The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1952
Page 4
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W, Wttl pOURIER PACT MVJUI Word In N*w Wor«J»—Horn. UM leawa/cenmg of Values of Religion \ln Home to Be Aided by New Bible (EDITOR'S HOTE—Th)« h the I Mcond In a ttrie* of three articles written by France* Dunlap Heron I on Ihe new Revlied Standard •Version of the Bible to be Intro- Iq^ced at community-wide services In 3.000 cities—Inrludinj Blj" [ theville— tomorrow nieht. This M- ri« was written for the National Council of Churches of Christ. ] which sponsored publication of the new veriion of the Bible.) preparing church school lesson materials that Include reading books and assignments for pupils and parents to work on together at home, It seems providential that at this very moment of heightened Interest, the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible should make its appearance. Into the lives of Americans on September 30 will come this completed version of both Old and New Testaments, in English clear and meaningful and vibrant. The revision, authorized by forty Protestant denominations, is the result of fifteen years' intensive effort by thirty-two of the nation's eminent Bible scholars, headed by Dr. Luther A. Weigle, Dean Emeritus of Yale University Divinity School. THEIR COMMISSION* was to I By Frances Dunlap Heron (Written for National Council of Churches of Christ) "Bring the book." No matter how extensive a librarian American family might have had at the turn of ihe century, that • bedtime order from Father, settling Idown in his hickory rocker, meant Ibut one thing: "Bring the King IJames Version of the Bible." From the round walnut table or Ifrom the top of the folding bed Ijanie or jimmle fetched the Scrip- . Itures, often tattered from long and I " 1 daily use. Schooltoooks. magazines land'sewinc all svere laid aside while iFather "read a chapter." ordinarily lln chronological sequence. Then the , Iwhole family knelt at their chairs j church members — families within I to be led in prayer by the head of homes. Only as the Revised Stand- Ithe house. This regular custom did | much to knit family bonds, bring into file home circle and hold (he Bible as the core of Chris- Jtl'an living. The lapse of family wor- [ship In recent years is a cause (or I concern to . any Christian leader. I But an honest evaluation of the •j-ork?" ALONG WITH home study of the Bible goes family worship. Many of [he church school materials as well the church family magazine* contain topics and outlines for home devotions. Often, too, these are geared to the Sunday morning study. If the home-church task of religious education is to succeed, therefore both must use the basic tool. Whether It Is In an adult's own private worship or In out-loud read- Ing by different members of the family, the Revised Standard Version will- prove its effectiveness Those who fear Hint the classic majesty of the King James Versior: an irreplaceable loss will find v AMENDMENT NO. U ME IT RBBOLVB) fcf UM HoUM «t ReprM*nUtlve« of th* SUU »f Arktiuu and by th* B«n*t« of the State o( ArkuuM, a M«)orltj of All th* iteamr* Elected le Each HOUM A|r**ln« Th*r*to: *niat th* following M Hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of th« SUU of Arm and upon bsinj submitted to the electors of the fitat* for approval or rejection at th« next general ection for Representatives and creators, If a majority at the decors voting thereon, at such »n elec- on, adopt such amendment, the produce a revision designed for vise, in public and private worship. The backing of denominational boards of Christian education assures its use in church school publications, seminaries. new kind of beauty—the beauty simplicity, terseness, and smooth' flowing understanding. The reviser: retained us much as possible o: KlnR James, especially in Old Tes the pulpit. But tament P°° tr y- members of the Standard Bible I u ls thc hr) T; e nf tne comrmltc Committee realize that the final! thnt reaocrs Wl11 approach the Re test of (he success of llielr laskl v ! K ' prt . Standard Version po^tivph rests with the rank and file ° f I V f CV V(v? •' ^k" *\ AO 5 Throughout its pages the open minded reader can find example of simpler or clearer or more ai curate translation such as these: Paul's description of himself ame ehall b*com« a part of the onstitution of the StaU of Aransas. to-wit: Amendment No. 18 to the Con of th* State of Arkansas, 1 adopted by the elector* of this State at th« general Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November, I&28, !• hereby amended to read w follows: BECTI^>N 1, It being most apparent that frUately operated factories, ndustrlec and transportation fncill- tle* are neces&ary for the development of i community and for the r elfare of its Inhabitants, an an nual tax pf not exceeding one per cent of t(i» ussewed valuation ol all taxable'property within the cor porate boundaries thereof may b levied by cjtles of the first and second class (or the purpnse oj pro- viriing funt^R to be u>cd for the Requisition of- sites within or wilhou such cities^und for the construe lion of such sites of buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale lor 'at tn election to b» h«M n»» BK*« han ntaetj days thereafter tor th« >urpos« ol having th* «u«Un>d electors vote in the oropositlon. SECTION 3. Tin General Assembly shall «nact such «n»b1ing J«gi»- atlon a* shall be required to efftc- tuate the purpose* nereor. APPROVED: March 30, IB61. Sccretnry ol State O. a. KAIJO that brings God Into the ifc of today—the Revised Standard I'erslon of the Holy Bihlt. Within U cover* a family can find and comprehend the answers to their .ongingR and needs. The reminder, "Bring the Book." will become the signal for mental enjoyment and spiritual uplift. (Tomorrow—Gutenberg to 195!i) the aforesaid purposes, or for the iiv. ol bonds bearing tn* &V more than four per PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the HoUM of Representatives o( the StaU ol Aricaiistw and by ths Sonat«, majority of All the Members Elected' to Each House Agreeing Thereto: * Thai the following Is hereby proposed ns an amendment to the Constitution 06 thft State ol Arkansas, and upon bring -submitted to the ilon of the »UW o* Arkanju be amended modifying Section 19 of Artick 1 and Section 1 of Amendment Ho. 24 of said Constitution, so » to provide for the election of » Count* Clerk tn »H of the eald coun<l« at tn« SUM, M followi: "The proYlslon* lor the election of i. County Clerk upon a population baste are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner M > Circuit Clerk, and In »uch caset, the County Clerk may be ex offlclo Clerk of the Pro b»be Court of aueb county until otherwise provided by th* General Ajuetnbly." This Amendment shall be In full force and effect upon and after 1U adoption. APPROVED. March M, 1M1. Secretary of Stat* O. a. HALL No. 10 Downing Street his been th« headquarters for Brltlah political power Mnc« 1135. terest at cenl per anhurr -isued for such elerior.s of the Stole for approval or rejection »t thc next general election tor K npre.sentat 1 VPS ind Senators, if n majority of the electors purposes '. voting thereon In such election SECTION I When petitioned ny j adopt such amendment, the same not less than ten per cent ol the! shall become a [nrt of thc Consti- qualified electors residing therein.] union of the State ol Arkansas, the City Council or other govern- | to wit: Ing body of any such city shall call l SECTION 1. That the Constitu- I old-time method would reveal some | weaknesses. It is doubtful if hearing Father [read from the Old Testament one • of .the "begat" chapters or the 1 measurements of Moses' tabernacle I fostered In Janle or Jimmie any in- 1 terest in reading the Bible for | themselves. The Elizabethan lang- luage of the King James Version— I "would fain," "an rumgreri," "afore"lest haply," "set at naught," I and "whence earnest thou?"—in- I toned in Father's special scriptural 1 voice, seemed to put God's word I strictly In the adult, classification. • • * IN TRUTH, there was much of It I that Father himself not try to 1 understand. As for Mother, there I were times when she had to be I nudged to kneel for prayer. The j I children, having no personal part 1 I In the family devotions, grew up in- 1 to a world .of speed and struggle I that left small opportunity for med- I ttation. They failed to institute the I family altar In their own home?, turned religious educ a fcion Ever te the church. Ust deead*, ho we ver, h as j veen a reawakening of parents to ard Version becomes the Bible will it have fulfilled its purpose. The Old Testament grew out o( Acts 22:3, .which in KJV reads, thp common people's experiences | am verily a man which am a Jew." with God. Jesus gave his message j'bpcomes in RSV simply "I am most often, not in a synagogue, but in Ihe market place, along the road. on the hillside, wherever-he found everyday men and women and chll THE y NT references to "Holy Ghost" In KJV, so unfortunate for dren needing him..The goal of the) children, are much more undercurrent revision committee has been | standnble as "Holy Spirit" in RSV. to preserve for modern readers thatjFnr instance, ". , . whoever speak- message of Jesus and that record ' of Old Testament faith in word and thought as nearly like the original exhaustive research makes pos- eth flgalnM. the Holy Ghost, it ;h not be forgiven him." gives way (o ". . . who eve r s p ea ks against the Holy Spirit will not he forgiven" <MatU2:32t. . _ _._ .... I Kings 11:22. which KJV renders archeological findings, the scholars i "and he answered. Nothing: how-i sible. With the unprecedented resources of ancient manuscripts and have been able to correct errors I that crept into the text through centuries of copying and translating. They have eliminated the archaic words and word entlinge that are so confusing to twentieth century readers, particularly children. More important, they have replaced with modern equivalents the belt let me go in any wise-" Is restored to its original meaning RSV, "and he said to him, 'Only let me go.' At the Last Supper Jesus' words to his disciples, recorded In KJV "Drink ye all of it," take on proper meaning In RSV as "Drink of it, all of you" (Matt. 26:21). When God asks Cain tn Elizabethan English, "Why ar« them the King James Version that have 1 changed meaning since 1611 and therefore no longer convey the correct idea. For example, the word "let" in the seventeenth century meant the Rams as "hinder" does today. Hence the reader of the King I James Version is misled by Pha-' slowed up ami more than likely fused. How naturally simnle the question Bounds in RSV: "Why are you angry?" A sentence that might discourage family devotions appears in KJV of Phillppians 4:14 &s "Notwithstanding ye have well done, that ye did RADIO STATION is ^^ u = „. r _ f w , thVv*!ues of religion? inTderglrdlng raoh'6 angry question to MOSM and j communicate with my affliction." I in the home Iteelf. Today they are 1 aakinf for helps for family worship, and for their own understanding of the Bibl«- The church, finding that it could not do the job alone, is Aaron (Exod. 5:4), "Wherefore do| RS v lets Paul say Sn "today's ye let the people from their works?" ..-.»-1 .1 »_,.__, _; The Revised Standard --Version makes it entirely clear: "Why do you take the people away from their i some of them may seem, add np to uage. "Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble." Such changes, trivial though ' IN OSCEOLA STRAIGHT STRAIGHT BOURBON TH! RfttRKAM »HTI1LI«I« COMFANY, -. 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