The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 7
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MACHINI IIPAIM BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Death in the Sierras Mo»s XV TVWTD began speaking with tremendous calm and decisiveness. "To any of you who do not know Sam, I will introduce Sam Burdick. Sam surely saved Mrs. Ordell's lite by carrying her from her tent to this cave and by attending to h»r wound, feeding her and watching out for her generally. J depended upon Sam lo do just that or I'm afraid that Mr. James could nol have succeeded in hurrying us back lo the lodge after we found her stabbed. 1 protested this action, of course, because I wished to care for her myself and to make other examinalions of the tent and so on. But 1 knew Sam would do what could be done." "You said she was dead," Interrupted Miss Hansen accusingly. "What kind of doctor are you?' "Th»l is a strange question to come from a nurse to her chief but you arc really quite right in asking. I knew that Mrs. Ordell was not dead, only unconscious from a brain concussion and sufTcring from loss of blood from a surface wound that ran at a slanting angl beneath her arm. It served the purposes of justice belter for everyone to believe she was dead. She had bled profusely, but not a dangerous amount and I hoped the wound would he reasonably free from infection. The blood had coagulated nicely." "1 noticed that and believed it to be because of death," said the nutse. "Quite underslandable. I knew, of course, that Sam would care for her. and so was willing to leave her in 1m hand s. The wound proved to me just one of three things. The person who stabbed her did not do a thorough job because Mrs. Ordell may have Jumped away, bocruse whoever did il dis- lilced the job and diet not put the proper strength behind the scis- .sori . ,/ "Scissors?" said Professor Ordell. "Why do you think scissors were used?" Because we found blood-stained scissors, Professor. Or the third reason may have been because whoever did it lacked physical strength to do it efficiently." Th« professor was thoroughly angry. "And why, sir, did you let me, her own husband, suffer as 1 did, believing her to be dead and her body stolen?" conlnued his explanation with an apparent effort at calmness. "I nm terribly sorry, Ordell. Bui I did not dare to tell my story or show my cards to anyone. Not even to you, until the whole chain of events was complete. Since Mrs. Ordell was alive. through no fault of her assailant, 1 intended to apprehend the murderer of Elsie Martinson because I believe that her death may be laid to the door of the same person. J had inquired into. Sam Burdick's history and 1 learned at Horseshoe Springs thai the only time Sam left these mountains was in 1918 when he was assigned to the medical corps. He was a private, it's true, but he would undoubtedly know what to do for a s i m p 1 e flesh wound." "It beats me how you found the cave. Doc," said Sam shaking his head. "It was loo simple," replied David. "I smelled the hearty fumes of bacon and coffee when I walked near tho entrance one morning. Then I spoled a fainl curl of smoke coming up out of the earth near the supply cabin where nick and Bob thought they saw a ghost and I fourd the brush enlrance b> watching you come out of it one day." "And," broke In the professor "since you are so very clever, what reason did you have for believing that this— er— Burdick here woulc UM food Samaritan?" "He was standing near the stream as we went into your wife's ent when we found that she had jeen stabbed. He knows the forest creature's trick of standing per- "cctly still to avoid being seen. I would not have noticed him prob- nbly bul Susie growled and looked toward him. Miss Curtis had the log leashed or she would have gone for you, Sam. I was sure he'd come into the tent to see what had lappened and would lake care of her. I even thought he might remove her to his cave where he could properly care for the wound without interruption." WUDDRNLY David whirled and confronted the strange woman who sal by Duncan. "Mrs. Brown- icy, was it you who struck Professor Ordell over the head in the lodge yeslerday morning?" "Why—no—!— n "Plow long have you been here?" "Why, only since this morning." "Will you please explain the dried mountain clay on the shoes that are in your .suitcase?" "Certainly. Tahoe mud. I was there for several days.'* "How did you reach Gold Lodge?" 'I hitch-hiked as far as the Bucking Horcc and walked the rest of Ihe way." "What is your business here?" "I wanted a job nt the lodge." "So you came lo the lodge, ashed for James and then struck the professor over the head?" "No, I didn't. As I was leaving the lodge after the professor, as you call him, told me James was in the kitchen, a man jumped out from behind the upright piano and hit the professor. I ran like anything because 1 didn't v.-ant to get mixed up in any trouble." David smiled slightly. "Then how do you explain this paper that was in your suitcase?" He reached in his wallet and brought out the account of the tangled clues recorded by Professor Ordr-1) up to the time of our late luncheon yej lerday. One corner of the paper \vas missing and David supplied the missing paper which bore, I well remembered, the word " (T* B* 10:15 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:30 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 8:30 8:00 9:30 9:« 10:00 10:30 10:35 11:35 11:45 News Candy Camivnl Bishop Sheen Frontiers of Faith Film Featurette Free Enterprise City Hospltol The Man Who Beulah Zoo Parade Hopslong Cassldy World's Greatest Stories Meet the Press Big Payoff Playhouse Summer Theatre Stu Erwln My Little Margie Washington Spotlight Film Featuretle Nnmes the Same News Toast of Town News Sign Off MONDAY, JUT,Y 21, 1!>5Z PAGE SEVEN OUR WARDING HOUSE — witti Major OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. WiHfem FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINDS E'SAO,TVilGGS.' A GLORIOUS ^< OPPORTUNITY.' !\'6 A CHANCB to 60YA •SPEEDV FILLV. DAUGHTER OF MY OLD HORSE ' •JOT AS T WAS (sS& TO THllOK tTHAD FRIEMDS LEFT. HERE You co»A5 WITH CORDIAL _ TO BCCOME VbUR. <2 TOUCHED/ -«~ LET'S &O LOOK THIS BEETLE- HER.AROUWD THE TRACkK COULD PURSUE MY PRESIDENTIAL. CftMPAIGM OM A WATIOfOAL Mou ser THAT MONtV Sen«fit by Reading and Using Courier New» Classified Ads "My wife may be a little surprised to see you—but just be patient and she'll get reconciled to it!" H6W'* THE CAWl* CUEEN Von MEN...P6*>,*...DELT/t*j6S,4. ALPHA CHI'^AHD CM a THERE 60ESM1/UZA OLC7-MSUIONED THlKfc^LIVEON — INTIMTPOCMITOEV MOCOUBTVOUN6 Political Announcements CAUEPAHUZA FEOMTWERE /IN P NEVER How Fast Do You Drive? Television- Tonite, Tomorrow Subject to Preferential Election July 28. 1952 WMCT, Memphis. Channel 4 For- County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J DEER I D SHEDD SATURDAY, JUI.V 19 All Star Revue Blind Date Dance Party TV Neus Conferenc Manhunt Barn. Dance Wrestling News C. A. Prevue American inventory News Sign Off For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LIBTON I'VE TOLD YOU A fat state Senator SEN LEE BEARDEN HENRY K HC-YT WILLIAM H ruiLL) WYATT MOW MUCH FARTHER NOW .._CILLA! VOU JUST ' THAT OUT rHAT'S FUNNY!! ON - MAP IT WAS ONLY FAR! DOZEN TIMES IT'S For Stale Representative KENNETH S SULCER For Post No. 2 SUNDAY. JULY 20 A:N'T THAT PUCKV, vie.'? w&'sX OKAY. SPILL IT NVITlM&yA FEZ A KOUND OF J FAST OK SCKAAV 6OLLUP AT TH& COUMTRY Ct-Vf. AM 1 WIV^ AM EX-COW' i NEEf H6UJ FLINT. ,MV POSS*. WVU&HTEK 15 9fHO PLAYEC7 £OZ A »y A MO NOW, PEACHES/TAK6 fT ""=" XMPUSY. IU " S A WET /MACKEREL CU-W COKOK'ACO 1.-XTER - —^— ^u->.w ^.IX^r-. lxcpLJPK*VV R.AP5 HEK CH6CKSOOKATVOL) Test Pattern Today, NBC News Today, NBO News Prologue to Future, NBO Breakfast Party. NBO Mrs. U.S.A.. NBC Strike It Hich, CBS Storyland Love,of Life, CBS Democratic Convention, NBC Homemakers Program Manhattan Matinee, NBC Hawkins Palls, NBO Gabby Hayes, NBC Howdy Doody, .NBO News Berl Olswanger Space Cadet.";. ABO Musical Varieties Convention Highlights, NBC Those Two, NBC News Caravan, NBO Quiz Kid*. NBC Howard Barlow, NBC Mama. CBS Democratic Convention NBC Wrestling News Film Featurette News Siqn Off •UT THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! HE TOOK THE KtY AWP -^.. UPPER ONE! NOW IU J11S-T TAKE BES6 TWO OVER TO D»v WUSEUM FOR US JUDGES TO SEE IF WE VOOSB mWS'A THft,TS MY FIUEST WORK, til PLUG Df, \PNMI6D OU (HEI.LOVJ OLP FIRST OHt CMIV&S6* rVHO TRIE* TO roacw ME! JUST sir THERE, KooirzJL KUBT re KsSBs «S5 THIS WILL BS A BLOW rO^, M fcSYLUM! AIL WlWOKIMD! AMD WE HAMEMT (".CLUE — ...OLJI u^ IMi^S^ BAL/WY V^ .- EVEMI.VS5, Avy F»KK BS.SCH | £ V '•= OCCUPlcp UNTII- ALL )-\ V»ffl» ; , HOURS /_-<Al\ Pl&COURAGING P1LEMWA them a ne» Iook*-and i 1 on ger 1« ase on life! 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