The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 7
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; >V.A«E- NIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Irish Take to Fair rways Maybe You Dicln'l Know II . Bui Those Irish Are Also , At Home on ihe Fairways : BV JOHN ., NEA Sfrdrt: S[icrl:il Writer • NOTRE DAME, lnd.—Yon may hot, have susprclcd il but Notre Dcnre has a golf team—one lhat promises as much In the realm of 'fairway and green as the more widely-heralded band Caiidco led 0*0 the gridiron last fall. The "FiflitliV Irish" tnashle- wicldei-s will ice un at Olympia Fields, Chicago. June ^2-27, toj ihool for ll'.c national collegia!; j title. And like Carldco, Brill. • Mulling and Schwartz. Ihis group has waded through nn Intercollegiate jchedule undefeated In two years- "Thus far tu ihe present, campaign they have scored lU'-j : poir.Cs, compared with 25 'i points tolaled by Valparaiso, Michigan Stats. University of Detroit. .Loyola of Chicago, Iowa and 1'llls- tmrghj *. The lineup, counting' varsity and "shed; troops," Includes Larry Moller, former Notre Dame captain, present Indiana collegiate champion, president of the N. 1. Q. A. arid sponsor cf (he m:el; Fran Beaupre, 1931 captain; Mil rted- mbnd. Indiana collegiate champion of 1930;. Art Bradley. 1830 Notre Dame champion; Lewis O'Shea, New York state junior tlllist 111 1929 and runnerup" lo Moller In the r:c3nt Indiana event; and Russ ' Beanpre, brother of the captain. . This croup finished fourth In team scoring last year as the national Inlercolleglates were staged at Oakmont. Moller won th» medal qualifier from George T. uun- lap. Jr.. the Princeton captain, but lest to him when they met again In the finals. O'Shea is p;rhaps the b?sl medal O'SHff) HOW THEY STAND National St. Louis ... New York .. Chicago Brooklyn — Philadelphia Pittsburgh player of the team, but Moller Is [Cincinnati .. the, best match player. The two L. 12 H 1G in ^t 21 •J3 32 constitute a serious threat lo any lentil's e.mi'itions^ Moller be.U 6'shca by one stroke In the Indiana ev:hl, tolalirs; 305 cvc-r ihe | Washington •72-lio'le route. Bolh play a tp:c- New York . tacular game. Mullcr's particularly Cleveland .. because of his long driving. i Chicago .... Captain Fran Deauprc set a Detroit — American League '. W. Philadelphia 30 HG 23 2:; 17 IB course record of 09 on the dillicull St. Louis H Slltmore course In Chicago dur- Boston 14 In'j the 'Notri! Dams : Loyola match. The'significance of this may bu> '.realized when on? itmtirifaiYls thri:, a SKO bonus tvr»s offered lo BlrinhwlMm each of those breakine 70 in n'eMmphis ... lOit i:ro(C£sLis!il tournament tluv-u Chattanooga last summer.'.', tin tl none collected, Lltlle Rock . * * * New Orleans Molier is 23 and haili from Atlanta Quliicy. 111.,- where he participated Nashville every high school span but cblle golf. ' He developed early, however, and soon won the central Illinois association meet from the best amateurs ' of Decatur, Champaign, Springfield, "Peoria, Quinsy and Galesburg. He then went to She finals of ihe western Jurjor tourney befcre dropping a match. . Moller has brought' distinction to Notre Dame In many golf tournaments. He was elected to the captaincy in his. junior year aecl justified Ihls confidence by winning all his matches and. leariinj his ter.m through an undefeated season Because of this record, Notre Dame for the first lime sent a ttam into the Inlcrcolhgiate championships, .where- Moller lost to Dunlap in the final match after defeating Marshall Forrest, Yale captain, and Phillips Fininy. the long-hitting Haivard captain. Dunlap finally slopped the Nolr, Eame leader aftsr even lightning had failed.. At the eighth hole of the.Moller-Forrest match, Lurry was struck by lightning. He finished tho match and won. In the sEini-finals Finlay carried him to the 37th green before succumbing to the Fightliv Irish leadei Moller looked IlUs a certain win- rt r of • the collegiate championship at the conclusion of thj .morning round with th: Princelon- ian. He had his smaller opponen! four down and increased the margin to five en th: first hole afler •. lunch. Then tin Princeton cap tain started a succession' of bird ICE. Eijht of them he chalked .up on the eftcrnoon round lo tun back the Noire 1 Dame man. .Moller will graduate in June. He plans to take a jcb behind a drawing board with an architectural engl^erring company. L. 10 1G n 20 S3 28 21 27 Ii. n 93 23 2!) 30 I'd .070 .032 .!i7r> .513' AW .475 .435 .23f .cin .5T .5'" .•125 .891 I'd. .073 .511 .47? .47' AM GAMES TODAY Southern T.eairnn Memphis at New Orleans. Atlanta at Birmingham. Little Hock at Mobile. Chattanooga at Nashville. American Le:iRiie Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Lonls at New York. Detroit at Washington. Cleveland nt Boston. l.caRue Boston at Pittsburgh, 'tfiooklyn at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. IH1> VOl! KNOW THAT— Max Schmcling shoots around 30 ... he has a motor boat, and a fast automobile ... a race between Sclimclinit and /jlriblniE wouldn't be a bad stunt, nt thai . . . Max plans to u.-n hetwoen :10 mid ."it) sparring partners befnru the bout July 3 ... and vows that he will he shouting 110 (yes. for Ib hull's! i before the tralnlni; .siege Is ciic!.?il. . . . Billy McCiiincy, pan nci- of .)OL' Jacobs in fistic enterprises, was lamped feeding bltds on the lawn in front of the Schinollne cottage at Conneaut Luke Park. PH., the oth?r morning . . . curly ... he hopes the llpht will draw better than bird seed, however, as he will be in liier.? for a chunk to help make July Fourth a happy birthday. S'cw Yorkers 'l:',vcn Scries With National Leaders; Cubs Win. The Now York Giants evened th; wiles with the fit. Louis Cardinals vesli'nlay but the Red Birds held .lii-ir U-ad in the National circuit. Hie Mackincn won and the Senators did likewise in the American The Ciirints hopped on (he pitching of Jess Dallies ami kiloekcd him Irani the box In the fourth to lake a fommandhiK lead over lie Cards. Tne Giants won 9 to 5. Mitchell v,\is the winning hurler. Leach led the Giants with [lire? hits. 'wo unearned runs In the ninth Inning gave the Chicago Cubs a victory over the lirooklyn Robins. rt:e Holjin Infield went, haywire In (he final .=lan/.a. The score was 3 lo 8. Cnylcr and Herman hit homers. Bush was the winning pitcher. Boston's Uiavc.i defeated Pltls- bursjli'f, Pirates in 10 innings, 4- lo 3. Urescn triplet! anil scored on a r-e/c play by Maranville for the winning- run. SeiboM was Ihs'win- ning and Orninc the losing hurl Mosolf hit a homer. The Cincinnati Reds won due to some excellent hurling . by Eppa Ulxey yesterday, who limited the Phillies lo four blngles. The score was 3 lo 1 with Collins on the losing end of Ihe mound duel. Vn-inlk Wins Game Joe Vosmlk, rookie Cleveland outfielder, hit a Immer in the eleven'.li Inning lhat gave the Cleveland club a 5 lo -I victory over the Boston Red Sox. Each team used three hurlers dining the game. Vosmik led the liillf-rs with lliree safeties I-otly Grove won a 'hurling due! from Ted Lyons al Philadelphia Wednesday. The Mucks' winning margin over Ihn White Soy was 2 to 1. The deciding run was scorn In the seventh when McNalr tripled nnd counted on Heving's single. The Yankees lost lo the Browns. 8 to 6 al Neiv,Yor!:. Stewart'liir'ned the Yanks back In fair style while Meltllo. Brown second baseman gni four liils including a homer, t- thive in four runs. Bob Burke, Washington southpaw, held the Tigers (o three hi' and the Senators won a hurlin" duel, 2 lo 1. Sorrcll save the Na!< but six hits. The Tigers lone "run was scored in the ninih. Rabbit Poses THURSDAY, JUNE Rabbill Maranville. diminutive .big shot of the Boston Braves Infield, never passed up-a chance to show lit) another ballplayer. That's why lie picked on big Euiz Arletl-. above, rear, jjianL Plilllics outfielder and a Chicks Beat Pels Down . Stretch; Lookouts Down Volunteers Twice. Tlie league leading Barons of the Dixie loop and the sixth place Crackers divided a double-header al Birmingham yeslerday. The Barons won the first game. 2to to 1, when Bob Hasty gave up one run, a homer by Carlyle, In the ninth to win a hurling duel from Messenger. Each pllcher allowed but four hits. Tile Crackers bals began 10 sound in the second game and the Atlanla boys counted 13 runs on 15 hits for a 13 to G triumph. Kiefer. Atlanta hurler, had an easy lime as his mates kept him ahead. •Touchslone was the losing pilchr-r. The Memphis Chicks won over the New Orleans Pelicans In an II inning tussle, 10 to 9. The Chicks scored three runs in Ihe eleventh and the Pels rallied for two but fell one short. Welzcr. wlio relieved Griffin in the twelfth, was Die winning hurler and Bean the loser. The Chicks got 1G and ihe Pels 15 hits. Little Rock's Travelers beat Mobile's Marines at Mobile. 3 to 2. Barnabe bested Owens in a pitch- Ing duel. The Pebbles goi off to an early lead to win ihe game. Both of Mobile's runs came in the final inning. The Chattanooga Lookouts won two games- from Nashville. The scores were 7 to 4 and 11 to 8. One was an afternoon and Ihe oih- lastic meet In Chicago, creating a new world's Interschotastlc record. • * • Ten Years Ago Today-University ' ........ of Pennsylvania's cruek mile relay \ games at Franklin Pietd, Phliadel- rmartel i.f C. D. Rogers. L A. Brown phis. Earl Eby and R. S. Maxam nego- \ tlated the mile In 3:10 3-5, a world record. 'Hie feature of the American er a night Helshausher game. we:e Raglancl ami ihe winning rookie at 33. The Rabbitl is hav-1 hurlers. Wlngon. Kenna and" Bening one of his best' years, which Is a big reason why the Braves ore near the top hi the National League. And Arlelt is living up to advance nollce with his bombastic hitting for the Sholtonmen. VfA ii^lUlU! BRAJX-'iEP as "We SIARS Play ie Why slinulrl lllc tody hr kcp< l>r- ihul thr ball nnd what is nir:uil by riilliiiE against tlir left los? If the body Is pushed ahead of: Atlennath Jim Jeffries ullll _ heart the ranror of the bider defeat In- .suffenod under Heno's l»ll- _iiY! sun 21 years a?o. Recently.! Jwhen .Inck Johnson was in LOJ; Anijeles. bovini; an vxliiblt'Dn. they Insked old Jeff to |i3.<e with Li'l Ar- j tha' for a picture. "Pose vvilli him?" was Jeffries nonteirjituous renly. "I'll kll! • thru 1" The old fight is still ; lliere. j Jeff finally was persuaded to pose .but he still cherishes hU an' dent hurt. I Jess Would I "I would have porod with John;son I! \ had been asked." said i portly Jess Willard. wlio bent down | the jungle kins in Havana five vears after Jeffries' rude awaken| Ing. "I believe in boosting, and if I could help Johnson in his I vaudeville tour I would be clad to ' do so." Dre.s Jess remember Havana 16 years nqo- Does he! "I don't likr. Hie way Johnson has talked about that l\ght In Havana." said Mr; Jess, who now is a prosperous real estate o'.ierator in Glendnle. Calif. "I won that fight in Ihe 2(5th round by a knockout. Clot that straight. Those who saw (lie ""hi (here was nmrli talk of Li'l •\rll>a's couraee. After the ' firs! rininil that cluittcr was foreottcn. He was not afraid. He was as "ame as rums. Cans who fought III:MI while deadly tuberculosis was evp.tjhig his slender body. Who' would huve won such a 8ht? I don't know. Nobody can say. But certainly not Max Schmeling! - Willie Siribling! • the ball, the hands also are pulled ftoht know that it was on the up farther ahead than necessary. This'and ui). makes the club late In reaching tho Lutes, Leading Loop Team, Plays Hightower • The Lules team, which moved Into undisputed leadership of the Mississippi county league Sunday with a victory over Promise Land, will meet Hightower at Lutes S.m- day. Other games scheduled In the Sunday loop for June 1th are: Burdctte at Promise Land. Little River at Holberl. Yarbro at Ekron HermoiKlale at Dell. The Lute3 team won a crucial game Sunday when it faced Promise Land, with whom il shared the lead. Tho result was a 2 to 1 tri umph for Lutes. Ullle Things Count IK) A UO',0 At, EaPiWOSA, RA6S1E S<!OT Of F -T11E KESPS T:lE HEIGHT AlOD Tils' when a; piece of v.ire fell on.a transmission line and fhui off nil power Into Photnis for ^ - minutes, .' - "Johnson snys that he wasn't hurl, nnd that he took the dive shading his .?yes us he was ."united eut. You can believe It if you want lo. T don't. ! hit him v.-ltl' a left lo .the heart and a viRlil u the head nnd down he went. I pul everything I had in that richt. "Understand 1 nin not knoek Ing. however." Maybe- It's ncllrium I think I always will dream o a Denipsey-Johnscn figlil." ti is : pretty picture to conjure with — i the simllng. black-jowlcd tiger o I Toledo pitied against the smiling enigmatic black cat from Iho Kill loplan wilds. Dcmpsey Elands lo an l(':al of onsl.r.jrht perfe Johiison's equal at defense pcrsonin.;d only in one cthe fighter, also a black man — ,loe Gans. Cooler Wants, Games With Semi-Pro Clubs COOTER,. Mo.—Hayti will play Cooler at Cooler in the Southeast .Missouri League Sunday. Steele'wl! 1 play New Madrid and Braggadcio will play at Holland. The Lilbourn (cam will meet Denton at Denton. The Pascola-Warden " game has been awarded to Warden as Pascola lias lost its league berth.. The Cooler club is anxious to schedule games independent learns in southeast Missouri, northeast. Arkansas and west. Tennessee. Oreat Britain and Germany have installed two more circuits • from London to Brrlln nnd Cologne, on of increasing telephone nett hit, homers. One Year Ago Today—Blenheim, an 18 lo 1 shot in the betting and owned by the Aga Khan, religious leader of a Mohammedan sect, won the 151sl running of the English Derby at Epsom Downs. • • • Five Years Ago Today — Dong Oraydon. high school boy of Little Roek, Ark. threw his favorite javelin 199 feet 5 inches-into the teelh ol a ivuid at the Stagg interscho- Tony Cabooch, Anheuicr-Dusch'i onc-Iti an- radio* show every Saturday night over the Columbia Broad- catling Syneia. Budweiser Malt tops the world for quality. If its price was as high as its quality, it would be much more cosily—yet it costs no more than any fine malt syrup. It is "the best money eon buy." Over-70 years of malting experience insures its quality. Sold everywhere. Budweiser Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT OR DARK—RICH IN BODY — FLAVOR JUST RIGHT H pays io buy the best Use quality products jrom the House of ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST. LOUIS HU ., account traffic. Last Time Today 'Slu>! Sho! - - We's On the Screen - - : ' Think of that flfiht! Drmpscy. weaving, watching for an right. Johnson, calm, jackwnrd "a llitle. siab- Itlng. Dempsey's terrific and Johnson's thousand 11 us ami iwisis s slidn off. The itincing ??!;. the a nicely hil straight, Icng tall TOMOKROW: Is Ihc ^ any imyiortancc In thr j;<,lf Courier News Want Ads. Jo.v Drought Hnek to Gloom-Rogusted World j n ti,' c Laugh Show of Hie Apes. Sue Carol Irene Rich in ALL-STAK CAST Also Comedy and Caitcoi Adm.—Jlatinec and Xighi 10 and 3.V. R1TZ 1MATE8 ,. Last Time Today See The Personality Girl siave REFRIGERATION NORGC Samjaylprj icfici **• Reginald Denny Mary Pickford In the most amazing rolcof her career. Here Is smart, modern, uproarious enterlain- ment with the greatest of stars playing a dynamic little madcap bent on winning her man. Also Comedy and News. Adm.—Malinee—10 and 30c Night—15 nnd -We. Down Payments as Low as S9 Special 1'riccs and Terms for June If you have decided upon the kind of performance and results you expect of a refrigerator, you should see the Norg« before you buy! It will give you new ideas of how good .a refrigerator can be and you'll find it easy to own, too. Manufactured by Nnrge Corporation, Detroit, a Division of Borg- Warncr, originators of free wheeling and many more automotive advancements. T H CoruiiiK—Lewis Stone in "ALWAYS GOODBYE". Coining — William Powell in i CC. Cominy; —- Lew "IROX MAN". 105-109 E. Main nivtheviltc. Arr.. ,. ; EVE«y AMERICAN CAR MADE TODAV CONTAINS MATERIAL MADE By BORO-WARNE?:

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