The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTITEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION UiHiiBi.m chart* He 1 tiM* ftr UK* lie 2 tlmtt ftr lint per 4ty 12c 3 llwei per line JKF day , It • timei pri line pti diy 7c 12 times per lint prr dij 5c Month p*r Uae Me CouHt fiti *rerag* wordi to lit* line- Ad ordrrtct Cor three or six ittnft and •toppfrt brforf tipiraikatt trill tip cHircfrt for I he nnnibrr of llniri (hr ad • pprirfd and adjustment of trill rn.irtr. All dasiifkd adrprlUInc rop<t nib- rn.ltted by persons resldlnR outside "? Ike tlly muit br accompintert by ra*n RiUi miT rasllj to a computed from tht afcor* Ulilr AdTPftfiinR orilrrrd TOT Irrrnnlar ln- wrtto»s tiV* thf onp time table No r*-sponi1bULlT trill h- Cifcrn '"> fnniB Ihan onr Inrorrfci Insertion <*f • Kf danified ad. AH »d» art rrslrlcurt to thrlr pnu" 1 ' elintfJraUon. it Tic a ad iTPf- The tiurlrz News mrnrti Itie rljcht in relit • r rtjrct JIHJ »d. /or Rent 1 room unfurnished apt. rhonr 2101. Del). RM Ha J rl*fHI St, 7 19 r',: 2.J 3 Doll. R32 N«d your radio repaired, orill Red WAltou- ftflB. Dl^iblcd vriojim repairs radios at home. 313 N. 2n<l Ti2 pfc 8.2 30 UINUTI I'KQTOSTATJC SERV- tCl- OSTHKM'S STUDIO 115 ff MAIN 11 1 cfc H COMMERCIAL ItKHlICiKRATION CO. Air ronclUionlnt;. romtnercipl mid household rot liberation Acrvlrf. Misur- Lrc SnncJcrs. Mcr. Phone (Wl dr\y 31T5 nltfrn. 4J6 R Main. « 25 cfc it Plans-Estimates Tor nrw construction rpmrxJ^Ung 01 rtpaln r H A on o i. LOANS NO OIlUfiATION Phone SOW Frank Wagner •s Supply Co. Moving & Hauling Clo-fd Vxn trucks Rnrr-.~D<>i>f>nclnbtP KxppflHirrd \u-\p « W m-cklmni. ]l't l l >sl tto'f Mjon* S.02B. 7 9 j>X fit* RKKKICJIORATION Fxpm KIT Tier on A!r-rjrm<mKi)i)r;K HffrlR^rfttlnn nnrt Applltmcr>« III!' TVKdhoff nufl Hiirrr Krnokt I'hone 69E6-- if jio Aiif<*4>r cull fiOll BHOF'J 1 RKFXrOKIMTION CO., 2237 Hlrob 5 2) rk tl (liinrantrfd pl^no tuning <tivl repair. Call 20TI ddy*. 2059 titetiCfl 323 t' for Safe iUSED COMBINES 3 room furii ed, 1603 \V. A on-'w'""'- ' " • V0 " IU ' C( ' !l *-'"'"' nSt ' ( ' s( '"'- i 710 )>k 2n : j)i'o))clled combine . . . soe us : irivntf nut.. | fir«l. CluiDsi! from Msissey-: iv.Asi, s..; pi,; K673 pr ?ffp"«i 1!iln ' is . Intnrnmionnl llarvrs-j - •• - i tor, John Deere mnl ('use. i 3 rm.s.. h:\th, r3or. watrr hc*tpr Front I / . 5"h. 387J. Klcr. small desirable fiir one OT , Ash St., ph. £673. . e, l hlork olf E. c 22 3 rm. nnfurn. npt. jivl ha'h. Automatic hot water hefurr. rh 332S. 7 !8 rk R 13 2 rcxim [iirntstictl apt. Wltti hoi «n- tcr. Phone 2929. TIR pk 22 2 rm. turn, npt , newly decorate!, 108 W, Ky. Ph. 3100. 7,17 pi: 21 Four roomfi nnrt hnth. up"vlfilrs, .m- furn. apt. to adults on!/. 710 w Ash Ph. 6325. 7 17 V K 21 i lir^e pvt «02 2 room imlnrn. apt, Tvlt hall. 506 S. Fjr«nk]ln St. Ph. Bmall npt., Ph. 2520. 7il« clt 21 4 room unfurnished npt ISlfl Ucnrn. Phone «24. 7 J3 pk 21 27S7 room unlum. apt., 103 S. Fra trlc water heater. Call 2531 3 room unfurnished In Phone 2595. vliartment. close 6;S ck If MoSern a room fur (ipt pti SSQA or «M> 2 n C k if Modern »i>t.. 3 rooms »nrl bRth nrw- ly dccorAted. good (nrnnure eft* rniiLp- »int. Ph. 3J73. T. Simon. »!31 c* tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 U'est Ash, Ph. 2833, 8-4 ck tf 3 room apt. on Honrn. Street, close to school. Screened In bnrkpnrrh, built-in cAbtnrts. Newly flecorntpii Hot wntrr. Pli, 2532 or 2344. S SS c)t It Services Bob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7|17 ck 8117 _ _ Laundry In my home. I"h. 8ti7. 7;J5 pk Hoom and board. Men. Sis R also tnen,\s to public. 115 W. Ash. 7|M } IS week pK 23 Expert R?T7lce on commerrlnl nntl ftlr condition. rcfrigcrnUon- Th 2fiC8 If no answer 25*9. D^y or Night Hptvlre Stabba Refrigeration Service __ 7-16 pk 30 air conditioning rc- . Ph 2178 102 E. . 7,9 tl E R. Alloy erntlon Krrstc Bourl, EljThcTJ Attention Cotton Oln Owners- Spnvy pfilnilns— We nre equipped to paint your gins or (inytJHnc you harp to be Rprayed. Ph 2359 or Mnnlln 22B, _ _ 7|7 pk 8;7 Watch and Jewelry Repair wntch»« done by — n[J clocki Gu^rAnte expert rej>-lrm«n. rt worV Low«st AT O'BRYANT M.iin A Second 19 ] It U 61 IMPLEMENT CO. X. Hhvav Gl Plume 21-12 7 in tf Irr hox—Good r'mrJItlon n flS.OO. 101 E. Clmriy 7 18'pX 3S out- ik 22 Factors' rebuilt 4 horsopnv/fr hunrd [not or. $10. Phonp f>"'01 7.1Jt HIGH trade- 111 '49 Plymouth $1195 '50 FORD A n\t-r, laic »jniJrl rar you'll enjoy owning! Special deluxe 4-dnor with radio A healer. Atlrarllvc ma run n finish. $795 Tlial's right'. A I5.V) Ford Ton I'ldiup fnr just $795! Vou'll always »ai'e monej- at r>illll|)s .Molor Co. '46 FORD $695 '49 Studcbaker $695 Tills 1016 Frml Is .1 Fonlur ntndol—C(|lii|i|lr.] »!Ul hf>(h rjulifi uiifl iHMlor. C.ive II a Irlal ilrlve Inmorrnw, Aiiolher low j>rlrril ^-Ton I'lrkup .Miikc Ihc best (ruck trade or jnur life NOW at the Ford place In Illythevllte. '47 NASH $645 '48 DODGE . . $645 nrircaln-prlccd, Mils 1011 Nasti 2-tlftnr Sedan crimes Of|iifpprd with a Rntitl licaler. ComR l[> 300 Broadway. Tills lioavy-iluly, fi-Ton llndsc Plchiip fs Just $015. Rp- momhcr, July Is Irurk llcensd buying lima In Arkansas. '36 FORD $125 '47 FORD IF y.m iv.Tiit ]nt\-.]trlrr(i lr;tns- liorlaliuii Ilils l!l?,0 Fnril Kur- tlor nils Ilic bill. At Phillips In Blyllicvllli-. $595 'Iho loiv |Tice (as on Ihls ISlli I'orel !J-Tnn J'lrktjp Is Just Sr>!>:>! rtilllliis niTrrs a gnoM tliMl.-.anfl a Rr.od tlcal morel 300 Broadway Phone 4453 SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1952 ON DISPLAY ! the Rust Cotton Picker at jack Robinson Implement Co. RIyfheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Nice coo] hfrtroom, adjoining bftth. 001 W. Aflh, Ph. 2209. 1 ]9 pk 8,19 Hedroorn convenient to bath «i 1 W. Mftln, Fh. 3^25, 7.U ck 8,11 A bedroom with private bUh. I'hone W38. 7;IO ck 2-1 Bedroom, prlv&te haih and ftitrance. Close In. Phone 4432. 7,16 ck tl Wanted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and ill kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. IN' THE CHANCERY COURT FOU THE C1I1ICKASAWBA IIISTKUCT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS mile May Crew. J'tf . vs. No. 12.119 Robetr, Lee. Crew. Dft. WAItNI.NO OltDER The defendant. Robert I^?e Crew, ii hereby warned to aj]])ear within thirty (30) clays in the court named In the cnption hereof nnd answer tlie complaint o! the plnintiff, Ullie May Crew.s. Dated this 18lh rtay of July. 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykcs. D.c. H. O. Purtlow. atty. for ptf. Percy A. Wright, ally, ad litem. 1-19-26?82-g N. Bdway i Moultrie Drive Phone 8902 <U5 ck tf! We will pay CASH for ynur old Ro- rl«lc* r*mfra« and Irnxes for *trl> 0'5TKSN> STUDIO. 11! W«t Utln. 11 4 ti tl .'urrbrred noRton BiJlldoc*. p. -I'f^ old. S2D to I2.V Mm Joe Slinnks 112 E. r>n?H. Pllnnr 6138. 7 17 |* 21 Dr. coniplrtc nnc of Tolftlo PhitnhlnK Tools. Ph. -1R3, Os rirt RUUl rDlsi. 7 15 pj: 2. 1 ) Save Money When You liny — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 «'. Ash Ph. 2552 t-l ck tf "TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. m w walnut t Plenty of Parking Space I Inrijc Cnshmnn froot^r 1 *mnll Doodlo BUR ficooter 1^ Wh)720r motor hlX:*-, Usert powrr nm] hnnfl mowo Also power mowrrs tor rent WESTIinOOK MACHINK -SHOP 7,7 21 Grocery. [Ixlurc. lots. Selling on ftp-co 1J04 So. 3l5l. Blylh stock, 4 rooms 2 unt of hnrt henl'th rlllc, Ark 1|7 pX B.7 r,. TlrUvMl's Clinic n! r ChLrkns.iwLiA A von IIP. llulldliig hn* looms, [lu-lufilriK olflro- Fixtures i i-liuln ofilcc (txtur^. rDOJti fniultn X-ray innrrilin- nn<L romplon? Rtock nf arn,'s, Eltiltdlti!? nnti nil r-r|iilprnr>nt in ' he IncTudrd. A flnr location (or u iloo- j (or. WL(Jp sltVM for n;irkinc. Th; For Rent \V. M. Hums Phnnc—3 •ant tot Bffil [oration 1: ihorhood Brorory store •i. at Ktore. South HI'*'* ?;is ck 22 ,'ti tor " 3 ! pic 23 I * rfKjm huiiflc hinl FRrBRe J4.SOO |2tHJ down Riirt 135 & nincith Also ciUe, lo- rat<*d at flrcmriwEiy and. AAh Phone 9512 O Abralinm 530 ck It Mfvtlon loculcrt nt north nl ansncll. 7;3 pk 65 Rinrc nna t^^-r7l^^ Rtnte Lino. 3 miles I'tinna R70i nrrc-s J s A: the b Kstatc for Sain rlh tif Arninrp) 4 of Miss. Co. hftyou 5 room hniiKc. hath. 716 Moilltrll- Ph. _'_ 7,'li f'lc 22 3 room /urnljihrd honsft with bath, rrwly deooriurd fnunlf onlv Spp at « 2 f - l-« or_ p>, 3il.f _ 7.'n pt Jl •1 rooms ttiul hnih up5li\lni, 12000 per month CfUl RQ45 8 15 if 3 rowtii Moclcrn~~oonrrnli-i]ce7 Quiet lorniloa. I, O Thompson C21 N *r«n)O)n. ph 2154 337 ' c jr, tl 5 rm imfurn hoii5<> nntl h^ih. elec. hot WMftr he.Hr-r. Newly rit-rorated. tor !nfnrtimUon--8IS Chlcknsawhi. 7,9 It Female Help Wanted Just fa5t or Armorrl. ho«M I;,ml. RO Impn I7fl Acres, main re si Me tier, plenty trnant houses it harn, This 1» n Rood pl^rp nf In net. Short distance «outhe».« nt Dlythnvlllc. ^0 ncrrn ukr 6 mum [liiluluil re.sV- tlcncn, prptfj' shndy ynrrt. TMn plnrr Is SI5ft [>rr ypar. CAII he pnUI off At txny Unip. Thin Is cyprfss In^m Unci, Wl'll Lucian Gaines Furniiurc Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 wilt also buv vonr >lhrso Oireci ta old furniture. Farmers' terms' aiythrull€ '/'a rfown, balance In the fall Formerly Arnold & Ph. G357. .-U-ICS.-5 room hnn^o. IncatiMi i\Ll toani land. iBOOO te •e:l J3 Rrros nLl fciirnl it n perfect olfCf* ot fiamly loom soil. Nlco A room hnnsp A- hnrit. 1 wnulrt lll;t> for you in fi->e the crops on at>ove jiJncrs. from WOM&N mnkc nionry At ho/np, spare time. 3cw rt>hHy-cnt RAP-A-ROUN'D. profitnlili-. Hnllywnocl Mf" Co Hollywood -16. CnlU. 7 ]p p x 21 Notice Fishermen I Wn hr\v ft porkmelts and shrimp. LutirpU 1 ,-* Market. fiOft ChlcXa- -taKh* g'2< C ]( 7 34 I will buy or sell for you City Property or Farms Goo. M. l,ee Realtor 120 W. Main. — Ph. G%1 7;7 ck 21 us nrr- not nklln Co., Mo. 4|I7 ck tf for Sa/e, Reof Estate Modern 2 bedroom home with nttlc n. gns hen.i nnd Venetian blinds. Small equity with monthly pnympnts. nnipdlatr- possession. 2 bedroom home on Darla Rl, ex- crllrnt location. Alrrntly rhifinrcti Can htindle for emnll down pnymenl. DaviH Real Kstalc Phonr nfi.M or 24fl6 S^m Godwin. Photic ^24 7.19 rk 2fi 200 acres \v«*U tmprn iot!- tonnnt hoxisp. Two Rood h^rns Price 5160—rtfiht In town of Advance, Mo. 2-10 ncrrji Nice home nil modern The very hrst of loam land. 2 mile' cnst o( C.ldcon. Mo. KUU's L;iiuJ Co. Phonp 3322 Russell nifties. Plione -VJ39 \V. T. Barnctt, Phone 22fi7 7117 CX 2f) for summer safety! For tlie safety of you and your family and otlirr drivrrs . . It's Important to hmc your car prepared for the sprrMt Imrilon* nf Mitnmrr rtriviiiE. The tires, the cooling sysltrn, and of course the •nshie must he thornuchh checked heforc von *t.irt mil on a trip. Whatever kind of car you drive, yon'!! like (he personal service you always pet at Cham- blin'sl rm^^E^K^. Authorized iH| Service • 2 Big Uto at Raiif»a4 & A»ti SHe«*«. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Yew Fri*«*y A Astt Dcakr CaK 6SS* Modern and extra roomy, j 4 room house and bath on paved street a.( 80S N. Frank-1 lin. Tin's house is in tiptop i condition inside and out. Extra liirtfc kilclien with lots of, t'aliinols. l.arRC lot. f 1,250 cash, ?.l-l,02 total monthly; paynionls. Vacant. Move in iomorrow. j Modern 5-room house nnd lialh on l.'ii'jje corner lot on Adams Si reel. Attic fan. floor j furnace, disappearing stair«•«}-. hardwood floors Ihronijliont. Sl.SOO cash, may-! lie less, will handle. $5-i.5_'j tola! monthly payments. | See or call ! JOHNNY MARR I Realtor 112 So. 2nd. !'hojie -11!! Residence Phono ;?:">nfl j 5 in ck tf ! Kor rxpcrt Mllrr.r charsinf— for AI.I. kinds of .lulmniil.ilc srrvicc, ynn run rrlv on T. I, Scny Motor Co. Protect your investment in .vnur car—mine to us (or .skillful service. T. I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Otir.T S lfr-rijm«»lk nt«Irr 121 E. M.iln i FOR SALE Cnncrrle euLverts, I? Inch t« 4R Inch, plnin or rcpnTorctd. Also Concrete BuilHInc Blocks cheaper than lumber for hirns, chicken houses, pump homes, (eimnt ttousefl, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 in. Corrugaled • Mefal Culverts Si7fs up In 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete ft Metal Serlic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices \Ve Deliver Highway 61 it SUle Line Phone "14 HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, 549.95, $59.95 Try one 24 hoars in rotir own home without obligation. Din! 4551. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANY AMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm wifhouf penalty i This Famouf FARM IHCIME PRIVILEGE M *0rrK0«t into your not* tcbtn you hare a lofin from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 WRlnul Phone 2.181 Mortgage J/>»ns of A I) Kind* PHOTOS ,- brng bod memories tf fo RENT A CAMERA Al! Types of Cameras and Supplies at Barney'* Barney's Drug CAMKRA HEADQUARTERS 2M6 W. M.iin O.K. BarberShopj Air-Conditioned Television Sit In tool comfort and I »» tch trleyision while ro" Eft your hair cul at our shop, managed hy Jimmy lull. The only shop in IllytheTllle offer- | inc jou bolh. Tt» us. O.K. Barber Shop | Next Door To Planters Hardwire '50 CHEVROLET A beaudful huy if there ever was one! Here Is a Rhminjf Spring Green 4-door Sedan (our deluxe Slyleline model) equipped with all the things von like - J'owert'lide drive, plastic seat covers, Frcsh-Air rTce e -> r a " d ' lefr ° s(6r • • • and 5 extra good li^s! The .00 $ 1489 '989 1950 CHKVROUvT J' 2 -Ton , ,„.. motor perfect, tires OK, and low' mMe'age.'.'.'' a niighly clean one—priced at only 19-19 CHKVROJ.KT «-T«n Pickup Truck. lltr. $«ftC A: defroster. goncl rubher, maroon finish UtlO 13-19 F01U) V-8 W-Ton Pick,,,, Truck-large SOftC heater runs fine, black finish, tires like new 090 1046 FORD V-8 W-Ton Pickup-motor com- Sj pletely overhauled, tires good—new green finish' 19-IS CHEVROLET I H-Ton UVH Cat, & Chas- S. sis 1 ruck—750x20 lires all around., .only- '' 19-12 CHEVHOKET l'/,-Ton L\VH Truck with 12 foo't body—2-speed axle, motor less than a vear old (and Rood!). 71)0x20 front tires, 750x20 on're.r. §l>Cft A good cheap farm truck tuU Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a e ood deal «t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Ri t Used Car Lot •• Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Prospective Juror's Troubles Increase DENVER WV-A prospective Juror. 53. toll! a U. S. District Court Judge that he "couldn't be a fair | privilege, not a burden.- Juror because I've got too many troubles of my own to listen to someone eLw's trouhlps." Judge Willis W. Hitter fined him S50 for contempt of court. Tha told him jury service "is a IftUNDRY & DRY CLEANINfi! COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, . WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES "447^ NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle SUunps ""-',"•' Real ESTATE Farms fitv Properly LOANS It lKlrr**lrrt in Bujln( Or «r-lU«E if* Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Rldg. Insurance Ph. RS6S • >1 el 11 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard A«rncy I'lamird Protection HOTXI ni; w. <j« at. Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Exlra Charge For Night Culls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. I si J!l.vthcvill« Put yourself in this picture That's you walking Into Horner-Wilson's service shop. Rijfhl away you'll get Acquainted with (he friendliest folks in Hlythcvillc—people who. like yourself, want their cars cared for right! Morner-Wilson's servicemen do expert work (hat saves you money—and who doesn't like that? Put yourself in (his picture. Next time. HORNER-WILSON GIVES GOOD CAR SERVICE HORNER-WlLSON — CMC Trvcto — Phon* * ON EAST MAIN ST. * *

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