The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1950
Page 11
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"You know, then?" "I don'l Know anything. I did hear this rumor. Bui now I've met you,-it makes even less sense than when I first beard it" Hildy's eyes dropped. "Thanks ;—Bill! That's one of the sweetest 'things that's ever been laid to me. But I won't pull any punches. My •father really did go to prison." "So what? It was a frame or -sorrre kind, wasn't it?" "Definitely; Some day, if you're interested, ' may tell you the whole thing. Not now. Everybody knowi it was a frame, though, out in Rexford, III-, where I live. And it happened three years ago and I was managing to forget it Until"—a suggestion of teeth cut . into the vague dark line of ner 1JP«—"somebody here raked it up and put the nastiest kind ol con- • struolion or It." 'I don't gel this,- Bill said, almost angrily "Why can't thes« people a.-cepl the true facts and : decent to you?" She hesitated "Aren't you staying away from Bev—your Crtends -A pretty long lime?" "They're bridging. Ill never be missed." 'Well then. 1 teach physical training in Rexford But last spring 1 had a breakdown. Fbat sound* silly The H T teacher letting herself break down Anyhow. 1 did And I'd neara about Lookout Crest and it sounded like a swell place to build up ir during the summer It's wildly expensive, of course out 1 decided to blow myself So i came and it was the place for me, physically. But ID no other way. I guess." "T'M sorry,' Bill said slowly. ,"0-131 1 can't do more than just listen." "You've been kind." Hildy's head inclined toward him and the vagrant wind brought him the faint sweet scenl of tier hair "I'm thinking that Beverly Coulter has got herself a very nice guy." Shevwas close, loo close And there was too much moonglow; too many soft insidious whispers in Ihe nighL Bill knew thai it was foolish, dangerous even But involuntarily his hand went out. toward the shadowy outline of her waist Went out, then stopped—wavering slightly. From somewhere in the path behind them a twig or small fallen branch crackled sharply—as if beneath the pressure of a foot. Kildy took a quick backward step. "What was that?" "I don't know." Bill listened, but no further sounds came. "Jus some animal, 1 gxiess." "Look," Hildj Kilo snarplj, 'youd Detter go Dack Now!" "Why doot w» fo together? Ncx trial 1 think that Uttlc aouc meant anything Besides. It nme- ine was there, be saw nothing out 3/ the waj " She shook her head -Just the same. I'd rather TOO went alone. ['m being gossiped about enough." "But that's silly A juj rui meet a girl by accident, ! nip- pose?" 'Please don't argue III see you around, 1 hope. BUI." She made it sound authoritative, final Bill went Dark along the path- This business, he thought, was getting Hildy down. Perhaps, indeed, it would *bt belter for Mr it she did leave. Bui—Bill halted suddenly There was no use kidding birnsell Short as his acquaintance with Hilda Sands had been, he knew that be didn't want her to go* • • • TN the hotel be found the bridge game still in progress Momentarily Ber was dummy Lloyd Williston sprawled in a chair near Ihe card table, idly watching the play. Bev arose when Bill wandered up. -Take my place, Lloyd." she said. "It's time I paid attention to Jarvtj." : "Good idea," Bill grinned. "Mind, Lloyd?" ' 'Nope." Willistoo slid his big frame into the chair Bev vacated. "Always glad to help a pal." Bev drew Bill out to the verandah. "Lloyd asked me to go (or • plane ride," she said. Bill didnl answer her Instead he asked himself: Why don't you tell her where you were and with whom? There w»» nothing to It But a moment crept by. and be duln'L (T. Be Continued) "You're thy very favorfte niece. I'm leaving all my beautiful furniture to you and all my money to your collage!" 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