Sentinel and Democrat from Burlington, Vermont on April 6, 1810 · 3
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Sentinel and Democrat from Burlington, Vermont · 3

Burlington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1810
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ken Jly fettlenicnt wi.h u.', as uulefs and but giving occalion r ireih indignities, They Will hi fen J another minifler of hbh nk ; or of any rank, to be brnt in effigy by the. mob, and aduced and intuited by gov. ntnent. They delpair of ef. fting an accomodation, by any Foils of theirs,-, and rhey will akc no mors attempts. For the Ftrmont Centinel, .. a. Editor. ' ' In your number of the 23d of uch, y'U have not only furprifed, t aftoniflied us. with the fi.Tii cir- Is feats of the company cf one of ur tamed warehouse performers, id never do we recollect of feeine or Pegafusmore unfeemly beftrided, more unmercifully belabored to do u which the poor jade never had wet 10 perrorro, uian m, wis cxm- ion. Political revolutions and li pious frenzies we had before wil led with rezret, but cheriflied '. a pe, that htfacred, civil Republic Peroaiias, would nave ,beea per tted to have enjoyed, undillurbed, Indeoendence and Neutral privi- Ves. Cut lo I here the fpirit of In. vation has alio marked its way, and er the fignature of Pilgarlic Quiz t.0. we are preientea witn a toeii- Mania, near their ravings and eivc the evidence of the fact. Now Hyrm't cold blaft ehangci to the mild ing witii her Dye tub, colon nature'i gowo ireen, . . Mod wi ll her briVht huei, ptinti the long, the wile vile, C lowing wilh bloflbmi." rrhechang from a" blaft," to a eale," would hardly have com- Indcd our notice at this time had it been for the fatal coofequence, of wing over Naturt t Dye tub, whica think could not have been ao act mnch " mildnefs," nor mercv. t had btfore heard of many mild Ings, fuch for itutance as mild bree. k. mild zephyrs, mild' air, mild ale. 11 even of the Ladies being mild, St tenres have lomctimes ipoken pr mildnefs of their wine. But. !iild gales,'! mild tempefis, mild ricanes, and mild tornadoes, are nOmena referved for the, difcove. f this company : and we are even 7 more inclined to charge you, Mr, nier. with a typographical error. n ta believe, that even the brain of Linefi. could for a moment have in- gcd fuch unnatural notions. Have goodnefs to lee it the origin-:oes not fav mild eh I ; this heir? cifc. accounts for the cataRrcnby nncc, fr we have known even mild by tarns, rude and frolickfome,' i h one of .thefe frclicks, while lym wis changing hit "bltft," fhe ht be " iprtng -mg at. or lor, the tub, and by accident turn it over,' fasti her " preerr gown." It is far- .1. ludicrous. and ridiculous to fup- e, that " Spring witb her Dye. tub un nature'i gown green," Spring ; I , not any thing more to ao wun a etub in her procefs of coloring, n Nature has with "green gowns" cr apparel. with her bright huei, pa'mti the long, the wide vile','"5 '''' Glowing with blolTomi." Another prodigy in Nature that prin g mould colour green gowns a dye tub 13 truly mydetious ; that (lie ihould r paint ' too' with fiyiiuh?'. is ftiil more aftonilhing. s coninnv's word for it.tbat thefs feme of her handy works 5 thai fhe s actually in " bright hue 1 paint," ; with a " uye tuo,; tne long, widi vale,glowing with bloflotns." ; painters of the pt efent day will not eve this, & I much doubt whether re is a NaturaM- XwsiZi that can burfuaded to believe that the " hrg hU feafon of the vear. in the N. :.of nearly 45.' deg. while the .ice our waters is from 18 to i$ inches k, and n equal depth or jfolt in earth, which is covered in many bes with' fnow, & before a germ of s be produced.- . ,. " V outhern news is next announced. y tell us that Sol h a flow Rep, from the fouthwaid - : t.i f off hiV ot, fcarlefi of eoU winter r,d wi-.h 2'ai fplcodor, fcorRlu-ly dctpiM Thii utile piaae:,- Jmaoir.e this to be an elelion ng'fabricstion, dciigned to create cjuiice"as;3iafl this South Sol. takeoff hit greatcoat wnen tfa-r rhis'Northern. toll country, ,U "inclement, end fickly fealon of year, (if a fuel). was certainly a r:h and tmpru.ieat act ana c,uu be rationally accounted for oth fs i! fuppofi him elft Crazy, or that he Is an egregious fop, vain of hewing the ladies the fplendidi'w fcl of his under.dreis $ and ' at for his fcomfull) i depijng tiit little Planet, " why that is to be fure natural enough in Southern Gentlemen, whom we know contemn m&dsfpife every thing but themfelves. ' 'Tti night & the liadfope ii lovely bo mote." " Now gfntle Zr phyi fan the evening air, Swelling with fragrance, wafting from each flower, While I'bilumcla offo Jip her prayer, , Seeily melodiui," .- This we think is too much lib air's fanning or blowing air, and re. rainds us of Goldfmith's mourning widow with her large fan, fanning the grave cf her lately deceafed, much beloved and much lamented husband, whofe dying" requeft was,' that (he fhould not marry again uotil the dud of his grave was dry. She bcinj de. termined to comply with th is la (I rea. fonable injunction of her dying bofem friend, and alfo defirous of removing all obllacles to a future connexion, ufed her fan (and rather impatiently too) conceiving it to poiTefy drying properties ; but we think the fan which this ' Company" have invefted Lady Zephjra with, mutt be for the purpofe of warming the air, and mud polTefs the oppofite properties of blowing hot, and blowing cold, at their, or her pleafure, " On ev'ry hill white lambkini gaily (porting, lo ev'ry vale the fturdy farmer plowing, At each cool window lovers fit courting, , Fondly carefllng. . ' This Stanza confirms us in the cor re&tief of our opinion that this company are really mad, and alfo fuggeds to us that the origin of their com. plaint was love. Their fpeaking of " white lambkins gaily fporting on ev. cry hill" at this feafon of fnow, ice and frrjl, without telling us any thing about the black Lambs, of which there are generally M more or left" in every flockof the fturdy farmer plowing the vale, ic. &c. &c with, out even hinting to us, whether their teams confided of horfes, of oxen, or of" Heifers" are fufficient indications of our correctnefs in this opinion, were there no further evidence far, nilhed. But the clofing line confirms the fact, beyond thefhadow of doubt;' for who but thofe irapaflioned to mad. nefs, with this intoxicating malady, could be fo far loll to every feufe of decency, as to expofe themfejves in their . fond careffes," at a public a place as a " cool'' or cold u Window.1" The ancient 'habit in which' we, are told our grand fathers aod grand, mothers thafily indulged in former ages and which at this'time isfo Uiisverfal"; ly exploded and condemned," is more excufeable in my opinion, than this fhamslefs and '.immodeft mode of "A courting" and ' fondly ' 'careffing''". at; a M window," ia full view of all who; may chance to pafsand repafs. ; I am heartily forry that the delirium cf this company Ihould have occafipn ed the propagation of fuch an evil report retpecting the ladies ; tor my part I am not inclined to believe, it,' but the rumour has got abroad, and we have abundant realon irora every day's occurrence,; to fuppofc that by many it will be credited, or if difputed and pofuively denied, that thofe who are fo uncharitably difpofed, will not be at a lofs to find evidence to fupport the fact. To kifs and tell, is moreov er, neither honorable nor generous. , The Flax DnJJtru Muddy Brook, April i, 1810. BURLINGTON, Friday, April 6,1819. Univer Pity of Vermont. ' faTlN Inaugural Oration mill be d(- livered in the College Chapel, on Tuef. day tbe iifth tnjt. at i o'clock, P. M. by Jamti Dean, A. M: Profefor of Mathematics and Natural Pbilofophy. ' ' : Prof ejfor Dean's Leftures n Experi; mental Pbilofophy, will commence at the Univerjlty, en Monday the 14 of May next, - . ORDIXATIOX g-Mre have been requtfled to mention, that the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel Haf-Veil over the Church and Society in this town, adbciated under the Calvinilttc order, will take 'place at the Court Houfe, on Tuefday next. The Ri v. Mr. Hough of Vergennea, is ppoin ted to deiiver.tbe Ordination Sermon. (Capt. Eetcher, arrived at Ken. nebunk, from St. Bans, mentions, that he faw there, London papers to the 23d January, in which it was flated that the French Decrees were repealed, and that the Orders cf Councu would be revoked of courfe. We are confident this alludes merely to the -French Decree publifhed at Patis the 3d January and the re marks of the Englifh editors thereon. We find by a Paris paper, that a mong the presentations to the Em per. or Napoleon, o-Ae t-th November laft, was Couk jle rVden, Envoy Extraordinary anMijfter Plenipotentiary from RcTia t to the United States of America."' ' OBITUARY. Died at Swantoo. on the 30th trie. Mr.1 George W. Toiler, aged 39, for two years pift a member of the Legifhture of Vermont. His remains were interred on theSonday following, attended by his Mafonic Brethren and a concourfe of relatives and friends. '' A Difcourfe, highly interelling and appropriate, was delivered on the oc cafion by the Rev, Mr. Nye. 1 . For Sale, SIX acres of land, lying in the village of Burlington, on what is commonly called Pearl Street, oppo-(ite Col. Bud's, with a convenient houfe, (lore, batn, and our houfes (landing thereon,' and immediate pof. feflion given. The fituation is very eligible for a man ofbufioefs, and aspleafant as a-nyia the village.' For terms apply to Charles Adams, Burlington, or to the fubferibers. Abiram Hurlbut. ' Samuel Hurlbutjun. Charlotte, April 1, 1810. 50 Dollars reward. ON the evening of the 2d inji. the fubferiber, in paffing the woods, about tw miles eafi of How's tavern in Ejfex, was attacked by three men, who robbed him of about tne hundred andftxty dollars in jilver. One of the robbers is fuppofed to be a man, with whom the fub. fcriber had ftme converfation at Plattf. burgh, on bnda lajt. 1 He appeared to be about forty years of age, nearly 'fix feet high, rather thick fet, with a down look, coarfe voice, dart complexion and dark hair i and had on a furtsut and pantaloons of a light colour. Whoever will apprehend fatd robbers, or either tf them, Jo that they may he brought to punijl)ment,jhall receive the above reward. JOHN JOHNSTON. Berlin, County of Or anget Ft. April 6, 1810. . John Fay, Efq's Eftate. nPHE meeting of the Commiflioo-A. ert h adjourned to the 7th day Of May next, at teri o'clock, A, -M. at the houfe of Mofes Fay, Efq. in Burlington, on which day the Com- million expires, and is the lad- day on which claims will be received. April 2, 1816. ? , ; Samuel Hitchcock, ! Geo. Robinfon, s Robert Peaflee. ' ( ' S- . . Commiffimers. Notice. HPHE Subfcribers having purchafed A the expenhve right of making, .ufing and vending to others to be ufed within and for the County of Chittenden, a , new and ufeful Improve ment for making boot3 and fhoes, in yetited by Heman Stewart and granted to him by Letters Patent, offer the 'fame for fale on advantageous terms to the purchafer. : All perfons are cautioned againft inteifering with tne rignt. , .. :,.hr i , Elijah Drake, '. Albert D. Pair. ' New Haven, March 31, Ncw.Huntingioiit Bud's & Ave, rs Gort. .; -.' - WHEREAS the Legiflature of the State of Vermont, at their feflion at Middlebury.Oct. 1806, affiffed a tax of three cents per -acre on all the lands in the original Grant of New Huntington, Buel's and A. ery's Gores in the County of Chit, tenden in1 faid State, fcr the purpofe of making and repairing roads and building bridges, & at their feflion in the year 1809, revived the ait affef-fi rig a tax of two cents on each acre of land on all the above defcribed lands herein mentioned ; the propri. etorsand Land Owners are hereby notified that they may pay their pro. portion of faid tax in l& anytime in the months of June or July next, applying to either of the fubfcii-bers, who are appointed a committee to f ape ria tend the expenditure of faid tax. .-. Dated at Huntington, this 26th day of Mai6h, iSro. :, Trhn Fitch 1 . j : u ohn Martin, 1 . John Preflon, " ' : ' " Committee. Lift of Letters' Remaining in the Pifl Office, JBurling-ion, Ft. which will he tranfmittfd to, . th General Poft Office at Waftinglon City, umefs calkd fir sn or before the Jirjt ajy oj July next. ' i s AMUELAUSTlN.Colchefler.tft Thos. Adams, Burlington. Charles Adams, ' ' do. " ' Andrew Allen, . ' do. Jacob Amfden, , , . ' do. i Andrew Burnhum, , . do,, . Charles BuILley, " " do. , Stephen Bradford, ' J do. Benj. Boardman, '. ' do. Moles Bates, , ; : . do. Amos Brown, . . do. John Barry, . do. ' , Timothy Blift, do. ;. Deacon Samuel Buell, ' - Effcx. Samuel Bradley, do'. David Berns, .. Weflford. Thos. Eibbins, . Milton. Benj. Butler, North Hero. Benj. Ball, South Hero. Eliilia Boardman, do. j ' Daniel Brown. do. Cheftir Brown, : do. Daniel Comftock, Shclbum. JMalichi Corning, do. Capts. Cumdock, Hurl. . but,llhara&Parfons, f uu Theodore Catlin, Turlington, Mofes Catlin do, s , do. do. do. do. Colchefter. , Eflex. 2 , , do. do. ' Huntinetbn. Zachariah Clark, Daniel CritTey, Wm. Coon, Giles Calvin, Jofeph Crandal . AbelCaftle, Jofeph Copeland, Joel Cattle, ' Luther Curtis, James L. Carter, Stanfted, L. C. Daniel M'Collum, Caldwell's Manor. Ebcn Crandall, do. Paul Douge, North Hero. Wm. Darling,"; . Middle Hero. RefolvedDreiTer,' South Hero. Enos Day, Milton. '; Thos. Dewey, t do. I Nathaniel Dunham, , do, MeflVs. Thos. Dewey, Eli. 1 fliaAfhly&Parifhe, .d0 ' Alfred Day, do. JohnEadman, . Grand lilc. Roger Enos, : ... ..Colcheder. James Enos, Burlington, a Francis Faxton, : do. a ' Mofes Farnfworth,' do. Samuel H- Fargo, 7 St. Armand. Amos Gale, . ; Colcheder. Zidock Gitchel, ,( . , Milton, Jemima ' M. Coyer, Burlington. AfaGranisi'- ' 5 ; Underhni. JohnGarand, 5 Milton. Adam Hurlbut, Underbill, Even Heath,. ( .. Burlington, Walier Hewes. i do. t Levi Holbrook, f do. 2 : f Mareus Hotchkifs. ' ; do.'''1 ! Caleb Hill, r. Vineyard Curtis Hale, ' South Hero.i Mifs Semanthy H-yns, North Hero. Phineas Hill, ' ShelbuiD Horatio G. Hamon, v do. Timothy Holiburd, ' , .do. i- Afahel Hnbbell, ; , -do.,--; Eli Hyen', ' ; Milton.- Hannah Hoxie, , . J ' do. ' ' $ Zepheniah L. Hodges, do, Simeon Hire kl j Capt-Hill, i Colcheder. Jofeph Hall, Caldwell's Manor, Jofliua Ifnam, Shelburn. Jirahldiam, ' do, " Mofes Jewet, . a Burlington; 2 Polly Joflin, Huntington. Jo. H. Johnfon, , , Jerico. John Jackfon, .. Milton, 2 Abner Keeler, South Hero. John Knights, , North Hero. James Kinny, Shelburn. E. W. Keyes, .; Burlington. John Law, . do. .. Charles Langdon, f Milton, 2 Jed. P. Ladd, ' North Hero. Judge Lyon, Tim Allen r n "l & Capt John Martin, j U 1Ue-Polly Ledyard, South Hero, William Larofon, ' do. : David Mayo, Caldwell's Manor, David Mudget, !J Hog.Ifland. Samuel Mix, ' ' . " Grand lit. E. Miller, -J ' . South Hero. Samuel Mower, . . . , Wedford. Daniel Merriam, Y South Hero. Jteph. Mansfield,' ' , Milton. 2 David or Skiff Morgan, y : Shelburn. Thos. D. Moftly,; , - ' Milwo. Polly Miner. Y - Y . Ira Mix, Shelburn. Andrew Nichols, Burlington. John Nicol, Weilford. Robert Perigo, ' ; Burlington, 2 Peaflee & Haf well - do.. Mrs. Pelliac, do. Timothy Pearl, Mott it "1 South - Davidfon, Hero. Nathaniel Reed, Burlington. MelTrs. P. 8c S. Robinfon, Grand Ifle. Aaron Rowly, , ' Shelburn. John Reynolds, Eflex. Ezra Smith, c Burlington. Alexander Shaw, . ; da. David Stickney, ; do. Richard R. Smith, do. George Spencer, tio. Alpha Shaw, da. do. do. 3 do, ' do. do. do. a Milton. do. do, ; do. do. Etfl'x. , " do. ; do. Sbejburn. G. Ifle. r lilha bumner, Chridopher Smith, ' -,' Mrs. Margaret Smith, Jeremiah Starkweatlur, Noah Smith, Judge Noah Smith. . urn. Mackhoufe, Caleb Southwicfc, John'Sanderfon, Capts. Stephens, Blifs 7 Si Nobles, I Jefs Stockwell,' Elizabeth outer Nehemiah Strickland, Simeon Robinfon,' -. Carlifle D. Tylce, James Tobias, ' . . do. do. , Colcheder. - Milton. Burlington, do, do. ' ' " do". " . do. ' . vdo'. ; do. s do, .2 . ' do.. ' . Wedford. . do. ' Lflex. do. Y Shelburn. Abigal wbeeler, Elijth Woolcntt, . Stephen Webber, Samuel Waters, Jofeph Woodward,' Eh Warner, j v Jacob Williams, George Wed, . . . . John Williams, Mofes Wiley, Ebenezer White, Chancy Woodruff, Medad Woodruff, Jacob White, -John Weeks, Jofeph Whitlock, Jofhua Wade, Dunham,- L. C Ebenezer Wheeler, Milton. Zebediah Wheeler, do. Eliflia Yemons, ; Eflex,' Lucius Young, ' G. Ifle. C. P. VAN NESS, P. M. Burlington, April 2d 1810. More Swindling! ! INSTANCES of more bfenefsand confummate villaicy than the fol lowing, are rarely in this country to be found. A perfon by the name of WilHara Hoogs, for feveral years pad a trader in Newton, in the County of Middle- fair .n1 1 . .Tn- k.'l rir o .Tn-Al ble name, having by the appearance of .being a mau of bufioefs ?.nd property, obtained credit in macy places 11 a very large amount, and theisLy a. maiTed, within feme few months, the large (urn of forty or fifty tLonand dollars, on Monday tt abfeended theiewith, and has cot been heard cf fince. He left behind him very little to fatisfy the jud demands of his numerous creditors', fome cf whom muft unavoidably be ruined,' add' a Urge difconfolate family in a fiate of wretch ednefs. a wifa and nine children, with. out a cent to fuppjrt them ; and has now we trufti" gone to fome didanc p'ortwith the hopes of enjoying the fruits of his villaicy. When he went from home, he wag accompanied by a young woman whahad lived ia his familyas a fstvant,"and wuh"hora he has for fome lime" pad been on terms . of; f amiliaiiiy and poflibly, that they might the moie readily pa(3 for man arid wife, he alfo took with him one 6F his children, a boy about two "years old. , He left Ne wtoa, i.i the morning,' was fcen in Bodnn. thtf idlilb UUJUV.VUljr h'.'MIV Ills Ul. parture -thence the ., fu;ceediog evening whither, it is not conjectured, nor is it certain what chariicler he will in futtire atfume ; "probably that ,of a merchant. t- baid : HotogJ is' 3 j years old, .a' little above ; the middltt dature, flout , built,, goes generally Very well drilled, and has the external appearance cf a gentleman. His hair is a dark chefnut, eyes dark grey or black, large, full and penetrating his cheek benes broad and high and his countenance near the cheek bones remarkably florid nofe "turning up with wide nodrilsj vlfage reithcr vs. ry thin nor full. He has a certain boldoefo of afpeit bordering on im. podence The young woman, (whom if he does not find fome other fcheme more prudent, he will perhaps permit her to go with hira in the charac. ter of a wife) is about 11 or 2 s years of age, of a middle ftature, dark complexion, and inclining, to corpulency. She is now fuppofed to be in a date of pregnancy. '. Whoever may detect this accotnpliihcd ' villain, and will confine him in aoy Jail in the United States, fo that he may meet 'the'pun-tfliment he defer ves, will greatly pro mote the canfe of juftice and hunun ity, and fhall receive, be fides a!! ne. ceflary expenfe a fuitable reeward. ' v 23"The feveral Printers in the t'm ted States, will promote the caufe of juftice and humanity, and prevent the above defcribed fcoundtel (mm practifing his villainy upen others, by infertiog the abeve , advertifement in their refpective papers. ifaac Fiske, ' Y Wm. Ililliard, Pf ter Lyon, Y , Jcfiah Marfhal, c5:Co John Harris, nuiuntu) muuic, Samuel" Myers. Bijfon; March i. Mrs. Stamford, Daniel Szauifotd,

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