The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1950
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST i; •LTTHFTTLLF MRK.) COURIER 1O5W« PAGE SEVBH Camouflage' Is Effective Way To Deai witk Awkward Window , Decorators say the most effective *ay to deal with an insignificant or awkward window is to •.•amou- 'izne it. An ordinary receded case- "a»t window, with a radiator im- o»it, can take on new life, instead of (lie conventional window-box, set a row of tall square vases of Amercan handmade green glass on 'he s»| or radiator covor. Filled "Hi Chinese evergreen leaves or trailing ivy, the stylized arrangement of the square vases lends a distinguished touch to an otherwise P'&in window. Sill-length curtains a ud the cool preen glass will soften Slating sunlight. A zian-ow window iti a long hall»'»>' is dramatic'when flanked on toth sides with narrow glatvi shelve.!. The gleam and sparkle of small items of glassware will brighten the hallway by picking up and reflecting the light from the ^intiow. The small isolated window .set Wgh up on the wall, sometimes seen on either side of a mantel, is a frequently - encountered problem. Short curtains on it appear skim- Py; long ones are ludicrous. But this little problem window becomes interesting when converted into a shadowbox. Set narrow shelves acros it to hold small pieces of fine har.dmade glassware. Small pitch- Ms, vases, little animal figures xnd glass cups and saucers will fill the space decoratively. If your problem Is an awkward group of small square windows, here It a leading decorator's suggestion: Use no curtains, but across the top hang a' short valance or ruffle. Over this fasten an old-fashioned wooden "plate" shelf on the wall. A row of milk-glass plates, bowls and gobteis arranged on the ohclf will enhance tills old-fashioned picture. An inadequate old-style clonblc- hung window with undistinguished lines «m be replaced with a modern-type steel casement which is easily and quickly installed. Set it out slightly away from the wall, with class ends to form a shallow bay. If there is no outside view lor (his frame, set removable glass shelves across the window on metal brackets. ft *•' Closet for Child Should 'Grow' An attractive closet of his own will leach even a very young child to be neat and orderly. With a little Ingenious home-carpentry, it can be scaled to size so that it can be altered as the boy or girl grows. First, attach a narrow notched board to each side. On its underside insert a rod or bar on which the chilrt can hang his clothes. As he grows taller, the bar can be slid out and re-inserted In the notch above. If more shelf room" is needed, Modumotic Comfort' CAN BE YOURS THIS WINTER WITH The New Oil-Saving Warm Air FURNACE ^Modumalh comfoil nu'am even temperature ant! constant circulation 'of freshly warmed air; he;il is modulated to outside wealhei conditions. N'o fluctuating temperature No up and down heat. Means greater wiiv " ler comfort'— better health. Automatic* Work-Free+Healthful*Dirt-Fre« 2-BEDROOM HOME Completely inslullcd for as low i $ 650 Frank Simmons Tin' Shop So. Broathvnv Phone 2651 !£«-*. FIX UP AND REPAIR YOUR PROPERTY NOW! now 7 'T nt " e P Q " m now safeguard your investment and prevent ' further deterioration and extra cost Icteri Consul, with « regQrding ho - _ u ,,v, / f*i wviae inv ond rec 0mmend a reliable contractor Just Phone 551 and Talk It Over With 'The Man From the Lumber Yard' E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Friendly Building Service nsurance Firm Has $148,000 in Honie Losns Here Life Policy Dollars Invested in House Mortgages over U.S. BlylhevillD home builders received $148,800 during the first halt of 1950 in mortgage loans closed by the Prudential Insurance Company of America, it wxs announced today. The company's mortgage loan total in Bljthevillc represented 24 residential loans, according to Uhel C. Bird of Memphis, manager of :he Prudential's Southern Regional mortgage loan office. Mr. Bird pointed out that during June, eight residential lonns totaling $41.000 wqre closed In Blythc- ville by the Prudential. During the first half of 1950, the Prudential closed 372 mortgage loans of all types in Arkansas for a total of 53,058,000. Residential loans totaled 52,162,000, and represented 322 loans. Forty-seven (arm loans wcre clawd in the state during the first half for a total of $1,30000 Mr Bird said. Have Significant Role Life insurance dollars have had a significant role in the post-war housing expansion and at the start of 1950 accounted for $8.232,000,000 of housing financing, compaied with S3.819.000.000 five years ago, the Institute of Life Insurance reports, analyzing an annual study of life company mortgage investments just made by the Home L/jan Bank Board. Of the housing mortgages held at the beginning of this year, $5,970,000,000 was for 1 to 4 family units. The remaining $2,262,000,000 represented mortgages on multifamily housing. The life companies also had in their investment portfolios $1,131,003.000 o! farm mortgages and $3,320,000,000 of mortgages on industrial and commercial properties, making a grand total of $12.689,000,000 in mortages held by the companies. The total new mortgage financing of life companies in 1940 amounted to $3,312,000,000, of which $1,147,000,000 or 53 per cent was accounted for by 1 to 4 family units. In 1945, this type of housing represented only 35 per cent of the new mortgage financing. New multifamily housing mortgages last year vere $595,000,000; farm mortgages 5290,000.000 and those on commercial and Industrial properties $680,000,000. ihe notches can be cut so that a joard wide enough for a shelf can !x> fitted into them, with the clothes rod or bar fastened underneath. The bar of course moves up automatically when the shelf is fitted Into a second or third notch as the child grows taller. NEW POWER FOR OLD ENGINES! ow truck engine can be given new pep, rvcw itamina. We do everything from tuning up to compile ovethauW 'ng. New engines, heads, block*, new or reconditioned crankshafts we available sl- D ELT A Implements, Inc. •112 South 2nd. Street INTERNATIONAl TRUCKS —Courier News rtiolo HOUSING PROBLEMS SOl.VKD-Two more Dlytheville housing problems were solved with the completion recently of the two new houses pictured above. Seen on the right is the new five-room house and garage of Mr and Mrs. E I, liogss at 025 Southeast Parkway, and the four-room house to the left, at 629 Southeast Parkway, belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Charles oranarn. Both houses have'papered walls, concrete slab foundations, and strip a dwood , oors with the exception ,f the kitchens and bathrooms, which have asphalt ule. The Boggs home i s heated by an oil llcor furnace and the exterior Is ol wood siding. ' The outside ol the Graham house is stripped with cedar shingle painted white. Both'houses are provided with mlll-mnd. cabinets. Building Record Set in First Half '50 Hardwoods For Floors Vary in Type Nearly everyone builds _, _,^. JU ,.^. .iiiu Ull|l|l>> J| home wants It equipped with floors of hardwood. Perhaps few persons however, are aware that a wide variety of hardwood flooring is available. Before making „ selection it is a gocid idea to learn something of the field from which to choose. Most popular of the species Is oak. others often used include hard maple, beach, birch and pecan. All can be obtained in a number of grades and sizes. I n unfinished stock, which receives its finishing treatment after installation, there are seven standard grades of oak. Maple, beech and birch are available in three standard grades, as well as in special grades selected' for uniformity of color. Pecan comes in seven grades. Pre-finlshcd 6ak i\ hardwood produced in four grades, beech and pecan in one. The most common thickness foi WASHINGTON. Aug. 1. l/f, _ More new homes were slarted in the first half of 1050 than In any other six months of American history. The number was 087,000. Also. June rolled up the highest monthly total^ of houicbuildlng "starts" ever recorded, 142,000. Those figures, which are preliminary estimates, were nnnnmicecl by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fighting broke out m Korea on June 25, and its effect on American homebuilding is something the BLS Isn't sure about. Officials said they have no concrete slatistics on it yet. They report two schools of thinking: 1. That the Korean crisis might cause an additional rush of home- buildfjie In anticipation of a possible government crackdown on materials. 2. That builders now might be more hesitant about starting large- scale projects. flooring is 25:32 Inch. The strip style l s used most exten- pootectunt, Most important Point Advancement in 25 years New Fume-Proof, Sun-Proof Hovise Paint produces » film of unusual whiteness. S'AYS WHITER IONGER It will not discolor or darken from coal smoke or industrial <j as «. It ( Mil-cleaning, too— removes jurfac« dirt. r v ° f r ttnS ' Ve "l** ur « '"'« «ndtr many types of climat. ondmon,, fr™ .trong ,u n |,- ght lnd M , t .,, £ ^ indujlrit[ lume ,«»», proved the superiority of this new formvil, ove, ordinary house paint. Come in and ask us about new Fume-Proof, Sun-Proof House Paint »MION $513 Z'3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 EDSON (Continued from page 6) piete iegii,u'jilnlio;i." but «ii<I "I agree lhat these things ought to lie done because they weren't done In the last war, anil we liarl inflation" •Tho thing f fear," said Krlckcr 'is mediocrity." "The onlv vote I ever regret " said Senator Flanders, "was a party measure I 0 | OWC1 . ta)lcs m lhe 8(m COKBIT.M." ^If you have only one thing to The Brew of Mr. narurh And sen. Homer Capohart. who'1 htel this Idea of controlling Industry a mile lilt, fiuahv ca«,c around l o (he conclusion: "I agree ivjth you. I don't (hluk we can have rationing without price control m vice-versa. "So you (liitik we should lea'r up this bill and write it over?" Senator Cape-hart finally asked "Dou'l tear H up. Just add lo it those sections we've hecii talking about" replied Mr. Baruch. H «'.-is pure coiuctdcncc. of course bul President Truman's inUI-vcnr economic report, delayed Just a nioiitli by the Korean crisis, wtml lo Congress on the same day that Mr. Baruch lestlfleil. The President's recommendations for voluntary allocations, credit control and limited tax Increase were milk ana water when compared 'to the rich brew n f blood and guts concocted by Mr. narllch. Whether to adopt the all-out mobilization plan advocated by Mi- Barucn. or to adopt the half-way measures which the President rcc- "•mnciicls is what Congress has to decide now.. Dut still other swift kicks In the pants will apparently have to he applied if the Congressional spine 1.1 stiffened enough (o do what has [John 'W. Powell In 1M9, "PETE" The Plumber, Scz: "CJive me leu minnles widi any kind of leak. [ Kiiaranfee I hill I'll know i Is cause! When .vim want quality plumbing repair service, call us first!" I'HONK 2731 Let Us Inslall That Extra Bathroom or Moclcmi/.e Your Present Bathroom These wall; will SRI/white/ DEVOE Non-Yellowing Whites Just Won't Turn Yellow I Neither magic nor empty promlnw! ~ in those improved Dovoe paiiiLi! D.TO, V Special Alkyd Hcsins nre the twcnj. of new freedom from that dinirv yellowish lings tlmt com- to or,li-' imry paints with ngo! R re firm innlity oil IxiBe piiinta thnt stand g, nnd dry overnight. . B"~- V.w s~.l- C °"' ™. 0.1. $00.00 - . """''• ^ » 00 - 00 '" '-"»»™ B.,o. «Pr,^« o.. $00.00 WHISENHUNT Fim TONS of WATER I *y£>ur witer supply it one. ^ef-thcUMtcottlyof y* it la the most wtoe boon of all ' WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ... USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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