Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1891
Page 8
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- if ' **?™ V V', r * STANDARD GjO 0 D S Cleanfast Black Hosiery G. S. F. Double knee Hose for Children. Maggiona Francesca Kid Gloves, R. and G. Black Corsets. Windsor Silk Umbrellas At tie Corner Dry Goods Store. SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, GOLDEN RULE. FINE FANCY SILK MIXED SUITINGS And Nobby- Light-Color Scotch Suitings In Great Variety. We will continue to make up fine $10 Pants for $8. JACOB HERZ > Merchant Tailor, Market St. Daily Journal. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. - You will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles. Tours Truly, "•';...' - "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. The Ifcrgeit .itailUhmant In tlia world'for tht tr»u iu«r- nulo i» in ui»,«,, w»ru,iup«r- tuovl bftlr blrUnnarki, woth,fr«ltlw,plmpl«»^nnk- ki. ltd now, red f«I»",olly ilt». aa». Uickindi, nrtare' Itch, nan,- plltlnp, powder nwrki, t«cl»l J.T.IoimiBOt, <le. Co»iu!utlo« Fr™, at «n™ or by Mlcr. 128-p»goBook oa »11 Skin »"dSc»lp Aflec- ItoBt KMl tnoir Trenlment, Mnl (i»Icd) for IOC. JOHN H. WOODBU»Y, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin and Scalp.. Prepared by a Dermatologist with SO years', experience. Highly indorsed by the modi- ,„ leczema!SlSiead,''oiifakin, pimples, flesh worms, ugly complexion, etc. Indispensable as a toilet article, and a Bare prawnt- ive of all diseases of the «ldn and scalp. At Druggistaorby mail. Price 50c. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for S22.OO CASH. I do r this to^make>oom for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city P. J. HOOLEY, Pearl ^Street. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 11. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Patronize Tailors 1 Union label. 4ml A girl wanted at the Chinese Laundry. apr9d3t Mr. A. S. Blackledge of Indianapolis is in the city. Fresh eggs, 11 cents per dozen, at McCaffrey & Go's. Jacob Krug: of the East End, is down with the grin. Henry Paul is lying seriously ill at his home on Twelfth street. The condition of Dr. Fitch was reported yesterday to be worse. F.' A. 1 Van Deman, of the Camden Expositor, was in the city yesterday. Miss Nellie Adams entertained a party of friends at cards last evening. Granulated sugar, 5 cents per pound, at Rothermel's, corner 12th and Spear streets. Mrs. Chas. Pcnzel and daughter went .to Chicago yesterday oa a visit to relatives. For vour cut flowers and blooming plants, go to Kidd & Sons, 13th and North streets. Dr. John Herman is improving some under the influence of Colorado pure air and sunny sky. Fred Frese has purchased William Engelbrecht's shoe shop. He will remain at the old stand. • Family flour, two dollars and fifty cents per hundred, at Rothermels, corner 12th and Spear streets. Miss Lorena Redmond has issued invitations for a party at her home on North street next Thursday evening: See, another small lot of beaded wraps only 27 in lot at 25 cents on the dollar to-day. Trade Palace cloak voom. Go to Kidd & Sons for floral designs, Everything done in', the latest style. Satisfaction guaranteed, 13th and North. • When down town to-day looking for bargains in clothing, drop in and. see new stock at the Bell Clothing House, 405 Market street. Lansdone dress goods, 40-inch, $1.25 per yard, others ask $1.40 for -same goods. -See the- new gloracis, latest out, at the Trade Palace. ' Mrs.. W. H. Thomson, of, Nashville, Tenn., is iu the city visiting relatives and friends. She is the guest of Mrs. H. C. Swadener, 606 Miami street. There will be a meeting of Post F., T. P. A. at the Murdock Hotel parlor at 6 o'clock this ev.ening.. All members are requested to- be present, as the Ft Wayne trip will be discussed. Emmett, the 5-years and 10-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell of the South Side, died last night at 9:15 after an illness of 2 days of congestion of the brain. The time of the funeral will be announced later. Goldie, the 9-years-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thurstou .Shortridge died at'2 p. m. Thursday at their home on the South Side and was buried yesterday at 2 o'clock, services being held at the South Side Christian church. ;V- . Monticello Democrat: David Lang, of Logansport, but for ato it thirty years a resident of this town, is dangerously sick. He 'is a- number in good standing of 'Mpnticello Lodge, No. 107, I. 0. 0. F., which promptly notified the order at Logansport to see thas he has proper attention. Mrs. J. T, Elliott entertained -a large party of her lady friends . in a very'elegant'manner at 5 o'clock tea last evening at her pleasant home on North street. Among the numerous 'guests present were Mrs. D. W. Osborne of Frankfort, Miss Clark of Brooklyn and Mrs. Higbee of Urbana. The affair was a notably pleasant one. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES. Largo Attendance and Warm Contents Noticeable '» all the tVtirdn. A ILUtol'tHe JDclceate* Selected nud louncUmcn Koiuluated. The Democratic primaries were unusually well attended last evening 1 , the attendance averaging- about two hundred to a ward. In the First ward G-us Gleitz was called to the chair and Walter Uhl made secretary. Nominations for council were made, andFrank Beam and James Conway were put in nomination. Beam received 119 rotes to Conway's 86, and Beam was declared the nominee. Frank Beam is employed at the Vandalia shops, and his cause was espoused by Dr. Mattery who gets I/he credit of the nomination. OB motion, which prevailed, the chair appointed a committee of eight to select the delegates to the city convention, consisting of Richard Hazel, Leonard Wolf, Charles N. Grams, John H. Schwerdman, Thos. McKeever, Hi White, Charles H. Uhl, and John Gallagher. The committee retired and after deliberation reported the following delegates: , FIRST WAKD. Charles N. Graffis, Hi White, John Wefel, Henry Kruck. Thomas McKeever, Theo. Minneman, Jno. H. Schwerd- man, Robert Ray, Herman Bunker, Robert Foust, Geo. W. Hunter, Leonard Wolf, Nicholas Klein, Thomas Barrett, John Ludders, Richard Hazel, James D. McNitt, Cy Kerlin, Larry M. Dooley, Edward Kearney, Michael McTaggart, Walter Uhl. In. the second ward John McGreevy was chosen chairman. William Dolan was nominated for Councilman by acclamation. A motion that the chair appoint a committee of nine to select delegates to the city convention provoked much discussion. On vote it was carried however, and the chair named D. D.Dykeman, Eugene Prager, Michael Mahone'y, Henry Six, -Wils Berry. J. C. Nelson. H. H. Owston, M. B. Lairy, and John Mahoney. The committee retired to the Prosecuting Attorney's office and in counsel with State Senator Magee began deliberations. The uplifted finger of Col. Eugene Prager was seen several times in earnest debate and at length the committee reported the following list of delegates: SECOKD WARD. James McCaffrey, Dr. F. A. Busjahn, John Jackson, John W. McGreevy, Pat Mahoney, J, P. Sebastian, Anthony Grusenmeyeiv Miller Uhl, Henry Hubler, John Medland, John Kloekner, Michael Garrigan, George Hoffman, jr., Dr. J. W. Ballard. THIRD WAliD. M, C. Wade, Chairman, Adam Felkner, Secretary. John Drompp was nominated as a candidate for Councilman by acclamation. A committee of six was elected to choose delegates as follows: M. A. Jordan, .A. Hanson, William Murphy, vVil^iam Burgman, Robert. Manders and John Dunn. The committee reported the following delegates: Gottleib Drompp, James Hooley, James O'Donnell, J. J. Taggart, John Eisert, John Duan, Gus Roch, Thos. Morris, M. A. Jordan, Wm. Murphy, Wm. Bruggaman, Theo. Sample, Gus Wondrei, Charles Manders, A. Hanson, Adam Felkner, J. D. Johnston and Thomas Powers. The Third ward proceedings were warm and much bad feeling: existed. FOURTH WARD. For Councilman Harry TorrJ : Delegates to the city convention, Paul Taber, John Sheerio. Pat Howe, Elmer McAllister, C. W. Fisk, B: F. Louthain, J. B. Lynas, George Early, Emamiol, Shafer, M. B. Knowlton, A. W. Grelle, Will Schreyer. * . FIFTH-WAKD. Henry Tousley was called to the chair and D. D. Fickle and John W. Barnes were made secretaries. . , William Peters was nominated for Councilman by acclamation. T>?o tickets of five each were nominated as a committee.,to select delegates, the winning combination receiving 126 votes to 102. The committee thus chosen consisted of Si Moon, Joseph Guthrie, E. M. Howard, Michael Martin and Henry Baker. -..,,. The delegates thus selected are: FIFTH WAKD. . Robert Carroll,'Alex Hanley, Jas. Viney, John Alber, John Hawkins, Martin Henshen; Vincent Kar'des; Henry Baker, Pat Ahern, Tom Shanahan, 'James Gilmbre. Michael Martin; Ed Gomeriy,.'Ed Twomey, John Rothermel George Buble, Cale Craigan, Jos. Guthrie, J. D. S. Neely, S. H. Boleo, H..S. Tousley, E. M. Tousley; E. M. Howard, Robt. Burket. ; Wilson Bros., the shirt factory men, expect another lot of' machinery to arrive within, the next'few days, when they will put an additional force of girls to work. They express them r selves well satisfied with the present outlook. _ Simon Gross has recovered fronj an attack of the grip. This Cut Represents Our New Styles of Spring Overcoats Which for elegance of trimming and general make up cannot be surpassed and are equal to merchant tailor work. V'e have them in all shades, in' Meltons, Kerseys, Cassimeres and Black Cheviots, prices range at $7., $9., $10 and $1-2. We Guarantee them To be fully 25 per cent below in price, from what others ask. Our line of childrens ; , schoolboys and men's suits are nearly all in. We will speak of them in our next advertisement. HARRY FRANK, One Price Clothier of Logansport and Delphi. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAXATION? Procure a Copy of the New Law at Wilson, Humphreys & Co.'s. Have You Found It? You every day need coffee. There are a dozen places' to obtain it, but if the kind is right, .perhaps the price is wrong. Themis a place where every kind is kept and every price is right- Have You Found It? Almost everyone drinks tea, and .tea is costly. There is a .place where every tea is carefully selected and purchased direct,' from the importers; when the 75 cent tea of;elsewhere is sold at 50 cents. Have You Found It? Soap is an every day necessity. There is a place where seven 20oz. bars are given for a quarter., Where eleven kinds of fish are kept, and twelve kinds of canned fruits and sixteen kinds of dried. Have You Found It? Flour makes the staple of life, and everybody uses it. There is every kind of flour though, and the same brand is not uniform. There '.. is a brand of the whitest flour in Logansport, and the best—and it is : ' Always the whitest and Always the-best—Yet it costs but $2.45 per '. ' hundred; 'That brand is but up in pink sacksjand is called McCaff- , rey's.''Snow Ball."''' Have You Found It? M. McCaffery & Co.

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