I.licul iintimaioni to Congrci Wb poto for brown will stand about as much chance of Whig. Jackson.

Anlimason. re-election tnistakes excepted, as a bob tail rr DottoH Venhntl. a Liom.IIowm' N. York Menu cur, who may have been barking before the Rot urm from the Sth district, leave it ncro, ever since he mounted his seven h-aetie rccn( in this illce wa nl V. hint wei-k.

TI10 Courier boots to tramplo on the rights of the people. doubtful whether there is an election. Fletcher leads Upham, largely, so far. 'Pi Bedford Brown, be re elected I It cannot following iweounf of the iicic la iiu tuuico in me aa district, iver- Votet for Memben of Cangrtu. be.

i inn nnfi iiiti Kcruvin, et iiati a plurality, tcd cuicido by hanging himself in his own house. He was an aged man, and no cause can be awigncd for the act. Repository. Patriotism. The Jackson Tories of St.

Lawrence Co. N. Y. have held a convention which was attended by tevrnty JMegatm, among whom were the iiilluwinj; office holdi-rs viai 1 United Siaiea Senator, (Silas Wright.) Member of Congress, 3 Members of Assembly, 1 County Clerk, 1 Auctioneer, 1 Master in chancery, 1 I nspectnr of Leather, 8 Judges of County Courts, 8 Custom House Ofliceri, I Sheriff, 4 Deputy Sheriffs, 14 Postmasters, 17 Justices of the Peace, 6 Commissioners of Deeds, 6 Supervisors, 5 Constables, SEVENTY EXACTLY Scat. Clark.

Pierpoint. 'll-iiio vi nmriiire io nllaokiPittlintcrribio "be A letter from Wilmington. N. C. informs ins of the forest," aiogle htuleJ, nnd replacing Returns from 9 towns io the 3J District eive usinatuencral K.

IS. Dudly (Whig) is clec (op to Congress by forty two votes over Sherwood, the Tory cadidate. the following result. 5 23 24 25 3 Lovelorn, Itveratt, Ptttride, Sent. 900 1615 486 33 Fint Symptom in Aa Jersey.

An election of Returns from 33 towns in the 4th District eive a board of Selectmen was held on Monday in the following result. JB. F. Press Slailc. Vergennci, 40 Salisbury, CO Shorebam, 154 HriHtol, 113 Leicester, 79 Urandon, 166 Wallingford, 102 Danby, 72 Castleton, 115 Sudbury, 29 Whiting, 71 Bridport, 90 Middletown, .35 105 31 .30 27 75 18 68 2)4 64 49 96 9 29 77 Jersey city, which resulted most triumpantly for ik.

i i 12 4 73 22 33 35 II 100 4G 15 107 43 Smith, Allen, Van Scut. 1379 2212 1723 40 39 39 me j. iic miuie uoiirci, seven in number, was chosen from the Whie party, wilh the exception of one, who is Jackson man, and for liim back in hi rwon The keeper's familiarity with tlielioos anil li-Ken when encloaed with Ibem in their cngea, is hnrdl a afa bnsines. nftcr all. Few men have the nerve deliberately to "beard thu lion in Ins den," nnil rarely, eince the duys of Sampson, do we find one possessing hardihood to wrestle sin.

gle banded with him. Week before last, when the Menagerie was at Chickopee Factory, one of the Lions escaped from his cage. The pavil-Jion had been erected nnd every thing in readiness for the exhibition to commence At this moment when only the attendants were present, they were terrified at the sight of one of the lions among them. The bars of his cage had incautiously been let loose and he had liberated himself. Without a moment's hesitation, the keeper, Mr.

Whiting, approach him in a fearless 1419 2255 1792 local considerations was continned in office, be It will bo seen, by reference to the returns of votes of Suicide of one of the Pirates: One of the pirates, says the Boston Atlas of suicide in the prison yesturdav fSun- If tins county, that the whigs have done their work up tol erably clean much more so than was expected Benson dayl morning, by cutting his throat with a Rutland County. Casthlon, J. Meacham; excepted and that the Amies, giving them their Coun. piece of glass. Fairhaven.

Jra Leonard;" Itulland, A. U. ing run upon both tickets. The Whig majority was twice as great as at the last previous election. Ministers cf the United States.

From the A-merican Quarterly Journel we learn that there are upwards of 14,000 Clergymen in this country. If this statement be correct, there is a minister for every one thousand of the population, including minors and adults. We should think cillor, "and his hired man," as we 'sposa we must, stand Brown Poultnny, A. Warner Middle two in the minority. '4.

Hartford. A cook on board the Steamboat town, O. dark Vlarendon, tLampDeil When we reflect upon the difference between and resolute manner seized him by the throat struck him violently wilh his whip, and literally Chief Justice Marshall, lying at the wharf in Hartford, Conn, was seized with the cholera Sudbury, K. Hyde; West Haven, John Ollensend Chittenden, Wheeler Pawlet, C. Allen Orwell, J.

D. Hammond Wells, Mr. Seymour and ourselves, and the attempt to fas that this proportion was sufficient to supply theJ ten the charge of falsehood upon us on his part, we dragged this ferocious beast ot the forest back into his cage The other keepers looked oh with and died on Monday morning last. cannot but feel gratified at the verdict of our towns pelvic wun tne woru and ordinances of the Christion religion. Mew-Bedford.

The cholera has broken men. If they had believed that we had slated what terror and dismay, admiring the fearless and undaunted courage of that man, who dared wrestle taith a out in this place. The Board of Health on was not true respecting Mr. the result We have received three new Anti-Vanburen pa would undoubtedly Mve been different from what it Sunday night, reported five cases, and two deaths one on Friday morningand the other pers during the last week the at is. Middleburv Free Press.

Joseph Parks Danby, D. Bartlett it Hub-bardton, Jennings JUen-iVon, jlussey Tinmouth, Cramptonj Wallingford, Edgertoti Holly D. Frenchi Brandon, C. W. ConantjJ Pittsfield, Levi Sherburne, Silas Colton Shrewsbury, Piltsford, and Ml.

Tabor, no choice. CHITTENDEN COUNTY. Burlington, J. Van Sicklen, jr. Bolton, Almon YVhitcomb Charlotte, Noble Love Mr.

Barber's townsmen tftrfbelieve it, and their riausDurgh.ciinton Co. N. Y. by E. P.

Allen "the Windham Co- Whig," at Brooklyn by C. M. Haile, North River Haverstraw, Rockland Co. N. If.

by A. H. Wells. The storm verdict is, that in consequence of such baretaced calumny against'Mr. Seymour, they "cannot this year From the Albany Evening Journal i EXTRAORDINARY DEVELOPEMENT.

The great scourge, the Cholera, which is desolating our country, has brought to light a most extraordinary instance of political corruption. Among the recent victims to the Cholera, at Huron, Ohio, was Charles Robinson, a Lawyer from the state of Ver afford him their support to the Assembly. Such a verdict must indeed, be truly gratifying to Mr. B. thickens, and the Regency trembles the peopls are on bunday evening all in one house, c- 0 Flying Machine.

The Cincinnatti Republican, says, "Mr. Mason, an ingenious mechanic, has been engaged some months in constructing a machine or vehicle of this description, in which he expects to be able to navigate the air by the force of steam. There is nothing of the balloon principle connected with the apparatus. It is to be elevated and propelled by machinery, in the ly; Colchester, John W. Weaver; Essex, rising in their might against them, and thev cannot and we must acknowledge that for once we rejoice with him.

stand. Albert Stevens Hinesburgh, Amos Clark Huntingdou, Benj. Allen Jericho, none Mansfield, N. Millon, Joseph Clark IjrMaj. Noah has got hold of the wronir end of the (W- "Fair play is a jewel." Mr.

Barber after story. In some one of his daily's of last week, he suppos- Richmond, Wm. Khodes; Shelburn, John Tabor St. George, Lewis Higbee Un- giving the returns of votes from Rutland Co. in mr- aeymour, because his brother happens to be a Canal Commissioner, under Jncksnn 1 nni which he has set down six decided whigs as Anti- shape of wings.

We have looked at the machine, which is now nearly finished, and wheth-ei it prove successful or unsuccessful, it is a beautiful and ingenious piece of mechanism." derhill, Henry Westford, John AI len Williston, David French Masons, says, "We hope our whig friends will not Whig candidate for Governor. Now Mr. N. either does mont. Alter his death, while his Physician, and other respectable citizens of Huron were taking an inventory of his effects, they discovered forty sheets of blank Letter paper, BEARING THE FRANK OF THE HON, MR.PLUMMER,ember of the State of They also found, in his trunk, POLITICAL LETTERS addressed to Mr.

Robinson, by various correspondents, all franked by the Hon. Mr. Plum- attempt to claim all the Antimasonic votes on their not understand the relative position of the different parties Franklin. Cambridge, Nathan side" lairjield, liarber Bakersjield, state of ours, or he greatly mistakes the political character of Mr. Seymour, who is as staunch and andeviating a whig as the Green Mountains nm.

Chi Ids St, Albans, L. Brainerd Swanton, Quarantine of Savannah. 'The City Council of Savannah have passed an ordinance requiring; all vessels arriving there from New York, or a-ny other port at which the Cholera prevails, to Coup de Grace. It appears, that on the fifth bal Tff Fairfax, LarnardjJ Robert L. Paddock Franklin, Fel- lot for Representative in E.

D. Bar iM.r. a. sianas untainted trora the influence of any ber's friends finding there was no possibility of elect remain at Cockspur Road or Tybee Island, until canal commissioner or Jackson-Van Burenism in any form. The remarks of the Star iinm.i ton Ktchjord, Huse Georgia, none Shelden, Shelden Walerville, J.

tbe expiration of eight days from the time thev ing bis name out and pul instead thereof, E.Brewster,a name much more palatable to the feel 03-We lamen that it falls to our lot to an sailed and any vessels arriving from infected ports, having sick persons on board, on (heir arrival, shall come to anchor at Five Fathom, until merl It was ascertained that Mr. R. before his death, had put in, and taken out, of the Post Office, several Letters all bearin the tame frank The Providential exposure of official corruption will startle the good people of this Republic I Here we fiod a political emisa- Holmes Sterling, A. Fletcher Montgomery, Lusk Johnson, M. Morse Berkshire, M.

C. Stone Enosburgh, Adams Fletcher, Ira Armstrong. Grand Isle. S. Hero, Samuel Boardman ings of the people, who seemed determined that Barber should this year stay at Good Qtii-ry.

Did we not tell thee Ed, that thy "baete" would prort and cast the off? nounce the death, at Madrid, of MRS. VAN NESS, the lady of the American Minister, the Hon. C. P. Van Ness.

She died on the 1 8th of JuJy, of cholera. visited bylhe Health Officer.who is inrtructed to order such vessel into Quarantine at Cockspur Road, if he shall deem it necessary. A. Adk..

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