The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 6
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J PAGE SIX Oklahoma Ags Trip Vandy 62-61; Porks Edge 'Bama 41-33 Jl> Saul IVIdnun OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 28. (AP) — The Oklahoma Aggies and Vaiiilot'bilt have proven I he controversial L\vo- ininulo rule doesn't keep a bii.skellmll irame J'roni In 1 )UK »*x- citing 1 . They wound up last n fill's session of the All-Colh^e Basketball Tournament with a tempestuous I'inisli that ^avc the Aggies a (J'^-lil viY'lory in the final two .seconds. The victory pins tlit? A^s BLYTHEVII.LK (ARK.). COURIER NEWS Rgninst Oklahomit City UiiLvor.-.iiy in H sL'mifiual contest :U 7; i.S tonight. In tlie othi?r semifinal ^anie, Ar' and Wyoming nioc-l at 9 p.m. The Hnal.s ure tosuoirovv nialit. Wyoming, tilled .^corui bphhiri the 1 Agnie.'S, ovrrpowrrrd 'IV-xn.s -1-1-35, OCU rtofealctl B.iyltH -i.'l-32 :iii[l Ark- .stopped Alabama -11-33 in fir-st round gatno yc-sii'iday, In consolation cainf.s sthc-dutcd for this aftfinoon, Hay lor w;is Ui meet Vandeibilt and Alaljania' v.a.s to play Tc-xns. Itiile Ilrau^s 1'jre The n;ninn'.s l)a- ; kt'tb;ill f*onchc.s r \\-AVC been complaining ihrit thu tv,*o minute nik j . which ^iv<\s tlie ifutn fouled po5.SL\^ic>]\ of the b:ill alti'i a free throw Is niiidc in tht; linn! i\vo miniuo.s, 'yould put an end to Ihritl- Last ni«ht. (lie A^tes bet-uti to relax with a CO-53 JeaO and only two minutes left. Then Vnndy's Bob Kelly made two field gortls and a frcf: .shot and Gene South wood hit a charity to pull within one ]>oinL 60-59. ViUiderbHt'fi sophomore ace Boh Smith took the ball and with 15 seconds left made a jump .shot count to put his team ahead 61-60. The Aggies Bob Seymour then - made good a despot'tit ion .shot in front of the basket. The 61 points made by Vanderbilt is a new modern record of total points made against an . J team. The Aggies seek their .sixth straight title nnd ninth in the 1^ years history of the tournament. In meet ing Oklahoma City to- nSght, Hank Iba pits his Ayyte.s a team coached by a former pupil, Doyle Pnrrack, In RH exhibition game this year, OCU beat the Aggies 43-41 in an overtime. Weather Curtails Missouri's Drills For 'Gator Bowl JACKSONVILLE, Fin., Dec. 28. (iT 1 )—Both Gator Howl tennis have some makeup practice, work on their hands to tjei ready for next Monday's game. Rainy weather curtailed Missouri's workout at Fort. Lnuclcrdnlc. A delayed equipment truck gave Maryland trouble at Polite Vedra Beach. Tlie equipment truck—known as the Green Hornet- went through, Fayetteville, N T . C., Monday and then wasn't heard from until last night, when it was tracked to Georgia. Tire trouble, fog and rain caused the delay. Maryland managed to get in one of its two scheduled workouts when Coach Jim TaLum arranged to borrow sweat suits and equipment from Jacksonville Naval Air Station, where he coached in wartime. Although Missouri was able to drill only an hour between shmvors, Coach Don Fniirot said he isn't too' worried because the team is iti pretty good shape. "We are going to spend most of our time here polishing the rouiih edges." he said. While it rained Hit: players looked a,- movies of Marvin mi's victory over Boston College. , Except for movies of that game and one other, Faurol sivid he is completely in tho dink about Maryland's otTensr. "Knowing that Maryland coitc-h staff like ~l do. it's :i good bot they will Imve plenty of i tricks up their slaives, "lur Itemed. Both tram.s use the .split T formation. Tatum leanu-d it from Fmi- UMIlui u rot at Iowa Preflijilit and J;uk.soti- ' nim ' IS ilON LEADE R—Fourth member of his family to play soccer at IVnn Ktalo, Capt. Ralph Hoslerman leads the Lion boolers against unbeaten University of Han Francisco in the nation's fust Soccer liowl in St. Louis on New Year's Day. Mental Attitude Chief Worry of Sooner Coach BILOXI, Dec. 28. (AI>) — "All year my toys have thought (hey were belter than they are," Coach Bud Wilkinson unburdened 1 today as his Oklahoma loutbal! i Jcaiu re-opened practice for tlie Sugar B-nvl. i Holy Cross Stays On Unbeaten List Crusaders Hang Up Seventh Straight Win; St. Johns Stops Utah ll.v 'Iril .Meier _ NEW YOUK. Dee. 28 'I'; -Holy i Cross, Minne ,,)l;i. SyrarUM-, UCLA | Hrailtry fiiul St. Johns ol Brooklyn' |mainuiinf-d t|,eii iiiu'h r:iiikiiii. | t l TOllrni' ii',.,kctl);ill I.,,-.! night. ' Holy Cm-f. KyruriM mid st John.s retained their unbeaten status svliile oiu e-bi-,ilen UCI,A registered U^ ihini niajni ui»:el w'ith- ill a week. limdli-v :inil Minnesot;i each di'lcifrl oulv once, bowled over iii;,jor |r ; es. Cur--, mi ;i niHiwost tour. """'• '•< ! ; >-P«:>» I'M'!, but c;,,,,,. Iroin br-iniKf ni f!ir eloslnj/ minutes to mp Xiivif-r. oi Cincinnati. r.|- r i] for I he <;ru<.n!eiV seventh straight' sovt'ir.h in a Ki'y, i nniiiitf from behind :i :(!>•« iiiiii(licni) hiln in tlie SI. .Mms made it eleven straight with s 5]-r>i) .jvt'Uimc squeaker aL'tiinsi iMah in ihe first name of " l»J" I'ill Hi Madison Square tMirin. Ti i- lt<.;iihiUiii> uniiif ended •l-i-iill. tin.A i: inline,! CONY, lill- M. Ill I lie Gi.idfn opener. Mirmesiilu Wins Minru-soM. on a I'aeifie Coast trip, unmu-.'d On-u'im Sti.ic. 51-.|] > •.Uiile, Knulley limiiueM Uel'uul, 68- ! Thr OkKtlioina Acuic'v. defending I champion, bnreli-y i( vi'ile<[ a sur- | inisi! defeat nt I lie hands <,f V iin- dcrbilr in tlie all-ntllt'se louinev | at Oklahoma City. A jump shot by ' Hob Keyiuoiil in I he hist two second-, siivi.- tin; April's a (i'^-lil do- irision over tin; KuullieasUTn Con- fc.'cmd five. Oklahoma City, Wvnmir's nnd Arkansas al.-,o v.on their first round games in tiie tourney. Kansas stale and Oklahoma aliened the uig Seven tourney- nl Kansas cily uilli first round" victories. K-Sliito beat Kansas, 511-18. and Oklahoma disposed of Iowa State, tif>-.~>" Central Missouri knccked Kaxt- ern Illinois out of tlie undefeated rank.s, 5[»-"iH. ville Naval Air Station. "I ivi.sli tJipy would eilher stop! that or gel belter." Wilkinson said. The words tolled the familiar tones of the mourning bcl! reserved for coaches' ijre-L'anie dirges, lint Wilkinson was dciuipnii sincerity ncr.'on- ificd. Okhitioina. liu: Natlnn'.s No. 2 team ,.nret.<, IxniLsljinii Slate Uni- yer.sily Monday In Nov. Orleans. After ;i week's lnyofl from practice Wilkinson wondcvs nnd wor- i rie.s if his players still are in con- '• till ion. f Other worries wliicli plague him ' i Whetlu-r the novelty of iilayiim in I tow Is lias worn off. Tiii.s is Okia- 'llama's .st-cond eori.-c; iltive. Kll.^ar Howl iiuilalion; will the honor o[ lltayinc in tlie bowl make LiS.U. : t,X) eatier to hniulle? i Will L.S.U. fake advantase ol n lisychoiosK-a! i-dse in l^rinu the 1111- , li'-'iiloy and Iry harder than O.-:i;t- tionia; and (lo Oklahoma p!. tu -.-.s i think mine of a irip to the CV.ilt ' Coast than they do of piaynnj in tile Snsar Bowl? i Oktahnmu will hold four seero'. ' prnetire.s this week urd resi Hun- clay in preparation lor the Jan "1 ^aine. i\'<i M'I iniiruiijes art- plained. All t!iL- ixiints Wilkinson ha., uony ahviiil .sli-Miiil rank i^h a moaner ;i.s he is a PGA Tournaments 3n 1950 to Offer $625,000 hi Cash CHICAGO. Dec. M. rAI')-Pro- fessional goiters will sliual for a record 5li25,MK> ijoi-of-golri In privcc money In approximately -to tournament, of the 1950 campaign. Announccmtjftt of the prize money awards. topped by the $50,000 "world" championship at Chicago's Tain O'ShiintiT Club, was made yesterday Ijy Gcon;e Rchucitcr. tournament bureau manager of the Professional Goiters' Association. Tin- next bigpiwt financial plum will be i he $-10.000 j'GA tourney at Columbus, o.. next summer. I'Ct.Vs 17-nK'et. winter campaign. sinning Jan. 6 with the Los Ali- ucles open, will carry a total of $L'00.[)G() in prizes. The minimum winter purse will be JtO.OaO; the simitlcst summer .tourney unaril will he SISjOOO. Torrents Sweep Coastal Plain of Israel; 4 Die TEL AVIV, Israel. Dec. L>8. (,1V- Toricnl.1.1] rains, which already have caused four deaths, urc sweeping Israel's coastal plain, drivini; thousands of iinmigraiils from their tent homes. . Some six i'lclie.K of rain over I lie past live days, 'aimed the lent colonies into lakes of mud. crippled telephone lines and halted travel. I'our M.slers were killed In Jatfa yrsUM-diiy, when their house col- lapM'd as a risult of Ihc rains. co.uh. Tweuly .-.tiai::h; iiame.- ha\e nii.-ii w»n ti\' oklahrima uith Hie s'Ui I'"I" f.':in!i!:ons of WjUin.-nn A:.-e, ! d:;rin.! hi.-, llircc years at Okl.,lv-:na . Wi;>:i".-,..n lias won tiui liio Seven j O-nlcrcr, c rliiinipioiisliipx ri.d inr •- a ;ln-d ,nd wiiipjiorl Ni.vili C'.i:.i- College Cage Res u If s IU The Ass,,<i : ,(ed I'rrs, . .-. in--,, ,„„ whiiijied \<,vth CV : , UCLA «n. 3 crNV "™.' m " rt1mt> j ""V " ; "" «"«"r »-' '"- •'-»' II- 1 !' SI. ninwn S3. DiiQn^ne ?•!. Idiilni SS. Mun-B.v (Kyi t;:i. .\,' lv o:-lr:ui- .Walkout by Little Rock K.,ns;,s siiui- .^s.' l k.n^i's°'!«'' i Newspapermen Continues I II II KilCK All D ( 1 1 i of ir.'irc lltr.n ;in ur ' ^ 'in i t m,iln\e i • r, i, i , s hi n ,ii CMfT-.^,' Ly^i,!.! 7f). O!f-v:n;: nil I ' lirtKili'V i;(i. f)p Paul (is. i ' Illllloi. ,iR, Ci<!mr,bi.i 41;. A Uklnti.iina PC. town KM;,. .-,7 | 'J « Hi,]v if, ,\ ;l v,,. r ,,). T|, \ O>Lthnm:i CNty -H. [J;ivl.>r :{ ' x f .^l>:ans;i..-. •!], At.'.b:iril;i HX ''' Tfv;is Clil-iMi;l]i 3) \Vi(lllt:i 4? ' ' I'nir-'.l IV X,.,ti]j M i,,,::,-i:in;i 10 ' North Tr-.;:,,, 47. Knutliv..--;] i,,' ,s- , I' ,Ul:, ill If, \V,L-ilh:.;r t r,7. ri'liri-nni'v S7 ' i e,m : .,i Mi.. (1 , :ris: , F: ,.; u ,,, , 1!n „„,.„.„„ ., < rl v.', rr : 1 ill lid H i •. M- D'l *l >n~ jl IM 'ii r by >'i'ni Mmmvo'a St. Oii'i;c,n .State SHEET METAL WORK — OF ALL KINDS tuslom Horfc lo, gins . a |, alfa mi|is „„ mj|js Cus|(|m hlii'ann 8 tip lo 1/4 inch thickness \VilIi the wni'lrl f;i niniis Slroluininti — II l;il;rs i [ 1( > ;;ui'ssuiirK out of Iti Kvorv inli jlisoliil(>|y irnnr- antcod l>y a Immltni; nini- pany. lui'sic Instruments Ainl sii|)])!ifs of :1 II Kind fi'om iiuilsir liirlvs to l>;iss t WP nmlio rt'roids nl yniu voii-f ;\nd music nn pci ni;i iH'iil records. Evc-ryf/img in Music Music Store HI7 K. Main ']>! si 1 m . ,-•• ,.^'.: *'""•' : :ll__ RAISES HIS OWN—Conch I liocnesler ptiiius out n Ion. Lou, Jr.. k-ft. ,-in<J renter Nc£011. arc jccinj; full > ^WEDNESDAY, DECRMnER 28, 1949 LSU Loses End Jesse Yates in Final Scrimmage BATON ROUGE, I,a, Dec. 28— My-Defensive left end Jesse Yatcs is lost to Louisiana State University In its Sugar Bowl football game with Oklahoma in New Orleans Jan. 2. The North Little Rock, Ark. end suffered a complete fracture of the left collarbone yesterday during scrimmage — the last one Tinsiey had planned before the big game. Yates Is (he second end to be lost to the Bayou Bengals since tlie close of the regular season Jeff Adams will he unable to play against Oklahoma because of a knee injury. -It's a blow," Tinsiey said. "Losing rates will hurt us a lot but the scrimmage was necessary " Indications were Jim Lyi c . )rol) . ahly would step Into Vales' pi-ice His brother. Melvin "Sam" L v lc holds down the left end on tlie first offensive team. Yesterday's Sports in Brief ll.v Illc Associated I'ress Fmitliall N'cw Orleans - Raymond (Boar) M<\:. tonncr Florida head coach was named line coach at Tulanc to .succeed Hunk Crisp, who returns to !ii« old job as aide at Alabama PASAIJENA, Calif. - Ohio Stale plnycrs denied a report there was cli.sscn.sion on the tiuckeve football learn. MIAMI—Ralph I'asmiariello, Vil- laiiuva fullback, was named the mo-t valuable player of Monday nl.Klifs North-South game. Fraternal Groups are Blamed For Hot Springs' Grid Failure HOT SPRINGS, Ark., JX'C. 28- M'I—School Board President Hoy Mitchell thinks tccM-a^cil fraternity members shouldn't play on the Hot Springs High School football tea) The reason, says Mitchell, rivalry between Iralcrnity and non- fmcrnlty members caused the Hot Springs Trojans to make such a !><>or showing during the last two football seasons. He said the ilvalry virtually was in every football game played by the Trojans. He described it thib way: If a non-rralcriilty member called the MRiials, the fraternity members failed to follow through with their part of the play. Mitchell said that because of the Trojans' poor showing, the high school athletic program cos t the school about $3,000. School J!o:nd Hears .Mailer He sain the matter <*„., taken up by the Hot Springs School Hoard but no action was taken He recommended that fraternity members be Burred from participation in the sthnol's athletic program Coach joe Dildy said he had no Part in the issue. The Trojans, members of thr I jit! Six classification, wound up file 10!8-I9.|9 football season* m hsma. Kappa Alpha Phi and DelU fill Omega fraternities and til Delta Jiela Sigma sorority. * Attorney M, C. u^s. Jr former member of Delta Sigma I. representing the fraternal orgaiiiz Independent Cage League Teams to Tangle Tonight Play in the Blythevlll T Y's ritv - -vllle Y'S Iiideiieniiciii Basketball Le.-uritp lie resumed tonight after a n- lay-off for Christmas. Three games are on the tonight, the first startim, at and the other two following hour apart. This will be the" week of the league action a week', * with first game the Blv r Company i lve '>,,. tno mtiic to In tonight's IheviHe Motor meet the Holland, Mo., q'uinut with Steele, Mo., playing Farmers' Bank in the second game and Hubbard Hardware's All - stars meeting Wakofjclil Service Station In the nightcap. restrictions from ..' I ' h . c I'^l Mitt-hell dreiv fire from members of a°ions ' SC " <H " fratl!rn! " o''B«««- Membcrs or the Greek letter or- lons today oppasinj; any Mich m"™ °' 1S l circu!ali "8 •»'The organisations are the Delta Family Basketball Meet Opens in North Carolina WILSON'. N'. C.. Dec. 28-MV- Thc national family basketball Uiiiniamcnt ouened here today. Sixlecn teams are entered In the annual event. All members cf a team must be close relatives A new champion will b e crowned 1'iiday night. The Clark family of Hnminslon, ind.. winners the "last two years, are not entered. U GET ALL OF THIS? Look 09 our label. BUDWEISER has no secrets. Do you know of any. other beer whose label proudly tells you what it is made of? The BUDWEISER label permits of no substitutions. Our purchase orders prove that we pay premium prices for a special type of brewing barley. Then as good as it is, we sift out the small grains, for only the plumpest grains are good enough for BUDWEISER. Many things contribute to that sought-for subtle flavor you find only in BUDWEISER. One of the most important is hop blossoms. Forty per cent of all European hops imported into this country goes into the brewing of BUDWEISER, because they provide certain factors that only the soil and climate of Europe can produce. These costliest of European blossoms are added to the finest domestic hops to produce the aroma all America prefers. By steadily improving and refining production methods, the rice growers of America have achieved a product whose value as a food is rivaled only by its value in brewing. For generations, Anheuser-Busch has used the finest rice in the brewing of BUDWEISER. To the goodnesa of premium-priced barley malt and choicest hops, costly rice adds factors that help to give each bottle of BUDWEISER a dependable stability and each glass of BUDWEISER brilliance, sparkle and a top-hat of snowy foam, True lagering is costly and BUDWEISER is one of America's very few true lager beers. Lagering is a brewmaster's term for secondary ageing under exacting conditions. BUDWEISER'S long and costly secondary fermentation mellows the brew and produces BUDWEISER'S natural carbonation. BUDWEISER cannot be made by time-saving short cuts. Thus vast ageing facilities are needed. To meet the demand, the home of BUDWEISER includes the largest lagering cellar on earth. We never surrender quality regardless of the cost to achieve il. H $64,000,000 plant expansion program has been completed to meet America's ever-increasing demand for BUDWEISER. Besides, we are buildincf a ?2O,OOO,OOO brewery in Newark, ff. J. Now you can order fa world's most famous beer and get it—instead of having to accept a substitute. We confidently ask you to make this test. "Drink BUDWEtSEB to* five days. On the sixth day try any other brand of beer. You'll prefer the distinctive taste of BUDWEISER thereafter." There's nothing like it... absolutely nothing. P R £ S I\D E\N T ANHEUSER-BUSCH, INC.... SL LOUIS LAG E R BEER

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