The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 19-19 THE NATION TODAY— Vote Consciousness Gets Firm Hold on Most Congressmen as 1951 Legislative Battle Hears By James Marlon' WASHINGTON, Dec. 37. W-ln another week congress will be back. It will be the start of an important year fol . ,,, ost of tl , 0 grcssmcn, since most of them face the voters before the year is over The seats of all 435 House members, and one-third ol the senate are at stake in Ulc clcctions , lcxt ,»„. So wllnt thcy d[) thls j Be a factor in whether they come back- again in 1051 They know (hat. And a lot off them will hate t 0 (nkc tlH . ir s(an(1 --- .... 1 1. nj ui fit,* im n A mi Hi on the "Fail Deal" program President Iruimn Is going to present to mem. It will be the main fighting point ,n die election campaigns. O' course, some of them, for one •> ; ren.son or another, have their home {Ci- territory so sewed up. that no matter what they do this year they'll s'-iil get re-elected. Certainly a lot of attention will be focused on Senator Taft of Ohio who already Is campaigning for reelection in 1050 and, if he wins, will be a contender in the Republican presidential nomination in 1952. Hut the Democrats, who have a majority in both House and Senate now. want to win even a larger majority in the 1950 elections. Led by President Truman, thcy have ! "eir guns pointed at the electioi date. If they get tiuit big majority— ' that is, Truman's all-out supporters get It—they'll try to whip through the 1951 Congress a goad chunk of his program which fails (o pass in 1S50. Not all the Democrats are all-out rrumanitcs. For instance, the Southern Democrats may support I the President on some things but almost solidly they'll close ranks to defeat his civil rights program. Health Insurance an Issue No one around here is rash enough to predict that Mr. Truman's national health Insurance program has a chance of getting through the 1850 congressional session. It probably won't come up for a vote. Yet, it will be a campaign argument for the Trumanites in the fall elections. And, if thcy win stronger control of .Congress in the elections -•they II probably claim that as a illrance. u,,u mandate to push health Insi -- i — •• ..^t.n-u surance The same goes for the Tafl- Hartlcy labor act, which Senator raft helper! write. When the Republicans bossed Congress In 1047 thcy put that through. But one of the main planks In Mr. Truman's 1948 successful presi- ?, en . l! cam I> ai R n "'as B promise that if he and his Democrats got c of the government T-H control ...*. «j".i-i miifiit, i-tt would bo wiped .out. Labor bnckcct hi in, Then when repeal of T-H came up in Congress in law, it turned out that Mr. Truman and all-out supporters didn't, have enough strength after all to push It through. Since there hasn't, been any change In that strength, It's doubtful the Trumanites will try to re pea! T-H In 1950. But-they then can appeal lo labor again in 1950 and say something like this"We want to repeal It but we need more Trumanites elected So get behind us." Truman Seeks Negro Voles And labor probably will, since bor wants outright repeal and it's • only the Trumanites who promise that much. The most the Republicans are willing to go is some changes in T-H. Mr. Truman in 19JB appealed to the Negro voters of the North with his campaign program for new civil rights laws, such as poll tax repeal antl-lynching, and an FEPC (fair employment practices commission.) The Soutnern Democrats were able to block that in the 1949 session and probably will be able to do so again in 1950. So on that one too the Trumanites can. in the 1950 elections, talk of what they'd do in 1951 if they got more Trumanites Into Congress. This is only part, although a big part, of some of the big issues in this up-coming Congress. But more than ever m 1950 congrc-ismen will have to have one eye on the bills thcy vote on and the other on the voters they'll face. Prices on 1950 Models of Buick Will be Lowered FLINT. Mirh.. DCS. 27. MV-Price |,,cuU ranging from S75 to S310 were * announced today by Buick Motors on certain of its I9SO model cars. The reductions inch'de a recently announced cut of S40 on Buick's torque converter transmission. Engineering and styling details of the new models will be disclosed tomorrow. The new lower price tags affect models in the new Roarimaster and Super series. No chance is made on the Special series, introduced last Augi-st. _in the Roadmastcr series S75 and £76 cut.s are marie respectively in the se^anct and four-door sedan, while S190 reductions are made on the convertible. S310 on the so- called hard-top convertible and S230 on the estate wagon. In the Super series the convertible is cut S85 and Ihe estate wagon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Real Estate Transfers (Chlckasawba District) W. C. and Anna Cates to Joe Downing. Jr.. north 72.5 feet of the south half of Lot 5 of tl:c >-.•plat ^ of Lot 3 of Edna Vail First Thi;HZ,ivL^^ 0lh f^ v ^»J Section H-15N-11E. $750. W C. Cates to Joe Downing, Jr.. feet of ihe south hairVLotVof Mic rcplat of Lot 3 of Edna Vail's First Subdivision ant! of Lot 8 of Nuri , *' s T| urrt Subdivision of ir ?i acetlon H-1SN-11E. $750 Harold and ni'th Durham to George W. Fox. 13 acres In Section 31-loN-9E. 51,500. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to f' 5 ."L "! 1D Rosc ' Lot 8 ° r Block Addition. 2 of the Farris $8,200. .^ an ,^ 0 ° fe -'° Al «"' e «' a ""0111c S of u o 's Holilpeter Second Addition {,'>oo D. C. Freeman and Sallie Freeman to Emery and Dorothy M,, C Wright. Lot 2 of mock 8 of the Ruddle Heights Addition, SGOOO Santford and Ammie Ashley to Iheo stages, part and parcel of 'and lying ,„ cast half of the northwest quarter of Section 17-15N-8P 51 and other consideration Terla Davis, a plot u. E ii B " ailti Rovcnc c. David to 1\A R r <r-,p altl »-cll. Jr.. and Marl- LAh rf aI - d , WCl1 ' L0t 22 of B1 °<* S Nn u AC ''" SllM '«sion. S800. Non-ell and Gcralrtine Lansing to V lHam Lynn and Betty L. Beard. Lot 23 according to the rcplat of 55000 Rt>1!iS<m Sllbdh 'W°n. Ida Mae Lcath Hinshaw to Leachvillc School District No 40 Plot In Section 17-15N-8E, SI 0 725' HnmlH ^ '" ' "" , 7 H D ' ' Helen Zeller. Tni i «f Tii """i'""-" "iMcn seller. Lot 7 of Block "E" of .the John B W w kC r 1 : ?, CC ,° nd Sllb<Ji vislon.' '' ot'-B '° Hllslcr Scott, Lots H. A. and Emma Grcenway to Delbcrt D and Larah Flipping Lot 'verorD'Si.f^o." 100 ^ 1 ^ 1 -- oil and Clarence Reynolds" C Lot a io $250 1 ° f " le EIIiott Addition George w. Fox to E. T. ami Fannie (Mom. 12 acrC5 ln Lot ,, 0 *™ B «!?„„ rvcl ' of Sc dion 31-15N- n nH . and d ,^' cillc Webb to H "-nan iklrcd j. Webb. Lot 8 of V EI ?- 0ra A " 5lin to c ' H - and -, GlunM - So" 1 " 35 acres of 12, according to the supplemen- nL.YTJIEVn.Lfl (ARK.) COURIER AHrt r Addition, Of the Tuesday & Wednesday "MANHANDLED" vvilh Horolliy T.amotir and I).in Dur.vea News * Shorts H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Joseph and Dorothy C. Hughes, Lot 4 of Block 5 of the Country club Drive, 51,000. Joseph L. and Elsie Oradell Fnl- gham to Christen Tremble, Lot 10 of *'50 ° f lh ° P " lgnam Addition, Joseph L. and Elsie Oradell Fulgham to Christcne Tramble. Lot II " 50 3 Ot Ule PulEham Addition, Louis Davenport to L. D. and Rosake Davenport. Lot 7 of Block 2 ! of the Hollipcter Second Addition I ana other consideration. Louis Davenport to Creola and Ivory Davenport. Lot 9 of Block 1 or tn Hollipcter Second Addition St and other consideration l-auLs Davenport to Raymond j Davenport. Lot 8 of Block 2 "of the I Hollipcter Second Addition. SI and i other consideration. | John M. and Llila A Cornish lo I iartl and Lula Lang, undivided 1-2 I interest in SE 4 of SE 4 of Section I "1-loN-8E. S5.250. ! A. ,1. iBrrt) Lewis to L-wLs Gin 1 Company. 78.81 acres in S'lciion 35- HN-9E. and plot In Section 22-14N- OE. S10 and other consideration Trcnnic Pinkcrton DoUon to Robert A and. Caimen E. Brown, l acre in Section 1-15N-10E, $300 *,„,',?' , Mil " dp Goodwin and Jewell Smith to C. S. and Lucille Bassett Lot 1 of 8 of the David Acres Subdivision. S1.COO. G I. Byrd nnd Donyc Byrd to II ! R, ant! Raymond Morgan." 40 acres in Section 35-I4N-8E S7.500. E. B. and Hovcne C. D.ivid to Kemp E. Whlscnhimt ,inrt James K. NEW Bos Opens Hrek Oars 7:00 p.m Mahncc Saturday i Sundays lat.-sun 1 D . m Cont Showin . Manila, Ark. CARUTHERSVILLE NEWS By Jnan Doiiglnss Garden Club Meets The membcs of the Caruthers- iHc oardcn Club and their guests were entertained last Monday nt the home of Mrs. VanAusdall. Approximately 28 attended. The house was decorated In keeping with the Christmas season. The program was presented by Prances Austin of Cape Girndeiui, Mo. -Mr. Austin showed films and slides \vhlch he had made of gardens, Missouri wild flowers and roses unlive to this area. He also gave a talk on the growing and culture of roses. Two attendance prizes were a- \varderi, the club prize, a [jotted plant, going to Mrs. J. B. Lutcn. The guest prize, a bowl of narcissus bulbs, went lo Mrs. J. Ralph Pinion. .Christmas punch, cookies, nuts and mints were served from an attractively decorated table. Misses Mary crews Joplin and' Mary Jane Crysler presided. Past .Millroils Assemble The annual Christmas dinner- party of the past Matrons Club was held on Monday at the home of Mrs. c. G. Shepard. Sixteen members attended. Howard Cunningham, jack Hart, and H. A. Boone were Invited dinner guests. The delicious turkey dinner was served buffet style and the guests were seated at gully decora tec&*in- dfvirtual tables, centered with .seasonal decorations. A brief business meeting was conducted and during the social hour the group was serenaded by carolers from the Methodist Church. Oifts were exchanged and conversation followed the meeting. ['.(•:.(>. Observes Christmas Mrs. John YV. Sawyer, Jr. entertained with a Christinas party for the members of Chapter DM of the P.E.O. Sisterhood at her home on Monday evening. Mrs. John W. Sawyer. Sr. served as co- hostess. Tile Sawyer home was lovely in its festive holiday decorations. A gaily lighted Christinas tree stood in the dining room. Boughs of holly n u d arrangements of poinsettas were placed throughout the entertaining rooms. The dining table was centered with a miniature Santn Claus, clustered among greenery and flanked on either side with gleaming red tapers. Preceding the program a routine business session was conducted. The program consisted of the showing of colored slides of the Christmas Story. Narrator was Mrs. Carmean. Linda Hopkc, Pattie Sawyer, and Jane Ellen and Lee Bennett Jones presented a group of familiar carols. Later in the evening the hostesses served refreshments of Christmas cakes, mints, nuts, and punch. .Methodist Circle H;is Parly Circle two of the Wesley an Guild were entertained on Monday evening at home of Miss Jean Townsend. She was assisted by Miss Margaret Mctzer. While there the group exchanged gifts, which had been placed under a huge Christmas tree. The hostess served coffee cookies, and cold drinks. Preceding the party the young people assembled at the church to deliver baskets of toys and food to needy families and to carol them. They went about town caroling to ihut-Ins. Card Club Entertained Mrs. Gus McAlister entertained with a dinner party on Thursday evening for the members of the "Thursday Evening Bridge Club" A three-course dinner was served. Tlie McAlister home was in holiday dress. Gifts, winch were exchanged later in the evening, were placed under a lighted Christmas tree. Holly and Christmas greenery was placed throughout the rooms. Tne dining table was centered with an arrangement of holly and magnolia leaves. In the bridge games following dinner, high score went to Mrs. Pauline Goodwin and second high was won by Mrs. Ralph Goodwin. Mrs. Doris Downing received low and Nell Edwards bridgoed. • Locals Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Bcccher, head of the Pemiscot County Health Office, left Thursday for St. Joseph, Mo., to spend the holidays visiting with relatives. ' Miss Helen Coker. daughter of Mrs. Francelia Coker of Carulhers- Di-al. Lot 12 and 13 of Block 8 of the Davit] Acres Subdivision, $10 j and exchange of property. J. E. Stevenson. Jr.. and Mary K. Sieicn.-on, to Irene Crowdcr, I/il.s I, 2. 3. •!, 5. 6. 7. 8, and 0 of the Willie Beaslcy Subdivision, S10 aud other consideration. BLYTHF.VILLES ONLY I ALL WHITE THEATRF Tuesday 'HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET" With Wayne Morris Also Shnrls Today Only • Open G:,'iO Edgar Ttuchnnan Anna in "BEST MAN WINS" Cartoon • Novelty Concrete Culvert Tile Siias up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 81 in. Automatic Floor) Gain- Concrete Septic Tanks Mela! Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices vV e pdivcr A.H.WEBB 5 61 al Slate Line Thone 711 vllle, was recently pledged to the Knppa Delta Sorority at Smith- A'cstern University in Memphis. A fre.shman Ktudcnt there, Mis.s Cuker is also a member of (he s<;utli- stern Singers and of the VAV.c A She is majoring In music. Dr. and Mrs. Joe McAlister of Memphis, Tenn.. arrived last \ vec \i to spend the holidays with his Brents. Mr. and Mrs. OILS McA]isU T Misses Ellis Hayden and Ifenvarn Shaw, both students at So, then si Missouri State Teachers Cnllccc-' in Cape Glrardeaif, Mo., arc speiirtiii" lie Ch...stmas holidays with tlicir respective parents, Mr. and Mrs J A. Hayden and Mrs. Vcrnon Bhj\v' Miss Ann Wilks, who Is attending" SouLlnvcitern in Memplils. win soend Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilks Mr. and Mrs. Wilby A. "liire iiiut sons. David and Paul, left Wednesday afternoon for .Sprlncfirki Mo., to take home Mrs. Rice's mother, who had been visltiuir them, and to spend the holidays there. Mr. and Mrs. Siglcr Carey sjicut the week end in St. Ixjuis, Mo. Miss Marlha Knott arrivi'd last week to visit in the home of hi, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Knmt, during ihe Christmas season. Miss Kuott is a fre.shman at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. Jerry McClanahan. who is attending Battleground Military School in Franklin, Tenn.. Is spending ti-e holidays with Miss Nellie McClanahan. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie McMurtry me in Ton Smith, Ark., to spend the holidays with her parents and n] so will HO lo Thaycr, Mo., to visit with her aunt. Mrs. E. S. PAGE FT' F. . Jack Allen, a second-year student at Southwestern University in Memphis, is here for the holidays vlsillnc hei parents, Mr. and Mrs CJeorge I. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Huk-hison of Cambridge, Mass.. arrived here l-ist week lo spend the Christmas holidays with their parents, Mr. an-l Mrs. J R Hutchison and O. Carey Mike Cunningham 'Is vlslllng his parcnl.s. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ci'imlncham. He Is n student at the University of Missouri at Columbia Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Douglass, Jr Mrs. J. F. DoitRlass, and John Bav* Jr.. drove In fllylhevillc, Ark., Friday. Dorothy Helen Binge, daughter of Ihe Rev. nnd Mrs. Floyd Brower. Is spending her Christmas vacalbn Here with her parents. She ij n nurse nt- Barnes Hospital In st p Louis. Joe Mulr, n law student al Missouri University In Columbia, Mo., Is visiting his mother, Mrs. Lcnorc Miitr, and other relatives here. Miss Sue Baker Is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baker of Cottonv.ootl 1'olnl. Miss IJaker Is n sophomore nt Central College In Fayetle. Mo. Hurold Parkinson, a student at Arkansas State College in Joncs- bnro. Ark.. Is here lor ulirlslni'is with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Parkinson. John Hay Jr., spent Saturday In Memphis, Tenn. Miss Carolyn Christian, a studc-nt nurse at Barnes Hospital In St. Ixjuis, Mo., Is spending the holidays NOTICE We Will Be Closed Until TUESDAY, JAN. 3 The Tot Shop Mrs. F. G. Reichel with her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Christian. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hopkc and children and their niece, Ann 'lawyer, spend the weekend in St. Grown Siioe Company officials entertained employees and several guests with a luncheon at the factory on Friday. Gifts were exchanged following lunch. Edward CininiiiBlmin and lloK-rt Kill liiidgcns, both student nt Mississippi State College In Stark- viilc, Miss., arc hpme for the holidays to bo spent with their respective parents. Miss Patsl Johnson, who Is attending Missouri stale Teachers College in Cape Oirardeau, Mo., Is visiting with her purents. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson. Miss Jo Prances Neely, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Dick Nccly, is here to spend the holidays with hci parents. She Is a student at Mi oarl University. Egypt Lowers Import Duties to the Japanay CAIKO-M'j-Thc reliable v ;ws- paper "Al Znmaiv reports Egjpt 15 considering a 50 per cent cut in duties on cheap Japanese te .tiles to lower the cost of living, Local cloth is made of expensive long staple Egyptian cotton. RENT A CAR I'rlve Anywhere VOD Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Our Store Will Be C l f\C C T\ LUb E D until MON., JAN. 2 the NEW YORK STORE AFTER HING VALUES! A Huge Selection of Fine Dress and Casual Shoes at Prices that are Actually Unbelievable! BH^VH the "SWAGGER" now Reduced to Sizes Complete 4 99 "Twenty-Ones" to 599 Famous "GAY-TEE" Relduced to Sizes Complete Sizes Complete Famous "AMARYLLIS" Reduced to $£99 the "BYRON" Reduced to $1^99 5 6/S Triendly t ; k H

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