The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TKK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP MOUTH KAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIH—NO. C9 Blythevllle Courier, Bljrthcvill* Daily Neii, r^^^rjjH^t'JlgJIgaiJi. Miaassjppji_Vaiicy_uaJef. '__ 111,YTHKV11,1,10, AUKANHAS, FRIDAY, JUNK , r >, 10:11 AL CAPONE I SINGLE COPIES FIVE OENT»'!J AS TAX DODGER Aclinit's He's Bigamist But Denies . Ho Killed Cora Belle'Hackett. EAGLE RIVER, Wis.. June 5. iUP)-Gporee W. E. Perry, former Eagle River brakeman. was back in Wisconsin. lo:lay (o face authorities wlw accuse him of murder, desertion and bigamy. Smiling and gracious to photographers Perry last night greeted more than 1(10 former neighbors who were waiting at the home of Sheriff Thomas MacGregor. Perry was arrested at San Pran- chco. M a preliminary hearing before Judge Alex Higgins in municipal court today il was -.-xpected Perry Would be faced in court today by his poverty stricken wife and three children. He dt'.'.erl- ed them nearly two years nao. Search for Perry was started a year ago after an T'iriran trapper found the Ijniy ot Mrs. Cora Bell Hackctl Perry near Lie Du Flambeau. Wis. She liad been shot in (he back. In Chicago ye'Mciday Perry was reported to . have admitted marrv- ing several women. "They nil want- Some did- <'ommaml<;i- Frances Deo, Who's Just 19, Among Ikanly Stars of Films Robbery Motive Seen by Authorities Investigating! Mernn Tragedy. I HERR1N, 111.. June 5. (UPl —13? . lief that robbers shot Mar.slv.ill | Hiehardson. elderly fanner, and hi:i wife lo dearth and then se'. fire to .: their farm buildings iJst night n, destroy their bodies, was c\pvcssr.l by authorities today. I Richardson's body was discovered ', by passing motorists in the bki/ing • lien house, firemen later found the! j body of his wife chaired almost . beyond recognition in' the kitchen | of their home three m-hs south ci here. Richardson, according to authori- Annual Reunion of Men P vm , r nrn .. , Uie> LOmes to Montcomerv 0 - 1 ' MONTGOMERY Ala June 5 ties, was believed to ker-p large sums ' of money in Ins home because of' his distrust of banks. II was bu-: lieved Richardson resist";! ihc- bail-1 'dits and was shot after bring t;at- • in'en. A shot gun and two rifle's were- found near the body of h!s wife by ' .OSe tit firemen who succeeded in pulling : the fire- out alter battling il for i ed to marry me." Parr? said, waited fci me for years. Tticv n't want arybndy but 1112." He denied slaving Mrs. Ma "Oh, what's the use." he ,..,., qucl,?d as saying. "I'm not kid- rac!e5 was lackin S as most of the ding anybody. I'm Perry and yon old SDltil ers rode in automobiles In- know il.-There's nothing I can slo:ltl ° r marching, do but take\the raps. lin guilty ' ^ bv lht colc "' g''«d nntl of bigamy, b(it not of murder " .'members of Perry •••••- J - - - Another theory that authorities' (UP)--The -list annual 'reunion ol wcrc wol ' ki »S °" ™ that Richard- i the United Conle.lerate Vefriins s ?" Wfts s)1nl whpn he surprl«»l I clciwl here today with u w>d- chlcken """eves who later shot his tlnough the cliy's principal streets. V ' fe whcn slle slailMl to lli5 aid. , Much of the color of former pa- ; '• few Forrest's : cavalry on 1 ' 'tlirt:! :s Will Re Asked rort Movement !ip.g lo B^ Called said lie ' !ei>. Mrs. Hackett.' liorseback .tlic parade'moved whom h«;had|feceiilly married, in 'he>:ly.,ending at the historic stat? ncrthern' 'Wisconsin.'-'-and drov* capital i\lie,re Jefferson Davis b=-! her automobile to Chicago. From cane tlie first ijrcsirtml of the (Jo:i-! there !>e telephoned another wile f«icrat« slates.-" < in Cleveland to learn If she would Besides -veterans, friends of vti-: takr him back. ' I erans, Daughters of ths Confed -r- • "If she wouldn't tnke me backl'acy, the American L;ginn. s-Vi',-. i planned in return to mv wife Marv '• an-l twenty visitiiv; bjnd.i partipl- : and the kids in Milwaukee," he pated. | s *' 1 '- • General C. A. n^Saussure. Mem- ' Ailcplion of cotton or pivt-cat- Thc Cleveland Mrs. Peiry took phis, was elected co:nnwn;lfi--in | ">» wi-.-iiipimj for cottun talr-^ i,. him back howi-v.?r, and IIP rx- chief of the veterans Thursday II" : l' ar: of i!le soulh-wido movennir plained lo her Ihat Mrs. Hackett defeated General Rice A Pi-rce of f °" increased us? of ll-e sorurrs ch"-f was a wealthy aunt who had given Union City. Tenn i product, will be ur<-cd him ihe automobile. Later, he L w. Stevens Cousl-a! said, he drove to Blylhevllle. Ark., ta. La., is Ihe retirin« commairicr bcrrc-wcd son-.? money on the an-. The 1932 reunion will be licld in trimr.bil.^. nnci Hi™ vagabonded ni?hmo:id. Va thrtmgii the soulhwe.-il to Califor-' J '_ ___J nia. SEE ROOSEVELT, ILfSCEIM Republicans Satisfied Democrats Will Nominate New York Governor. WASHINGTON, June 5. (UP) Tii-licf Is growing .nniong liiipuuli- eans 1932 (hat Uiolr op|Wicnt presidential sin. Vie Governor Franklin New York. In the will D. lloaicvell, | It is u politico! trnilltlon that candidates who start running [oo early lose their wind and have trouble matins the finish line al th-> j national convention,' and Roosevelt (oi 1 president activities are juv | about six months ahead of normal schedule, but one of the hlghrs' persons In the Rcpubllmn parly organization, lifter analyzing t!'.c . Oeniocrnllc sltuallon, .said prlvale- |ly iccsnlly that Hcosavelt. wus the man Mr. Hoover would Imve to beat N<:\s r Concerns Join to Sponsor Voting Contest Three more local hiis;n"5S r-i-il; llsliments today Joinrcl [he 'list c sponsors of the iiopnlmlly tonics In which the•successful yot::u; wo man Is to lie rewarded with tvv weeks visit nl- Ranrun lien. Nt>" Mexico mountain resort, with a!' cuses paid. The new concerns fire the Phll- ll|>s Motor coinnnny and 111 Tin nmlBnllery station, names Nu-\W Cleaners, and ihc Elgis llenul) shop. Ballots by which Hie winner wll' be chosen from a field of n younx women announced yesterdav will U' given vvllli purchases by the urn cerns llstid alxivc ns well as by those listed yeslmlav. The lallei arc the Now Mead Clothing company, Ihc Arkansas-Missouri Powei company, flie nootery. the Central Shoe Store, the Qlllcn Furniture company, Dorunr.i drug store, il" New York store, ihc New nixie store. Guard's jewelry store, the Hiibbnrd Hardware company and Hiibbard Tire and Battery station, and McMullin's Cash grocery. The endorsement of Roosevcllvby i T 'i» conlesl, first announced ycs- ni tMivir.i \t irn,,r~ ,1.1.. -'I.--!- r Col. d M. House this '*-eek . caused one of the leading Independent Republican senators who has frequently demonstrated Ills ability to sense the drift of sentiment to conclude Rocscvelt was the most likely Democratic prospect. Not every Republican leader agrees hut. the tendency Is to regard him as ttc probable opponent. whether or not, as Colonel House Insists, Republicans arc moreafrnlt! of him than of any other possible- nominee. . : And here we huvc FRAMCEa DEE vide apart . . . of a ilflitati: fiuin her fucc . -. and youth. FL! PL8IIE - . . great brown eyes that are set brown tlust cnrU back naturally just I!! and i-artbnt with the in S of at u meet- • cotton Dinners of Blv- thevlllc and vicinit;- to (>[> held i. : the near future at ilu- invitation' r.f Ihe local chamber of cn:nrne;-C3.' A number of yinners have nl- i lia" of Talkies • Had -Quick - Rise lo. Fame Perry talked in a boastful vein >)'i7v Q ;, Ranlr Ranrllt,- of his affairs with women. |-"«HS l/ank Bandits expressed themselves as wili- ] ing to substitute cotton wrappings . ~. i ir- , n > - ..... '• for thl> traditional jute. rn:l it is Give me two weeks with any KlttSUD Banker's Wi e "eliered that others will t! , kc 111 woman, he said, "and sho will 1 . samc posiVim. I, is not 1-oue.l o 8 ^rr^'^ e w1fe 0 v:rv b h^",,J nEWVEN - '"" *™ S ««-'- ° M " "" 5 "" i " 8 ^^ ™ Mlwaukee Polcf'reords show Fcur tandils ^"^ M «- Willis I 1 ™ « 111 " 5e °< '«* "«' "ap;,^ ha ato n,r^ed Mr e s C ° r Katlirc ^?:.™f , 0f ^ c Ta "«» Co™-'" "»> "cmity this year, fcecausi .-:.«•. Oli'S NOTK: This L, ,H, n.ound he, when'she was just nn I of limr arln-lrs rcvrnlms exirn. she wondered whul she had ' Gebhardl. Cleveland. Mrs. Hack- ly National bank's president today. • m!my S llir| ers have already tin; namrs of "The Six Mosl Itealltlful Won-fn nf ttic Tall;ir»" us rliosrn For XKA Servliv mid Hie Cuurii-r News by >lx nf Hully- wc«iT.'. tui:st famuus dirfi'lnrs Licitl U-liing the stfiry of f:icb. BY DAN THOMAS XEA Sen-ice Writer besides her determinallnn lhal enable her lo rise above Finn Two Air Crossings of Pnnfic on Forthcoming Visit lo Orient. NEW YORK, June 5. I'UPl—Col. Charles A. Lindbergh nn:l his wif^ jilan to make ti:eir forthcoming aerial the orient n round tri- by air. he told ihc United Press today. The "vLsil." as he terms his new venture into the alr.-was announced at the slate department as a flight lo Clnna and Japan, Lul il was ] 'stated whether he would come hack wonkl them. , Frances cerlainly can'l IK ref"r- ... , • <ed to us -beaiillful but dumb" As i ! ! a former student at the University ' " Wc h!ltln l ""'""Plaled foinliw ' of Chicago myself, 1 know that the tack a " y °" 1Cr wl>y '" ''" Jakl l °- , e | light-headed ones arc weeded out' day '" rsve ' llln ,5 '" 5 P l!ins conlcm- ' - trrdny, Is already attracting much intention,, and a number of the young women who have entered ere at work today lining un supporters for the ballot rnee which will continue into August. UPHELD IFfTTEST Arhcln One of Eight-Count 'nn'ctment ! V9ted; Down in Tennessee House. \HoiTiey for Gangster NeV' jiotiating Guilty Plea for ! : Premier Racketeer. ' ^ ' ^--- |*-V -'' CHICAGO, .June S\ (UI')—Scarface Al Ca|ioni'"was Indicted today , by Ihc federal grand Jury on charges of evading..payment of Income . taxes on hundreds of thousands' of: j dollars he wrested from Chicago-/; rockets. ' "' • . \'_ ' - . -i With the Indictment was rovealj v cd Uie slory of how-* government!;/, agents' conducted a secret two-ycatT; InvcsllBallcm Into Capbne's inyriajffi of financial affairs from coast .j.toj coast, questioned 1,000 persons' wW. 1 .-' ad dealings with the nation's fore-.-^ most gangster, and called several;-] hundred witnesses before this find.:, previous grand Juries rounding out': thelp case against Capone. . ;'.. ;' ; Simultaneously William S. Waugli one of Capone's attorneys, revealed V he had approached tlie district flt-y lorncy's olllcc with negotiations for the gang chief to plead gullty/to the charges. • • '•' .'. . May This Year Miidi Direr Than Same Month in 1930 , May oi this yeor was -' a "ni(i'ch"j;vj dryer month than; in 1930; accord--';. «i ing to figures. complied by. Charljs --'.•' Phillips Jr., official Venth'er obseiV-'i-.'j er for this ctly.' Last ' month' llw ';--.' total rainfall wss 1. 07 Inches. whllj. > In. May of las^ year' iCfslned, '5.35 .-;ii Inches lor the Hnal-gooa' fains. b3-^f ; fore the droulh. ' '-7'.:"' .'T\.' ! ..- -."' : :f • .-in the flrjt -ftve •.months'. of ; . 1930 : --5 '' v.-hlle the total rainfall for tlie .551113 period this year was 11.59 inch:s. NASHVILLE. Term.. June 5. (UP) —Article One In n voluminous im pciichmeiit Indictment against Gov ornor Henry Ilorlon was dafe r ilec ; by vote of the- Tennessee house o' representatives lodny. The vote wall lo 53. Seven oilier articles remain to be .voted on. Passage of anv one of Ihesc would require Ihc executive to b2 broii'rht to triul before th? senate. Arllclr One:covered 88 printed pnge.s am 1 constituted the principal cr-arqc 1 - •uninst the governor. It accuse' him of conspiring wilh Col. Liikp Lea. NHshville publisher and oolll- ical power, and Rogers Caldwell _ _ once nlTlucnt southern nnanriar, i- DOV ScOUts Gather lOF .'.!f.^'J.' Jamboree at Little Rock- Congressman Driver :' , '. -} to Speak Here Monday' ^ Congressman \V. J. Drlvjr, of Os- -'V ceola, will give an.addi'esa at th_: : ; First Christian, church .Monday .'•evening. 7:-15 o'clock, lo .which Hie public U invited. . .-• .. '..,'<• Tlie Business and Professional', Women's club is sponsoring . the . • oiuin meeting as one of (he prin- •-• cipal projects of. Ihc summer nc--. :< livities. • . . •: bring about their private gain and ins per;>eiuallo:i in office. by every boy but v.hen the school house is on fKi It's a tlilfcrent mailer. At Y-ost thnt is the opinion ot lleywcod Burns. 15. who saved the school building here by tearing burning shingles from the roof wilh his hands. Hn will be awarded a medal. Altnough his school mates might ncl have broil in sympathy wilh Bism-j at Ihc lime indications are thai they will all gather at the prc (ntalion Sunday. LITTLE ROCK. June 5. <UP) , . . "-...• star, announced ycslvrd'iy normal crop with this wrap- Foil r other ghls urc yet o be ic: ber_ \voiilrt involve the me of ap-1 i ec t e d by ihe 1 bale a -• -•••••- ". \wii--- -. . _ --i- i i^utcvi uy u JE: JUu£?5—MflCk* StMl- i Extensive improvement., have been : |lr ° M . matel >' 2o0 - CM tal <* of cotton. ne tt, Josef von Stemberg, George 1 completed at Ihc Lillle Rock mil- orma! protest ^ainsl the in-! Fit?mauric'c Mervvn I* airport prcparatry lo inau-1 "ff e ' n , the "" '" " ' ' guration of through air mail service scheduled to start June 15. . ~..~. Mervyn LeRov. Ed-j ; | Kentucky t^BMe'aid'™ 1 ^ SUttlC - r ' am1 ° nd A "™ D "«"' jlhe Lcuisville • -- - - Hawihorn?. Is Receiver B. Jones Company JONESBORO. Ark. _ Attorney John TI. Hawthorne has r.?cn mm- r:mcvin; cllnto r llnr-s inthc imrnr > ' CJ.ll crease would co.rt filyihcvill. vicinity will begin' next"^* ''"^"^ ln i: "'~ ncw""'-^: 1 . of S55.030. Downing Finer! $100 ?->T Lipo? Possession Dr^.X ft^r "• ate this beautiful brunet. then an unknown "extra girl" seeking roles. She made good Immediately. | Frances slill was new in Ihe ways j i I - I i •• als Jlll'ado and IVIac Smiih ^.Premier Brit-I sih Golf Honor. ;'The situation is altogether diffcr- ! ent from the o'hsr Irip. Thcr? \w been a vast Improvemenl in equipment since then." He suggested he felt thD improved equipment, particularly the pan- toons, tended to reduce harards ma- crlally. Mrs. Lindbergh will do her share In p.iloting the plane, j "She has always keen of assist• ance to me." LSndb3r.3h said. Physiral ExnminaHon Asked lor Albert Fall WASHINGTON, June 5. tUP) — U. S. Dislrlct ''I'tnmrv Leo A. Rover annrmnc:*! hn had asked Chief Justice Alfred W. W'irat nf Ihe IJi«- trict'cf Columhh s-i->:emr' cMirl t~ PiDDlnt n in exa-nln™ Al bsrt Bacon Fall. fn-"v?- "VI^T- of the Inlcrlo- lo drtermir-- 1 r ',""> Is physicallv fit to cnmn here t->;•.- fenttn'cd for arrnnt'mz n b'K' froin Edward L. Dahen.v, oil magnate. CH'r^-ro Mill to Open Playground Next Week A suoervtad nlnveronmi for clill- dren of Blyt>ij?villc this .inmnipr wir bn snon^ored hy th? CJiica^o Mil* ccmoration. LITfl.E ROCK,' Ark.. 'June :5. • (UP)—Several hundred boy scents representing 18 north cenlrar Arkansas counties gathered here to-clay for the annual jambDr^t: of the: Quawpaw area council. Numerous conlests have been Arranged and trophies will be awarded by the activities comnn'Hce' of the council. .'.''•• '~ ."'• Grass Fire Damage '• Slight This Morning i '•." A grass fire caused slight damage lo a shed in the rear of the R. d. Dent residence, COS West Main street, this morning. . According to Fire Chief . Roy 1 Head, a negro employe of the Dentt family built a trash fire'in an alley close to the shed and a telephone uo'e and both were ignited by tlie small blaze. Firemen extinguished the blnz^ witn n small'! portable water tank and hose'. Blamed for Murder and Suicide > jrt • of the film colony whcn she bream; '• CARNOUSTIE. Scollaixl. June 5. . MANILA. Ark.-MclvrVii Do/.-n, ... " lnp - charged with iwssc.^iiii' home- ml receiver for the A. B. Jones' brew and liquor was irit-1 before I -N Company hy Judge Martineau. , .r:..ricc rr fin P ™~~ *• " A",.,I ''*C> ; '* \ s In appoint-ni Mr. Hawthorne as "ncl fi:, K | Jios nn:l 'co-.i's" Dow'nin" ' ' '" rc-.-ivcr the involuntary petition' '•<<•'; an appeal in banfertipicy gainst tlie firm was i Charley Fsmilliar c'waed wilh' NATAL. Brazil. Ji;ne 5 p,is.;d for this term of Ihe court." ' MALTAVIU.E. N. Y.. June 5.J famous almost overnight. Some (UPi—Tommy Armour. Dclroltl! 'UP)—Beliovrd ic I'avc he?n ".11- Iwo years at won Ihc Briiis!'. op:n golf chr.r.i- '•'• ra S«<l by jealousy. CIvcte Clntnc;it- Tbrce V/onun. Bahy i. •!-••> an appeal. | si Charley Fsmilliar. ciwraed willi, ^ . |W'ari-i ? proteily slcl:n from the T" 1 ,, iiser-Lciinn cs-'-i-inv. lo~al tr.-r- tiv< ' ,_ _^ iiunosi ove J - \f il M[mcnth5 before, after O • the University of Chii Hop (\ (UP)— t i le Tt-.c German flying boat DO-X ar- Dis as Track Burns i : r ll "-i! i coin ". "'ns aciin'ttrrl in the •cd here at 2 p. m. today, com same P^Ua? a flight across the Allan- ,cago. jhc came plonsMp toiay vith an aggregate west on a visit with her family.' score of 'J90. While i;ere Ihp urge to ac ! . In pic- ' He scored .1 p.-.i-b-":.:;inj 71 !- (urc-5 struck her and sftcr ur.ic'-. his Hnal round persuasion her pr.reius flniily ca:i Thus the Briil-h Open title re- sjnted to lei her Uy her fj: maincd in the United Slates where a year. If at the end of that time it has been ever sines 192J when A. r REGION CITY. Ore., June 5. •Ui'i—Three women and a baby r.-;.- burned to death when tnelr sedan collided v::lh a Iruck herj loctay. The driver of the truck Will she W5S still an "extra girl." sho G. Havers, a Briton, won the Cham from West Africa " Ms to rct! '- rrl (0 Chicago and h.' pionship. I It had taken o'rr'from th= >«. i llnivcrs; 'J cln ;-«*- Francs Iliouj!''! Armour was 0:10 o! the -p.rly fm- Msnd ol Fernando Noronhn IM 1 , „? " e c<x| - bllt cvc " '" Ishers. His score withstood the as- i miles from the of Wd ?".* ^' J^^l "^ ,*^ * n . 11 . of Jo« Jundo. Argentina. 45. today shot and killed Grac? U> Witt. 19. and her rncle. O?" -T,I D^Witt. 56. who triH 11 save Ihe ?ir:. i then committ?J sr;cl*ic. The tragedy cccurrcd in the DC- i •"ro-nd w!''r.'i mnn* Mnnrlav. Th- honr^ rr° f-^ii 1 until 12 anrl fror- I ir-.'ll 3 I'clnck In 'hn !>!f>nnv -riip r p ,,-j]| t>7 " Tanlr.-» n—'' " r " c r wholes^"' ^nii:-.i:ni:Mii3 ail fr:e. r'- Italian Minister Gets Ducking in Piar.o Crash , CASEITA. Italy, June 5 (UP)— A plane carrying Itato Baibo, Hal: ian minister cf the air. crashed into the sea bore today. Balbo uas immersed in water and swallowed, some easoline. He returned to Rome in another phne. Witt home on here and Round Lake. roa.i between rtnvitr- t(iirl- Frier* NEXV YORK. Jims r,. iUP)-Co!- ton closed barslv FteDdv. Op?n Hleh LOT . ft70 Rfl] PSt Pre^rri at OiroolT *' hcri> a halt <VBS ""^ al '-15"7 «su-cii at usccoia m ..... r -n, n Hm, m. for refueling. r..< Ci-.cvalier's Ic.t.liir, l:;ly ; and MacDouald Smith. N;w York' 1 in so short a lime. A. T. i: T. Anaconda Copper Auburn OSOEOLA. Ark., June 5.-Rev was un:onsclcus ^ probably fat- ^ ^rT it ^™ 0 ggl : Inct, will m.nch al the First, jMclhcdlsl Church in Osceola Sun-1 . ilav rvcniiiT. I ally injured. S-femi— Pool Wi'l Be Open Tomorrow f"frtynu-n Sr.mkc-ralers • ''|I:E:J. Maca.. iUP) — The, IKiden vclunlscr fir? dcpsrlm-nl OS C KOLA. At the morning service the pnl- swir.unin- i l will be occupied bv Rev. c .F. season o Ark. - The Osceola each of whom faltered on his flnolj Caterpillar Tnctor nine holes. Jurario had the title -Sine? that gloricits day this voting within easy grasp but exceeded par| bro^n-eyed. dark-hsircd girl has considerably on the last nine holes.: forged ahead. Her inrirovjincnt IIT;! been steady through successive films reaching its heijht in !:er ^ yl ^ uc ., ,„,,.„„. , latest, 'An. American Tragedy," In Collapse of a tarn h'rc Convicts Thank Uarn j HTLLSVILLli, Virginia, (UP) — j during j rs-itu-da^"! f ° r ^ C :r h ^ ^ ?*** °" C ° f th °' tw ° a h«W ««m"«uUrf VgiSdj rJ,. Hif'h^l'"' Cth ' l " aT ? lns {emlnillc ro!cs ' for ""i-' te six convicts who had! cnarg(!| Fra ,, ecs . moroughij. moies \. al- taken refuge there from the rain.j ays has consfJcrc;! herfclf just aa The b arn j e n pinning their - average girls. Ae a student at Chi-I guards to tfr groui'il, while ths ! •jCuEO she cbssrd ncrself as such, i cunvleti oscarcci. Thev have not I And whcn she looked at the girls I been f olmd S | IKC ' ] 10 Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking General Electric ... General Motors Montgomery Ward . New York "Central Packard Radio Simmons Standard of K. J. . Texas Corp. 103 3-4 21 ...'. 151 24 ... 16'j ... 11>; .. 140"... IP; 3!) 3-4 . 34 1-b . 17 3-4 ... 8!'i .. C 5-8 ... 15V5 ... 12-; 34 20 ! Julv !)ec. .inn. Mar. May ntn 927 PI.9 941 95-1 973 998 ssn m* To enable firemen to fighl fires beneath wharves, n h«e n=Ezle I mounted in a vertical position 'on a floating tuoy that can be guided by a Icng handle, has been in- venlcd. Spots quiet at 800. off 50. 553 WEATHER • NEW ORLEANS. June 5. (UP) I Cot ton closed barelv steady. U, s. Steel ,.., ;., 9J'i i July I Oct. Dee. [J»n. I Mar. I May Open High .. 853 &84 ..903 920 .. 923 942 .. 936 .. 976b .. 971 Low 35! 887 910 Close. 85'! 881 910 Ml SG-4 !>85 944 914 Spot* quiet lit i», cJt ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, soU- I tered thundershowjrs in northwest portion, cooler in northwest pnr- ] lion tontghl; Saturday partly • cloudy with scattered thundenhow- "|Crs. I According to the .official weit'-er i observer. Charles Phillips jr.. .tVia I maximum temperature her; yister^ [day n-as 91 degros sind th^ minimum 61 degrees, clear. Today a year 'ago the maximum temperature wa» 00 degrees and the minimum &3 de-

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