The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1949
Page 3
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'__ WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 19« Churchill 'Man ~ _—__ Prophesy Germ Bites and Case °S£S Of Forecasts Is Developed H' I • f f . , iti- .* A !'..„,i-i.i Time Magazine Says His Life Sums Up Period of 1900-1950 NEW YORK. Dec. 28. M'j-Wln- ston Churchill—Time Magazine editors say—Is the "man of the Imll- century." The portrait of the wartime lirl- « . i P™ 10 mi'iisler by American Artist Ernes! Iiamlin | s on the cover of Ihe Jan. 2 u mc which contains a lo-papc supplement "The Half- Centnry." __ "No man's history." Time says, can sum up the dreadful, wondor- *!« years 1000-50. Cliiirehlll's story •Allies closest." ,. . ""scribing Ihe British leader as one of the half-century's greater politicians." Time says: "Sometimes wrong, often right, he fought his way toward the heart of everv storm. "In 1000, Churchill, like his contemporaries, looked forward to pleasant years. Like his contemporaries, Churchill was (o slr'Tgle through dcplhs nnd rise (o heights unimaginable to 1900." In sumniari/jiig the perind Time weaves Ohm-chill's career inlo the international picture. "His chief contribution was lo warn of roeks ahead, and to Irad the rescue parties. He wr.s ivil Die man who designed rho ship: n-linl lie did was to launch the lifeboats. Tlmt a free world survived In 1050. with a hope of more pro- press and less calamity, was duj in laree measure to Ills •xerihms." Time adds that Churchill "as mobilizcr of two preat nalionri] defense efforts ftivrj world v.-arsl unwittingly contributed more Ihfin all the Fabians lo the triumph of the socialist stale." Analyzes Par! In rirsl IVnr The magazine analyzes Churchill's V.'orld War One contributions to victory—his part in tank dcvcloo- menl. the ill-fated Dardanelles expedition and as munitions minister —and his Inter career when in !fl.|0 he became prime minister at linage of 65. Churchill. Time snys. "attained *fte supreme responsibility at a Siomcnt of supreme crisis. ClHir.-hil] brought to liis task a deeji sense of the moral nnd political necessity of good faith between wartime allies." Then. Time says. In March, IQIG, Churchill "performed another great service for western civilization" with his Pulton. Mo., speech. "Out of Fulton, the magazine says, "came the Marshall Plan. Western union, the military aid program, the decline of the Communist threat !o Western Europe, and the spirit of defiance that had inspired the gran •.l. r !'.'M° Berlin in the teeth of the Russian blockade." As the-, half,, century closes, Time lays. Churchill wns rendying for Ills 13th British general election. The magazine said: "He wouJd fight ll^-as (ARK.) COURIER NEWS r Ily A. A. I'rcilrli-kson Courier Xews Slaff Writer I About this time of year, every! newspaperman who "lias access to a ' typewriter promptly sits hini.self down before the keyboard and plays a clattering tune Hint winds up as a forecast of things to come in the ensuing 12 months. Like Virus X. prophesy germ Is everywhere, and newspapermen in small towns arc JIIM as susceptible lo forccastitis as their big-time brethern. So, with the above as a combined hint and warning as to what, follows, here—fresh from the clouded atmosphere of the Courier News editorial rooms—Is a variation on this old, old theme. In the realm ol foreign affairs, thing.5 will continue lo he rather confusing, especially 10 those whose daily reading diet consists of Alley Oop and the snorts page. Stalin will keep on stallin 1 and Churchill will continue shooting Cripps until he cither is f.uied in the spring election or makes his point—10 (Down- Ing Street). At (his point, it becomes almost peitinem to ring in an observation by a lellow-craltsiii'ai] who is tnr.k- ing a living at this business. He Is J. M. Roberts. Jr., an A-scjciatcd Press writer, whose erv.stal ball tells him thai in 1950 Hie '-Britisli situation threatens lo become permanently Impermanent." SnggcMs Puinltesx I'niiU With all due recognition ihat the windows in Mr. Roberts' ivory tower may have become temporarily steamed over, ii would seem that he is correctly incorrect unless, course, he is trying to make pointless point. Baby Princess Is Born to Rita And Aly Khan in Swiss Clinic By Harvey l[iulsnn LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 28. | <AP>—A baby princes.; was born to- O.i—Jt day to Kiia Hayworth, the glamor- JtQfS OILS red-headcit movie star who married Moslem Prince Aly -Khan la-st spring. The baby, weighing about five and a half pounds, was born about eight hours alter Rita made a predawn dash to exclusive Montchoisl Clinic. The new princess' name will be Vasinin, iho Arabic spelling lor the fragrant Jasmine flower used in Southern France for making perfume. Prince Aly, unshaven, haggard but .-miling made the announcement to newsmen outside the clinic doors. "Rita liud a very 10115511 time," he said Imt added with a smile: "It has gone oil all right. She is very tired." The prince said the birth was a natural one, delivered under gas. Rita's first daughter by a prev- A ions murriage was delivered In 1014 'he Agency Enters Coal Dispute LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 28-M'i— The Arkansas Labor Department has entered a labor dispute involving union members and oner- a tors of ihe state's newest open ]>it coal mine. Oov. Sid McMnlh ordered an investigation of (lie matter after a ' route-cure with H represent alive of i the Ozark-Philpott Co.. op- ! .. p- erators of the mine, north ol Ozark I ' Which biings n.s to tile Republican Party, which is in somewhat tile same leaky boat as the British situation and which lias about the same future. On the domestic scene — which, comic page fans, has nothing to do with what goes on in the kitchen or back bedroom- the center of interest will be in the 1950 congressional elections. Mast of the congressmen want their jobs back, so in 1050 the constitiitient will once more take on the form of an intelli- . likely to have any left alter Con?re.-a votes anticipated tax increases.) Tackles Financial Front On the financial front, a front Is alxjut ail that will be left after another year of lax and spend. A year of continued prosperity is predicted, although the level will be below by Cacs;uian section. Va.smiii was born at 9:45 a.m. 13:45 a.m. EST). Princess Ya.smin, with the mixture of four bloo<is in her veins— Spanish-American from her mother and ___ Iraiiian-Ilaliini from her father—is of the granddaughter of Agu Khan, spiritual leader of millions of Moslems of the Islamic sect Riul reputedly one of the world's richest men. The prinee said ills 31-year-old wife had seen the child a few minutes after regaining consciousness. ^- .,,. fought all his other great battles— on the issue of freedom. Churchill likes freedom. He has been with freedom on some of its darkest and brightest days." , , . th! ". or 1949. A gradual levclllng-off hill IP-— 1>rocf ' ss '* scm - So much for capital Jap Testifies 4£erm Warfare Aimed at Reds MOSCOW, Dec. 28. M>)—The ninth defendant in Russia's war crimes trial of 12 Japanese officers testified that the main aim of his unit was to hurl germ warfare at the Soviet Union during World War II. Moscow's press and radio said today. Other defendants admitted yesterday, according to the news reports here, that Japan had scattered "tens of millions" of germ- carrying fleas south of Shanghai that proved effective In starting a plague epidemic. The broadcast gave no date on which the germ attack wns alleged to hnvc been carried out. Jensaku Hiraznknra. described us » responsible start member of Unit 100, said his germ %varfnre unit was stationed in Manrhuria near the Russian border. He told the court his unit made reconnaisance missions along the Soviet border. He wns quoted as saying that the research section of his unit was stationer! at Min-Tse-Tung, near Changchun. ,^pther defendants In the four-day '™ial in the Siberian bonier town of Khabarovsk are snid to have confessed to using American prisoners of war as guinea pigs in germ- Iximb tests. They were said to hrvve been plotting lo use germ warfare on the U. S. and Britain, as well as the Soviet Union. (General Mac-Arthur's lu'irtquar- ters in Tokyo has declared there are no records in Tokyo to show Hint the Japanese ever used bic- terinl weapons ncainst American .,„.,.,.,„, prisoners. althoiKjh there is evidence the <I4 they had experimented on gcmi <•"„?,, warfare. ci.-icnt It takes four pcumrts of fresh B'-ajits to nnike one pound or raisins. and labor. Meantime, the white- collar worker will continue to lose in weight and gain in pallor. Labor will continue to inhale the opium of union leaders' promises and seek- a fifth round of post-war wage increases. Thi.s will result- In new price increases. This will result In a cry for more pay. More pay will bring added price Increases These price- -you take it !rom here, tne prospects scare me. And while, nil this is brewing Secretary of Agriculture Brannan will continue pursuing his "pie In the sky" plan to mold the nation's farming into an efficiency expert's dream. But the farmers are putting their collective fret down on this scheme, and opposition in Congress will be something more than" the usual Democrat vs. Republican go- round. Too many Democrats scratching a living out of the soil. A brief explanation of the Brannan plan wns scheduled lo be included here, but it wns decided that there is more understandable nnd intelligent reading on today's c omi c Page. Levy on Airliners Using Memphis Airport Planned MEMPHIS, Dec. 28. (.7V-Thc ( .jtv commission ] 1Prr llils pilsscrt on f,,.^ reaclum nn ordinance which will impose tafcc-pff charges for aircraft of six airlines using Municipal Air- Thc ordinance must pass two ad- oitlonal leadli.^s belorc il becnme.s law. ;ihe proposed charge was fixed at nine rents for each 1,000 pounds of lake-off weight. H was recommended by the Mem- plus Airport Commission, which said » has tried without success to rench a financial understanding with the airlines i The commission said the airlines i.ide no contribution toward lance of the airport since 1049 legislature repealed a sev- gasoline tax on file! sold the airlines in Tennessee. Under the HI' i HI lf thc lnx monf y co >- leeted at thc airport went to the nts to keep the field In repair The new take-off charge is ex- fo c& ^ ( r\^" i.. WHEN jYOU FEEL WELL! KIRBY DRUG STORES . '"She scorned awfully pleased," Aly said. "I myself think she is a very good looking girl, but being her lather I can't really say so myself." The playboy prince, wearing a black suit and black tic, came out of the elii^c a momi-nl after his public relations man, Claude Fayot. told newsmen: 'Gentlemen, will you plciise stand ent it all myself. With this beard lliey are going to take me fir the wild an of Borneo. 1 ' Sears Cuts Prices CHICAGO, nee. •>«. rviy—Sears. Roebuck and Company came out th its midwinter sale catalogue th price cuts ranging up to :1G per cent from its last big genera! -ataloguc issued for the fall and inter. All lines average about 10 per cent lower. Below the Mason and Dixon linr :here are approximately 180.000,000 irrcs of uncultivated foragc-pro- iiuciiig land available for grazing purposes. peeled to bring in about 5-1800(1 a year. This, the commission said, U considerably less than the city eceivcd from the former gasoline tax arrangements. The proposed ordinance does not apply to fixed base operators nnd private planes, who pay other charges. /CbRNER CHINA 'VV CASE' •" he charm if w England DESIGNED FOR YOUR HOME The simple dignicy ol dm unusually fine Corner dim Case »un its clean cut lin« will i appeal 10 liomc owners of dii- trimiiuiing us(c. Appealing, too.ii the idracnvc price whkh bnr.,Ri quality wlihin chc (jach ol ihe cmxicsi new home or remodeling bud s c( —an ouuiand- >iB Morc.for-ihc-Moocy Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Hill" ['case J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Phone 2454 The governor said lie wouldn't make a slateincnt in the dispute until (lie Labor Department, representative has made a complete report. A picket,line was thrown nroum! i mine yesterday, virtually slop- I pint; operations of the pit. ' Peter G. Jacolxsnn of San Fran- ! Cisco, attorney for the company. ' who talked witli McMath yestei- i day. said entrances to the mine had been blocked off by the pickets. lie said about 20 or'the 80 men employed reported for work. j Members of the United Mine' Workers began picketing the plant Dec. 15. Picketing resumed asniu yesterday after a Christmas holi- : day. 'fhe dispute involves a charge | from tiie UMW that the company j "broke faith" with tile miners when I it refused to sign a contract and i started firing union men as soon '• as operations started. j The company employed about. 150 men in preparing to open the pit. I On nee. 15. officials of the firm I said when production was reduced to flO employes. U.S. Aid Sought To Speed Road Building in State I riTI;K ROCK, Her 23—M> Ini.Tcased aid from the federal ft (Ttiment apparently call speed highway construction In Arkansa fillet I'.'iiKlneer ,Mf B, Johns or (lie Arkansas in»iiway Depar incut said yesterday that the slate could build about 591 miles ol main highways if the federal government pays about 75 per cent of tlic costs. At present the government con- Irihules about 50 per cent of road building A move is under way to increase the amount to 15 cent for Interstate highway systems. Johnson said plans are under consideration to rebuild these liluh- waj-s: • Little Hook to Tcxarkrma. Little nock In Memphis. Little Hock to I-'oit Smith and West Memphis lu the Arkansas-Missouri line. He said under the current 59 ^PAGE THREB per cent contribution plan It would take -ib years to complete the pro- nosed project. Increased aid would cut the time to 15 years. SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H -ft QUHLITY SHOC SHO. 121 W. M B I N ST Our Store Will Be **^ iLi E .J Uixf cab passenger Ri(W!S nt micin . ra ,. mso nf om . tm . m . (J tm . cab and truck colhdcd at 33,-d suect and Hn.adwav. K.w York , Al , Wnephoto). ' V/ifh the Courts Chant-cry: Mary Taylor LuKnsavace vs. S(:ni- ley Lukasnvagr, suit for divorce. Vivian Wriuht vs. Jack A. Wright, sliil for divorce. Arie A. Morris vs. Eimly Until Morris, suit for divorce. Paroles Considered FRANKI'URT. Germany. Dec -> B i.-l'i- -The U. S. Army yesterday announced appointment of a board to consider pardon and parole pclitions for convicted w.'ir criminals. An increasing number of such petitions rue l>'>ini; received from clergymen and families of men in prison. lewfarc €§P§!b$ From Common CoSds "itej KAH6 Q® . ii K°< V S ^'Jll't t<> tin 1 seal nf die I ro n> lidp looH-n ami expel ^i-rrn la ]>!ikgm and ;ii<l ILIIIKC in Muulio lic;il s.iw, icruler, inlLimoit hrnnc nniunis inciiihrancs.'rtll your dni^ it> M-JI you ;i lioillc nf Crt'nifiii widi the iiiufcrsiamlinj; you rmm die \v;iv it <[iiickly nll.iyt die ro nr vim arc ro KLIVC your money h C r ti .ncl; RK STORE RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All I'j-pct. Kircnl Cancer! Cllnlr 5I« Slain lllvtlievllln Ark I'hnnr it'll Four Little Girls Die When Dresses Catch Fire HAMHUliO. Germany. Dec. 28.— i.Ti— Four little girls have died afler their dresses caught fire from the candle-lit Christmas tree at a German orphanage parly, police at Btiechcn. I/> Saxony, reported yesterday. The children were between eight and 12 yeais of age. Police said llic orphans nnd other children staged the Christmas play "Snowflake" on Christinas eve., Thr little girls wore cotton costumes as snowflakes. One of them caught her costume afire from the Christmas tree and ran screaming amoiK- the other tots. Altogether six girls dresses blaxcd. HADACOL KELPS ALL AGE GROUPS HADACOL is good for all ages, bringing five of nature's B vita- mirxs and important minerals to the young and old alike. Recent];, the HADACOL folks received the. Rood news that among thc countless thousands who had been benefited by HADACOL was B lady ol 85, Mrs. Edmond Doucet, of Church Point, La., is 85 years old, having thousands of friends in the picturesque Evangeiine section of where she wns born and has spent all of her life. These friends are happy lo know that Mrs. Doucet feels better now than at nny time in two years and gives thc credit to HADACOL. "I had been stck for almosl tv.-o years ond wns suffering witli gastric disturbances and bloating I was^nm down, had lost weigh" and had to stay in bed most o! the time. I lost courage *nd fell that there wns no hope for me." Mrs. Doucet had tried mnnv preparations without nppnrcm bencficinl results when she heard the glorious news about HADA- ,, '.' Aflcr taking severnl bottles of HADACOL I felt like a new per son," said Mrs. Doucet. "1 c.T anything I want without ill cf fects and sleep well. I feel rnuc) stronger." ?.Irs. Douccl was suffering frorr a lack of B vitamins and th< minerals which HADACOL con tains. HADACOL comes to yoi in liquid form, eacily assimilatcr m thc blood stream so that it cm go lo work right away. It is ea'sv to luictctslancl, therefore v/h> £°"''^l" thousands have beer, MRS. DOUCET . So it matters not how old yoi are or who you are... it matter. not where you live or if you havi tried all the medicines under tlir s<in, give this wonderful orcmrl tion HADACOL a tria" DonT^ on suffering. Don't continue k' lead a miserable life. Many pcr . sons who have suffered an,' waited for 10 to 20 years or even longer, are able now "o }i v , happy, comfortable lives borin«. HADACOL supplied Ihe v it a " „• nnd minerals which their system. needed. Be fair to yourselY Tern porary relief is not enough Si you I Give HADACOL. "trill I Kirby Drug Store FAMOUS SEMI-ANNUAL CLEARANCE Whitsitt' In keeping with our famous pol icy of clearing our stocks each season to make room for new seasonal clothes we offer these drastic reductions; You save up to 50% off on the following- DRESSES Sportswear SUITS COATS BLOUSES Millinery Evening Dresses Robes Wonderful Values in Every Department ''Because You Like Smart Things"

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