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The Benton Call from Benton, Kansas • 3

The Benton Calli
Benton, Kansas
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pftllW'l SEVENTY-4TH ANNIVERSARY W. W. PATT ERSPN, Benson Lodge, No. 25, I. O.

O. celtrotecl the 74ri'apuivertiary of Odd fellowship on Wednesday evening at the -DE AMI INr- M. ohurob. Tbe bouse was packed full at 8:45 wbPn Noble Grand John Grow rapped for prer a ad tbe opening neighborhood quarrel, but work for some flood, yon will find yourself benefitted. Make, your surroundings pleasant ond you will feel batter and your property will be worth more money in the market.

I hurridly went to Benton last Friday; I was surprised to see so many people in town. I oould not imagine what caused such 'a 'commotion but on taking a seoond thought I remembered it was Friday and the Benton Call was publish ed on that day. El Dorado papers are only secondary matters nowt It mukes qo difference how many papers we take now, the Call comes up on top and we begin to read. Patronize your home paper and keep it going. Sunflowbb.

ode was sang, afterwniob cams, invoca tion by Kev. Wallace. The musio fqr Mrs. 8. H.

Diokerwou ty vlRiting; her laughter a Qaage Cty tbia wcfc. Tie sure and. ee Sfl Oban's stock of jhoes before yon buy felBfrwherft. You can ajwajja find nioe, fresh bead at Mrs, Simpson'! at 5 oeota per IK" A complete line pi dried frujbi J. 0.

Uenrie'j. I hare 100 buHhels'of wheat slightly damaged for sale at 40 centa per bushel F.S.Parke, Barney Poyle took the train yesterday lor Golden, Kansas, wrij return Monday apoompanied by his chydren, Nice, fresh, oleaij millet seed fqr sale the evonipg was by a quartett under the direotion of Miss Lutie Heprje and was of a high The opening address by Pev. Long was a masterpiece, show ing his ability and ftloquenpa and ex the aims, objeots and results of tbe order. In declamations, Lutie Hen Charley McCune, wife and buby spent Sunday at J. D.

Meliok's." John Basmusson should seud his notes through the, postofiloe when he wishes company of a )ady for an, entertainment, and not by a person who forgets to deliver tbem. Miss Ella tVoss is staying with Flora Harper while the. Dr. and wife are in Wiobita purchasing their wardrobe for the world's fair. Sand, Burnt, GREENWICH GRAZING3.

Tbe farmers will bow take a little leisure as they have their corn iu and most of the hurry of early spring work is over T. Jaques and wife visited at H. Rt Mercer's laat i Mr. Borg wept tq Wichita Monday to foljpw the busiaeis 0f painting. Fred Solters visited, at M.

H. Chambers Sanday. The Piano Binder is a "daisy." E. Phillips Son sell it. George Devore is about through assessing, so he spjs.

Chas Schneider was fuelling corn, for John Kerrick last week. A large and interested audience at general Mmumm Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoes, GROCERIES AND. QUEENSWARE; Highest Market Price Paid For Coum try -Produce BENTON, KANSAS. Bimpsp.o'e. rie, Retta Crow and Ijou Gault covered themselves with glory "and were heartily The' address by Mrs.

Ly4ia Shephard, pf Wichita, whioh explained the objects of the Sisters, of Eebeooa, was M. Qrban will sell yon ahoei ohea ao f1 Dorada or yiobfta. rVou can tell the weight of flsh by look- well received, Mrs, H. C. Gault (hen read a selection, afterwhich remarks for the good of the order by 4D(f at ttieir scales, says Mr.

esnarp. Kice eating potatoes at S. Smith's. $Irs. Walaoe keeps fresh b'ead Straw hats from 25 oenta up at Wallace.

In his remarks he suggested that a collection be taken and a pair of glasser be purchased for the Worthy Tbe Cal was to blame for dimness of tbe program, and, deserved oritioism. The closing ode was sang and (pouches, the "Hole in the Wall." WIaon brothers of Mardook. stpppid a toe lot of porkers Monday to MURDOCH MUDDLINQS, Everything looks blooming ainoe tbe rain; farmers all seem in better spirits. M. Pace and wife qf Whitewater are visiting relatives and friends iq this vicinity, It has been some time since tbey have made ua a visit and we are glad to see them.

E. Davis and wife made a trip to El Dorado Saturday, William McCune and son spent Tuesday in Wichita attending to business. Quite a number will take their stook away to pasture this week. It will be short pioking. Tbe Independence school closed tbis week.

Miss Ada Langdon has taught a successful term and is well liked, Quite a crowd of young folks were on the West Branch fLhing last Saturday. We hope the boys and girls had a good time. W. Stearns and wife will start for Iowa on a visit in a few days. Charles Christ left last week for O.

where he will make his future home. He has bought a good farm; his father bas sold his farm and intends going before long. Everybody should visit their new neighbors, and make them feel ctore like they were welcome among us. What is nicer than a good sooial neighborhood? Miss Mattie McCune bas gone to El- J. HENRIE, tbe order adjourned ot the hall.

1 The finest lot glassware eyer brought tended theEp worth League hold Sunday 45 en ton is now lor 9940 at Henrie ever to Valley John E. Mathers drove Center Wednesday. and conduoted by Bortholf -PEALER IN- A. Mears and son were doing business J.IXMeliok and wife eame up from ndianolu nnday and worshiped at the New goods arriving daily at Patterson's in Wichita Tuesday. narterly meeting services.

Mr. Camel of Wlohita was on our GENERAL MERCHANDISE, FLOUR. GRAIN, COAL Squire Smith oalls it the "Butter Cre Towanda, Greenwich and Andover straets Tuesday. ator." iiad a large representation at the quar If vou want to keep up with the times, Poor Moae Deem, have you seen him terly meeting service on nn day even go with the crowd and buy your twine -AND- He has the mumps bad. ofE.

Phillips Son. Fred Feldner whs iu Wichita laying Eighty-three 'took Communion at the Sweet clover drips are the finest; at VE STOCK BENTON, KANSAS. in supplies Tuesday. jUothodist oburoh Sabbath evening. I'attOTswn only p.uu per buoket.

Mis E. B. Sharp and daughter, Miss here for a tbe loose George Elliot had the misfortune to drive into a wire fenoe while driving home Sunday, badly scratching up his The phonograph man was day this week picking up change. lilut were at Wichita Tuesday shopping Dorado to spend a few days with her Parties owing rae are requested to call ud settle bb I need and must have the horse ond. damaging his bngpy.

Try for the gold watch at Simpson's; JOHN CROW, sisters and mends. Uloveb Leaves. HERE AND THERE, Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dean you get value received if you fail to money.

Jamaa Parks. draw tbe watcb. a bright boy, all doiug well. Tbe Call has inade no attempt what Early sown wheat on low ground is PEOPEIETOR OF- James Riley and Chriss Schneider, Major W. E.

Kilgore of El Dorado ever to soil out, but we may. As we go to press we lind that tbe Alitor has the will deliver an address at the G. A. R. were at Wichita Saturday.

said to be damaged by late frosts. What is now the prospect for fruit? entertainment on Saturday evening mnmps, and wbat will occur in the fu Ruble bas engaged a livery rig for lure oaunot be foretold. may otn. Have sows and spring pigs done well? LIVERY, FEED Sunday night; wonder what is up now Hold your orders for McCormick twine binders until the frosty season is over Go to A Davis for hedge posts. Jacob Schneider was at Valley Center Sunday to see a dear mend.

and then see Sharp. G. A. E. entertain men Saturday and t-veuin, May btu, at tne Jii cnurob.

Jacques went to Wichita Monday A gold watch and a five cent-cigar for to attend tne college. one mokle at Simpson's. If yon are in need of a sewing machine Greenwich has a base ball olub that Sale Stable. Ifo and see M. Orban.

'A Miller organ was unloaded at the can wballop the earth depot yesterday for James Parks. Now Tbe Call family will live- high for a few days now. Mr. W. Litson was in Andy Haas has a field of oats that he is who can it be for? What etomologist can give tbe natural history of the large grey moth.

that swarms into the house when the lamp is lighted? Tbey are something called "candle moths" and "dusty millers." Are they or their progeny pernicious? Tbe suggestions of Sand Burr anent the fish and strawberries merits the best consideration of ail interested, It our riparian neighbors shall be induced to supply tbe necessary fish, it will then devolve on us denizens of the prairie that is Suud Burr and the rett to rustle the berries. With such a protipeot ahead may we not look for uu increase of tbe correspondent family, And speaking of berries it may be remarked tbat.tbe pros peot now seems fair for a crop should justly proud of. to Bie us yesterday and left a bundle of )ie plant and uepuragus with us, both of The Towanda Herald jumps on to Contractor Rich for not giving the mason Benton, Kan, J. WALLACE, BARBER E. Phillips Son are still "hustling' the twine business.

wninrt were nue samples 01 nis product work to Towanda mechanics. Tbe To ve farm. He reports plenty of it al JAMES PABKS, George Elliot has purohased a new wanda men were $14 above the parties to whom the work was given, and we team that are very flue drivers. Foaub sold to H. Herr a fine load Mre Charles Sohneider ha8 a bad spell bopo tbe win oatcb the point.

"Who Btruok Billy Patterson?" That's tfie question, but a visit to his store re of fdt Bteers wbiob were shipped day of heart disease Sunday evening but is recovering we are happy, to report. Farmer and Horse Breeder. 'Tupsday biirht two distinct tornadoes. veals tbe laot that be is too busy mark KANSAE, BENTON, Mercer is working his corn of Lcrriiio bail storm and a waterspout vihiuiJ Oklahoma. Sixty-two lives were Jupiter PulviuB, that's tbe weather clerk's name kindly furnish the necessary ruin.

But why does Sand Burr so ruthlessly seek to tear away our non d'e plumes, those shields of our modesty ing goods and waiting on customers to to struck. wbiob he has a splendid prospect, I EJ3M. Btona Mason. 1 1 1 Layer, Plasterer Auv item of news or matter of Keneial -LYJL Lriok interest in this neighborhood will be white several were fatally rTPti seriously injured. The damage to property was enormous.

Oklahoma City, Cimmarron City, itansome and I. A. Eicb's little daughter Lulu, fell from the bay loft Sunday, striking the and which the use of tend to give piquancy to our efforts. gratefully accepted by your devoted AND BNOW ALL. manger ana breaking her arm bet ween the wrist and elbow.

Dr Hazzard was STALLIONS FOR SERVICE AND HORSES FOR SALE. AGENT FOR BRADLEY WHEELER IMPLEMENTS. Dealer in. Pianos, Miller Organs and Sewing Machine's. Cor It is regretted tbrft there should seem were the towos to suffer worst Cistern 'Builder, to be a necessity to uppresu the discus called and reduced the fracture and Lulu M.

Orban, he AROUND THE EDGES. l)o your trading with will save yju money. sion between Patron aod Sand Burr. Leaving out of sight tbe importance of is doing nicely. Take your poultry and eggs to Patter Charges Reasonable.

The cross is coming slowly, ana so is the suuiect involved and its importance A Dovis says tbe meBsago box, sug- Christmas. KAS BENTON, son; bis pnoes arei eggs, llcents; hens, 7)4 cents per pound. ireKis tuat tne eaitor nx bis stairway or A look over the country will crtainly lie (the editor) may break his fool neck. convince you that late piautmg is not s. E.

Davis, editor and Droorietor of the respondence Solicited and Satis faction Guaranteed. always tbe best, so don taKe auyice, as cannot be over estimated, tbe tree expression of opinion always tends to ad vaucemeut. We all know how wearisome it becomes wben conversationdegenerates into personalities, yet for all this we can consent to forego tbe pleasure and profit arising from a tree interchange of ideas and eeutimeuts. Sand Burr is too magnanimous not to be willing to tolorate Towanda Herald, bas purchased tbe Benton Call, Daily Times. I did from others, as they do not know If you miss tbe campfire and entertainment wbicb will be given by the 011 May you will miss tbe best en THE GROCER any more about it than you do.

I repeat. Tbe Call has not sold out, neither it depends on tbe serson. tertainment' of the season, as tbe pro- bas it attempted it, and it is not for sale. Mr. editor, just book me for your round elsewhere will indioate.

The following persons refered to who have bought strawberries. Much obliged, to "Sand Candies, Nuts, Cigara and To bacco KAN The present editor ownes the paper, body, boots, breeches and all. Seel Bav. Wallace was called to Minneba. Burr," he is long headed, and a very nice gentleman, or lady, as the oase may differences of opinion.

Otherwise be were worthy to be put oh a striot regimeu of fish, without the strawberry accompaniment. Monday to oonduot funeral services; and used those organs: To purchasers of dry goods or notions We were shown a field of Medafisoa be; good looking and all of that, but be done me an injustice when he thought I was making sport of his picture. No to the amount of $2 00 or upwards, I will sell five packages of ooffoe for $1 00. There is a depth of pathos in -the la J. H.

LANGDON, ment of Sand Burr over the tugivusations WW Patterson. no, you are better looking than your piot- mbs the other day by James Parks which tvus fine. Tbs is a new grass here hat will undoubtedly prove a winner. W. W.

Jones. W. H. Slnsn. ot tbe brethren at El Dorado.

But THE BKNTON Wm. McCune. Look for cut and advertisement of ure indicates. lou aocueea me wrong fullv when yon classed me iu the femi wben was it ever different iu that locality 1. W.

Oivinn. H. McOune's Peaoheron Clve horse next ANDOVEK. Ah, dear Sand Burr, we may here see nine gender. It would have been fortu K.

Hibwrirer. It Is rumored that Volney Stiles of week in the Call. bow it looks to uphold party when prin UNDER TAKER. nate for me 11 1 bad been a woman, but Andover, Amos Adams of Plum Grove riatn Tripp. W.

L. Kraclc. Freeman Jamea. ciple 1b all gone. as I sm not will make the best of it.

Upon going to press the announce und T. It; Parcel! of Walnut, will be can If patriotism can soar no higher than Tbe Iudianola soribfl made a ten strike KAN Aleck Koacb. Wm. Kinen. BENTON, ment reaches us that Benton ia to soon have anothar hardware.

the top of tbe pie counter we may look of county treasure whea he called tbe El Dorado fellows didates for tba oil! 3d Uis fall. in vain for the harmony that can come T. H. Means. Dr.

Eaaton. down. They are not worthy of the name only wben private interest is subordi You can obtain the following Drioes for fcthnup. republicans when they will defeat our The Call ia sorry to ave to chronicle nated to general good. Let tbe yim.yam best men for personal or local reasons E.

K. Aim6tron H. F. Mather. CbuHea McCune.

8. Wallace. TVI. K. Church.

Walci Stearns. Cbureb. A. O. Emma Kamsey, I.

O. If. J. B. Fatten.

-E. B. Doyle. W.Kenpdy. TOWAND1.

Inane Hammond. GhriHtian Oburoh. W.E. FiBk. Abe Hens.

John Mayrnr, Fairyievr "Chapel. DORADO. Joe Lines W. O. Auitum.

go on. Tbe feet of tbe youno men are your produce at u. Henrie s. Choice Butter lb Hens an aooident wbicb befell Miss Carrie If tbey were as loyal to the party as is at the door. Pod Snap.

Thomas Olcen. Jobn Conrtcr. fjtewart on Monday afternoon. Her po Benton, there would be no need of rat 16 eents, 1 15 11 If You Want BARGAINS, UKliENWlUtt. Henry TiaHen.

tling guns or such a halla-ba-lu. Broilers Fresh Eggs ny beoame unmanagable and threw her from-the cart against a stump. We are WEST BENTON NEWS. John Bnsh baa a nice driving horse Amanda Hays of Wiobita is visiting John Crow returned from southern for his wife. W.

Bert naif.1 Mrs, Delong, Wm. Salter. Henry Youwr. Thomas Kerrick with her parents and friends bere. pleased to learn that no bones were broken and that a few days will see her out Sorae say the fruit is killed, bnt I can CALL AT- Oklahoma Wednesday noon He is favorably impressed with that country and says it is fast gettiug to the front.

DonnisWinegaruer diwoovered a broken tell more about it when the editor sets rail on tbe Ft Scott railroad recently up the strawberries. While the meadow lark is pouring E. CROUCHE'S whioh he reported to the railroad au Another strike to report this week I forth its spring lay tbe Benton hen is thorities, and in all probabilisy averted Tbis year has fifty-three Sundays; the Billy Patterson has struck the most com Oro-ana Repaired on Short an accident preachers get some rest. Boots nko pouring forth hers. For evidence note dozens and dozens' of nog ingredi Dry Goods, Notions, and Shoes.

plete stock or dry goods, notions and all lines in the general merchandise trade Lang Ramsey and wife visited with If you are going to the world's fair 1 Notice and Satisfaction Guar J.D. Uimmona and wife Sunday. ents that are being shipped from this that was ever shelved in Benton. are' you going to take your wife with you or leave her at borne to do tbe chores? It would be better to decide Cora and Elma Armstrong went to Tbe Walnut Vallev Times has renomi anteed and correspondence so AUTimes.1 Wiobita Tuesday. EfShoe Repairing at BENTON, nated Bob Moore for lieutenant governor two years from now.

Ring off Mr and Mrs Jaeob Hayes and daughter and not keep her in suspense. Those who patronize the Wichita mar licited. Miss Amanda went to Wichita Tuesday. You are hereby notified that theToneka kets should bring their poods home to A curtain voung lady of our vicinity MEAT MARKET was somewhat loneoanie Sunday be did JAMES PARKS. not 00 mo.

gang and the Santa Fe will not, as they usually do, make up the state tioket. You've got to play fair or get hurt. If we'll iiomiate as good, fair and square mon as is Bob Moore there'll be no more trouble in electing the republican tioket. John and Lloyd Hays and families visited tbeir sister, Mrs. Lou Warren of Sedgwick City Saturday and Sanday.

Times. The party at Mr Levering's was well point to other markets. Seven names are on our subscription list this week that were not there last. Not a very large number but enough to show that the Call is steadily gaining ground. Every week sees a few names added to the list, whioh is proof that the paper is regarded with favor by the public A company of sixteen from theM.E Sabbath ecbool went on a fishing and boating excursion to the Whitewater Falls last Saturday.

The day was too col for fieri to bite with neatness and dispatch and the "haul" amounted to fuvmteen small fL-h'; tbe day was fine boating and most all of the party given a pood ride. The aocidents eve: Cloyd Wallace lost his coat and Firul Loug fell into tbe river. attended and all report a very pleasant Correspondence. B. E.

Doyle Prop. 1 i Fresh and Salt Meats Kept Constantly on Hand. Cash paid for Poultry. time. A -oartv of chicken thieves passed Dr.

A. B. Webber, through our neighborhood lately and it ia rumored that tbey stole several dollars worth of poultry from tbe widow Alarsbaii INDIANOLA NEWS. T. A.

Fenton is sowing eome alfalfp. John Morrison is making a safety bi It is supposed that tbe same parties were KANSAS BENTON, arrested at Wichita by a inrmer living in theeaBtcrn purt of Sedgwick county, Physician Surgeon. No oalls responded to during night hours only in extreme cases. GREENWICH, KAN cycle. It ia a curiosity, and John should get it patented.

whose cbiokens were stolen by them. He their family and not leave them for some body else. We should patronize home industry. How about going on a fishing excursion? What has become of the rainmakers; that thing is a fraud, or they surely would go to western Kansas. Sorae people leave their hedge brush in tbe road from year to year.

Why make such discriminations? as such obstructions are a nuisance when left so long. I wonder if some one would grumble if it would rain "Rain, rainer, rainest;" would sound better to me, just now, than "dry, dryer, driest. Mr. McMahill left for Allen county first of the week to take orders for nuresry stock, for W. n.

Litson of Nevada, Mo He will return to Benton about harvest; Those wishing orders for fall delivery should wait and get prices. If you have any property, improve it; paint vour house, clean up your back yard; don't stand round sucking yout fingers waiting for something to turn up. For example, when you go to Benton poet office look on East Hill and yoa will eee the beautiful cottage of Mr. Simmons which is a credit to any town or locality. Don't waste your tune over some dirty was plucky enough to follow -tbem, re It is quite a custom in this part of the cover bis oniosens and nave tbem ar 1 HOWARD SON E.

country to go to Wichita after a wife; after mature deliberation we made up rested. Patience in this matter has ceased to be a virtue, and a number of the farmers have deolared that they will keep their shot-gnus loaded ready for them. i R. F. Moore addresses himself in tbis issue to the republions of Butler county as to tbe best method of nominating tbe Plasterers and Contractors.

ALABASTIXE WORK A 8PECIAU1T' Henrie returned Saturday even-iiljr from 9 ten dys trip to Soott county nnd tb weatern portion of the remarked to the Call man when ticked in regard to crops: "We know urchins crxmt dry weather here as to that locality. Thousands and itousaudx of acres of wheat that was eta last, fall has not sprouted and from fWJa the seed bns brten blown rfy entirely, Feed is very scarce and in irrigated districts ran there be for even a j-artial crois K. IL CREDITOR, IDEIsTTIST county ticket. Read what be suggests and criticise liberally. The Call bo- our mind to try our luck.

So last Sunday we put on our good clothes, blacked our boots, oiled our hair, perfumed our handkerchief, borrowed a good horse and buggy aod struck out for Wichiti all by oursel. Suoeess erowned our efforts; in our opinion we brooght borne one of tbe very best of wives and her nine year old daughter. Tike heart, ye of little faith. lieveb tbis method would work satis factorily and prove a winner. Eee 626 N.Topeka KANSAS 144 Main.

WICHITA, Satisfaction The largest stook and the lowest prioes to be found at Patterson's. a..

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