The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, H. W. UAINES, Publisher JAMES L. VERHQEFF Editor PAUL D. HOMAN, Advertising Manner Bole Nations) Advertising Representative*: Wallace Wltuier Co. New *ork. Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered us second class mattei »t the post-office At Blythevillo, Arkansas under act ot Cou- sress. Octauer », 1911. Member oi The Associated Pres» 6UUSCRIPT10N RATES: By carrier to the dtj ol Blythevllle or »nj mburban town where carrier service U maintained 20c pei week, or 85c per oionlh BY ma» within a radius oi SO allies U.OO pel year. S2.00 lor $lx months. $1.00 foi three months; by mall outside 60 mile tone $10.00 per ?eai payable In advance. ^^ Meditations Who Is gone Into heaven, and Is on Hie rljhl hand of God-, tncels and authorities and powers beiriK made subject unto him.—1 1'etcr 3:22. » * * He, the Holiest among the mighty, and the Mightiest among the holy, has lilted with His pierced hands empires off their hinges, has turned the stream of centuries out of its channel, and still governs the sees.—Klchtcr. Barbs ' A~ question mother often has to answer alter leaving department stoics: "Mommy, Is Simla Glaus quintuplets?" • » * A Tennessee gas station attendant lauKUCtl and walked away from an armed bamlil. Wliiil, not even oil and polish for ttic bandit's BIIII? • » * Police arrested a Connecticut woman for refusing to leave a phone booth after two hours. Whs* break up the description of a new hat? • * * A Pennsylvania child has been sleeping with ler eyes wide oiien. That's not so unusual arouml Christinas time. » • « The onion Is a variety of Illy, so reference to n lily-like breath should make that toucliy problem easy lor one's liest friends. Israel's Quarrel With UN Unbecoming It seems particularly mi filling that Jerusalem, the fabled holy place, should become Ihe object of a bitter dispute among nations. The quarrel was touched off by a United Nations decision to place the city under international, control, with the UN Trusteeship Council administering the area. Israel, the young Jewish slate carved out of Near Eastern territory, promptly defied the UN edict by making Jerusalem its national capital. Heretofore the new nation has been governed most of the time from Tel Aviv. The evident goal of Israel is to present the UN with an accomplished fact that will effectively bar enforcement of an international regime. Israel's • most ardent friends could hardly be happy over this action. It represents a one-sided maneuver matte in defiance of the world organization of which Israel itself is a member. Decisions of the UN General Assembly do not have the force of law; but flouting them is nevertheless akin to taking the law into one's own hands. There is good reason ot believe that the General Assembly in this instance may not have acted wisely. Both Israel and Jordan, a principal Arab slate, told the UN flatly they \vmiUl not accept any form of UN control over Jerusalem. Israel now occupies the portion called the New City, while King Abdullah's Jordan forces hold the old walled city. On-tlie-scenes representatives of both countries supported their L'X delegates by declaring they would defend their areas of Jerusalem by force if necessary. These facts plus the acknowledged impotence of the UN to enforce its decision make it appear that the UN was foolishly butting its head against a wall when it voted for international control. Yet the organization regarded the present state of things as incapable of any other .solution. Neither Israel nor Jordan showed the slightest intent to yield its portion of the city, and a divided Jerusalem looked like a continuing threat to peace. Furthermore, the U\ was deeply concerned over protection of the many holy places, most of which lie within the Arab-hold part of the city. Both Israel and Jordan gave the agency assurances on this score, but upparenUy they were not considered sufficient. In the end, a combination of Arab, Latin American and Ihissian-dominalcd countries put over the critical resolution in the UN'. The Soviet bloc was believed interested in getting the city under trusteeship in hope of extending Communist influence in the Near East. Russia holds a permanent scat on the trus- teeship council. But however unwise the decision might be and by whatever coalition it may have been achieved, it is today tlie expressed sentiment of the General Assembly. As such it must be respected, not only by all the nations which voted against it but by Israel and Jordan as the affected countries. To hold otherwise is to argue in effect against the rule of law. It is to encourage defiance of authority whenever decisions do not suit the wishes of an affected party. It is to deny the validity of majority rule. Moth Israel and Jordan should accept the solution proposed by the UN. If it is a poor answer, let them lead the way toward finding a belter one. But let that better solution be found within the scope of the UN in action that can win majority approval. The cause, of peace is not advanced by one-sided maneuvers. Keeping a- Promise The Defense Department reports that 116,000 persons have been removed fruin the federal payroll since last summer. When the economy campaign was announced, Secretary of Defense Johnson said 135,000 would ultimately feel the axe. We'd say that results so fur arc commendable. They amount to substantial fulfillment of a promise, for there seems no reason to doubt that the layoffs will continue until the original goal Kef resiling to observe one economy drive in Washington that wasn't forgotten a few weeks after it was proclaimed. is attained. Views of Others Security, Freedom— And Balance There are two ways to approach the profoundly disturbing problems of the day and to tell Americans that their government is not lacing up to them lulcriuatcly. One I.s to do It like (.as a hard-hitting coutciuporary inits it) "crochet y old men who nre displeased been use the world is going through a revolution." Another is to do it as has the Committee on Economic Development In its report tilled NfUionn! Security ami Our imLivkliml Freedom—with perspective, comprehension, confidence, find eloquence, too. This organization, sponsored us it Ls by a galaxy of executives in business, industry, finance, publishing, and education, would be expected through its studies of public policy to put forward some haidhcnded recommendations. It has done so, and in detail, in this hi test report, But the major virtue ol this rnuticuhir cKD opus lies, we believe, in bringing into n single. clear focus nil the essential fareU of the .situation Americans now face a tut the signposts which point Hie way out. The threat of war, says (he CED report, may hang over Americans for R Kcncrnllon. For the first time in history they share common borders with powerful potential enemies. In such clmim- stiuiccs. national security hccomc.s n prime necessity. Yet the means to that security become increasingly dangerous to tho very values they would protect—the individual's freedoms. But "freedom cannot survive in todny's world without reasonably adequate security," And tree- dam itself is a mainstay of security: No M democracies nre likely to imder-e.sti- mate the strength of democracy. They seldom umlerManil (hat the scorning disorder of dr- iiKu-racy is not chaos, Init only a type ot order of command. Americans have before them, therefore, not n baffling self-contradiction but simply the very largo task of holding two indispensable lines ol endeavor in balance so that each inli iniuvs on ihc other (lie and strengthens thr .niicr the most. This task, the CKD report belies:;, is wpU wiihm tlicir ability. The b.ittlr fnr this balance, says CKH. imir-,t be fought (in thicc tronis: KMst. ciuhsin control nbove all the ot.ihiish- tnenl.s ami upetuticni;. for :,n:uriiy muM br made a functioning rc.ilit.y, not merely a mintrr ol Juvv. ftmmrf, UK; jn-fMMv.Uion of individual ):brr- tic.i under tin: I'ourHrrpres.siires ol .security must. be nr.ulc the subject of conscious C>MKI vn ul evciyonc, from ihc President o nrtmvn. At Ir;iM one official of the cabinet rank should be elm^M with full-time irsponsibiMty for this tusk. Third, all the instruments of srrm ity i military, diplomatic, foreign aid. tfincational. rro- notnic, and nvlfaid must be held m ixilum'c. The military is the most obvious, hence is overstressed at the moment. Now, wcKarc. aKlicucli it can st re ng then the nation internally, enniusl go beyond the ability of a near-war ccnnouiy to bear it. "Tuning is part of the b;il;uicc." "The economic .strength, and the frmioiti. unc] the .security of this country," j-ays the rejxirt, TC>[ on. the moral and spiritual vigor of its prnpuv That vivsor, wo v/oiild ndrt. can be broiiuM (o bear njo>,t eflfYtneh when the .situation 15 MTU as a whole, when facts ate least di.stoi ;»•<! iiy secrecy, ami when "public wisdom." as the report terms it. has clear channels through u!:U'h to make itself fell. the .setting up of Ihr.^e rondi'tVin., the CKD, as \\c M r it, has made a no'nble couirib'ntion. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR His Brand-New Topper Holland Relinquishes Control Of a Rich East Indian Empire The DOCTOR SAYS By Edwin I\ Jordan, M. I), WrUk'ii for MCA Service Glaucoma is one of the mast common and serious causes of blindness. :t is a particularly tvagic condition eye speciiilLsLs say that UsSf 11 ?, cin I ) J l 'J worst effects can be eliminated or at east greatly reduced by early diagnosis and by starting proper treat- I!y DcWill [klacKcnile AP I'orc'isii Aff:iirs Analyst Yesterday was a Breat day ( or the newborn unitod Slates of Indonesia, which is taking over power from the Dutch government in Da- laviii and Is embarking on self-rule. By HIP same token it was a day of mixed (-motions for the "mother country," since in this transfer major portion of which she had held pntlcful and profitable .sway (of move than thvee ccnturcs. Con- Irol of me fabulous rirhcs in oil and rubber and spices thu.s reverts , . . . mem promptly. In other words this |"'" «' uul «| """ • v ;i»«s thus reverts Is a condition which if nealectcd or '" ,'". c - 11 ;" 1 "' .".',' lnu f h " : c ™«« if treatment is not carefully follow- ""I*, 1 , 1 , 1 "'' 0 ': 13 Mi '' ctllln thelr in il causes a proerc-'aive lo.« of no', to mention the pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. There are several varieties of aucnniH recognized by medical men. One ol them is acute slau- coina. one of them is acute t-'au- coma which generally begins with severe pain in one eye rather than In both. Both eye.s water and the affected eyeball looks inflamed or have lost tlie iiifecwrl. Swelling of the eyelids i common, So the Netherlands join Britain in ex^niitlifyiJio; that days of em^l pirca are numbered. Tne time wbenT the peoples of one rare can impose their rule on another race is ul! but pniip. The E;i,-t Indies are followijiR fndia, Pakistan, Burma and Crylon out ijilo the re;\lrrt of ."•:r! f-dot miii m*t ion, and the imperial crown 1 ; of L'nglnml and Holland Knur .Major Types In most C,T.SCS the cause cannot be liU.cavcred though it is often associated with hardening of the ar- of their True the U. S. of Indonesia Is to be part of a federated iioinmori- wealth which is linked with Holland by the Dutch crfr.-.-n. Kmvever, (ho nrj-antifmrnt is very similar to leric.s. F;:ur principal Kinds are us- i that of tlie British commonwealth tially described. These are the acute Inflammatory, the chronic inflammatory, the chronic inflammatory, the "absolute" and chronic simple comes principally to types. Glaucoma and InrtnneMa hns lull sovereignty. The j!r',v government has the blessings of America. The members of the Indonesian f? ov ernmcnt fnr tlie most part al'e strnncly nnti- Commtmist and as things NOTT tiie iiatnu! rnay become people between 35 and 70 and is „ little more common in women than ! Powerful defense against the red in men. The acute inflammation I °»cri?lve Inr control o! the Far usually subsides and gradually bo- E ' 1st conies chronic. The so-calte<t -'absolute" glaucoma is merely tlie final Washington News Notebook 'Garrison State' May Curb Civil Liberty In America if 'Cold War' is Prolonged WASHINGTON — <NKA>— The CoinniUloe for Kconomic Develop* nient has raised a new worry, here. It's about thp kinti of country tlie Unifrd States I.s coin^ to bf for (he next Retirrntion, that the "cold war" lasts that loni*. A now policy statement made by the C.E.D. s;iys in one place that .he United KHilcs in this rowing prriml may be a "^HTLSOII stale." Not a ''police state" nor u "welfare -state" but n '^arri.son s.jite. 1 ' What is niennt by this is that evuryOiing the government dne* will be done iti tlie nainr 1 of national defrn:^; and security, And in thi;; pnn' individual Iirrdnms rsHtl lifor.vUos v;lH br nllt.-vifMt to ^rn by the bnard. Tlie Commit tfn fnr Econr-niit; Dr- vrlopmrii' si urtc'd wnrrytni: nbf this p rob Jem some Itf months n C.TC.D., it, should he mm-inhered not a privrnnri'-'iit alj'iiabor <XKOM Its board of trustees is made up of j 150 ot tho movr ing from, whether the government .should Indulge In deficit (InancinK and an iinba!?inccd budget. That is (he en] jvc n lion ;il approach to this problem. Thp c.E.D. went after the more fimilnmentnl \KRUCK of how full employmcnt and national security can bo maintained without loss of iuriividiiiil freedom for a long period of time. Fred Lazarus. Jr,. ol Cine i nun ti, prD.sidrnt of Federated Department Stores, was chairman of the C.E.D subcommittee that wrote the new report "National Security aurt Indii icinal Frperlotn." He points out mat hvins? under crisis conditions is toinc tn create an entirely differ PUT. kind o£ America for the next gram imposes on individual llhcrtfos are listed by C.E.D.: 1. The burdci of too-high taxes, weakening th< incentive of business to produce 2. The control of too mil eh business activity through Kovenunent coti- tracts. 3. The imposition ol eco ncjiiic controls over business, in the tinmc ol security. Kcpurt Forecasts 1'lisht of Next Tlie which specific rcc-nmmendaUons the C.E.U. group advances to deal with this situation may seem to fall somewhat short of meeting the desired goal. They fall back on the old devices of .setting up a new Joint-Congressional Committee and few more govern- glaucoma which has not j •ten suceo.sslully treated. In this disease it is extremely im- x>rtant to make a diagnosis and be- in treatment early. When this is done the eye can he .saved in almost ill cases. Certain drugs are ex- :iernely helpful in the early stages, though they may have to be continued more or le.s.s indefinitely. Total blindness can occur. For all these reasons, there are few conditions known in which it is more important to make an early diagnosis, start proper treatment promptly, and continue it without let up, * • • Note: Dr. Jordan Is unable to answer individual questions from readers. Hov/ever, each day he will answer on? of the most frequently asked question."; in his column. QUESTION: I have rend about people having a malignant growth from small moles. Could you tell me if this is true? ANSWER: Tt is true ol .some kinds of moles and not of others. It i.s often recommended that those which can become malignant and ;ire located on places likely to be irritated by rubbing be removed. This, however, should be done only under the very best of advice. if appointing Thr problems of the wrTr rconomv ! iw " t °"J cials of cabinet rank to havo been Tnbrr; acute and j ^ ctTnthe peo " lcs '«cdoins toe more dangerous. Air. Lazarus says - of Iloovei- Coinmis- ie dues not consider there is any tianccr of war lomorrow. But yet*' 1 — ;i balanced program to deal bic business men of thr cmm'ry.' uilt i these conditions without sacri- Pc'ople like Marion B. r-'olsnm of! f '^i>£ individual liberties is what CKD, group went after. 7t Eastman Kodak. Hcnrd^ley Ruml of Marv's. Eric Johnston of the mnv- ics. Philip D. Recri of Gonerai Rleo tric. Fowler MrConnick of Interi ta t ion a 1 Ha r c r, Pm 1 ! Huffman ol Stndebnfecr. rm- head of ttio Marshall Plnti. and William Ben ton of Knryclopedin Uritannira, recently appninted senator from Coiiiiecticut, were prr>m-i innpt in founding G.K.D, Tt steers a;* from the .straight National found the problem and the remedies difficult to state. The cnmmiL- tre wrote 15 drafts before coming up with what it considered an ac- cmtable report. The particular clnn^prs u*hlch Mr. Lnzarus points to as likely to !^'-id to loss of individual liberties d^irinc; the national srcurity pro- r iarn include: I. Peacetime selective Tvicp- 2. Loyalty. Investigations for A'-M ic i at ion of Manufacturers U.S. Ch.iwhrr of Commpvrp " and tric.s to inonrrr now iifrtis. Ciisl (if TrrparciIrii'S.s Not (' nil ri-il • In tat'Klin-,' this prnblrin of (hr cnrri.=.on Mate, the C.K.n. did not- uorry abf>ut hnw much it w»f, snini: i to IO.N!, wherr the money W'u; tom- ! ! "->vn iirncnt employes. 3. Govern: ni'-'tu censorship over Ecieniific and ; f-,\hnirnl information. -I. The dry! inn it]i of information nn U.S. KOV- i r-unicat cond\ict of relations witli '! tier co'inti ie?. AH ( tend to rrnte Icar and hysteria among the ininle, says tlin C.E.D. roptirt. Three particular dangers which and congressional reorganization efforts to reduce the numbers of committees and officials, tliese may be moves in the wrong direc- :ion. The importance of the new C.E.D. policy statement is now, however. in .whether any of Its rccommcnrtn- you would he most proud of their activity each year when they prn- virte the Christmas parly for the Children's Cancer Unit at Memorial Hospital. They sec to it that these youngsters get just what they want in the way of dollies and toys. Today's hand came up in one of the duplicate sanies at the club. You will see irnmecfiately that when West opens the nine oi diamonds. North plays the ten, East covers with the tjtieen, declarer wins with Friendly \Vith Americans America's friojiriship has been . which the Washmtuoa govern- ncnt racer! against time and s*ot a bis .shipment of Marshall plan iupplien away to inrton^iti beiore lie new republic became ineligible on assumption of power. This ship- nent totaled S37.fjOO.000 and Included rire and textiles- Moreover, President Truman Ja expected to extend diplomatic rec- ORnitEon to Indonesia almost immediately. Russia deliberately Pf^ icrself on thn nuts with the pov^ cnimont of the U. S. of Indonesia attacking its members In .the United Nations as traitors because of their settlement with thn Dutch. As a matter of fact the Indonesian minister of defense. Sultan Hamcn«ku Bowono. VI«A said that he expected troublmakers to try to mar the ccremnnv «f transfer arid provided armed force to main tain order. As for the Duk'h and Indonesian troops, who only five 1 months apo were fishtinsi each other, thev appeared, to have hurled thp hatchet Christmas Dav thc?o old "enemies" pla\-f i <l football against each other. With the loss of this rich Island federation and its population Of some 77.000,000, Ha Hand's fin- pi re is rortticcrl tn a comparative whisper. She still has (he Netherlands West Indies and Surinam 'Dutch G"iann> on the At Inn tic Coast of South America. The total area of the ir-lar.rts Is about 381 square milt's and the population is approximately 105,617. The area ol Surinam is fr5.!-'»?, Mniare niiles, anr^ See AlcKUXZIC on Page 10 l£ lions \\~\\\ be adopted. They probably I the king and he Is automatically won't be. Very few of the C.E.D. | cto^n. When South leads a heart recommendations in its IB previous I East is going to win with the ace policy .statements have been adopt-1 and if he returns a diamond West c?d. as a matter of record. The importance of rcpnrt No. 19 is that it focuses new attention on tlie fact that political and economic life in the United States of the next generation may be entirely different from what it has been in any past generation. Tlie President and the Congress have a new responsibility in seeing that the constitutional liberties of the people will rutf it. But cio you know that not one of the East players returned a diamond? They all decided to lay down tlie king ol spades first, then they were going to return a diamond, of the king of spades was trumped nnd the balance of the tricks were claimed by declarer. If you just -stop to think—what i.s South bidding six hearts for? lie ...^ not destroyed in the ms*d race! is off the ace of trump and also for security—national ns well as individual—in the second half of the 'n-hravy national defense pro- i 20 century. IN HOLLYWOOD I'.y r.rskiue ,lnlins»n NLA Stuff Currc.spondrnt in. 1 I'd --f--vn M;j:n,< will Ul! .ai - and ;i!i-- :-l:i''.- Edit ,«!i - - jt'jhlii.* (ipini-iii ni:iv v.vtiu; lurk <i]i M'lniU'iMV su(r Tin* cluoru 1 iuMrin;: 'Ail! put v ri .-M-p to Mn-\t rmir-oiisf a* Miis''et hi-int: .' i^ipju'd i Pi'onlly it; n Chii ;^o clrn.i: 1 ir.rtil .• •tnrc: hy a itiiilcilr-H!;f d \MJHV,\ll. Tlie v-(tm;iti vlcrk ^i fiiHicr nmicT M,n V :;UT!.'.s IH>>I' aiici lii.^c'd : "Ytin liitli 1 bm! — IIIKV d.ur y"ii inr- : it i c witli your mother's mar- SO THEY SAY Only hrro ;ind there will you find an individual who has yet wrapped Ills mind titound rim haid. cold I;ut 'licit tlie Prrmlin is rrally niir.itit: al wo! Id toj.< L ,:i'M.—KCA Aiimini^iiUor I'sml Hull- mun. n:nil: nn hi:- I:i:.; nkhl in II.-Hy- to Tiro's in ;i nii: black Umnu.MiiO --".virU Trs-;r li. rn.'-e pl-'.ies! Hnf know. i t.ovr I'rrel Allen's cracK: " I lu\sr fli.'f llu- I'ltK i; of tnffrc MI" keep >r.u a^'.ikf." The TiriMhrr:- \V;\i'urr. who hnvp '• sli:;: Oit'ir err? in hopes frlrvi.-'Mn. li^r The MI;I .;r, will v.o av. ;\v. ;i ro »rd-tiUT<l o\ er m:r of rlirir ^L<: iiliij.-, -\ri r( John D>e." lui'iuiu: un "n rv. i 'I In* film vo-s^us Ci.vvy Ct^ , rtiid Hin-inii 1 :! S!;inwyrk and was i fiiincd ir, I0:t!). Tt 'debuts" on . f-p].ir\(' int; i.- 'h;U ;f u i> nn i:s- uci-s, ny l-'iank Capia. Tlie rtghu i :iii-- icvrrlcd to Capi'n, \\0io i' si .'-nlrf them to TV. Khu-k SUrrp Hn B Ic r;ir j>iiblicily hoys iinvc plvnn np '•.' .iniiiircy Kojjai't as ;in incorrig- ;:" hu' r still love hhn. Tim prc.^s 11 . JKvoi-dim: to V;trict>-. went to lU'ien^o whfti tlie HnUywood : - 'ij'.in's PITNS CUib uominntcd him .*nr of the ir;nst nuco-opnvjitive (".'•'rs of Ihc yenr. \vhrn he heard IJo:;ic bk'w his lid, ?nyiis?: " r 11 ope i u in it. r vc been in '.'.f btiMtirss loiifr onnneh to s;et f ••V' 1 kind of nn award and T think i -s- is i!." | Ho':t<? thrn nrlricd that his wife. | . ! T :rrn Ha rail. \vns nnm in alert by i i' --.i'.nc cro\ip sevrrnl vc^rs ^co :''i '-"-'^ out Dimply >jrrausc shn f-'rii;': \vort; hnrtt enough for it." H. M did Crosby ^rt Hint ]ic\v '-•!!•' ''Hollywood Pi'odnccr. 1 ' n - ,vay '-'<">:r. :!opr? Itnl> had it all sewed up i 1 :' v: -w ii's on the market under V^ <';w^-py banner. Hope ^s \in- 1 Mipv nliout the whole thing. ':••-:••• jiut Miiilr.s ntici say.s no- c's lifr in Unllyivnnd: Hoy just (irtlrrcd a ruslnni-hu (, riEr-ronflitioncd trailer fnr ' kp T.rvy \vrotc Tii^R imcp.s of '-minir for ^^^rip Wilson in :--r1hcninit',c: "My I-Vicnd Trina - We.^." M;irio heard about it • •'•!>iT"^rd concern She paid: | iiv do you think Ml so nvcr j i vx minute of sAyiug uolhiug :ie screen," :--:icy," s^id ParkP. "the Statue rirrty hasn't said a worci \n n 1 frril lours nrd t'l^y love hrr i 1:1 Si ,iur " And I mmhl mid Marie is built on much belter lines. Dretr A r,;iuch Mario Lanza was responsible /or that wonderful rib of M-G-M's brass huts on a rcirnt airhhow, Mario, ns the guest star, chatted with a waiter, bn,s boy ami janitor nanieci Pasternak, Mayer a u <l 1-i-ccd. a spade trick- I may be hard for 75 Years Ago In Blvthevine— Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Prpner ol Little Rock returned to their home yesterday after spending Christmas with their son. Stanton Pepper and family, at Huffman. r. nnd Mrs. Lclarnl Mitchell oi Memphis, v-'ho here a of years a&o, \verc st'csts of Mr and Mi\s, T.. J. •Browne nnri Mr. fine Mrs. Russell Farr for Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cra:p and family left today for Nciv Or team where they will make their home. yon, sittins in the East position, to figure West \\ith a .seven - cnrd spade ?uK and no: overcall. But should it be harder for you to put a sprtrte in the South hand find have him bid MX hearts? Sea Creature Answer to Previous Puzzle' McKENNEY ON BRIDGE By William E. McKmncy America's C'unl AiillinrHy Written fnr NK.\ Service il's a Wise Idea To Review Santa ClMls, I want you to know that you hfl v e tu'o grand tielpcrs in Marry FUhbfin and Mrs. Phyllis Schcltcnbcrg. \vho oun she Mnyfair A None V KQ7632 + A K 6 5 4 3 * A ToxirnamerA—N-S vul. South West North Easl 1 » Pass 2 V Double 6 V Pass 1'flss Do.ible Opening—* 9 2S Bridge Clxrt) in Nt-w Yorl:. Tne blrdgc pbycis of llnir club- lirl)) to support many o[ Hu: olunty parlies they condutl, but I think HORIZONTAL 1,4 Depicted porpoise 7 Bevernge 10 1! is [rorn to eight feet long H Fruit drink 12 Spanish jar 14 Malt beverage 15 Tine 17 Central 18 Concerning 19 While 21 Negative reply 22 Within (comb, form) 24 Brain passage E6 Stupefy 27 Vein of ore 28 Doctor of Medicine (ah.) 29 Hebrew deity 30 Exist 31 Chaos 32 foreteller 34 Young horse 37 Measure ot land 38 Pen name of Charles Lamb 3!) Note of scale 40 Reduces 4B Part of "be" 47 Work unit 49 U is found in the waters of ; the ! Atlantic 50 United 51 Pace 53 Era 54 Small nail 55 Greek letter Sfi Flax fiber o7 Assent VERTICAL 1 Mule 2 iSMght before an event 3 An (Scot.) 4 Rabbit 5 Scent 6 Heredity unit 7 Preposition B Shade tree 0 Straightened 10 Charges for transportation 13 Worship )5Plicnyl (ab.) 16 Georgia (ab.) 19 Speculated 20 Mokes quiet 23 More mute 25 Hydrocarbon 43 Jason's ship 32 Bargain events 33 Card game 35 Climbing plants 36 Domesticated 41 Half an em 42 Ship (myth.) 44 Simmer 45 Exclamation of inquiry 4B Obtain 50 Mineral rockl 54 Near

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