The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 10
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PAGW I' Family oi Four Is Found Dead Lethal Gas Fumes Cause Tragedy on Christmas Eve NEW YORK, Dec. 28—WV—With fill preparations made for a merry family holiday, p. father and mother and their two young children wont to bed Christmas Eve—and never got up. Their bodies were found today In a gas-filled, gaily decorated cast *Ide apartment, with wreaths at the windows and the making* of a WK turkey dinner In the kitchen refrigerator. Police said the family apparently wiped out when a ess refrigerator used up the oxygen In the un- venlilateri apartment. A decorated tree with unopened packages under U. stood beside the riouhle bed in which the bodies ol Jive-year-old Veronica Gazak and her brother Andrew, Jr., three, were found. On a dresser was a package marked: "To our daddy from your angels." The lather. 33. a bank employe and his wife Veronica. 32, were found in the apartment's otircr bedroom. Beside the turkey and trimmings In the reiri^eraior. there were fruil and nuts and two red candles or the kitchen table. Sister Calls Police A sister of Mrs. Gazak callei police after she went to (he apartment this morning to deliver a telephone message to her brother- in-law and was unable, to rouy anyone by repeated knocking. The sister, Mrs. Mary Fabisk then smelted fumes. She went on on A fire escape and peered throngi the children's bedroom window. Sh saw the children In their bed ant frightened by their rigid position rushed back Into the buHduig am called the police. Police broke in through the child ren's window and found the three room, fifty story apartment fillet with fumes. Alt the windows wer closed. A gas company representativ said the kitchen refrigerator In order but that, lacking ventila t!on, it apparently consumed oxy gen In the room. Mrs. Fauisk said she last saw th lamily Christmas Ever when th children were asleep and tiie pai ents were decorating the tree. Obituaries rover C. Davis, Retired risco Employee, Dies Grovcr C. Davis, brother of Mrs. E. MpKall of Blytlicvilk', died yex- rday at hi.s home In Campbell, :o. He was C5. Prior to hi.s retirement a few years >o, Mr. Dan.s was employed by the risco Railroad lor ^'2 years. He also is .survived by hi.s wife, 'rs. Ca.ssie Davis of Campbell, and brothcr.s, Randalls Davis of aft. Calif., and Tom A. Davis of lexnndria, Va. Funeral arrangements arc pi K arrival of Mr. Davis' brothers lit, services will be conducted in ampbell. * ormer Blythevillc Man 3ies in Hopkinsvillo, Ky. Funeral service's for Jasper la Vrighl. 70. formerly of lilytheville. 11 be conducted at 10 a.m. tomor- ow at the Cobb Funeral Chanel by he Rev. IV II. J<rnip,an, pastor of he Calvary Baptist church. Ml 1 . Wright, a retired coal miner nd farmer, died at a Hopkmsville, Cy., hospital early yesterday, ami ns body %v;vs returned here yc.sler- lay afternoon, lie had made Ins mine at Hopkinsville for the past iiree year.s. when poor health CMLS- d him to leave illylhfvillc. He was >otn at CalbondaU-, HI. Mr. Wright i* .survived by his vl'e of Hopktnsville, and a s°n. Alex VriBht of Wcrton, West Virginia. Durial will be in Sandy Ridge .,'fnif'teiy. Hytheville Man Dies In Little Rock Hospital Air Force Shoots Holes in Rumors Of Flying Saucers; Just 'Aren't Any' for Cunard Reported Planning Biggest Passenger Ship LONDON, Dec. 28. (AP>—MRT time circles reported today U Cunard Line is planning to build liner bigger than the 83,G73-t Queen Elizabeth—now the work largest. The reports said the huge trniL Atlantic ship will be faster tha anything pre.sentJy in service. may be powered with ga-s turbk engines now being developed marine propulsion. If the ktel Ls hud down r-arly in 19oO she will be ready for t)iu Southhampton-New York run some time , in 1954, Robert Crail, general manager of Cnnard, declined to comment on the rumors. Similar socrecy .surrounded plans for tlie Elizabeth, cotnpletcd in 1940, and the St,335-ton Qneon Mnry, which entered service in 1936. Shipping quarters said the new leviathan of the sens could be regarded as Canard's reply to chal- langcs by the United Slates Linos, f Vance and Holland for the Atlantic luxury trade. A 69.000-iflnner i.s bein? bulk foi the US. lines, which now hits the 26.314-ion America as it.s ace on the Atlantic run. The new .ship is expected to be rearty in 1952. Joseph A. Goodin. 65, nf il!e, died Monday in a Litlle Rock Funeral arrangement* were being completed there by the Griffin- >£8ett Ir.uer.U home. Survivors include a b-other. Chester Goodin. al^o of Hiyiheville. Two Argentine Papers Facing Charge by Peron BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. Dec 26— liYt —president Juan D. Peron today had carried out his threat to prosecute the editors of Argentina's two independent, newspapers on charges of insulting him The president promised iti a news conference Dec. 3 that he woulr file "tk^uciiio" (vnsre.siieet* cirar^f; against the editors of l,a Na-:kn: and Ija for having "to a certain degree" supported an op position member of Congress win accused Peron o( getting rich ii office. The charges against the two ed Itors were filed yesterday in icrlera court. Jiiil tertus up to three years cai be passed under tiie now "descato law prohibiting slander of a pnbli official. Peron has publicly denied til "uncalled-for calumny" of the charges he? sot rich in office made bv "batteano. IU)T)V KKMOVKI)— Firemen carry a body from the rjlasU'd ottice uildiiu: ol the Swilt <fc Co., plant at Hioux City. la., jifler Hie hinldinu as blasted by the explosion of what tin Chief Charles Kulil said was aturiil BHS. (AP Wilt-photo). ccord Bond Issues 'otcd Last November CHICAOO —M'y— Voters In the ovember election approved stale nd city bond Issues tlr.a total at ast 51,300.000.000—a record. A (abtilnilon by Hie Municipal rinancn Officers association showed iat more than 80 per cent of the iroposetl bond Issues were approved, omparcd with 70 per cent at the ill elections in 1318. Biggest issue is the S500.000.000 i>r bonuses for war veterans In 'pnnsylvania. Other bond sales will aise money for such projects as in clearance, ho'ising. and bnild- 01- enlarging schools, mental lospilals and airports. Mattress Ignited answered an alarm to the home of BIylheville'.? volunteer firemen J. H. Hall. ft08 South Franklin Street this morning to extinguish a burn- in" niaUrt's.s on a bed. The inat- ttc.^s \va-s behevrti set. by a child playing wiili matche.s. Fire Chief Hoy Head said. Centurion Ores POPLAR I1LUFP. Mo.. Dec. 28 — MV—John M. Bradley, believed to be Missouri's [)td*'.>t vr.sUloiu. died at a hospital here ye.slerdny. Me was IOC. Mr. IJradley, boi-n near i'liduc Ky., may T2, 18-53, ciunc to Poplar Bluff in 18119. WASHINGTON, Bee. 28— {/I'l—i Alter checking up on 375 rumors of weird and wonderous sights in the the Air Porce ha.s concluded Unit (here aren't any "(lying saucers." It took Iwo years', a special team 'rom the USAP's science staff, and :iel|i from university consultants .o track down the rumors of strange discs whl-«it>K through the air. Last niglil the Air force saiU 'project flying sancer"—the Inves- tlBation suirteii b.v the Air Materiel Command at Wright Base, Dayton, Ohio, on January 22, 1918—has been ordered ended because there is nothing to show that the reports were "not the result of natural phenomena." All evidence, it added, poinU to three factors — "misinterpretation of various conventional objects; a illd form of mass hysteria; or onxe.s"—as the origin of the fly- ng saucer reports. Under Air Forte definition, "var- ou.s conventional objects" include such thinps as meteors, balloons, ili-ds in flight or just ordinary op- ical illusions. Tho effect of last night's Air Foice announcement was to deny story appeal-in? in the current edition of the magazine "True." 1'lic maganiiie taid it Inid learned that "a i-ockol authority stationed at \Vri«^l\t Fiold has told 'Project Saucer' pe/smmel flatly that the saucers are Interplanetary and that no other conclusion Is possible." The Air Force last spring sought to shoot down the flyinc discs rumors. H devoted a portion of that report lo explaining why visitors weren't likely lo arrive from other planets on space ships. Among other things, the report questioned the possibility ol the existence of men even on the relatively near planet ol Mars. Even if men were there, the USAF doubted that they were a '"technically established race," able to bulk space .ships. MacKenzie Continued (rom Page 4 tho population Is set at 189,484. Ui'bl imliss a Drub Area As compared u'ith the wealth ol (lie East indies, the Wcsl Indies Islands are drab properly Indeed. Dutch Guiana may prove to be a treasure field if anil when the Dutch aie able to develop it. Surinam lies between llritish Guiiina and Fiench Guiana, and that whole area represents one of the world's most inhospitable spots. IloHnnd, by the way. secured Surinam from England in 1601 by the Treaty of Breda, The Dutch gave New Netherlands (New York) to Britain for the South American col ony. I've visited the three Guianas and, believe me, there arc lew worse places than the Guiana Hinterland, away from the coast it comprises well-nigh 'inaccessible jungles which is Inlested with every kind of death you can Imagined, poisonous snakes, boa constrictors which can crush and swallow a man, vamph'e bats, poisonous Insects, poisonous water, poisonous plants. And there are savage Indians who shoot, poisonous darts from blow pipes. However, in those jungles there are various kinds of precious wood, gold and diamonds. Holland may cash In handsomely &ome distant iliiy when she has overcome these awful hazards. Princess Returns LONDON. Dec 28—W'i—I'rinccss Elixubeth flew back here t'jt from Malta, where ihe has bcci visiting her husband, Prim:e I'hitip since Nov. ?r>. Philip !-s on :vti\'c duty with the British Mediterranean Jl(!t't. Face is Familiar HONOLULU. Dec. 28—i/TV-Judge Clifton !l Tracy asked a man argcil with drunkenness: "Evei been up here before?" '•No, sir," replied the defendant "You sure?" asked the judge. "1 remember your face." "Yes, your honor. That, is—I've been before you once before. Yoi married me." More than -IdO war crimes trial h;\ve buen completed by U. S. Mill taiy commissions in Yokohama am Manila. OLD FITZGERALD in gay holiday wrap Lucky the gueet—long-renieiiilicreil the rh*-er" ia OU) riTYC-KRAU>! l<'or Kentui flavor a& traditionally p«nrrou» »a llie holiday ben-ing ami bemling—/inlhiii" fi Distributed by .miu* my I ttuiu 1 l.Mti LHtie Hock KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOUR6OH WHISKEY 100 P R O O f Denver's Prowl Cars Changed Back to Black DENVER. —OP)— After experimenting \viih radio inuvol cars painter) blm:k and \viiitc, the Denver police department is going buck to all black. This Is fine ivuh one captain who told reporters: ''The pigeon and .squirrel detail can't even siie.ik up on piuemiK ami MIUUTC].S any mme. The nt i ,~:fs c.-an KG I be cat;; coming l>l<v!;:i ;a\;iy," Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. I! Dec. •-'&—ov—(IJSIIA^—HOBS in,r>oo market steady to 25 lower thu TiHViday's nvcra^t'. mostlv .steadv oti li^ht hoss of 1KO-220" Ibs; "bulk of these Ifi.fiO with considerable sprinkling IG.73 as top-, 230-250 1U* | 15.7.T-JB.25: 260-300 lb.- 14.=iO- lit ftd: ! InO-lTO Ib,s l-T.7-S-Ili.riO; 100-1^0 »>S \ 14 50-lri.50; s o w s nmlfr ^00 15>,s i 12.75-13.SO; heavier sows l.flO-l'JnO; [ Cattle 2,500: ralve.s 800; uuHlnrUr i esrly demand moving few riifMliinn ! to low gorirt steer, 1 ; steady ;n 22.00- ] ViS.SO: hoiferfi aiul n\is:ri5 yoirtint? \ ."•trontr witii commond ;uni ntrdiini) ' Maes 0.00-11 00; boar.s f> 00-fi-^n. around 24.00; cmv*. ami bulls .Ml cpnt.-; highvr: cotunion and niccijiiin eow.s 14.75-1C.25: few tinod rows . 17 00; eanners atut cutter. 1 ; ll.aO- • H.50. j Protect Your Family's Health with Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG , 221 \Vc-M Mnin BeHeve if or nof f your telephone bill has REALLY gone down.' i!l \vitli cu l ct>.sl' of In 1939, ]0() pounds of cntlon jinid for Iwn and one-hall months of onc-p.iil)' rcMclcncc tc'lcpiionc: .scr\'ite. In 79/9, 100 pounds of cotton pays for fivi- and onc-lialf moiillis of one-party rcsiilciR-c: service, figured al (lie requested rale. \Vliilx; llie "n-,\\ cosl" lo yoti of tclf|>litniti wrvice lias gi>n<' down, tlie expenses of fnnii.vli- ing Uinl scrvii'c have inoiiiitrd until telephone. earnings today are t»ir-tl\ir<l loiter than in the ilcplhs uj tin: tlcprrxsion. If you are lo continue lo gel good telephone service, it is- nrgenl dial earnings be restored In normal levels'. This will l.ikc an increase in your telephone bill of, at most, a few cents .1 day. Rut it will still leave, the "real cost" of telephone service loucr than !>efore the war. SOUTHWESTERN BF.U, TELEPHONE CO. Wfiaf else gives so much for Jo liMlc? Ctdcttlations /w,r</ on mf.-party resident*: f<-/<!jidonc in Jjltic Horl; ami Arltansa-t cotton prira. tudebakers igqest year ! ore people bought new Studebaker cars and trucks in 1949 than in any year before ! Since its introduction in September, the new 195O Studebaker has been bought by more people than any new-model Studebaker in any similar period ! Todays far-advanced new 195O Studebaker 1$ the fastest selling Studebaker of all time! tf.

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