The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI/mTEVTU.E (ARK-V COUKTKR NEWS CLASSIFIED /ADVERTISING INFORMATION rat* p« rjne ) lime per nne .......... • ».. J I times pei Une pei day ........ 1 1 time* pet line pei day ...... 6 time» per Une per a&7 ........ 13 time* pei Une per dar ...... Monta pel lln*> ............. COUDI (IT* average word* to tbe l Ad ordered tor iiuee 01 ait tlrup* a stopped Delnre ejtpir&tlon win oe cQB «d for tne aumbei oi time* 1C* Appearea ana BdjuKinieot ni oiti ma AH clas-'inea Adverti*u>g copy « rnlltea Dy pernon* rrsldinfi oiU*idi- tne city must De nccnrnpftnlert by ca Rfttea may «&Ml? be computed Irom tion* take* tne one time tePJe more lann one incorrect insertion ai any classified aa Ail &ds are «sirv.trn to thru proppi ci&Mltlcatlon Klyfe am type J h * Courier New* reserve* t&e right to or reject anj ao Notice We wish l o o; p ri'.ss our si ri rr re tunnies to our friends nn<l noigMjors In l he Hull run n community (or iliclr great Ulndties^ shown MS rinriny our rcccnl bereavement. WP especially ftji- preclate comiorUiif: words of liic Rev. Mr. McPcAfc* find the Hcv. Mr. Franks. Tiio Kite-red gc family. 12 2fi pk 2St We TV is h in r>mid our t! i ;mks A: appreciation lor (IIP kimliu-ss it sympathy extrndfd xis In tlm toss o/ our DCS r Mot her M rs. A. K. Bon no it. A Iso the beautiful flornl offerings, K will long lie remembered. O- B,, Bob A: To in Bcnnpit. J2.2B pk 12 29 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services UHAI'MAN MKnVJOB 61ATION UA1I] .V Ulrtftlnn Plinjj* 2 uon i fiidima*-. yniu Ti\mUy with lultj luea— lll]y LKSf riRES. Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m^ w A«n HI 01.SNCOE HOTKJ ilUUJJlUd Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koyal. tioiUt) Ooron* and Remington DON EDWARDS The Tjpwrllej Man 110 N Second 6t Phone 3333 Services Profession ft] c \wirlc re pn I ring dour AH work £iiRiiinlce(i HraMimtljIo rates No Job ton small Mi 3511 12:20 pk au AU1U ANU tlWfmURh IXJANt I'Mtupt fe! wtnai tiervict 1U8 anutb Sxlh Criftn iilb-cx Apartment for Rent 3 room furnished Apartment. Private jnirance, private batlt, electric ransc K nd rerriRerator. oil ln-iit Sonlrd couple preferred, No children. Ph. 2000. I2 v 28 pk 1,5 2-rooni furnished apt, Private bitth. CoupJe only. Ph. 2406. J2 2B pk if-l One 4 -room apt Ono 3- room spt. DpslnL.-s. Privalo t>aths. Mrs. W T. Baker. Phone 2566. 12.21 y^ 12;iO Modern c •ervlce. Pn riments Cafe 12.1 pk 3tl«.M 2-room unfurnished apt. Settled couple only. 100 E Rose call after 4:30. 12.22 pk i|5;50 3-room apt. for rent. Fiirnlliire lor »»Ee, 407 Lilly. Inquire S17 3. taKe. 1223 pk l|l Small furnished apt. Also KlecpUiR room. Ph. 6306. 1228 12,31 Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE ervict. call or coniatt \\ B Shepparil. hoiifi 2157. early morning, ui^.n or fcKN 6 y 1 (JiJJO PLAS1ERING BOB MALONE Call .JI59 or Sli^IJ Illylhovillu or '107 Ostcola 10-U ck 1 -6 INCOME TAX Returns made prmuptly iiiicl ncfurwlcly i'or a iioiiunul I'cc. Soc me about your Ijookkcep- injj 1'or tl\e ciilive yc;\r. Day phone :31-12 After G p.m. 2!MO Ebb H. Carson al .loe Atkins Machine Sliop, Higbway lit South. 12-28 ck 11' Audi is mndc boo keeping BJ stems ne vised, fitatc and Federal Re parts li led. Income 1:1% returns prepa/ccl nud cooks Kept on ptirt ilnic basis Call WJii or write OIlvci w Kct-in'i Acronnlnnt South nivlslon St Illy- hevllle. 1216 pK M16 INSPECTION SERVICE Provides Power and f conomy If ro»r rai m'lOler It cLn«- u-ith B leaky, closed, nvufllcr. It' down thf effirtiTicy of your •njgaB, . let LU 1*11 pen the eihauit tulrui on your cat. If you need 5fh of V/alnuf Pli 2406 1210 pk 1)10 \P \g SAVE MONEY Phillips Motor Co. 1013 Ford Custom Tudor, grey, equipped with radio healer. . .has had excellent care. . .$1395. 19-lfl .Mercury Town Sedan, dark green, in top condition, has radio & heater. . .$1095. 19I(i Ford 2-door, dark blue, radio & heater. . .$895. 1!)II Chevrolet Coach, unusually clean, has radio, hcaliT ami seat covers. . .5695. l!)ll Ford Tudor. . .you'll get lots and lots of good service out of this car. . .5395. 1912 Chevrolet 1'icUup. ..5195. HI 1(1 Ford :»,•' l-Ton Truck... SMS. il »]]» [fflilf 5th of Walnut Phone 4453 As/c t/ie Alan W/ib Bought One rjicts windows and upnoisl- erj KlLl'S UUKA-CI.KAN pii HCUb 10.IV ck u HERMAN FRANKS Rl. 3, Rlylheville, Ark. HERE'S WHAT HERMAN SAYS: "1 houglit a used 1917 Uuick scdnn from Laiigslun-iMcWiUcrs last .lanuary. Sintc Ihat lime—it's been nearly n year—I haven't had a niimilc's trouble with the car. And, he- Kidcs that, they gave me a good deal to begin \viUi." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1949 BUICK 2-door Super Sedanetle, only 11,000 miles and we know il's had Ihe best of care. . .radio, beater, seat covers, spotlight and while sidewall tires 1895 • 1917 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. . ,?lll 15. » VJ17 Chevrolet Unsiness Coupe. . .55015. ® 19lfi Plymouth l-door Sedan. . .§S!I5. 9 )'J18 Hoick Super Sc'danctlc. lias radio and healer, white sidcwal) tires. . .51583. « lillfi lluick !-(U)oi Sedan, radio & healer.. .511115. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY Walnut at Hroadvvav Dial 555 for Service For Sale, Misc. Lmmons none 2VUI iiuticr Es.c'cllcnt condition fituclio <llvrtn i3ox H3 Ui'U 2J pk '21 Larv;c oil circulntor UL-uicr. Jurgc coal ook liintie. Ai>ply -U9 w. Ash 12 25 (i^ 1|2 One 8-mo. old D. C. Cnsc tniclo Used Tractors '2. ALU3 Ctiivltucrs Motiel WC. wllli t:<]inpmcnt, Masscy-ilarris Model ^0 ^ Equipment Maaacy-Harrla Model '22 .t Kinilpnuinl. sLlyhtly used, Ma:i3cy-f{arrlg Model -I4K A: Chulvfttor. Masscy -Harris MosU'l I*U Jr., witli ctiUivaior. mower nnci -mw ruluvnlor, 2-row plimtcr, ;<- j , .. . . --^ ow middle hiisirr. irtpc Hci. «wl A rVl P 1 PrTtPHT ( Pi 3;j UMI) \vtll self tor '2'.', DUO A. il '-' ' M I I L* l v--1 I It! I t \— <-J. txa,, 2], miles K. 01 Klj ' ' ,, M.-....,., ,;, Phcino 2142 MISSOURI Co tinn. corn and bpun Innd AO- atrcs 5-room tionsc ecrccncd In front ima tjiicl: port;ftC3 and concrete Honors and LoiiLTi'lu walks front ivr.rt back kf house 2 harns e]ct:ric , cnooJ 'HIS by ti-aor Adjoining t-.irms owned ftnct gccujjitid by owners 2 mi. ol s;o<}f1 town on account, «I nculin »'Ht sacrifice at S150.CM per o.* 1IR in cultivation. House 2-jjarns n nice i>lacc for ft home in;iUe I'- r>,»ltf 01 cotton 1048 better ttmn a JiaiE tins year owner lives In .Mutant siato sitys sell. A steal at $75.00 per acre Curtner Real estate Co., , Mo. HtQroom adjoining balh. Ph. 2J33 IZ.31 pk Jiai Hcdtoom. ftdjolnlns balh. Ph, -2333 12.21 pk 1|2I Business Opportunities Trim's I'nlr with bulHhnt; nr \ylthowt tiny. Apply 419 W. Ash St 12;25 pk 1[2 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS II inlereMea ID or selling • Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Glcncoe Bldg. Ph. G8G8 l PR . I'i/iB pfc VA No. Uhvay 61 Phuno 1214* 1025 ck ^ ta.-.y \vn;,tiLni: iiiiirlilnr. In >i<w<i ctii.- ition c:it!l Mrs KoiicJi tu . C J(>.T. :>:M^ , „ . ,,,,,.„ ...... ... .. ronitci 1H>^;, r;\r[lj- tiuliioa. H;ut;;<li], """• li -" °" " ! l-ii w,ll,. 1221 ,:fc 12 2U '- "HkMul,, -c ort :cr m<K>.l]- ,;;^^,,-^7^ ™., n r pl^arr " A c;. ijurtos I'ronilKCci I«iiKi. Ph 4H-1H 21 pk 29 A -1 oam na axe on corner lot 30x 150 ri. AJl icti<:c<l ChUjkcn house, gam Ncjtt lo new sctioo] site. I'M red to ncll W2 Jamison 12! 10 pk 1212-J Corner !OL six room house H liU It Htore bill Id I iH- stock & fixtures H8(iO. Terms wllJ ecll separately Cnll ^6UV 1217 pit 12J31 I : ] 6-rooins A: bath. 2 hlrjcks from Mnln. i HtJ-^un lor sclllnB. I caving town. I'll •!. ' 1227 [ik 1230 For Sale. Real Estate Llca Hclly Font vatti ctjiil|iitii»iu jjjO. 1 li John Ui-rrc v.ith t'(|inp- l SIVAVUfJ 2 new M [1 I-'anmtlln M v.-ilfi UirsH) S'JViy Uy, 1 nrv, !( nrtiinJL 5175CKH1, 1 Cr^vh-i ir.iciur S ! j iincl*Tiiii cdsr i^]ijfl IHI A it Otson. ',j r n it us K;ist <>l llct! U 2:1 ^3 pk 1 1 :K) rn-ui sc »" you ," UlIlllll " r: Ilxtlir < i - s n " r 'jns ftii a taiin loan J!:!:'. 1 . 1 . Ul(rln :. N(> " l1 "" i':'.y»«nt i.o, v CA1 , KS \ V OKTHINGTON CO. \Vant to uuy a farm'/ We have il. Farm 40 acres up lo targe plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sec {'or Sale by owner, jinol room and loniino parjor Swell location dtilng ,00(] business Only 2 pool rooms an own or 4,iju0 population llusluess lu- crccisrs. w(th bad wcathr Owner has ntncr Intercai.-;. Contact P T Elder 214 West, Ky A»e. Blythcvlle. Arkansas J2.17 ( ik 1|1 Femofe Help Wanted Kxccllcnl position available to competent stenographer not over 25. Light tliclation, 40 hour week. G.M.A.C., phone 343. 19-27 ck 29 Wanted to Buy Highest price p&ld for CHIOKCNS- KOUS A«n SlrecE Grocery i Market 41V W Aah «|7 c » U Olci type fftmUj' organ. Rood coii- diucm, 325 Lilly St. I2 ; a4 jik 1|1 Representative Wanted Lost [,051. Utltc-s blllfokt. Finctpr please write I'. O Box -m. Riytheville. Ark_ ]^ 25 ek 12,30 Taken Up 'Id year old concern can use adult Inn nt men wUJi following requirements: 1. Permanent, full lime position itc- slietL 2. Must have automobile. 3. 25 to -15 years old. •)- Willing 10 work. 5. Musi he neat anrl bonctnble. Our expaiiKloii pro^nim starting In January, due to public demand for the fnmotis White Cross Hospital plan, tins made opcnlnj-s In Mississippi and sevcial select counties in Nonlienst Arkansas. See Mr. Wallis. Golf Hotel. Wednesday and Thursrlnv, or write K, A, Knuncr, U2-1 1 Seventh Street LHtle tlocfc, 1223 pfc 1230 . . .. Uy iiiiyntcnt-i I'll llsirry Myrrs. 12 2] pk 12 :n KOIt folorntln WJiciit cmy snorts M l n cr nm IIKKU3 H-JKI) bl'OIlE Krunrll. .Mo REAI.TORS 115 So. 3rd St. Rlythcville. Ark. Takun lip oiin grny u\;irc nnifn. 1 J itacJi Jiorse. nitile. C. U, 1.011-4 Ht. 2 (n* 3/5. 12 27 pk ]-27 Private Rooms ComiortnWe bedroom, close In. Two .men or couple. 1'h. 4224 or 3160. J 12,27 pic 1|3 i Hcdroams. HlythcvlUc. Hotel. I'n. y*2 12.27 pk Ij27 Lite lyiv "r<H(( Iruini 1^^!—T~ • P)l 27SI tMe. With ciiJ Uvular, <ii : ,J.;, f.i!,-/ f >r. _i!*^f_^' L " mn^vi'M ^n l Virr U '<mlh^'\^'r' 1 !V 1 1 tirm ' rr ^" ' v 111rM rniirtrl. In Manila. . WKaJn ""» lh '^J'Vi aiC 5 " 0iUycan " rph> Miimte> n r M |lk i!4 •BBB9BSffi@^BI8HHffia9HHHH CASH FOR YOUR CAR Conilortftblo beurontn Call 2675 12;IV Pk 1 Nlcn brrlrnom. Men on!y, FiV^ entrance. 6U Wnlntii. Ph. 213S. 1223 pk Hrdroujn, convenient to bath S Lea in UKU Ph 3325 611 W Main RL 32'J pk 11.9 Bedroom for rent Pb 2313 12,7 pX 1|7 Corn for table bcdrooin cr>nvenlc[H to town MCD only 310 W Walnut For Sale, Cars and Trucks For sale by owner used Cheviolct 7i door srcinn good nicchnnlc.Tl condition Ritrtio, Ucatcr it «oo<1 rubber Come nnd sec F. T Elder 215 W Keu(.ucky Ave. 12 17 I|l NOW All roisr f4> wheels pull on the Willys Station Wagon, Pickup «nd rugged Jeep "The worlds mosl useful vehicles". Ulytherlllc Willy Sales Co. Ph 551 1222 cw 1|22 Have R '-19 At Stmicbaker 1 \'i Ion rxicx. LOUR when I bnse w-ll! sell cheap, ice Norman Ai Horn CouM,. Co Bly- heTlllp. Arlt 12 2fi p'< i;4 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 194 After-Christmas SPECIALS! 1917 Chevrolet Town Sedan equipped wilh lots of extras, clean as a pin...a real bargain. 1911 Pontiac 4-door Sedan.. .?595. 1912 Chevrolet -1-door Sedan. . .$195. 1912 Plymouth Town Sedan.. .$-193. ,j 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan. . .$195. 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. . .J329. 1937 Ford Truck...$195. 191G Chevrolet '/j-Ton Panel Truck.. .$695. 1918 Jeep, runs like new.. .$G95. 19-15 Chevrolet Cab-ovcr-Kngine 2-spcerf. . .5695, Persona) Driving to Los Angeles. IfavlnR Pec , a. Can laKe * patscngcr. Prt WIT ' 1223 pk 25 1 rniny minute pnnto^titlc serf ice ' OiJTEEN b STUUltJ I|8-C»-H t (Continued on Next Page) High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! \ .red hot bargain 1918 Chrysler Town « Count ry Sedan, low mileage, new tires, r did & lieater. DIOR CO. 'Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 Select Used Cars SAVE MONEY ON THESE USED CARS TODAY Tremendous savings on this 19-19 Nash Dcnionslrafor! UMil Nash Ambassador -1-door Cuslom Sedan, light Krcy color, ctttiippeil with radio, healer, foam cushions, «hilc sidewall (ires, plastic seal covers.. .and bearing a new car giiaraiilcel 19 IS Nash ,'GOO" Club Coupe in Iruly perfect condition, 2-lone green & grey, has radio, heater, and while -sidevvall tires. 1917 Croslcy 2-door.. .has new painl job. WILL SAO IllKtClil 1917 Chcvrolcl Ficclmaster 4-door Sedan, glossy black, radio & healer, low mileage.. .a very nice car. HI IS Nash "GOO" Club Coupe, light grey, radio R- heater, overdrive. . .this car will gel 25 miles lo the gallon. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 S2 Ford l-'i'on Slake, mnior and Ikes perfect... $145. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 678 DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! •19-11 Chevrolet 5-Passcnger Coupe. ..$-195. 1919 Ford '/ 2 -Tun Pickup, just like new...51095. ,-' 191!) CMC '/,-Ton Pickup, lot of extnis. . .$1095. 1917 Oldsmobile .J-door "GO Series", a rcallv nice car. . .§995. 1947 Mercury Convertible, has everything on if. This car is a honey!. . .51095. 1918 OUIsmnbile 2-tloor, maroon color, has while sidewall tires, radio & healer. . .$1295. '* Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance • On A New GMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks 30G East Main Phone 6151 QUALITY USED CARS NEW LOW PRICES t See The Big Selection At Still & Young Motor Co. 917 Mercury 5-Passcnger Coupe, radio & iicaler. 9-11 Plymouth 2-tloor Sedan, radio & heater. 010 Ford 2-dwor Sedan, radio & heater. 916 Mercury .i-door Sedan, radio & healer. 9-18 Mercury 5-Passengcr Coupe, radio & healer. 1S1I7 radio 10-10 Lincoln 1-door Sedan, equipped with overdrive, & heater. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Chrysler -1-donr Sedan. Chevrolet 2-tloor Sedan. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Ford o-Passcnger Coupe, radio & heater. , STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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