The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on November 4, 1943 · 17
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 17

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1943
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THE BERGEX EVENING RECORD. THi;USnT. NOVEMBER 4. 1943 He Looked Like Film Star, Made His Career Identical - - John Hubbard Resembles Bob Montgomery But Didn't Let It Bother Him PAGE SEVENTEEN COMEDY AT THE ORITANI "1 By BOBBIN COONS Hollywood, Nov. 4 Rule: No actor who looks like an established star can hope to get anywhere. Exception: John Hubbard. SAW HIS DOUBLE " " t, u i w i most exactly the career of Robert A few years ago Robert Mont- Mont gomery matog a movie called! MontgomJ chcked in ictures ''FiSt?.J??riM-ls a . smart-aleck, cocktail, new actor on the set and said Sa '.jshaking ne'er-do-well-, white-tie- "V- ft,nrnnvhand'-tail Montgomery didn't studying you and its uncanny, the like jt n ,t his u way we look alike. But it pajd off The new actor's name then was. By the time Hubbard came alone. Anuioiiy niicu, vcb imicu uii me cocKtan snaker wasn t so him by Mervyn henoy, wno nad 'smart" and "sophisticated" but made "Anthony Adverse" by Her- Hubbard played glib, smart-aleck, vey Allen and figured the combi-jwhite-tie-and-'tails boys, nation lucky. Back In East Chi- cago, Ind., where he was born and TONTGOMERY, always wanting grew up, his name was Jack Hub-jiU to do some first-rate acting bard. It became "John Hubbard" j finally bought himself a story and, when he left M-G-M for Hal after years of argument and plead-Roach's studio, and has remained mg, won studio permission to do it John Hubbard since, but no mat- j He played a psvchopathic, babv-ter what the name he keeps look-;faced killer and "Night Must Fall" ing more and more like Robert; was a dilly of a movie Montgomery, younger edition. j Hubbard has always wanted to 'get a first-rate part too. He isn't MONTGOMERY, apparently, nev- sure that he's had it vet, but his er resented the resemblance.; latest picture is a little number He used to give Hubbard friendly called "Whispering Footsteps." In advice: "You've got a future in this; it he plays a baby-faced hero who business," he said once, "and here's might or might not be a killer, one way to make It sure: no mat- j and nobody's telling you until the ter what part you're acting, nor end. how tired you are, get up there j If it were a "big" picture (which and maice it plenty clear mat you re , it isn't) the Hubbard-Montgomery V Judy Canova, Dennis l)ay, and Krnest Trurx are featured in "Sleepy Lagoon" at the Oritani Theater, Hacensack. "Behind The Rising Sun" is the co-feature. 2 SLEEPY -EYES MAKE PICTURE But Writer Asserts It Won't Turn Out That Way At All HE WAS INCORRECT uy tuism. i uu.s t llywood, Nov. 4 - Ordinarily f- i ; , i innouncement ot a new movie jt "-, -y AT FOX r- I IV - ' ' I ' V . . ..... J i JT!1 3S Music News And Views By ROGER S. VR EEL AND SVELTE SOLOIST doing the best you can And what came of it? Whether by accident or producer design, the Hubbard career has paralleled al- parallel might go on to bring big time stardom to Hubbard now. But at 30 he still has plenty of time for that. -Hollywood Horizon- StuntMan's Average Age44; No Youngsters Are Found By HAROLD HEFFERNAN. BERGEN PLAYERS IN NEW COMEDY Film Briefs What The Stars Are Doing In Hollywood Studios 'Tut Tut Matilda' Here For Three Days The Bergen County Players will inaugurate their fifteenth season tomorrow night through Sunday with a new musical comedy at the Playhouse, Howland Avenue, Hack-ensack, entitled "Tut Tut Matilda", written and directed by Ann Van Blarcom of Englewood. Eight husband-hungry girls afflicted with a spinster aunt provide the plot. The production has been under the general supervision of Miss Van Blarcom, who, after graduating from Englewood High School, where she was a member of both the dramatic and glee clubs, worked for the Shu-berts and Hammersteins in several productions. She was active with the Greenwich House Players, the Y. M. C. A. Players, and the Atlantic Guild, a group of actors, authors and painters who staged original productions at the Provincetown Playhouse. She has also appeared on a program over Station WQXR under the personal supervision of Alfred Krymborg, noted poet and anthologist. Miss Van Blarcom has been an active member of the Bergen County Players for a number of years. The cast is as follows: Paris Mestusi, internationally known concert dancer who holds decorations from three kings and I who was for three years Josephine Bakers dancing partner at the Folies Bergere in Paris, has been signed to make his screen debut in musical numbers of "Rhapsody in Blue," the story of George Gersh win. HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 4 At least three grandfathers, any one of whom will jump off a 200-foot cliff or do a double flip in midair, are among 22 stunt men engaged to take the bumps in Humphrey Bogart's new picture, "Passage to Marseille". Average age of the men is 44. "Age is secondary to knowledge and experience in stunting," explained Harvey Parry, studio representative, who cast the men. "A young fellow with too little experience might kill himself the first crack. These fellows are never in any real danger because they know how to tumble and roll." Himself a former stunt man, Parry has retired at the age of 44 after doubling for nearly every well-known star in Hollywood, including many women. He is the father of a 24-ycar-old Marine and a 22-year-old daughter. Among the older stunt men on this picture is Richard Talmadge, who is 56. Talmadge can still fall 50 feet onto a thin mat and do a double somersault from a standing position. "Talmadge is a good example of why the average successful stunt man is middle-aged," explained Parry. "He served his apprenticeship as a professional acrobat before coming to Hollywood. Then he spent 7 years learning the perfect timing and co-ordination necessary to stunting. It takes at least that long to make a stunt man." TILM audiences will be given what amounts to an X-ray glimpse By BOBBIN COONS Holly the annou romantic team leaves us somewhat less than palpitating with excitement, but when it became known that Georfie Sanders and Virginia Bruce would pair off in something: called "International Zone" we reached up on the shelf, took down' it. right out loud:' Gee",' Whiz'"' "ursc' a"d had a coo U"U1 f0" ' dav, and a twtce-a-weefc denning For here was not the usual prom- !oman, and Leo. who looks after lse of fiery passion, of deathless he horses and cars and grounds love in the face of death, thousand tilings generally, doubtless these choice cliches will -i nover twked in mv life, but appear in the ads. Here was some- i m learning. I've also done a lot thing different, the romantic team-if housoclcaning, and laundry, and ing of r master of shut-eye with a Vcl-makiiig. Mv bed is seven feet graduate student of relaxation. Iuare, and I break my back mak- Seootlng out to Virginia's six-'ing it. but I still love it. I've also acre retreat in Pacific Palisades, helped Lee deliver a baby horse, we had entrancing visions of the 'one nu:ht when we couldn't get the possibilities. Leonid Moguy, the di-;vet. The vet told us how by tele-rector, ready to shoot a scene. Over ii'nne, and the little lilly's the in some dark corner of the static, ciUest in the world stretched out in a chair, snoring And that's how Miss Bruce's life gently, the Prince of Languor, Mr. I has been It's being good for us," she I still love to Sanders, whose notion it is that toe much energy is wasted by too many j opined. "Ot course people in idle motion. In another I relax but when?" dark corner, the blonde Miss Bruce! curled up cozily. a snoring beauty. CENTRAL REOPENS ivir. ivioguy waiting up Mr, Manners who drops off again while Mr. Mo guy wakes up Miss Bruce, Miss! Bruce dropping off while Mr. Moguy reawakens Mr. Sanders, and so on. But we're afraid now It won't be that good. As we approached the house, Miss Bruce called from an upstairs window over the whirring of a vacuum cleaner that she'd be right down. She came down, neat in skirt Can music be used effectively in a penal Institution? This question will be answered by J. Stanley Sheppard, chaplain at Sing Sing, at the annual fall conference of the New Jersey Federation of Music Phlhs Satnrriav at the! Hotel Walt Whitman, Camden. i Dr. A. O. Michener, Philadelphia ijj organist, conductor, and teacher, i will speak on "Music and Our J Young People". t O C onnell To Sneak Mrs. Lewis James Howsll of Camden, president, will also Introduce Charles OConnell. music director Wallace Bcerv is starred In jof R. C. A.. Camden; Guglielmo "Salute to the Marines", an all- ISabatlni, conductor of the Trenton Technicolor picture currently at ! Symphony Orchestra, and Miss the Fox Theater, Hackensark. i Mildred Buzby, president of the camacn soroptonust Club. Musical portion of the day's program will feature Jesse J. Trvon. U. S. N., musician second class, young violinist of New Jersey who has been soloist with the symphony orchestras of this country and Canada. Mrs. Arthur T. Hafela of Orange, Liberty District President, will announce plans for the Liberty District luncheon to be held November 17 at the Henry Hudson Hotel, New York City. The New Jersey Federation is increasing Us scope of Interest and has sixty new affiliates in the State. At the Conference Mrs. Howell will welcome into the Federation the Irvington Civic Chorus, and the! Belleville Junior Harmonic Club. Convention dates to be announced are April 27 to 30 in Newark,, the Junior Competitive festivals for North Jersey clubs March 19 and 26, and the mld-wlntcr board meeting, January 29, In Trenton, WITH LUCAS RANI) Passaic Theater Will Feature All-Week Operation At Popular Prices Under the banner of Warner Bios, management, the Central Theater. Passaic, opens Its doors tomorrow at I P. M. with a program of stage and screen entertainment. Clyde Lucas and his orchestra will be the featured stage attrae- I i ' ' V ; ' ! .Ii!" - 'K., s !'.'' ' lit 5 1 i ' r -a t c 1 ';? - , . V', f i l 1 i . t . if ;s j. - t . i i . V I - j j; , ... ...... m I tj k 1 t(,.n itiliirlMir, Tonin V?lllf a ml into the workings of the show world when "Three Cheers for and sweater, a smile on her pret-jPauj Wis. other featured attrac-the Boys" reaches the screen. ty Irish map (the real name's; ljons mriudc cliff Edwards Uke- Picture opens witn a snot oi a tneatrical mask, tne voice oipriggs) ana expuunea sne a get a;!rle Ikc) direct from Hollywood the Berry Brothers, featured dancers Arvid Sievertsen, seaman, convalescing in Hollywood after surviving four ship torpedoings, was sent by the National Maritime Union to operate a winch on a freighter set in the Hal B. Wallis film, "Pas- which will say: "I am the theater ... I am the spirit of all actors . . . the acrobat the singer the dancer the clown ... I am the ! motion picture screen. . . . The villain the hero the extra and the star. And like the rest of the world, I too, have gone to war. . . ." Vaudeville is shown gasping its last breath at the Palace and then the action moves to Filmland, with an all-star cast taking over. Story of Hollywood's Victory Committee will be told at length, with its service board posting gold stars for Carole Lombard, Leslie Howard and Tamara; service flags for Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, James Stewart, Henry Fonda and others, and overseas eagles for the picture, revealed recently she has had exactly four months off in the past 10 years. That, it should be pointed out, is the price one pays for being good. Miss Watson is now working with Errol Flynn and Paul Lukas in "Uncertain Glory." War-induced shortages of meat, gasoline, shoes, rubber, and all the other items are okay with film actor Jack Carson, who rose to Princess O'- Helen Martin J'onnt Grace Lvnch Judv .!"."";;;.'.'';;.'.';.'. iiazei Holme"! stardom after doing 5! II M" Nelson Rourke Jovct Loretta Cunneen nI Ann Van Blarcom Maldn Ruth Hlldman. Pat Sullivan. DorisSmith Matilda Whitehorse Gertrude Splndler Muzzle Janice Holtle Joe Allyre iJoseohmei . .Walter Snindler J"i Ray Mielbrerht Buck Ben Heubel jed Joe Casey Counsellor Straishtlace Roland Johnson Orvllle Overtake Sr. . Montv Salmon Jr. Orvllle Jr Bob Tinker Frenchle jean Lagrue Mac Jack Lvnrh Im Leslie Wilkinson Jr. Granda Plz Lucille Rockefeller The Hadlevs Themselves Gertrude Splndler, who plays the part of Matilda in the production, studied dramatics at De Paul University under David Itkin of the Moscow Art Theater. She also played at the Goodman Theater, Chicago, during this period. Later she appeared in stock in San Antonio and on the West Coast. She room tidied uur last visa ncre nacl Been pre-iof "Panama Ilattie" and "Lady Be w-r, and Miss Bruce, surrounded' r-.i" t.,i,, m.. nH r?nui by luxury and five servants, in her I inliins fnr rnmcriv. The screen at- big fine house, had discoursed onltr,,tion is -Sherlock Holmes Faces the joys of laziness. Death" with Basil Rathbone and In the two years since, she had ; iscx Bruce, been widowed by the death of J.j ti,h ilirv nf the new mnnasc ISONG RKVIVFI) The song "I Ain't Got Nobody Crazy Over Me" which Jimmy Durante wrote in collaboration with his drummer, Jack Roth, over twenty years ago has not only Bing Crosby Interested in singing it but now, Harry James has come forward and wants to do a recording of it. Bing will sing the song on his program just as soon as copies can be printed by the music publisher in New York and likewise James will do the recording as soon as he receives his copy and is able to make an arrangement of it. This is how Georgia Carroll appears In Kay Kysrr' newest mot i in picture. "Around the World." She will appear as vocalist with the Kyser orchestra. IN MOTH.KR ROLE Olive Blakeney, the Mrs. Aldrlori in the popular Henry Aldrlch series, again plays a mother role In "Tha Navy Way," new Pine-Thomas production. She appears as the screen mother of Larry Nunn, portraying a young Navy recruit, in the picture which was filmed for the most part at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station at Great Lakes. 111. ' Bar-Buffet OPEN EVENINGS Specialties From Our Electric Grill sage to Marseille." Sieventsen's winch hoisted Hum-imany who have gone abroad to entertain the troops p rey Bogart, Helmut Dantine, and We don't think the producers are going to stand for any self-Peter Lorre from a canoe 30 feet 'ridicule in this film, however. A peek into the script shows the into the main deck. traduction of a producer described as follows: "An intelligent, mid- die-aged man seated behind his desk." Lucile Watson is a little tired. I ..... The venerable actress who scored TpHE special effects boys continue to amaze. Their latest is an notably in "Watch on the Rhine," X ice-cold cigar, producing ersatz smoke, so that first-time smokers Bette Davis-raul L.ukas starring won't become ill. A seouence in "The Sullivans" chronicles Dad Sullivan's method of curing his five young sons of their desire to smoke. As the boys are played by five youngsters from 6 to 14, Director Lloyd Bacon was averse to using real cigars for the scene. In the script the boys become violently ill, but Bacon wanted to avoid that on the set, so he appealed to those miracle workers, the special effects men. Their solution was a classic. The cigars, not a brand to be found at any tobacconist, were packed with dry ice instead of tobacco. A little water added to the phony stogies produced what looked like smoke. The camera was fooled and the five kids re mained healthy. Still a wonderful place, this Hollywood. Walter Ruben, the producer. She had had a son, Christopher Ruben i her other child is Susan, daughter of the marriage to the late John Gilbert. And war had come. , ... "All the gals are in the same boat, as far as help is concerned," sh-: said. "I'm lucky I've a grand mcnt calls for all-week operation ot popular prices. Clement Murphy is the managing director. SIIK'S GROWN IP Dorothy Gish, widely known silent movie ingenue, reappears on screen in "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" as Gail Russell's mother. a . IS fir" f.O J HARRY (HOP-A-LONG CASSIDY) SHERMAN is making elaborate nlans for a film based on the life of Tom Mix, late cowboy hero But he does miss ice cream 10f the screen. He wants Joel McCrea to play Mix, but that appears and badly. It's his weakness. 0ut of the question as Joel has given up screen acting for the dura- "It's food and drink to me," hejtion. explains. "I like to go home eve-i Nursery note: Lana Turner returned from her vacation in the nings and cat a quart and get stiff ;East to find her infant daughter hardly recognizable. The baby, who frozen stiff." (required two blood transfusions after birth, now weighs 14 pounds land is sprouting two lower teeth. Bill Edwards, who appears in "Our I Ann Sothern went to Marfa, Texas, to be near her husband. Rob- Hearts Were Young and Gay," was ert Sterling, who expects to graduate soon from the Army Flying once a rodeo star prior to ms ar-;school men. After twelve aays, auring wnicn sne saw cod a ioiai rival in Hollywood and motion pic- jof three hours, Ann telephoned her sister in Hollywood to come turcs. Ikeep her company. played in "Springtime for Henry" on Broadway a few years ago and has directed Bergen County Player productions for the last three years. Curtain for "Tut Tut Matilda" is at 8:30 P. M. RESEARCH IN HOLLYWOOD Because so many of America's citizens are familiar with conditions in wartime Washington, a special camera crew was dispatched to the capital before shooting started on the Paulette Goddard-Fred Mac-Murray co-starrer "Standing Room Only." Scenes in the capitol were matched at the studio. TALKING BIRD DEBITS Raffles, the talking mynah which has earned a wide reputation on the radio, makes his debut on the screen In "Rainbow Island," Tcchni color musical headlinging Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Bracken, Gil Lamb and Barry Sullivan. T a nnruiMP starts tomorrow CiCitCL IlrrN Nh FCm CNTmE WEEK t Jwwv,w U L.I1II1W Cantlituou. Prf. t Popular Prke ON STAGE! SONNY IS THINNER Sonny Tufts will be 15 pounds lighter in his next Mark Sandrlch picture with Paulette Goddard than he was in "So Proudly We Hail." He lost the weight on a personal appearance tour, but the lass is okay since he plays a soldier back from the Solomons. Time Schedule JKRCEN Lucky X 7. n: Bpltflre 3. . K. O. -AriTOI-Alr Power 3 11 4 M. ' U. 10 32: Scandal 1, 3 43. 07, 31 KI'KI.KA Face it 3 36, 7, .M: Alerl . 1 J. II 40 tNiii.Kwoon Start 3.15. 7. 10 30 : 011- iW.leevi- 3 10. D M MHIAN i..hokni Matrtmnny I 33. 01, 8 40: T.rlii hi M 11 III id rqx Murlnu 1, 4;'lS, 7:30. 10 4V Blond"i. f 11. I 00. B 31. HVW4T r-orrd 3 3. 7. 1(1 03; Crrw . I 1", (1:60 UNcdl.N Altfi 1, 3 45, fl Id. 30 . OKITANI Utnori 1 03, 3 47. 6 33, 0 13 Kun 1 07 i m 1 n in 17 "M.Arr. Urrrny 1,40, t 40; B'.IMllclorl 'AKK LANK Lucky 3 30. 1. 3D: BH 3 IS 'os. rAHCAf'K Dutroyfr 3 33. 7, 10 01 Humour 3:10. 40, PI AA Mnrlnei 3 3, 7. 10 05. BlenrlPi 3 10. 55 ti rtM ANNr.-H'upicirm 3 50. 7. 9 50 Urr.nv 1 50. i i( 1 'V''Ts5nt 1 10, 7:10. 10.35; Mrinr lAl to rsMnr t 53, I 33. RooklP ' 7'05. 10 10 TAUYArmy il 30, 110, :5. 7 JO TATt,Or 1 40. 4 10 t 40, I 10 Hull ,JI '0 3, 4 30. 7. t JO TIAVrrK .nrrenr 3 II. I 41: SlKPlcInn UKELELE IKE Direct from HOLLY Vkxkjt WOOD .3 ii i' 5 o and his NEW b ORCHESTRA featuring Teenie REIUY Paul LEWIS 10 -ft W igr . m Hit mm W em mm They force their daughters into Geisha palaces babies! SEE IT ALL! r. 44 Si mmmmmmmmmm , ii how i n X I I fc' : .1 nAiiiiiik mi KJ ' M1U"IW i r; ' L.jhYM tost WW r ,-irv Vr c " I; V'it , 1 Jf,m-j:.-i".y : I I I III rilPAD!0 WW ; v I i VOW ON SkV rW.: J in I cv-iiihi-uiui t rrJ WEEK Beginning THURSDAY a 1 ' NOYtMBtK 1 1 tl THEATRES MUMI ters into beisha palaces s , -szj-rs vs. -manhandle captive t )SfW . - women wage war on 4fss Lr$v&J ? . ' l.l:..i rrr it mi W tH t:, : . w C -...'' htBAINTER Zt(r ,t(aMU)0WEH F ! ill I I iln' II I rill ii In ft ALLYN JOSLYN-EVELYN KEYES EDMUND LOWE JOHN HUBBARD ANITA LOUISE Willi MARGO TOM NEAL J. CARROl NAISH ROBERT RYAN OLORIA HOtDIN PLUS JUDY CANOVA - DENNIS DAY "SLEEPY LAGOON" lW tit, lAtoil.iii ft jiiiUlHii! h' 1i hm a dm v CMrtr.rurv dii irrt pwtf Mm Huh IKM'li Bi'lty III I TON "LET'S FACE IT" 2nd ACTION HIT 'SUBMARINE ALERT' Ki.hord AKI.KN Wrndr BAKKIK SlHrrint MEN of thi ARMED FORCES and orocr JOkH It onid MURPHY LESLIE REAGAN eroMQt ALAN CHirl XUI T0IIAJ HALE IUTTIBWOIITH IWItH III0O ThnnkTourncMiar9 UIUILIIUUU . CILDCKSUCVt f BAD DAY" EDWARD G.R0B1NS0N 'Dl&TQOYfR h MJinill ''FOOTLIGrlT GLAMOUR iHAlfiLt 'ABOVE SUSPICION 1 mCUWFMO ut HiiMWIRAY 5 Manna FAUUTH VEtONICA 1 I UIVHROI GRAV IN COtOR MM "ADVI MI1IIS lli:mtihrf Bonrl OI I 4111 1 " lldli- Davia 'Holy M.ilrioionv Krrol Mvnn HiUiiHHim "THANK VOI R .V.-nVWrR!!.. '"hJLS2"" "shrrlnrk llnlirrm Plu- Hflrrtrd iVarpn Ir4th" Short Huhkrts IALTQ "CASABLANCA" Humphrry HOGART Imrld HFROMAN i i 'Qfvrf A UNIVIMAl KCTUE ON SCREEN RATHBONE BRUCE erocktfottne$ FICES DEATH lOMIt HUDAY M I K unil ALL SHOWS SAT. It SI N. IN PERSON HELEN PARRISH (ilamiirniM Million I'lclure Star AM) JOHNNY BURKE IIK.l)I.IM(i 5-R. K. 0. ACTS-5 Ctrr (.RANT Lirtlm DAY Hurt AllltOIT I. ii II IIIMI.I.I.II "HIT THE ICE" "LARCENY WITH MUSIC" "Adventures Of A Rookie" Will HKIIUM Alan ( ARNEY I "MR. LUCKY" 1 HE HIRED THE BOSS" I (m fHTtJW JTn M. NIGHTlf T HUDSO li :ich St, New York At. I'MON CITY. N. J. I NION S.97'15 Now riayliiR Twice Daily 2:30 and 8:30 P, M. Fun in Team No. 1 STINKY AND SHORTY WITH ALYNE PAYNE iiiiut unit lllllll HIM ft 0. "kf! 'N M'Kt.t.N IS 1 IB- ' ' f II IUIV1 lllltLi D AIR POW Kit" I Hsi'OM.HiH r s()2!iiJi IIAHI.IS I.AITillTON "THE MAN FROM DOWN UNDER" llh IIISNII. IIARNKR ' T A N i ; l.ltlVcHllM ) S 1 1 f A " with I u:i,vn KIIM 2HM lf4 tl, a lUtlNIIHI-NO, URtHNjl TfllMV JIIHli MI)04Y ROD ERT DON AT in "ADVENTURES of TARTU" "SWING SHIFT MAISIE" ttilb ANN KOIIIKRN "BEST FOOT FORWARD" HARRV JAMt OR( III.STKA ll'( II I F RAM. and llt'GE CA1T "WRI.CKINO CRrW'-hMlfr Mortu Our Job Is to Save CS Dollars War Bonds Every Pov Doy Hll.r Y lar HIIMI1 "SALUTE TO THE MARINES" In Terhnlrnlor! rRKHKNTMt Al: III .M l.une H.I.I. Icon ntHOI, "MEXICAN SPITFIRE'S HLKSStll EVENT rRrsKNTKII ATI t:l 7iW la:U vm Th Murrh of Timii TrMfnu "BU I. JACK . AOOI I'll IIUI KR ' Rhu Colnr Cartnon And Ni-ws NOW - Joan RAHrO!H.tfd MicMt RRAV "ABOVE suspicion" "Petticoat Larceny" With RtTII WARRICK M JHrll ,ln NIM Crr GRANT I- Lar.ln. DAT "MR. LUCKY" ! MTK VI I Tl MEXICAN SPITFIRE'S lu.r.ssrn i vf T , 1. 44.

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