The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 1 THOUGHT IV 5EGKJ EVERY ACT TOR DCOPPEP CISARET A-S.HES, FROM FAWNING THEM AROUND TO TOC- IWG THEM 1M--BUT THIS I-=.THE FIRST TIME I'VE SEEM THEM GE ECHY- GCOE [>' INTO THE CARPET WITH A DOS. UM-VAS.' TRe 8UPP6RS VIERe A SIFT, BUT U5EL6SS TO ME/ t AM NOT A PIR66IDB FIXTURE-»-1 HAPPsriTO 6e /MAJOR WOOPLE, INVENTOR AND EXPLORER.'— MOVO IP I MIGHT 6XCWAM66 THESE FOR A 60* OF PSRFECTOS rr \MOULD WAMT CISARS? WHICH TX> 11 HE 6ROOGHT BACK VOli PLAM 0 A HANDKERCHIEF TO OS& Vl AMD WAITED TH& FOR.NWmi 15 C6MT6.' EXPLORES OR. WM6MT- ^^^—^SAIF!,! 1 !, 1 ill Fo/ Ren* 5-rooiu house Wlltnw St. Mcs. linker, Phone i!566. 12/Jl pk 12;29 SV arena use llU'xlO' on nillrnnd Riding Midwest Dairy 1'roducLs Ph 4-1-1? 11|!6 ck tl t-'Jisn cameras for all orc;uil<m& a a i -KKN tj STUDJU v^-ek-ii I-'UR IlENT: etozeD food locker* HiayincKK Highway 61 Phone SHU 812:1 C k u New four room house, electric lights, on good gravel road, school bus and city route, 3',a miles from town. G. F. Tucker, ph. 6831. 1220 pk 28 New 3-room furnished house. All ejecinc klu'hpn. Adults only. 510 Purk St. J'tionc 2072. 12.27 pk 13 4 room House, lurriislied or unfurnished. 710 Jamison. 12,23 pk 31 Notice ,* LIVE STOCK MEN *' ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, tallen and crippled animals picked up free ot sterilized tracks. Call collect, 6142, Uly.the- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. H!2] pk 1[21[50 To All Our Friends and Customers Merry Christmas iMay we express our sincere appreciation and f hanks for your patronage and favors rendered to us in the past year. It is our desire to be of continued service to you. V May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 12-21 ck tl Fireman Moves the Fire Close to>Water Supply WURTSBORO, N.Y. —<fl> ( —When water couldn't be brought to a PIANOS Ten year factory guarantee TUNING Wilh Hie world famous Slroboconn — II lakes Ihc guesswork out of liming. RADIO REPAIR Every job absolutely puar- anlecd by a bonding company. Music Instruments And supplies of nil kind; | from guilar picks lo bass violins. Recordings We make records of ynuri' voice ami music on permanent records. j Everything in Music ( SROOKS Music Store 107 R. Main Tel. 811 fa CAMEO By Virginia Teale c*w<*". i*». MCAS«V«X IHC TIIK KTOItYi Juttl a* Slriihnnir SrulfV [irejin Audrey Vnkov t« rich i-HlIiiB a)>uur K vnltinhlr cnnro lock*! for mi per. ihnr will rlrnr ll.iR-nr itlnlr nf ntunlrr riiwri;«-». Sft-jiliniilo frnm hfi>, hninn-ntd to > XXVIII QHARLIE K&DDY slammed clown the phono and looked up at Trotter standing in the doorway. "Well," he spread bolh hands in an expression o( defeat, "there goes our missing link. Ynkov's in the hospital with a cracked head. May or may not live. They found him in the alley back jf Bob's Place—that's the bar. you know. One of Bob's customers, full to the gills, went out back to get a little fresh air or something and found Yakov, lying on his face. blood on the back of his head, and a smashed ha If-gallon demijohn nearby. No fingerprints on it, of course." "Nice!" Trotter commented quicUy. "Yeah, you bet. Nice!" noddy's mouth was a taut, pale line. He struck his right fist hard into the palm of his left hand. "The Chief's righU We're a bunch of yokels in Dolorosa! A bunch of Keystone Cops playing games while the citizenry is getting knocked off right and left!" Trotter-gave his attention to at- ting his pipe into its battered leather pouch: "No use wasting time maligning ourselves," he declared. "Lei's get downtown and learn the particulars. Somebody ought, to be near Yakov constantly in case he becomes conscious and is able to Islk." "May I come, too?" Stephanie's face was worried and fearful. "I don't want to slay here alone!" Reddy nodded concernedly. "No, you can't stay here, that's a cinch. Tel! you what—why don't you pack up your toothbrush and oa- jamas and we'll get yon a room at the Casa Kosa; you'll be safe there, lE's right next door to where I live and I'll check with you Irom time to lime," • * * £JHIEF PETERS and Charlie Reddy sat opposite each other in two wicker chairs surrounded by the scientifically contrived cheerfulness of the bospiUil's second floor wailing room. Reddy straightened his shoulders and look the ball: "Well, you say PficfTcr told you ho suspects Tom O'Neill because of that weaving tool Tom borrowed from him to incise his potlery." "Yeah. Pfieffcr claims the thing was the right stze and shape to've inflicted the wounds In both Falter and Mrs. O'Neill," "But he didn't have another one like it to show you?" The Chief shook his head, repeating once more a description of the instrument as PficfTer had given it to him: "l,ong, thin, steel thing with a little handle. PfiefTer says he used k for picking out threads in his weaving. Described it as an oversize bodkin with a sharp point. Ever see a bodkin?" Reddy looked puzzled, "If 1 had, I wouldn't know it from a began." The Chief pursed his lips and expounded: "It's a large-eyed blunt needle for drawing tape or ribbon through a loop or hem. I looked it up in Webster's. Pfieflor told me this gismo of his was like that except for the large-eyed, blimi pnrL This thing was sharp, and about four inches long on the business end." "What would Tom want with it?" "I told you. He wanted It for incising sgrafTitto work on his clay poUs." "SgrafTitto. Of course. Naturally." Reddy waved an arm wildly. "Clear as mud!" "Oh. you've seen sgraffilto. It's Unit rough-textured • pottery that looks like it'd been scratched with pin or something on [he outside. When the clny is what they call 'green'—that is, before it's been baked or glazed—the potters sometimes scratch that roughness OHIO it for a special elTccU They use kinds of queer gadgets to unusual surfaces. You know those wire flower-holders? Folia I know who has a pottery up in the canyon spefiali/es in little lambs, lie makes 'em woolly-looking by punching the green clay with one nf those sharp-pronged flower holders. Tricks in all trades, you kiunv." Reddy scratched the stubble that was beginning la appear on his checks. "And L'ficfTer thinks this sgrnfTilto thing could've IHMMI the murder weapon? Did he say why tie thought Tom might hove done it?" "He babbled a lot of stuff about Torn being jealous of Fa her and Nell—he seemed scared to death, wanted me to give him polk-e protection. I pointed out to him that it couldn't have been Tom, since he has a foolproof alibi for the time of both murders. He was in Bob Knox's back room." J>EDDY brought out his notebook: "Lei's f*o over all the alibis otice more. Suppose we sinrl wilh Hagar's." Pelcrs thumbled through his notes. "Not much use check ing that, she's the one who just plain hasn't got an nlibi. That's why she's in jail, my boy." "I'm prclty sure you can rule her out, though. Chief." "Why should I? There's a lot lhat points right lo her. Who was righl smack-dab in Walter's house just after the murder—maybe right at the lime o( the murder? Who's studio was Nell O'Neill's body found i/i? Who was it gave us a big mum bo-jumbo about bo- ing down in Dana Point at the barbecue pits when Mrs. O'Neill was killed? Who had the cameo in her possession and claims she didn't know how it got Ihere? Huh? Nobody but llagar Blair, a tough old gimlet-eyed doll who looks like she'd commit a murder soon's she'd fry an egg!" (To Be Continued) fire R daring fireman took the fire to water. The Wurtfiboro fire truck dashed a half mile up WurLsboro Mountain Find found a truck loaded with excelsior ablaze. Insufficient water was available to fight it. Leaping into the blazing [ruck's hot seat, Fireman Duke Semonite sped down the mountRin. He parked beside the village hydrant. The fire wns extinguished in a few minutes. FOR SALE Concrete culveru iz inch to 4« Inch, plain 01 recnlorced Also Coiidrctt Kuilcilng Kl«rlu cheap er than lumber for barns ch'.-ken hiinscs" pump hnu se », imam lioiises. tool jhrrts Wt drlivcr Call us for tret estimate I'honc 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THE .GRAVTS CQMR^ft I^EAI l6l\S / Real Estate •- MoHqaae Loans - Insurance £SCIOIA - BlYTHEVItlJ 521 Phone 3075 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. 1*AGB NIWB MERROi, All Work Guaranteed i'"or 12 Months 531 Norlh ICIth I'hnne 6001 $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup oWed'doy's Price LU OQ LU Q' to Yes, the price will be reduced $10 every cloy until the truck's sold. Wednesday's price, $G95; Thursday's price ?G85, etc. if it's still here. This truck has good tires, excellent body, and motor has been completely overhauled. Don't miss it! $ 695 • OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS 1948 Studebaker Commander S-Passenger Coupe 1947 Chevrolet 2-door 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1946 Srudebakcr Champion 4-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1940 Pontiac 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY vwr, BOY.' YOU'RE NOT , 1 LIKE WEARING YOUR BCAMIE .' / f]f W IJO ? I'M RSALLY KWOTEt) r i i — " • TT-IER.E ! COMFY? ) COMFY (S MDT PRC-OSEUY THE »«flO"Wi RISES TS> W LIPS. MASTER FEKKLKS ' ^w.^^^^A^^i* 5 ™ f ^ ^1S"X ^^ N - v^Sl^-v "Yes, it's the same imclas and aunts again! Pop says j he's getting used to that cot we always borrow from you, but he's glad it can't talk!" 1'RI.SCIl.l.A'S i'OI HY AL VERMERH i HOPE n ^ SOMETHING THAT WILL PAT TEN OUR. BANK ACCOUNT! I DON'T \ KNOW ABOUT OUR BANK .. BUT IT WILL SURE FATTEN US! FROM THE BOSS! BY MICHAKL O'MALLEY snd RAI CET BACK IH THfBf, MONTf! CAN'T I TURN MY BACK FOR TWO MINUTES WITHOUT You TRYING TO 5HEAK OOr? THE UNDERSTANDING WAS YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME HOUSE _^ WITHOUT ME. WEIL, I MIGHTAS WELL DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE WHILE I'M PENNED UP HEfiE. I'll. PRACTICE PITCHING CARDS. DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE, PHWEE9 IWQUISITIVE TWIUSACE eEUe>JOFTHE THUG WHO LOOK. A TRUCK IS STOPPIW HERE, TOO) AW THAT GOEILLA 15 TALKIU 1 TO TH' DRIVER.! HE ' L: - COMIKt' IU HERE WEXT' VMEGOTTA FIND SOMEPLACE TO HIDE MU'T ITRISKV UULOADIM'THIsy TO PASSERS-BV STUFF UEX.T DOOE. TO TH' / WE'KE LfMLOMVMG MERCHMJDISE FO« 6TOE&,JOE.... QUICK, GEI IF THAT BULLY CATCHER US SUOOPIU' AEOUMD HEKE. AGAFM.HE'IL SKIU Us M SROAD DAVLIfillT? BUT *T MIGHT IT MOULD LOOK SUSP1OOJ6! HUGS UUNN* PrtOOEV/ YOU INVITE ME FOR WATCH YER B-3REAKFAST, AN'/ SLOOP YOU'RE STILL, 1 PRESSURE, POC... YOU'RE: A N-NO-&OOP LAZY SUNNY/ THESE NEW ELECTRIC ) BLANKETS WITH TH' < BUIUT-1N BREAKFAST*/ -/ QUIT SQUAWKIN' AN' GRAB A PLATE/ YER TOAST AN' EG6S READY/ AIN'T YOU'RE 1 KEETPIN STILL BY V. T. HAMUN YES...HBRE IN THE >' ME/XN v -x STORY OF THE OF •. mmM*£t/m HOOTS AM) MICH HI 11)1)1 KS

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