The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on March 25, 1918 · 2
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 2

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1918
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.M'.'ifciiv. Mar.-!: , - I Parr. Two IHE EVENING RECORD. , - 'Z: pisTiuni Tons or Bethlehem Trucks Built to carry the heaviest load any truck ran handle the. owner's confidence. Acason Trucks Motor Trucks to hire any capacity. HARPER BROS., 252 Main St.Hackensack Phone 211 or 2KMV. WHEN YOU HEED TAXI CALL 15-b TO DISCUSS , TROLLEY FARE INCREASE PLAN "Fightins Mayors" Ha?e Arranged for Public Meeting in Court House Here on Next Thursday to Make Up This Matter and Hear of Military Highways and the Hudson River Bridge Project. MAYOR SEGER OF PASSAIC TO SPEAK THE OLD F.I. LI A LIE DAY AXD NIGHT TAAI SEKVICK Cabs With The S Orange Panel j. j. bertholf, prior. Central Auto Garage Ford and Overland Agency. TAXI SERVICE . RAYMOND VAN LINDA 2120 HACKENSACK DAY OR NIGHT In order to give every community la Ilergen county served by the I'ub-11c Service trolley linos an opportunity to be heard. 'the Eastern Bergen County Improvement Association has arranged to-hold its next meeting in the Freeholders' room in the Court House in Hackensack on Thursday evening. March 28, at 8 o'clock. Mayor Geo. N. Segr, of Passaic. President of the SUtj League of Municipalities and Judge Guy L. Fake, of Rutherford, one of the counsel for the municipalities, are both expected to be present anil make addresses on the application of tlie Public Service Corporation for permission to increase Its trolley fares to wen cents Iwllh an additional two cents for transfers and a further charge of one I cent for a transfer on a transfer. I "Thin tremendous increase in the cost of dally transportation would hit every family living along the trolley lines, and would tend to keop others from making their homes in New Jersey," iays Secretary V. B. Kelly, of the association. "To the average family It would mean an increase of from $30 to $40 per year in expense of this character without counting anything for pleasure travel on Sundays and holidays. The matter Is so important that every community in the county through which the trolley lines run should be represented by officials or citizens or both. Every civic organization should be repre-nented. Kveryone who can possibly do so is urged to attend so that there may be a full and aggressive expression of public sentiment. As the meeting takes place only two days after the first hearing before the Public Utilities Commission, Mayor Seger Bredin's TAXI SERVICE ' DAT AXD NIGHT. Ik far Tka Whit Paael Cars. ' ' I 111 lEI,EkHOE ' I BROWN TAXI SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT REO CARS HACK. 1765 20S STATE STREET CHILDS RESTAURANT COMPANY OFFERS A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR . YOUNG KEN , between, 17 and 21 years , , of age, who- are intelligent, energetic and of neat appearance and r good habits possessing , , 'ambition to learn a busi ness in which they may grow up and In time oc cupy positions of respon sibility. Those who are willing to begin at the , 'bottom and diligently apply themselves, will ' receive rapid promotion and corresponding increases in salary. Apply CHILDS CO., Employment Dept. 270 SIXTH AVE., NEW YORK. and Judge Fafre will b aWe to give eiact Ic'omatioa on t'je situation." Another matter for discussion will be that of military hishway. In this conaer'ion iTeti.Jent Rojws hag received a letter from Congressman J. R. Kni-ey enclosing an tn' ommunlcation from Lieut. Col. U. C. 'Marshall, of tV Quartermaster's Vrps. National Army, in charge of j Cantonment Construction DHHion. i Lieut. Col. Marshall write: : j "Your letter lo tvie War Iepart-ment enclosing letter and ketrh from Mr. John . Ropes. Mayor of EngieWood Cliffs, lias bten referred to this oflice. , "The matter of road construction is one which Ciis ode U rnissldTing. and will rnnsldr during the coming rprlng. Plans have not yet be-n directly worked out covering road construction la connection with the various camps and cantonment?. The j suggestion of Mr. Ropei will receive .consideration. Although it is not at all settled at this time that money pertaining to the construction work I' of the War department be u-d for 'he construction or improvement of Stat" Highways." There will alo be a discussion of the Hudson River Bridge, project and the matter of establishing canteens for the so)dl i s at the Edgewater ferry and the Palisade Amusement Park. Many ladies in Eastern Bergen ate interested in the establishment of canteens and they will probably be represented at the Harken- 1 sack meeting. NEW DRAFT BILL UP INSENATE Action on Measure Calling 700,000 More Young Men to Register Expected Soon Washington. Mar. 25. With the German driva spurring it to action. Congress again today gave its attention to measures to increase America's fighting strength. The Senate was ready . to act promptly on the bill making available for the draft 700,000 young men who ime reached the age of 21 years since June 5, Registration Pay. Final action was also scheduled for the resolution providing for the registration of the aliens made subject to the draft under treaties already signed or under negotiation. This measure, it has been estimated, will Increase America's fighting forces by half a million more men. These two measures would give the nation as many men as can be trained for many months to come. Before final action is taken on the new Draft Bill .however. Senator New, of Indiana, will demand a test vote on Universal Military Service. The bill, as it stands now, authorizes the drafting of young men as they attain the age of 21 years from time to time, whenever the President decides they are required. Senator New has an amendment to make the measure permanently operative which would mean the equivalent of universal service. -The vote' on the amendment will furnish a test of the strength of universal service sentiment in the Senate. . '. , . TWO AMERICANS iTO EQUIP 16 GET DECORATIONS1 LARGE PLANTS a i -Today and Tomorrow Capture Three Members of Crew of German Night Raiding Aeroplane in France. By HENRY G. WALES. Iiti: actional Nv. a Srvi Suit cor-iiwi.Jen'.j With t.-ie American Army :c Franee Mar. Z4. i p. m.).-Capt. Herbert Haitwen. of .rr:ngf1d. Miss,, and Sub-Lieut. Waller France, of Oakland City, Ind , have been decorated with the French War Crs by the French General commanding the Chemln Lies Liauies sector, (rr capturing the three, members of th crew of a German airplane, which had taken fart in an air raid over Paris about a fortnight ago. Cap-tain Wolf, a Piussian, and tue p-lot of the German machine, and Lieut. Hammerer, the bomb dropper, were captured by Sub-Lieut- Fiance, while the mechanician of the airplane, Sergeant Fisher, was captured by Capt. Hart welf. "We were stationed near Clamecy when we heard that raiders were on their way towards Paris, and later we heard them returning towards their own lines," said Sub-Lieut. Franc today. "I could tell by the found that their motor was tailing and soon saw th.e German machine descending. "The captain and I ran towards the Germans as their machine struck the earth. It landed against a shell crater, and the men were eatapulated from the airplane. They then set fire to !t. i "The Prussian captain was chased 'into an old, disused trench where he (was taken prisoner. Then the German lieutenant was pursued, but two 1 shots from an automatic pistol soon 'halted him. We took our German j captive to our quarters where we 'gave first a'd to the captain, whose i back was burned and the sergeant i whose back was injured. The lieutenant, who was unhurt, spoke English until the captain otdered him to keep silent- The German captain offered me his Iron Cross, but refused i to accept It. After the German mi-.chine had been set afire a bomb exploded, hut did no damage. "Wolf told me he was a former day-j light flyer and said he had brought down numerous Allied machines. He added that he disliked night bombing, but was forced into the service, j "Later the French troops took ;charge of the prisoners." The French citation accompanying the War Crosses asserted that Captain Hartwell and Sub-Lieut. Fiance were the first Americans to capture 'enemy officers alone, entirely unas-i sis-ted by the French. Ordnance Department to j Spend Two Billion Dollars i For Artillery Cannon. Washington. Mar. 25. The equipment of sixteen large plants for the iuanu:actuie of mobile artillery cannon nd a total program calling for an expenditure of approximately two billion. d"llai um,uaris's the work of the Gun Division of the Bureau of Ordance. the War Department hs announced. "These plan!.' the statement cays, "are well under way and a number are practically complete." The memorandum states that the full capacity of de country lor the manufacture of powder and explosives is utilised and arrangements have been made for tubstantially doubling the output. Since the beginning of the war the personnel of the gun division has increased from three officers and seven civilians to approximately five hundred officers and 3,500 civilians. l!y June It Is estimated there will he 1,500 officers and more than 10,000 civilians in this division. The Major projects of the gun division have included: Construction of smokeless powder plants, expenditure of approximately $40,000,000 for plant facilities to manufacture artillery cannon, with an estimate that $300,000,000 will be spent for cannon alone within two years after the outbreak of war: negotiations in many cities of the country for the erection of plants for the extraction of toluol from illuminating gas; conservation of the supply of ammonium nitrate and acids and construction at government expense of a plant for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and its final conversion into ammonium nitrate; construction, now undertaken, of a gas-filllng plant to cost approximately $l,5u 0,000, and the construction of five large shell filling plants to cost in the aggregate $25,000,000. i : A human interest story running the whole iraniut of emotions. Adapted from George Broadhurst's famous pip v that thrilled theatre-goers throughout the land. Matinee Each Day at 3.15. Evenings 7.30 and 9. Prices 10c and 20c. Prices 15c and 25c. Clamecy, near which the Americans made their captures, lies north of the Aisne river and between three and four miles northeast of Solssons. GERMAN NEWSPAPERS PRAISE BRAVERY OF BRITISH ARTILLERYMEN Amsterdam, Mar. , 25 -German newspapers received here today pay strong tribute to the resistance offered by the British to the German offensive in France. The British ar- .UUerymen were particularly lauded for their bravery in covering the Allied retreat, the German correspondents saying that the artillerymen re-Imained by their batteries until the j German horde was only a few-, hun-idred yards distant. GETS LIST OF AMERICANS HELD BY GERMANS AS f PRISONERS OF WAR Washington, Mar. 25. The names of all Americans either held as prisoners of war or interned by Germany have been received by the State Department, through the Spanish Embassy atBerlin. The list, which contains about .170 names, is the first to be forwarded by the German Government although the United States has made periodical reports of German subjects held here under similar circumstances. The names will be made public probably in a day or two. Despairing of receiving any report, the War Department had compiled a list of missing Americans who probably were held in Germany. On cheeking up, it was found that all the names on the list compiled her were In the list received from Berlin, and that there were three additional names on the letter. WILL ANNOUNCE i SUB-COMMITTEES .i Local General Committee of Third Liberty Loan to Meet Thursday Evening. Chairman W. E. Foster of the general committee which will have charge of the Third Liberty Loan In the Hackehsack district, announces the first meeting of the committee which will be held in the Civil Service room, second floor of the poptoffice building off Thursday evening, March 28, at 8 o'clock. At thi meeting, 'the sub-committees will be announced, and the general plan on which the work will be conducted discussed. 'In order to have tlie business of the evening gotten under way as promptly as possible, the chairman requests every member to be on hand promptly at the above hour. The permanent headquarters of the committee will be in the Civil Service ' room which has been placed at the disposal of the general committee by Postmaster Binder. Large Rigns will be placed on the outside of the post-j office building, a telephone will be installed and all supplies will be distributed from and meetings held in it. One of the windows in the post-office lobby will be placed at the disposal of the committee with a competent volunteer salesperson in charge, to sell Liberty bonds in ex actly the same manner as Thrift and War Savings Stamps are now sold. JIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllHiiiiiiiiii I BIJOU THEATRE j 1 TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! ! DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in i "REGGIE MIXES IN? A production in which "Doug" gets in some bad company and S has a lively time getting out. r COMING TOMORROW. ' : f "CHEATING THE PUBLIC" j S A timely seven-act Fox Production. There are hundreds of E thrilling scenes showing the food riots, the fight between a man and 5 S a girl on a golden stairway, the 100-mile a minute race and many E others too numerous to mention. 5 jjj DOX'T MISS THIS rRODVCTIO.X l -imninniiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiuiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiMKMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ldia' MatUtw Dally ORPHEUM Patema ALL THIS WKKK BILLY ARLINGTON With the "GOLDEN CROOK" COUNTRY STORE TONIGHT L VCEUM PATKRSOVS LKAIJOG THEATRE 3 THURSDAY. FRIDAY'. SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 20, .10. FIRST TIMK THIS SKASON GUS HILL Presents the Biggest Laugh Show of the Year, "HANS and FRITZ" By P.. DIRKS, Originator of "The Katzen jammer Kid." MghtN, 15c to 75c; Matinees, Fri. and Sat., Best Seals 25c. Altttratt $c Ola MADISON AVENUE FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK Thirty-fourth Street Thirty-fifth Street , Women's Tailored' ; Suits of superior materials and workmanshij ARE NOW ON SALE AT $22.50, 25.00, 27.50, 29.00, 32.50, 35.00, 38. IN THE Women's Apparel Section of the Sixth Floor (Thirty-fifth Street Elevators) LOCAL PRESBYTERIANS 1 UNFURL A SECOND SERVICE FLAG ON CHURCH The First Presbyterian church had its 'second service flag raising yesterday noon time, following the morning services, the first flag having been jbadly torn and rent by, the winter's i wind and storms- The new flag is the gift of Donald Mathlesori to the boys on the church Honor Roll, the donor having a eon in service in Eng land. Byron Lozter sounded "taps" on his bugle, and after prayer by Dr. C. It. KueMer and the sining of , "America" by the audience that lined ', the sidewalk, the pastor talked briefly but forcefully on "Devotion to Our Ilag and Country." Many passing autoists lingered to enjoy tho patriotic service. U. S. SOLDIERS INDIGNANT : AT NEWS OF REVERSE TO AMERICAN FORCES j By FRED. S. FERGUSON. Uite.1 Pris Staff Correspondent.! j With the American Army in the Field, Mar. 24. No American regiments have participated with the British in beating back the German offensive. American poldiera on the Toul front were hlglily Indignant when ; they heard that a German wlrelew statement had recorded the defeat of ' a Franco-American reserve force. INSTRUCTIONS AS TO SALE OF FLOUR The following instructions were received today by Mr. Brohel from the Food Administration In Washington, relating to the sale of flour by retailers: "Retailers to sell not more than one-eighth of a barrel of flour to any town customer at any one time and not more than one-quarter of a barrel to any country customer at any one time, and in no case to sell wheat products without the sale of an equal weight of ether cereals." Easter Confections Of all Kinds Now On Sale Bogert's Candy Kitchen 189 MAIN ST., HACKENSACK. Parcel Post Orders Filled. STUDENTS ENTER NEW HIGH SCHOOL TODAY The Hackensack High school student body and faculty today moved Into its handsome new building on the corner of First and Beech streets. BeuJans Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druecists refund money if it fail 25c KING GEORGE SENDS MESSAGE TO HAIG London. Mar. 25. King Gootio today sent a message to Field Marshal Hals Mying tluit the British Em A. Lebson Experiencel watchmAkkr amd jew bier. ALL ' kini ef cliipllct4 Watch, and nock. Clin-d n1 R.pmred. al.ii dealer in; DlaatMfta. Wttrk. Jtmrlrf. lat Ului aa SIlT.r-ware. All wrk araaraa. , (era1 far wa years. JESS WILLARD SIGNS TO MEET FULTON Chicago, Mar, 25. Final articles of agreement for the heavyweight championship battle to be promoted by Col. J. C, Miller, "somewhere in America," Jily 4, were Bigned here today by Jess Willard and Fred."Ful-ton. ROYAL THEATRE H. A. DREYKAUPT. Pto. Main ft Bergen SU., Hackeniact MAtim, 3.15 Evening, 7.89. 3 TODAY. Brownie Vernon In "Fear Not," ' Five Acts. 'Helen Holmes In "The I-oKt Kxpws" : Siith Episode. TOMORROW. Jean Southern In "A Mother's Ordeal." Five Acts. . Advertise in fbe Record FURS SUMMER Kolinsky, Silver Fov, Cross, Fox. White Fov. Ermine. Mole, etc Capes, Stoles nml Animal Effects. Exclusive Models. R. A. ANTHONY ") Samples on display at Dorothy Eggers, 205 Main Street, Hackensack. Phone ian:Mt Mackensnck. HOTEL SUSQUEHANNA iiiivk- ti tniltWf. Prop. MAIN AND MKKCKRSTS. HACKENSACK, N. J. V The ONLY up-to-date Dining Place in Bergen County. ty C mo pire "Stand calm and confident In its T.I a-a-iv ,.t'f

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