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Vermont Statesman from Castleton, Vermont • 4

Vermont Statesmani
Castleton, Vermont
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

$4 4 ana nn A 1. -I-' e' i. It''' i'V i II lla Mrii ssh HI JU eMIAK i' wax A. a- iti a vt Hiai tt 4.... vta 1i- .1 a.n.

ft 4i.J.- 4l4M 4M 4 I. IM -(''' nMii a H-a fA t- a'-' in 4 i. wH-4- at. 4tM MHltll' ai a4- ri Jjt a I -4 ft -wa tt. 4t'M it.

a aa 1 t.h lit IM mm a ate I ft H.MHMfh (.. u4 tM i awl fr flaw tw uir ft akMf fcl at a. 4 4 la)0 MUUtOM H)MHii r't', I mm awa. A i A I. a- a a I lMHl fM.

1 I I i mitt lfcf ik Vj- JI 44 m4.4 AM A tot iq kti I of M' A4 mI ('ii. St ltd lk ln.plfa Ami l- v' mn.O'ni. Jay poa! nnl upoa hn i. And miJ iheif trjr moiu.n Dan tmrM lnpe. in fil.

pl, Al filled with bnhHxl' I'll, I With btan title nd him fir linktbtit tUin.lm'n rt'fil nk lo hear lb miilii-iil tcttiin. And lH HXtUi'f i loud ind nnar I woiitie liiid b'l dream. Dtumbtr. Vt, Aib at4ft aL iai' 4J" 4 alt 1 I lll.ll I I i a-l-- 'ii II I I a a I mm- I I ll a.a4. a I aa I a 4 a.

a. I. I.l I a MJIOaKi I II I I- a II a- a i'tf "-a alt aa .1 a i-a. I a- Mhu II IIM. mtw I lai fc a I Mlt.l,I, lr'a fca-t aH a-d I l.llll 1 4 a n-a II -aa a'la i t- -I aa Ml I IN I I fa a ra l.

i llar- i M.I aa a. 1 lid. c.liuii l-a'-ii I 10 'i 11 rarl.rit aa.rrin a. id i.illil(. and ch, aaddu if Kt i Till al a.nilnirl.

of it or ii ix v. i rcr had. HARD WARS A. OUTLCllTi a full Miiairiil IJrutrr Unt-H( ,5 mr? a a I It mi. Hran- 1 New Hum.

old Ifia'i key and toiler I'oii, i i id Hide Madi-ira. Sicily nnd Madeira MINES. Satn'o ei-e Cliniiipingn enact ooSeiii, do. felioed, lump nod I in ow tl iiMl.i, oiu II i Hon, young Hyson, Hyson and 1 1 -son Skui TIM Hhds. of us good ns we rvar had, Col-lee, I epprr, Spice, (iinter, Salurnlus Cinnnmoii, Cloves, Nutiiiegs, Rais'ns, Sc Sic.

if llnlea RulTalo Rouen; ICO Bush. T. I. Salt; SCCC W. do.

SCO tons Nova Ssrotia PlasttT. 2000 Hs. Bar l.uii; I'XH) 3 4) 5.fl do MM) lbs i i-4 a 3-r do do ItiiodleN 3 4 F.mi. II on ips; 2 do. 7 8 do .1 do.

Horse Nnil Rods; 'n lbs. 20" do. 1-2 do. do. I -4 Braziers Rods: 100 do.

jnj wu, sod. 1 2d, lOd, 8d, 6d, 4d Eastern Cut Nnils. 3d, 40 Come and Buy. FRKSH MEET constantly on hand, und for sale at the Subsrriher- Ket. SETH REED.

Castleton, Dec. 6, 1831 cwtf Notice. I 1 II Ii, arcounts ol Ihe aL now due. are left i.i il the subscriber. j.iiMjr,.,ri, Cdi.ll.

immediately utlii.slin" ih tiecpsitv of iil receive no lurib.jr n- trt snme, ilev HOUGHTON Cull, ton, Dec. 1 3, 1 "Vii til UtJ a.e ishie J.i.a purchase a quantity IJlJH for which Ihey will pay hinhest nrfe- WINTER STOCK, a aar which in addition to their former lot makes tlieir assortment very complete and bought elsraheic imhia jCinity CW.D-c. 6, ijoi. 4a jl I a i jj a 4 4 fa 1 a I hlltattt11 a ihe anrl IM -a aMMiax aaawi- a ai lllii. IVl tri KiM I I I III It tla a 4 a.H() a t.

ait. a h4 aaf a l.ll I a 4 I I I' MI.IItniMf 1 1 in lla'aa, a -ai! 1 1 I I a Irti ra 4 I ai At 4 l.a. I II. It- 4a a I al i' a a Ma a OM.ia'tll lk Jp Jllfl.llJ liaa I' Y-rk tMna Ik, aodl 'il a. a It plat a 1 1 4 i.

lit Rt a li I1l i ill) miI. liL-r miii i .1. i n-J l.i IIW'Lv a i a a iil lif.n, I a aa. i ml ul a k.n.. I.LIIIIKR, vii Laud aoJ lo a a VI 'iiin m.JrU'al lit me, a- if ii lo l.likf iiif.l di aali.rinani.

a I.M'S ML It It I LI. a. Ii.t 1811 t1 II i.ihar Im Yt A It I I ntlN.Mlf? i ihcv are riliui' at Cd a i. cre. Mr (,, I8JI.

i' to tiii: AiTT.icriU): R.J. kii iiila'l Itla im fin ilia- (i flci-nt iirr 'i. a iv.ii,,,.,,! Hilci.1 ii nun t. i l' i O'n nicin, praf area1 li n.Mj, I now ulUt for eioill l.orr! ir. null ids atijta i, hruijt m.liurn' fiu.n eiaiit of i fir.ii t.

Likruio I iium iief a diev log, if public a Imr ol no oun iae: Ki d'-ri-rn u.i, nm.nrdv uh mo RupuieV ihe pain, uf which ucron iliai 1 nw (m-IIkI rel.ncpnah all iri.te Ii. eat.r.;' l-ua, ami nun If long per oil n. t.neii.aiil I iid gnei, up i.f cirwl iriulilo mho ol lic.lili. In ilia I a Ihiwbivatruck will, ihe n'll slijI. Jliui there Helmut a retneii.

t-i li ceiiiincii. mirf.r, hi. II ,,....1,. udill compline nnd rutin nl JOH.V SC.H.VER 1,1 -hat 1 Ih.o been uH.ic-cJ i.i a nipum. i.c, lour and riie an h.n been rhVc cured by Dr.

nu vteks nine. rntn. 1 of Vork Road andCoaiesst.' oiu, asailicicd uh rupture fori and a cured by applK.n., in Ihe term ol Sweiki.

Oh July I3.IS3H. I ce.iitv. ilmr son Dnvld as olibcluallv cured of a rupture in 9 ecks lime, of useo. ur auir.ner's oiniment. C0A'' Sl'- St'i May.

IS2S. I his ma certify, thai I was air.ic-ted nh a rup-lure for 9 years, and as erleotuallv cured in four weeks, by making use of Dr. J. Sunner'i HARDESTY. Poncgeco.

Ohio, January 1st. IS3I. I hereby cernty, that I was cured clTectuillv of nipturo by an application of Dr. Sumner iovtlu-able in three weeks lime.

SlWfA-ER, Middlcbury, Ohio, Jan. certify iha. Has jlh vcrv rupiurc, and as ertecmallv cured in four weeki Dr- O.ntment. HJ1RT, Cuentrv, Ohm, Mav 1st, If 29. I i-eriil thai 1 am personally acquaint auk 'he to above cenilijatef.

kno.s betnc cured bv makinr o. mentioned SETH IEDU Philadelphia. June 24. The r.tove ore deem cd run be given. JcyFur hy appoin'ment, bv wu May, 1831.

arrihaV' THtI1to JfoiS scribers and those who hn, de. livered the tloor by carriers I tskm lane? "'e "mce- 9h5i PM 10 JSZZL. )l Wi" be considered it No paper will be until all arrearage, paid. JOB FBISTTlsra. or Tf di irn Wa i an am-rr mrr v.

particular aieEut to alia an aoeai-jcy. I II Ml VH rl" a iniiti: va a w-a I-' III) 4 aj 'I aJ VjiJ I aa aUH II. iaia U. II, iiNoul IIM1I it I. Ilia I I a va i "a I all I IVif I- I I at Jil jii I I II l.lKNI a l.VI JtPJ Kl CIKI IIHI 211 Ji I.IMXI a ta I i.h.Un fni.

or snio iy V. CI.IRKSOV, 12 at tVlnirliiiK, N. V. TIMOTIIV riUNCli'S ICsl.lli". ST.ITK OF I EUMOXT, tuirlmren I rubnlr I Hun.

the Ci.uri lor ihe district i l'iir bavi n. To nil i Cuiki i neil in the ufTiiMi.lliy Lilt? "I Itt'iiwn. diTtf ised, (Iritlin, IVherena (lie iiilimiiislmlor on llin iila'e of the lid ill i cost il, pinjniHt to lender an account liis niliiiiiiistution, nnd pieseul his account iiniiiKt mud emu'e fur hIIom mice, nt Probate Court to he hrilden nl Cnsilu-in said district, on tint 1st Wednesday in January next: Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before snul Couil hi the limn and iIhch ul'uicsaid, to show cause, il any ynu Iihvo, why suid account should not Iir nlbr.vetl. undiir o. hand, at Casllitun, this 7iliday of DaciMiiher, IU3I LIU! ILL, Renter.

Co mm iss ion rs JS'h (ice. WK ihe subscribers, being appointed by the Hull ne l'robnie the district of Fimhuven, Commissioners lo receive, examine find adjust nil cluims and demands of all persons, against the estate P1IILO SELLECK, late of Huhbnidlon in said district. deceased, lepreseolcd insnlvpiil, and also all claims and di niumls exhibited in ofTsett thereto; and six months from the day of IU31, being allowed by said Court for lliat purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will aitend lo I lie business of our appointment, nf the duelling house of widow Sarah Sellcc in said Ilubhanllon on the secondTuesdi ysol iMarch and April 1832, from I till 5 o'clock, P. on each of suid da vs. SF.TII JUSTIN.IK.NMNRS, Lommr Hubhaidtnn, Dec.

5, 1 83 1 41 For Sale. 100 ACRES ofTMIBER LAND lying iii this town, north of Benjamin Carvers, on each side of the Turnpike, and 1-4 mile from Castleton Mills. It is timbered with about OG Green PINE TREES. and a thick growth of Hard Wood, and is considered the most valuable Pine timber lot of its size in this County. A credit of 2 and 3 years will be eiveo to the purchaser.

Apply lo CtulUo, Dee. 6, 1831. 40 I lo -kua t1a I r- 4 aitft I "a laa i 4 tM-aa I- KiJ Im I la I I h.t cj I rft ia-' 4 IH IU II MI'MC. 'Hlll ffJ llr atll. I l'.

ll t-f Hi III Kill Ml fit. i U.r milU -n Ml a.tlj 1-t-ra 1 ia, aiaa UiVa'i "I ll.a a. a Ur Kd.ln.n ltd vl IU. iU' I i air milled tt 'l fuii lire IVOKV roilK'S INialr. sr.iTKor rr.iiMo.vr.

i I uiinin i BY, it at a I'li4lr lirld aa'li, in Md d.a- tilkt VM III U4 rrnariil lilt I AlMOX HM Juifjtl Ilia "II (he ratme ul' Itui Cook lutn ul CKi'mirn, in amd I deri'Baiit, I.Atii't: nii.Uf Ii ei'il'C to ai ull toe Itriil vi of amd ill'-cvuril fol the p'intit if Ilia jul lclii nnd Iht' coaol Titling filuli' la ordered by Una C'ouil, mud nilin givi iiuticc nil persona coiircrni'd by Ihv iiulilic.iti'Hi ul I unlt-r tiin-e wi.i-k nuc- I suvly in Die eruioiii to ap-i peur ito (N-nrt lo Im held I ii I'm 1'iouutr hi on ill'' 1st M't'ilni'sdiiy in Januuiy nrt to hImiw if any tln-y Iiiivm why lli aald license should not hn rjrinli-il as nfoii'Naul S. II. MKRItILL, i'irr A true copy of record I Attust II. Mehrii.i., lieistrr. BiNJAMIN II.

BRANCH'S Estate. state of nni.vo.vT, "Ji.srit.7 of Fmihuvcn, ss. piinil ii the Ci.uit liir the JL disli icl of 1'uirliHveii. 'l'o all fieismw concerned in the esiute ol licnjiiniiu ii raucli luto of Sudbury, doceusud, Greeting. Wherens the ndminisltutnr of Ik; esiute of the said deceased, proposrs to render on Hccoiim of his uiliniiiisirniion and present his account Hgniosl said estate lor allowance ul a l'robnie Court to beholden at the Probate olliue in Casileton, in said district, on the lirsl Wednesday in Janu.iry next: Therefore you nre hereby notified to appear said Court, at the lime and place aforesaid to shew cause if nny you linve, why the said account should mil he allowed Given under my hand al said district this 7lh day of December, 1831.


Fairhavin Probate District, ss. Court held at Castleton in said district on the 7ih dav of December, 1331; Present tho Hon. Almov Warner, Judge; the Administrator on the estate of Dan Si. KpiiI, lute of Benson, in said district, deceased, hiving made application for license to sell the Real estate of said deceased for be payment of his just debts and ihe costs of settling said estate; it is ordered by this Court, that said administrator give notice to all persons concerned by the publication of this order three weeks successively in the Vermont Statesman, to appear before a Probate Court to be held at Ihe Probate office in astleion.onthe 1 slU'ednesday in January next, io cause if any they have why 0Ot S. H.

MERRILL, RcgUter A true copy of record r4-t Atteat S. H. Merrill, Register I LOIU) It II UL'C. 1 1 A M. Tha word ul' a bigrailifr of a I.Ard Keopor ofihu anventeuuih century luvu been (Imunud ojiplicublit aa a Uuiciiiiuui 4he prccnl Lunl Cluiiinellur "(Vulml, was mi! hiiiJ Miai tint by lit', but every day did conrlmJc iit a il' lia vvcro out lo live till lu in irrmv.

No camtil did lii'ar inoi bnrdmi than hn did, when he nrdi uniureu to nil tit rhe st ut en Lord or (ruvvlltid further with so little lnod, nnd lens rent. Indusuy wos his rocrculiaii; for certain he In. I nut a drop of lazy blood in Im veins. Ho filled up every hour of the day and a jond part of the night with the despatch of noma public and necessary business. An I trio' at a chancellor of slate, and both us a peer and speaker in pnrlintueol, he had diversions, yet not one of the wnrk in Chancery wns diminished, lie would -t excuse himself day for any, the most lawful pretence; he would nut impart liirn-Ktlf to the star chamber nr purlin mi'hi, when i' tint, before he hud spent two hours or more among the pleaders.

After a short repast at home, he returned to hear the causes in Chancery, which he could not despatch in the morning, or if he did utiend at mncil ut Whitehall, he came buck towards evening, and followed his employment in Chancery till eight at night, and later." Albany Lit-trary Gazelle. Want of Punctuality In many cases amounts to roonery. a short time since, at a village in the neighborhood of London a committee of eight Indies, who managed the concerns of an institution which tind been formed for the relief of the neighboring poor, agreed to meet on a certain day at 1 1 o'clock precisely. Seven of them attended punctually at the appointed hour; the eighth did not arrive till a quarter of an hour after. She came in according to the usual mode, wiih "I'm very sorry to be behind in the time appointed, but really the time slipped my bei en sible of it I hop your wi ex cuse it." One or the ladic, who was a Quaker, replied, "Truly, rrietld doh not appear clear to me that we ouoht to accept thy apology.

Had thyself only lost a quarter of an hour, it would ha.e "been merely thy own concern, but in this case the quarter must be multiplied by eigih, a we each lost a quarter; so that there hav baen two hours sacrificed by thy want of punctuality." A French officer, quarrelling with a Swisa, reproached him with his country' vice of fighting on either ride for money, "while we Frenchmen," he, "light for honor." "Yes sir," replied the ona fight for that he wanta rooet" 1.

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