The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on October 3, 1931 · 13
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 13

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1931
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13C1. Console At Fox-Hackensack bt-n br.-iht to HoKyiood to ppfr In , pri mincr.t role in the serial play. j Tne feature attraction at the Em- j tia.-o-v is laurel and Hardy in thrtr 1 f.r! ft-attire leritth comedy. ' Pardon ! Is uturh also play on Monday and Tuesday. At the Theatres K ."J ' ic 'CAT AND THE FIDDLE" ! TO OPEN AT SHUBERT M.i iv.don, ho produced two hlgh-v vvtlui revues last season in . I"lher-"s a Croud" and "The Band' i Wagon." bringing to Newark his lat-presentation. 'The Cat and the l"uiii' ' a musical love story by Jerome Kern And Ht to Harbarh. hirh will be tin- attraotion at the Shubcrt theater, c - k the work of Oct 5 Immediately alu-r its engagement in Newark, "The tin aid tiie Ftddtr" will open on B"-M,iB.,y Of a total hiKhway milease of J.030,- I (HH) m Hie I'mted States, TiHVtHK) miles i x "Ml . x HACKENSACK A Bergen County Institution Opens try vor.ibiJt awn :HJTnnjkY . are Mirtaoed. THE BERGEN' EVENING RECORD. SATVRHAY. OCTOP.ER I ( IJ PALACE OF DREAMS .j' 1 FP3f t Vs : i ' ? P ft. s i 1 1 H Charles Farrell and Janet Caynor in a scene from "Merely Mary coming to the Oritani theater, Hackensack. tomorrow. iff) THE SCENES' j AT FOX-HAGKENSACK; Series of Rooms Contains Alii Control Apparatus. ' Feir people in the audience of thr Fo.x-Hackensack theater realize what t-; being done in other parts of the hous in order that the picture on the scresi' may appear to fullest advantage. Y'et the action "behind the scenes" appeals to the imagination of the spectator. A representative of this newspaper hps gone "behind the scenes" and int--newed that seldom known man, tiie projectionist. ; In the Fox theater. Hackensack, feur projectionists maintain constant yi:ll. ' They are Fred Lamartin, Alan Lidcii 11, ! Alfred Dugan and Andrew Snyder. ' In ' charge of all lighting effects and o'thcr! electrical features is the master eleciri-' cmn, Harry Knight. j These five men are responsible for the , proper presentation of the pictures and , lighting effects in the theater, wit tout , their co-ordination and ingenuity many scenes would suffer. ; Lamartin has had twelves years, ex-; penence in the field. Among the iSiea- i ters that he has served are: the Old! Lyric. Hackensack, Queen Anne, Bot ota; ; Grant Lee, Palisades; Rex, East Iiuth-: trford; Plaza, Englewood. ; Liddell has served in the Queen finne, Bergen, Plaza and the Grant Lee. Dugan has served in the Plaza, 'imeen Anne and the Park Lane while Snyder has served the Pascack, Playhouw and Opera House, Ridgewood, as well .s the Garden theater in Paterson. Knight, was electrician for George , i White's "Scandals," Ziegfield "Fhllies." j "Passing Show" and "A Nicjht in , Spain." The series of rooms where these men work contain everything that is re- quired for the proper presentation of j their features. High up in tns tnea-ter is the projecton "room," a suite of the best ventilated and well-kepb rooms. The fan room holds the giant fan that acts as an exhaust for all tlj.e gases and fumes generated by the piujection machines. The next room to gj eet the eve of the visitor is the battery room contain batteries for the amplifiers.! synchronizing room is where musical ! presentations are handled independent- j ly of the pictures. I The fourth room in this ser s is the i film room, here all splicing, ljpwinding J and inspection work is done; without ' interfering with the main projection work. The projection apparatus Is-, of the most modern. A Brenograph . has been installed and is the only oiie of Its kind in Bergen county. This; machine allows any kind of lighting ; effect to be thrown upon the stage or any part Tel. Rutherford Z-Kt tl'ty Nlthl Dncin and EnlifrUlnmfnt : No Cover Charge PARK VIEW 201 Park Ave., LyndS'iurst Italian and American Meals Served Spaghetti Our Specialty You nd ynur friends ar- CordiallT tntltfd In Attend Our vieklr Beef ftnk rrty Every Saturday Evenlnt. WAHRMAN'S Accommodafi.ons for DANCING PAVILION PKONE 12C4 HACK, Dine and Dance at Air Port Inn Route 2 and Cleveland Avenue. Hashrouck Heights Regular Dinner $1.00 Sunday Chicken Dinner . . $1.23 Dinner Parities . . .'Afternoon l eas . . . Card Parties I No Cover Charge j Parkinn Spare for 5fl Cars SWISS CHALET (Northern Jersey's Finest Restaurant ' Rochellc Park, N. J. j Phone UlHy Hack. SWISS CHALET ' Rochellc Mi George Arliss, featured in the dramatic film, "Alexander Hamilton." is now playing; at the Stanley Theater. Jersey Citv. of the vast auditorium. Special mirror, arrangements create the illusion of light movement. , Two projectors permit of inter-: rupted showing of pictures. Both the ! sound-on-fllm and the record systems of I speech are used io these machines. j They are also equipped with lenses permitting of the new "wide-angle'' pic-1 tures. i Completeing the suite of projection rooms is the generator room where there are two 30 kilowatt motor-genera- i tors. ! Hollywood Sights and Sounds By ROBBIN COONS Hollywood Another of those girls who had to leave the movies to gain movie recognition has returned in the blond person oi Virginia Bruce, who failed to make good on a Paramount contract a year or so ago and joined Ziegfeld's show In New York. Miss Bruce fared indifferently in her first movie experience, the highlight in her career being a bit, scarcely a role, as one of several ladies-in-wait-uig in 'The Love Parade " I VIHG.NI BRUCE shorUy shp released and went to thp stage. Now j she returns with a contract for better I things in pictures. i It is one of Hollywood's peculiar op- Ural failings that personalities at its doorstep are overlooked while those a continent's width away loom Invitingly bright and fair. r There's a little matter of experience, too. not to be gMnsaid. "ONE-MAX BAND." i News that Charles "Buddy" Rogers is going into radio and stage work as an orchestra leader and singer holds a threat of keen competition for Ruddy Vallee and other reigning crooners of the air. For "Buddy," with a voice that has improved enormously since his first feeble vocalizing in musical pictures. ; has the advantage of a considerable ready-built fan following amassed in ' screen work, and in pictures and per- RESTAURANT Outings, Balls, Parties BOWLING ALLKYS WILLIAM WAHRMAN. Prop. Park, N. J. It ' '-,-'IW..-al nn." ILi - ,m- . , , r- - 1; Stanley Wallace at the r"i?r!e of the mijthty organ in the new Vox Hackensack Theater. i ! I V J i ' i Jackie Coo5an. Junior Durkin. Jackie Searl. Midi Green in "Huckleberry oi nomioioe bquad. universal s ex-Tinn." the first presentation of the . citing police drama which opens an en-Fox. Hackensack, which opens today gagement at the Eureka theater tomor- at 1 P. M. gang who stand in greatest fear of picked the new twelve-chapter thrlll-sonal appearances he has proved his him. They are the ones who know ; ig semi "Battling Willi Buffalo Bill," dexterity as an orchestra leader. : best the extent, of his pitiless cruelty,' which starts today and will be shown You remember how life realized his and who have seen certain of their afternoons only with each chapter to ambition lo play all the instruments of an orchestra in "Close Harmony"? Tete Smith, the west coast publicity director who has undertaken the delivery of running comments on sports shorts as a sideline, confesses his ignor ance of all sports save golf, which is -, nis recreation. But he considers such ignorance an I advantage because it gives him the . "layman's angle." SO CHUMMY. A young actress who likes the informality of Hollywood still is considering moving from her present apartment. Her friends, who have discovered that her French windows are easily unlocked, persist in "dropping in" at all hours- sometimes even for early breakfasts. The boss wanted to change Anita Touisp's name whpn he signed her on 'contract, but Anita, the "not-quite-15 ! lnoHinfr lariv heoupft tn keen ihe one j she had established as a child actress. Anita Louise Fremault is her real name, I anyway. I "But two given names as billing aren't good." she was warned, j "Look at Ina Claire," said Anita, j "But she's a big star." "Just give me time,'' was the con- fident rejoinder. lAMATEURS TO TAKE PART IN QUEEN ANNE PROGRAM j In addition to Arthur "Pat" West, the Gob of Joy. who has just returned from : a country-wide tour as master of cere-' monies with a Fanchon & Marco Idea j in the de luxe theaters, and the Bick-! ford Family, whose musical and ; dancing specialties have made them in ! great demand, and Laddie Lamonti whose unique patter has been amusing i world audiences the following amateur performers will take part in the Fox i Queen Anne Local Follies at the theater of that, name in Bogota on Saturday ; and Sunday. i Freda Apititis. Florence Gratin. Ethel i Garvin. Dita Grumby. Olive Hackel. Elizabeth Gratin. Ruth Gratin, Edith Ross. Bebe Moore, Theresa Kamp, Jo-1 sephine Costa, Anne Corrigan, Edith UNION C'TY PHONE -L'NION-7-7800'' NOW! udeville Featuring BENNY ROSS JACK HOLT Fifty Fathoms Deep' RKO STATE NOW "Bad Girl" Sally Kilers James Dunn and Hoot Gibson . . In . . 'THE HARD HOMBRE' WARNER BROS. EUREK A II.U Kt NSAt K, N. J. STARTS SUNDAV A picture dedicated ' the police force in their war Hyanift crime. "Homicide Squad" A Unlvcnal Pirtur-: . . with . . Ciirrillo - Mary Hrian Noah Merry Added Attractions Vitaphone Varieties "Opportunity Nlte" Comedy Nw lied (iranue in "(iallupiiiL! (iliosls" tt'l LAST TIMES TODAY YIi(m It anil W'wilsoy . . in "Cail.t-lil Plastered" Corngan. Edith Votova. Yetta Greenhouse, Elizabeth Sheaie. Evelyn Stem- ert. Elaine Stcinert, Lucv Marcme, Ienore Captain, Florence Horn. Hugo Klahre, Richard Flowers. Rita Reg- gioni. Mildred "Mimi" Berrv, Jerry Balesfier and Barney Blue. Ail of the above mentioned nersons are residents of Bergen county. Gary Cooper in "I Take This Woman." with Carole Lombard will be the screen feature at the Queen Anne on Saturday while Richard Barthel-mcsr.' latest starring picture. "The Last : Flight." with Helen Chandler and David Manners will be the screen feature on Sunday to allow those who wish to see the stage show twice to ; see two different feature pictures. 'HOMICIDE SQUAD' WILL HEAD EUREKA PROGRAM The sinister menace of a ruthless gangster leader dominates the action row for 3 days. I And it is the members of his own companions in the "mob" shot down by , their leader at the first sign of dis- loyalty. j This role of Louis Grenada is played by Leo Carrillo, famous stage actor, who is said to have brought to the screen one of its most powerful char acterlzations. Carillo heads a cast which also includes Marv Brian. Noah Beery, Russell Gleason. Walter Percival ! and J. Carroll Nalsh. The picture was i directed by George Melford. REVUE FEATURES PARTY AT YOENG ANNIVERSARY Yoeng's Restaurant, 129 Main street. Hackensack, is staging a birthday party in celebration of its first anniversary in Hackensack. Jack Liang, manager, has spared no pains in making this one of the finest events of its kind and there will be i WARNER BROS. EHTAM 3 f IN ADDITION 3 ' W1 James (Jleason Tomorrow i Jyl "Where Canaries j&m. - i M''l !cr'f'cn 'Souvenirs Vitaphone Shorts umi UgaynorI Last Times Today George Arliss In TEL. I.I.OMA i-lOKIi M A T I N V. V. D A I I. V SUNDAY' (KTOIJKK 1 S-BIG PARAMOUNT ACTS 5 ON TIIK S( itK.r.N BETTY BRONSON & JACK MULHALL . . IN . . "LOVER COME BACK" LAST TI.MI.S TODAV 1 Francis Renault & Co. and 4 Other Big Acts ON THK SCRKKX Irene Dunne in "Bachelor Apartment" W insome Janet tiaynnr. whn c o-stars ; atain wth ( harlcs tarrell in "Merely Mary Ann" al the I ox I'la7a Theater Mondav to Thursday of next week. ; The Plan prrsent- today Sim lair ; l ewis' fumrtlv. "Newlv lUch." with Mitiie lireen and J.irkie Searl. an all-star revue with twenty five Broadway Mars, feut.inng Miss New Vork. lK.tO. in person. The party bemin last night and will be continued tonight and tomorrow nitiht. There will be two shows ea li , night, at 7 .10 and 11 30 p. m In ad- dition. there is continuous dancing, j wfth music by Cecil Downs orchestra j There will be no increase m charge ; at tliis celebration nor. as usual, wlil ; there he any cover charge. ! Special luncheons are served iiom 11 to 'i p. m.. table d'hote dinner from 5 to 9 p. m ; and Yoeng's special Sunday dinner is served from noon lo 9 p. m. Yoeng's has invited everyone to help celebrate the first birthday of this restaurant. LOEWS EMBASSY STARTS WESTERN SERIAL TODAY Answering the ever-present juvenile craving tor historical action pictures, View's Embassy in North Bergen has he shown on successive Saturdays. Francis Ford and Grace Cunard. two of the most popular stars the moiioii pielurts have ever known, are briefly united. It is the first time that these silent screen idols have appeared together since 191 . Other featured players arc the lopiilar Western story actors. Tom Tyler. Rex Bell and William Desmond. The story of the 111m is based on William F. Cody's story, "The Great West That Was," and it is said to be a perfect of the colorful and thrilling adventures of the red-blooded Buffalo Bill In the wild Indian country of the Cheat West. Representatives of eighteen different tribes have been collected by Chief Thuudcrmouiitain, who acted as adviser upon Indian tccnlque. Jim Thorpe, recognized as one of the great- osl Indian athletes ol his day, has HACKENSACK ALIiXANDKR HAMILTON NOW IT At IXC, 2ni (Jala Anniversary Show TED LEWIS in ri Rsox: With His MI'SICAI. Kl.OWXS All New .11 BIU:E SHOW! N nanrr! New romtdUnit Nf nemltrtl! ON THE SI'KIIN ( M il, H. Ill MILI EU "T,,r Squ:wman" With WARNER BAXTER 1 tipr lf, Flranor tloardnittn PON AIHIHT nt (.r.nd Orrhntr 11 II MilJi al (Irian oe. iiil 1P. M. kx I 'v NAT. SIN. HOI., NI'XT WT.fK! NORMA SHEARER In "A FREE SOI'I." A Tftdiy, Tomorrow nd Monday STAN LAUREL and OLIVEK HARDY In Ihelr FIRST IHM. LENGTH I'lrtura "PARDON l!S" Plu 1I rnl. "Batlllnf Wllh Bnllllo Rlll'Hrrlal Sat, and Sun. Afta Only' Now Showlnr Romance That Made History! George Arliss as "Alexander Hamilton9 Th Drams of a Grtst Man wba I was Human i-.nniith lo t.tri fmturinr kJunr Collyer Doris Kenpon Versatile, Lovable M, C. Ipscnts n I nvish Rpvua Branforrl PI. iir Rroad St., Newark WKF.K UFO. THIS MONDAY NK1IIT Mai fioMnn, nrodnrar of "S'a a Crowd" and "The Band Wafon" Frr-senta Wefk Drriira New Vork "Tilt: CAT AND TIIE UDDI.K" A Mnlral l.ove Stiirr by JFROMK KKKN AND OTTO HARBACH Ton. rrlee Mala. Wed. Hal. Broad Fulton ta Newark WFFK BFO. THIS MONDAY NKII1T (illherl Miller Preaent "TOMORROW AND TOMORROW" a new jilae or Philip Barry wllh ZITA JlillANN and (il.KN ANDF.HK lllrerl from Run In New York Mala. Hill. SAT. n(e to tl.M Nil. HIS nilc to ft FOX STATE IOI RNAL SQ., JKHSfV CITV. UlloV Thru lues. O with JAMES DUNN tndaW ATKINS j MIIIMTF. SHOW TONITE Now I'lnvinjr GEORGE ARLISS in Alexander Hamilton UC.IjCn KN(i. 3-6261 TODAV "The Iron Man" Lew Area Jean llarlnw SIM.W and MONDAY "SEED" JOHN ROI.F.S. I.OIS WILSON (iKNKVIf.VK TOHIN Pidqefield Park Ifl Mhera Kterranat liea II I I T aiiouisci TonAT III iho mo irATt ara iw "Ladies' Man" i 7 HEY FOLKS.. C MON OVER! Don't miss the chance to see the beautiful new-theatre I'm playing in V today to Tuesday! tag Murk Twain'! Immortal classic directed by the man who made "Sklppy"! A sequel to "Tom Sawyer" featuring the adorable kids Jl XIOR IU'RKIN Jarkie'oogan Mitzi (Ireen Jackie Searl DEDICATION PROGRAM 1 The? National Anthem Gene Wallace at the mistily organ Z Dedication X Fox MoTlrlone New 4 Football for Fn "Spring Training 5 Mickey Mouw t tlenc Wallace at the Organ 7The Tamale Vendor" I Feature Presentation CONTINUOI S, 1 TO THEATRES "ft V DerwwunWSlmimJIMw Ijist Times Today II "NEWLY RICH" I . . with MITZI GREEN - JACKIE SEARL LOUISE FAZENDA - EDNA OLIVER Monday to Janet GAYNOR - "MERELY MARY ANN" BERCENfltLD WEST WOOD Last Times Today i Today Only MARIE DRESSLER j RICHARD DIX POLLY MORAN 'The Public Defender' "Pfll ITirc" 5 Acts Vaudeville rULMIUO Sunday and Monday"" aS.!ir.diLinii.5.Vf D,CK BARTHELMESS - NIGHT NURbt ..i.. ...ith.. "The LAST FLIGHT" Barbara Stanwyck . . with . . Clark Gable , Helen Chandler TODAY UE pSffil QUEEN ANNE I An All Local latent lage Heme Auantented ft Professional VAUDEVILLE I Come, fiivc the Home Towners a Hand: ON THK SCREEN GARY COOPER "I Take Dick Barthelmest AND ON QUEEN ANNE TRKSKNTING THE LAST WORD IX KXTERTAIXMENT .V, t 1 e j ' I . Vaaaaa&sXll l ,fi H P. M. DAILV y CNGLfcWOOU Thursday Chas. FARRELL LOCAL FOLLIES This Woman" va-ith t nun Carole Lombard S U N D A Y r" in "The Last Flight" TIIE STAGE LOCAL FOLLIES "The Flood" . Read Record Want Ads Regularly! L K '".'.

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