The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on December 17, 1941 · Page 19
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 19

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
Page 19
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CLUB NEWS- SOCIETY Snider-Ellis Nuptials of InterestHere A former San Bernardino girl, Miss Edith Ellis, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Oma E. Ellis of Riverside, became tho bride of Chesley Snider, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Snider of Arlington, in a beautiful ceremony Sunday afternoon, Dec. 14, at Riverside Wedding chapel. The Rev. A. G. Crockett and the Rev. Frank Henry of the Pilgrim church of Home Gardens, near Corona, officiated, the service starting at 2:30 o'clock. Tho chapel was decorated with pink and white gladioli, yellow chrysanthemums and tall white candles. Preceding the exchange of vows "I Love You Truly" was sung by LeRoy Henry, accompanied by Betty Ellis, and the Kev. Mr. Henry innn "O Promise Me." The bride, escorted to the altar and given In marriage oy ner fathftr. wn. eowned In white satin, with a full-length tulle veil. Her onlv ornament was a gold heart- hnned locket, a Kift from the bridegroom, and she carried a bou quet of orchids, sweet peas ana yei Mr Cimnrern Elllg. sister-ln-laW of the bride, attended her as matron of honor, wearing green lace ana carrying Talisman rosebuds and wpt. noun. Misa Marcella Shrode and Miss Nclda Mae Shrode, the bridesmaids, wore frocks of orchid nni vkIIow taffeta, respectively, and rnrrled sweet neas In orchid and pink shades. Little Joyce Henry, the flower girl, wore a dress of apricot The bridegroom was attended by Allen Bynum as best man. Kenneth Brown and Harold Siler of Pasadena ushered. A reception followed the wedding at the Ellis home, the bride cutting a triple-tiered cake, topped with a miniature bride and bridegroom. After their wedding trip they will reside at the bridegroom's ranch home at Arlington. The bride attended Highland elementary school and Sturgcs Junior High school in San Bernardino, and graduated from high school at Red-lands. The bridegroom attended school in Corona. Both are members and active workers in the Pilgrim church in their home community. Style News; There's No Tax on Ingenuity With Your Old Furs By HELEN FORRIST HALL (Associated Press Writer) All right, all right! We women are foolish. Maybe the men know about it. But we still can save outfaces and look extravagantly pretty even though we missed the boat on buying those new furs. The answer is old furs. If cash is low, why not take what you have and put your imagination to work? For the tax on furs docs not apply to workmanship or added materials, although it does apply to new skins neeed for repairs. It's surprising how much chic can he pulled out of a mere scrap of fur. It may be anything from a bracelet to a tippet, a button to a cape, but whatever you have can go to make something in fashion. In cutting down a large item such fas a coat into a jacket, weskit or capelet see that as much of the fur as possible is utilized, then hang onto the scraps. Creating unusual gadgets is real fun. NOVELTY WITH COLOR To start with, if tho pieces are not too valuable, you even may experiment with color. Fancy colors are smart in small itt;ms. A very uptown New York milliner, want-In? a certain hitrh shade of pink for a hat and muff, dipped white fox into benzine which was tinted witn oil naint and cot the desired color. Dried, the furs were spanked into fluffiness. and the result was a 6wish little hat and g"ay muff, tonned with a rose or two. for which the customer was charged $60! Persian lamb sleeves, which slip on the arm and stay firm by means of elastic bands, have been brought out by one Now York designer. They may be worn over coats, suits and street dresses. You might try the Idea with other furs. TRIMMED WITH RICHNESS Fur bags, purses and muffs have been gaining In popularity and add a rich note to a simple costume. Nearly every town affords a shop or artisan who will make them up, or patterns may be found in home sewing magazines. The same Is true of gloves made entirely of fur, or fur-trimmed. One designer creates long suede gloves with red fox cuffs which may be turned down Into a muff. Shoes, incorporating fur In the body proper, may need to be made by the custom bootmaker, but little bows, loops and trims may be managed at home or by the local dressmaker. The little shop around the corner will make smart fur buttons for you though you may need to have the shoe-repair man make up your matching fur belt. However, If you're handy with the needle, soft cords and chains of fur may be made at home. This is a good place for experimenting with color before the Items are made up. A well-known designer creates link chain necklaces and bracelets and cuts out leopard, backed by green felt, for a lily to wear at the lapel. Another designer appliques flut caracul flowers around tho hips and at tho lapel of simple black afternoon suits and dresses, outlining them with black wool yarn. ANNE ADAMS tot v lit p li PATTERN 4865 What can you give her for Christ mas that will be a "luxury" gift, yet practical too? This pretty lin gerie ensemhle designed by Anne Adams is the perfect answer, isotn the slip and panties of Pattern 4865 are appliqued with a ribbon or lace bow. . .so dainty! The slip is cut in only two sections, front and back and fitted by darts at the waist. Straps are cut all in one to stay in piace nicety, xne nem may do straight or scalloped and edged with lace. Make the little bias panties to match they fit smoothly at the waist. Follow the directions in the Sewing Instructor it helps you to finish this pattern in a jiffy. It wouia oe a stunning gut sei in creamy satin trimmed with ecru lace! Pattern 4865 Is available in misses' nnrt women's sizes 14. 16. 18. 20. 32, 34, 38, 40, 42 and 44. Size 16, slip and panties, takes 3 yards 39-inch fabric. If you want to join the midseason whirl with a new wardrobe order your Anne Adams pattern book today! Brimful of ideas, it's a colorful fashion success-story, with afternoon and after-dark glamour wear, with north and southbound sportsters, with distinctive budgetcer styles for brides, career girls, housewives and the younger generation, Smart nrcessorv tins too and a special gift for you in a free hat and bag pattern. Book fifteen cents. Pattern fifteen rente. Book and pattern together, twenty-five cents. Send your order to The Sun, Pattern Department. MetcalFp.TA. to Meet in Afternoon Metcalf P.T.A. Is canceling Its plans for a Fathers' night meeting, originally scheduled for Dec. 18, nnd Instead will meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the school. Pupils of the fourth, ruth ana sixtn graaes will cresent a Christmas pageant, "How the Chimes Rang," and the executive board will serve refresh ments. The knitting class will not meet Thursday but Mrs. Christine Rtnridnr,! will be at the meeting to give instructions to those wishing them. faille Silk Cosmetic Kit 4 spacious compartments Contrasting lining with flap ...will hold ALL your purse cosmetics... Distinctive print uiffh each dram or a teakd package of SUZANNE'S Secret de Suzanne Perfume at $1.50 per dram piui Fe.i.iai tx THE MOST TALKED OF PERFUME OF, THE YEAR MACK ANI) IMJTIIOFF S. W, Corner Base Line and E St., San Bernardino L. Layette Party Given to Honor Mrs. Stephan Jr. Mrs. Lewellen Palmer entertained Friday afternoon at her home, 3900 Mountain View avenue, nononns Mrs. George Stephan Jr., the affair holnLT in the-form of a layette show er. The guests played bingo during the informal afternoon, prizes going to Mesdamcs Firestone and Wag ner. The shower gifts were presented to Mrs. Stephan in a doll carriage, wheeled in by little Claudette Beverly Kerr. After their inspection refreshments of "gingerbread men" or,H inn cream in baby cups were served, paper dishes reflecting the party motif being used. Greeting Mrs. Stephen Jr. were Mesdames George Stephan Sr., Earl Stephan, Warren Phinney, Charles Firestone, Clinton Hewlett, William Strange, Earl Wagner, Mel Scham-ma and Lewellen Palmer. Woman Aviator Puts 'Wings' on Inn Wall Tn the ever-crowinc number of "wings" hung on the Famous Fliers wall at Mission Inn were added Friday afternoon those of Mary Cal-cano, Venezuela's only woman aviator. A champion of small planes, Miss Calcano, is a charter member of a small band of fliers in this coun-tiv known as the "Grasshoppers," pilots whose main business has been the delivery of light snips to mi government orders. For the company that employs her In her home city of Caracas, Miss Calcano spent several years translating material concerning airplanes and aiding in their sale. About three years ago she decided that there was nothing in the world she would rather do than fly. Ac cordingly, on her next trip to me United States she toon a lour-monm course at Roosevelt neia, jjouk Island. Mrs John Stearns Thaver of Los Angeles, new president of the Cali fornia Federation of women s ciuus, will h miest of honor at the lunch eon meeting of the Riverside Wom an's club. Other special guests will include Mrs. John Stewart of Hemet, state vice-president; Mrs. R. L. Glasby of Calextco. southern district president; Mrs. Harry O. Scai l of Hemet, county president; Mrs. A. G. Kicser, district vice-president; Mrs. S. K. McKenzic, county vice-president; Mrs. Ralph Little, president, and Mrs. H. W. Bailey, vice-president of the hostess club. Mrs. John Stewart of Hemet, vice-president of the California Federation of Women's clubs, was the speaker at the luncheon and program meeting of the Elsinore Woman's club. She brought an inspirational message, stirring in every woman who heard her the desire to put her shoulder to the wheel and aid in guiding the direction taken by world affairs. Meeting Changed by Calvary Guild Group Junior High World Wide guild of the Calvary Baptist church will hold its meeting Wednesday, Dec. 17, at the home of Shirley Conley, 2373 Mountain View avenue, instead of Joan Lockwood's home, as previously announced. The meeting will be held from 3:30 to 5 p.m. U.S.W.vTchristmas Party Slated Sunday United Spanish War Veterans and their auxiliary will have a Christmas celebration Sunday, Dec. 21, at Moose hall, llOOMi E street, beginning with a covered dish dinner at 1 p.m., with the auxiliary furnishing the dessert course. Gifts will be distributed from the Christmas tree during the entertainment to follow. Special! WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS Beautiful Beige SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN, and STYLES and T?AnA k WlMTTTPIn MARTIN UUltCU UJ i. BRIDGE WAITING FOR THE SIGNAL "That fellow's too good a gucsser for me," complained a member of our bridge club recently. "He always seems to' know how to finesse for queens or how to give his partner the lead at a critical moment." We sympathized and asked what had caused the complaint. As we had expected, the expert about whom the complaint had been made had not done any guessing at all. As a matter of fact, one of the marks of the true expert is that he will never rely on his guessing powers if there is any way for him to find reliable evidence to guide him. That's what he had done in the hand in question: South, Dealer East-West' vulnerable NORTH A 10 7 4 10 8 0 AKQJS 852 WEST EAST A 6 3 A J 9 4 3 J ? A J 7 6 S 10 4 0 9 6 3 0 a a o T 1 1VM t SOUTH K Q 9 S 2 V K Q 0 8 7 2 K The bidding: South West North East H Pass 20 Pass 24 Pass 3 Pass 4 A Pass Pass Fass West opened the 10 of diamonds, dummy winning with the jack. Duramv returned a low spade, South putting up the king. But West refused to win the trick. He knew he had to win three tricks in clubs and hearts to defeat the contract but b didn't know just which tricks they would be. If South had the heart ace, as seemed orobable. West would have to trv for three club tricks. But if East had the heart ace, West could lead a heart and get a club return. One thing was sure: East could not have both the ace of hearts and the king of clubs, so West had to make the right decision before South managed to discard his losers on dummy's diamonds. South continued with the queen of spades, and this time West took the trick. The reason for his holdup became clear when East signaled with the seven of hearts. West had aimnlv been waitine to give his part ner a chance to signal. It was then easy to lead a heart to East's ace and get a club return to set the contract. Yesterday you were Merwin Maier"s partner with a part-score of 60 and, with both sides vulnerable, you held: A K 8 K J 5 S 0 A J 10 J 10 9 The bidding: Main Brhenken Ton Jnoby 14 Pass (?) Answer: Bid one notrump. There is no need to jump to two notrump, since one notrump is enough for game. Keeping the bidding low en- How We With the llttttlW?S WE MAKE oint THE BOS - A Now's the time to save not only your car, but your time, energy, and pocketbook as well. In spite of rising prices everywhere SANTA FE TRAILWAYS BUS FARES have not increased! And there's no driving or parking worry, and the frequent depar-tures are convenient for shopping or busi ness trips, in addition, there's a lot more travel satisfaction in the roomy comfort of Santa Fe's Air-Conditioned Buses! ..(J SOUTHERN " I 'M CALIFORNIA T AU.Wntcr 1 i ...n ePCTlVAL KmUr, National rraifuiaii) But SytUm WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER uuiiiuK A.W.Nevolons Happy Parents Of a Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Newton of 1076 Golondrina street are par ents of a daughter, their first child, born Saturday evening, Dec. 13, at 6 o'clock in St. Bernardine's hospital. The baby weighed eight pounds and three ounces and has been named Carole Ann. Mrs. Newton is the former Wilda Liverman and the maternal grand parents are Mr. and Mrs. H. u. (Dibs) Liverman of 349 Aiiownwu avenue. Mrs. J. T. Sivill of Colorado Springs, Colo., is the paternal crva n A mniY of There also is a great-grandmother on the maternal side of the family. She is Mrs. E. O. Bagwell or. ban Bernardino. Moose Mystery Club Plans Holiday bvent Women of the Moose will hold their Mystery circle Christmas party Friday, Dec. 19, at Community hall, 676 Sixth street. A turkey din ner will be served promptly at 12 M, followed by the holiday party and exchange of gifts, revealing laenu- ty of mystery pals for the past year. Those not having mysiery friends should bring a za-ceni gut. The dinner committee is asked to be at the hall at 10 a.m. Ranch Home Bought By Rogers Family Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rogers are changing their residence to 1341 Base Line, known as the old San Bernardino rancho, which they pur-phased from Mrs. Alverda Lane. They sold their home at 774 Twenty- fourth street to Mr. and Mrs. u Needham. ables the opponents to step out if they hope to defend against your part-score. Score 100 per cent for one notrump, 50 per cent for two notrump, 30 per cent for any other bid. QUESTION NO. 944 Today you hold the same hand, and the bidding continues: Malm Schenken Yon Jrky 14 Pass INT Pass Pass Dbl. (?) What do you bid? (Answer tomorrow.) (Released by The Bell Synd., Inc.) The Four Aces will be pleased to an;wer letters from readers If a stamped (3c), self-addressed en velope is enclosed with eacn communication addressed to The Four Aces, care of this newspaper. If you desire the pocket outline of The Four Aces system of Contract bridge, send with your request to The Four Aces care of this newspaper, a stamped (3c), self-addressed, large-size envelope and you will receive an outline without any charge. "KEEP UP JONES'ES!" -BOTH HEAR AND SAVE OW ONE WAY BARGAINS San Diego . . .$ 2.70 San Francisco 5.91 Denver Wichita .... Kansas City. St. Louis ... Chicago .... Alk thi Agent about tht XTRA SAVING on Round TrJsi. BUS DEPOT 279 E STREET PHONE 555-45 i saslEi!iiS 17, 1941 FASHIONS for "4h- Joan Hall Has Gala Party to Mark Birthday Miss Joan Hall, who celebrated her seventh birthday Dec. 10, was given a gala party in honor of the occasion by her mother, Mrs. Har-niH Wall, who entertained a group of children at the family home, 1877 Arrowhead avenue. Both or tne little girl's grandmothers were present to greet her, as was an aunt, Mrs. H. F. Inman, from Long Beach. Games were played during the afternoon, the children receiving prizes for pinning the tail on" a donkey and in London bridge. Gifts were presented to Joan, after which refreshments of ice cream, birthday cake and candy were served. Mrs. H. D. Hall and Mrs. R. O. Nicolay are Joan's grandmothers, who assisted Mrs. Hall in supervising the youngsters at their play. Little guests were Judy Russell, Shirley White, Ann Campbell, Kay Campbell, Gayle Overton, Paula Fagette, Thomas Jones, David Green, Freddie Inman and Floyd Inman Quilted Coon Honsc T': Holies Gift Priced at jvf 0 I Gay floral prints as CT TR 4Ct TisA merry aa Christmas! O Vj CLJj ' Smart wraparound -f C jf QJ J ' style. Pastel on white O I J S & I . $ background. Sizes 12 it fffi to 20. Sketched is . Jflpi 'I only one of many d(SSK' I A ' "'' smart styles In our Ylyi ' iP - I fine robe department! ?f' ( A I'K'aTv " vlti '; 3' (ih I 'IS'' ' 1 crt 27.00 A U V wfev4 V-:,;-1 30.55 AH I ffTOl w V 33-50 AntiXs Ujkmrm Y:i 1 uaijiMii w (it : ft St. John's League Sewing Unit Makes Yule Party Plans Annual Christmas party for the sewing unit of St. John's Episcopal Women's Service league will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. in the parish hall. All women of the congregation, their friends and guests are invited to attend. Mrs. William Hamblen, chairman, and her corps of assistants have promised an interesting afternoon and women attending are asked to bring inexpensive gifts for a charitable institution. Those desiring transportation to the church should contact Mrs. namDien or call the rector's office, 265-45. Mrs. Frank Curtin, president of the league, is calling an executive board meeting for 4 p.m. It is important that a full contingent be present. Mrs. Osdick Returns From Visit in North Mrs. Eudora Osdick has returned to her home in East Highlands after a visit In the Pacific Northwest. Mrs. Osdick spent a month sightseeing and visiting in Washington and Oregon ' 543 3RD ST. FREE PARKING EIITRAHCE Oil 2KD PAGE NINETEEN MILADY . Chapter GH, P.E.O. Enjoys Yule Luncheon Members of Chapter GH of the P.E.O. Sisterhood enjoyed a Yule-tide luncheon Monday at tho home of Mrs. Ben Marti at 3040 Stoddard avenue. Mrs. William Lange of Red-lands and Mrs. Marti were co-hostesses. They used Santa Claus candles as favors on the trays, from which luncheon was served at 1 o'clock. An exchange of Christmas gifts followed the informal hour, and later an original holiday play was presented bv Mesdames Edith Lange, Eunice Marti, Mildred Rohrer, Ida Tibbot and Hortense Palmer. Others enjoying the delightful Christmas gathering were Mesdames Meta Abbott, Ethel Davidson, Marguerite Gilbert, Ann Heinfelt, Dora Howson, Edna Palmer, Nell Patten, Miriam Payne, Lulu Post, Katherine Rowland, Sophia Marks, Winifred Schaefer, Katherine famitn and Mabel Wood. Read the Classified. 9 1

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