Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 14, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1897
Page 18
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Young Men Fitting Themselves For Their Future Duties as Best Citizens. SECKET OF HAPMNKSS. In what does it consist and how i'ew Women ever Find it. TET THETB HAND ON A SALOON. written by one woman and found relief. •ncc««l »o Well That They May Rise To Bo Pretty Soon- -Two Train* on the Same Track-WIclu-diwKS of a 13- Year-Oltl Girl—Arbitration to Settle the Anderson Glass Trouble-Fort Wayne Street Railways. Shelbyville, Ind., Dee. 14.-The residents of the village of Fountaintown and the country contingent thereto have never tolerated a retail saloon in that town, and would not have a quart- shop If they could avoid it. Since the Nicholson law went into effect Albert Snyder has made two attempts to secure a retail license, but each time he •was defeated by a remonstrance, ier is now conducting a business at 111 North Alabama street, Indianapolis and under a government license he has had in Fountaintown a quart-shop. On Saturday night the bartender, Harry Miller, whose home is in Acton, •who had been in Fountaintown only three days, was warned by a frlenc that a number of young fellows were going to make trouble for him. Man with u Gun Appears. Between 9 and 10 o'clock the trouble •was precipitated when eight young men •walked into the place and began throw Jng glasses at Miller. He beat a retreat these words after which the house was sacked of it contents, the mirrors were broken, th glasses and decanters made targets of, the bar and other furniture, as well as the stock, being carried Into the street and placed in a pile, preparatory to Burning. As one'of the men was getting ready to apply a match to the stuff John Snyder, a brother of the owner of the goods, put in an appearance and •with drawn revolver said he would kill the flrst man who attempted to destroy the furniture and stock. Proven To Bo All That Is Needed. This caused a lull, during which Harry Miller, the bartender, put in an appearance. The crowd then set upon him, and stripped him of almost all his clothing. Miller sought safety In flight, and applied to a farm house for shelter, out was refused admission. Then he hid in a fodder shock until the excitement was over, when he went to the , home of John Snyder, where he was cared for. Albert Snyder was notified cf what had taken place, and yesterday came here with his bartender and other friends and filed affidavits against Horace, Harvey and Edward Fout, brothers; William Shank: Tilman and Robert Clark, brothers; George RafCer- ty. and Marshal \Vilburn. The two latter are residents of Hancock county, their homes being just across the line from Fountaintown. Was >'ot a Case of "Reform." The charges against them are for riot, malicious trespass, larceny, attempted arson and assault and battery. The officers are now after the men. They are all young men, and did not destroy the saloon from any sentiment they possess for the cause of temperance, and the temperance people of the neighborhood are in no manner blamed for the outrage. The grand jury convened yester day morning, and the cases against the men will be Investigated by that body. DISAPPEARANCE CF JOHN DEVAULT. His AVife' Eft'orts to Get a Trace of Him Are So i"nr in Vain. Cromwell. Ind., Dec. 14.-Nothing that has happened lor years in Noble county i^s aroused so much Interest as that of the peculiar and startling disappearance of John Devault, a well-Known farmer, living within two miles of this place and who has lived In this county for thirty-five years. Although Mrs. Devault has offered a reward of $1,000, she has not yet been given the least clew to her husband's whereabouts. Devault left home about six weeks ago. on one of the Baltimore and Ohio excursions. After visiting his old home Devault went to Johnstown, O,, to see a cousin, and later went to Columbus. where he stayed with Mr. and Mrs. "William Seeds, and was last seen In that city on Oct. 9. Since then he has completely disappeared. \bout two weeks later a man was found dead in Toledo, and Mrs. Devault sent a member of her family there to see if the corpse was that of her husband, but the man belonged in Pennsylvania. Later Mrs. Devault sent a doctor to visit all the principal hospitals in Columbus, but the doctor's visit was In vain. Mrs. Devault also offers $500 for the recovery of Devault's body. He was 5«fcet T Inches high and was of powerful build. The search will be kept This Ia3y is happy principally be cause she is healtby. It Is sad that all other women do not enjoy equally eood health. Ab!*eak, weary women, tired and broken down, whose lives are made miserable tnrough the blighting influence of female plaints, why do you suffer? allow yourself to become "blue, couraged and despondent? com Why dis- Why endure the torture of backaches, headaches, bearing down pains, nervousness and other weaknesses caused by menstrual or womb troubles? There is help for you and for all other women who suffer in this way. Bead which were recently LABOR AND INDUSTEY BOME ITEMS OF INTEREST TO UNION WORKMEN. Foster »t.d the Tro.t*—He D«- noaaces Monopoly and Stock Exchange wambling—Decision A(caln»t X.lve Stock Trust—i e norance of the Educated. I. IVE me the pleasure of a book, An ample shade, a running brook. A piping bird, and splashing trout, And wild flowers ." shining all about; .Then even kings would envy me. So full of joy my life would be, With cheerful heart and cloudless brain. No breath of care, no touch of pain, Arcadian summer, soft and light. A cooling breeze, the skies most bright Then little birds would envy me, 80 full of joy my life would be. III. In careless ease there let me He, The happiest man beneath the sky, There idly scan some book of old, Filled with a poet's thoughts of gold: Then blushing brides would envy me, So full of joy my life would oe —Charles T. Lusted. Ignorance of the Educated. In the current issue of the American Federationist A. S. Leitch has an ar- ne and wW=h I should be a coward w ; Joseph Mandell and his patent dust Sr"whateyer may be tk. reception-proof ribbon ewe have been photo- given them. ! graphed and put, on eiaibttlon in & "The organization »f the Chicago . down-town show wlndaw. press is essentially that of a trust, as the word 'trust 1 is commonly understood. Tie proprietors of the leading daily newspapers of this city, with the exception of the Inter Ocean, are members of a corporation which meets It once a week; for what purpose may have other ends t-o subserve in this weekly meeting, but its chief ob- Beware of Ointments That Contain Mercarj. u mercury will surely de*irov the sense oJ emell and cempletely derange the wbole gys- te u when enter og it through the mucoua surfaces. Such articles should i ever be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, a« the damage thty will, do is ten fold to the good you can p'.ssibly derive from Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by papers who eought the combination, what treatment they will jointly and severally accord to all public measures and to all public men. Its deliberations are in lie nature of those of the star chamber, whose name in English- history is the symbol of tyranny and of infamy. The man who fails to do its bidding is slated for slaughter. "In what particular does a newspaper trust differ in its aims, principles, or methods from any other trust? And yet these pretended opponents of trusts and monopolies have organized themselves into the most gigantic monopoly, the most dangerous trust, of the present age. Of all known trusts, this is the most venal and corrupt. The newspaper trust of the city of Chicago has been and Is for sale, for an adequate pecuniary consideration, upon every question that has come 'before the Chicago common council or the legislature of Illinois. "There is not a promoter in Chicago •who does not know that in the incipiency of every scheme for the en- Games, one of the aira. n • •*- • u ^ best known ladies of Butler, Pa., says: "For nearly three years I was under the doctor's care, a constant sufferer from female weaknesses in the most aggravated form. Medicine did me no good and my suffering was so great that at times I felt that death would be a relief. At last, a discovery of which I had beard much, but about which I knew little, was recommended to me and I decided to try it. Before I had finished one bottle, I was astonished at the marvelous change it made in my health. It has completely cured me. I am now feeling >erfectly well, am able to attend to ny duties and owe my restored health wholly to that grand discovery Warner's Safe Cure." This is only one case among thousands in which this great remedy has been the means of curing the distressing ailments peculiar to women Time and again it has proved to be unequaled for giving quick and manent relief. No woman wishes to escape misery and suffering can afford to be without it. ticle entitled "The Ignorance of the i riehing of individuals at the expense Educated Class," which will accom- I o{ tQe pub i ic at large his first step plish a world of good if it assists in • • making clear to the employers of America the danger which must inevitably come as a result of the misery attending lack of employment. Mr. Leitch says: Anent the great strike of the miners, must be to see the newspaper trust, and that if he fails to make terms with it he must expect its opposition; his proposition will be assailed by it from start to finish. "If these statements are untrue, I am amenable to the criminal law of a brainy editor of one of our big dailies : ubel _ and liable a i so to the civil courts eapiently advises the miners to stop their foolishness and "seek some other occupation that is not overcrowded," thus reducing the labor supply at the mines, whereupon wages will naturally rise to that point where those remaining can worry out a miserable j cour t s ." for damages. What I have said, I have said deliberately, after full reflection, and with the possible consequences before my eyes. "I invite prosecution. I challenge the newspaper trust to meet me in the mt rcury, and i» taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces oi the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken Internally and made in Toledo, Ohio, 1 by F. J Cheney & Co. Testimon als free. Bold by druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the beet. Marvin Barnhart, the attorney, Is down from Chicago, vUItlng in Adams township. Rheumatism Cured in a Day. "Mystic Cure" for rheumatism »nd neuralgia radically cures in 1 tos days. IB action upon the system is wnmrkable.and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and the disease immediately disappears. Ihe flrtt dose ureatly benefits. 75ctnts. Sold by W. H. BriDghurst, druggist. Lo<ranb- port. Part of a call's horn was taken out of Rogers' oil well Saturday at a depth of 450 feet. Kheumatlsm is due to lactic acid in the blood. Hood's Sarsaparllla neutralizes the acid and completely cures the aches and pains of rheumatism. Be sure to get Hood's. Hood's pills are easy to take, easy to operate. Cure indigestion, bilious ness. 25c. _ Mrs. Fred Boerger, ST., Is entertaining Mra. Young of Toledo. Thousands are Buffering excruciating misery from that plague of the night, Itching Piles, and say nothing about it through a sense of dell- ^* .. , , 11 a 1 A .. t n »* a v* t: Special Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines Thi» Month. On December 7th and 21st Home*eek«f* Excursion Tickets will be sold *1» vania Lines to pointa in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indian Territory. Iowa, Kansas, Kentnat*. Louisiana. Michigan, Minnesota. MiffdMip* Missouri. Nebraska, New Meiieo. Sorth Carolina, North T>akot». Oklahoma, Oresoo. Sou* Carolina, Souttt Dakota, Tennewee, Tex** Utah, Virgina. Wisconslnand Wyoming. A«r» body may take advantage of the low Full information free upon application nearest Ticket Agent of the Peonsylv Lines or by addressing w. W. Hicbaidwa. D*- trict Passenger Agent. Indianapolis, Ind. HUMPHREYS cacy. All such will flod an instant relief In the use of Doan's Ointment. It never fails. per- who It is upon, existence. He failed to offer a reward for the discovery of the elusive occupation that is not overcrowded. A very popular fad is to advise the workless to "go to farming." Even if capital (of which the workers are minus) was not absolutely necessary in farming as well as in other ventures, •when the would-be farmer runs up against a few crop failures, battles •with the festive potato bug, and falls Into the clutches of the pluck-me store run by the country commission merchant, he is liable to breed discontent even there. He may want to know 'why it is that when there is "dollar wheat" he has no wheat: when he has wheat it invariably "draps" to.50 We love Tanner much for the enemies he has made. His speech is th* greatest hit ever made by him. remedy that can be relied remedy that never fails, anrt one that has always proved to be woman's best friend. Mistook Apoplexy lor a Drunk. Dunkirk. Ind., Dec. M.-William Joseph Fitzgerald, while seated m a restaurant eating a lunch, suddenly fell the floor, and under the supposition was intoxicated an officer cart- off to the lock-up, where he died eight hours afterward. The causa proved to be apoplexy^ And the But 1 " UNCLE IKE'S IDEA OF HEAVEN. By George McA. Miller. Tes, that's entertainin'. Parson, 'bout the -^.— Jerusalem ee of life eternal and the spark- sornehow my mind will -wander and my wayward thoughts will roam, 4.nd I cannot keep from thinkin' bout the mortgage on our home. And I don't think I'd be happy with that hailelujer band, With their voice like many waters sui£in' on the golden strand; If I'm "-ble to remember 'bout the world down here below, I would think about the mortgage and the toil of Jim and Joe. Home Seetos Excursion., . FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- WITCH HAZEL orn, Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. Wounds & Bruises. Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. Eczema & Eruptions. Salt Rheum & Tetters. Chapped Hands. Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. Corns & Bunions. Stings & Bites of Insect*, Three Sizes, 250, S oc - and * I - oa field by druggi»U, or «ntpO^-l»ldon««»Jpto< pM» c u R E S MAT* HUNDREDSofMeo areetingrout a rnicer- »ble «i*ten ce for want of Jcnowioewhittodo Ibrtheroscfvet. M U M- DREDS °f men ***" Buffering from the- mentil torture* of Shattered Failing Momory. Lovt Manhood, cents. If he is an inquiring cuss he is likely to get down his old shot sun and polish up the lock; pevhaps adjourning to a clump of woods - to that he was ed him gin practicing speculator or an president. Another brainy on a dummy grain effigy °f a railroad editor can see no Assienmeiit of Henry rrol)a.«8o. Cincinnati, Dec. 14.-0ne of the most startling assignments is that of Henry Probasco, made yesterday. Probasco has been retired from business for more than thirty years, and has been living in one of the most elegant and costly- homes in the suburbs of Cincinnati. He has assigned to Seth C. Foster. The assets are put down at $200.000 and the liabilities at $100,000. The Wnather We May Expert. 14 -Following are the weaker .uu^,— for twenty-four hours from 8 p. m. yesterday: For Indiana and Illinois-Ham or snow: colder in southern por- tons; northerly »i.<to. For Michipan-B.™ or snow; brisk to high northeasterly winds. For Wisconsin-Generally cloudy weathe-, with snow this inoruinu- in southeastern portion° brisk northerly winds. For ovm-Liglit 3 w tbis mornimt, followed by clearing Bather; slightly warmer in western portion; northerly winds. good result possibly accruing to the miners through tte strike, pointing out that even should they win, there is no surety that the coal barons will long abide by the agreement, as Has been tie case bofore. He admonishes luem against the evil of allowing sional labor agitators" to lead astray and gravely advises them to go For they've promised strong and faithful that they'll work botli night and day, \nd redeem the dear old homestead for i But f fear they'll not r>? able; times axe '• hard and grain Is low, i And ihe time i" up iu^ jtayment and it | 'pears like it must STO' Then again {forgive me, Parson, If I tell you what 1 think, Uncle Ike haint long to stay her«, for MS feet arr on the brink), I have seen so much injustice 'mong the saints so worldly wise, ,„..>,„„, That I've doubts about the title tv. them ! mansions in the skies. For jf lt ' S usury eight and proper to pay day , taka nol good Jo-nes ImpoUngy, Lo»t Vitality, V»rlooo«l«, brought on by .bu« excesses and indiscretions, or by severemcntJI- strain, close application to bu»in«» ot «v«r work ' DR. PERRIN'S Revivine I* th« only r«m«dy that ha. ever been <!Ur covered that will pO«itiv«ry eur» tnei». R«vlvlnebr AND WILL CURE YOU. Washington, Dec. weather indications snow we: up until something is heard from him. Devault was quite well to do and left a fine farm. He Avas SS years old. TRIALS AND TROl-BUES AT BUTLEK. County Surveyor Charged with Forgery— Death Likely »<> End Another Case. Butler. Ind., Dec. 14.—The trial of J. Hook, ex-county surveyor, on the charge of having forged some county ditch orders, be.sran yesterday. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain and Produre. Chicago. Dec. 13. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat— December opened $1.05, closed 51.01 VI; opened 93^c. closed 92M editor 'fa-Tinto a millstone as I, yet, to me, the miners' strike appeared a very good thing for the miners and the labor movement. It attracted public a.- tention to the miserable condition of the workers in one trade, and, en pas- eant to the workmen's condition have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16tb, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newel, Apt, Logansport, Ind. oihVr communications to TH* »». MEDICINE CO., New York. For sale at B. P. Keodln*'*, Porter's and Johnston's. NO, It brings pertinently to the | front agate the land question and generally. I don't Intend to arjry; what's right here Is right in heaven, if you've been preachiri' gospel, I expect to make my livin' glin' on from day to day, Payin' interest and taxes, with but little time to play On the g-oldcn harp and timbrel, or for loatin' round the throne; That is left for dudes and nabobs, and with them no kin I own. But I hope that you're mistaken 'bout the way to make a Uvin' And that mortgages and such like won t be worryin' us in heaven. starts the trend of thought once more along th« lines of "occupancy and use" as the title to land. Having had considerable time on my hands, I have delved into editorials, tomments, essays, etc., ad nauseum, Bearing upon the iriners' strike and have yet to find one lin,; from the pens of the educated class that indicites me , ^;>r«.e_end ot seven years SIM'S Janu- May, Com-Decem- nrv orjenea cro-^c. *-iv.-.^« „ opened and closed 91% c. Com-Decem- Se? opened 25Xj,c. closed 25%c; January ooened '5-.ic. closed 25?ic: May, opened $£c closed 2S*c. Oats-December, oiiened "''Kc. closed 22c; May, opened and closed 22%c. Pork-December, onened and closed nominal; .January, opened SS.40. closed $S.SO: May, opened $S60, closed SS.52%. Lard-December, nnened and closed nominal; januarv, faintest conception of anything beyond surface skimming. To them (•• " is the kick of a few thousand few more pennies in wages. Orders to the amount of several hundred dollar^ \vere found, w.^.ich the prosecutor claims that Hook received the money on by sisnin:; other men's names. Of- fiiaN will testify on both sides and Hook cliams that he will easily prove his innocence. __ Four different times ex-DeputyTreas- x\rer Fair has been brought up in court for trial on the charge of forgery in county orders ar.d each time his trial has b'-en postponed. At the last trial the jury had been selected and just as they were to be sworn Mrs. Smith, the leadinc witness for the prosecution, to •whonUt is claimed Fair soW the forced paper, was taken suddenly and seriously 'ill and the jury had to be dis- charWd and the trial postponed. Meanwhile Fair's health is failing and many think he will not^ live to be tried. Grand Jury Condones » Mnrder. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 14— The srand •jury failed to indict the Porter boy «> Parke county, who killed Sturgeon, a •wealthy stockman, because of his attentions to the boy's mother. opened and opened $4.40. closed $4.oo. Produce: Butter — i,xtra °3- perV, extra dairy. 19c; iresh packing stock. ll@12c. Eggs_— creamery. s P tock,"?0c p^r dozen. Dressed Poultry-Turkeys, S@10c per Kr. chickens a^fe 6*c; ducks, 7@Sc. potatoes-Northwestern, 30@60c per bu. Sweet Potatoes- Illinois, $1.50@2.25 per bbl. Chlcapo Live Stock. :• rike for •Jadeo Foster and the Trusts. In a decision -handed down in Topeka September 20th, holding that tie Kansas City Live Stcok Exchange is a trust organized in violation of the Sierman anti-trust law, United State 3 District Jud-ge C. J. Foster made some criticisms upon tie formation For il^SSI ! Sfnv rernemtler readin ' ta Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 Got the Holy Book How when God spoke to his people, anfl their idols they forsook That they borrowed from each other wltn no interest to pay And the workers got full wages at the close of every dav. How debts good and bad were canceled at the end of seven years; Kow the land was for the people ever free from worryin' fears Of the landlord, stern and heartless; tot the year of Jubilee •round 'cordin' to appointment ana the people ail were fr»«. And it 'pears like I remember readin' In the Book Of Acts •Bout the early churches' doiu's, several ouite important facts; How they somehow worked and manages And ^rweVe^po^and 1 needy and p " ort to Los Angeles, via this line. For no cause to grieve and fret. V reservations etc.,call on or address Did you ever read that, Parson, or are liter t (1 REGULATOR I WILL CURE.** ALL COflPLAINTS AND DIS-J EA5E5 OP THE Liver, Kidney p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. = _ _________ __ £ u ch things out of date? For somehow , them •• of trusts and combinations to control I Talk i ng 'bout the nation's honor and. r&- trade. The exchange is an organiza- tkm. of commission men who control tfce sale of live stock in Kansas City. ' Hosss—Estimated 35 MO"' ?ales rans^d at pi'-s $3.30@3.42VJ for light. live'stock must pass through the ;. Judge Foster issued an inn-straining it from doing bus- __aose it is an unlawful com- "SC:S503.40 f or ! binatiop _ • JS-29&3-.-' fo ? i ^counsel tor defendouc," said Judge all our greatness built. that fair "to -ood. S3.T5S4.40 common to me' _,. j F OS ter, "fca.ve with, commendable zeal Lnn." lots Cattle—iLstin-.aieu receipts , ^j,^ Industry su-bmittsil to «ir consid- l'or~the day. 9,500: quoiaUonsjrpKeejit j ^j.^ tb6 n^eg o f a great number of exchanges and 'boards of trade throughout the cities Cf tie United Btaies, dealing In corporate stocks, Brains', tire stock and various otner aucl contend that they axe es- iif not indispensable, to the tte ooontry, and that to grant tne prayer of. thia bill would be the domth- fclow of liwse institutions. Courts can •ot shut their «yes to Hie result* of Somehow them old Bible stories how God's people used to do •-pnre they bowed the kne« to Mammon, F ° =ound like gospel thro' and thro' a «ood deal_more like heaven than on a shinln* justlo«, Logansport, Ind. golden strand. Por . $3.70^4720 ^daws' iee«. cow' ^o buns oxen "and stags. $2.90^4.00 Tex:i3 steers, and ?3.30@6.50 veal calves. ; at" J3.60ig4.60 westerns. ?3.10@4.80 natives, and J4.1563.70 lambs. Milwaukee Gralj . Milwaukee. Dec. 13. No. 2 ea sprintr, 86c; May, Sic. CornSteady: No. 3. 2S^c. Oats—Lowtr: No. 2 white, 23%@24c. Rye—Dull; No. 1, judiclal b* bow far ehoald control thos« eon- fepends on *er«ral condition* to diacoM t«r«. BOT they seem like truth and from oppression's ban. Like the gospel of redemption and the brotherhood of man. „,,.-.. It's all well enough, I reckon, to reliera the death bed's gloom Br some eutertainin' picters *f the blessed heavenly home; But youj^cure old^earth'5 evil br * •ad Master-* plan, less to -heavenly mansions, mor» broUieroood of man. Stories of poor farmers who «ot rich on doBar wheat will cut a to the campaign Hteratnre of and next year, Dot, Mto a*» from Ut« arctic «old field*. MILEAGE Tickets to Washington Tbe Pennsylvania Lines are now issuing at all tbefcr principal ticket offices, for coupons of one thousand mile interchangeable tickets of the Central Passenger Association's iasae exchange coupon tickets to Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, a two cent* per rolle, short line dls tance. AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jwuidice, HawUche, Constipation, Paint IB the Bide or Back, Sour 6ton»cb, Dy»P«P«K Liver Complaint, Catarrh of th« Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of the Bladder, Female Werimwa, Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Peporita, in fact all di*»H arising from Liver or Kidney dto- orden. Price, $1.00

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