The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER Z8, 1949 BI.YTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople TWROW rr HERE, TAMZV.' REMEMBER W6 NEVER DONG A THING FOR VOU *»MV LIFE-MOWS .AUSTAW MA3OR/-"-0UD SAMTV KePr AM eve OUT &\ FETCHED ME SOME KIMDA AEMORMAL /__ MARTHA ) PRESINTS—• ORAL 6MIRT 5TUDS, A , OPRY HKT, MAM& BRACELET, <3«C«E JACKET AM 1 ALMOST A\EERSCHAUM P|P6/-"- TU' 15 EWT YOU TVtose EATKES BUT HERE IS A TH6 TIME I SAVEP ( WHAT? Y HuY VOL, WiiBtil*»a*i We DOMT fk3 \ /"AWT IX--C-T /-vM TUP THAT vuouu> wr RHY \ CA / NT /GET ON THE US BACK HTH6 RED! BEAM WITH A . BEAMIE. FKECKLES AND HIS Kill ENDS B¥ MEKRILL BL08SEB Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 1 have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RFAI.ES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Kiales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan Do you ntta * man to repntj 01 r* model'/ No dnwn payment OD mort gflge, nti tea tape FHA APFROVKU HA I'Eb ,1% ASK. FOB UC'IMLS Max Logan, Realtor mono 2034 Lyncii Building kiLrtnevillb Ark FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See MS and save. W. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingram-Herman Maj Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4627 12-9 ck 1-9 For Rent 3-room house. \VII]ow St. Mrs. Bixker FROne 256S. 121'il pX 1 Warehouse aO'HO 1 on railroad sld Ing Mldwesi. Dairy Products Ph 4447 !I|16 ck FlaaO cameras for ill occasloi O'STEfelN-B STUDIO 4|5-ck FOR RENT: Frozen Fbod locke BlayLoci'x StEhway SI Phone 3\11 BI23 ck New four room house, electric lights on good gravel road. Ectiool bus nn /tiiy ramp. 3',i mites from town, G I Kicker. ph. 6631. 12.20 pk 2 3-room unfur. house- 913 Clark. 1223 pk I Ona 5-room home ,1 miles south o Blythcvtlle lor rent or sale. Seratt Ulythevllle Rt. 4- 12 ; 28 pk 12,3 New «Lectrli St. I'lione 2072. I Love My Doctor, Dv. C..^l. D~_L: "^ Copyright by E.el.t. Barkin*: „•-.. By Evelyn Barkins 'opyrigM by Evelyn Barkins; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. 3-room furnished house. A n. Adults only, 510 Park 12 27 pk 1[3 4 room house, furnished or unfurnished. rlU Jamison. 12.23 p>: 31 Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMtKS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ot charge in sterilized trucks. fail collect, 6142, Klylhe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. To All Our Friends I and Customers Merry Christmas' May we express our sincere appreciation antl (hanks for your patronage and favors rendered to us in the past year. H is our desire to be of continued service to you. May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone -1111 > 12-21 ck U liKORK my marriage, there hncl been Rood reason for alarm. The unM- laclied girls Higgled ami whispered: "Yon know how the fellows are," and obviously, everyone did. The wiser, but slid comparatively immature matrons, breathed, "My dear, you've no idea whnl passion really is!" and sighed appreciatively. But. as 1 told John after we were married. "For heaven's sake, darling, don't people make a big fuss about such a little mailer?" To which he replied facetiously: "What did you expect? An atomic explosion?" As for our wedding itself, H was inauspicious, complying more with the dictionary definition, rather than the social one. This was true, mostly, because nobody concerned Ihoughl 'we should get married anyway. I was too young (and still in school); John was too poor (intern's pay was $15 per month, plus room, board and uniforms). Everybody, but John and me, agreed it would be lar more sen- ;sible to wait. "What for?" asked Uohn, "and why?" | "Well," said mother, carefully looking aw.ny, "It's all right for ;iust the two ot you. But what :if—er—certain accidents happen? But John was unmoved. "You forget," he said seriously, "that am a doctor." Heaven knows that in all the world there is no one more self-consciously The Doctor, :than the brand new one. i But mother sniffed. "And you jforget," she reminded him omin- |ously, "that you are also a man." I Bui my father, who never let my mother stand alone, if he could help it, spoke too. "What will yoxi live on, young man?" he began, and much more. John and I outlined our plans. In a few weeks he would have completed his hospital internship. Meanwhile, we would live in a furnished room, then find a small apartment, open an office and start growing rich. I would finish up my law course (only two school hours each morning), help him "with the nursing and secretarial | work, and eventually hang out my own shingle and contribute another large portion to our mutual [Wealth. "I can only see," my mother answered angrily, as if there were [brass knuckles on her tongue. I"that you two are beyond making ( any sense. Let's discuss this at [another time, when you may be [more reasonable." I *. * • CO we discussed it again and I again and again, until to break jllie deadlock and attain our goal, "I can't coax him to coma out and try his now don't want to go coasting alono!" 1'IUSCII.LA'S i'OI' BY AL VERMERR The Justice stammered just enough to be funny and ! traffic of other eager aspirants, while reviewing our situation. "I've really got it, 1 ' 1 said"You're a doclor, John. You write me a note as to my d;ile of birlh on your prescription blank and s'ign it. Then we'll give it to the clerk nd get the license." i * • written, paused for breath, and kissed me Concrete Culvert Tile Si/cs up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si/es up to SI in. Automatic Flnnd Gates Concrete Septic Tanks Mela) Septic Tanks Sewer Tile »C5l Prices «> Deliver A.H.WEBB nuh^-af fil at State Line I'hone 714 Ijohn and 1 decided 'City Hall. to elope to • When we went to get OUT marriage license, the clerk refused my application because I was under .21. : "What should we do now?" asked him in dismay. "Get a birth certificate or a note from your doctor testifying as lo your date of birth." he reciied by rote, completely oblivions of our plight, and more as if he were ordering: ham sandwich on rye hold the pickle, no mustard. - "Oh, John." I wailed as we walked away, "Now what?" "Got a certificate at home?" he asked. I !ihook my head. | "Well, then who is jour family doctor?" "Out of the city," I answered My mother always regarded our ability to understand each other's immalching questions and answers as a sure sign of marital insanity but John always called it perfeci campaUbility. For a Inng while, three whole minutes, we stood blocking thi JHIE note we reap- proached the desk. Without a lance or a word (we could have vorn gas masks for all he looked r cared), the clerk handed us the iccnsc. To this day John icHs our :hildren that he #nt me by fraud md for some incomprehensible •eason, it makes him the Great -over, and all of lhe/n happy. The wedding ceremony ttsell. which followed immediately like he check before the dessert routine in Max's Busy bee during unch hour, was distinctly unimpressive. The office we stood in was dark and bare, ant) smclled ike a coat closet full of wet umbrellas, and dirty clothes The witnesses, brought in out of the "iiall, were two dark shadows ue- :iind me- The justice himself was a short, queer-looking man. with a round shiny bald spot right :he middle of his head that reflected the electric light above htm as does a shimmering pool of water. He stammered just enough to be funny, and I giggled. As the little man began to read though, the serious-ness of iho situation overwhelmed me- and just as I was becoming thoroughly frightened, It began to seem unreal instead. It did not appear to be possible vhat a fev; words n out of a little, black book by a homely, strange person could nrlu- ally create the relationship of husband and wife, I wos terrified, This was my wedding. This was for keeps, forever. Tomorrow there was no go-- ing back to today, no turning away, I Knew that 1 loved Johr and that he loved me. But who could tell? Life was something tre mend0115 and terrible before me indefinable, unyielding and fright ening. How could anyone know anything to? sure? All the cnl culated warnings I had heard, at the literary admonitions I had rent came home to roost with shatlcrinj effects. Sxiudenly, I felt t)ie ring on my finger, and we were mar rice: John, in the meantime, had con tributcd his own piece of tndivirfu ality to the event. Three time. 1 during the ceremony, when eve the little man John turned "Sorry," he muttered pronchcct, "I thought H over." "A v-vcry unusual w-wectding," the justice said with apparent ispleasure, as he pocketed his fee; that's the trouble wit" folks to- ny. Don't anybody realize what carriage means any more?" t * • ,VfE stayed at a near-by small hotel for most of the summer inlil John finished his internship :nd we found a place lo live. Our oom, No. 518. as hotel rooms 'rdinnrily {<o, was probably as ommon ns orange juice and toast or breakfast IJul si/ice 1 had i ever been in a hotel room before, "ny mind must have been sub- onsciously harboring something iut of the motion picture sel of 'Anthony and Cleopatm." lor. at "irst glance, I was somewhat disappointed. \ I turned lo John expecting to [ share my disappointment, only to into with surprise that he had never even noticed the room at all. • My mot her, naturally, had of- 'crcd us the opportunity to share he family bwl and board, until i we secured our own apartment, "It'll save us hotel told John when I repealed the Invitation, "and we can probably chisel in on some food as well," For a minute or two 1 hesitated, It is difficult in any marnnge to be completely honest at all limes; cnrly marriage. The emotion is across the eyes: the shadowy unknown places in each other's characters loom like big, black dangerous craters More than 1,000.000 translations of more than American books have been published in Japan under American occupation authorities. RENT A CAR Drive Anjwlirjf Yon Plr^sc Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 THE GRAMS COMPAN Real Estate - Viori^aejc Loan- - Insurance )SCIOIX BHIHIML ^one 521 WELL, \//\N OUTBOARD MOTOR HOW DO YOU IfGOLLV IS THAT WHAT LIKE n ? M YOUR W\FE GAVE VOL) FOR CHRISTMA I COULD NEVER GO AWW WITH THAT/ WHAT DID SAV? WHAT COULD SHE SA.V? SHE GAVE ME A NEW SEWING y^£5 HY iMlCHAKL O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANE TKATS HIE DOPE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BUMP OFF PER KIP SLICK-- THAI'S MOK1E OL- CARIO/ YEAH, EGGHEAD, BUT WF GOTTA HAVE SOM6 PIAHNIUG. I'll DRIVE AROUND "WE BLOCK A FEW BET A HONORED IT GOES IN/ BETA HUNDRED IHIS OUE SOE5 III/ WOITA SEIUP FOR A REAL OLD- FASHIOHED SANG KILLIN'.' THIS Will BE A PLEASURE, PEtWEE / THIS IS GETTING ABSOLUTELY BOEING ;E WON $20,000 FROM MVSELF. CAPTAIN EASY HY LESLIE TURNER CTREFLJL. JOE! OWE LITTLE IW THIS BOX IS TW OERCOU'S OH, GOSH... HERE THEY COME! GET IU THIS CAB'MET QUICK WE'LL SLIP OUT WWEM VH&V LEAVE. FUS6S...MITCO...TOP.CHES...HOSE, s ALMOST DUSK. MlCK...TIMEr SOU ACETVLEWE MD OWGEM TAMKS., BRIDGED THE ALARM CIRCUIT WHERE AS THE iwiws HUDDLE, lERElFtED.THE PSA COWs MOB <SM HERS, OW& BV owe,... BUENEKS MASK.,, ME5... GLOVES., VOU TRACED IT TO THE- POWElt POLE! THE EE5T OF TOU STW IN HEU& TILL THE NIGHT WATcHJAftU SHOWS,...»IOt> :EEP THAT Dooe. IOCKED CAREFUL/ THAT'S THE: LAST) AFTER A COUPLE it is doubly like a blindfo! HY V. T. HAM1.IN 1 WAS THei?E ANf I KNOW: HIPPOLYTA'S MAGIC BELT GRANTS ITS V-'EACEE'S SPOKEN W/5H.' ILL STPiNS AU3NS WITH THE "VICTCCY IT HASN'AcA'EK ENEMIES' VOKKED I VERSION IN FCK.VOU.'/ THIS BOO*,! / HOE5B FEATHEE5.' ' I'VE NEVER ->E . THAT TAKE5.'AWHW£ NEEDED ANY DAD- T^E TO n>a HOOTS AND HICK Hl'DDIKS liY K1HJAR MARTIN been grateful thnl John and I Instinctively chose the "It's this way darling," I "Despite atf their we'U have as much privacy as an office clock nenr closing Ume legal or not. it'll still be Like having a man in my bedroom couldn't feel comfortable with the family probably wondering what was going on. And besides." 1 finished, "since we areo'l having a real honeymoon, 1 want us to be alone, at Least, like this-" John sighed with relief and gave me a tremendous hug "And 1 was afraid you might warn to go," be laughed. "But who wants to be economically sensible?" So we sent our tlianks home, and kepi ourselves in £ (To Be Continued.) Phone 3075

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