The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1952
Page 7
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V01VOAT, OT7PT, M, MM BM'IHEVILLE (AWC.)' COURTR* MEWS THWIUBH OUK JOAKDINC HOUSE — wiHi M«j»r H«4»»l« """"———' """ONLY MY Gf?f=AT RESRECK -ER MARTHft Keeps Me FROM SvUNSlN' V LIKE ,' " ' OUT OUIl WAY py j» R» ^r^^Bw^wB FRECKLH AND HIS HtllNDS FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS COMPLITl SHUT MITAl intucivcM mil • •*• «M* IUCTWC WILWH* • 8IN MPAIM • KACKMNfm- me • HAIDWAM • MACMtM HTAMI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 BltlWALKfR ' (Proof Next Week) Project Pygmalion By Cray MacMtffan i X 7V"OW that David Carlson was talking, he had stopped shah- j Ing and had control of himself. He | was in the middle of a violet cmo- , tional upset and so 1 lei him lalk •—it relieved his feelings. | "Anyway, I got Ida off to one side and told her real low, that she had to get rid of that bum," he went- on. "And she says, 'What? And me spend Christmas Eve with a jerk like you. Mister I. Q.?' That was the start of it. She talked so much I've forgotten half of it. She brought you up, and said that Hector Fielding—and added a few things to your name—was making me no fun any more, I was so mad I whopped her in the face with a dish towel. She started to how and horsed into Die living room and told Bobo I hit her. Then h< started to sound off. Said I ditln 1 know how to treat a woman and that Ida was fed up with me be cause I kept my nose in a book all the time. "Well, we made so much noise the Brodskys downstairs started pounding on the steam pipes, ani finally Brodsky himself/comes up and knocks on the door and says •Quiet down, or I'll call the cop for disturbing the peace.' Am soon a* Brodsky was out of sigh Ida says to me, 'Now sec what yo started.' And I was standing i the kitchen right then, and I jus all of a sudden got so mad that— well, there was a tomato layin on the drainboard, and I took an threw it at her. It hit her on Ih side of the face, and she reall screeched. Called me every nam in the book, and Bobo Just stoo there wiping the tomato off he with a dish towel. And then Id goes over and grabs my camera o the shelf and yells, 'Sec how yo like this!' And throws it down i the floor. Tar a mlnuta I couldn't, tv THAT swot A -MUN» v*> CREE WCROCODH-ESf ] WHATS LWTa? LOOK AT OO* BENJAMIN*/ y MIN6 VrfOULDMT — RATE A - RRE SM-tf Btncfit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads THESES- HOP MKU AIEOHMAIZ* AND THE COME HELPS C£X»EKVe ir, *& WELL. AS KEEP OUT COLO... "If he's curious, can't you take your nose out of that paper for five minutes and explain the Einstein lh«ory?" ARE AGAIN i Wfi HAVE you FOK A 6I/E5T; BANNISTER.! M1AIZA INTO Twe MAKTIM Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 4 MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 29 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Carnvi... 7:00 Paul Wlnchell 7:30 Howard Barlow 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:30 Robert MontRomery 9:30 Volunteers for Stevenson 10:00 Wrestling 10:45 News 10:55 Weather ll-.OO I've Dot a Secret 11:30 Industry on Parade 11:45 News 12:00 Sign Otf HAVE. SUCH A CONVINCING VMAY Of •SAVING NOWIN&! REALLY DEARk YOU WOULD HAVE MADE A WONDERFUL POLITICIAN. POINT FOUR IS WWAT KEEPS POINT 'THREE FROM BUMPIN3 INTO POINT FIVE! TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 39 7:00 Today 7:2S News 7:30 Today 1:55 Newi 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News 9:00 Prologue to Futur* 9:30 Campaign Call 10:00 Mrs. U.S.A. 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 12:18 Farm News 12:30 Oarry Moore 1:15 Guiding Light 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Traveleri 3:00 Knte Smith 4:00 Hawkins Falls I 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howd'y Doody 5:00 Berl Olswanger 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Mr. Wizard 6:00 Film Fenturette 6-.15 News 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Bcrle 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:00 Two for the Money 9:30 Dangerous Assignment 10:00 Mr. it Mrs. North 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Studio One 11:45 Industry on Parade 12:00 News 2:15 Sign Off HAt MSHT W A TWEA msTjncT QFFict HJH.PIN&... PU.L THREE OH R3UZ FAST R.NT, IT'S HAZP TO 9SJ&/6, BUT R/EM TVIOOeVJ THE THIEVE* HA\t PL'_LE£? THAT, THEY SHOULC7 »6 REAPY FOK Cameras for Rent IX LOW fan ABOUT TEN P»Y5. THE- U«TE5T OJP WAS EAKLV LA Thl5 W15T BE MK.RIS55 i-.'N. WOM'T TAKE A SECOWD TO *EE IF CWKV WIV* RIGHT ftBOuT WHE(ZBTHE SfkFE IS... THE LATCH ON THAT Plfl SCREEW & BROKEN. IF VOtl'D GET 110 AMP UNLOCK THE FRONT DOOR OH. SILLY! WOULD WU HELP Me A MOMEUT, PLEASE! IM LOCK ED OliTi A~C JuLiA THE DAVOFFI RUTM.LEY GOP V1A5 *L- REACfY FOUND THE GENIE... TOGETHER THEV RIDE THH MA&tC CARPET ABOVE THE Mfcfi- STROM OF 5W RUNG SAND. St OOP IN ALL THAT tXl&T.HE'S A. HALF A, BUCK." S 13 AAV LUCKV PAY LEAAME SEE...HOWLL i SPEMP rrr . HEAPS I BUV < CARROTS, TAIL* SORRS', I ftOT \ 6CK A, '"\VRl\M DOW - I taitW NOtfS OV WN I'M I. OWNk 'WXif IMG Just because you have an insurance policy or tuw, don't be fooled into thinking you are financially protected. Go over your requirements with an experienced Insurance man and MAKK SURE you have adequate coverage. Discover any lack NOW! STEAM IS NOT VISIBLE (from last week) What we see Is steam that his been condensed in the air into tiny glohnles of water again: Steam In itself is Invisible. 1— "Popular Fallacies"—A. S. E. Acticrmann. Third Edit. 2. "Popular Questions Answered"—Oeo. W. Stimpson. Take wonderful Indoor picture* with a flash camera from Barney's Drug. Low rates. AH kindi of camera supplies are available here- Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS • •2006 W Main Phone 3641 »«* Sctrkc, fee. ilieve what had happened, and en I walked over and picked up piece of it, and Bobo hands iuu jr coat and says, 'Come on, baby, t's go out and have a beer some- here till this punk calms down, nd when they got in the hall one them said something in a low oice and they both started laugh- ig, and they laughed all the way own the stairs. ' 'So I run oul on the landing anc tillered to her, 'I'm leaving, do ou hear, leaving!' And Brodsky pens his door a crack and says. Veil, just so you do it quietly.' \nd Bobo and Ida laugh harder lan ever, and I hear them go oul ie door downstairs. "1 went back inside and picked ip my camera and put it in a box, nd then I sat down and just held he box awhile. I thought maybe was going to be sick. 1 knew [ ouldn't spend another nighl under hat roof; I haddo leave. So I got big cardboard box and put my luff in it. Just my good clothes, mostly, and some pictures and the litmera. • • • •'("'DING out the door I remcm- bered the turkey, and I wcnl back and got it, even though it was >retty heavy with the box anc ill. 1 got on a street car and went downtown. I didn't know what to do. It was terrible cold, snow slowing, slush underfoot. I'd hav< gone to a hotel, but I didn't wan that turkey to spoil. I went up to a guy on the street and asked him if he'd like a 25-pound turkey, al ready stuffed, and he must, thought I was drunk or crar.y something. He just said, 'Merry Christmas, yourself,' and walkec oft. "So I got on another street ca and came out to your house, bu when 1 got here the windows wcr dark. I stood around on the side walk for a long time. I didn't hm inj idea what tun* U wa*. couldn't phone you. Finally I gul so cold, 1 couldn't hardly stand it —I went ahead and rang the bell." He fell silent. We sat for awhila watching the orange flames. Presently 1 spoke. "David. Tm to blame for this. Fve made a mess of your life." "No!" he protested. "Don't you see, before you started leaching me and helping me improve myself. I didn't have anything .to. fall back on, I just went around in a fog, like, wondering how I'd ever b« able Xo stand living ihc rest of my life. I grabbed a-hold of everything that would make me forget who I was and what I was. Now I know which way I'm going. Now 1 wanla learn more about everything. Because the more you know, seems like, the more you enjoy." ,TK paused, as though to let tht " significance of this sink in. hen he continued. "Now. things an't ever get me down again to point where I wanla die. Be- ause no matter what happens, ve got something up here." He apped his temple with one cal- oused finger. "But look," I insisted, "1 stuck iy nose in, and. as a result, your larriage Is wrecked." "It was a wreck long before hal. Fact is, I was a wreck loo v I can start living all over again. I hope she divorces me quick. Probably she will, so she ran marry Bobo." "Where will you live?" "Oh, I'll have to look around for * room, I guess." He sighed and leaned his head back against his Clasped hands, "One of my students Is leaving January 1 to take a job," 1 said. 'He lives a block the other side of the Museum. Nice room. Landlady leUs him have a hot plate. If it hasn't been rented already. I'll do some telephoning tomorrow." "Swell. ,Say, got any crackers ot anything? 1-haven't had a thing since lunch, and here it is—why- it's midnight! Merry Christmas!" I put the Corelli Christmas concerto on the record player and spread a checkered Mexican Vable- clolh over the coftee table in front of the ft re. (Ta B WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- awlia District, MiishMppi County. Arkansas. Nola Mae Jolly. Pit. vs. No. 12,100 Harold Jolly. Dft. The defendant. Harold Jolty, la lorcby \varned to appear within hirty days In the court named In he caption hereof ond answer the complaint o( the plaintiff, Nola Ma« Jolly. Dated this 24 day of September, 1952. Harvey Morris. Cleric By'Cheery Sue Barnci, D. G. C. F. Cooper, ally, for ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litem. Beads seem to have almost universal use among the peoples of the world. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rent ('rices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenTorcpd. Also Concrete Bulletin* Blocks cheaper thin lumber for b»m», chirk* en housf*, pump honae*, tenant HOUMS, tool ihttU. W« deliver. Call os for free tttlmate. TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. Ph«ne Ml

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